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MAY 4- OCTOBER, 18^0 





I :i 1 1 

: rwtmmt Iv W. ClHM, 




Akt. FigB 

L— 'PolTOesiui Reseux-hes, dunjng a Residence of nevly Six 
Years, in the South Seft lalanda ; iocluding Desorip- 
tions of the Nataral Hijtory and Scenery of t}ie Inlands ; 
with RemarkB on the History, Mythology, Traditions, 
GoTermnentf Arts, Mumera, and Custonm of thts In- 
habitantg. By WUUam Ellia, Missionary to the So- 
ciety and Sandwich lalandd, and Author of th» * Tour 
of Hawui/ -------I 

n.— A Chronicle of the Conqueit of Granada, from the MSS- 

of Fray Antonio Agapida. By Waflhingtoa Irving ^ 55 

UL— The life of Major-General Sir Thoniai Munro, Bart., 
K,C-B., late Governor of Madras ; with Eitraets from 
hia Correspondence and Private Papen. By the Rev. 
G. R. Gleig, M,A, 81 

IV- — LLetb-ea k M. le Due de filacaa d'Anlp^i relatives au 
Mu9t;e Royal Egypden de Turin. Par M. Champollion 
le Jeune- 

S. Lectures on the Elements of Hieroglyphics and Egyp- 
tian Antiquities- By the Marquia Spineto. 

3- Lettre h .M. Charles Coquercl sur le Systtine HLiSro- 
glyphique de M. Champollion. Par A. L. C. Coqitere], 

4. Essai sur le Syaiime Hieroglyph ique de M. Champollion 

le Jeune, et sur les Avantages qu'il offre k la Critique 
Sacrce. Par X G. H, Greppo. 

5. Des Dynasties Egyptienne?, Far M. de Bovet, Ancien 
Archev^qoe de Toulouse. 

G- Lettre k Mons. Champollion le Jeune nur rfncertjtuiltj 

des Monumens Egyptieas. Par D. M. T. Henry. 
7. Ideen uhi^r di^ PoUtiki den Verkehr und den Handel 

der rornehmsten VOlker der alten Welt. Von A. H. 

L. Heereii. 
8- Brief Remarks on the Chronology of the Egyptian Dy- 

nasiiea* By Whl Mure^ Esq. - - - •111 


A IT, Tm^ 

\, — Trareta in vanoa* parts of P«n>, iDcluding a Year's Re- 
sidence in Poto?L By Edmond Temple, Kniprhi of 
the Roy&l and Distinguiihed Order of Charles JJL l^J 

\1.— I, The WorkB of Bi!>bop Butler 

S. The Analogy of Religion, Natural and Revealed, to 

the Constitution and Conne of Nature. By Joseph 

. Butler, late Lord Bishop of Durham. With an Intro- 

l \ ductory Eraay, by the Her. Daniel Wilson, Viear of 


3. An Enaay on the Pliilosophical Evidence of Christi- 
anity ; or the Credihj Lily obtained to a Scriptural Reve- 
lation from its eoinddence with the Pacta of Nature. 
By the Rev. Renn Hampden, M.A., late Fellow of 
Oriel College, 182 

YII.— De la NfScessite d'une Dictature. Par M. Cottu, Con- 

seiller k la Cour Royale de Paris - - - - 3]5 

VIIL — 1. Report from the Select Comtniltee of the House of 

Commons, on that part of Che Poor-Lawa relating to 

tho employment or relief of able-bodied persons, from 

the Poor-Rate. 

9. Letter to the AgricuUurists of England, on the Nc- 

cesaity of extending the Poor-Law to Ireland^ 
3^ An Inquiry into chti Causes and Remedies of Puu- 
prrism. Bv the Right Honourable J. Wilmot Horton, 

4. Statement of the Objects of a Society for effecting 
Systematic Colonization - - - . 2-i% 

IX. — I. Thoughts on the Present DiatrcJis. 

5. An Inquiry into the Nature, Extent, and Causes of 
the Distress fiinre \St5. 

3, On the DiatrefT^cd State of the Country, ByaMer- 
chant --,-.---.» 27S 




Awr. P>g« 

]. — Hf flvxioiifl on the Decliue of Science in EngUnd, and on 

Eome of its Caosee. By Charles Babbage, Esq., Lu- 

ca»ian Profeseor of Mathematics in the UniTcrsity of 

Cambridge, and Member of several Academies. - - 305 

II.— 1 . On Credit Currtney, By S. Paulett Scrope, Esq. 

2. Abstract PrDpoaitions touching Banking. - - - 548 

lll—L The Ufe of Reginald Heber, D,I>., Lord Biiihop of ■ 

Calcutta. By bis Widow. , 

Q. Th« Last Days of Bishop Heber. By Thomaa Robin- 
SOU) A.M., Archdeacon of Madraa, and late Domestic 
Chaplain to his Lordahip. - - . - - 3^5 

JV. — Principles of Geology, being an attempt to explain the 
former Changes of the Earth's Surface, by a reference 
to Causes now in operation, By Charles Lyell, F.R.S, 4U 

V.^The Pilgrim's Progress, with a Life of John Bunyan. By 

Robert Southey, Esq., LL.D. 409 

VI. — 1. A. Papers relative to the Affairs of Greece. Protocols 
of the Conferences held in London^ 

2, B. Papers, kc. Protocols of Conferences held at Cod* 

3, c. Papers relative to Greece. 

4, Communications with H. R, H. Prince Leopold. 

5- Further Communications relative to the Sovereignty 

of Greece. 
«. Protocol of a Conference held at Poros- 
7. Communications of the Ambassadors of England an 

Fmue inth tb« Rcii Effendi and the Buon de Zu^n. 49B 

An, PiLg« 

Vrr — Db Njoe Tefltameat vt wi Maara en Helinmsu Jeaus 

Christus. TrttnaUled into the Negro-*£Dg]Uh haa- 
guage, by the MUstonariea of the UnitflH Protnim, or 
United firetbreD- Printed for the uue of the Mission, 
by the Britbh ud Korean Bible Society. - - - 553 

VIIL— Aimales Hifltonques des Seniona des Corps Legislatifa. 

Par et Gtutier (du Var), ex-memfare du Conseil 

dea Cbq Cent». , , - • , - 664 



Sh Y^art, tn tkt StmiA Sm I^nds; including Dr-tcnoiiona 
of ihf Sntvrnl Niitoty nnd Setn'rtf f*f /A* IxiMndt * *f!ih ltp~ 
BMi^lb on fke Uufffnf, Mythclhgj/, frneiiti ■>***, Gftvcrrtmertt^ 
Aritf Mitfinertf and Ctutanu *tf fhr fn^fthititn/t. liy Wiiliaiti 
Ellii, Mijciofwrv to ibo Society a&d SiiKlv^ich Itlandi, And 
jiutlkuruftbr 'TiHirorilavtnIL' C voU. *^H). 1»iii!ou. 18^9- 

i MORE iaUrrcitiikg book xkta tlu», iR all Un ikarU^ iv« h«vt 
^ Btctrr pcru»cil» ami Acltkrm bu immvtltotltcjil « one, l>;4iiii]f, 
kuwwcr, iti olbcr ricli luau^nalH uiU'MKticd, n*' uill oiidra^our 
lo driw Eroo >l u cunucctcd vtcw of tbc mbsiou Ja ibc Georgian 
and SoctHy IjIjimIa, 

The nuuion to Tobib appnnrcd to hkTC omH^ k bc>pcU«*ty, 
lln>u(hnoC3ii tnq^ii^allj. 14 tW of TungAtobuo, wbcti, ju 1609, 
4ftor lu^U* 3Qar> of patient ptnrv«ranci*r t^ iuit«ioi»ricft v^^ra 
contpcUod to leave tikc ifUod, iii coiuc^uciicc of i cml war, 
llirw houacb ur^rc burnt, ilKir |>lantfitici't4 cWitTo^cd, tht-ir book* 
lorn up for cartndsc-|Mipcr, ibtir tvf>c« mcftcd ir>t» niU0k«4- 
bab. Tbej bpdr buwevcr, tbc coaMJ»ti«o, tlut ininn^Mor dirJr 
«i«ii kid in any degree contrtbuud to brin<< on tlur c:itaj(iroplic. 
ifc^trdiit^ the gicat co»t of ihit bcnerot^nl cjitcrpi&c Hk luAt, uiid 
ibtir bboun u liu«ii>^ b««n unerljr unproducii^v, lbe> removed 
lo Boiao^r B«y ; 4II cic^pl Mr. llaL^MBrd, HborcuaiDcd in Hil»- 
hiur, anil Mr NoLI, \vho resid«d iC Eiirieo, wicb Pomnn^, the 
f jccl^ king. 

Poonrc u«i lJi« tccoiftd of a twac, whicb (l^kc PliurAi>b aiul 
Ploleatj) belo«|^ lo I^jc ruf^iun^ pnii<^« ; tlioLi;-li it Lud 110 
ft|»pranmtit incaaiiig, ainl kaJ btxii duMcci by bit Jjiihci^ uolj bc- 
r4iup V b»d brcii pieced witli the Aound of tli« i)MiiblM in 9kccU 
litaul colloc«iio4i. Tbclir»l Poidatc wu oiipually only Uivch»cf 
of ibttl dairkl wkicb Cintiin Cook vvilcd ; but die aLlieiitioQu 
^ilikli wcrr pud lo bJoi tbeOp ftud by th« coinmmicierB of llritiab 
dhjDft vkidi an«-rward« toudied at Taltib, tku |>rc>coi» of [iiiukcL« 
MmI aiBiii«iiur>fi uliicb bt? Ttccjtcd from llieoi, «jid laslljr thi- lid 
of d» poot IkjiihU iimti-icLiv, t'likblcd lii») lo extend hu aulln^ 
riiy of«r llie wboJc WUnd. 'HitJ^t ii a luiuul ariitocrucy in :iioat 
<4 lb« Soutli Sea hUudj, but opccully in Taliiti kikI tlioM 
odJACcM ; iW jkcnons ofberfditRty rnnl bviiig, ' cdniatt mtdtout 

VOL. 3ILltl4 ?0. LXXXV, m iXCi^lion, 


l^vStfti^uan Rctmrfhv. 

eE»p|iciti. an ranrh uiprfinr to iIhi rraiimrrii jirojhtr, in itstirltneit, 
<Ji^iiiliod (icporlJitriit, »ii[lurc, anil boiilj^ »trciiglb, m* ilicj aic in 
rank,' Ami ihi« <liir«ie«ci.- ii to niaikrd, tkat it l»7f bc^ii m- 
coiitiVod for by Uu* iiuppi>iili<jn th^t ihrr oir ivf t^t<i jar<«, tii« 
htmni^rr of uliirli 1ml aubdui.^ iW {crblcf. l^Ut uf lliis tlinir ui 
DO trvGV ill llu-ir liMliliom, nor i» l)icir lti»tori<.nl |)ovtnM { iioitticr 
in Uic t>j>iiiioii, probable «i it tnuj iccm, «iip(iciU(i b> nuy ditiV 
eiic^i lliai lias i«l bevu diKOVfrtrd^ bt^tM^^i-D ihr language of ilio 
bi^ier ainl lower Ofdcri; fov tliat Ujc jinc«U baic a pcciilinf 
and MacTpJ lunj^iugo ii drmtil bf llic mtnioiiiricH ; and ibuugb 
Uinai iui9crtT<l tk«t iLct hod, anil Ibai he could rrj>pni »om« of 

]1, llwDgli be djil not iiikik laLiUil it, aoJ wcilc iif llif woiiTt ^vir 
lakon (Igu'ii froai hin pionuiKuttoh by Li(<ul4^n:mi (ibo lutij Ad* 
mirnl) Burnc;, lhi> ■ a iH^int t^poo v^bWli tbr miM^JLaiicn bme 
hod ibe mtaat »> u^ll i» ibt> d««ir« of full; laEiifving ikcmH-Nci. 
Tbejr kccotitit r<ir tke p1i>itir-«l diflVmiCt bv diffoirtit irvaltnc^iit 
in infaibTV, bHIf r fiMxl, aud (tifTtttEil ImbJu of lir«. Uihtjum 
Hflil in tti> opitiioo, iJx onlv ftulocy «bidi cim be founJ U»r it 
u, ill llir pciufT tbnl brm puoiwu, fit lu lrrdMi|* an iiMrrt nr iIm 
comuioa raco» ifi ila trrt itaco, a* 1^ tnorcatc iu hirc^ d^vtlope in 
itiirgiiiw wbicli mnJd irdfrrwiMi ncvt-t bar* b«?cn iki«Eo|»cd. and 
tbui insk« k into ■ qiH-«n brt* i bui ntf Icnow of boihini; whicb, in 
any degieo, jpwibblo tliia, iu (hctiainral lilitoiy cilWr of inuh of 
ImvL Tlio diflTereiiCfli in dirt and hibiu of l>lc brlinr««i lie rich 
and poftt if aH in^nl in raoiiYr or uoil pvti of l^nrope. na ill 
I'oljnviiii. yvl nn ««cb «lfc^ in producvid by iu And in atiM 
malft, >ll thuC can ba ionc by fMstiag it lo fatl» ibirm, or bring 
llirtn to ihvir manimiain of stnn%lkt n |>oiii1 aI whirb Un-y camiot 
bv kept. Am) i(nproTo-ni«»i hi ibe nicv r» only bo <>ffMrd bf 
altci>0on to the bivcd. 'Jlic pr4>tiaUr itolulitni, tl>cn, Mrmfl tOi 
be, lh«ltb« nublftsn*, Hlial rtvdt.'nti of PfiMvia wonbl Imv h 
hi* iTcuHlicnt, a rncc of ntcu olMkvr- iho ordiMrv bcighl- Kanl(, 
in time iBljtiri*, i« •till attatnable Uy prawest m ntr, vhirb, as 
in ibe duy« of chl«-alrv, d<<poitila nvuiily upon p«j^onal >trrti||i]i, 
■luJ llut, of OHiiae. in no %U^\A dVxTc« npos atntuTi-. Pwtibly^ 
n« may h«« 4lii«o««f tfio onsittnl rn'Kn« for that viurmbtif iaw, 
or tf««1o«i, by wbicb cbildrcn. bom of a wooiau wbo i* iiifcriof 
ibo Mm in ranti, anv ptil io dralb ; prtrln, and a di>bf>li<«1 r»« 
lilpQQ li#f i*»f conlinitcd an aocuravd ^um$f, vrhicli Lvj^an in tb« 
apprebrnfion of n real and pbyaacd datanoratinn. 

T\te PotfiMaan rnvblM, ilim, a^m Io be like ibo cbiirlrrn of 
Aaak. 'JVu, die fnOvrr of Ponurvr L, and frandTallicv of li« 
kins viMh libom liir litijila iMnaiMaj; miatiuoary raaidad, iraii 
M die limo of hifl d«aUi, tbe oldcat tii4U in the itUi»'l ; ' latl, and 
ii«n nitdt, hiicouDtanaiiDO opa and miJd, hi* forcbvad bi^b, bit 

Pofynni^Xi Rnmtrdif^ 


bftir blaachfld »tt1i ngt. Mid Im IxaiiiJ, as v^Mic »> tiKcr, livnging 
dflWD upon lusbresii — «Jiog^ili«r of n fn<i4i mti^i-jbli* appcatuicc' 
'Hl« uitvc« citemcd UioMiitKh. ikixi fuppo^liim to Iw fjiwuntl 
bj ihc ^qds^ Hr led > ptfjc^iUI lifr, ami ifWvl, iti JH)£, t^fmvr* 
«Jii »|ge. Wliftl lut MikUrr mi^lit huto Wii. uitnj in hiBi full 
ilJViSI^Llif II tiol kiiunn; bul hu kjd, IVmufr, vx* hi\ IcH. four 
iodits bi^b,*Li«)iaibv»ctiYijaii4] m«II |>ii>poftio«i«d, himWulomi 
■ad ^1 unpoHng/ A dub of polMmi iion-wiMxt, tbal nvuld 
h«tB lictn »lino*l iuflici«ai fu* wi ofdiiuiy bklire lo Uaic urrk<l, 
««a his wvlkiii^tfick : «hcn ho mcd a tpear, ita Btu0 uitgUi hmxc 
hrvti comnmtd to ti vw«vtf'« 1mm. It n liki-ly thai, h^ ii w)t 
L<4-u for Ibv ditbobcal CMtno o( ibo oovntrT, lw, liLc tbr RVint 
of Ojiibr tuigln Jk»i« hftd a faniilv of Aaakiui, for ibv onlj *oii 
mIiu 9un»tfd hinm* above six fceliuoliluft-. 'Hic futlwr, tJKHf fb 
iHfl ii'uuiLable lor penvotl luuia^LV waa « mati til' ^^va\ at-U^iiy 
sml powmmcc, and had ih< improvcvitnt t^f the Ulmid and of 
lh« peo p le aft bcait. lie mU ibetii ok i:3>nL|ilv, bv p]«iiu»g iiiiL 
bim cimi battib; and ibtfv are tat^f ntit^ coc<»-gn>vf« novf iloiublt- 
itqTt vIikIi be plftblcd, boUi in T^Liii ami luittco. Uut liAiintiid, 
alfnog mmd active m il vrai, wmt <:<My\%\^t^\\ auUfit^l li> ihif vu- 
pnatitioMOf ibc oiintir; be vkai alwAwLinLi lo llic muiMMiajJcs, 
and {itwaja p«t4rt:U^ Uictii wlfcii be cohhl, mid, iil bii dealb, its- 
c w aadwi therm lo ibe pfOtectimi of bis ««>q ; and bo wcMild 
jMidiljr bm vtmldpiicd tb« God iii wbo*c naair ibcj pr«uateil 
ibnnaeltet, if ihcy could h«vr uvniitpprd biv gmli alao, nr bnta 
•dnatl^d ibcirdrnDo daamctct and nftbt«, ShcIi u cOBipromisc 
ilir JrMiitH ftrr aciciivd nf baiti^ irviiift im CbiAi ; Inil ticn th^ir 

C1ic>, tJiou^b Mjpple •• the acp^iif, iiud v jubtij? loo, cculd 
m vilmcd iu» 9udi cuiliiioti Wrt-^ In CUin, lJj«.^ ftmurl m- 
Unal tbawaif b; wbkli, ouScr larotinble arcutiuiuu<-«, mu^ 
■<mU bavo bccii prcpand for tilt irccrptiou vi diiii;r imiii -, amd 
an-conforaUDg «lli< iun, tihich, if it krw say iaUitrfdt ti) to doiii^, 
miuM btt^c «ncoiu^t^ an imporUlicii of lauro fobka. Uut ibc 
jdolaujr (if HifM! iiiaMli wu aiich» bi ilx cbaiuclfr and toiMc- 
^ucnvM, tJMt tJK iDiMMiuric* nsblir rcKardinl it miili :» much 
hottor aa tb* Jck^i piuplicU IvU cuweruiuc the uboniinatioi^ uf 
Ibff Caoaaaitea. 

Vi'ham Ibe niuaotimnea &at Uudad, tbie> fofmcd a mod iHdk- 
vooitblo j«dftDfat of Pcmstv JJ., tUvn r«lb;d Om, fnisii bk 
gttiiiildoncr M»d daJDMUiourt tiicy tcansnl to fonti u Utter pnd 
ttwrt opiMiM. both cf b» iiMl«r%iiuuIitig knd of bis ilupiviijoa 
lowanta ibcitii before hu lalber't dcalb ; but lie Mdl ouotiatt«l a 
fanuDl and bJoody worabipntf' of tb« uatioibtj god, Oio. 'Oii: 
Wir wbidi dnrrn bin fto«i Taliili onfinatcd iii a ditpiit« fi^r iba 
cif ikal idol. Iq iUm iibuMb, aa ia w umiij uiliar 

n 2 ^fU\& 

PoJfMnott JZffMrdho. 

jMrt* of llic paffin wotM, prif^u-rnA liad do«cly ci>uncctel iUclf 
wilU mik ami tovulK. 'VUr kiiig>i w^rr tionourrd. aflri lli^ir 
ik'ntLi, ivhli an npolticoAit, like iIk Homai] rrnjic-roti> U hen Uw 
fir*] Pmiiui* dtrfl, a piii-»t »fliriiiHl l\r.i\ tir h:iil mi'M biJi <|r]|ir?il 
spirit ' iLlK>k'? the vwiktcff of ihc 4ca, having tijv Uf^p^r otul of Kia 
rnruj lotiml vritli matiy tuids vflhidj-biuiicil ciiict.' llJH Miduw 
i1m> doclanxl tJiat th«, too, liad loen liii nppiritioii, nnd ftMumwl 
■ nrw namr, in rrfcrcnce ia it. 11ic people, «a soou h iTipj 
fully ci>iiipn;beai(l«d lli« mmtonanr*' objrct, rrgardrd il i>j(lior 
wilh iK^lcili or ridjculc, or botred. 'I'litir dtitutbcd Ihcni in 
tbfrir nttempiM to [>rr!Kl], bv celling du^or l-ucIh lo Tif^'lit, aiid 
•0 ijra>tin): off thi^Jf nuditon; orthcy rofwosdic^ llicm u% liiivii>|f 
l>mii(*lil ii[HJn rlicm all iliuir mJfirfiei, -aliidi wftc, indfrd^ ihe 
rStiCt <ii tnnr intrrcourm with ICufopcoii ^'aitoiv; th«ir set be- 
fore Uwni, Hkmctuiica, DOur miAcfaUlv dGri>in)cd and di«rMed. 
crraiDrvs, a« proof" of ilie eihcacy M ilwir umlignant prajirm, 
ftjid ilic ^mlictii<c chnridcr of iJic Cod to h horn ilicy ucic od- 
dmii-d. Atulf when la a Icm txcitrd and Irsi funrful ilalr of 
frrliiig, tJw> icofli^d al ihcmr nvkihi: ir tlic kin^ or mny of liif 
faoiilv bad call nw^y Oio; mid s-.iy'ui^ in di'iiuuii, iliM wlu^n l\m 
kins Mid tbff di>vl4 h^ard lli4^ ^vord of ,Uhot ab, iWi would alio j 
^Uui WM M)d tnnrlv m inockvij— a M:»niful |itoiiu>c, dcpcml* 
rni u|]oii mIiui Uiey ibought an iBi]Ki4ubiliiy. And the appt* 
rition of Poinarc'a apuh» nltimirti, » llicT believed autbrnlicallj^ 
hy n tiiir«l, hud ^oiifirifepd bv ib<> queen's cljHiii;e n( name,, 
a1n«ii:ui<iicd itK-m mi ihi-ir lii^rvdiiiify sMpcvaliliov, lo the Uuih'' 
of ttliicli ibft had tbU new minkcuWii oid^iKc. 

MoiilrH|iiJeu ob*erv«i of l)i« J«*uif miwioriurici iti Itidiv, that 
ibcy n)wa)T» loied lo Und despotic go^^crunKitU Ihi-ic — mrce 
^f, n'tf alittnt f w* pour y fiiire fU gnatdt rhrntgrmna, it Uvr 
t*t piiu ouif Jt t^nwuintrt It* ptinett qru*t/i pntrent /«uf ^ii 
mm tU pfTwuaJfr aui peupln tju'Ht wmrmi tout $otiffrir, 
mtim to liaie b<^cll tbv of^iaJon of lluniboldl, Ibti Uicac 
■niliininricn uicxl tn ibv *|Miit of tbc Jc^aita ; fur br auys lliatj 
ll>ey viKCcedeil in ctm*k)pn){ tlx^ facr of ibuift* m lnhiti, by pi 
fitai^ fruia iW itituniul diavnetona lUtir. liuL iiu >»cb iut'errocsi 
an jaMj^ be drvitn, i^ilhLT fnmi thn fonrw »r r\-rnu, or tbt toii^] 
di*cl of tlkC miniooanet. However tlicir tict^v ma^^ baic br<ft 
modified* vihni ihr^ wprc in s umaiinn which made tbem undnw] 
Maud th« iktc^iMrj coitii^j;ioit bct^iccn tvIij^idii vijd t^Tenimei>U 
tlii'fv ua* iiij admixtujF of polkjr in ibrii uii}(;iii;iJ iiHfU^rA ur in* 
Irniioiii; aiiictfrcr or tiito^flrr-Lcari<d luen iictcr eD|;agrd in tbd 
diAicult duty of pirKluiii; ibt guopiil ta a pa);«u people. Var- 
from tuktng crrdct to ilK'nufbrx lor uit dutcrity ia diracQi 
c^ab, or bmIuk^ tdtwa^ oUbem, ibcj laj tbitwc 



Xmjtiimcy pf ib ciccta, ii nlUixdltt^r otii- ijf ifjc Dio»l rr* 
ble fiuplay* of Dinn* power tlii( hub ocoiLireH id iltf^ lil«Eory 
I of mnnkiiKl ; and u, pcitiDp*, ii»p»rnllclc<l vincc the da^ii of die 
rapiwUrM,* ll it loo loijii Co calL at pFrnianeni,^tH-foi« itu* limt 
Tntioii Il» pawed *%tfj ! — but oiic in«aii> of cndcaTOuring to 
irrider ii no will Itt, lo lu(>k mio ami wi-ll mviidrr llii- caatr.t 
which may iliT«ai«n iu permanence. Kxc«pt in UiJa pivmalure 

w uliidi B iuilictfjiu rvador, aiict uud^-r no infiu4<nce of enibu^la^iu, 

j&aT, will) little be ^EMltrir, concur. 

Bill if ibcir ni4Tiii<n and dnt mcanim liave b«en ufthout asy 
«]loy of m«n: policTi wliat i» Foinarc lo be dcemc^i ? « ampiciout 
coinrri, Ukr t'onntaniinn ' a plainly poliirr orp, tiirJi m ClmiK 
(ihe fimt Lotib) Msuredly tras f ot n Lhouptid'id niid ^incvri^ one^ 
like (Kir Kdxvin of Nortbin^lnJH ? 

W«- hu^e »o«*b4.-ro vo lull 4od ialiifa«tory nn ncoount of any 
tkaiionoJ UamiiioH fiom pagimMii Lo Cb'i^l^aiiiiyt as ni xhr case of 
dknc iabnd*. il niiffht scent, therefore, at nt*t, lli.ii the drtnili 
^rc WMitd nikct \tpMi upon ihc nioi^t iiuporlanL port of ilic bbf- 
tory of mankind, and lheT«>by ennble m lo lomi a olcarrr jii^l^- 
VitfBt of wbal took ptac« in ihr conrcrsipiii of olhcr natwriB. TbiA 
it miiHl ncrdt bc fovnul lo do, in ^iMr%cr reljilr* to t)ie viorkiiiga 

■4>f ibr biiman intrlkvl and bnitttn bfiort. atid (n-by vliould vq 
btaitatc to Mid ?) ibc oprraiion^ of heavenly gnux. Htil, in all 
sxtenial circUTniianon, ibe diJl«ren<'t? la to ffrvaC from a\\ fuanie^r 
coVWRcmf, liiiit no tc4cmbltttKc» can be tnkced — in ih> ain^ular 
■ ffslatian did tke jnivboiuwif x itnini IohmiI ibr pr»fi|F among 

l^ritom lli«y piebMMed tliemfclirea, llic native*, Luowin;^ and »p- 
IKvcialin^ llicit ^nmt unpcriomy in arts and lurful kiuiwlcdKc, 
nc«iv««l tbeoi with mpect and d^feivnce, botb u beh wvr« abated 
«a aoon at the^ cXHLii>rci)ended die pursuit of tbcir coming- JW 

iobvioui question mu aikcd — idlicieforr, if lliiii ncMr tdtgion uaa 
m matter of >ueh ioiportauce, no mention of it bad been nude 
by any nf ibp former rraarU whir h the king of Kn^rlanfl hnii tnit 
llwTO I He had aent pretentv, ond proFened Iricudship, and 
yfi Ilia inetanigcr* luul »aid notlMng of the U'ord 1 And llir 
laUnderv weft eoiitiritocd in ibcir iiicipicnl contempt for the mi^ 
Jloaafiea, by ibe conduct of all the nieri:hanl->liip3 wtiich loudied 

'«t TaiiiU, after tbeir ani^'al. If not dibelaimed hy ihetr Roit^m- 

^alfflt, il wa* dcaily perceived ibat lltry -nvn despised bv thetr 

'Vouniryttra, «i people of a dilT«>ren1, aiKl, po«4ibly, uu infriiof, 
cWm or ea«k. 

U ibe kui}^ eBtettaiiieil fh» opinioii of ihem abo at oiw tinr, 


tf P^jij/nmiim Ngmanluit* ^^^^^ 

lie dill uol lun^ r^tuii it. lie yn% in cUver Mb oion Gotitiiiiicit> 
iutrtcnur^i? nriiH ihvQi, Lind W4«. iiior«civDr« of an Inqvinvg nalwl/ 
uiM>u u'hich frw ti|ipo^luiiUtc» of lEupfMfrnirii!, and nonp of ob-* 
•omlmii, nirii> likii. Ha lind bern l|ii!ir dHJivcroua I'lMrmj, mmd 
ksil aIIowci.1 lib toHovim 1o |i1uiitler Ihcni ; ni cODici^^eam of 
^iibrh iW ^mtrr inn v)f tbrm h^ ibiiidoiMHl ilu; itiiAiiiii in 
<|pv|nir, niKl itnilr<l fiv Port Jockfoiir btffure ili« eeufnl drpar* 
litroi Ihi ilWilJ tciMMcti tkfm bail \nitrn »» vtai aodcnuiwlf 
tktt PHi*f tbe Hw«du, a ruflKui wliom ifact todod «poii tli« 
bL>ii<]. oft«i] a«lnM*d him tr> ^tc uHcrs for Imjnt tlimi kiHed^ 
ntwii iliry w»f« am thait knr«s m pmim- Hui ih:* HiiJtk<- )(iw 
w«y, wlict) he jK-rcfi^cd llial tliey Hc<e inIlu<tK^l Uy ni> virMraof 
ftdimnU^ |» tlipm«elum, >iiH miiljl hai* nn ciihrr |WH^itkln flKV-* 
tivc Tuc thi< pfiTniioD* mihI danitcn to ^hii^h tliry volmaunly «si- 
prnnl llirrnwIivH, ch;iii Ihi? n|i|r«reiilU unBrriMiiiiaMe mw yiiti<h 
Ui^ at-Aurd — ■dc^in? of «o«ttribiiting to iho o-tcraal WdUiira of 
tJjtiic b\ inhcitii Utt-j nnv iruffrd. Mid reriletl, and ilt-txfraud. 
Tkift ^k*F, ti>o, vmw (he iimwI ifilrllpriiial of hit nRlioti ; fto RurHy, 
Yibea Xitat dTnMjcc* jue to be divctcd, cue die fffeal nwlniRienli 
in thi>90 tk»ntp* pr^)arrifl \ty Fn>iid#»ce for th^ work whlrii it 
lA b** brought aboulr tbnMigb ihvir «ureii|| th or tbtif nTnkne«af 
diair xinutfA <u their niiius. Kim before ibe nrinciple nf idols* 
ItT ippeiroii to be ii» ilia riifbtut d^froe wmkcucd in him, li^ 
viio hid bmi tlirir dreiiilfd eiiffmy, brrinxe ibeit ItrU I'lipiK ftiid 
ihti abL<4i anHtnnl »f ihfiir BtudKt io tin laiifuagpe. 'II114 <H>idil 
noi ir> i^n mthout pfodiKiniE iii>«ni!lhin;i of ihal gnpil will wlurh 
■riti'ii eiiixhii^ iiirii ubn ar<' iiwttially «iYvirDal4r to rncb otlirr, 
ttfm vthcn iJirre b n-i» briicr f'uuikdilioti lor it. Uiirl thra caiD# 
npoB hinir awl was followed bjr aitivnii^. Ifi^ lovl hh «|MVn^ i 
auW and fltfabU vminas, to wiiam li« wat aitncbvd; *be %vi 
' addiclnl la all llic i'tLr% of lier country/ and waa, in fit1« tb« 
vieitiB of an •irirtabW prwnic^, whjcb 4i« bad bm tautlit to 
40iiai-iHr a* 11 cocnnteodibW rititoni, iiutcad of a crime. I^nycrs 
tnd oervnoiTie^ Utd bmn oflW«d hi Iter behalf lo tha idola wiibout 
t'ftKXt ; «*H I'omnrr «<a» left chiUlcM. for alJ her diiMmi bad 
brrn dnimml. About two jfita aAefwBrda, ho vnu driTvn. b^ 
1 iUoCOiaAil rrlH^IU^n, out of the l>r|^r istaftd, to take ftlwller lA 
Bivnm. Ilu laiMrorttmra werr airiibcrlr bj frirndfl and rnrmie*, 
to Iha di«|iJeaA(nv of ihe fo^t*, xmr^fullr bbi he had bee^i Intned 
ta iImW vonliipi (for luf |»aretiU ara nid lo have bent u»or« iuf»> 
tttted apitb Idobify than wnn dio priaai* tli«iiuclvea,) tod vagerlj 
u br baJ finen euraeecl til their iidniman rile*. 

WhrdMf ilHiw cirtuniitaflma led him 10 doubt dte tnilJl of that 
idolalmui rclic^on oo which ho had ijivariabl* relied 111 all him ri»* 
teiprii ; org ufatfihar, Mr, ElUa aaja, 'ibu leiatine Ibej afiirded 


{or^nmimmfi^WM and toqiitrr, nniler lln iaAiwiKe of dueto tvel* 
i«t>, inclriM kiin to rclWci more tmwuAj <tm ifio (k^cUrttiuiia 
he lud *>C\^n lirarJ r»^i|io«imj{ Uic mie God, lUiil lo i:viuidcf liU 
pic«cui coodition » tlic ciift»i*nittg of lltti Uirni'j nJiotu Lu h;id 
llrfilM.ll Id drktvntl«l|^, il k impciaiiHo t» iletrTiniiic/ Hut aCi 
Mctioii iHMi tfviiiiinll)r frnbdwril Uu >]tini( >ii>J KXteitt'il bin buyrt^ 
Ntitliiiif emn be tMm imfirobiibln, llun ihnC lio fAiotiM hvn^ tl«- 
tonniwd npim f;mtijt etr 10 iho ixrw fclijnuti »i a fKiltbc course ; 
U «n* m couiM bv iihicb he coultl ^u uT«r iidjw uf ha etirttue*^ 
■tid ongbl lc«« iPiny of hit fticmtjf. lie urotc, homier, to lbs 
miMionvKs ut Port J«:k»(Hi« urKinpc xhvitt lu cvnw to ban kt 
Kunen. .Mr Nott L-onAmiwi liu rvpiVMllUlioiMr ibit (hit 
aifbl be iluM wilb Aoittir; uiil, aAcr nctriy tun .^cv*, Uicy 
fBtuiiKd accordingly. lU rr<Yiiir<l th«Tn nirU i-ijrntlal ju\ ; tnd' 
Mr* ind Mn. Bwkmsllr wba arriTcd lirvt. wMdcQ «oino Uem: ki 
the «4ititf Ikvum qiib bbii< Hf A|>cni mofh of bia liitte in con« 
vmvMhhi wiOi tJitfl), anJ enme«t inc)uirT nboiii Uod, Ami lli<» 
way of aocffptopco «-itli iliin; ami a dianftc lisil oiiw cvitlvntlj^ 
bm wrongbi b him, wtricb wa« wauh^ iVmlutir by bit nalHa 
fhcndi, bectant ibov npmdvcMlr^l rt noukl pio:lu€« ns unfniio»r^ 
aUi «flcci upott bb Hubjocii. In our NonbHivbriiio coaiorMon^ 
tt« ebifef pncsl whs iltr tint wbo put tbo power of bn falie ^od» 
ti» tbe iTAl, bv pobliclr pTnlanin^ th« lorn^i Itcnuiiis »f hi 
t«aipJ«i i bill lla* ««« m ■ coivcerto<l »codc, ibn cfaanffVf vt\^<h cti- 
Nir«d bv Mfrty, luvua^ pntT»i«ilj b«iiu nfiVclod. Poiuure t-u<uld 
olmJatt oa ao tuppuri, nmd wbea bo givt ilio Gn/t public lnti<r 
ttaof of ooiikai|H fof tiitt uwgeft of the eatablitbed idolMrj, h« 
aeiM ki ihv nnfigtb of hb own cbaract«r akHie. U wm one 
dtj, wbtn a tuil^ we* brou^t luoi, — food whicb wi» alwefi belli 
■acrad, enil to br (tmanl witb lecrml titv^ willihi 1(10 pfcciiicta 
of die marnr {of l«mpU')» part of il b«iti][ invaritbU oflctrJ to Itia 
iflol^^-hin Bitrmbai^tii iv«ftr earning U to llie nllmr mi luuel^ wbcn 
W calM tbcn boci, and loU thecu 10 pr«par« nn oirn, btke it 
in Up own eookiiif*f)lacc, urA vtrvu it up Co bim, witlMui ollcrkif 
BB^ pan tn lecrince. Tbcj- wen eMonisbed, tixl br^JitUfKl 10 
obav, u ij doubting inliGtber be wa4 ia «erae*t, or if be bad IoaI 
biiwAHi. Upon rcpcnung hit ilircrtioni, ihrj iIkI at Kp m(ii> 
tnaa«Mt bui it wftt id Tear and inmbbnL' : aod wh«n ibc lurOa 
<rv» «mrd, tbvty alooil rovadt cx|MH:ijn;K ibot, an looiti ei iIm* kitia 
vboald louicii il, be would be Miar^ with oonvuUioiu, or ■truck deed 
far bit mpirty. Not ooa coabl ht iiiducnl to paviekcoi tt.ubcuif 
bcfaa to eel, be iRtitH d)»m; ha eadeavourcd to coo* 
"iban ibei tba idole whidi ibc^ aiot^ippcd wan nllo^lh«r| 
npffblew, and ibai ibe; bad biibcrto b^^ the nubWift of a ddu*. 
■iad, bai km diieowM praduwd no «4e<t ; ead Ibay l a t oeed^ 


Paignttiim Rettar<h*9. 

pecliboo ttul lomc jii^guiciit ^cjuid i>vcnuLc iiim btl'orr iho 

It mifihi liai'c Aom no, had tlirrc bcC0 a vindiclWc priest, <ir a 
parly of uirnita ut bimd- Dial he vtnx auicin^ thp Iried fncriids 
of Jiift famiij, «om(i of whom ha<l acconipuotvii Liiin on bw c^pul- 
9ion, and oUicrA» principal cMcfiinf ihc l^rwnrd Ulnjid4> vho had 
rei(» ted lo Jiiin. Tlieao be liad ^detTourcti lu periuul« io ic" 
uuuiicc idi»lntr> wiih him, and beliaw in Cbmt, if tlic^ M^islicd lo 
lir hnpjiy »ftrr deaili^ ard in be laitd ai itic day of jtidftitL<?m. 
Tlicir Pii^WLT n^a. ibal, wbaU'vcr be iiiij^tit du^ IJH7 wuuU udbvio 
lo Orrk. Ilr hud, huwnTT. no flppnMhnn to BOprrbriid fmm 
ihcm, and bv ctu»Q ri>rKatd ttloiic, aiid rrquciied w musionmnc!* 
(o baptiic liJm* ilc nna uoi olk-iidrd at tljcif pTO^eirife lodcfrr 
thi» tIJ be nhould be more I'lilUiiuini^tcd, for tlwy fcnitd iW * h« 
wrai mtiicr an rarucil uiQuirct {kfirr dnttur Uutbi tliaii au uclual 
pow«ii«<>r of iti moml pttnriplc ami tpiritu.'kl iiiAEirnt^.' At thni 
time, ihcj Bccm to biVf lulil, with ihc UnptDti, lliul thmo oidir 
who wpre ' tmr ronitrt* tn Chriittianilv wrir projirr MihjrrU 
lor tbc Cbruiian ntc of bapEiam ,' and (hoy ^i»bi.-(i« aUo, Ko re- 
ceive aamc fiiithcv evidence of bi» aiixeiitv* and i>f the uprj^hl- 
ncm tod purity of hii conduct- On bla pcvtT dicre w&a no iin- 
psitioncc ; hi: rrqucaled furllier iD&lnictJoika from iIkhi, and pro* 
poitd liiDt a luge place of iran^ip Hhould br rrrrlrd- To ihit, 
■lao, the imaionanca objcelcd ; be rma nl this time an cuk, bia 
pnMpDcbi vrtw dbcouragingf aiid it wns rvr.n rainniirrd that dia 
•ikDceMful rcbdi wctild invailo him in KiniAo : for thecn««l*va, 
loOp ihcy coniiclcrrd thai place ma only a lcJUpr>iaiT rr^idcncc, liil 
tbey ahould retnnw ibrir labours in I'ahili, or caUbliih a mi»ttiuii 
mmt Locward lalandf. But he replied, < >'o, Icl til not mind 
tlirBfi tbingt; let it btr built/ 

A mcintli had not rbpicd after t>ii* pubbr avownl of hit con* 
im>ifi, when two cbi</» armed fruiuTubm, iiiiiiiiip: iiim tnrrium 
ttiilhvr, And re«nin« Ibe gomiiincnt. IJv lt<^iuu^i iiut lu acct^pt 
the invilatjon, and remored a c cof di a g ljr, «itb hn friMidt ; lending 
tlie aunionarira wimv ib«j w«r9, till it ahoitld bu t^vn Mbat 
conrtc hi* allair* nuitht lake, llin dcparliirr in tliia critical slat« 
of luiiiil, lliry obwrvif, %vaA tnucb 10 btr reftrrlleil^ at it deprived 
him oi the tiutnaclion* of biA iracbciv, eik|K>«cd him to invny 
tnapCaliiKiB, and mDch prrM-tution, Tbr promnrn by nbrcb Ha 
hftd btittt iiidi>ccd to Blt^iupi (be locovery of hht doniinioiia \trtt 
hut iotperfi-ctU pcafonnc^; piany nf bih br*l ullir^dinl, oilirrv 
rtttirmtl lo iWir fi^n itlatidt ; and ihoiii^h mam' chivfi in-iit a 
pfofawioD of lubniuaion, and ibc diitnct of MaUvui yms HUiien* 
dmd lo bijii, ho fUitruMed, ajid with rcaaon, the vifrceniy miiL 


which llioM proCtulona «imI ih^t lurrciidcr were made. UinM' 
ikt9K cirtuiii»laiiC4-e lie ^tiniitiucd true lu the piofchstun ol hul^j 
new TailK, STid in fo doitig there c«n hm« b«cA do ii««'3 a(i 
worlcJK polky ut ihia tiire; Utf hJa open tcnuLidalioti oifiKfiiii^. 
IMmI idolntry ' r);f>oftrrl him In no ordinary degree of ridicule 
■nd pcncctition, not oiilj- fjoir bi# idolnlron* tm\t, hnX from hb 
■I1>et nod tJi« metnbm of hia bousuhold and famik/ Tliv^ word 
pencctiii^T a* Uiuk ummI by ttio niiMi<}naric*r niuVl be taki-ti iti t 
oualilicd Eieiue ; — it tia^llen iidiUi:r pcrMMittl danger, dutcM, tror' 
mcon^QNncft of >fty kind; — he ^9b iwrMetiled oidy by irprv-* 
teotftlionf that Ml lit* te^^tvCJi were attriiutablc la ihu h\ow «itli 
wtiich 1i^ rrgirded tbe new [yltgion^ and ihtthe could expect no- 
better fortiiBc, «incc h« bml ronmkrn th« godb of h\» aocealorVi 
and iiimillrd dune, ki >«)iiiaL' ilJvim- iiilliic-nt'i? hi* fnmiK' vrric be* 
holden for ili4-ir elevntion. Siich i<'t>rc?eiitu lions voiild bt^ di** 
tnj»ing tQ him» bemuM- tht-> jirncerdrd frtim tinrrrr nnd nPTtc* 
lioD>t« good vtiki; btjt fnnhf-i ^h»n thj* thvy <o«ild ipvc bun no 
ufieaiineH*. Mctntimr, hi* c?(jiin)dc vim {>rMJiiciii|; a slow but' 
»itr* Hfect; the litteerhy of lii* contendom wn» not dotibted b] 
hi* people. Md it carricci >vitb it the Kreatcr n<i|;iil, bccauM no 
nihrr prnuni in iht* lAhindi woh so woil armiiiiitti^l uidi ibeold'i 
reliKioa, <fr IhhJ Uktn ut much ptinjk to i>iqiL*mt hinuclf with 
ih*^ new; iwr »«? ihc^rt^ smy onr viIiom- eaj»ni.'iiy could hriiei 
rjuMify bim to der:ide bctueiMi ihcm. 

The ftfcd whkb had t>mi ea^t ii]>ot) ibu waters be|:i[i uot^' 1i 
nppetir, aAer many dnvB. 1l wnii reporlerd t^i the nitMiannrirfJ 
Ihftt tlievt were vome in Tahiti, inbo, after tbe kiiif^N examplti, 
had rmoimcrd iriolniry^ and pn^lVtAed rn l)i-l)rvr in thn m^^ Cirkd; 
Two nf the breihnni, tbcMorc, (Mcmo, ^i(olt lu^d liii>ward,)i 
crti^K-d 4}trr fruai LJiiit'o. The runner, lyu tlte iiioi iiiii^ a(ivi UiM, 
IdiKling, fetired to flic tiiii^kot For pEnvcr. DCcordms (o cAiAtora,' 
becmui? in ll>eir ]i<in»ei4 ulnrli ncicr f:^jttaijLed iiiuil- ^mn one 
mom, Ih^re yva^ no opportunity for luch r^'iin^mrixc While h% 
vfia thui occupieil, the voice of a native drew bia tittenlioii ; *onM 
nordi wbkh lie dl^tinf^tiuhed indiicni him lo itpprn^irh nrarrr, 
•nd be iheii dminttly licard petition* und than kagiv ins* « addrcMed 
li> the Alviigbty. Oilci Ob^ mi:% t\ui iiuLi^eS name) hmi foinivily 
b«l> in inmate of thr- onmion rarriily, and tb<; iniimflionn uhi^^h 
he \im\ t^n irrcivrd^ thcHijJEli diryicfnird iinpiodLii'Livc ni llic 
lime, quickened in lilm iiow^ tvhen he had oec9>»iiMiulty been niUi 
I'omue, atoft heard thai kiii^> rcniatk*. ije had found, m hia 
frieiHl Tukhiite, one «bo wat hi a ^iruilar vtalt of prfrparaljoii 
and of feciing: llM;y contirmed iitch oUicr^ tewral youn|E men 
and bovB aiinrhi-d IhrniiM-Kni lo them, and ilii< titUr hiLid Imd 
•greed to nfnuii from idolatr}> to renoimoe tbti ubomiiuibJc prac- 



God wbfMO du ttiifl«>otttripj bed imiik knoniL 'Miii nccouDt x\i% 
■■omrida ctMRiOiinicatcd U> llicir hrclUtcia in JCiinfla. 

* I b4Ye ofWn,' MTf Mr Cllir, *\:t±id Mr. N^.I vpcak witli ptI* 
dmt indicalioai of iinj(i^fertinjr<nrt>nnncitionn-iih whidithbltunF 
vrs* nod. And when vr ooaiidirr tbi long and chauritif vcar* which 
hv and MWic of bb MfOciolM had fpcat in r'niill««*« hoprir«s loU, OQ 
ikM QHprodlAltlr fiddt the iliKliDHt prxMpccA of aa ikltimita hui«*lf 
wlurb tho«a fucU Mrulitly wnrnuit«d, w«i mliLjitcd ti i^roduce nit*'' 
UKialmiidruitcdj(m,--4ua)duUwiUraBUflHmaty'i gwftt- j o j * ''Uat- 
« Mrmi^r imcrmoddlcUi ao4 vilL," 

A uoro puUic iMiulB«Utiim toon toc4 pbcc in Bimro, ithcr«» 
M the king had tio tippuuriiU, bu Lnuwn Ai^aiiairiitfe wuc \ikr\f 
to pfvduco flivoW ^li^'Ct. ^Vhcti llio plac« Itir |>ul>lic uorihi|ir 
^Ikirli bad bcMi r»<:tL-il hv Itu oiilcriL, t%A> opened, iiudi |>ciioiia 
Ni vrur« deniroM ot rtfUciijuiithiii}^ ili«^r oM cuBtora^ vivir inviUid lo 
aUesd. i'ofty ipfwanxl to iUa imiutiotk ; tlurtvH^ttD of liioa4 
ikiirrd tu h ttf? ibetr nsracrt wniivti duwii, m llxior wbo had w* 
iMoacud ibf ir tdi>lf, beuI dciued !■> become llie Jk>cJpl<'> t^f Clin^t j 
llie <itlirr> takl, ibry alMiiiiimd^ to cail n^nj liitir idU>, hut 
did Wit wiah aft vet lo hai« ih^ir naaiira ^^rttkti clo^^u. Tb«t oIh 
jrct nf ilw iiii)«ionnnt% iu making »uch a Iwt, naM ' not onU to 
imcnict ibcm iii4irc fall^, Iml lo boocittto pmoiia% ac^uujntcd 
wuh tli«iU| Ahd li> ricrct^ o^vr lli«m ■ guardlau carr , whidi tiit^ 
G<Mikl i>al do wiUiont kiio^ino ihcir nanw^, unci i*1uc4.-n uf nIkkI^j 
&c/ Uovcii iffctc aoon added tu tKin miiubct, a^itxti- ^tb^i^n wm 
Taafoarii, ibij jtrang diiel'or llLiiiliiiiu ainl Sii t'liAiltri haodrna^ 
I*laiid, awl Miii|HiU|HiUp > |innci|«l Aragi, atid diiaf prieal 
of tliiaiiiitr, ' mho bail loiif hocii wic of th« raaiu pillars of ido* 
latry in tiia nlaiid lo iiltioii ho bdWged.' Furiif tko fatli^r of 
tJii* jrouns thicU kiiii; of iJuobuv bimtrlf, and diivf of Eiiuvut 
■aid bo did uui iflitb Co <j|i|km« hii son, or prrvcot \m bcatiug 
vkb8ii*>L-r ihf. nuMioMarica mtgbi bavr u> coiamttaicAtc, ibough bo 
bad no ik'^tr aikfiT thaae ihio^a iiinwlf. Thrrc nvtv itii (vopltt 
Siorv rapcntiJtio«>liF d«Toi«l to tbuji iiiolAtr? limn lb« itati^a of 
lliiaimir, ntal diai, tlirif biii|;; and tim yonng cbirf b>d hcvu iit* 
diwsnl lo ibqiufie after CUmtmiity, and then tu pro(««a ii, not by 
die mbnoUAiica, btit bv vbat be bad leaml fiotn Poutan. i-'jv* 
qit«ntlv b« »cnl for Mr Noit, to pra^di lo bU f«^Lk>«9r*» Iki 
oMR of ihrtc miti, I'alii, the po»t of tiat district ni wbncfa (bo 
miitionjifirt rruilnl, nr<-o(iipu»od ibc prradi^r, I&U'omI moat 
tftTBcally to vibal waa Mid, and, ax be iivlkct) buiot; nidi Jam aloiiff 
lbs bvacfa, dptlami iJiai in ctnvrqunicv '>f nhal wai ikow hia 
char tonvictioo, lie would on iho morrow bnagoiit tbe idob from 
Im Mbiiw, and pubticl/ bom tbom. 


fVyif All R^tmrtkft. 


'rbDujKb tbe niwiubiifk'A lieani tlu», llief mji with on maoUim 
of * nnminglBd ndvHniioA, f nlirndtv 9nd bop9, t9 « it>gTOT ihmt 
ibij b« belter iitiniuiMd Ann ciprt«»«J/ Mtilber tbcj inr tlirir 
pupAi w^re- uiih»i<r loiM ivwoiiiMe >|>f»Toli«iiiio« of Ike ^otiao- 

3itfftKV9 «iiM-li injclii cwiw from >t> tWinj; ><i ><-l. /Mt^t^Uicrt 
tey wt!fT WiH tlnni lift? : iiue^ vrer«* iniiTOM>Hl«<| l>v idofalrt* vtfaii 
•Imdv 1»«{*sn to wonder * ivhVfvunio tbu thuii; Aitgtit i^w ;' awl 
Foourr, vim mifbl hftfc proved loaiB ptolrcUcKi tu tl^rtu, wi* 
itweui in TmIiiU- Fntii, howc^r, ii >pp0ftn, hii«ur iha iMturo 
of b» ruualT;rniiru *< w«ll vt of lii^ invb. IIithikI Iks (neiula 
collvTted a quMiiiJtT <if fu«1. ititf pUiMl it an a |M>mt of Uiifl nmir 
ike martc : Utcy did llib tk-libcratcljt ^mploMng ih it the vihoUi 
uf tluf mfVittRg, and il wai mil rampAntrd till tkn nftnftiona, 
M«Mlme^ mttttUadca li»l BMemliif^rl to l>»hold Vhluil ntott of 
dlMn bsluttPfl lo bo an art ol' auiliirtmiH ij|i|tiriv, niiil lu «iii«m, 
«i ihfrT cip««t4v]r tlw iliviiM vFitj^MM-c nhirh M^iitd fnll upon Ibo 
C'inxKial, 'tlic inifaioiKtnr*, of cDursr, umI t)ii.-ir liltlo iMnid, 
vrouM not br Absent ; utiH tlw? rvidrni rtimiioni ^hirli ilvy •«« 
111 tbr counifouicei orilK pcopi«,— 4kc l>op« and ihr fcnr, aivl 
tliR mpedalion of lofrirlking unkMnm IhiI div«(irnl, rrmiiifM 
Ibem of tJic •oomf on Moitiit Cnrmcl, vvboii Llijoh canK> btfor« 
ike pBDpkf, ami «dil, ' How iiray; bull vi- lieiiin'ii iwu »|iiiiii>Ji« 1 
Iftlif LA)rd Iw God^ tolluiT Inni ; bui if Bul^ Ihpn foUow kiiii/ 
A liiiW lMr£b«v ttuwH, tlir ptM-^ cMno forUi, and urdcrod Uic pilo 
to lit' kindled. He ikcti battcnod into ike dvpoalluiy vrUerv «tie 
idolf were ki?pt, broikfkt thi:m (hiI, ud hid ikem on ibe gnxuut, 
i«lm koipprondird Oiu burnti^g pile, fj^onw of ibrni wrr rsrvrd 
%Oodca iiittK«»i in r«Ju and ndirv1<i» ijnitatum «f ibe hiiuisii 
Ibnifer intn whirfit p1 n^rlain hitint, (be ^od* llieiiBvltco «era 
bcbevrd in ciit«r; iHkere were meeo log», covoiifd villi finely* 
wroii^ki cUvri, ttmi omMncnhxl with red fcolbm. PaUi loiv ulf 
tb« Mcnrd cErilli m wbich ihoy «ren? «ii«ek»|HKi front vulgar ^yi>«, 
tnd vltif pr4l thi.-Bi of tlifrir o<BnTDrjilt ; llicii, oik^ by one, ke 
Ibrow tlw* uiikt into thr rUni««, Hmirlimes proaOLtiieiiig il* iwrw 
nnd bblct) pcdtcrre* exprt:^iiiig kui u^n rrxrel thnt be had erer 
^roribippeid il, nriil railing npim (he iiii^ctalun to bekuld tkat 
Ibcec <^ja?1« nf InJiL wunhip uri;ft< not nblp to hrip tbcfmAelTvi*. 
Many nere niikntly di*ap|>oijilftL ulie» titey ^aw iLcil no micacU 
«^ii^ \tmii^hl, tiot HnifM' vi'aj^tfiiwt- tat*n ^ bill iliey made no 
st(rm[rt lit ifljlJ^mi|K biiu, iiur to Tfrfcuti liictr iJoU from iho bo^ 
nor ID r^rme Ibein. 

lliiA wouil bflvc brcu (1««mcd a mo»l n^ otitr^o npon 
popular fbeliog, if any luniull bad tH*m orr&tkii:H?d hy il ; for in 
lliftt cue. it if admitted by ibo miwonoric*, Iknt their owu litvo 
CUtf ht bm been tffidangetcdj ami the <b:9tiucui>u of ilio praa^, 


PJIjfikmm Satanht^ 

lytcfl mud hftve beeu inevitable, Bu it appoif, Uitt Ihougli Mvrarc 
of Xhh dnnger, lh«t inndc no atlcizipf In di^LcnncIo tlicir cu(nt*n 
fwm \\ic. pcTilou!! nprninciit : probabl) tliry lliauElit ihjit itw 
coLirie >«)Lich Ih- u'H^ t^LJhg «M H|>iH)i(il(-il, Mid lliul llir-ii duljr 
^u#B ill '**> t^oubUul a pouil, itot lo mtcrfcri^, but lu aUiff^ ihv 
iT^ult- It jirinlucfd. ihey Irll us, llit uiohI <l«i^vi< riTtvta, both 
upon piieitf and people. Number* m Tnfaiti,iii *'t\\ at lumvo, 
burnt (heir idoUr i^rtnolbbcJ llicir mnrxi, ntiipl mid mcitlMrcw 
llifjr i1l«r¥, and comeitod the wo<mI vhtdi had br4>ri rnipla^cd in 
tliT if CO rot rue lion Lnl(> ftjcl for their rookrrT. ' Hi,* »a^s Jcaji 
J'atil ItichiEi, ' ulio (tmirt -.i Cnn\ iii ilir pliy^liul wuHti, itiTI 'iLbii 
tiud uiti' ju tbi* morril, iiihicb it- Iki^ton. Natijro Jorcct on our 
heart* n Cirytur — histcwy a i'luTiik-ijiic/ lu tiiiica of |icrji|ciit/i 

it may ofteai he obtent^, ttiat mon :iri? liko »W«^p: n<ji knowing 
vrliicli wftT lo luiii. Ai ALKiD A» oijr take* the lead, id nibateter 
diriMrtion m may b«, tli^r lollou impeUiouily. I'here b btit one 
im^tAHcc ofb lehgioD MlieK-iik ibcrc hu tm adiiiixliitc of tiuih, 
having hfvn fomiidiibly nttacked,iindyt-t tit}miJii]j{Dlihii1 victory ; 
111 cvcr> utiicr iiutanc^i «y»tena of paKtojaiD ha^'e U-^n i^^rpt 
fE^va>, \At'. niivb before the breuth of litwvu, ami Ltfl iiut a ntk 
behind. The vxceplJOH i* in Jaj^n, and ll vonld not hr dilKcLkJl 
sali^iacturdy tu ciplaio ihv eiiiiae uf it. The |Gri:;it imatctj ol' 
inif|uity i« manifeiLled ibere only uber« s aupenlructuri? offab^ 
hciod iM r rf-rhrd upon a Cuvadutioii of eternal tfuUi, aa in Popery 
jiiui M»'ii< <iikMi..iii-(ti, llvn> the ctiui^gc n'xi like the bn.'ttluiifi up 
of the Kc iipi^n n n\ct — tnddcii, bill not Linprcp<sn:d. Tlvc (iii»- 
MmwwTi l>i»l irduLcd tijc lrtiiu:ijagF tu writing, uiid laiighi nuuy 
of ihe natives lo a^ad; llhcy b»d obt.tuiccl i^rtli»g-book«r in dial 
Iflllllll^. from Ii)i>|^lAiMl t they had -cut a tiiti^iLuin lo be pfn>l»l 
in New South Wak^ ; and ttiry weiv reaily xiilh 9 imiuUlioti of 
Sl« Lukc'a OobjwU Soontr or later, c\\ry ptxpil wtm likely lo 
brcomr ■ rnnvrri, lliouiuib hr himii^lf looked on tn uii Mi<^i eoiH 
•L'^ucnci? uben be bei;an to Ivuni t^K* ulpliabvt. Hut, vihal \Mtt 
of iiMHr impoilancr, il >4aa to ihr dniil briictil id tht' uunii^n 
Uiat iht- old »u|>cr^litiiLiiL ilumM hv ab^^i^hrd ; ronMjrtion wa« 
cuiaijciftatioii to ihcm, held, as \\n:> utiir, iit » dt't;i»diug alatiT of 
iafetintily, Tbry wrtv noi nllovnl to fat Uie •am* kind of fwid 
■a ibe men, nor ui die aoiiw pUlvt >*<>r to piciMLt it ai liic >u»k 
lire : ihry tvcfii to rai dir^ir iidrfior forKi in wdiluil^. Tim fuftlier 
»dt«nta|te wn« ^tvm\ llicm by Chn*t»&ity, 1I14I It fofLuU pofy 
^aiuy, mid rciidcn Qtkriia};^ indissolublr. Tbt- uikimtii wrrr ni>l 
lh« oaly p<aft of the poojih; lo ulH>ni ehaiitE* of ndigiou vtai 
mcceptalde. aa briuetiiK iia^tiediat*: ulicf ; kn, lui in Mcm4'o. d^e 
xoluof ihcold idolaii; tm galUuf, »tni ilw burdin loo b^avy lo 
M bttfWt Hicn vm mmir^ laowcsv lu vtbidi every piJUr ihat 


j ^ B^fwarfOT RtteartAes. 


vapportcd Ac roof vv placed upon the body i>l' a huni(m victim \ 
'^mI sav indiviilual wbu hufifiniaL in auy wuy lu \ic i>biio\i»iis 
[ttllwr to the diurr* or priest*, vrti^ m diiojECf of b^in<; j^ixvd whcti^ 
a Ticliia n-a» mlk-tk fijr. 'Hiin cxUrniM Uj fajuilica aurl clu- 
Inrb. When an iotUvidual hsid b^en nciiticed, ih« family tii 
rhicli Im; bdonecd na* cn[vi4<rc<l M foftti, or ticvokd ; 90 wai ihc 
diiirkA! »u<t vrWn oemnotii^tj ~m vrLich it nsit usual to offer 
Iui>i4ii Bicrilicfs, Tccarml, ih« pcopb? of irucli & family or rfiAlricC 
Ard 10 ibr mmint>iivt, aiiil bul lliumrlvt^ iIicft iiideni at cavcmji 
till Uko lime of dang«r ^tab over. Such ccri;moai<fi vttrc draaiti- 
foU^ frr^iml. Tl>c liighrr cliiMra, if niMte pmuiRrn in >iw, w(?rr 
liaUe lu Uie Kamt- fate. Trul^, tfkcii, bj a p«opl« *a cticuiu^ 
alaBccd, mi^lii llic gospel, if iiifj WL<^ oftly to itv tenipoiat 
c#rcU, be coniidrrccl a« tiding* of fiivat jot\ Nor i> it li> be 
•dsiirnlv ibol sonic of the pncsU ihciiiKlvcft ijircrt among ibe 
awHt vslout of t)v tanwTti, Tht^ had iiot, llhe the mMiihrn 
«f lli« lni|UWtioiir tokon 10 tli<^ir uccitr^tvl profositon br choice ; 
Am dK5 wuu s Cmte. t)ic prir--uly i>|lici' licjii^ hi^fcditury in iitl iu 
d«partRieab. Th*fr u<?re, ibcreforv, itiafiv among dj*Mn, «hi>ie 
licui*» iiot bviij^ ituliLi.illv hard, rcvoltrd at Uie lioiicr» ulikii ic 
waa ifaetr liuiinrM to p«rfti^traie ; aiul bt^fort.' [hnoflcred a huitibti 
•ftCfificCi tlitsc uiibappy men huic Lci'U known t^ uitoxicule 
llktfiiwU-n, if B» iIh-v- niighi nbuin ihc brainl iiifpimbiliiy ihat 
abould friable them to go livoui^h tli* dT«ad«d uid drradful buM- 
ucu of ibc da) ! 

H hit liad be^un thui prusj^romly In EiitifO, was iood ex- 
Imdcd to dw txjcicty hlamU. Screral t>i ibe dtiefs of ihoM 
iilatMli^ vrho had come to ^kt*aX Poniaiv, had be<>ome ccnicrlv, 
■nd wtrCt Uicrcfurc, on 1'icir rciunii thcdUclTics efficient onmioiH 
anea; and they r>nir>tly irfiunied dnl ii-uchi-rt oni bcHiL* might 
be teM ibcm, 'flHia i\hi pro<;i09H of CbriutionitY wn» Micb, th&t 
if PctRtn; had n?|^afdr<l it on\\ iit a i>oUticnl liilkl, il wa» mow 
f^vatly his intereti to uphold it wiUi a high hanf. Hi? veiartied 
ivDtn Tahiti, after hatii>}: vninlj endemmred, during tno je4i>, to 
freovcf hia authority Uk-kv Duiin^ that lime, lie had not b«eii 
»Ue to withataia) the tnuplttioii of iiidtilgiflf iu tfac u«c of ardcttt 
l^pirtlA. in iIk art of [bililliiig nliich, the aatiti^H, lu ilicir htnti, 
bad heoQ intrvctfd. The niiaaiooanea hnovinf; \hn, Uionf^, 
tbrj aay, he vraa ' not addicted to entire niUijiicutJoa/ began to 
Irar, tliai, ' VAc Affhppap be «ai but aliboit a Christian/ Tbey 
f ouUl Aui imi tiitcf ijiii unfavourubk- appiirhcmluiiA uii [lii accouiil ; 
doanderins hii pre«ioui bibii>, that intL-nijierancp bad ner 
lb« Tic« to labicli lie ua> mi»t adiUctcil, and the peculiar 
rteDfitaliaii lo laliarh bia n-u(lrtH.-r in Tabiii \tai\ nponed him, 
^ Ib^ cottU not gdinquiali llic hopca ihej h^d onb;rbiiiK«1 reapoct- 


PJ^nawan B mw un km, 

hg Kin.' There wm indeed no {Kit fCAion ivliy ibct ifboiild ; 

juilgim-nt r<TintHiccl the mvnc, d»i he had Ixcn iJic oomtitf ool 
of impulMT iit>i] Minpiihy, ^ii of ivdiTciLuii atid r-fllin tbutt^hl- 
U<: bii>ui:Ki Willi him, >ltv» lo Ejinr'i, a Ut%t trm ofatUicn^utt 
uid iJepvrtdciili, ' all,' >ays Mr. iillis, ' prufVuiMs, «t least, of 
Cbutnuily ;' IhiI, at ivch a tnao, profmaoiH ««« si loluabLc m 
vqUi »t « cmnUitcii rlfiGtion, vhlintfiYT moT be the mmml vi^uioo* 
of lW ptniM. TI»eio pcnoiu rvgiJiu-lj aiiciiikd i|m tctHMil, so 
IhuE riMliuiion naa makinf loaic progrc** Kinoiif Uivfii; ftiwl 
Ibi-'y t^crrncd ilic c<ingr«f|pMio» «u (iinily iknt It vrtu utft?Mary 
lo ciiltr^c l}\€ bluet of ^OFBltip. 

Wmitur hud aurricil, fiir ba vrciMid viir, ■ il>UKlilrr uf i\tts 
khtjE <if Itaiftteii, vlikh « Ibe ]ugc«t vf Ibo }>o<}vly Islanidi. 
'J^bc Abler uf Urn c)iir«9i cMiW 4o vwl licf in i*4Jiicn, wilb « 
niLfnerou* tniiij roost ^ vliooi vien pt<tktw^ty ChfuiiH«. It ii 
tlie cttUoat io catcitaiii a diBijui^uiiilicil vititoi wMb kIiiI, in ibo 
SduIIi Scmi, «■ til inodeni l^odvK, U cbIIl^iI a /fvJ — ibo 
inpoit looi* bclt«r m >t» TaliMuo dr tw y j uwi unw ^^^^-btil tbc 
mtrrttflunmi^ roiilmitiiag die dtciKti*! difpltyof UHliie t^uuktrty^ 
md ibc AdoM fniiu of M mnmmij » mui by tM dwaon to tlM «i>- 
«;>itipciHTiift of t)i« iHMinwccil pwrt. Snc^ m nntcfiwuMil nv 
pr^lKwd for ibe ^<ic«ii'i tiller, by tb« diieCt of Eiufo. At tucli 
liiMct, it *«• iinMk for ooe or more pricJis to tUcftd. tnd. before 
uiy |i«t of the Ibod wm UiIimI, to Biivrlifj tbc vbd^, by leWi- 
In^ inrlKiM fi>r tiic idolti uid d«|MwtiQg ibcm it]HMi tbo ollar. 
Tbi* i:cie<i>iit]5 Pumonr vulicd lo prrmilf «*pecipllj un no 
public mn orcuMOii : Jutl, dl«f«foro, •« 0io nxcmbkil mulliiuilu 
ncn loulung nimtt it aboiitd be iwironiifrd, dim oI iJm: p<iiMi|M| 

CjM tn tbt ^iiMn't «iii«r'4 iraio, came fonrird, imoowtd bii 
r iotl pmnoiincicd ■ Chrutitn ffntco ottr tho food, wtiirii w«t 
tbrirby t^iiicntl LinprrMiitftUif lo iW nftUvo ^odi. 'lli>4 na* 
coniidi^rcd » a u^al Inwnpb ol lite new rdipau, %mA mn indeed 
B nufficieiil moor dial Fmuuie «w detrniiiutd to ptocired in ibi: 
cuiirtpv thatnojiad choAvn. 'Hm quovii n»d hor lutfir dvpnilcd 
■fii I tha fuf Tobitit wbcrv Pugiuc Jiad left ku iufut iWugbtcr, 
Aiiii«t«, iu li> burvdilary diUrict : aad lie «c»t o*cr u book lo Ib^ 
cbiid, pliuitl^ iiMlknliu^ bu inUnlioci iJmt jIm; ftbouki be bn>u{tht 
up ill lli« itew rfbgioii, Tb« coovnl* lo ibl* n-Ugiod vstrt nontt 
QUBicToii* ci>JUp1i in ibot i)Uud to Ciititi u pnn_v> mho were do- 
»i(iBUid by die LiniLL<iii|iia»in bucim of Hum j^tui, dw ' pmjiivy 
people;' bill, imm U-tnf; ui lirvt objeeb oid> of Sfsom^ tbotf rapid 
tucreute umni cj^pottd lliriii to jeutou*>y ami hoUvd, MfiCcMly ■# 
k it^ttircd liiilit tagaeiiy uy pcit:ti\t that rooiircj vInmo Attain 
wndd olbrfvifo bm Lcui la no hopeful jweUMv> wu, by ibia 

Potfnnutm fifWordW* 


pi. 1 ^Tf-r land"! m Foi*i»t^'* own di<iMrf,ibpi wert d^iefird 
I. I iJilci^liiXiof eoii^K r^^*J ^ widhd, — an iDt<rotioiiu1i»cU 

i|uvd |tfvb>b]^ l>v(.-ji fmriien tnrtrc for di« pur|>use of [mlio' limn 
pwOnic-. *l1x r^Mif; lAilh whidi llie7 vicm rr;:ardcil by ili« 
BUJic Molrnt kUiWcr* wiu declared, wlicji a cu>kJiiim> |>iv»riil of 
fnod tiid c-IaiU u»i irnt lo tlitui by wnw nf tbi.' ch>t-j«, 'Iku 
prir«iit Bttcndcti, onii iitfKtving lliftt lh< ajuuI (iivki of Kiritace 
to tb« id<?U i(««re not nfndered, ili«y [H»nird 10 ujinv Uu(icfic« of 
ttd f«atl>rt«, to which tkc idol> wore soppoicd to import a portiofi 
vf ll«ir Jkipilj; uid, using r»pTOadjti> u«il IikhUv io th« qiicm'* 
coflifnniucM, tcH foniJuDC lk« f^oda of tlwir fjjrofathon, ifarCMt- 
rtiril lUrm witli tlkc scngrfiiKr of thotc olTEriidcd povrnt. l^jioii 
llu> Fmfatip ili« Moie p«rvon vttio had fttid tlie |:rnc« iq Eiiuco, 
|KH"ted, in ill* unit, l^ llic sacrod fcMllicn, «iid i«:|itinl^ Are 
it»c nu^ltlT lliiiigt wiili uboftc K^gf* y^ Ihttatcu u*? Yon 

^jl^MI ft«c ilicir iuuLitiiv to pr«.'«ove tbcHuclK* 3 ' Attd, ruiuiiitj[ 

|r» i1h> iipn4 whtfrr ihrv bid br^n net u^^ he »ivnl lhrm> nrvl («t( 
'4b#ai inlii ■ lar^u firr: (tuyc itj, nlivrc lh«v ui^tfC iBilui^lv cod* 
ifttRMMl. Teii' fM-o|>lr »uo<i agtiftti, ;mk1 utltfcd Piduuftliutu oi" 
t bul Uk' wuf^c^uco lor wliich iher tainted w« doltir^d, 
[Id iMifvt lliai ft mi^bl l>c taki'n uma* L*At<:tii>1J v . 

A mtiMym, ihcrftroTr, of ih« hiu*" Atuai vrat plinii«d by Ibc 

[itdnlsliotfa dlWi of Pan, Matavai. anJ tla|>Miw> : tli<r foroicr of 

tfi«w va* PiMinrr'i pHtritnonipl di^tiuri ; ihr ncood, llttt ni vrhicb 

^llw iniMki»u)c» bid cvii;iiuliv bc^n ocUM. ISui w tbo ailoivM 

liin* wm fontililabl^, birfit (i>r rank aiul nu«i1iri», tins cttHfr< 

ttf Atebqni «iil Fnpara were iJtfiUtl to jotii an th« vkcftHion, 

Tbna |iiflSi-», »]u» Ibv > lung liiiie bad bcctt vDomica* wtr< otbile 

frWmU on tbii ocrauon* At ntidnumftty the pns'mg peofUe um 

,lv be altwktd, llim bout^A Ml on btv* aiid evciyoiic ^ho ahotiM 

taUo, ibugbt^rtd w% ibi^ ipoc. The f^crct uki krpt litl ibo 

of 4b« MppoinUil tiaic ; uuat pro^-idcnftJatU diMtowii ^i^ctk 

llir whr^c ol ibit Oii»;biii, h^avif U> t^tmd n rorctBig, ciillMr 

f4K iniblK ^vorU■ipt or Tor toiDc vtbcr general |»ur|>oaOp were 

;«w<ikLUhI nr«r ibc vca, Ko Iniw was tu be Luol. 'Ihttr cvnoe^ 

L^bMi >Mff« tjiee ott tl>o b«'acb, utvp iniunUy Ja;tncbeil ; anil 

ImrryiniE awn^ wlul frvi ihJiiga (iMry coulJ lake, ibrj cinbaibcd 

•oijit tftrr iiaiucl. and r^raclK*! Eimeo di« imt oiortiitig tii taffty. 

,ilad Ibcy tiot ihnv been conwDcd ut ibc «ei} place coovcoicni 

fur nra|i^, nod hwi ihct^ bt«n iw* delay on ihv pa*t of tb« con- 

Mi^Ujn, ih^ir d<.FitnKUon idimI haw been iiicvilaA>Jff. Th^ 

Futiuon, a* ilw vbabiiaiLii of ibo ibr«« dtrtricia am vMt^p 

%tr<Mdil bttw been ^>n tbe imi^ Mibf and n lUrir rwir ; iht mum 

trwm Alchitfu and Pa|>«rc«titbcoJi«r. ' A largK bodyof anoad 



16 Pctynetian Rtttorrh^t- 

tnd li^lcai vArriors. bfrliMigin^ lo rital chifAaiiu, brought to* 
^hfrr uiidcr iiritalcd fcdiiifti, mid |i«r]iap4 mutually accuiiiig 
tacU olUer at tlic ciubc uf tucu cluu|>jKiiuUiicHl, were hut luii^ 
without b pn^lFtt for comincnciiig the votk at dtiXh ariKing 
thcirtAvli-i^*.' OJii anijnoiitKs ncT«; rvLinJIctl : tkc ptoplr wf llie 
two di^trirlt tfiflt had liot^it callrd in nH alkin, nttirknl the 
Potiunu, nnd dclcnicii ihciD, 'iTii.* |>e<>j>l(r of 'iVmabu ^iiifxl 
tlic tJcloiiuuA pajtj, uiij laiil w-jalc >4j|ft thc[|i iIkt mrjiulr jiuiIIi- 
CMlcm putt o\' the Uland, Thvso Tniafubuutu tlivii qiLDfTcl]«l 
nitli iLoH- nhvui lh(^y bod cunic tu Aiaiit ; but llicj aIsu mirfc do- 
feaicd, and dm«^ii to their fortman In the influntntiii of ttirir 
cnp^r petiiiwdo, ajid the Oropu!, 19 th«y arc called, were loft 
numn of th<> Ulsfid, 

III ihcw nart, ncilhcr Pom&rc nor tlic chief* of Eiinco took 
ail) IJWl, bill ihry watclmt the djuni; uf rvtriiLj utixiuualj, uild 
not wLlliout apptcticutioM of bfiiiff in^'udcd. Numbori of th« 
vnuqtmlied luid Uikcn icfujic with liKtii, pi)^i]!i> aa wdl a* ihoM 
who aecr«lly inclined to lli«i new Totiftiim, but darti not avow U 
till tltcy found thctntnlTci iit mTcI^* rour hundred nnints ^crc 
■t ihit time in^crib^d ict tlie miMioiinruV Itn^ ^nd thrir pooiU 
wctv Ui^twccn iL\ and »cvf-n bumlnrd ^ but the ilreo^th of wliil 
niifj br <:Hlk-<t [be ChriMiJiii purly m Ini to Imt r^intAli^l bj tbttu 
numhprv than b\ thi? r^iik and taUiiti, and innuonlinl dAractirrr 
ut'ilA leaders. Thr uiirk ufcouvrraiun ucut on in Llimtu ; lliougb 
m>Ay of ill* rhirfA ihi-rc vivk not nttiched to the I'omarr fjtinily, 
and bdog at th« ^mnc time lUm auppiMtcr^ of idolatry, cou- 
iiidi^tvil lui apn«tu-y from llie oM faith ah llie ciuiw of hii ami 
Irocbkit, Biid of th« WMt uhirU vturt tben devM«1itio|- Tahiti, 
Tbii »ljitn of thju^A could not coi>tiniic }ong : oa on (he 00c tide 
th«rc coutd be no comproiniM, it uai evident that tli^v could be 
iKi toktatioii on ctilicr; and ihc uiiiM0iiPnc4 i«rrc :i«a(c, that 
mleaa tbcj imoa bvcanir dominant, \\tv li^asL which Ihry had 10 
appvclHaid tiiUdt bo cipuldion for tbcLii*4lv<^ and dicir di»<i:iplci, 
fnitn FUmen na wril m% Tahiti, AtEaits, ttr^ any, wtre at tliia 
lime t^be bcfiiimiiifi of L81J) eTideutlj^ k^idini; loacriaia; ami 
althoogh ibv conxcit^ Imd <firefiiUy avoiii<^l all inUifcrnicr in die 
hoc vnn udiich Imd dciioUiei! ili« \uT^tt iaImiuJ, tli«y wvri? con- 
linnd liiat tbc time n*> not very itmotc, when tbeir £aitb aud 
privkcipk* iniut rin prv-MiiinJMii nbotr tht? |>ow^er aad mflmmc^ 
of ttiai vyUcu of dtfhiuoa tud crJinc, of wliidi (h«y bad lo km; 
brna dK- ibrim. 1*o inniniAiii iIht (yhn&tiaii fuidi, and rjijoy a 
coitunuancA ul tbotr prvw-nt pvact auJ conifoiir tliey forevaw would 
be in>|>Q a iib 1 g. Undri ibcv iioprnuoni, tbcy »ct apAit a day foi 
finting tad |Mft3«r, tiui ' eipvri^nced/ we aic told, ' u cWiened 
OftdifapeiMiciitfriiDCoriiULid, ntkb led ibuia to be picpAud lor 


Pofyntnan JI£ena/cAct. 


\ti, ill the comnc of Divmc providoEice, mijclil Iratispirt-.' 
Thk pr^pvntiinn, hnnr^v^r, nu r<»r ju'tum. 'Pic aii«i]on«i«» 
«fif>p«f to drprccbte ili« apocnplul buoka u mducTJiumfttclj as 
lltv luttifLH mnrilr llicnii but incj- Inul t.ikrii a uholrtome Imson 
horn tbo book of Macnbecu. 'Vliey M-«rv ^tiiknUy i7f opitiion 
* thai he who rail" on hv^vrn 

For bvlf affftitiit hb Umponl cii*mio«, 

TWq wUh most cBiu« uid A)f<!St hiypo ynUn 

ISa Ki^ljcAlioa* nhcn be beat cxrrt.> 

111* prodcixv uid tbv atrcn^lh ^T]liL-il Oihl hjah glvpn hjrn/ 

Hw (Tmfl ^ u'lnch tli«jr ItKiki'd n^i M Ii3t)d. Mo«wiigen 
CBiDo from llic idobitiiMiA diicfa of Tihjii iiuitiui; iIk* ivfujtc^j lo 
ralim, nml mNjciip> ibcif laada^ Tlicj accrpioil i\ir inYJlalJofi; 
■od, as llie Liu^ A |m#**iic« mhh occcf^avj for ctfrlmii c«rcmoiiio9i 
<«b*rr\ciJ oil »ucfi 4K€*>H>n», ]*ooi;ux: uciit over abotal iht- sditie 
liRM to nrhnlilr ifurin with the rit^lim:kry foiint ; bui a number of 
tuf «^«iTiilaiftho\tCTr of tiic ncvr rclifiion, aci:otn(iuu](rd liiiti, and 
tlirtr mm nmniixed, as well an a luiiiibt'r of the iiilubiuiiti pf 
Hualiinrr Kuai<ra, and CimoOf vfho wcte of diat rcli-lou alao; 
>iiJ Makii>r, dir king of the rorttier UluiiiJ, iiiiil p4tni»(r-V;tliiiip, 
tl]«'kcru«daof^!ilfro^lkt«kiugE>f Hnint^'K/aiidtifttt^rof Pomoic't 
i|i>Tm. It %«il] be >rcn tbat thr nailikc epithet is a3 fill^ btAlu^nl 
u^v.iTi her »fe ujf-ju Cuniilhi, ])rtti!ninahti.\ C'lonti'la, or JStiTotiiait, 
'I J>c nJoUtcia i;i>(iBjdi:fif]^ mi^h a u-tiiiuv» a^ it Mti[t<4ij&, n; the hgl^ 
of an ivirwJjPf forc^, niu^Arini in Insult: aifit^ ii^ioii iJir- beacb, 
lbrl>«de tkriBlolaod, and repTtLkslI}' fiivd upon lIhiu. Tbc tiring 
mam tut rriumnd- Pumarc >c»t a flag of truce to llicmr ^itli a 
propMttl for p<«ce : moasagui Ul^1^ ]Dt«icbanj^«d, and iho n«ffo- 
ciaiMMi pnx«c<k4 *o &a, tlial he and bu f>»llowcr» wcr? allowed to 
land, and aevrral of ihr vrfiificm cmcttd. Hidioitt mr»Ie*lBlion, 
upon llirtr rmpcctn'c \mnAt, i\k Iroity ^raa oHrric^J on for aft 
adjmtiDiftil of ■!! diflVrentrii hi twrrn tbr king and ibr rhk-fn v^lto 
ftcrr in |)o«frCMdan iit tbn itbtid, and at kncib conrtudcd, to the 
appatcnt lai&fattkun uf bodi parties, — thoagn the out: bnd dirtcf* 
uurntd uptift breaking it, ^nd tke other snip^cUd Ibai »ucb wan 
llk« JQtcDtxm, ' Hk idolater? had ii»lccd joji>«t ««ith Poraaro in 
btikding ihc wrrvlh of aniiti aikd prarr^ «hilr (Jii^y wrrc at lh« 
MBir time kcicIIt and actiii^lv coiiccrtJiig Luca^urr^ for hi* de* 
atnctiud/ \Vhui follt^ned ii>aj bc«4 be rrblrd in Mr. HDia** 
own worda. 

^TliB I tth of Nowmh«r, lalS, waa th* vni «nritfLjl day that had 
y«|aecwTed in the hiiiory of Tahiti. Itwaatbr Sabbath. Inlhc 
Ibmooii. Ponuire, nfd tK« i>to|>l« who kad como orer Iran StmcK\ 
p n A afc fa about righl himdmi, aii«fnbl«d fer jmblk? m>nMp at a pLac* 
caiM Narii, b«v lh« village of fiMnaauia, in tba dUlrkt uf Atfharu. 

t<0L, sun, yo, ujtmT. a Al 

49 Pct^nenoA Rtttwdut, 

At dUUnt fu^ata ol ihc intriai, il«yMalniitd ptqutl*; and whm 
divine scrvicp u'Ai nlnwt tci roninioRcCi Jtnd ibr aiidnidual who w to 
olHctjilr vtoAil uf u> rp«4 thr fini hfmn« a ftnng of mnvksU vu 
beard; Arid, lookiujf out of tb« LaiHiog in wtech th«v w«n> utcoik- 
blifd> a liTfE^ body of annf d men. jirrccdcd and aitebdcd by llic Rlf 
of tilt? f^ls, Arid ilic tnried i-nilOrmi i>f idnlNiry* vcm uren mnn^uii^ 
round A dutant polikt oTIuid, and advanrinff lowvrd* th« [*Ui^i^ wlivrv 
ihey w»r© UAvmbM. Itil vt^rl U n »»-*r! won Iho cry wJiich re- 
ecmd UkTWEfli ihc pU«e ; at th<: o^pnnLchii^ army m-rv xcn fiom 
tlw d)ffpmil parts ol Ihe hulMiug, Many, sj^cmMv f^> t^M* jit^tNui- 
tiOBi of iho mt*(ii-tiiarii'*, hail nwt for ^|lrlrvM{) under armi; mhrrh 
Vta» had nl>^ w«r^ prf^»aniif* ki rHurn to t^ir l«»t», uid arm for tiso 
l«U]«, ^omv ikgT<w of co»ru»>Oii ooittpqucnily [irvTaited- IW«» 
ivm*t vad rM|iiMuql dwm ii}J lo rnnaTn iicletljr In ih»lr plnow; 
■Utkg, tlwt th*r v.-*f UDdffF tb« ififciai protMtion of Jtho\-aJi, ad 
liftd mci lCifr«Ui«r £or hn vorrditp, which vm not lo tie forMkcvi or 
■listurbt^ ^,'iTn ty iho ^jpntAph of an envmy vlunA, Cbnnrrly wa 
anci and a varHor, acfw a Chrifitia& tnaL-hor* vho van m? icifbTEnani 
on thcB<- |ioiiilv, Ibtfk read tbc hymn, and iho confTTp^alK)/! aanff it. 
A portion of ncnptam wna read, a f«ay«r affvrtd to tli« Abaiipnty, 
and the wrTire clowd. Thnr who vrrrp unarmriS, tiuw nrrpaired Co 
Ifaelr tenli, and ^romnd Ibctr irta|0iii, 

' In 4iHMjnirtg tbo poatTzrv of defmrc, the ^dafft frWndt fiifned 
th«ci3«lrt3 into tiro ill tlirte columiuL, one on the aea*Wack> aftd tli9 
otlwrat AihoTTdfntftncr to««i|iilipnuiuntaim AlMcht^ to Ploanre^ 
'«C03|T,wii'* « nDml>«r of r«fi>g«n, who had, darincT thp lam fynnnno- 
<lto«ia In lUiCi, tak«A *h«k^r uoder h>i fr»tc<laoTi, liui liwl ni>C cie- 
Waot^ CkrMuiiiy ; on tlieee thv ling and bi» odhrtfimte pAftc«d n» 
rdUore. betMOiottMl ihMn in the cvntrr, or Uip rvmr, of thr cadmna. 
Hm Avfe^AM raquMUdtofannthrFtnorfroovUi. advanced ffuard; 
■nd 1^ pMria, or c]w>ek of their fM-rea ; while the pvople of Kunf^ 
itjimadiatvly io ihc rrar, Cant«d flkai likey oillea thr Ujnriur^ or 
ahou^i^r, of th«tr arnij\ in the front of the Ikie. Auwi^ ('^^^ntn^ 
HtMff, and otbm tqaaliy iliiti^f(uuh«d for th«lr atMdy mlht-reooe to 
the syv'^vi they had adoptod. took thfir stalian on lhj» ocr*iian, atid 
a^wrd ihrir muliEwi lu lay itunu Uieir liTtf» jal)M-r tlimi rclinainah 
lh« ChnaL-an fatth, anil Lh^ jiiMcgfi ii coof'^rrril- Mah'n*. the Itng 
of Ntiafalnci and ]^>niarr-rivhirHi, tbe ^rvk- dauj^h^r oj ihr ktnK of 
Ralau«, ttilli those of t!wir rro^le who lad pfytfc*>r<i Chrvtianity, 
arrangfed tbt^rwlvn In liaUlf^afrsy iismrdU;«ly hfrhind ihv profdc of 
'SIftwo, fbrnfaiff ih* body of tlw anny. Blahinr, oattldf ivoawni, 
trar9 ■ e«rio«a h«kpvi, oQVct*d on tko oiiivide tvith pUi<« of tho 
bcanlifoLlj ifXTtW cowriis or tifrr ihell. to aUir^ni in the iUavdat 
■ai nmamiiiiad vitb a pluasr of Ibc iroiiic, or mati*cff^imr hM\ 
hUhtn^ Tho ^em* «ia(«f, like a dMi||hl«v e4 Palkv. laU. and 
Stlbamvcaluie in livr aiature tkctd teaiurca, walked and fouKht by 
MahjIJe^l afak* olothed in a bind oif armour of uei-work, made with 
mtall nnat atton^y-lwiclMi irordii of fmuMa, ut Mative taa, hhI a^med 


ltti« bsr sMuijr «Bd cuuneotiua fridod* wLo 4ct«^ ta bcc «|vjv« or 
(tanplan; vluleMftbipe myt npfnrtod uu tli« udwr by Fkiinl. s 
fott, UU, watdf chief, & rv t^ivi- of M>kia#'t fuaUf ; and on* who, 

A^PHoUc kfl|yiBC0> ct9ultii% Cruna ClifiiUaitity» — bvt vf ho«o vrif*?, ihW 
ift Arir rantmcic^ao of idoUcry, htd manktmi imli* oir (ouiiqob 

- pMntfc took kU flfttMM in « cano* vntk ft oomWr of oniikMeeri, 
tiA unxdrod tke lUiik of hh cuna; urwvftl tkv sea. A tcfivel 
jwmalwl ID t^ Btvm gif uxithcr canoet w^h ww coounaoded br m 
JbtgMmm» cfllli^ Jm^ by iho nUivaa, and wh« can* up from FUi^ 
^^ fid C Qp a kfa tafcda »3it<«lkni dario^ ibv «n|:tgQiBeDl- 

' >Aga iha knis'« frieods had pcopaily furard (kanaelvei 4br 
l^giW ilafaauc, UiaMoUlrovi afoijr ^mcd, and Ui« bitttc oom- 
Mn«4. Tk« iBfclttoua attack of iko idoU(«t>, aitorakd wHth all (K« 
far^, bapracatbaoB. aikd boulitiif vhouU^ prac|i«cd by liit< vnTiif^ 
iVMi mkiag id Uiv oiimA, irfwlund hy its skork a Mmporary con- 
fonos to Ika adviuvrari Kiakrd of thv Cbriattao iinnr: tono wvta Hlain, 
^iktn i*o«niUd, and L'|«ii|miu, tjtic &f J'g>niArr's Icadinflr nua, nttd 
kvii&oaif In-nttfaanic iuki ibr aca. anil kiving par, of hk dran la 
tka kisda tif^Uie aniai;oiv4t mih wtiom li« hml i^npfhd. Noe- 
ifaoh th« ftiaailttil* m>t with ttMdy and ik«k:rvnnrd ro 

O iu ao^apiiU lM>intT«T, kr nunkan, ikv rm. vr btioi miks. 
fr obdlfad to gm waj*. A kind of rannfa)^ %bl Mgrnnanaed, and 
Ikr patttva *«fa intanaaigWd in ftU i^ cottfutloa of barbaroai war- 

-' llm toipht the hidaoua face of iror Ki sfoo^ 
fkn^ of ail ponif»t>^i>nmt*ni,aiid di^v^," 

* Hip ifrouBil uo vt^kU tkrr now Eauifht. fjicrpuii^ tkat fivar tke 
«»>baadi, «wi paniaUy camad viUi irvaa and ImidiGi^ wkidi «l 
Irm M^iaUd iiw fcattanAiif t"'*'*'- "*^ i»taf««plad ibrir vitv of 
aack mtm. Clmkr ihaac cin:um>lanc«« il was, that the GkriaiUna, 
ld«n Bfli arliiallir aatgafffd witk then- omnio. afteo knavlcd down 
oa Uw f tav, «tu»r «i^y or ivo or <hre« togvtbn; and ufforad np 
as ^aaaUtotfy pfayor lo Uod — tkat be woM oovor ihcar btad» ki -iho 
dar df b«uk-, and, if ag ne^bla to btf v^I. prvacrro tkc^ih bol ^Pt* 
cUlf nrE|Mn; tbcm tbr th« reaulta uf tke day. vrhethcr lOcluiy or d^ 
Jaat, U« or death. 

■ TW Wltlc rontinti^ to Taf^ n^Ui fierctnaM ; ■vmal «tTc kiUad 
ott koOi Hdf*, tiw idolnXcn &tjtl punuL-d ttrir nay, auil xictoryMCcacd 
lo attaod tkrir d«KilaliD|; iiurc^i, imtiL tliey i^^ariM ti) th« ^osnlHin oct^a^ 
jitd Ij MaMfiTt Femarv-nhinp, and tb«ir ooapofnona in arms. Tha 
<di »o i : ad vaob of 1hM« united bands viet, and imftM] the pfOfcroM 
tflba yilbaito«lct«HDu« irkdairri, Onr of HafiiiafV meu. F^^tae, 
aka body of l/auAim, th# ehiaf of Paf«rk. and th# tommanitfT- 
;af Ifca idlhoraw farraa, Tha *^ « di**afTiorftU, awl ■h^rtiy 
c % afi^rwarda 

lAwwdf expired. A« he »at ir<L^p^ng on th« ma<I, Itb frlmla 
^dwivd roondr wtd ^mkaTouTpd tu t^op tlit^ blepdiM|f of the ifounil, 
■cd aibr4 crcvy u»lH«iif 4^ Hi* ctrtunutancti tpp«ar«d to roqai1r«, 
■^ Lear* mv," vftid lh« ilrine viurior ; *^ martc ycmiiM' mm, in front 
of Mfthine'B nnks ^ h« iiiHiL-tEil ih^ n'Oufii] ; on linii i^tcji^ my 
d'sth " Two or ihfpp atlUKlr nt»n itMAutly 9ft olf for Uiii purpoft*. 
lUvM* VM ratjfiixg tovudt the ntajii body of M&hifit'n nwa. vrhvn 
Qikttof tfa« idolfltor*, who hod outrun hi* com|iiuuoo$, >)if&n|c u)tr>ri him 
tnlorr h« wu ftwarr of hiH i|)|rnMch. UntUf^ lo :]inaw Mm 011 the 
uti^l, ho cut l^i nrtni around hit nrck, nnd tfndoAvoured to ntntn^f*. 
or ftit ImsI la tocuro hai prey« uatil tomo of hii tompAmom rhQoid 
mire, And despatch hin. Ravcac iru «micd iirilh « »hort muibcti 
wbich hr bnil rrlu*(led wnce wuumlinf; the c4iirf; ofthii, it b lup- 
potvd, lh« man vrho hrM hrm w&t untroDKUJUi^ EiundJn^ hw trmfl 
fonrud, KuT«ac t<iiii^l th» muxilcof hta inask«t under hi» on-n ona, 
suddenly tux'aod ni* ho^y on on« aid«. and, pultiog the tri^cr ot hia 

fihM:<# ai Ui^ lamo tnstant, thai fala uiimnta thron^h tho body, n^ho 
niM^iat^Jj lo*c hold of hii prtj, tnd M dyln^ to Oi« ground. 

' Tbo idoliCreoi armf cODiintiod to fi^ht wiih o-hiUnutv (urv, but 
vr9T9 upnblc to adrftncv, or iiukv any unpmikia on Mjiltiue ntid 
fteuir^Tnhitic*i fbrrci, Ttirac not only maintainrd ihrir |<Ti>uiid. 
but fbroffd thoif advenarici b»ck ; and th«>ca]cor vtclcry nowap- 
poarcd 10 bang in doubtful suspciuo over the conKodui^ partivt, 
77iw, the !dohiini^Ji pn^iL, niuJ liii coTvpanHJtia« hnd* in ihr Jiwnr^ of 
Oro, pomuni ihttr adfit-rvuEs a certain and an «aky triumph, ThU 
inapired thew for thr coaAict, aud mode thvm morr ctinlklent niLd 
obrti>at« Ln baHl*! than Ihey voM olbcnvbe J^art been ; but the lido 
cf cOLKtucfiE, yilikh liad ruDcd mih ihem In ihu unset, aud duruju llio 
MtIt ^n of ihfl rngngenwnCk wu alrvwly lum»d against th«m: nnd 
at the tiding of ihvir teadar^« deatb bocamanior* oattttirvfly knovm, 
llMf f pfead a panic tJirouRh the rmnka he had cotBnuuidcd. Tkt pagan 
MiOf anw ^hm: uar before ihcir oj^jH^jii-^iis, nud ttH'ii fled fired ptiatciy 
ten ibc field, ttrckrafi ihelUT m ^rir fari «, iircng-bobla, or hiding 
f iicw, in th(! HMnuibiiiKt ; lravin|[ l>ocnare, Jklnhine, and the ptiiifvta 
mm RauiCAt in undiaputcd poaaeaiion of tJio Jkl^'— ^tol, i. p> il47 

UpuJarn wu 4M|il]r icfretted by thoivc who knew him beat. 
Ho n dc«cnt>rtl m Ul iniMtttiBg and jntrlligrtLl mnn, who«e oM 
hiUi bad bocn ao abakco, that at tbo bst he wa<i bciiiiatin^ wbelbcr 
lo fmouDTC bii idolairf or uj>tM>U) ii< diilj a day or iwi) before 
tbc battle, Ik said, ' Perhaps we arc mtoiik; let ua »cad a rnca* 
aagc to tlu: Ling, aixl aak fm |ira<4- ; and alfcu (at lHiok.% llial mo 
may know wbal tbia ikcw rebgioti ii/ But ib^jMieati oppoacd 
tim* pnyp0t^\t, and pmtnued t»At Oro would dcliiTr the prayJtas 
poc^ila into thoir hancU.and tbal tb« gorcmflieiit ami pon«r laouU! 
M milk lW goeU of T^li. A bicJy drewa had diatorbcd bin>t 
which he awoke in nvck a atii« of emoUou, tbat be? waa 


Poijtnnian Rf^earcfie*^ 


icorered wiib profiue pf^npiiotion ; for be thoiijtJit ic tvn* iolcndftA 
[Id tboi^ liitti llie ticfv luciuL'nu fiicpaied fur lltt? wicktnl iftrr 
l4e«tb, Btii ibBt circam might bl from hit own ^odn, whom, 
My, Ut ilrcudcil tUc motv, becauw ho tsil bcsuii to douht 
U« vnu m the hrnH of ihe old n-!igioi>— hU prMe wlu 
igcJ in die caufc— Ins chanLCl^r, pctha|>i« in some dc^r'^i-S *t 
ikr ; AOil thui br ku^rn^l liiniM^lf in Ih* rnrrii-i) *nnVt upon Oi« 
rm of cin:iisisUnci.-Sr (o di^^lructou. Such nniM arc ntvrayA 
be found in Aticli ttiuct: cuinfcllrxl ^y events, mhilf! uavriing 
rnhbd, to take a ilcoitlcd piri, and »o fiifrd lo fall, — or, mere iin- 
lliAppilf for tlirmKKe), Iv tiiumplt, — in & cauac whkU ul tiragLb 
ondirrviiiidiiigft and iht^ir hcatu diuTuw, — men iini (■> he 
I, bmI jc< u Huttly DOl to l>« roguxled with uuquuiiiicd 

Hi* bikdj nM9 ooDTc^vd to his ovni district, \hcte to be intcrrod 
lODf die lomba uf hia f^mrfallivts ; for tliib ijutory mtu» folluwcEl 
'hf tkont of ibe usiial obtmfccn upon the living or the dcud. The 
•Tun, It bo, on itiT other occaaioo, would hat'c bccii nmii1a(cd aitJ 
fell to ifk- uild dogis or )«'iac> wrrc dt*ccniJj iiiterrt'd bj tlie coo- 
^•r«n,aiKl Utc lu*mve» were not purauod. Pomuro oxdaimod — 
' It iv moogh ! ' u anon ni thr bnltli* wbk nion, Hnd fnrbide hn 
pco}kl« to offer any further biirt to hfc* cuemin eilh^r in tlieir 
ygn^ont oi pi'^ptrtf : hui Im; acul i'arcfnu, nilti a choHcti party, 
to dniro^ On)*i temple* alUn, idolij at»d alL tlia onlrra wtm-, 
* Oo tMH I" ibi: bttic island, where \he uoincn and children havo 
be«o left tf.K teetiniv; liini nnt u>iii.J4' to the viJlii^e:< nr jiUaUtJoai, 
nor ttitCT iDto tbv houti.-^, nor destroy nxy proptftj, but go siriigtit 
nJaag the hirk road/ More irjrs had uEiMfU for llic poiac«^on of 
ibu hIoI, ^Kh wdfl Ili«4r gr^t national i;od, than from all oLb«r 
aases. 'Hie ftaiiopal mame u-ua at TDUtcrs^ in the f>cnuwiiU of 
IWnbu; nnd ibe peO|>1c of ibnt p^mnxula, ci>M<»idefiiig it an 
bowniT and a prrvile^ lo bavc tho mmtltiary ninoiig them, w«m 
toon vealout m llmr idohitr^ thnn m\\ olliei iolabitniiLs of dw 
Some apprcbcmion, tlk.'eefoie^ wm fell^ of *ucb a miit- 
«» made b^ out uun diuids in Mooa* Itut the mamter 
in wbkb Pocraro Ind ftclod &f<er bl> Tictor>- t^m» to liavr prn< 
^ttoed m deep in|)«<Mon, which wat no doubt »tivnf;tlKni«d by 
tbr nim aod dwicltd manner of the pm}ius people whu luj been 
M«l to pcrfoem ibb leevioe; for mey fclatcd what bail taUii 
plso^ nd on wbat bti^iuvf^ diey were rume, afid no opponlion 
woAmd when ibrj mtrrcd the pet^cineW of tho lemplc. Th« 
mMM sml llitT utbt-r TaiurtibiaM atood in lilriit expcx1:fttion, and 
tbs idol, lo «liidi ^ many buDMU) ¥klilBa had Iwx^o oUVrrd, 
broncbt ooi, attipt of iu otiiain«BU asd wcfcd eovuHngi, and 
lud tttHvoiptBocialv upon tbo ground. It wa« a ludc uaca/w4 


Pofynmiim J g ew r ofc a . 

KMkleB lof, AlMMt iiT feet lonijf. T1i« alCin were then pulled 
dMriip mmI ikft **rr««l IwiMflt ; anil 4U ihui 4:o>iil(i 6c co«*ii«i«d b« 
fin vriA commrth^ lo ihr fliimr*, f^ccpi ihr IfodVof Oro, m H 
tru «lillr<t : ihfi wn* mrit^ avrav, Miid t:iid ;tl Pcmftitr't feet- It 
wax nftcm^ftH fixnl tip *t e |>i>flV ni bjn kiidirr, ulirre it b«<BHV 
It much ail o4>jen o{ cnnlrmpt an il lud fortnviLv latrcu i>f ieiKrm> 
tion »iid <lfcvl ; ftf»l when lliu politic iMir|»rMt had bvtn «uflki«othr 
anireTrcF, h woji rircn up Mr fad. Throu|{liotit ifie bluio, 
temple*, aTtan, hr^ icfolt, wnv in lite maikii«r ik«imy<*ii. ' Tbo 
IBOVC fenkkin doxktcc* nrro, in i^cocrnl, «*>w coiiifiuccil of lllctf 
ii(>liBion: ami l|i« piN)|il<^ iinili^ In iltcbtiii^ thai tlii* gixia had 
dcccriod tbrm, ajiti were i>rtv^ovtti\ tii t\wAr coalklcticp.' 

1 Irir ji must br oInrrttJ, tliM m tt>eM Blinda wai tml liilliniD 
bc4n <»rie<l on vtitli Ihi? mu»t rHtollru cniv-Uj- 'lli« toCai an- 
terviinMioii of a pcoplr — die total dcaolatimi of a ctwrntty, kad 
ofim W«n Itic arrow^ cbj^^I^ ami ibat inttnt bftrf boeo camad 
jntocAc^'U Fvcn miiafcitant of an iaiand, «tMpt ibc ten- vho 
rnrglil mrn|w i* tbeir cnnor^, lianr biwB slan^ilfmt; thr broad* 
fruit Cm« liflvv b<^Yn crit <li>wo» the coeott M«« killed, by c«rtt]|i|f 
off [btjf fronn?!, aiid ttaving llip >imu m IcadBH nioL% m li 
the) had bt^n aifvclt bj ligliiMn^t No age or %o% ms tpttrad. 
TbeuldiajTthcinpinilr«r m>l n en the Jleracf hir, ^bo, aiDuogtlial 
ferork>U4 rarf, pff>4e»xf(1 a futilwr dMrc« of Icttxhy, v«rv not 
more iikfiunof) m wtv ilian ibrvr Pomcaiaai. They pmctbcd 
rt^r) iniafpnal rt#> <nipfiy iipi»ii ih«ir >H^ti«i«' llirfr mc mi ihli 
litne vtM ni«n uiKinf: lh« movmains otf ruhiti, t^lw, liBf in|E Had 
thnlirT in fimir vfciit, lijvr olnMut loal ihc mm- uf iiietcli, attd the 
ferj R'-nthbiKf' «>l hiimntPfty. M> mni mp^uMv, U>grWbi», vkat 
an cttrct i>otLl(f be pfixhinrH ugKiii Oic |>cof>lc by the CkfMun 
cIvRieMeir vriili uhirh rroninp ii^nT hM vin^iry- '\Vv ftigiiitcs bad 
takci) 1o the moantain*, aiid Ui^y tmt »ptvii Irovii llieuce, iiodt* 
mter of ihr Jarinmi, tn llie p|j*cn nlwrr lltpy hwL Irfl ibeir nomvii 
and childrfin, ami ug«ct ; bikI wbcrn thry tiicr« tuld itad noiw oC 
ctiTK 1ia<f bcTJt injomfr bul ibat, oil Ui* eiaitrary^ public a*iuiaiic«a 
of leeiiriry <m^wv made to ill iiithocit evcvptinn, h app«ar«d to 
them iriJeTediblr. <tnnftt.>T|r ibey vcirfsrcd out, and fiuding that 
ir >f It VrMenJ at thr^ btiil hr>unl, ihey had M»l cinly an atlkmUo 
fiKitne fi>r 40iitiie*<-ru^ \t> life nalioiMl dwncr, b«l a Mibatanliat 
ODTr nhkh HO:* fuiuffirton En ibrniM-Iti^, awl recoorikd them lo 
their ct^f'cat- 'JIh' n»ffri uliieh had befn ifaown eouM hav« Imvq 
oci-uUoDrd b>'Do«tiiii« bill ihe ne^v rr]i^ifj«i, '!>«* weft nvMnvd 
to thai fHigioM km mt pi«MTvniio<i of their faonlin, »a w«M at 
for Uidro^n aafetv; and vibvn I'omvc ws« noWr by tbe ttnm- 
motuoocnrtit of ail, tfint4aiNl in thr nupivmif milJrarily, lur a 
VOJCQ waa niMd id nifiKin of tli« uM idolntrj, bnl all ifc« pr<jpl« 


^bp f d Atmmlm^ ik«ifOiw^Co be itaiiiit^cd iu ibc tti*w fjuib, 
■ad to MCvKa ii. 

A ft«>e ImJ bocB 4»p«(cbcd to ih« oiuaiomm-a tmanc^ltl^ 
br ihr. neiorj. ' It W3* inrlred la tliem r jov umpcnkiblf*,— 
tfw j<^ of Uir^x^l. lu ib^t uiic VL'v Uicy rvftued the bun^cst of 
MUccEi IdbuttiMiJ Accil^liwc^, lulvi-ii (Ifi-nrf and auxi^u^ wiitterH, 
VhI lUlnqi uiipnkhtclivi; imuicctv.' 'Hic rrivluliou oxtcaidcd ti> 
4«: ■'^Mvtv a» nclt u tlw Oixiigiiui Lslaiid»< 'i'hc lUuvL iJillit* 
i^lud of iKeir dlieb uvie ^ilcvad)^ ouioccU-d willi Pijiii:ifL in faith 
» ^cU uby otlicf tio ; a;jJ iJm idulttlri, Ythjcfi Uid prubal^lj 
W«n brayght to ibosc udanda by the 'irit mb--il>iuiit«^ wkl iu r>Ji« 
gmr «boUwcd tlkreugb^l tbcui, iu iik«31 ui Uw kaluulo, u in 
Tikiti, ibi ttmfc oTGouieniott wL-ul ofi uiila:iut tfao preacEiccoTai 
MMmur^, or nober, h> ituui)' vl* tb<; QUli%«« bad been inslTUCled 
m riM jMuiaplta of Ctiiutiaiuija »ijd uu^Ijl iij ustii, llml Ukj 
frawd ipXMl iiiu»iuuftiAi;T ai Uu« limc^ A K|kvKiiig-book lud bcvQ 
pfVlvdCor ihottt lu i'loglmjd n^tau iccjs bclvtv ; mtda aaukoi^iv ol' 
I hnimy, cuDi|iOKiJ eiiiJrcU ot' kcrijiUiral mnirtv, at Port 

1^ |mvi id Sl Luko « <jo«^:l. Tkuf« omy be aunw wanaJi m 
|bi aHMtonuMa' c^'louriu^, ^uiMutuUur ii^iM. ibuM ibe; t^i jf it 
B0& «o,) but Lb«rc i» mt fc«aoi» lo ikiuk Uuil \\ivj ik^^c CKdt|pt^ 
wi Uii0 UQ0 baitd, or vhiiliWUI aitv iliiiki; uiuiu^oiifiblv to their 
viabca <M liie oilw- llicN dci^cnbo chu'Ji ukI iniviU, aii<i 
i1liBRioc»,M «iUJU|s at Unir f(^lU*f«, lioiJi iiAit boui, ou tlic L»vugbc» 
ii 1^ acUoolt bttidtt Kiine LflUv b^ii> or k^''- *<*^ lb«itkf^l lo b^ 
bjr xicJilittcbtftn. UmIo tbc oUI idvUb^. hqiuco bad uoc 
■Ucitned lo paiiak* with the mttn iu iui> aci oS noi^liip : 
nijoiotil IMW Ml (bis pn%ile£e, iumI utl ^alto uvii> fibU lo 
mn pff«eal ivgutaily ut ihr Suitd^v itiiiu?, utuvb um 
r^tttoulij' u wtil a» OfiLnlr pvrlufiuvd. Soitiu of tlKWO ^bo bad 
Iwngmit iiimIcj iitfrliiKtiuu cQinLiutnl dtv >c(iii<4i, — uu^m^ ^ 
, rrarlinfl ■ poition of tbo tcnptuit bUiot^'. u*A utin^ ^brji^crt 
ftf llwir vi»N coiMpuAtnf. vklwcb n^ii^ p>onKlini«>, it Hpi»fiftn» 
'^ItML Mt. Bii* ba» one ot^ PouiuM't, m tWt kiiig;^ ovhn luud- 
[ VCittiCt wbiich b*^i ^Ikti btCLi rv^l,;<iul wL^rh lu: bclici^i W Im^a 
vtfUiBB about tbi^ ti]iw\ Jt bm U^^ii lliii* tij^uiUlnl (>> Mr> 
[JNvUt a* « t|wciuw)i ut Uit- >t>lv MuS Muiuuciiu ciit|>to\«^ by tbtt 
1 A'abliaM in tbtfii dofuuijuul tonic** :— * 

■ fiJBia, tbou God of uur MlntMin, h««r our ynjtn^ pftrioa tbon 
and Bftw our HKila. Our biu» u« great* af^l vxirc lu luuu* 
, W tlMn ibfl (k^ ii) tb« *«a, and our obAtiiur; h*» bt^tn Tcrj- grut, 
ted vWiOtti |>4rali«L 'I'uf r. thou ui to thvMtf, uid enable ai to crM 
,oA«Tenrcitf Wdy. Levi u) !« Jvws Clri«k and lot oar iiu bf 
riaii— J iu Jik Ikiod. Grtfit uo tby goud SuiHt tu be our itoctifiTr, 


Patfttman lfo«rar<A«r. 

Sk,rt u< from hmcruy. $uiV«r iiit not to toma to thin« hoaw >villfr 
nrdcMnoi^ uu return to our own hou*c3 anil commit »Ln. Uult*H ihoi 
ItftTA merry upou ub, at ^mh. Unltii ihuii kawuh, tinlt^u nv dto; 
pre )kkr«t and rnidt* mrtt for thy hflbiution tii hpippn, wa nrt hnniiln 
1Q iho fir*. WD (li« ; but Ut u« not be baiiuhed to ihut unkno\^-^ 
world cflir«. S*vc tboutu ibnoruifb Jc«ijy Cliriat, thy Sci;, the ^rriiic*" 
at lift i yet, let ua abuin ^dr^lNKi [limugh Ikim. BSm all tlie }ri-J 
Mbiunu of tb««A Lilandi, «11 ih« fimtlitH tlurrror; Ul ci^^'ry on^' 
BlTcCfb out hit hands unto God. kiid «ayi l^ord taro oic, l«ord ^aw 
ffiv. Let &11 thcie ulunds. TaTiiti witli all ikr people at Mirorta, inj 
ofHii<1iine,«id of Rabtr^andoif th« liltl« Ulandn ftrouivl, pHrutkecf 
thy fttvjEkia fifm BHuIn, ftnd f wry country In Ui« vrorlit. LtfC 
l&y woHcrvw Vhiiii tpctij in lh« world, vo ah to exceed tlic jirof^M 
of OviT. Qi- mcKifut lo o* tiid b)cM u*, for Jrtu« CliriM'n a«1«s 
Ain«!n.'— ToL l pp. ttt.3« 2A4. 

Theiulhorof ihcMvolumo* had IcAmcdtlicftrt of printing Ucfora 
tw Hh England upon the mluiop, ami type* tiiid s prvn* bnd Iwci 
M-nt out with liim, ill 16 \ti, b<Tore the rclipou* re^olulioii w1ii< ' 
liud lak<-ii plac4? conht bt kiio^M in Ktimpc. 'V\\t prinlriigHilHo 
viu cTcctf^i in luciHHi ; thai miichty rniffric for goi>d ui>d c^il *«'<■ 
uc^ri auv^lieir iiivrr Mi-cJi^i), nur more briK-lktdlK i'Lik[rht]ki:d. 
In mnnr familiei, ulivrc all were icholnr*, llicrc m-at biil *^im 
bwtk ; but macnr buudr»nl!i who had Icutticd to rvud mitt wilhoul 
one. Many bad written out ihe nhnW (jirllin^-book ; otiHm, «ho 
could aot procufc popti for tliU puq>(i>e, *\md prrpartd piec^t 
of nBiiif rlolfi with grvjit v»te. nnd lln"n. witlj n ree-i, dipfwd in 
red or pur|>1>* nutnc dve, lud v-ntlcn out the alphal>et, tpallitlg 
Bnd r&adui]; Ic«miim, on thr>e pir<'r«j \4iMrh aciv madr of llx 
bnrit of B Irrr/ Other* IikI ivrUien poriioim of neripMiiT, 3Ti(i 
tcxiA, nkidi llicy bad hcird prcndifd from, on i»etupi ut pupcr^ 
or ftagnwnU of »im:1i doth. Poniirv , who. tn hit itrOrr of |>n>* 
in<ktinc lh« inpeovcnieni of hi* pervpie, ha« not hern tiarfiftiW by 
ttiiy ol llioic prtncra «ho lu«r irudered thmneUrs di^scrircdly illn^ 
triou* for Ihal tncritt wat «tcu«din^ty deh^htrd, wbon the prevs 
arrived^ and ftiroijliecl tvtiy autttatKc for crcf ling the printing- 
hoUM ; md rrnne«ie«l that ne mi|;1it be wm for «ihni ri^^r^thiri^ 
tirai ri^Ay to ocsio. Ac(x}rdirTf;1y he caaw, acnxnpamc^l by 
m few ftmourite HrWi, :iiid fdlnnnl by « liiTp< ftkucounc of 
peojilc. Mr, EUi* took tlic com |i^tO|;;-B tick iii hit hoiid, aud, 
acnirg tnitb uliat turioiu ildigbt ibr kiiij* m^v looking a| the new 
and iJiioing lypvtB baIwI hiin if be would lik« lo put lo^iheriftw 
liv»l alpbabcL Hia counletiancc Urichtci»ed at tlie propoaal, afid 
ha OTt up tho capital and the emaUer alpbuht-r, to wmek ibi? few 
raoMt^lablca rompotiuf lite lirsl pj-^c i»f Uic iipcUinc-book weto 
aftcnrarria adilrd. Pl«av»l at irang ibia jn^ in the- l>pcii, ttc 
Wm y«t€ootcatcd 1o watt till Iht wMe tliecl ^botdi Ik ready, 



Potynnian ff#wnrfAf#. 


befbrv he law il ilnMrk off! MeanTi<i>er he tmiort ihe miiMOQ. 

anr« *lR)o»t tIaiJr ; and, when llicy u^n? rcndj to print l^ic Uni 

ilirrtf cvmtf, uith tink Ivta chirfv, but ralh>wrc| Uy n riunit-ruu« 

tnia» «bo kad liv^rt'il ihal Ihc w(>Fk was nboul to bof;iii> Cfowtis 

had alrwlr rolWuil routiil ibe 6009 } ihcv mnilc way for him, nml 

irlwQko anil hii itrri (wni|>anion4 bad b««ii n^imiiud, th« ilu-^r vrai 

doled, and a itijidoi«' was darkcocd. b>^ wliith be mi;^ht hnw bcru 

oraHooked ; fi>r he wrthod 10 pm^fni ihis. )lo (.'KamJned mj- 

auldy, and imtli lucut ploavurc^ the form a» it U^ on the prc^? ; 

and, av lir |>cv|vai««l lu Uak^r olT llie liial dirirl ^\cr |innlr?it in hii 

domniOM, clkargcd bi* c^mpnni-^in*, |^rv>d'iuitiinMlly, not to look 

too cbivrk at bim, nor luii^li si liini if he iboubl ti»t do il ^clL 

Mr. G\t% initnieU^ bim hnw 10 nvo tb^^ ink-btkll, theti phi4:od ih« 

pi|>crr and directed liim Eo ptdl ihe handle. 'Hic nlwct wcu ^rrdl 

pn»t«d— for tbrn* roidd tv nr> fAihir^; Fomnie took it up, 

iorik«d Uni at the poprr and then nt i3nc ivpcft, ^^ itb evitlcnt adrai- 

mioq; ibtrn luiiidi-d il to 011^ uf tli? cbiefei ; m}, nbil*? be atnicl; 

t<ro more copien, tb^ fimt vtiu nbo^n I0 ihe cnnril nilhont, 

dio let up a f;eneral »Jn>ill of aalr>ni;9bineiit and j'jy, Tlwrc inn 

^ffbw dat« m which b« did not romc^ i^ nnicb tht* progrr^t of lbi» 

arorki Ob$ti*nnl of nrcrrtlung a» lie wa», he counted «iernl of 

ttv Idltrra. ard juvrnwl Hitrpri^ed to liiid (hit, ill «*ii(04.'ii pag^* of 

^ibu »pelbon-book, there vrercmorc thnn live ihotisand of ihc ktlcr 

■tt, Tvio tbrwKaiid ^i'l InmdrrNl e4>pir-\ of tbiA InMik «eir printrd ; 

iben aTnlntian cnteehiim ; ti co1kc1iunnfSerif?1nre4'xtn»cl8; and 

St. l.ukc*R GoApct. Pa|ict forfiAccn huodfed copica of these waa 

m\i lli*t refnaivMl, Mhen a inpply from the Bible Sudetj' nrnvtHt 

|:ttk tmc to double the iiiipn<y«ioii ; a&d that flocielv Ieib fmniUieil 

■apcrfocerefT portion of ihr Smptum llial W xinrr bt^ni printed 

til lbi-f>f i>(la«id». 

■ <> llrilaia, land </ kiuiwlrd^ !* uai ihe frrvpieni neUmatiOl 
dT tbMe wbo crovided to the door* and winduw* of th« pmiting- 
ofiiee, Mallitndca amtcd from ocry part of ICintcOt <"><' ercn 
horn ntber bbndt, to «e« ilie ifc-ofk, and to procitrfr booki. The 
neft<tticnt ia hkrticd to «h»t the lin|;lt?h felt itl i(itnc«3fTii;» for 
the lint thur, tbi' [uw<-til»f n h^ilhion, or ibi- cnfitrment of a!ie:ini' 
carrjacc- Tbe bpadi vaf line<1 villi eanoea; Ibe liowei of the 
ifthsbitauta uen trrowiitd viitli ^uoLi ; and tniaU parties pildied 
ihirir taBiporary «1lean^pm»nla in every difwtion round ibonl. 
£&r icvenil nceia before (he 6rat pornoii of iha Scnptnrc* vna 
fai^MMt, tbe dialriel in vbJcb tbe prmtii^<bouM ifood reaembled 
a pnblie fair. In ofdcr to pfesene ihe boob^ k hm ncet^nafv t^ 

5ni ihrflu in ntne lubvtutilial biintiti^, hefoi4- they vrtv delncrred t 
^ Ir. lUhf bad learned bow to di> thi« in Eni;lan'd ; hi* maiefialff 
indaad, «n<-acant7, b^t auppbrii, uv uibaiLtutt-n, -ncn fmmd. A 


pjipeia ucrr AtfLBicii witU a ilt^p iMiiuli- iljrp, fur lutvriii^ iW 
«]d» I BAd iib«» (life few 4li«0pHikijki uliKh hul Immu brought ouft 
«wns ci>iiJUinGd iot back» aiwi couhlis, Utthcf bocime in |:mft^ 

lit'«d iu tiaiilLtiuibrtl i-w ■nil friNviooi : \hej mir buitird n{>w 
iOT tUiir ikiiiv, ^oni«lini«i Um |i«uf)lu l>rou)-bt *■ the 1uuf;b iik« 
«if a Itf ^ ■^^t V of BU uld goiil, wrilii llii: Uw^ kliEixiCJ uikkttr4 

Wr oiKi buurd aOUtbftd Ui it ^ or Uiv Uiiii tkiu vl u uild kil 
laLeu ill tlu nouaUiiM.' Wlwa ihej t^crc uttiiucW bv« to 
ihi^m, tli4.'T did it at ihrir own Iiouhi ; and i>o «b|tfct wms iIwit rnorv 
co^uuvn lliiLu ft ^uia hUclLiiiti uu t frjijiitft 41x1 ai|jfp«nd«d on tli« 
brnndi uf a iitv, to diy iu ihv «m), Tluc clonnubKy butiLa huifr 
bMii gralui(otiiil> liiaifiUiiUtl^.uuiJ conltDiMd Iq ba k>. Uut fotf 
llliif n Unur ajui luudt: iiii|XHUut buokp il muj lliouj[Jit bcftt to 
scquiiv fctuSi > psjnktni dA luiglit jun co««> tfatt «apttiiM of pftfMt 
Bud priALiag aiatcriali. thu ibr people mi^t Boi uiWrvali^c it, ai 
ft dung of iKi co«i, A CMUiD unU quavutj of <«iri».riut oil 
ma the unCQ lueJ ; that w<» wbol Ibey could iiKi»t cuiJy pn^* 
can.-. aiiJ U wsft tJarmfullir pftid. luc^MOl, Mid. at titiit s vx-* 
t^4^Ums,W oppccuix^i u tbc labour irai^ gf pvulitiK ao^ brndiiiy 
ifawc uooka, ia a tio^ikuil cliiu^ilF. and at a uuuu iwIkii tbc rua 
wBft voninl, Mr- KlU* >«>« Uul it viu viic U lb# teppi»t porta 
of lii> lilc. Uti «aj» — 

of £i«<9, or ErtJiD a9d>o otii«r »l4ndi, lyuiir alot^ ih» baub ; io taAl 
ol vhich, 6v<] or six pcnoo* bad urimL vbo«e odtranruid waa, iii< 
p«oc«rT uiptft of ill* 8cf iuiuna. Fbr ihifH amny waited Atp or si^ 
wcclu, nfciia ibay v«ra pnittia^. SooMtidbaa I havo aaiai a Maot< 
arrive, wiib atx or U& |KtBOik«, for booltti ntei vban Uwrbai 
hndcdi have broLkf III atarjfa buiidloof Icittn, p«Hupatbu-ljr or Cor^^' 
wrilMD Ofk pla'muuTi Uwm, and rolUd up llko a •rro.l. Th«w FfiUniti 
bad bean wHtUo \fy irtdinduatf. u-ho irtrv ut^tle lo cdoq^ and npplj 
penooalljr for a book, and hod, thcrcforr, thsi »al, in order to procuftj 
ft BOfrZ-^-vol. i< p. 409^ 

^Onc cT#ti{o|t- abotil fuiwot. ■ caiboo from l^hUi, wlUi fire dmo^' 
arrfvad on Uiii crrvad. TStf bndtd on the bench, longed iheif 
tail. anrL driving tfcHr c^noe oo Uiir nnd. hwiro^l Uj nj nviv^ 
dtttUinff, 1 m«t tbcn at ibt 4oor, asd a«ki?d tham thf-ir arrei,-j. 
iMbit *r IV p«nMi «ui J„«l«,->< LuIm, or, Th* word ^f Lube/ 
Uw multaaaouB "fP^- looopipoaM «ub ibe cvhibidoo of ilw bMa>«] 
boo aawn, fiUadwUbtocoa'Piit€iii, wbk'h tbajbeld opiotbairl 
oad bad bfoofrbt aa i^yivrnt lor tba *«>pAco ra^inrwL 1 Mbl tftan 
bad aaoe rawiT ibai viitbt, hot tbaA II iba^ vmJdaaoiafin tbe 
igBf^lwpaldgfanbaoiftainaayaalhiqruaedadi jTMamtadiim 

PaUfmKmt^H lUf^ofdtiM^ 

m ilM mma liar, \o ^ *nd lodge vntk locns friaml m thn rtU«ir«(, 
T«iliAikt ko tttc uopbsi v jUw*^ lAurt* U «na ktow dnr4i ; I vrblw4 
UvBi icuid BiM^U ojxl «CMvward> retirwl lo rrol, 9U|I|mdwi^ Uwy had 
pma to »U«p ki tfa* buusi- of KinM fric-rul ; biu, <m koiuoM <jut of aty 
window abiut d^r-btaafc. i aw ihcm; fci« mrti iTin^ oiaa^ om (hft 
IpMid on t&e oauulo at kiy liuiLsct ihtj atiiy bod Dciag axm ulatt«4 
Coroa-nui teavei. uorj ilicu &n]y v-uvcnu^ th« Uq^ MBtiTc c\M thv§ 
itt«4l!y weir or^r Ehrfr OLOuMnn. T hAfct^ntrf ooC* lad uk«4 then 
iTtiicy hftd Snn tiirr^ :i]I »i;:>il 1 th«v tuml tbtfy Iu4l I lh«Ji liliiuirQcL 

Sthcf dil net, as X biJ ^[roctrl thcjn, tro and Isigc at nmnt Luubcl 

** W« wtn «Eraid That, l44 vw gtro« kwat, iiTnie ortt vtt^ht hiva com* 
bffftc^ufl iMvDomiTis, lAdhftfi* lakes 'wthttbdoktm had la ijvre,, 
ftsd Aba m thoM b«t« ktm obU^itil *» ivtttni w^lnaut nay ; iIicit> 

«ih«d|mcMvd the took*." 1 catMi^Mi iniDih# pffnitbjr>*^ftoet* 
Md,MHn»» I CMUpat th» whttm l*ge*fc*r, irvr» thBi* encb «' 
«xiv7 ; tkey tfacn r«:|u««toi lnt> cofMS aio«r^ cnx W « imillMr. Ui* 
o«l«rteauiir; f i^wliMltwy iwd briu^t pAf mvau I jt**> tJhtw 
■koh^ E»db wn|ipHl h*« book up is; * pmw of wfiiu nofti* ck<fti p«fr 
11 ift U> huMoa* wiabfid rac jtood oiuuunff, wd withE^vl« 1 belirT«, 
catiwf «r drinkiag, or raUing uo any {wnna in th* ual^iUMit^ hftS> 
Una! to llif br^h. UiuitJihI ibdr cuiov, houtod theumauiD^ ntt^ 
And tC*vrt^ re^oUing to ibeir uAdvo ebUoJ.'— vol. i. p|j. il>lt 40Ap 

A wilttWM ol' Uynvu u«i tlw oexi pfwittcliufi of llw uMMovicry 

!»■■■ vai lluit ^^ '■* ^vrw-, birc^uic \trj pvpulat. iui lb« 

pvoplft delttdkl in navtrtical cutn|Xw»lH»B, i'or urlaclk UiOKr UQgn^a|;« 

■fgnii cxccIlvatW ttlA^ttcJ, Ly its icJuniLatUfl ckiptwrn. It la Ia 

be bop«d tbel liu* twiiiionarWM «JU c<iQccJ. anil pre«cfvo iImi ki*-'| 

lunc«l«ud mvtl»>io|ical balljuUt vkidi uu wry y^gwxMai, 

■ y^-p"*^ if^f ^'^ ^^) ^'^ cvvn dr|nrmmc of itocHftf miiI 

p«fM flf Uku £/iiu, ib«ir pouuu iM caUeil; ai»d dttldn^fl «ti 

«i% tMi^ to nsdu, aad, iii Mua iie|a««r lo id ikvtu ; Thd? lltt-y^ 

uMfltaM* liad a paniuttuauc o« drwaaBr dundur. * 'IVj lia^j 

o«c KMs CW Um fiifacnuii, anotbcr fur dir ctnuc-builte, oi 

tor ItUuif llto Irecj MiotJL«r for bu«cbi«g llw csnoe. But tl 

ifwc. ^iliiJiw i^xo(|>uonft, olWr td^uou* i>t iaipme, an<l w 

cofurifHrntlv, jilKUiiUNiiHi, wlnr-n ilir pvupltf rvmiwuciHl iiwit p«M| 

tiortlup-' 1^< Uwvc \(LhIi u-c import pvruL; aiid wtjuid mX 

^biOrtcr «« Uiitc, <>^ btiine <>r of i:ijiitumiul pmtbp in ilw auua 

Jum), coMld pciUh %in> I But l«i Ud «tttoMt tlw BUHioaniMi to 

l^mMvr, out ifuljr ill* MibaUHiu: ul tb<U tintbulvgiLul, aiaJ littUH 
imlf uwl lonMlUi: pociiu, but aUu ibu pucnu lb?ia*cK<^», in lb«4t 
wiipiuil JWu ; «m1 to kl tt» hmvc thim Imulttlal aa do*ciy m 
puMitilii U> iW ofi^uosl i4kim. U ith alJ bUowbdc** for ilit nu* 
o4 mdttlity» ai«d Uk mUvp^UMHit i^ pi««i fmii4« 



PofyjtfMim Afworciw. 

it ia yet «-rtam Ihat Tcvtigrs or ^cnptural tnilli are found, far nii^l 
vide, m the iradilloiK of tai'Sf^ and iieini-cnil»<*(l pr«pl#, AnAj 
auch corrobormtiiv cvidrncoa, bu^tr^rr »l)f;hl, are iM to he df^-~ 
episcdf bccnoKC llitj afc ih>I iici-<Jr<l : thrri^ art! miiuU Ici^ifTi^iUy 
CftrcleM lo ' proof* of holy nTil,' whidi m^iy (mi.-\p<'rl('(.1ly b« 
awttkcntd by them, |>rrrcii)n*; Iton slriLn^ ibr fv«ciitLiltfii<.ir is, 
vid bow inexpllrable iiuort un^^ other tolulion limn lliai ihcrv i« m 
fbtindaiun of triitli. Mythic pocmi tre amon^ the moAt Talvabf^i 
lrra«ism lliat can b« reiciird front tUi* niinft of lime- Tt ii llu 
more dc^iraUlR that tti«ro Tabllian iOD£« diould be prcMrvt 
tHTCauii; tliry coiitiiiii many wnnl* uJucb tttv no longer in commi 
ii«* ; — ptoof> Oier^Qm, of thcif aitii^oiiy. Mr. Ellif. indc^^'t^ 
ii di>po»cdt be 9%jt, to a9cnb« Ac biglictC RittrqiiitT to thrm. 
Tbtf5 v« biglily llguratJ%« ; highly imuuaioned, «'hcr«» the lubjtrct 
require* it ; and, on far un can be jnagcd from the scanty >|>coi- 
m^fm nbirh an* gi**^" tn tbU mral inleniding i^oti, th^y •cvm to 
be in ihc bc«t Fpint at dPtern poetry. 

Tltc fmt miuioiKuica took out ntlli ibcm a mnoll Tornbiitar^, 
vrbicfa on* of ihr niifortiinsito men bt^longing to ih*" BfMinly 
Itad compiled — an officer amoDj£ the tiiulinccrv, vtho iU^ctdt 
rieafh. aind hari ^wn thetf papefi^ a^ ihr br«i ihing hr- ha^ lo 
ni^, to th« ckifQmati wboM moamful oftic« it%iai loaitcnd hiia 
in hit confincnieiii. Th^v fotmd it of more uw iWi r%rfy otlivr 
«d ; afid Iboufib, in acamring the tankage, they lu^ rtpcnanccd. 
tbat djlTictihy ^tbicrli is jiltoaii fuuiifl tn ^liiiljing a language caseti^ 
bally u u ell ai rwlically dLfferetit from onr ohh, thrir tftik yearn 
oosirr than ii it h«d h«n a 4a%a^r loni-uc ; for in ibc laDgiiftge^ 
an lArkl a^ llic imllliiliutin, of tlie Pulyiicataim^ there am proofi nf 

old cKi]i«nii<kn^ foi cxcrtdinf; tint '>f th« *uic jn \«hich OLir 
niifigalora diacoiYted llinii. ^f^. NoU liad Tvsided Icmgcno*!^ 
in Ihtir iiUnd to bcenm^ an fainitiar wilh lb« langiutM ai an^ 
pcrvon on be wttb n forefrn lonsne ; :Lnd the laboura of ibc ^nt- 
nialOKmnef had lo mtieh faribrATrd ihe ar^uimneot lo ihot« vrho- 
Ciflie after ibcni, tbat Mr. Klbn eould eonvfrie famtlinrlv in it <itt 
■ny covnnun aiibjet:t. in 1e« than twcKc iijuuiIja after )lii artrval * 
Uioiisb it Aould h<: naxitt4 thnt hti pro^rcm wok nmrh admneod 
by In* emjdaymciil in prmlinH ihc Taliiliau buokj* which bi<oii£bt 
>0 nmny nxirdt conrinmllj und^ hit^i^.aml familJArixpd bim irn- 
percepliblj to tlie oitboKniphy, Tbr^j were, thcrrforcr i|uahfied 
Jbr liic tfsnalatkin uhieh ihey undertook, and ntto for eonipo^in^ 
ID thi« langiMg* [ Mid tbcy had nlway* ibc moat intcMisenl of tho 
IMlivea l0 oniit tlvtm ; fram nu uiv. boweirer, di<l (bey dcnvi: cnoro 
anislaneo Uian from Fomore. 'Ilii* remarkable pcnon, vrbo et- 
cellrd aJI bit lubjcel^ jp application, and in ctpaeity yua mfcriur 
1» noikc of tliem, looi great delight in hk naiiie Ungiiagr ; bo 


Potynnvw Rtvr^Tckrt. 


lUHij of il, nhrn hiH \ii^'i ckjkuiiI(^J niih bin w^giiin*- 
VwnUf nod IimI b«guii to compile adktjonarrr nhich hu ihorouEh 
knowWil^ of tlw luicci and iJiCKnt inslitutiona cf iJ^c people 
iMi>uld bai« inad« inv;iiu9bl«, if Jm bad livi-d to complete lu 

Wilb bki umtincCf otul iIk Kctical desire fof uiipro^ciuciitf 
ptAl tiru^rvu vnu inaile ; lliv tt)u>le uf llii^ Nr'w Tr?t;iineiit wita 
ItfMulat^ uhI printcdf and partii of the Ukl, v^liilc iLc tcoiaiiicJci 
in pTDgnvs. If, iuLLiM-'d, Fuiiiarc\ puurr Uad littn cciiEitiieij- 
j»ttnt« vilb bu dc«it«i, be nould have vkd witb iliodo priiKv« 
ftbo Wrc Imtoi most cdebratnl for their works of piety. \V ilhou 
coMttltiaig iltt louiioiiiHrv. he deiPtfninod «pon creeling whst 
tbfl7 biTc cttHol B Kojal Iklisoion Cbapcl — on A^tonishins alni^ 
imrm it t>, 'conitdeniH; llie iin[H'rft(^t skill uf ibv aiiJtit-L'n, th* 
rvdc Bftturc of their toolt, th^ uizuzloi; t^uantity of inilcriib nt«<l^ 
■nd ibemuiwtr iii nlikh tlii' \t4>jLiiia^blii|i ia cutupMed,' 

* It i« t«rtn bnnilrrd arul tnclvt Th: in ivrt|fth, nod Afty-foni' uHJif. 
nifty-i-x nuisf cyliiidricul piLian of iKo bnoid-fhiit tree *uatain th# 
centre of Ui« nof. uid tvro liunJrtrd and ri^luy loiollrr quv^^ uf t}i« 
vvnc Bi&tniil, ii^iport the uuU'jLlutp ilmng tZip tide*, itnd around lh« 
circolv cod*, of i)t« buUditig. 'Hii- iid« or W4lU around ar« ^Lim^ 
powd of pUnhj of t^K brtjd-fnjit trct^-, fixi^ porpcndicaUrljr in bquaro 
tkv^n--^ trboir, ndici wuoullird willi a ciu^uiri'v plmitf. of 
|ir>lrth«d, Recording to tlit praeii-*# of \ht nitivev. *>y mlitdng ib» 
tici^bfft viih BnvMlh corvl azid baeuI. Ono Uui^drtcL &ulI ihirt^thr^a 
iriiLdovn or iiicrturc*, fbrunhcd with »lidin^ ibuttcr^^ iLdmit both 
IJfEbt BJid ur, And tttrnty-niav doors nSmd injcrm und v^'rcsa 1^ 
^w Lui^iAMtuu. Th« butlifin^ u'bb covrrpd nith th« leuvcft uf tbW 
|Wlinin, uHlOftcd vitb a itrong ttid n«ot, low oirmuj, or boarded 

|llibloi_ or bflvkcu ror^L The ruuf nus tou luu'. aud the tndth auA 
«i«ntbn ol tW bikiUin^ m> cbqiri^nlooed to itt li-n(;ib. to aliow of 
lu iBytMing tUbvT itupcndoua or magtiific^ut. The iotrnor of l\m 
fl|naou« eutKtan w «( onco aJngukr uul eUtkii^> Tlic Wttot^ 
waa covcndv in ibe native fai^iioD, with long grua. and, witb ch« 
axctftioci of a unall ijMce apwuid cficb pitLpic, vaa filiad jnth plain 
btfl aubiUnlial fonna or bencbc*. Tlic rafters were bound mth ea-», 
ri0(lv^t'•braidcd aud, ^OLOurcd io native dyea, or<OVar«d ncaily tu thtt 
■op nf iba roof iriih £n«]y*wi)vcn matting, modo of iJis vdd:r tark of 
tiw pnrva. or A^'fciu, aud often prcKatin^ a plicqucrrd mbcCtirc 
«f omNkv colottrv, by no tDcanv aajjIcuioK to the cyi-- Tlic «ad 
«f m naixing mnallj bung ikwa frara tbo tipper ^an of the rafifT* 
tbsva, dsK, or idna f«vi,and t^nunated In a Una braad fn&g« or bor>; 
dar/— roL li, m. 109, loa 

Thoe wc uure pulptb in Uk cath«dnil oT Tahiti, about 
knndffd and aivty f'^i apart fronrt cacb oilier, but vkilboui ai 
pM titi wi behrc^o. When u vi« opened, three khikku 
qro dittl ibm at ibc muuc (uih; to ibrcc diiiinct congrr^ alHNi^- 


P^t/mnicm A«f«arc&rci 

cacb OMiiutiiifr of more tlian two Aotmcd hean-n; and the 
Kc of ills biukliiij u Kuclif ikil a uparc FeirLOtucil h<-(«ii.T'U 
tbcK conpegauoat, ftnil »» coBfiuioii mhh ocoMooed by lbs 
■iaiivUMKoUf debwnp. 'ri»c miMtoauics more thin Mice c»- 
prcMcd IbPtr nrf;rL-1 tliat an trm^fa linic utid nut iliould be n- 
ptAded til crvcUlt]^ «u lur^- a buildiD^, wlico COC of finiulicT 
dimi'ii^irwi woiilfj linM- b<<rn f|Liiir Jii u«rtuL R«]1 i'niiijtTr wna 
not to bij dinuadeil I'rom a purpose, nliich, if iiol judicious, ori- 
^mlcd cirr1aiiil> it* " jUT<t ivnI mitilc fiijlin^- Thif fnoai K|iiu:inm 
and diUDLU< Hituctuuw wlikh bitd I.-V1Y beef) ra^«u<d in ihoMT itlaiid^ 
he suWl, vt^rc tlic inanwa (tln'> LcAr^ ludcrJ. tlii>Li^li far lofciiot 
in Diigmliidc, ui obwrmiblL* mvEiibtaiu^ to tbc j\zTr^ ivnipleA, 
or ciitt>— it bobovcd tlicin. tberrforc, wlii> ti:id fKtHt tn^m iltai rmd 
idolatt^r In ibe Krrice nf iW Iriu' CicHi, tii rojjttriici a bi^LiL-v 
tODDpU ^ff tbs InppKr Mud bolter wonbip wlitcb it ^tati i>ov ih»^v 
dutj' tn iMTTforin. ^lul be aitkt^ ibrni whirtlirr Solomon, Vfh» vtuh 
• good kJug, did iiot end a buuM ^w J«bi>rab lupnior 1o MCfJ 
buMii^ m JiKftM or dir ftnnoundbig rounlri««'f 

Ii i* to be ref^rattcd ibai one wboae diipoibion would hai« IhI 
biia to rroet m niiuttcr, whicb ahoold boiv iwuiirKd 10 be; the 
wbuintioii Iff aactTRrbii^ SJC^ could niaie utilv a ^tiUL-tum 
Miihabk in ibn Ant nvllkd ediike fior Cbriuan wortbip in 
Great Utilain ! loilmt tboui^li it wa» o|Kned in tbu vpitug uf 
Idl<l, Ibc roof had begun to d«ca^ ni'iaiilf, — awl it i« more ibvti 
probable iJimi it iji b> tku» tknc m ntiis- Sucb* liovevcr, lui il 
vta^f Mr. Kill*, tb<High awaTt- of iu p<*tithablFiir4s aiuJ conipars- 
ti^e iaulilily, did ikjI eatvr it lor tlic hnt iimc mlliout emotion. 

" AlAongh divMted/ W np, ^ of mvtv thinj; lilw iiautin*^ «r 
ftnndcar, 1b« lint vim i jtud to Xkf ch«|<rl left a •aroai; impreairioii 
ue; my miiLd^ 1 nlcfvd from tbe vpohI; wad ibr jrvrvpvctiw of a 
vwt3,«-ii«ndii]g ainrsfda of asTMi hundrad fvaC, panklly lllmnfiatel 
kv tiM hnghi tfbov of « aCrong noon-dAy light antcriw througb tbo 
Wbadowv, w^icRmteopamdai dialavt iaUrrala.aUn^ tWicDfthcaed 
haw uf piUan Ibai auj^portnl Uio ralWv — ikv dna mitc ■fqworaiMa 
of tba prunnqnad daw tho luiibrnaiy of til* <bnp]* ind rude 
fanM «a«endin|if ifavoafihoaft tba wbolo biuUiog— ^v puipita rvwd 
Mbore tiicn»^b«fEbl«oed tbe effect of the yervi^cliTe. He«id» thcfc^ 
tbcikif(uUr> iionl> IJgbt, mnoK* uul not isahnil sdonnnafita oT 
tba roof, ali oovAtDfil to iviereasc ihr titrtt. Tbfr rrlWtinnn alao 
■PMfHicd vhtb tbfl Hirposo for which it had btvo crcfted. and tbo 
VMsant wvffita in tbe tdalory of ibe pconlct wba»e 6rK natiooal Ghri^ 
liaD tanfib! we wrre vvakbiif , avrukpnrd m indn of uSrmo a«iri ftfaWW 
flffWkaa. Howta maghtbrirhen tbt bQ««oiiia6UMl,I donotlowr ^ 
bm wkMk omfrty. tlw biuaAu voice could b» Artioetlf btaid £rott oot 
and Bo tbc Olbec, wrjlhoot Attf grcM effort on the pan of ibcn irhoat 
Ibia aUBtucB cwM or juiavevad. 

M^miem fioMre^, 


< A low akifl or ptMR^ bMwKD tkt kfrmB^ 93ct«oU« from one c^ 
Um «4Kei. In wnlkiog *ioQf thb oisk oo mf fint visit, 1 vu 
niGcd to ue v u-4£crnjur^ five or lix feet w^« crorfuitg. In au 
oltifEW £rvcboiii tiiD dt^i <il ihv ftuipel. On inquiry ul' Ih- |vop1« 
«4io Accompaoied our piriVt thi*y biU it wft% a luCvr&L wnlcfcoarM 
&na Ulc fDouDtoiiis Ui the sra ; Aful that, a« \hry touU nut Jivrtt its 
c1u>nu*l ao lu to aviUl ili* buiMing «{ttioijt ^r^l ^illtiotiiJ labourt 
tad conttant &|ipr«^Pniion of «U rMnnjiriP, th«T had judged it b««l to 
mtkt m gnrtinf at tmtH liilc tinder thv wftil, and allotr it to pftti In Ua 
atw4cmrd rbamKL A* it w&i nd diiriiw the r^ny Mnuci lliai wv 
wm lb«fv, (i «rsi dry ; i^ ttrlm wi*f« waJIPd, a^ ihc hotmm n«atlf 
pavatf : ^at in th« niaf vcammi^ whcti the wa1«r t> oonAantiy 6owtB|f 
chwf H, itt tifaci iDBSt ba ratlKV aiT^n^Ur oo the nund^ of tlioatt 
hBiV a<«t it dorioK pdiblk wwvbjp*'— vuL ii., p. irH^loa. 

U Ihora «B« c:icH' for apfifdxen^ine tbat the fdigioti vrlnck 
Ihia poor pnncc auccccdi'^i in tr-tubUihin^, with m* much imUcTt 
awl «nl|i M» caraAil ■ ^^f^ttt^ (rir ihr iFtipiniwn>riii of hw comnry- 
Mcait 4i«it1i he n iittk- dviahk anion]- lli^ai ah Ui« Rtcat teniae 
wliirli kr ri^iffil in ihe pride, aoii die jay, iml thir pi«ty ii( mm 
iwan ? The iiucaboii fiiay well be Mlted liy tbrw! vAvo ktiam thsl 
of ikr tupp]' oucnmiinitWa which ihi? Jomb formed iu Poragwiy, 
Mtd nmmmmd for more than & century, not a mitek u oow 
naaiMx t t'vJ vl>o kiKivi' also h<»iv ik^Ht Jrsuitbcd CkrMtiuuty 
had Ivrodir thr mllog rrligtiHi in .lajwi. Nor nill it ho roa^ 
M«ltrcid an ouiniDorUiit <|«c«Ucjn hy aU Uu>fH> ^ho luc^ iAUrtMnl 
fw ilkf Mrlfxir of llivir h'Uov%-(.icutuir^ The |HipuUtioii of the 
GwMfiaD mitd SocMtv iciaiid*. iii vrhicfa Chri»ibniiy hua now 
le the pnjfcascii rrJigioo of the ru)rr« «Ld tJic |iropbc» 
I, vrilh ifaat of ttw pdjftci«t dia«t«n, whcrrwith ihv tuUins 
[pt ib-or tili-i BituiiUio u cuimtAiil tE»tcr<:our»Ct oimI to which 
lily hx hrtn rivkvryrH hy Baline m Kumprau IrncVirni, 
iMla lew tban liliv lhnii«utd wmh. Ttv ^lafi|uc«a« nr« not 
tn ilib ntnnato : liu-ir |HrpLihiinn i» aofif>o*nl l>i Iwr 
llur^ Ikauaaiid; mnd thithur, aJi^i. imditn aiv f^ociv. To 
ttl my wrlMKiiHied opinioii tt|ioii dm fioioli it tmist firM 
iiMptin^i bow (m the coni^nboii ha« b«eit nvty thtnf^ inorr lion 
tm] in Uir CTMt IkhIv of llic ivtMhitanU, aitd wbctticr die 
liianwria* hwtr procvrclrri >i uivrU ai>l ai umutcrpliaiaald^ io 
<»i] «• inlbc rel^puua part of dt«ir mioirtiy. 
&on if llir maanof dnB« nrw Ojn«ii:in^ lUuVniorhl dn- n^tiiviB 
iftlMr •ppirtut eoQvvndou at* Ulde im di<i«r Amtrn^an liidiaaa 
IU ll«* S|huiiah m>uBuoBr|tt9 ijiiinkUiJ wrilh beamiu to xkv ii|^bi 
Uft till iLaj bbilefnl ihvir luiJiiB h) ll^c vrnrk ; or as oar own 
lI*-S4uioa MKcali>r», vhcti Ibci weic boiiUtcil by IhoHMndv 
e i^walc ; the diing^ wouU uili hr etfi^ciiul in th« ivxi f^ 
■n, if polf otra vtrv lokrit to train i«p llic children in tbo 




way tlicy *hoalJ ^^ uid to prt^hlbil ill old practices oonncotod 
with till' uMi^irii hk>1>try> 111 tlii« lojkrcl Pr(nidk:Tni:c hn» »ti3p4*d 
tor tW niinion:iric« a pbii ; ilicr had not ei> niiLcb om n>u|;b-hewii 
oiw for llinitscSfs wdicii ihcy cntcfcd tijMii tiicJr undriuking. 
But th«Fe ii reucrji to ihiiik lli&l ne-nrr bdot?, in aay naiM>t»il 
coMvcrsioiir wim lb«re so l^r^c a jJivipoilMi of pciHOiia ^iho 
hennilv nnioiinri'i) thru *M rrmni, and Mnrrtrty rm^iTird ihe 
IrutJu which u'Ure proposed for tiictr It^lier, At Uie rrry time 
when till- riiiMiDiiurir* diuuglil tlioir fief lioM hnd twon nllo^^eikor 
w^uk'd, llioy lud iti rpftlity aching i>n« of tlie iu<jt1 importoiit 
mill EiiUiil dtlTiculi (4ijcct»t aiid uiic wJlhuLil vrliJch no brogrcM 
rould cvct hnvc bc4r» niDdc. Tbcy h>i ([lown, beyoikl nil doubt, 
tlmt ilic ^itclfftrc (if iko uat»dna3 thi^ »l]»]c ond toie miu vf their 
dmim ; and ihsl thaj hnd cinl rmnr thilhE?r tu mk theiT own 
Internal, DCf lo Jtod uii idle, Htill lv» a ltcciitiou<9 lir« ; Ihcy hud 
explicitly »tnt«i1 Uij:4 sm 4oi:iiiaA thev could makr tlirnuiTUct u»di7r<> 
iIixhJ, and their whole ounduct hail bctn in accord uith tlie^ 
|]tofoa<juu. The natitva wctc liiortnighly convinced of thii btfon 
aiiy other utTccI uas prodnc^fd upoit tbnn. And wluii iln-'v tiiH 
dcral'jtMl, Mhicli it n'M not difti<:utt for them lo niKkistidd, th&t 
mli^icin nidy hnd iiidiicrd xht-.-kv VMtnyvtin* ti> midr itmong tbrni, 
•nd luboiu lor tlirir f^K>d, through Irrfju^ui dsuij^cn und continual 
ilitconrki^cinrRt, ihry rould not Ijui ihiiiL fAvixirnbly of tbc itj- 
JiKion uJiidi prodncvd inch ft frumc of luind. Tli^ ibCKt ilt^p 
vraa bu couipiftn: it tvitli thdf ovrii, mum pctham at fir«t in ib 
imnMilinle e^«tt, than In the hopes nntl fcari wfiich it lield out ; 
but U *oou ■> they dsrod CDtcrtmn a doubt conccrrtiiiii; their own 
iupcratition, ib fttiodty m sudj timt lliej could nul hut regard it 
widi abh^rmic*. 

llw cxlidue wkkediicw alfo wltidi nA» couiiccttxl wkdi diat 
auporttition OMraied in a remarkable mannrT loi^^rd tlio rhange, 
ThcfC &fc r«1ac irlixioik*, wluch call for painfid ^tuiTiticci from 
llteif %^arietr^^acn6ce« not 1o tMf p«tfonned without the miMt 
Qolire fiitlit aod tlic nio^l li^i>ic sclf-dcvotton : *ucli arc iltotc 
lifevlDag peouicot which dif? (.tklrr. of Ipilia al diti thy inilict 
upon dbeawdiv* i*-Micli I'^a tboM rare eaw4 whf^rc it 10 puroly 
viduntary) it the inuiiotalioo of die Hiudoo i^idow upuu her 
hvibuiiJ'i fuiieral |mI« ; aiuJ kuch, in former titnej, (to Mid«c« 
a ntoM^ ampalliug cKOQiple,) i>^ the dcif'>tion of tliosc pircnb 
u-lm olVernl up ihear cliildrvn iJi the lire 10 Moloch, — which 
no coap«s«ioiMle bi-art coald bear to think of, If, id Ihc case 
(if thiuc nho acted tkiti under u dreadful nii«pt-r>ua«o» of 
4iiet[ dfily, it ^tn not aHoiff«bl« for u» to truU in the uu- 
oovcnnnied tMicio of oiir ull-merdful I'adicr. Tbeac diabo- 
ImI rdifMiM pnpotMM tbcir noliftppy i%»tariei agMMt the ad- 


H^f^'/irtian HtfearJitt. 


mniiDUof 9 better fiitb bf lite |>ikIc itf bommii n;itEiro, i^lilcli 
tkcy cM;ilCv ami ^xUj, ukJ ilrltiite. Bui ike tULc of feeling iD 
Pohii«*Ja i>> vcn tliETvii'iti, — ^inJ iTic uiMiMjuafij^ hotkc ii ftx 
cinnlc aiay Uuiig uIijijIi Ii.u l>ceu iciiiftiki^d in loitucr coii^uiiiioaa, 

tem^tmcf lo •¥!. ui ih« haman kfsn. Wc crver mri idih m/ irlra 
Vi>»M lOtriiflMl tdiuf^jd** lb«v«<rtild, vrkbomt «ome procuhnn: «iui«^ 
b« jiijiliitil ia th« uprki of God. Thu tOAf pcrhapi Anie froin the 
ctuitiBitAiKC gf iWrr bcinjC no iiiJiriduAl t^wnfr them, ^iboir put life 
h^I uot bcvQ ]«ltalcil \\\- ilcrfli which trrn tiatijrnl fD»<i<'^!:n^ luJd 
Xhtfta wrrff irnwiif. and nwKcqucaclfr no VKomcfiU vftra nctCHAr/ to 
Mvrinrf asy ooc LS»t Lc v«> K^^'l^y before God. Th«)r touat i!«iij 
tht ex *r r i' \*ip Diity, nnt) jf all br wliich ihe ttviMK aiid Uu9 
ftoil U r hH frcMn tlitir own ■(ea*tfi*»* uloln, liefore Ihty cMild 

Ibr ft n»<niviiT *ifjr|>OAt» t|ii:ir pii'. 11%'M a|*iwaredo11ivrv»0 thao 
btfbr? Him. Their fcodul 9;:at«, «n(l tkr (uti»q«eiicii of guiU. ifaejr 
i)cTrr<ri«puU(1.lHfi 4'er» alvftp rrxdv lu x^^knovlfilff* chftlthtf m«f( 
not only «p{VBr crt riEul, Imt «tf(oih« Ui Dit- Mi>4t High, on aeeasnC 
oIllMiir <-ie(-*/-T.[K aiJ, SIf. 

Hvti prioiime iKitkim of the nuture of tiwtitlci?, wtii<Ji ibi>y 
Cklkii, UI dicir liiji|;(use, ' ■ (li^»Uii<;;l]iig ffoia guJIt,* |>rcpurc4 
lhi:fn at*o In udaut ilv rvtMniiAbli-jkrtK oi ihal * .ill- mi (listen I sucfi- 
licw ooe^ tiiMiie,' ol wk<Hi, «ticn iViey <:i>t»ptt:lic«clLHl il, (an far «i 
raui mav imMiKic li> railj it trompfrlteniibli.,) they fell miit ii^ 
knowMgvil the uc<:c»ity. aud the iiiebljiiuble ^.ihki.-. No ni-o- 
|jb_>tc:a cottM, iu Ih^^ ii.-«pi.-4i. \ta\c bccti iii a ffioie docile *talc. 

■ Wh«» Mh^/ inyi Mr. KHh, * fti we lometinci werf, " flow do 
Tov kiMjnr tW DibJc t* tfav word of GodT' tr iki not Adduce aa 
walliUa charcb, by wb'ich it had been deiermitird whut vrevB t)» 
•MWolcal b«ok*, ai>d by when ibet- had b«fO firvAcnvd ; nor did ir« 
nivr fkaa often lo llie toUcmiDy of hMtory. to pmre thai the per»JWt 
arlwfte itneir» wen; alUud "At lite difftrcut |Ait»» actually bTut« lb* 
buokB aieribrd tu ibem, but wr rvfem-d tliTtn Co iTipir liiternal ovi- 
^l^ftor, th^tr hannooiy or aceu«^nce with Ibw work* of cr^^ion, ood 
ti>* dupvnBBiicxui of Pfoi^idciice. in ihvxr diifdar of the Diviiiu oli4n£* 
IVT aod prrfectjvuii lUrir aidaiir4b[« vlApiutiun lu the vtu\ fur w[»t^ 
1^1 ^LTVf], and the iintrwrvalicy of tWEr aji}iNi->aion to innrikiod. 

* jfencjr <»f thftt ble^fed Spirit^ utxAtt wbow iudutive* thciw 

J ,1 iT]»tnlrraik>ji to any ii>diviJtLil, the imrriul cri* 

>'< . I '-K jSib> !iaA'# iV|ii>nitr4 upo» ihf rtlftdt of the riKllve* WtOt 

%- ■ • t r. Whm ther hatv bct<n kiktJ why tbey l>cU<rc4 iho 

> Li^ l-e llurnvrd (if GoiU (hey hare aja»irmd, '* WebtJiera 

i v>-biT ihaa busian orijciti, brcaiuia tkcy rmal what man 

" kniivr J no4o&:y in rtfeedkec lo tiod himvtf, but our uwn^ 

ifj.. : I dMtiod««> «nd iflbst, nben rei-»kd, appcamous irue; 

Tim. xuu. xo. uizxv. » bccAwe 

54 PttJifitniam if^sranifr^r. 

bccauK ic;» ii<ckrftt«>iui accord irilh ibo tMtuDOAj of our own con- 

Uioogh u'r)li«-n hv pmcmi who cev^r aaw ui, or linew our thougliU, 
it df4cribeti 4u DcctinQtf Ir our iocliiuuioijit imnj^inationi, rootfTri, t^fu] 
pftMior?. Ic must }jaT« hccn ilk'tnioil hy Our wh^ kneir wh^l mui 
v£«f hftUr iKjtn wo kmrtt ra<h oih«r, or it coiiM tiF>l lu('« dT«pA«yMl 
ovr totoil state so ooiTonJy." I'hcM, or <tc<UrAtioiu to ibc aft«>c 
•AfCl. if not gircn in prtcbcif tlio mcd^ mrdv, vcrc the rrfttofu thvy 
frt«lD«ntJy tntigi^nt fur briic^iig tli« dfvino on^of Uib ScriptMraM/ 

With llii« i^cvvilih, tlx^ v'crc b K>b^r p4X)|jto in Xhf'ii (TtiuibOiQ 
uf bvlk-r, Ttiv iiiii«ioiiaiirA ^b^unr, tint ilnrtv nrir * but Tinv ttC 
MbuX could b« callciJ MJdden contfruonx:' llie r«v«r, uodould 
5iij, ihc bvticf. ' III griir/alj ll« pjoi:c«A b> nbicit ibcir iic«s 
and feclitij^i hat'c btrn chjtiigL*ii lT3t lippii gra4)ti;»1, %ut\ ainioiit 
MiiprKcj>iiljk, ft* ti> its prcctrx: niAitikcr of O|pc(ntion> tlioiiEh moH 
drrstivv iti ill naiun*, ami uiKjucitiuDablr in it« iriKTcocy/ We 
■fc Mil of tio (Irioii-jnal rti|Ttur4'V, nnd of ao agotuoa tjf mind. 
'He iiBlivm, ulirii fnlU (nnitilr uf |}w* mftrtnniia icini vhirli diry 
h%d <v)iiimit|LHl 111 their idijhilr<-tu>i fdate, »ec-iii to con«<idi>r ihilt 
tliuc tKiu^i nirc doii«^ * ignoranlljr, in uiiWIitf/ and »o n-ptnc in 
full ijru»t 4i[io(i Itiv covcniiit of mrrcr. 'Hie uiiMioaarip*, Imlng 
•ccnatoiiitd to a greul ditiplajr of r«ligiou* motion at Itocne^ 
wuairirr at ih'a, and Lnitv not havr to ftrmiifii fca il. ' It dor* 
rol a|i|KMr/ tbrrani, * (crnrmliv, that ibetr emotions an* m> acuto 
aa <Kii^ iir iliai th*j sir nfualiy 4Kih<-^pitKl'i nf joir duiI ■nmnv 
wiib p«iM>na tinined ia cnidned aociMy.' Vet tb«ra ia iwlliing in 
tMr inanrKf* nr foemcr iimlitaition* to induce {as amooiE ihti 
Notlh Aiamc^in tribes) a prulc of utoirifin ; nnr arc %\vy tii iliat 
BiMcrabli low dcfinv of untiiKL' life wtiich liebciale« rbv mnval 
and iiiiHlr<:tua| families. Slotr prolokMv mnj ih'n apparmt 
vaiit i>f n-ligioiu rnMlkHi be i-xplaitted, by limply auppoain^^ 
that. a« )<^l, llv-re bo« bcirti no iL-in|)1Miaifi fo* llirm to pn)l^ 
nror<' than Oirv f<i*L 

Ol tlul flying on tlkia moiDcfilous »uVjcc1, vihirH wu tnoftio 
he deitrvd and cxpci'Ud, tJi«Mr tolutnt'fr, iiid#«d, <fi<iiai» nflVcitn^ 
proof. Naluiul i|u<.ftJon» Imvc aritcn in their avrakeiicd miJDib — 
ikil lo tluke ihcir iinbciitAtiai); bthtf, but li> ln>uUv aiid to di»- 
1i«ai thcoi. rhi7 aik«l tbcir ti-4clicr«. if none of their ancMUtn, 
i|or any uTdir formrr iiibabil>nu> n{ djriw itlniiiU, b;id gone to 
benign } < 'I'h^/ tayt Mr. nilit, ' lo ua aad to llienr ua> oae of 
llie DiiAt (iiMrrspkti)£ iti>cii»Moiu Upon wkicli w« vvct entered. 
To ih«(n il ^M i^M^uliirtv Ko ; for w« laaj naiimUy lapfwuc, the 
rtool Iccttwk of the tndjvidnalf ial>oin mmj of them ml pcHiape 
poiauupd, munirrcd n-ithuul |Mun>rBlionj kinsii in baillr, vt L-ilra 


P^^tthn Hft^rchfK 


^ ttcn6c#r *">iil<>p on Acae ccraiiarM, pmbably nmr to tlidr 
JMila : il>d «t tbcw times, idaivjt » parentis hcifi mint kuvir h^t>ti 
ttni with vnguifh, to ■« iiiconr«u-nMc, at ihr iciitrmliririTCe of 
iboacdiiMma in wlion Mood thrir Luuds h^ 1k<;ii <-in1inird.* 
< IlirTP «««/ bp tavF, ' « df^r of piltifiil Ptnoikin amonj- ibem 
irbrmf ix-r liil* »ttb}cct vnn iiilrDilu<.'rd. — « feeling M timoi so ovrr- 
powrnog a% In nuip'txl tbr comi'n^tinn, i>r m>Vv un ibrupt 
Uuttrtioo Lo visic oUicf svbjcet nci^tnnry.* ^\t ««idi Itinca, tne 
Mmaaries tbrnudTn wn » led lo mlrrtaiii opifli4Mii nwrr irW, 
inon juil, nnit more merrtful^ tbtti tbo4Lr ortHc i»ob<>ol in whfrh 
-die^ bail b««ii iraaictl. Slniakjii;- ibeti fit>iu lliM atupiou^ in^Yvi 
<iHiicli eoBttcicu iIk floiy of ibn Altriig^htT Hiib ihfi «lrm»l »uA«f- 
isKB of fail creMttirvs, tbry nad tbul il mds not fi>r them to ?in> 
vbai wn« ihr tinip ot' ilir dj^pnTinl; tliftt li^if^ b^^th^ b4<1 not b^m 
kft Ailboui ibr tflmotiilioii of ooiucicticc, on Ihc oridtTdce of 
wIikIi Hihicvs xhey would Ih: ii:qtit1Inl ut coi)m~lvd ml ihi? iiwfiil 
b» : »imI thai whalcvcf <iim«t lli^y ini|*ht bate la nntwtr for, rrj<^C' 
tk>D of dir pfO^prt vtiHiM riol bt our* — nbicb muiilil be iJii: bv^nesl 
CYincfritiRiiion nn iIkhv tty Hhi>m it «»» nrglr*-tj*d or ilo*niiii*iJ, 

In tJifjc tiiquinc*, ihcif it proof of a deep uid >i< lVf.>uattc<] 
frligioti» frriiiig. V n<li>r mor* nfl'Tting rirruTnitiTiccs, conotru- 
amz tbc diiidrta nhKb tliry Imtl lont: ' Arc llicir ipinti/ they 
Vvuulil MV, * m uuItT iluikiirt!r% ^lieic llicic la ML'tf|TJii|; ami giiii*ii- 
iftg of Irclb, or arc tlicj bappv V Tu tlkti tlit* iiiiMionaiiot wouki 
nplj, ibougb ibc opiiii<Mt, ihty My* waa not given with cotifi- 
^dcncr, ' ibHt ibrfc wan m«on To bofie «»<! bi^iii'^v iIip}' had thftt 
ill the €4>TCnui]t of rcficiDptioii, ttiid vh«n; lb(rrv!'ur« iji bli».' 
Il ma; bi* tm.igiiwd wilb nhu pmoiitin tli4^tr qiift«[loav wrr^ pni 
lbo*c RioUi<m Vfbo bad bct^ ia iW liabit ol tlrdtruymjc tbctr 
lildmi ! Oflni HiH-b iadtTiJiml^ wimlii tat, th/vj fitaiirfl Gim' 
ru no hope of sicr^' for ihcsi ^ that ikc^ h»d rvpcu;«illy con- 
tbc ptrmcdiluCcO niurdcr of llw tonuc^iil ; Uicy inoui^ per* 
rp« mnf^i thp tcrrpturp drclumtion , thil tv> murilen-r naih 
life BbdW^ ill \nm, and aik. ' UMghl 1 (o go to Jceua 
rttt fof psrdoii ' «^r<* .iiiv murdircin nf ihrtr onti clijldnni 
r fofpT«nT' Somr ottc utHild >«,\, llwt tlii; ima^!i of iho 
KB, vniODr ocixMiliivg lu the BCCiiMnl cu«4iiin iif tlirtr t^ouolry, 
bftd dcfltrojrd, vi-rc f^vor pmeiit io her ihouj^tiu, cuid, as it 
-, coivttADllj liNuntiQg her path, so that tiic vras afralij rrcti 
rvtur to tli« wcTCl pbroi of tbr buatim for piivoie pravrTn l<vt 
iieir (boil> »ho«M atuc before bef. At a icbuul cxaminutioo, 
a liub'liojbadrtcfiirda fwiir, CjirihApfL a ropy of oiH^ of ihp 
tpvb,) qmI w nvlkuisc back U* \\t^ ical wilb II, ' 1 h«Yc iwcn,' 
Mr. FTIIi>, < ibr mmlirrV p^r fulltu iIh- diikl mith ail ft 
Ta ftuid tfu()lio« beauiiiLg lo )i| ilIjiJ« tliv tear of plEmatare h^ 
D H BparkM 


J^4iiynwi:itt RetmrrhtM, 

apaiklctl Oierc ; iild» iii Mriking rncitmt vrilli tbuij tin* ciiildlvn 
jtkoLb«r mip(bt U^ fpim H<<r|ikMg at liic n^olloctioit of th« doir 
babcA, v^lUila. iintl^r iUl- wIliicrK^c nf iLJolntryr iilic but! dfotrnjcd, 
und wUkh, but fuj: Wk* o^h ttiuidcioui baitdn, nuglit have nuiislod 
tu ibT itit^ii^ a]il lUtu bchdil liciulu bcr/ Sucb niotbcrs often 
u&ttcfl tlic ini»(twnHJ jfv b\ the voutnitt wliicU ihrv dr^v iietwi^Mi 
tlu«r onii duldlcM ^nd doolntc eoncbbov, w%iU ibat of tlin«e 
hafipy |iaii'iitS| s^ho, iiiidor ibe xriaii airf Mt*aai>b, uerv MtrnMiadftd 
bjr tbc^^ir u^»pfiit|;. At nwetJNg hi Kainlcii, u^icrc Um cbiMnn 
ncrv 4:vimiiH.-dt u icucnblc uld nun tiMc-^ 

* Aixt A'lilfvi'v'd th« tAMmljlv, With impmiitr Actioiii, OAiL >tr>nfrly 
cidlvtl ffiirttf. CtinifAiiii^ iht- ]a:?l uhli tba pr«»iiC lUU of ifae 
|«u}ilr>. bu jRtd, '* I WM e mliMy \:\v.ri ; tli« njioc o« wUeh w am 
now tbKiDLltfd wu bj m* msJ* Mtcrcid lloir mvuii Anrl Lamily ; lu^ 
WM my fjUEiIyi but I alono n«ituin ; 4b h^re ^i<;J in thv icrvtr* of 
.Satai: — t^J«}' kijtw not tlii? i^lmk) ivunl ^vh^oii I aut >j«ivd lo nMf ; iiqr 
bvun Iv lofl^j^Hog for lb«ni, ukI i^fcc^n ur* mithin mr» Ob 1 ifiAt ifwy 
h(ul net 4u<t to tooo! KTrat art my rrimct ; I Km tlip fd^thcr of t'iiw- 
tcrnchiMrco; off i^ ffrn / Aai« nirn/crrj^ifow my b<:ail lun^i f(>r 
tHtnj ^Ifdd ibty brtn »|)iiftd, tli^^ wvuld h^vv hmu ui^ii Jii 
wonirr — IfttrilTi^ intf kiKmltig ttw *oid of lh» tr»* Ood, Boi xrhW 
1 wiui Ihm dvwtrwtne lt,pni| &oun«. not cv'ru tny ow» ctjuflin« (jiaiot- 
f»jr lu TAiiwtoB thakiiigt «Ih> prtnideJat th* mcctJiitf.) 9la>t:d ccry 
hand, or Mid, d|ikre tmm- No i>:ie Mini. Tkif f.Oint %iouU thr true 
vraid {i (^onlnff, mrv \-out rhilldrt'ti ; and laow my h^trt i« Ti-peulfci^ 
— U u-^pilic for tUm!" ' — \vl I p. 403. 

'Ib« iiiitobMiani.'* <Abo hivo bcien b>ncei( lit throe iidandi luy, 
thfv Uii^T- iicttr lufl wiib Otte woman wbo, if lUc ucre a motber 
iiiLder tbi* Imini^r %j*\rtn, lind not rointiiittrd JTilRnticidr- 'llie trr^ 
drcitniitD'^cr of ibrirdeiidoimt; in»ttad of runing tlicir Huldron 
rrndrii H tfiribji more nuntef ou » ; and ll » crrtniii, ibnt not Icai tlinn 
two-thirds of tbe infanu iftbo vlvtk boni into the %(orM ^^v Im* 
ttedinlrh inunlcicd ti) tbi-ir )i«ii;nf» : mi pji^riful for citi i> cus- 
tom, aiKt ^odn^Ait aro tbi> r'>ii!ierjijriiC4'i of ih<?iLMiirtrriial irb> 
lathtB ? i'or tlicrt^ ii» no want ol~ iialuiid itTcctioo in ibc purcnti 
—in ibii titt|irrt, imlnvr it pvrry wlwre tlir tamv — ^'vetr cherts 
bciiefic^m and i*i*<- • 'iTwir iiTrc Uibi-s/ wi>B Ml- iilli-, * vhca 
B motlirr* J«ir, a viiolbrr'i frrfHi)!:* inrrraiiK? llw imn l"orf:e of 

CtKBii riutoni, ai*d n tiller vndettvoura intTV HMvtt lo Kvvehrr child;* 
c- hul brafd n-ost aflirctlBg ivvUncca of mrli 9tni^];1ri brtwecQ 
the iLivllMrr lo )ifri«iv0 uid ibe filb<T iiTid rrltittiMii to clvstfOy 
Jl; Bwl »lHfe«> ii ibe ird'ant vm* kIIoh^ to Inr tf^it tiunute* or 
b»ir«« biMir, ii wvi nffr; iii>l«^d of a mMrdt-Ttr'v gmfi ii rr- 
cnrcU a nio(b«r'» carrwet, and ««» aflcraanit tn-atc4 iiitb tbv 
gmtr»t ti'iidrrurxi- 

Tlie ii«w ftliuiuti bus now n Mm and powcrftil suppoft in 


I'tWyiMffisn Iletf*trtAt*> 


■iT'trol ■ItuclMw. 'Fbr chance Mhirli hn* tikm |)1nrc ii tAno more ' 
ir\y lu Ijc |>rtii»iDviit, lic«raau* U tiun m>i bi-cti 1>t miiv ' 

i» 9c«vi to bu\c t&|>«:Iie<L Ou till? pajt t^f Puinnrc jtiid the 
it vWir(%, it hn<9 bpou iIm il«lib«rai* r^j^ciion of an >l>f>mmftbl« 
itcin i4 tlclHiaofli, ilie iittmedntc ctfK-b of which th«rr, ^trt 
ii4f*pil oluil flfigrU 9iiiimuic«il ii ikn »HmJtv— p^a^e mJ gnod- 
'ilL. Vhc nMtniarics hat^ not thrown tionn oiic Mt of itioh to 
viMHlier ill llirir Misul ; lltrv kave pntcUsml no ^uif^ ; llier ' 
Uwgkt ill it* purriv a fwra tnith. 'IW Itornnni^r viIwh iinth ' 
miud» fhuuld icnturc to romparc llirtr ^latcrinrrits tilth ' 
thr hiilorT4»f bu own Sl h'nnriii Xavirr, ihf* ,^nnrt:il HH^itiotin, 
tikvAnuu£piatl<3, and the 1-jiihii^ l^tknofihir Jciiiiis, migjil. ' 
■ftflm lim eCHUpaimoii, fomt > tnir j<t«lgmpm r^f ihr arrtnl nrifl 

EictinI diScmic* bctvrcc^n Um- Kombh and the Hcrnrtni^d re-'* 
MML AiMilhttr iKiint uf pra£tib1r conipAnsuii nxiuld br, btf-' 
lw«eiitkfl hB^afi;^? which liicMf Pn>intnfLC muuioriaficrK have ItcUt > 
^CoBocnnw lite itatc of Inianvt ^jriiiK Mnb»|>tJ/ci1« unil tlmt dvc* 'J 
klraie nf Ac Rnmitli i^htiri^h, lAhuh hn4 pFodiireii rAltimc* ttc* 
'^wtbryoia^d si^crdt and \rd lu piijclic:** ai pttmbic for thm ob- 
inlitT at^on oilia^r arcomilfl, di*y arr tciinlTidg ami unniwiibf^. 
DitJuiii; III ihew rcfipnrl* from the lEoiiiifh (th^ionrr* crf'^l 
C^Mi dcwription, ihvy tiitfir alto from tbt- i|4ijiWj5, 
ubu, in UtiC attempt* uhtch llin have ntavie for iinproving tome ^ 
xf btc iMlivv tnbir*, htiVL< firifrrciird upon ibe vpinioa, that civili- 
MUan iInmiM prrmlf cnrLveruoii. Thr prcvi'iil ioliJjm.ft huiv 
|Ci>0«il>C«d w, (fofntciTr Hc thati]£hl olbi;t«uw,) tlKtt iho itit4>Ton- 
itW^jnlgrd righilt iii tAIn^ an 4ippn«iic roiiivn. ami nr^^iidinff 
•or bith »i atT1?4^r uhich hrimjri TorUi fruit* a^ ci\ili£iilio» at nvji 
a^ ('f E"^l «orlL« ; agriTfiiig 1tirii.'iia with Hathop Spnl, wt;<j «iit% « 
* it o the pcTtthnr ffloiv ol true Ch«i>lilmi^r, that i1 doM not'^l 
i^ql; ttvc hot i;jvilifti it» real |>n>fciioj»/ lln-> icIeJ, li"*c*Wf •] 
upon im prciWl^rvniiNid ayvuviit but ndvpted thiv ron'lwl <o rir-' 
CUaulxiKcH. na thergM rally became art^nnifticd -^ith Itu^ <ha- 
isrlrraf ibi.' twoplr, and ikr ^lii^ruliir^ dt' ihrir (-ninpritr. In '^ 
l|j« OMC 1)1 Poowrr, Ju> c«nwst iU*iir« of improthig bnnit^lf mid ' 
ki' |irtt|)lo \r\\ In hU r(rr\4-iviiiti, jihI <hi d^Al ihr AUrrn^ of ibe ' 

ttMMDfi tarmd ; titc mtroilijction of morp rt\\hjtvt\ iiiH »nd cus- 
toaw rtiflunnl an ■ cviMf|ti«iicir. 'Hw vK4t ira|>orlant T>f these 
^f^m in ihrir hiMtBtkiti* : ih^w m?rr rtihrr HMrt^ Brmponir} hufa, ' 
vrlua^e buthijufci* ^hidi, for th^ onmbtra ihit ih^y conKuncH, 
|«iif^ be oUi'd birnan Hiivx, if ordri, and propriny, and deanli- 
brtd WK U^rn vrktliy vnntmi; tn Ihetr ccovionij. 1« ll>« 
fW'lJinr, ihrrir wtne foitr. ttittj Of mmIv ilrrping placTJ!, or ' 
runted [It panlLd liuc* froa ooe ukJ o< ibe boi»« to cbv' 


PnifnmiaA R^toi ni t m, 

olLcr, uod Hillioia aiiv ditiiiau or *kretf<i WtiKCn ibem ; JuJecd. 
Uwrt there oo |)«rliti9Qi in tto Urgeiit Jiirrlliik^> tbotigk tom* of' 
tlicJD ^tc-rc two butul/ctl fott l<>iif;, aikI huiMlrcW toncliiooa Uy 
dvuii proiitiw iuiu<iLi V> vWp llirrr. 1» llie|MMii«i cabun, |iwhU, 
cftuUfUi, iU^*t ^i**^ fic^iKiillj |>iK4 Bud fowls pvuGtl t^ nitfliL 
Om? uI* Uicir nr^uiito I'ur ctuHdiiig tbiu t<»f^Rtbrr ii-v. tbt'it voii<> 
■iMil apprulviitioii c>f viil apiij>, vrlucbvcrif «u)>noi«d 1o waiidur 
ibout bI iiJfiht, aod ■trn»i£lc lliotc lr> whcrm the; bore »n lit 
liikl. ir'lbov uurv found aloiio; hm if tlicy «lout m luge pattictt, 

IIkV lhoLl£lll lljCin--M!lv<!t M^t^irC Ai^UIUl UllK «An3(I.T. Ill ilicvc- 

dMclhiifCK, liieit* \t'js at luclc roinl'ort av drceiK:^, and ua IJille 
ckanliikCM M coflikfort. Tlic cnrilkcn tiour y^ta imukJU cob<-ri^d' 
«itli )(mup wbidf, nhva a M-ia liij, «kj|) bccnnic Ituduva to dust, 
lod AMfijmtf I ivilh t1^f min ; uii wiodM i port, H'licra tboy tooL tlwir 
K»cal)i, •jLlinit m cuclc:^ uii iJie grikUiul, Uii; fic:Ji witcr «u ol'ten 
«pik ill vkbich tli«v w-Mbcd tbi^ir kaod*. 'Hi^ cocoa-nul juico 
(10 iko uftc of itltidi ibc miutcmanc-*, for viani of auv IkIIct 
catiH*, iuipuUi %Uv |)inuli-iicL^ of dri>piiu)r ami the tL-ii-walEc, m 
«Wii thcvdifit tltcir lochd, lACK' HL>Ut di«rc abo* «i»d lb« Ocih Kriud 
nil) oi'u^ti npn-'AcI 4>^vt tbii >trl lilkt. till Uie pl^cc rvseniltkHt 4 
•lafaJo or tlAldo-^ud. In iht poorer Inju, aJiOp Uw thirtdti ol^n 
lei in tlic nun. 

Tbo niwiooatk* lo*i no time iu tirgiii^r tliat ov^rr faiiLily 
fltOLiJd i;rccl a dUtincI dwelling f^ ibctf ; tbai tiic <)^irU Edwukl 
purliiiuii bwUtvoma in dwir piv«riii dwvllingi, v>\u\v thtj u^rrt^ 
bmfdinjc olljci* ; (l»at llkcip ithould rcdvtri; iho nuiuln^r of lli<^;i id- 
pult», uixi ciciL ditliiMl lEiipiiiiE-ruomk (ut iIsbc tvliuin dii:T tt»* 
laiucd.«v found Rk ihucb flucillt^r at Ibu^ coul<i Imr (tcurtHl. 
Th«COl«l ivcf* au^fdy JiickbjiiALbk liUUn^tU fur Itinc- ^ vtiUid^i* 
a iMWUr nm« i^iadr, uhicb miOkEd fur funning cU-aii snid diinblo 
Aoore. and lor |ila>tcnu^ buiinkd or itickcr y^Mt, >ft>onavi.biyip 
an uifrrmr cktrf ifi llujibiiiv, aiid Timaloa, lun^ of RaMca,. 
««n: thi- firvi pcftfum ubo buiH tkemadifs bovae* — Ui« first of' 
the kiiid vyti tn-LlL-iJ fvt iIhtii t^wii ibi^k- by uty of iLg iialivca of 
tUc South Scs UJand*. 'Hk? cuoiplo waa nptdl^r folkmtKl. 
liidcvd, ' lilt: circlioii cjf a huu« npoa ibo imptorctl plixiii tt%u- 
laling il>«ta< by iiur rank ur eiivsim nf tbc fuanlv for uhtmi it wna 
deaigiiedi l»canie a Imid ui tc>i ol Uiv Nuct-iit> wilxi vrbich tb«jp 
danind ai^l rtrrived iJtiCriiriKiri.* Iliuldinfn urrTf^now to be mvo 
rinog rf«r7 i^bvrv, ■ ftom llieiii)Uf(bttlpcolini;c,w]ibn nttftle door 
ud wiimIow in (nMtX, to da- latfo two-^uiicd dvvlUng of ibo luof 
ot dai«f;' «nd uci, pbnri, cbivU, gimlet*, and aaun, wvre, 
acUtotltcif booka. (be «rtKli;i in muat dctnaixL And liiuut^b 
m i n jo n a ri o ooold but poorly \mdt an arlr *■> o^ick llwj hid 
Ihaa w hw tlskoil «rcrj ibai^ to l«sm, wd wanff wvUriali 

Potifnraion /?nmrdta. 


tj iii^f^t lif l^iilirr or «kiri for hMi|-t«, ih^ tnltv^s rliutiplil tti««r 
i>r n«d Ibm lalioiit (wliich vf»n vci> gn^M) htH cntplojvd ; ihey 
ikml babilutiuiiv nov. ittto nhidj thr\ cvnilfl ■Hntii frve mir it plcfl- 
and «ti>rh wrrr: ^ind ;)iii] <4c«llitfr li^^lil, wIk'ii lh(<v n«xMled 
[iwi rmoi culd <u mm. 'Ilicv an: an Kiiuhfr nf llir cotit- 
vhicb tlv'^kufv tbiPT g«i«odr as eu (^, tli^^t oouUl HlnioAt ffmibt 
ib«thrr ihtr tit the tonir people, iiho li«d l>ccti coiitniit^J lu iii- 
lit ikr stini- dH'«ltm'^ « itii (hdr pif^ and dof**^ where llit) ncrt 
ttilli itniiui. Mid iJic ^iiid Ulctv- and iltc r»m bvai on 

Tb# niraioiMtno^ nrpraiedly *dtrai?d them lo btiild in ttnt^ht 
'KmVf Mid Irivc r<jiial diftuiicr* Iti^tuxcii tbc ruadi iind lW lioiMr*, 
lid iM-tvrr^n ttic rehptrotiic dur^lings. But rv^Lbiitr ^r itib 
[tttid, if It br not iu 1 title >«id tifKiM i M'JiU^ of I»»giii6ci-ni:e, 
rjilcire* >Ktn}w lui t.'fTrrt of riR'^nitet-4 ; vu1 lh<.' tTiliubrtaiUt p^r* 
-rtiiifi nuUiinic ^l^'^ ^■'^^ crbi^i illrnctitt or utcful in th[> noit of 
imi Jbiini 1^ , Mlmrtd thi-tr own indiiiaUou«, uli«rr1iv, aii u fairly 
Imilicd, rJir p(ctitrc(<[ac chunKtvr of llio BcnicT^^ ncrtcad of 
ifijuml, voi hcifihU'i\t*\. Tilt? nac f>f tJjr bulldiu^ ^mx 
b;r tfa« uuLKT'Tftuk or lueaiia, utiil iW )bape b/bia 
p, — o1>1i>iif; or »c(ij>rc, m\iU bijeh ^abtc or circular «ikd», 
■ with tlwf cb. ■ TIk* Mr(3 ^ted wiib «di oiher in ibr siw, 
itvalioa, or toiiicntriMv tyf Ifvir Iiouks: some bnilt upija a 

E" T m tbe ^B ;' wtrrie (brr w out vifraiidftv, otbcr* enx t«l rmcred 
Iconin, ' in ^k\% dicy miglil «ojoy a more cilcndtd prat pert, 
^lir aljiHlcd fidin ibir lun, and farvAdir a purer ftir/ Tbi* pcHkliabli! 
ittlHf* ol dmv rtruclurea ititiil ba\«: gi^^rti Ibe nimifiiiaTics, when 
;ai I niTlaiii;M_T mood* AiMDr feeling uliiib uc^ ^iKitild b« d> im- 
' ixHtm ro thirik oukioona, ' Iftlie fr3i»« u-at h-vH 
|i _ <<ii tlic tJDibcr »ccured, a plnitcrcd o>tlmft w'oiikl 

ihU tnt— Int or tiflft-n y^tr^ ! ^lunv. hownrr^ fn>in die 
and hurritrd iirwitH^r in «tljicb thoy w^rv built, Ijtcsnic dilipi- 
1 in 9 inurh ibrvlrr liinr/ 1%- ciini>ij1uliJr7 cuiioideraliun i!i, 
111* lonntT habtUiiOfiii vrvf» stj much more iif jiwhablr as thej 
\WttK lev* comfcHlflblc Mid decent; nnd tbut il citili'ation con* 
IJMic to advaiMw, utiMH liou^^ «vill be err<:trd, cvr tbc *tt of brid:- 
baking iiiltodui:^ i — n>eantiuicllicii>cdiod(?f building tnf>i4if(aA 
h n rn«oiircft4cntlr ciHcd) niigbt wiih gn^t >rui eiideiil ^vantage 
br lived, 

I'br Irmikiiljikn f»a(r nf rninnirx- wu lufficifPlly htrlirTou* --^ 

« nwt miK^* ^ "^^'^ wiilbout ^fraittcott^ wiihuut sbiit, aad bvlow 

f^-'iti what in Scodaud iic:4jk-d (fit dnn, ttt luata a mm tvc^ado; 

i^Mk tive btD«d notiw pniU round hi* ^nist, tod * % (tf>h'timah\j 

black cont' (pfubablj in iht but fadauti «f McuiiikiHiib-' 



sbcct, or Moor6c1iia) oti bii bick. In lli<; next ^la^e, t*hc.i pio- 
' uilit Jut vml sJioct. lAiiljQiit (Uifk'iipi, 11 loi»K LurtiMit black 

clolli Cv^t, icJtLuLi;^ t<j ):t? aiiLiii, tnillt tiic tulJif tunirij up >tu1 
biiltoiicd clo4o tu LU clu^i ; [itid over hm bbrk roctl a uliilc OiUpd 
nbiil, tli« collar uulult\)iK^d, liiJ t)ir bovutii iLtouu o|>v«i; llic 
sjci^rf dmvi] up iovrsTid>< thr ulbowA;' wmn thus for tbu ttmgned 
rcBftOUf tlial iJic ^liirt nuuld i^t Im^c been ami if it ImH been 
uiiiEct tiic roaL> Eictji uiiUk- oi r.urupeun dmt la nuvt v/ma 
ill iu ptopcr pkicc ; and llicrc ufu fi;\r, nv &ic lol'l, wtio do 
ikjI. b\ ptt:\rMint arrow rouL, fi.ciimt; piga, iiiaktiJg cucva^uil oit» 
or bv Kom^ <iEli4'r luboiiit, |iuirhat<^, nljcu sliip^ arrito, il »uilof 
furrii^u clnlliiii^. Oul- pk^nus and Itoi^tttil lircuinttaiicc m 
iv^Urrd b^ Mr. I'Ulh, lliirir tiiM r-ntlva^'ntir in gnioial!} I3 
liutcltnx?, aitd Lcatu lo ii»Lc up, li^hl diilbut;; tor lliujr duldj* a ; . 
aiK^ llj»t Uierv £IL fv« |ijmiu oil liir lAlaiutfl vshn m>uU tliiuk tij*, 
pLirchiiing d pirtnc&t Cut tbctn^clvi-i ^Ehllc llif ir litilc ones vicm 
witliuiil (nic. ' In mjtiij iii^laiKC*/ \ic add*, ' 1 liaie wtu u ^ai* 
mrni f-^f \\tc iu{>llicr ii^M icWlvd ; ami ihcti llu: fjtfjcr, u itb llic 
rtmaimlcr uf liii^Jr jklhIilcv, liaa i-uicbucd aucic ailicic ior 

CciUomi and vc<}t1cm are llic mLf<1ct of ItdUib maiuifacUira 
nUirh at«- iiki»1 in rvijurtt, and 4if ihc^L* ilit ctiumnptioQ aiiAi>Li)£. 
tiler ifl.iDd:t of tlic Pacific i» iiid Iu tie nlrtady comidvtablc. So. 
far us tUt^ QFw cu>iunK-i ma) he aivtv (avcut^bk to <L«^<iKy uid 
ccttnfott (Ivii tlic old, t\:v claufic ia for tlic b<'ttcr, hovtc^cr mudi 
Otay be Wt in pLcliiivwjiic apjKartJicc. ^o far, abo, »» ikw 
«aiiu urr lDtciii»t3 tu iiM^ful ipiliLitn, |*uod liiu bc^ii ifuon b^. 
iillrodtici";;tfaim- Hit miwonaric* bote tiicd loiiti»ciiiticattlL<ir«^ 
ttitbfmt iiKccti* -iiud iUvy Unty^ fur Litad a% tUc luscliUa did 
for llic flckli-pHi. TJi« |ioIatoi- nbi> livgrjicraiCB j but tlui may 
pioLiblj l>c bccaiiM ibc fori thai vtU auui»- tJi«rc \hn uot, 
b««ii liit U|wii. Kligluti pip lia«« succeeded better ; iht ualltc 
brtc^l intic pcffcclljr <lcao ui tbcir liabiti, but our pi^» bai'c in*. 
IroJnrcii thr iiimti of iulrtlrit amriit^ tlicm, aiiH madr lliern aa 
i^llJiy and sotaitl at thiniacUct, — « Uct uurlbf ol Uuticc io liie 
Ijiiiori of (ii jji/aljufi. 

\\c itittii pm ini3 aume ncll-nir«ia aiUmiita for inlroducijig 
tkc cidinfc aiid iti:iiuifacl4iic] ul tuttoii, atid fur opeoing li ducct 
irtd« Hitli l\itl Jickfloci in a ndnioQtrv nhip. 'Pic |>oliiir«l, 
Clpcnuirati ujKKi nliidi Uie miuionanri b>vo vcoluicd, llt« 
Onujcm vhicli iiiuv \rt avail dir qtm irAj^bnu, ajiit ilk* coi^liuun 
ill vtLlcii dir L^tmitEcM iiiu>l iir- loli^ b»J Lij(tiMLlt«j, it dtOt^ 
Jnngfij tbi>iil-l luj^piU bt- airiiml iji uitn:inj^', a<c topics vbicb 
tnoil ixcupj wii^l luiliicr ijMcc icii»ajn> Iu u«* Litilc txpcdia^ 


i'«>/yn/3«"ji ItiJwatAot, 


at the coiom<nccinciit of tlicir career. Uial lltcv ab^tiU ts-^t be 
■Btolrril ill fluijismilnrcmminpi, s&d tillle disiniuR ilini any such 
homnrt thi>uM tw foic^ upon iWm, ihe cmiriL- of liiiiit« hni kd 
ikon t» Wroitic llic k^^tiUulora «f tirsir ihioQilir &111I iinclir^rUr Uh 
iwlcd!:v, uhat |iciiui}» tliL'i viKild not be villn^ iii ibcofj 
admit* ilie iiupoiiriiKC nn^i |]t<:<3uI>' of a coitiicciM>ii beivnxn 
tc pncnwiKUt and ifair irtifiiuu i>f n countnr. Thcj ^inil lh«in 
loacJj tioiled, — 
■Tba gi0V«n)m*nt, In ill iu wuhip1i*il mEuili^alior*, wnn Ho^fW 
w'ah their fftbt ivtfcm of relif ti>ii, in its aUtract theory 
in its inctko^ ddftib. Th« koJ and ihi; ktna wvx% ff>|ifoi-?il ti> 
iW aotbority over minkibd b.-twppt) thc>m. Th^ ofB<» of high-' 
ra> Irvq^Atntlf nj«LiTik^ 1>)r the kin^, who limt uu&lccl iti td«^ 
the Lif^bcstcivU 4i]d ^tccrboUil fiUiiijn* Ui tJi« Und. Tliv 
ir^lo^ df the tci^mng fjriLiL)' viia UiUtily Imrfd bt^k U} th< fint 
j<?i of thdr ir«idicJ a mry hijkjry: «iit1 the kiOjO:* i^ •oitk of ih^ 
JIatrft* irtM H|rpoc«4 to lure ^l-U'tiirlcd frora tbc jioJ*. TlLa ^a* 
tte oi»p in T»^utJ- v. ■ ' ' lic tiztioail g«t. W6> sttU tu bt iliu 
&lW; and «li> r < ac iinrjxfil^ro'ii n&J j>ri>fjjiiP a^ ihiL 

'«f th« OfifnuJ eoorU 1v.11 uud tointrd lh« Toyti p«noD>g« t7i4 vrriy 
•l»pni43tlng to bim' 

Jiu h'HU^4 wt'ie o^kxl *i-»™*, Ifiis €|oliJa of Imrcn; cfluanifa, 
llie nualxju', wnji llir ivimr iif hit rannc'; hjA voice tuiti ntlTrit 
^tind^T ; iikitf-ad of «a\iih)- tli« IrHchen ui>rc ttifum^ hi hk <lwHI- 
tbr pntjilr ^otiM njiv itml itc lii^litniLig KAA tlushju* lu the' 
«r li«i\vft; aiad stVtrii ho mlih triiitlliiig pick->-bni:k, lh<i 
ifc*c Hnj iJtat he uli« lt,^i(t^ fioni (iikr p!ir-c to am^hon When 
ir appniv'i abro:i{ff all |x-ri'^iii unco^^rt'tl th«' \ysi.'jstl ui^d ^hocUtrnip 
'Av Vhi-^ iltil ii^loii (lEi'^iiu^ u IriiLpIc i>r nn atUr; )ic rtho aci:iectc<L 
or lirul&lrril Ui jK^fotm \\itic tiufk» (jf ivii.'ii.-iiLr, WM\ it) tf^ni^r 
k»f h«iu|£ hillol on tlic B|>ott or m«iLed for a &atjnfif;e. llio iy^n 
iU >i.Touiitr4| MCird, ztnil hix own hntiitej wric the only 
LabviJlitKii at \rhKh he tni^hl >lighl, and lale rTrmlmient, or 
.irpoic. It nimt W nictr< «q to xM, Ihikl htfl aiitltoritTr tlKM^x'i 
tcftttli^ not uofft'i^Ui^DiK 111 rvhclliufi, ^-js it other liiiu-i iti|>tefiie. 
Now, vtbcn Pmiuio Urcauic (Ik- fii*t c<>n^er% uiiJ l>ii>u^lit 
'iViUI n rrllgion^ trii^uli^tjt, VlhiiTi r\lriir:|n| ttimagh aU tlieiir 
^liUnfLi, it wi* not moiv fT<|infcd hy };ood i>olicy than it nx>al<l 
lia>*' Wrti conuM^nl Hith th?- fl|iiiit ami h-tlci ofihc Nevi Tcalji- 
int-nc, that lite miiiJOii.jiic:A ihoulil lull-' bfou;>hl llxc sanction ul' 
ih^ rti'w rc1i):]ou lo fOji|>jiL hU :]u(h<ii)tV| u«c| huvc toh-uccd^ a> 
Wnoog the lirvt and oM^t mmnc ntofi« of civil ohlig^liocit, the re* 
^S|;ioua dulv of oh^itKOcr to \\k fon'rci^n. 'Ilui tbvj niU9t buo. 
Be^U^tvd to ili>; ihihoiutso wt* i^VHittt not br lohl, ihul Mn<'e lite 
.peofib aic fne froin the rcflniat* inhtcU idoialry tiupiMcil, manyi 


4J Pofyatnan Htmardtit, 

kit ibem Ttfrntm ahMostalllftwAilobr^nce, md eiiPM h dt%iiMli- 
iiaiiiHi lo ivndvf Ui9 king Uie Mipptiw nrhicli ar« due lo hf(ub<ol:l 
rMftblishcd CB>tO0i, bikI which anT ni^rf>«nry £of hi* Mi|if>ati. Thf 
crown luidi af« ihm hhIFm irot lo iii»mtjiii liii eitablvifiiiiriii. and' 
ifco ddieicoc^f ^a nia^Jc up in rr(|iiiij|ji>nhfn>tntlir pGi7pk.-»^lh« 
kinp beiug, like ihoic ui Hr^imV^ ila^^ tjunicfjmiu ; hut ihrry 
fftt0ftW4}' niio •>fntiat thcyrcc«n«d,9ndti««vo lar from bvti»s- pro-' 
fiuc-lj iiipptird. Mrs. CompBDjr licrvclf \tn* Tmt liail lucrr i|urR<*' 
iiotitr to dral witli iH*t% ha\e bo«n bmoglii bercirv ilkc din^ion oJ' 
lli« London Mi^ijonary Society forGoi»hler»lioi) ; but, boOi Mn. 
CoDipiiiy >i)(t (lie Khckfriun' diri-ririn mf^tit tihte iiWrn iitifuli 
lc!i«oiia frovH old c^p(Jn^^C4^ '1 li' format inicM Iw'C fftri-Miuocd, 
bmn iW enrnitilif iil' iluit Athofjia'ajiir itlio (ini rttahhthr^fl an 
European donnnioii in t1i4< £af4, ^hcdi^, instead of vud>D];mn;- 
bcf gnTcmitKttt lif prolkiliiling llic mcriiicc tt( wiilovr* on the 
liu«bqiiii(l'A funeral pjl^. that ver> proliJtitioii H«uld ttat liaic t«ii- 
dcrcd lite BrJIvh government iiior<- (^pulir ckan ntijdilitf; \^1iJ<:h 
it hum <-vrT jL-t doiif* Vbf tlic pi^fjplr oi' ludiu. Tilt Uricr miglil 
tftke uicful l<^»OB» from lt>G h^lory of Jap«n. 

N() inairrbl initrfrmitr wiih iti^ ilitrti atfliin uf gavernmrjit 
took jiUre liU * ihc ntiMtmi »ni] %he tkiilioii oKprrikinoed iho h^«^- 
dl btii-incfiiciit tbat had occLjnrd suicr lluf mtiiiductimi of Clin«* 
rintulj^/ lliN w«4 Foii^flrr% deatli si tlirdmeof 18^1. Il« had 
lon^ been afllKlrfl vulli c]c|tknntia:<Ut <l dim>rdir icrr prnttlcnl 
llierp ; but <trr>|i^v htm rhi? tiMiiti-diiiTi' nu4C tjf liiti di^Mhtliudi. 
Thi* rrmufkiiblc man na\ t'vci-cdin^v jrnloiit i>r any intrrfeicnec 
vrilli litt |Hnv^utJvi'» dini iiibttcMA : ' W viui, alarj,' ^ut^ Mr. 
ElliHj * n« mi^la hiivc bmi txp^^cied, froui itie clrrui&itAiic^ of li<i 
lianiif t>«TD t^p hii;b-pii«9l of llit^ tuitjoit under tite M^iUriti of 
IbIm nligioii, md having ^>r-ii idr^nlifird nith all iIh< rc'lisioiit ob- 
tMirmneeB of lh« people, looloiido/rrgiiljilinit nialtcrji purrlj roa- 
orrted iii(k Clir»liauily.' Dui thcrr aiv maiij ni4t<4-ni n-Uiing to 
relJC'^" ^%l^cl» ai4; miimalriir iud ncc^anrilj coonocUd nilli civil 
Xo^r^mmeETl, jiihj ^IirIi Poniare ^ss lIi<? p[U|»'j petaou to lei^ubte. 
tht book bct*Ht u> obt<-rv«<p, ihat in mau» rrffM^tii ih<' whluu- 
doiKoPllicK iilapdrrs ' indicate ^tvM ■tU-iibini Uf dii- i^riddptea 
of govrmmcnt, an »cr|uamiiinrr willi tlii: mrurik of e out rolling ibe 
conduct orntAo, uoil an ftd**i»e«:mcnC m tlir or^.bdifation of ihctr 
cnil poliiv/ altojeiber reTnariable %tnt\*r iheir circumiiiinc^*. 
Tie |>r'Op1e tbenivrlrc) ftiiir}, tftal ■ had tboir chicribeen idolnlrrv, 
Ol uirkfd nilean^ it noitld \iivc bren im|KOtirr fi>r ihrm In bitv 
tnteifrfrd 111 an^r nutl<-r» eoiffiecl«d nilk Off i^li^nitv ; b»l tliat 
(low UiTT Vrtc UuN pious, it ncronkd villi iLcir iJen-n <»/ pio- 

Erklj, Ihai in the Cbri-^iian eburch iliev tliould, at Cbrwtion cliiefv, 
I prccmincBt.* 'I'bc niawnrim itpUcd i9 Ibcac miMblo r»- 



/W^ireu'an Aivnmi^, 


pn^cnwon*, in ■ i>iiit«cr more cu»ib4em vmHi iImV KclaiiJUi 
pfiviriplr]! than irrtli miuihI p4itic}\ Ittit uuh vurli a pfi»|tar^iu>n 
m the lubiU mild difiKH^lkHi oi tli« poopir, nnd wiUi ■ priuoc av 
mnIbUki*, <o ftUv, Dttil vn wdl ilUpntorl s^ Pwtiiaie, a Hithop 
Hrbvr wtMlU luH' 4'4tabli5|i«ilaiAataot>al<:liurcli upoa « fouiHJativxj 

Tkust |mi>r |iinfliec 1i>d bvtm xttMuti^nhU \n h>« rnilravriitr>i bulh 
IB WnpfOTV litinMrIf bikI Wit people ; be kcgit u rc^^iilnr joiinial ; 
*hn maiBinfiirtl an i-iinurvi' rnrrmpniwli ncr •/ be wrtoie in ■ book 
ovfT t(Kl uf 9criptut« ttut lu? hrard ; be rciidcreil wry it»|Xkf1uft 
avii»ta»te m iraEtxlatitig llir «cripltkrv«, xikI t^pleit out many por* 
tiotii brfow ihry wm ptiated ; bi* pfcp<ircd tbc Ural code <>f Unt 
for hn Irilh' kingdom, i-^picd tWin vtil fnuK witli I119 own iaxtdf 
and pniimd^lcd tbeoi »itb bis ov ii fipA. Tliriiu Hin, witb touio 
»t|bl noditintiootf, vTL're adoj>Uxi m Huilum-! aad Sir CbaHca 
Sftniirn' f«lB«il, ntid pnnlrd i«ilhll«t)iic, ' A Cofl« of Luira for 
HuabnM, cautnl to grow in Ui<? f^otcnmicut, ur reign, i>f Tcru- 
irria, llantia, and Mabinr, wilKirdiiiat« ntlcn ' llirrv biMi^ ik> 
Tabiiiau won! fot ' livt*/ tbv H«brv« otic lui« bvcn iulrcydticcdat 
W*t mrcordm^ miuIi lie Ei:tinu aiid idiuin iif Ibr Ln};iiui;e- Of 
tbi« tvrr cttnoua piib licit lou, a lilcril tnuiftiition 14 pvirn. iJiad 
nitVodilCFd in tlic namt: of tbc quccu and die two principal c1iic&, 
* From lb* fifoiirnr (iorf wo hsvr our fitivpfiiniml. Prart* ta ^ftti 
iMd lluabine !' U bi;i;uui vjiii iscual tniiilDLoit* ^ Uic putii*ii«»47iit 
Inir nrfaniKidr, prctrurTiH ahoflinri, and muiilct, l* tniLtjic^i tuition 
for Hl^ 10 ati ttiiHihabiled itipnd ; for tbefl, a MirfolJ inuld. in 
a^ual p«tU, lothv a^grici^d perwin and to the ktii^ ; if the ibicf 
Md ao propmy. bv vai to be s<ft to ttvric on ili« laiid> of llic pcr- 
ata nwfD DO bad rubbed : if h< n:fuMxl lu do diia^ hit oun land 
raditaard lo Ihr king, and br \i» to uandc'r mi ibp marl (tbft 
phfw fer bini*bEni^ot> nn unbAiiU'd ximt. IIh.' judt*c miKlit not 
dmuful di« Ritiki fn>iii >tin rr-laiiti^^. 'Hint coini: laiiH rrlatiii^ to 

Eip, {who ifv ibe itrrnt (rcipaucn, aivd lumt li> be kt-pt in p«la, 
II^ tbr bmr» iu tlic Zuultji^'iial Gaidrii,) rrrriv«ps ol'^lolcil ^^oodl, 
bM nropcTtr, btiying lod Mlling. 'I'be *«t«nUi relaU^ to »abb«lh 
faR«kn»(. It My$f — 

' For a moo lo work on the »abtttth u a great cnm^ bafore Ood. 
Work tkat uaboI be cWfcrrcd, »d^ a* drv»iDg food uheu a ekk 
pgr w n ^fibva wana or fre«h food, iba it b rigbt to do; hat not toA 
nork ai* «raet«g boopM. tvildinfr canoe*, rollWaHcfr Ittxid. catchaag 
M, and rrtrf <Kh«r rmptoTtn'-Til ih%l can ho deferred* t^ none 
tmnf aha«l Co a kiCfE divijuri? on ihe HdilntK For thnM wbo dcdn 
to baav a pr«orb»r oa iha Aty of fijod {tk» imotdliig day) b U pfoper 
to tt%vvi If bcoflvcftknt la >eiuruey 00 the prfcedinff day, ii k 
•o liSTal m ibe Mibhath (u> attcud puUic wvreLip); Uit boI 


fitJifnmim Rtmartke: 

to vnaJer ofcmt to m ttrtht di«ljiii^o (in different tIII^cm) on t\tt 
sabtttth. 'Dtr indivLdu,^ whuvt^ll pcnist in follmtin^ ibow pri>lki- 
Lircd «fKi]|»«ticnw, klul^ bo v^r^^ by tht bugulrntM nni to do m i 
but if he vriU not rqci^nl* he niM be mC to wack, nucfa u nukiBf 4 
^vn u^TUftd ftAy filhoaii |i>U|; ui'1 t^-o fatbrnnr^ ^viilc- IC After Uiii,, 

Lr i^orl: hgATii oTi iTii> mMj^^L, I* t i; U* om- futlunj^ ' — vtA. Sl p. 4:^0. 
I'Utf feic^jtiuLi, iicavon, iir rrboluuu, l|j« puiii^iutt^l of iLv limt 
ofiimcc Li uiuplv n:te](3tioii to thf?ojfciidL'r'H onii diiUlot ur uUnd ; 
iiraLiiiu a fuiIvAg of luuJ, if lie llit-u co»lii)uc» thi: ulTcucc ; biuI 
for llir llriiH imif*, baiiiitiiitriii in n ilrvrl jfiliiiut during ibc kiii^V 
Ifk-nsurt^. |{cTi|JoctltiK inunugi.-, iJjl- lu^' JiioU ]iiopc:rl>- kukuj 
lliow H« tlirj^ Mi^fr, uhii, iftlirti t}ir diviigi- of u-U^iuii took pUcre, 
Ittd S101C w]t«fl tJukn oikp ; hrrr the lajMloiiDnca have fo|io«c<l 
lilt: uim; i'}k:iiit|>1t' of iht' Moravi^Li^t «iiU aitoMkHl lliv tlillHiiliirtt., 
im ueU 111 ibc utju!itici.< of \hv opposite eoum;, v-lucb Hie Jiutiit* , 
|>uoui:il ; hut U ii mnn, W^iii^ one ujf«, luuk uoolbcr. bv «i« tO-J 
hr »cpnralnl froiu brr, an I both pUTiiftho4, — the bigaiuisl bjr 
moibitjs m piece of ro^d^ fott> littiioini loan ^'^^^ ^^^ brond, — , 
lliQ uciinno by niakiu^ niJiLt, iulf tW iti^Ling, folffor tli^ goiioinof 
o\ tbv c1i>ulct. 11k iaw coiiCL-niioa ottiUlvij it iiul tf«iuUlri ; 

it (Ctflllll.-) fM:CUllltt|^ (!) LIJLltptUUll'^El (w I^L- otllHItJcJ piFl} » Mid 

proJiibiu ikic <>fl«iidcr horn uuirvinfc diirinji the litV of t>i<> injui<.-(i 
li^MiiuJ. ITu hiubMJjJ rD(;itikcv hU <>iirci ibo pmiisliDicul 13 
labuuf till Uc M'liiiiu lo bir; mhI if tbc wife be the oflcTuliiig 
puly* \vt iHiuiibiocnl i:t ittc *Wi<. If iJicv bgrc^ to tcpanilc, 
and rriuiimir in Uui mind aiVr nriuioiki^mKiit, t)«cy nrc nni lo 
tnvr? ollifn, >wl »n^ aJjuUg^xl tu laboiir liil tl^vy couient to livo 
Io^iIki ;ij£nin, Tlw luan'a noik irt on tlic road or llic jilofilatiifn, 
— tlic uuiciun'Sj nkil-miiLJii;^ or iKatinf; vW.ttij tn ^hUkt ra»p, 00c 
put for liir kiDi:, tlii; i>Ukj (mf Uic lucnt governor. By ihc »jiiic 
niur<.'» n buibuiid i« raiiiiH^IItd lo loutuli* foud for bis uifc. 
n t*hf filic ac^Ufor h« 1<j aufirr ibo piini«|«nic»t vibi<li be wouJdrr 

L }m\t biMtfbl upini tin* iiioDu-ut pcjuiii^ Pcrpcitul bauinlmirol, . 

I or iBi;4;bbfet UarU iiUnir fi>r h^xu loti^ yoair, u tLc puii^hii^i<»t,i 

I fut.iifiibaiuul €<i(ki(.-^; Laid InboiK dujttijf a a|ii;u&ed luoc ^.^WL 

I ihe lrni.!irilorh::« uof ipt'^ihcill lirr virdiidioii, rj|H\ ;ii*il f^nuicAliult, 

I A drititkuid, »hv-.i lioitblooii-i? <>r iDtM:hH:^r>u)j ii to br piit iu 

^^^ dtif>u<^ liU Ive it mbrr, mid llicti vlfiWKiidkoJ ; for n brcmiil 
^^ft oScscchc ii M-l loroMl-auhm^i — MacJLdaai SiuM fmd liiiusdf 
^^V ■ uniiuur of jiiKlJcc is iticaiv ubuU. Wniticu, iii liu^ like cjim;^ 

^^H bave p ^Aue lavi, tbcn, wbich brvint by doclariug limt Ui«rr nr^j 

^^M no pig* witttoui uuncn. * 'IIk i-,kl pigt iu ili* wood* ortavitict.j 

^^^ bcloti): to ibe pc^flc of II1V v-^l«v/ ' 'tht antt nko iv ftt^Uutic in 1 

^^f UuvltM pin on lac motiMtaiuB tJt m Ui« valkiN^ o«i llie prvtevt 



Pchpifviittt RtJttiarth^, 

lliM tlwy %rt nitbotil owoere, m the sttBie m a thief, and «» i« 
Ulc Uiicf**, »uch nbo ■ hu putUAlimL'iil.' 

Mw|iri<»io(i of %ny coiwpnc^. vhU^llwr In munlor tlio kittff iir 
CdOiaui « ikvit, u subject tcf Uic saoic |]UiiaJiin<--iil q» iJju act of 

' Hv«ry InDtt tli^t kw rccdtcd Ifcc wx)H of G^lI, and ihoic llat 
ktTv na«» vhfv«e imtituiHHit art* ^^rmA^ *fCTtt thai k k H^ht <i^ fifml4h 
fnt]Wtf for thf4r Aim krnff, vrbo hold* tfie crottrnm^bl, 3Tut for thu 

tliB ii«rd of Gtxl, ukI iMight b]r Jcauti^ our Lord. wh«n hp; Mi4, 
r'* Rrudrr cato Cnar xhe ^lugt that ura C-»iir'« f " TItffHbrc k i» 
nitbt tlial WM do Ihv t&ate. X^t vT*ry iiiJtTKlu&l vcntrihutc tx^inrBid* 
t^ rirrn^ q( di« Lio^. Ti^o mu of ffrt«l property nm-^t fu^nidi 
ttorv tWu thtt iutu uf l«»t (fiuptily. Sucli us j^utrvtiuis of lUitru^u. 
aIuIi f(ii« ttftk hogiff^rly. If not hotifri, :inxiu'-ti»i (vu mt^uutcj : 
,lf Dol llik, DOMArDVt Ml l«Q bftmbooa fttil j Utey otukt bcr ii^ood-bbocd 

' TTx nutffViit, firRvr*, or »aiAlJ UiiJi-(l"iiriii'fi<;e(jrs alial earh give 
0*^*■ ■! (7 irrrt^lv. If not a hog, arffjft*-rooi fiw narAturi^ ; it n\y: lliiii, 

1!, .^'.. .— «r btfUift^titi^ to another Und. biit rniMuii; lierf — '.hia 
t^\i\ ?* i*eir TOKtribwftin, on^ jiij for one yr*r (Riiult(>r t>Aii tlri* 
ftLn^^F cd by ilv« fmnert} ; if not a pigi an<otr<'rij«| lbr«« Ka«aMr««, 
or oU Ihnrc bamkio** 

' Ttiut ii avoiber properly lliat A<f faniwrs shall ynpaj« l>r the 
ftci&tr thai hMm the fcurvmncol : Korh ttihtrlcrt ahull prefiAr^ every 
«rar mo naia, l«u fatbont looff. uid t^vo filhome wide ; A nuc br^« 
■Vftla. Am h i tocai mata. oiw rnm ««>cfa (famiijr) ; if twt tbu, tLreu 
£a&lu«M0fintmck>lb,«wli.'^voL iL |iji. -U4, 4;i3. 
Thtt t^vetiiac ap|H>jutcd for tlir co%cr[>'>r u boJi' of ihai foe tla: 

4inig; ImiI Uir <lk«liH-l iiu|)|>lir» limi i^illi lliv Kriiie [|UJiiiliM of uial- 

liaifl or doUi. 'raiUH>i(j^- 1^ prifJitbiicii, m * boloii]j;in|( to sMJi-icut 
«>d ciutuiuH/ Ulc inarkfe iiici lo be Uackcui-d o\vr, and llie 
<iflcwk«>, if tboy p«i«ii»t is roncuiBg ijjoni, puuihcd by roadp 
~Vi«l< or cloth uiflJ&in|[, 

l>inci'rfini|! vcimi^tn^ ai I:mi£<t ctnupanipfl, ' Wkrit » Tntriiilfrr of 
4br mjtaiiii^ UmiU, or <>tbrr |icniou ol nii\L, sbuJl pruicct ik 
'*ajBM lo >iiijlbi-r biiMl/ — MH'ii RH from ItaUlca ur TaJutt lo 
Hnafcb#, — ' tl ip rijibl lltat he select «tc)i4y mru, mdi «t nrc of 
lb» cfcnrtUt ur bate Ixrii buplord, i«ut tinnHiraJ aiid ofuducTom 
nvtir that craM imt from ciiRir. It«t if ilicso toyugvra c<^ii|iiiu« 
l« brittle IroublcMrJUi: |H:r>iMU(, ll^c jJltfitrtlutcs vlulk iiJuioltii^ 
ifkem iah«n lltry laoil not lo <litluvb ibi: it^cv ipa- \\*iuh^ abrMit 
*l mibl. if tbry do nol r^ard (bu iiJ^ibcv, ftiidi diiLurbcn bbiU 
Ik btfiuid wiili ropt-B liU tUuriuaMGia tlepaiu' 

A Diagiiinito 


A si^Htrmle or jvdg^ ■rearing a briW n to be 4titf>lK«d vttd 
vtndcrcfl f4>r 01CT tiicli|;iblG lo Iko oflicc ftfiun. The laiira ve 
antiuiil1| lo 1w rvibed^ flnd ihm^ if ivml lie, »iMfnd«d, ' thnt th^ 
.u«bt:e« 111 Umd \Mtd mfty bo »tni^t. ' THn jwi^ca jioil macMtnilM 
ar^ u> tir nfUDiTiiUrd bdcI pnsi by tlir kni^ or tli^* uinrrmn g«^ 
tvnior. TJie JiMlnfv has fto ducrutJoiiat} p<"**T; and is to writo 
ilk ai booL llic iiBiiiL-^, cri«Ki»> Mnil t' nunc (^ iff llic itcuwd, for llift 
jpKpcctkm fl>f ibc kmg iiod the |>«*jptv. Grr«l crime* arc lo be 
|ncd ir^ ii jiiiy of m& jM:i«oiiit, \i1i04C verdict iaut4 he mtajtam<M9, 
f If it bn <HK vi tliA kliig'i fnniilv thikt \% lni*d, tlirii ihp jury ihall 
.b6 ni<Tnib«rs of Ibc m|;[iLU^ family, oi JoiLvulaiils ol' ec^iiil runk ; 
if 9 Ijirulnl |bioprif'ior nt fjtriJkT^i bi' trji^d, <if landed |tro|iiirUirii ttt 
ffttiriprd ffiiK q'nll tliv j^'T ^^ ocHtiftondp' In <:ii»-a i^I llii?fl or 
ndulicr;^, tlir iiijtittd pAH.^ muKi loi1|;e « lomplhitK ^ bill coiicttn- 
ins otflcneen which atrWl thv K^icttc! ttUncK niHi m miiTdfrffl, re- 
bcDioa, cotiBpinucyi and woriiiu^ vta thi,' ^abbatli, tt b Li>uipvtciit 
'for any prrvnci to ^w. iiiroraiiiion. I^r magiMrat^ may not 
brine ^^ tnal u** vKgi]« rc|ior(«, Tbcrc ii t;> be no dumice for 
|>Hij (d&im*-i ; ' Uit for mutdrr, tliefl, rrbtrlEiou, &r^ nwi alJ 
j^nt cniDc«, il id proper to «cctiiv the offradcr. Lcl not ibo 
coiii^iivuit'iit Ik- lung bet'oiv \\tc ycs^wi is bioti^ht to irUI, — ww. 
hiu, or ibrce du^-i ^iQ b* tulhckent. Let tl nnt b« loafer/ 
AppoaU are alloncd from a di»UiU JnH);ialrulv to thr c^cf judge. 
All mallrentmmt of s roii^ici u forbiddon, *ud ibi^ king may 
nutiEHtc a >cuu-i>cc, but nol iocrcaM it. 

'Utit, ltioit|;b thr! Ant printrfl rode* in ihfw nltndf, wac not 
ibe tint pitjmulgatrd^ Potnare'iif ii> 'I'alitti, ^-^ the lirit, and 
tbai b»d I*r<-[| folltmcd by ofic in lUiaieA, En lhi< [w^ eUcr 
cod4!ii, murdr'E, rvtm^Uton, and Uvawn, M-'fr piim^faabJe by dtiith; 
tbe >Hb*tiliitMKi, in the ^awa of HnuUinc, of bnaiiitmriit for life lo 
an nninhnliilM iaIaTiil, wa^ made at tlie )>»riicn1jir fn^irriTii^Tidalion 
of tbt OUMMfiafiva, viho boinff crnivinccd, llie^^ <ny, that < it, under 
any irii<cis«iat>nr«*,fnanMJaati6od&] ihi? jiAlUL'tUiniif dvaihiUi?* fue 
^urdiT alone/ co«dd not, upon Meamiiiing tba icripttiret, •aii^ 
tltemid«ca ' ibnt tbc Alinii^ty bad dclr|talod to man the t\%\i\ of 
dehberaltif dwirojing a buman being, even for Ihia criaie/ l( 
mnal have been by a «ii«Dgf Ij ecccnlfic coune of rraaoniiif ibat 
ibey catnr lo lliii eontrlnaiou ; im mvon, are belie*^, would ever 
baie qncationcd tbu juttice, ihu lawluliicn, the |imprMly, Ibr. 
Eteeeaaity tif puuUbin|^ ccrCniti ffrral ollence* by ik^oib, tf ihat 
piniahfikent bad no! bee* initiated in »o man) ligltter cnan where 
Itabocfcathe feioipl aen^r. Tauv rxceutioiiA for eMiapiraey and 
Ipaaaon took plae** in TaUiiit vriihifi inn \r^t% after th^ proniul^- 
6o« ofl'oilitic'a code ; < llii-cllccl,' Mr. KMiji ^ii<, <appc«f«d I17 
DO meana valnlatj ;' aiid afler Puaianr't drath^ ihey tomnmnl M 



^puwihmfMil for »potnirv iipuo a tirien ttlunit/ Buttf^vcr m 

^catcrpntinc coivpLJatof i> dih|>ofM»l oi in tl»«i uar, lie will appear 

tip on i)i<* ■lag'' Bgi^n^ IliKiiuparlr^ csjil' i* milticii-uiljr Minilnrio 

pio«e tbc uswcvnii oH uny aucb mbplacvd tu miiuk^n mercy. 

Noealk u wlLMii^KUml on stij ocra«ioi*. — fulm cvuI^im- l^ehig 

ii»h«d juHt Of! n iuUf* [Kx:t'>utif>4i Hould Uay< been. Mr EIII8 

liu, ihul llic luM niich pK^iibits IjUau vn llic SabbatJi-tlajTr 

t, * petba]n, coforccilbr & pcnallv diKpro[H)rt>nnod I0 tha ofibitee.* 

It c«i:o9C» U bv rcprcBCuUuE umt uic quaiiuty €)f cowpoUoiy 

ihouT u nol gmi ; ihal, ' sj^ n nation, ttM'^ wrrc: scoitiomed lo 

ij Ui«*thctc^ regard toihis day, Irptii rciit-iou* ccmitdcnilioui» 

fonr (be Itfgitl va«ctatcitl \(afemjik' ;' vut] iLiut ' it ms* pfiudfully 

^ucil lo |w\«!iil ■nnotaniTc lo iboiv vrho u«rc <i««irou> to d^ 

Tbc c<HJr cocttitiiA ji jai* Dgflinit cLioiHiikg a)i<tlhcr maii> trte 

ir irutt, niibuut bU pcrmvaioD. Kufmcrly* nbcn the uUikU 

irU propird, rirn bn jid-lTiiit uiiH cicoa-lrrr in ^nid lo bvt^ 

^^ad Jia japccmt v^fttr, aiid a >]ii|^k Ul'c Homctmits bclonfccd lo 

It) jvopru-Uiri; aftcvwiinlB, laigv cliij«ii-t?i of Irtv-^^, »r vibnie 

rio, hadnuolbrro^nicrtbintbochitl' or' the diitricl, nndanyoru? 

It ^afbtr llic fniit, unlir.ii tJit' Imd uf llir uimmr Uoi Eiube itiay 

illcd) pioliibLtcil thi' Uvv* lobbi oun uu- bv iil^mtif^ hiicii ma'k* 

"^ Ibem as dciKilfd lli4i they ti«r< raA»na. or, as wc abottid say, 

jv/iMVini. Tbf pfac-lirr bring dUutml, bccaiito >t nai cuiiii«cIihI 

«illi nettain idobtroiis tcmnoiiif^^, tbut f-avo a rdici>oti8 Muciion 

to ibc urotubitioit, tbc Ua brirauic ni'cr«»arj. Ik rexitlilion 

rfiidii ttxeti die tcxriiiic of tho Lltij; and llw cbicfa, vta« made by 

fiaiaaiUQaiWaduic,Mi(Li ihrv Lad aoaie dtfliouh j (iiihli«bicing 

' To (be cliKfi it appcBK'i^j in Hiine dcfitec^ dcpnviny lliem 

Uicir power, and reuiitTiiiE ihvin d< iicrntlcnl on iIk- doii44lOlia oT 

pnipUr ;' for tbc gnvrrnnirnt having iwttn bilhi:Tlu arbrimry, 

y bad been accu»ti>n»cd not only lo a f*:KiilAr aapply <■' all Ib^ 

tKim vibidi llic ikbjkd produced, bui ttt mtikI tbi*ir v<mat» nnd 

» mucb motg as thrt plcu^d. ' Thtie w«tv otlitra wbor 

:tni|$ llic piuk|>rnt)' uf the ptrupk witb i)»c<xjhiiiwanceof ibo 

rdiical gotf ftimcDi, i^err fh>i free from ipprriicmtor Wi ibe 

il iQipoMid CHI lilt cbirr> F^lt^iuld dtniini*li llieir inHiicncc lu 

aattonv and doiToy th4' BBthoriiy of ihi^ tovrjrig».' In Haa- 

bovraiTT, Ibe nJcm icadiliF amcalied to liiif ]U;id, ImriiU re* 

tmcmicdit^aMi fuutMlii inucbiwxc |Mnductnic tjian tbc tunnrr 

iin. To the ptTopk*, Mbu conkl nctar bdorv look upon tbe 

lace uf ihntt labmii as intn>1hbl> llicir uvm, Ihc adiautagc b 

grraL home of thcr i-il^r tiUii<U <noi all, it appvai*) haiv* 

ipud il, atHl it n>A) bf iv^aidtd ai ll(4 baiik on ttWh ibc n^bU 

:ii|ily i>f|tRvalr prcipirtj arcoluthtbrd, 

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P'jfjftf^itTa li^vrarr^am. 

Thtf tmatf cmU'm left bruli ih^ Ltriri of punivliiiinii, aM itto d«- 
grtCi 1o the judge'» ducrtlimi : this ' opened a d(>ur fof ibc tbiane 
of ]KMVi/ nnit wm olVn vi-nr' onaTttfnclfiri" lo ihi- p^oplo in 
ectK:nil, Itv Itio lliiahinv c>od4>, therefore, no dtwivliovarT po^'oi 
B« ^ii'n, iiud' ihi* pbii lioh iij>|ir-3ivd iit grncrnl lo i^ii'r HiitM^^ii: I j^n, 
lh>uu}(li it Lk oltiMi uTitM^il ^lUi ]if9ch(&l Jtlfii'tiliirs^ wIjIcIi,' Mr, 
lbUt»VA\ft, ' iIm.' ji!(iCjr?ifi^i:iiptr)iciicr- uf llir jirrrfik- »ii|, piobabfy, 
nibble lli«m lo rrmovo/ S;iU4Mju<"r» bv* »»vi" beco etifi:tcd U> 
«iicimI lliu b^ictk *>t triul b^ jnrr, bir itrOTidiii^. iliai ptuanb aoid 
n]rdi9iii4<«. It u'l II n< rautirm ami Hiirfi, HhouM 1^^ uinl >>j ihcir 
p«vr« ; ti> turbid jict^uii^ fioui b^ibuitriit]; diildreti, «W, Mn^ 

|En|uliriil tifrrtir.LMit, iim :ivi3y frortilhrir jj^irtiiH ; (o pro^tibil |)ic 
ivvml n\ * tlMn« iLinu^rincxiU oiid dnjii-cs whiihut^rr iminofat m 
tWlv Uiulc-iLi ;' iiiiil lu lji iIk: |iiii)Ki[ti'^n of ^sti wbtth aLoufd be 

EWi^tk 1u ||i« kiug And ltm«fiiinni- IJ\ anotllf r uiid niuti imporLiiiL 
iir, tl irniB ordered, lliai aill di.ipuU-4 aboiU laii'iuuiki aIiouIJ bn lo ihe j^id^^eir ^ i^<^d t>y > Ju'r ; and thnt llir bouiidv 
sin of oJI ibc land, ficKi, &c. tbroujc^iout ikv ivfand ^WiU be 
orffidiv i&rprraiiieM^ and, niib ili^ diiiirniiiiiifl, drirriplion of rh« 
biHJ, uikd imirH^« tlic- onntr*, hhrjull U- ciitc?rvd m a book, railed 
llic l5i>A of ibe llDoiidariu* of l^iidv, Ttmt; lirub ^rfc iiitiilc 
l\ V fr>,*i?hold pn^Tiv />f Ihrtr pof«c4»orp, >nd n copy of iht^ bonn- 
d»ios ofcac^i »Uite» «igiied bj tlit' pnitcip^l jiid~r, and sraUd 
villi ilip kiiig%Mriil, «« lobe prrj>arH, atnlr^l mle to ihc jigi^ 
icmion of vuchckUlcni pctpcUiity. 

li do^ wH «p|H>iiT uMlirr aviy otWriclsnd iNrn Tlnibm^lm 
it« DotncMl«> Hook a« >ct, Mr. I'i1i>'« ntusi micmtiti;- voluinea 
bnicitv cillirr fjiiTt lluiti itr Mcint of arran^c«iCMl j Aiid titfit llivjr 
tiii« ID an riiinoTilaiiTLr) tlr^ivCf th« uiiilieit of xuna anti pljcft 
bciDg »« lilllc tc^ardcii in itnnn ua in a Spatii^b pliiy, lloahjuc 
Mrninio haf^ bevn tbe inland in ulticb thr tfiiiiioiiarir<i ritrruitrd 
ii^<i>i iikiliicntYr till nfttr Fi^iiiaiv'r dealft. ' M tiCB the infrnDI, Po- 
ttitrc 111,^ win roi-opTtifMl hy The iiaiinii ai Fii* vniroriMor in iho 
fjorrritncitl of Tiihit] hihI M^^oicn, Ihi: Tvhitiaii code uaa revitcd 
«Mt«olafi|[rtl; andaluw M3!( Un-niiiUuilHCertlbv tlidi i^Mrafu^ vibkli, 
bt^xmH fldl doubt, wuuld not hnw bcoo runctvtt, ptubably not eten 
ft^opuard, or liiiilrd nt, if ilir fadici had ban luji]*;/ Wrfl iBijr 
iluif rill it ■ pioil important lk«, for ' it giitr To thr natHn. for 
lh< lii^ timr, wbht miglrf be Icmbril A tvpiCfcritaiti^ goir«niDiakt> 
■bd rciiilrred the Tahittm m Itliiilcd, iiuirard of an abwilut*? nio- 
mrtbf.' 'IVtj ti[r|>rTtfLiiiiilii<« froip ^err dutnct «rro to neat 
vnnuallf , rnact ncm- Uu^. utid mUc and Bincod lIic ritstiiig Qtio. 
No rr^u^b^m vm lo be rej^nk-d as b law, viilliout ibe lung*! 
npctKin. 'i1ic iiarliannil wu« ia \tc tiieiitiitfl, and iiii;^it. if it 
MNBitd good, iuoeuie the imDibrr of de|«lir> fri>in caHi d'utnci. 

Pttiyntaitm iZMfonMk 


^Liick fttup in tbo 

tliror or fniir. Tlui if proceeJiu^ tvilli 
irch of mt«4k<t ! 

W'lKllii't tb«r iiuikiuvijjtjes uoiiU bavi? Hodq i;ii»elj bt uiy lim^ 
^ miK^itucins Ko gnjot a d»*iige iiito Uic xovcrikiucut uf liin«e 
uUWi. tap vurr mudi djubl r— tli4t ilirj lu^e uui dofi^r wtW i^ 
t^bdiDg it «hik the Ling iuja aa iufoni, wt? ^nj cmuu. The 
JfVUiU did ibolbms so imprudent u tlib in J^inan, iK^diiiig so 
mMiiing •o dhiigfrcM* We give Oicni fail ctedit for tlio 
iotcniiocu; but |J>om i»itcnlioiia ikii;*bl bate l>cni fiifiYiinlcd 
tlK mhw diivctioci bj Iwi i;\ri-|itij>iiniilr mran«. A couiK^il of 
den irould bavr \Ktn a bclUr ^^ii^^d oKoiml Uic jibiiw of 

ith llw g<iicinr»«iit, and tbe ret>fC9tii]UiLv«i bavc iJie po«vr of 
!>cCtiiff ubol tJicv d^mipprovc, n^ufd hu«e brcj)4iafi-< rotmio 
fellnvr duft lliai of l\ie Uritisli Purliuuicia. Knr it has bcxrri seen 
UiAl d^c rrligioui rovoJutiou had looAciJcd tltv hjibjt of obt^lii^vce, 
aiHi bail ami vtFakriied the K^>vimimrnt by d4vj>rivitij; ii of tbac 
MQcliuu nlikti Uio oltl iilolatrr f;ai« lE. One of Uic wise*! incii 
tbdf cirr cKiUicd bis dH>«i^t^ iti Vj;r«c bai Miid, 

' kt Jio* wtk poireri Iny new loon^iatiaiii 

Wbo cauaut j«dge* bon tLuii; wurLi on thd! oJd ; 
Riit k(^p tJbfi u^bni JbriM in n^taticin 

To u hub sum's frveiom i» alfeidy told ^ 
Since Of J^r ortr-iTorii » jxl & frani« 
Whtrctn CiMifiilon rAraly weave* her nuQc/ 

A lotlfacr Ajnl Igm pordoaiblc fault thvy b^vc cooiiuillcd iii 
poNi^ Co jhiLlic liuiiiiliLiliuii (or at b'stl lii n-Jt pruLertiiig fram 
itf pcrw^U of a luuL ^t^icii, lu f or nn |>o»»ilkk\ dicv uhl^IjI to liavu 
tawd frvm cnuiurr. Tbi; ^idui* of Homari-v tititia^ Hitcifiine 
a lew niOQika fUlcr ivr biubAnd'e d«it|i, and bai^pvLiids lo ^«nt 
a pwcr of timbc't oriWrcd bcr attcntianl to ctil down a bfrnJ^^fiuit 
tnrn whodi grew iu n |M>Qr man'« ganlen, llw owLif r lu<i»l a 
rompUnut agaiast due fiuccn hcrKlf, slic was ^amiuaucd before 4 
ungiAltalc, «iid the mtdent mistJutmry nas to wiliias die pn>* 
CDddin^. Wbca ijic <|ncc[i wa» asked if she did not know tbcjr 
bad bm^ iJm- laul \r%, but ibe Mrn?t miC awur tbnl Uii^ a|p|dirj Ui 
btf- Bciog tben MV«d, if in lhot« bi\tA, a cov^ uf niicb was 
tbuwQ brfplocii: vvi-ir jiu v cxtcpUouf iit fjiotJi ol rbicft, or lungSp 
or otwvte f — ibc onawcnd, N^ ; anJ tlien ttvtii oiw of bor aU 
tcndants tat a bof of dulUra, mbklt >b<: Uirtw dowD Icfoiv Ujo 
poof ma»^ aj n n^Qmpttnw for bii lou- ' Slop,' oid i1t4» 
nuflisliatr ; ■ urc kave not doiM jcl [ ' 'llic i|u««u bcj^^u to 
imp, ' Do iu(j diiiA it Hftbi,' \ie ronli<Mi«d, ' diat jfou should 
ba%« cut donn lli« Uvc uilbout »yi,in% tbc man'i pcrmiiaioi) V 
*h «v taot rij^bi/ laid iba Quctd, 'Hii* pUintiiT niut ilH-ti 




Fofymtinn Rmarthft* 

takvA nlul mnnnrraikin lw> n^qiiir^ ; hr rrplM, ' Ifih^ fjnrcti 
m couTincd tbai U iw aoi ncbt to Uke; o lillk mnn'i In 
wilhoul Jim pmnmion, I Am tnte bIi^ wiEl not ilo tn igjtjn. 
tm iDtvlM. I rirauirpnD^lwrTcC4>'n(iciiic/ Thii diif>ilcrc%lc( . 
ttcif» wni op|>lRudL-J> iIh: ushchiUt dbiprt^cd, jti^I Mt. Dhi UiiAkS 
tfM i^Uf^ii ttai liiiti prWatcly a pnmHil i<quil io iltc Tnlttc of liit 

Nfrw, in |!ui «^nv, ihr \jt\T mi^t Imvr bfrn n-ifnrrrH «ith caiml 
«€ecti tbr pvrpotict of justice nfirfcrrd qutbe us vrcll, Mid tnoot 
nf iu>ii]ii) pvltcTy miidi bplt«r, if the qtiivn'H stienifairt hvl brvti 
c/tc<d ii^itimd of the <)uc^cn licrtdf. iluhnp Hctcr vtould i>ot 
IliiTf Attcd ihuB in tli« i]tii\l of Ji>lin KnoA. — Dul there i» a mot* 
Ivnpc fttorT to be fdntcd- 'ratimnrii hat txcn nttiitiunnl cu oo* 
of llic tir<ft pcwfoa mIio nuflrrcd tWir nanir) to In.' ciirt^lk^l in Iho 
fnimiiaiiaTirii' Ittl ; lir via* hi^ir iik HnnhtTii* and ^ir !'• Saiiden* 
Island ; be oiid the only Mn of his father, Kiiif; Mnli]iM<, md gMot 
bo|m h*<l fa«^i entertained frtitii liie al1»climeiit vtbicli he bad 
ihown lownrdii Ibc new rcliftion, und fmm hat ^^leral covnc of 
C()iM)utL Util ilMftu vTcte many joiinc men uliu> uiiilcr tbc oM 
■jilGiti, would haT« b««n jmi a1 tbv ttnw taking ihetr full twing 
of Ikviiltoii^rtcn in eM^ry way, uid nlto hated the ircw rclipoo 
hrouH- of the rntniinli ^"liich il impcnrd ; (i»ite ot llirse got 
about i\» >uuiic F^'^nce. who wm tlicu in hit ainctttctitli yearp 
flattc-itd an<l exinnpted him. In die hop^ of wiihdniniji)^ him 
fnm ihetr inllucncc, hU falbcr arroug^l a iiiatrri»i;« for h'nti nttb 
the daoffhiri i^ooc, ^\it, nr\t to lununclf^ wa* Uk chief pcrwii 
in tha uhm) ; ihoiigVi rather infntrii- m raak, ihcr mwi, in vvtrf 
«lber napect, n dvitahk? pavtuerp aiH ptotiMl an *ffcr1»oniifc wife. 
But lir Irpi ut UU foniirr axforiatra, and tiratnl lirt xiith nuefij, 
Evih>r}d4:iMd by htt coaBlenvnce, tbe yoiitig |froA>f;ule>i veniiirud 
upon a public tcaiiiacny of their attatliinent to die oM cuMomi 
by tattooing ihemvchrca, aad iber tnHiictd him to do the nani? * 
waktajc lW the aiap>tnUea irould not bfin^ him to jmiLTic trol, 
and, if br W^i rxrmynnl, they ihould r«ra|w. 'I'be nagttfntm 
irnil io tbt cood old kin);, Maliiix*, and asked tttt^tlxT hii afxi 
ftliould hr tjKTUj;hl t<> jnklinr. Mr. E^liR tell» ua ' the ittni^l^ 
vra* aovcre, bnt, uniicv ilir iTifluertrc of a painoti«m mirtby ot hia 
atatkiat he jvtd, In- iti^^i tlic law lo br ii-)piidnl, iatk«r than 
thoac feclio)^ tihich would Urad Jiim to tparr hi» »on the daigfaca 
to whkh be had subjected lamaelf.' To uial, therefore, he ma 
bmughi ;^-nnd, in tltat ontfiapini whirh n^MHed I'oninro'n wkknt 
to publie hti mil latino, waa condnoiked to n>ad-ii»kiii|;, — that 
nnftd. lalitn wcU applied, pnniihneal, wlitrh tpfteii in tbow 
ultndi in jdare of toe truadmi mill. He reevived llie *rntme« 
vridi itMmtfoJt ; bdl mom tfan omet ihrealcned to murder hia 





Bii^tr, for vubmkihig him r> it? or n> o^itie hi* <kaib. Mis 

comnmiioiM )40nM hnvc n^t^mcfl htv ra^k TfK him a1 odct ; Ite 

ficiiiUt Ejt^t atllon- dui* tiein^ dettrrrpititil id iriciitify hinKrir irith 

^AdD, ntid ftfttf ^otnc nMkOtlM, brohc a blootj-rc^icl with over 

rviortinti (it u »ii|}|iati:il) at the lAotL. A ri[k]d coiitunifttioii 

■tniaed, tncl ;k1l r«ni«<dt>l iDeaii« w«r« \aki. 'flic fallivr frv'juvntljp 

bim, «ih] hii vifc WA» b:f cofixiftiit atlciiiJjMt. * U'c ofieit 

biin/ vi;< Nfr, Elli(. ^ tie ttti generally coouDtinicfttm^ 

clu^crfii!, <'Ti<'cj>i i(*hcn ihc topic of rtligion w«» 

tlitn ;iii L-iiilrJLt cti^Ltige f^f fiM^liug Uiuk pliCR. He 

vouy bU^iJ t'.i our i>Wivnii<in4^ Uiil ^cld-iiu uiUr a ftvlluble tii 

repiT, u>il Acruiril utiMtlliriic to lia\c l)ic Mibjrcl Wougtil njuier 

coiuidtmioii. TItn wa4 iHp moic rti4tiy*«inf* rircuiKiBi4iice at* 

Irixfiii^ hit illi*c»i ; 4Ik1 lo tionc tnore lulufoll v nlfccimE ibnn 1o hia 

.•gr<l ffttlirr.' llie }Kx^r y'lm^ mvii wu« ri>n(f of yir. Ellis'* rhil- 

|idrci>,ai«l •book baudu wjiIi iJicni ^^rr ollVi'tionakK, v^li^u ihcj 

'^MmI br«i»r|| toliim uii clttfda) ofhiiilralti- ^Fr luflii |>a«M:c} «amc 

timr iviilibim the p^nnio iby, and «n;iA, it w^t tb-:i n)i>4t affDcting 
juknH-A ^1^ ctii liiul ^Jlh a chtng firlltJV-cnMtunr, llii counle- 
mrirr, wliidi hnd i^oheI}' ulurrd ^tncc Ifii' j«vl(fiiaj, wafi lljat of a 
ndNiBj Kiaii ; utiJ br Imv nilfa bi« r»lle>a bead ou ibe lap of bid 
wifi'j v«b(^ n';|if w«r|vog ovprhirn ; »1l )i'ipe ofhts reco\«ry bomjf 
Ipttt, kikd all vliA were ibout bim boin^ in lcar». 

<W totirtWe/ naiys Mr. Eiiit, ' w&^ntvcULlydiitcloillo l)i« pfo- 
I, jtridctt farihai iiaiy oo witfch t« irw wjooi^ :» viitrr: ihb tmivoi had 
liOvaa ovr pHddpisl tim En nil our intoraxmo with him. On this oeca- 
ftiolU^« niftdcaarq^iy, (iadtrd, I iTjppoK-* hcim« unabk, hgdlin b*txi 
iJjjijKiMil h) 1>«I he r4i^^7 Ilia bend ifli^r he ImuJ lIoik' *pPft1(iii^, aaA 
^MM irif lifiiily upnn mi-, with *n ripfTuiun of ftii;triii*^ trhirh I nqvpr 
fucvft, ftiU Hfhich i> altoocihcr ind«i^rt!iabl«. M'hfithof it tMtm 
Umt o< mvtrUj nffoan 1 tic not 4bic to sa^ ; bi/t I nevnr be- 
to aflWtin^ a afvctadc. Before I left him. I BCcrmplnt ti> dU 
hi* nnml lo t>ii» <<MPpa>rionafA n^dprnier, Mttd. I think, cnf^igod 
wr villi bin. Ilia «^. rolUpff ili h^im, Hiful ^ftnc«uu«««fy 
trnl rertiDf on ooafr* spoliea suic of ftrltn:; rery rnnocf. in* 
\, EraoQ tnuMiwllity- f jfrnusie pvt lo mv* that In ha lail buttiiL 
^M cmotkinA of the lOot , wh*f b Nature vta.<i loa moeh exhauaCM 
aiov bim to deelarei and ntnoh were knawn ooly to Ood an4 to 
r. be vaa not cheered Wr tbe ooaaoIa1Joa> of tXe Gom^l tfoali 
Mlfipait vii «o^ fair iBimtioBiof nfch fwtia^, hkikar MTTtn^ 
kwinnff fiie&dt anxbualy waic«l. . W« had bc«lt 

I vritb him vnr lia.-e our arrival in Iba blavda, bad rM^ivtd 
Uikcp> of hnukiFM froiE) hiiu,aud bad Hatched bu pi ty ie a *wtth 
offAnuT krtnwi. We hoped «« bad baen bithfvl toUaa; bat at 
■•a Mcb aa tkia, wfaeD ooo aad aooiber waa reiBDvad from tba paopls 
amuQfcat vboni ve bboandi ne vere lad to (lOuiiai vm iht siaU toM 

IS wbicb 

yrlikh Uivy )i«J«il«rRi ; mnd nhen ihar prwpccts hwl bctm (Urk« aiul 
tiieli' djincter dovM^ul. we could jv>t but fear ctiui vr, |MjrhktXi t^i 
iiol inanifv«tod oil Um loliciciuU w« oujzht to hnvv tlvnts nor um^' 
iuf-ai>a ar^iUbl^ for tho purm4« ot IcWiiu^ tliciji to Him. \vhci «lt>ni* 
coirM^lviivf r fn>m ihr fear uf ilmth and all ihtf crxitoiDt-iu-etuf laiuic^oufi 
guilE, R*n»ction« of Uib kinil w«r« now ttolfftnn^ inU^nw, uvl, fl 
(Titfir prt>fiublo/ ^ 

Tocj iiinii^ parollcU to ibU trninc »toi^' may be tomtit} tn l]i6^ 
liiflr>rvof rrl)<:iurU3 reioliiliona ! 'Die iiiiuiviujicn iliuuld tia^cro* 
im-inlirri'd, in ihii auv, that Itoman ririuo H »ot CImttiaLt \jr- 
tuCi 'llietr jutluuiicc vilb ihc jcooil old kiri;; aliouLd liuw^ Ihcii 
lUdl !n aid, not of nguii^u^ Jttttioi- but of imttual ntfrchoii; and' 
Ib0¥ »l>DuU Wo r«prv>cii1cJr lliol l<^ liriiix lti» «oi) to putlk pu-' 
rhnuKiit vij^ faf mmtT liLel^ lo i*i.»»t)ciiiK^ limi a;^i;i!9( the iicvF 
reljgiun ihkii lo rixiliirti h'nn. By favour of thu clnrU, kt h ihit 
ChrutJaiuU lias been L-«itablialittl i>i tWfi- LOundfi ; bjt offiriiillMg 
llicm Lb rxTirpuUoi) may Ik- bfougltl about. If Taiunnhi lind liicO, 
Im \ivu\d, probttbly, liuvc bcc<jnic a bilUr enemy to tbe rcli^ioal 
vrliii'li IiilI mndr bim, licit n itiaitvr, im^^^f, io liii' rM ruAliim*,^ 
but n cotife*^r: but. » a inurtyr^ bt^ will now be luoLcd irpoit by 
tbc bcnibcn pRrly. llap|)ii1y»iw ilJ <^ITccllia» hctiu ^n\M\txi:cd iij)i>a< 
tbotip ubo were m<^4t tii-urty coiin«cU^ ^itb liitn. Tigroid kjii^, 
Vrhc*! tlic lail a^Uicc? were roct-iv<:^J, W8^ sbll Ij^in^i ' a tiui^mf 
fvtbf'r lo the infant diurirliE?t nljblisbrd in but cvinnuj^ :iHd lli« 
pcair&l bkmns to ll)c poopiv rt'b^>ai li« |;ovcnis> Hia diiii;;btor- 
tn-la^, ill >omr drgtrr, vn^pplu^ li> bini ih(* placr oDit^ dr^iaitril 
•QDt and i«^ intkml, tlie comlbri and volac^ of Jiii dcflintu;: >oan. 
Her buL«\joiir to him and bi» family tia» bcru unifoiiiil> ul}V<:Liott« ■ 
fttn and rrftprrtful — <hr nbciW of b<-r piiblir and d4>iii'.-ilir conduct 
Qyck aa to dcacrrc iIk initatiott of her o^n urx. ft viW Ktiktiiy all 
cood iradon to wc in «vtat a lUiiiu of fi-Tliau ^ic writi-* lo Mr.. 
£lti>; tbecxtract i» ffivcn m a bt^ifil Ifao^Uli^ji) from her Irltcr. 
. * Ptace lo you fruu l]j<; true Gud. from Jebutdi, and h-ow JtMif' 
Clirkt. Mf word to jv>ii U, ihar iny »ff<-rtiou for jmu and your M\- 
dratii uaahat«d. TVn>na|h th* gooditt^* of God, your tirraib La«- 
bten kngtliiatd out. Wo did bol knmr wfadZwr yoc vurt hring ^ 
Dot; isd btlnld )XRir liu> pccveM* arrlTrd, onrl w kitvw ihityooj) 
vnra atil IMtf . On Mvttfft of dia ffoodncaa of God our Woath ^ 
lftikfrth«ftod,aodOBrdn1lia|r prolonged in tfab land; but wa know ao^ 
Umi tpe iliall *cc oocb oU)cr'» foccai acain. Vou know ibat fn^l »nii 
favblf u the body of nun. Tanurii {her Infant daugbttr) U tmmuitfi^ 
1)m word or Ood. CoMQ bock to lluabioe! P«aca bo to you aitiv 

ll cajioot Iw iSovbted that aatvy o4 tbcio coinvrU, bke ibiao 
jomg vvidow mid tbc %oatA old kJag, to unburn licr tiuiifml <aii!Si 
aradetfoinl, bave rvravcd lb« totpvi in aitkcmir, that ii U brirtf^inA- 


iVyvifmii Scwttrtkf*, 

fcftfi in tbem the fruits of ^ood Drlnff. And thti ibcy r<K!l in 
dKnudvBtf m il> Ulnun) coutrqiirnrr, thai (H^nrr whtru pn«.9F*ih 
wM uniltr^laitding. CtrUiti^ iiU{>, it i9, Uiat \\\iU Clirbitnmty iho 
mloKmaiii's bare 1nboiir<-<l lo mUtHlHcr tlif: hurinii mfari'. af^ 
civiloaiion, witli (•rt.-:it wifct^^tn, prcat jit-ni-tcrxjcc, iind fw Kr<?aicf 
nic<co th«n couM buic bL-<:Li I'^ptitcd. Dul lor>kiir^ i<j tIiq 
^mem! »ute of iIua^^ now tlmt the hmicy-moon of rhc 0Aiivi-r»toii 
>s ovrr, it opitcjirs thut ^hcu tli^ clifiiL-ultica \ftiicli might almoit^ 
hNtr bf^eti ilrFA^eil idbiiprmbli-, hqvr brrii nvrrcomr, nihi^n «r9 
1ilt«1y to afbc wlii<li il %vill m|uirc |-ivat pnidmci^ lo mc«t aii4 
to contend vitb, ITtt llir Etftlutir of ilirtr «>nvcr|ii fliould have 
abalfd b%i not MirpriMfd ui : this, iiiJe«d, wLti lo b« looked fur ill 
thr iidlurni courw; of tliiri^ Nt^i i« it to Uc %ioiidcrfril »[ tIjjiC 
d)«re »hou1d be a lirilhcti pail)", wluch from time to lime tiTgng«i 
in wilMnoiA Co rctiorc the old ftbominaiiocif, A ct^Bpincj to 
ntunlct rcmtarc abk frniiK^d n U^v inonihi hi-fnrf- bit drarh; Lh« 
Ivro 1<«defv wvre csccuttJ for it, nnd more would Imiir fitifTrr^ 
the aduic filrt if iW niUvioiiRnc^ iiuci not iitlrfrrtlcd nnd i>btjiii<4 
fl miigatkin of tbi^tr puiitslim^it. Slncv Iita d«aib ' nJinount of' 
^tnr wir brcn heanl, — \i-i) pun^rfid intcrots, — und, (jciImjis^ 
•ome liicDi re4-l]hj-« of nnwuE rixuhhip^ b^ie bt^en brought ii)i6 
collitintj : ami lT;i: coiriduct of fomv in ilic btgb<9t uuiborJty bai 
not brm >t nil titnH ibr dio^i hntiminiblr or cnncilmurr.' TliJl 
it IQ Tahiti. ■ In \ht Lccwurd i»tande, alM, rciMrlK of war eud 
IraHiii; inrpiritlfin ha^r, appcartd.' The cbiclldiii of Tnb^iJi if 
9pokm of u bold and vraflik« ; aiid w« an^ told of re«t1eu iptatt' 
mmamg ibc inbabitaiilfl of Borabora, fonncily celchrtttcd for di<#| 
valoov, and ntaitent of inoit of ll[« Lc^word group. Non% al 
the minwKianca bavr practjcally oit vrcll ai m prmcipic adinitlc4 
lliE LnvfuWi* uf mr wlirn il bpcotiicr? nnvniry, ibry hbitul^ 
b««afo ftTCQ were tiKn* no sucb fumoLir* to adnjoaitlj ibi^i) hovf 
din unfit tbcif ifmicrtt (at il ; and thin ihc-y nrt in wmie daTJ^cr 
of doiQffj u HvU ai of s^^'iiiR ttl<^^] a duiiKte for thr mirm iindcf 
vUcb lEci lie Lvitig. To tliniw t1i« ffcar, and to aim at a lunrk 
viA ih« sliog UH^d to be nmoii;^ the apoiU E>f lUeic iilnndrr* } 
• lilt adulb du ciut tpyK^r Irj huvt- tbcmght of ktWowitt^ tbe^c or 
uthtfr gaiof* ilnor Chr tiUnin- bm bpen tutn^ducvJ iimoTiLf thvmP 
. . > . Wilh lii* mrrpltOR of one or tvro, th«y have ail be«it dtB^ 
cccit&iu«d, csprciaQr ankoii^ the adalti. and the numbtr of those fot- 
krirvd hjr ibe childrvn ii irrallf dinamsbcd* Th>*/ uyi Mr, EUis^ 
■K<H>w>aeeMiu, matter of reffm Whrn «« raiuUer the dabanc^ 
taalncy of nany» and the inutility of oUifra, w« «hal] father nync^ 
that mnch of the Une of the aduUa i« paMcd in vion: ratioaxi ai4 
haMaidal punuita^ IVv, H aayof ihrav, ar« »^ •ad^ntvy in ihrir 
hiUl* ■# to iM«d th4«e annif obtnta u a mntia of ncfdta ; and ih*f 



PUgnatntt StMOOidim. 

art »ot »tc«)'toBwd 1o BfqJy ic tloif Jy to ftsy of ibw avoouSgM u 19 

Wc li*Tc here %vo ri>um for hWiIli]; tW tliisopmioai vf die 
miftuoiiajies, an JW » uidiit-iki^ ^ciiv i^l iiiaiiiicn» laiut Le jire- 
Judicinl luh uhurc. mtd iu^>c<:jiill^ mj umuti); u i^^ropU vo circiun- 
stBOC^ «» llic3i.- leci-iit ciMnttitft Can it Lk' thjulilinJ lliat |u ibe 
orsgl ma«f of xunnkind mil tucJi auiuiocu of tvli^oo at* arc ham* 
leu miatbclutillliLiH 'Itvccnja, b4J» Micliiicllv. ' li> haicbocn 
oniT of tli^gicAl f^hjvclh of tV- MohJiit i^oLily, tW rvcrr ujilnidijaJ, 
without cicv^itiou, tlitrutii oc<a»iLijjally u^le ikc ptewutca of life/ 
IliL' rclJgioiiH iVmj^jU tii \hr Jv-ma, iUl-h-Uhv, vrrc Intmls in (lie 
trMCMDACof tile word, — im<*tDii(^ha^1oha^c ^im^ii occasion to I'lu^ 
Isrch'ti pt^ptKilfiuua iiuLuo, ihaL tlit'it tvli^imi w » bul uuulia i jWm 
of the wonliipof Hacdiiu ! 'Ibcra u uilittk rca^cm ituit Cliruti- 
WMtj alio«ld i(«ar tlic auur utiil >ullcu aspect of }itirjtanuiu, ju that 
it ffhouli be comiptfid by Xhv nivmmcry and Uccnuc of popccy. 
A Mto\c people call nctct be niftdc «o \ibolly ioivlkctUA) b» not 
Co nedt tuiiurtiil iinvisewrjiih^ wbkh a».' uh utiute^uiifrtr fuu ifie 
nUDd &B firjli Bir and cxcrciu* Jur tlic body. Moiu tiinu dim ; 
the dbuM.- uf uintIijI a|H>fts iii tbi-fc uldiidt baiiijt:* uJtbit a »vi 1011:1 
duigc-r, uol only fram the pMffan V^'^}* ^^^**^^^f ^*"' "'i*^ ^ci^cbUoh 
at Uula cpuf^lil tu be iL')(iijdc^,^but from ottict i=luLiiJt.i3i Aud 
n^n from fiorbootcn, u mcII m fnjaa Eurrtpran uid AnLfricm 
TCAMJs, jomc of wrhkb uc likcljr uttouf^ to uct ah (recbtrntcrv, 
nlri-n irritpimg oppi^rliMiiiy hititei dxiit, l^ii* iiiotr Indii^ 
Ukmis, tlic uwtf pnispctottR Ibcy bcoomci liic niorc mil tticy 
be opoAcd (o th^^JHi^ liiD^ci*, if Uity bcvonic an unnarliit,— 
tlial i» Cr> i«y, — 1 di!fvnc<.'l4;^ pi^oplp. Tboy vi'tll bv lu tiio 
caaiubol uilioiu of Pulyjicaia nhnt tbc mdJcr UcM IuJuim wcru 
to ibine Ciriba 4>r Canibai, fjTom wLuni ihe Munl t:«iiiibiil u 

A> tbc tniiMAiunu dmrv that iKo great giwd ulacii tbi-y hA^c 
done btioiild be i^iidcnil pornmioKt, it bohov«» ibcfu to pro«i4^^^ 
llinl ilw hIioIc |Kt[HdaLHiu of ilie^c uUndi bv traiMd for dcfciiAM^^H 
HBf ; — to cit^ r^%iutj 11 dhtcifid miid atu*ccit« aiprci. by umling 
joyous ecrtJBioitka wiUj Cltuitiaa obAcrvaoccfl ; — to »UiiigtliL'i^ Hwa 
fOVBViuiirM inMead of u'i-iiLi'cini]c ii ; ntnl to jiriiciiio drt Uirir 
cburdb Ibe bM fauouii f<>cutily ilvtX c«ii be ulHiuiud, by connccl- 
iBg it wiib dkc bUIc. 


k « ) 

»T. n> — A Chr*n\Utr of fht Conqnetf *»/ GranfvJa, fiom f^e 

LpOTiJon. !2vq1«. ixmI Bvo, Iti^ 

nil CHE air B Anv jAocca *i:jiltcrcd ultout lFii» ' Murk]iig-<lair 
L UOfId ^ ihUich MMtt tu bv clvOleU ulmvc iu ilull proHuo ]cvo( 

>*•• A dnniieiLl ruiin?, iLi- icrj uk^iiUdii uf niiicUj u if by U\ry 

rwtf#€0«|iim up splendid Mxnv« aud pa^uuitii uf iln- pMt; 

aunM (rom ' cicalir* dateUtu iii^il ' tin* iiij3..lmkH nf th«v grvat 

good, cbc t'n\c uiui b^uliful, auJ liUk tlic lubd ^Ut ^i>iou 

dcfiafliid k'^^T- *^ut^ i> iKc-cuiuitullj lite cuu uilh GiuiucU, 

10 od" tite lAuctt cUitic^ ikainvB lu Dig luMor}- of hlter am. 

llbo very iMture of lUtcaiinir> and tlw dimalc coiitiibutira lu In^ 

Um9 JkiKf. Tlu: Moon, n« are tuld. wliik- in poMcaica of 

S|hc laoJ, kad vin>ucht U up to ft voviik'iul Jcgicc ^f proupcntj, 

-l^iv iiilU vruccluUi^ w ith utchantM mud viujyiud)i»lh>c va[|i<\Hem-> 

|.|)j<:'iUric^ Mill ganit'iM, uid Ibo jilaiiu coKri'd widi M»^ittj; i^rom. 

lien- «crv K«a in ntofiuion Uir otuiigc, lie ciiioii, iLu Aj;, d)«^ 

puiMgmt»l«, aimI Uu* MU:-produ<ijiK luidU^y. TIm; tiiic cUn- 

ucfed Irocu irce to Utt» dw giip<« Liajj^ jii rkb clusivia nbuul liic 

pvanikl'k cotlVK*^, and iW gnn«9 virte n-yt'wi-ii hy tlw pcrj>«!l»al 

XMig of Uh uigbliucatc. I" u uurd, »o bouitiful vjw the vartli, 

•o puiQ (Jm air, 11111 HI irii^iK Uk- i^> uf tlin lUrtttkiuk icgiun, 

ihu ibo MooTA iju^ipiKd ll«c )>anuii»c of Uku proidivt lo ba 

utualc in diaJ pait uf lijt ht^itu nluclj ixcibuug tUii lou^dum of 


Hal wlui bu ntoa4 conUiLolcd to impatt to C»M(U a grcftt 
and ponutwut iiiicrcilf u ili^ i^ ^'van' nar tif uhich ii k^u the 
Mtta, and >»1acb eU^cd iIk ft|dcBclid dmtiui ol' Mo^lcin doiniiio- 
Uoci III S|iaui. For pi'iiily eigbl c:«iJliJiiei bud di« Spai^iarrli beni 
fWvvriMi piiico by ph^c, mid b> dinL of tlw «ivoTd, that IcriTlon 
Viudt liad been WK«4i-dfioai liieai by liidi Aialf iavadc-i» iu little 
■MR tliau as mam iiioadi«, Tbo Liitgdoiu of Gnui^idi u-js tlic 
laat alxoog UM Jf Muoruh power, aud llie favoiuitc ;&bode of 
MooitUi loiurj, 'Itie tiiiul viruggic for il wv ntaiDlaliicd willl 
daaparate valour ; and Utc vonipocl nature of tlw couikljy, beauiMiI 
in bf tbr ueean mid by lofty iiiotuHaiok. and ike ^xmtintial iccur* 
moa «f (be ntfiwa ot tLe oame uiouaiclii nud conunaoden 
ti tfWif b u wt llic war, gm to it a pecuiui difitnctiic^s uid ail al- 
tiioM cfik uoky. 

Bui ikuu^ tkk aicmorablc war hwl ofKi» Ucc« toadc Uio Mib* 
Jvcl of loinaQtie ficfWio, und tliotigh ilir trri nan^r iHa»W u 
apcll upuQ the imagiiMliua, y<i it bad iMV«r been fulij and du- 



CnjBf MCfff ^/-Granada. 

»lninE<'ly P'»T'l^ tilrnol il, thmuR*i Tk-fluira nMii:ifiC« <>i ' (iO|_ 

lilUnl 'Tlii' L-KJl ttnfn <^l i;T:.miiiii/ lit Own Prrt-K di- In Mica, 
llw prvifiiiM woitc ol an Aiabiari roottitiiKiturv, bitl in icnliEv n 
Sjianiuli riibrirniifta* h hnd bcni \invFii m'fr niiblniE tali? and 
MiciTM of acotimviitul t-allanirr, totallj opp44il<> 10 itt rvat cliantc- 
tcr; fill ti wan, in inilh, oim of llio iiimiciit of thont- iron conlrsU 
vtiicli huitf bcrn tuictilit'd bi Lhr tjtl« of ' holy win/ Em Hetf 
tbe gtntiiur nntiiic of Uic hw pljord it fur nSow thi^ iu<nl of mtf 
amstorv rtnbelli«[imc4il«^ li ptwtetiNif^ iiir1i<n'iit riilt^r^l in lli« 
alrihiii^ contm^l |7fC3(-rU.<d by llv otnitjaUnln, of Orionlal and \i»' 
m|iraii rrrrdH^ r^nfunii-n, tiihL inaiiTit^ni ; and tii l^ir lianiy mn^ 
htB^6ni[iK<d «»ti«rf>ntTOci, the roniaiitio advontnrr^, lt»c |iiclftmqiif! 
fonigr« ikrou^j vjiuijitidli] rrjeinnj^ (he dirit]£ nuaulu And 3urp4i- 
Hkll of i'lilf-buill CBB<lri and cnoced U>Tint*t^f whkfa iturrfHrd 
cncli oihfT viilb a vancty artd brilliancy beyond tbc scope of mere 

Tlic lirnc of the CODtOt mho r<^nlnbiilrd lo Itcijtblca llic in- 
IcinL Jl vn nut long aAer the inventiijii uf t^uiipu^vdrr, ^lieii 
Iii9*ann« a^ul :titillrry mingled ihi: flaab, imoki^, and ihim^lcr 
ai modtrri n-juftn: uitb tlic Ntt.-i:lT splciiduur i»f fliKii'ut i:hiialn', 
and gat? an ^iiifiil magiiiticcQCC ami tmlblr »iibhmitT (o bnltir; 
and ihr old McMwb to^cm and cniitloi, ihal for aE^i bad 
froMiK'd {li-li3iK:e rn itic batten iif^-ram« and r»r;i|iiiUi uf Ha4»«ir 
t»etic> VK^rc toppled dawn by tlic lonibardi of tlio Spanifth ^n- 
f^itKvts, h n«a one uf lho»« caara iii nliKli biaLur^ iu» su- 
jHtior lo Iklion. Tlie aullior vcrnTt (o lui'e been lalulwd of 
this fntl. bv lli< manner in whtrb lirliaB con^tmcinl llr^ prtarnt 
vrmk. The idea of it, vv art tojd, wa> niggp«k-d tu biin, tihile 
in Sitaiii, occttpkd tt\Ktn bia IJielury of Ibo Life aod \ ojugc> 
of Colitmbu*. Thr nniilit'atinji of iho Rifvt iiatiaator In tlv 

Sp^ririh soirerri}-ii8, fur pairongigr to hi^ umject of dnto* crx', vai 
madt: chrinj; lltrii cuaadc ngaivitt tV >loott of (.iiajrnd^, and 
eontiiwed tfaioiigboul iht reiidne of ibal uar. Coltjnibtia fbl* 
low«d %\>c court tn «cvcfal of ila campaign*, minclal occaaion- 
ally in ihi- mau-tt^ uiid uai usually pmrni at the grand caiaa* 
tropJir <jf ibc mlcrptii?, Ib« »iirrei»dT4' cf tb« mctropolja. Tli^ 
iraearHiri of Mr. Iiting, tn Intitt^ ibc mi>ri*inniti nf bi« hrro, 

lti«*Pvrt.r"ifln^W«r*vhtfaiihrHttic;fMdi; -riBiMunililiaMliifdMUalM, 

cm Hlr* t9 <iB*f A, f0i mm m ««m en r( nHnhiv 4t «Afv«ff. tliBa 4* ^— im y 
^WHs**t«^H t|KPA*alMltf^«aUimUAt*.} Witt Jr«fi|uTvti»,' Sucbuiha 
ItWfUnrtH ti 4«<'L «Uch kvt li^iWlift MMvd mm fmni.ti «r hht^rk Ucl «mi- 


Con^u^U ofGrimutld. 


led liini to lli« \mom chraiicks Of the rvij-n of Fi^rdtnonil ani] 
IsibeHa. He bccniiir tlcri>!v inlrrolcd u\ llic Jeidi1» oT [lie ti-at, 
tmA !«>« inHoc^l, rtUt\t fullerEtiifi rnntcriali for the bio^r^ph^ ho 
b»d in baitd, to tiukv prrpatotion alko for llie pr«»cnt liiaton, tic 
aub«4|ueatLy mmde n tour in Andaluii^, vUii^d the nimn of thd 
Muonah towns, forUeawe, and rietlt^a, nnd liic uiM luoiintuEi 
p»vu bikI dcAlci iibidi bad bmit tbr *L-rnrJi of tUr mii^t rv^ 
ttavkaUe •^vifeU of lb« var ; «nd paaMti «>uiq time iii llic ancient 
ptiaco of llic Attiambro, tlir on<« fft^ourito itljfxic of ihe Mocir- 
wh QwnsidiB hi Granada. It u-a* liic^n, uliile Kii miiid war »iil[ 
r^iritrd t>> ihc rotiiaitttc tteacry nrouiid Iluii. and by the dii-* 
nlniH and pot-ticnl astoriutiAiv whicb thruw n ni^ml inioKvl 
ovtr «f<ii7 fetlore of SfMinidb lLuid»cap«i tliat hv complclod thctc 

Uia mat object D|>penrs to bavo b«m, to produce a complclc 
anil uiQicnUc boAy of facta relutt^t^ to tb»^ war in qucatmii, btii 
«i'iao^*il va neb n manier a* ti> be allrn^tixe to tlic milvr for me^t 
■vwrtntnt ilv buit, ihrrrforc, ddij;irtjtlv «uu-;liE for Itis inuli-riah 
aMB0 thf aoci«Ti< ctironidev, lioih piiiiled iiid JJt nmniiftcnpr, 
wbidi wire ^rriUcii at die Qni« by 0T«^HiUir-at«A. ciTid, in some li^ 
Aimer*, liv prnuotn nhntind iirti]:ilW miiii^lrd in tke «rmf n ri>con4ed. 
Tb^n cbntoick-B Vk\tv oHvn clilfu«« titid icdioai, aud occasionally 
dwcolourcd bf llic bigouv, tup^iMilHt^t, and fierce iittolvrnucis 
of tbe age ; but dwir pogf i ^vre ilUtniiiiod, ai EinirH, ^ilh i^rtmea 
of 1m^ cmpritv, of roniHiiiic ^cucro^ity, and heroic xalour, vrhjcfi 
^ndwd npop diu mdrr witli adtblitnijil tpl^^mlour, from ttic t»»r- 
rovoding davkMw, It huv been iJw atudy of tlio autlior, to bnn^ 
fbnb Ihctaa accMraiii thrtr iimiigut ligtit ; to anaii^ liictit in ctmr 
»nd tvod order; to fE>%« them aum«Hhut of a graphic effocl, by 
OMWitCliug tbcui nilli tlir inanncri nnd cuMoria kH the ngc in which 
ibej occorndr aiH xvitli itie ipletidid K^iierr uinidHl uh^cb divy 
tOMl placn; aivd ibus, tOiilc he prcftcn'cd iJic Irutli And chrooolo- 
gicaJ ot^r of cieni«, to imanrr a niOTi*imprv<iiive und ^'utcilaiiiing 
cbwactcr lo bis nanatitc, iliaii rcgubr liJAtorici arc nccutlonnd to 
piwaiii. Rt thnu* mranA hiit rhmnicb?. a1 tiinn, wran aJniOU tbo 
air of romaiictr ; yet tb« tftorr is au(h«iiiical«d by frci]U«ii1 rtU*r- 
mcc to caiMiiig documcnb, proving lliat he faoi lubvlaatioL foan- 
daAkm for bi* ibmi (Txirsordimrj tncideiit*. 

'IlKJrc tt, Iwwtvcr, am^lhci circiunrfjibcr, hv «hkb Mr. Inriig 
has morr irnoutlT imiiaJTnl du- rr-faei^ rri-dibihlv nf hii immiivc. 
He hit pfufc-4cil tu (l<iti« bi» ntutrnah from llic- mEiniivLTi|M8 
of an aitrirni Spaninli moak, Fray Auloain Aj^pirti, wIumk 
IttMorkal produdiona ire reprcaeutcd as exiitiik|( in dbjointpd 
(niiprntwUt >» tlir arcbiiva of tlvr l^urial aitil oiImt coH^rnttial 



GonynMif of Qftinatia^ 

H« ohoi f^iMKea xbe very wonU of the vcbeitblfl 6itr t 
pnliillvlv vrbeit lit biiivu fwtb in o^tiiggsmtd prtiseft of iht 
ve\fldi pMicy of bi£»l m-M oi' rtrJinaml; or cbp^nu, ' wilfa 

Hkis hitr >« iiun^fuilv u muiv* JiHiiMi — a «(9ihiiic-hof««t 'toin 
beliiud nlitdi ihc aiilb;ii Uiiibirltu lui Mlir« bI Uic Hiulemia? of 
UmI |wnttM;iitiDK agft, sikI at xko cnon, ^ incoMuleticvc*, aad 
iW MlMoliMUMi i>f tke «in|Eu1ar ninlU:y of wnmon. »aint>, poll* 
tjouhs ^^ wlvenl<uvri«ug»grd Id ilt>i twly wttr. i''&v Aittooiop 
bowe^irrt iimr be conaidi-ttd t« ui iucarflitKin t>f ibc bhini t>ifo|fy 
ftuii trului mlniti^iiiiCF ol' iW ' f^ood <*iil otltiiNkti .S|iAm>li ckffO" 
nackiivi' ttuditn iatcltUtt ^xn^^iwai^^ *u\iu'« t>t Wvvliy and rtligion 
are lftim» mlnn^t wonl fur nuitl, j'luni Uic nutLs uf Mime ano 
or 4>tber uf th«^ okonkitli iiUionAia* StiJI, iliuuj^b ildt ficlitiout. 
ponotuijcc Kftj tiuiblvd ibe Author to ibitulgc Lis latiikEil Tcki at 
oner Biofif fiwlv niid more niari««tly, intl lu« difftiMd ov<r liii 
pa^ wBictbinfC of tlic ijiuititiicu o( Uic cUwicr, «mI tbc tim of 
tlw covotrj AikI ibv |>erlud, llir im- i>f anch modMaerv baa ikruwo 
Q doubl iipoii tiic uliM>lutc ^rniT of h» hutor^ ; ami »t ^lil liko 
jioint time, bvlvtv tlir |^e»vriiJ itiuu uT itativis tHrcoiaiir amviiiccd 
Uiat ilio pr«toiid«d BiauuAchpi of i'luj AiiUiuw Agapida i», in 
tivlU, H iailltful «b|pst of uctual dvcuiactiU. 

Ilic difooidc 0|M:tu» t*ilU ibc arrrvML of ■ S|KUinJi caialHr M 
Ciminiiat ^itii a (kmanJ »f orrcarsiof ttiUitc, oa tbt piit of Per* 
diaond tuiil imtHrlla, (tt>m Aliilry AbvH H»«kiiii,ifai< MoimJi king. 
'Iliu mrB*vre » ucU utidErvlood to ha%e bcco a cnikf tkvice of 
Fanltittwd. 'IV liibiiH- li«d b^c-otiK obuilctr, and bt kiirw it 
viuuld bo iL>di|Cuiikllt tctiiveii ; bul lip hs^l wl liin bi-ort on dtiving 
Hie >l<joi4 oat 1^1 itxir last ?>puia)b duDOKiMHi*, awl be nuw »uu(kl 
acaUMTof <|UHTrrl. 

■ HiiW Abm Hknaii PfrHmf ifi« MTaHer In ■t>l^, arotod on • 
nuvwfiecut ibran, and mimHUMlcd by lUe oflittra of lin <«urt, in the 
hali of anbiaaador*, one of the most lasqitiNiua apartaunil* of Ilia 
AttiBBnhra. When De Vera had ddmnd hk nOMge, a kaagfc^ 
a»d hill«r iwUc nrlvd ihr IJo of die iiifice laeiMJrck. ■'Tctl your 
aorcrcEos/ Mid he, **tbai (he kinfcvof Oraiiada whouafd to ^mj 
tribute in m«nii:y to iIm CaaCilsaa c/uvn. ace dead, Dar mini at jire- 
Mal cuini nutJiKiig liut blodaauf idmUAn aadbia^tlii of laucE».'"--vU, 

Tbe fiery old Motlwi) bad borr fivcn a very 1oknbi« prataxl 
foriuiaM^iutcwer; )cl KiBjc Fciduuiid foiborc lo nlrikctbcbloir, 
111* «m jnu dmi ongagi-d inacotiirei vtilb HorUif;J, the raafl^af 
nhkb Mr. living lc>V(-« uiiB^ticcd, ai if relevant |i> iia tubiftel^ 
li ia, buMuter^ a cuiioua murtel of litttory, rinolving the uogulai 


0>*piitf */ Gramuia^ 


and rouMOlK foHuoc* <A ii»c i'air Juana of C*«tilCf l>7 miiij 
cowuikstal ikc ngbU'iJ ki^ii lo i\m rnnAti. ll ii illiuiialirr, %UOf 
of tho mHiiitfiY of Ui« a^ of wlitch Ihtt i;'in>iuoiu pccuttariy 

rbo A^aniA tliiougbMti iu |mg«*; u brie/ ao4icc <if it, ihcnfoiVp 
[■m ttol he udDCCcptttblc* 

Hei>i7 IV*- of Ciiv(ilr, o<*e of ibp iii4>Bt imbrciW of kiiif:* aimI 
icmdvUiH* of liubbaik^t.* hwA iivril foe five ^C4(» in «U:rLic ^fcLU>ci 

jlli, »ko rvjoMxd liiia b>' tkiij biri}^ ol Uk« LtifiJiU Jiiaua, 'I'ko 
■bom D^ ikc luMfr «iAd, uf ct^uur, euillcd on ihu U*tk|tj^ frrcwrtftii^ 
IkU diAMliiftprf «ta4 rilligetttly cirmlaicd abuui tbv coutt, ibat 
ftc i«Q» inil^Uird fof Uic tardv hoikOiirM i>f paUrmtj to lli« gixtU 
of Dou Bvluau iU- Cu«va4, CouiM of Lttlciuia, it >o«i!i- 
ifiil «nd (ilUtil ciivalri;f, mIiv bod aijoycU tlic poculuir fu^our und 
~ i/bmrncj oS ibe^iiuin^ Tlic »lun HKiiijuiik wi»d, nnd lioramo 
ihnM of poiHiiai- damoM'. IEc«jn, ho^iAcr, vrhb ibc K^^od 
««>v failk. or pojciKc sLi|uii»cctioc of an Imbecile luLij^, t\iQ- 
linuMf to Iviv ukL boiMur liu oiteMi, sitd to Uiub Ikvotui uu her 
pmiDi>ur, vilMni lie ftdtuQcocl in laiil, nuking tum bis pnuie 
■liiMfr, and x>^iog liim ibe titl« of Duk« of AltKiqucr^u^ 
£uci) bind cm«Utj u not pcrmtltod, w ihjs unubloom^ ^'oHd, 
lln ktngii nicii* Uitui tu c<hieidu<i men, TI>e publii= wctr funn«i>; 
il ooBasu>tw»i looL |>Iac4; Ucoit wu uni^icjrilj /kpoi^i 
oiiI> ii.-itihLik(l lu Uii ti>}^\ aisuiiji oMai^uingu Imly, 
|t;;r wbick be dtiuiccd Iim uife, liiwnriicd her diild. and pro- 
to »<nd ihcm boti) to PoitUf;al. His couiuib4Ml failb uJd- 
»Bwtc4j icvi^fed, iu dcljuoce of every liUI, SiiJ oft lid$ di-alh-licd 
[he rcoof«u«<l ibo InJmnui Junk* a» hu du^Khlcr AUi IcciIiiim1« 
'l\tt public, buflcier, yt/ik> will iiot ulluw <^%cJi tii)^ 
\^ bv infallible jiM^e* in cft*c« of die ktnd, |jrf\itUii in uhMiti' 
ibr illrKiliniar \ of the Iiif^wto ; jihJ gate bci ifu mmiuq 
Zo BtiinMoj^M, in slluiion to bcr »up^A^J f:ttlH.-r, Don lleU 
-.* N\i juiiiutti wtoUe^liuu U»k (ilaco. bot lite i|Utalioii 
4k<^hJ««l u u |ioiia of imith, or a i»u>riow fari; muI iIm 
[joatbJul pnitccM, ibomb of |;iTat bujuity uwl nicril, «u ut 
and tbc v^own ndjuilgEd lo het fatber'a aitici. ibu leuowncd 

b Aoskl be obMrrird, buwo>», tlifti tltc diu;^ of illcsiliwacjr 

Dunbiiwd iirinctplLv hy Spanivb Mrilrni ; ilie I'orlngtteM 

IMilvnAiM reject ti iu u caiumnv, Ltc«i ibc cUwic Mniiins ex* 

u) iiloa dial it niiglu liwe b«Mi mi iimaaiiiou or vxa^gm- 

locip focuifled on iltc wcuLi}ca> of Hemry XW and the amoreiM 

* l\ittt, Clnn. Aib*B«j«iCaldinN c. U miiA, 


tenifMf^mtiit of liW i|urtUr* a«J aiifuTU d«%iHei1 ti» faiioiir llie 
ticut t?1 llic rfntl^ i'Vfilinand» who lni<t clnim lo IIjc crovrii ns lh« 
rightful itihcf i loner «]' JiIi ifwuv, lialirljjk. 

Vming, h^niiiirul, flmi iinrciMunato, the diw^rHwl pnnr«<» wa* 
oot Ion); III naiit of n ihampioii tri ihat ttc(i>K ai£c- llcr iiH^tlici** 
brollicr, llic 1)iuve Aloiuo V, of I'urliigut, »unt»rhM W Luitntlor^ 
or the Coirbainnt, from his ctploim it^inM Ihc lloon of Africa, 
Blr|i|i^il foimiril ii>i Itirr viiKHcurnt^ and itiarcHi-i) iiiln S|rain at 
tlir lirnd <]f n galbnt arm^ , \a jklncc hn un tlii' lliroiiR. 1 1c nulu^ 

publiclv i^ilj-mikiM'ti »l Phc^iUin. bui n'trr n**! roiwnmmftlcd, ih« 
<x>nii<-ia;:(iJMii,v of iIlc pAriici ob)ipii|jf them to nail for a diapcuk*- 
tion fro»" iJh'- i'opc. 

J\U llic snothcm prm-incc* of Ctililv, witli s pxtit of (>nllicii, 
drcbiml ill favour of Jiiunri, umt lowti nftci lottii >irtdeii to 1I14.' 
■rau or the pcrvufltion of AloTi/c, n* liC o<lv»ntTd- 'ITic majo- 
ril% nT the kiiij;[l»tii, howcxrr, rallied round Uir hlnndard of 
Fcrdluaii'l nnd ]«u1»rUMH Th^ l*1ier <iAa«'iviM«-cl ihcir UHmor 
iioblr» il VolLmiolid, and nittidst |}ic diivcliou* thivtij; tbut u\>^ 
pi^nrfd |!;liilrriTig in ariiL«, u»4 lion tWtlinn, Dukr^ rif Akhii> 
(^iiFmiir, ijic Mirmistd (artier of Jitoun. Hin pftdicamcnl rtas 
HiDgidiir aud ttt-liralv. If, in triilb^ tlir falbcr ol' Jiiana, iiatuiul 
nffcction called upon hiiii to Hupporl her iiitcre«t» ; if %hm vror« 
mil hit chtid» tlten cJie had an utiqiicilJotiuhk' ri^Ut lo the croiifiij 
uind 11 tta« hit f!iil)-, ai 91 true ca^al'^tr, to f(ip|>^rt her cliim. It 
if e:Kn »aid thai he had pledjfrd himself lo Aloiuo^ to ifiind forth 
111 1o^ ndhi-triKir tu llie s'tq^tn niu^ri: ; bin vhpn he )i«n llir 
array of rnuikd uitrriort Mid powrrni) m>ble« \\\a\ Ibronf^cd rouiKl 
FcrdiflAnil fiiid Iimhclla, he (remblnl for \n> Kieat «^tatcii, and 
UciiK n^iiigM villi the crowdf- 'I'he gattlaitt inroad <4 AIoiro 
into Spam «av ntknded vilh maiir uc-inHUidcf ; be could not 
mninluiri bt* fooling ngjib«1 \\w tiTtpvrtr>r fvic* vf FcrdinjiiuK mid 
being 4c^le<l in o decisive btlllc, Uriwccn Zunora and 'I'oto, 
ira> obljgeil lu rtfiinr from CasOIr, Hr CEiiiducitd bi« beimtifnl 
and >ei ^ir^in bridr juIo Po(inf-»l, vthere «ho wns letvi^^^l w 

Eiei^n with grrit NcclanittioiiA. 'I^lH^rc leaving hrr in ■iTtintj', 
\ repftind I0 Frtnc:e,to »erlc atautince from Loui* XI. J>iiniig 
this •btenoc, Pope Sintui IV\ fi^nicd ibc iJi»priTj(aboa Ua h» 
mirrUgc. Ii w%i cauiioiiiljr uorded. and secretly giv«*o, thai it 
might r^rapr Ihe kiumleidifv of Ferdtnund, uniil eorriecl itiCo 
rllrcl U aiiibortird ikr Liuf; uf PotlngAl Ici inirry a»y ivlaiivr 
not alfif^ ii^ hini in tbe fini tlegK^ of c-n^songuiiiit^, but Bioid«<t 
oanuiiiE \\ik bnde>f 

• Hm^tiK Ik ti^j r- M^ f f^lfv, fi^n tr, rip. ikn 


IrMlMi ihmnf; manr wonry ni^mttti, and wse linaTly dcf«ai«d Ivy 
line supnkir addn-4« of K-rdi^iuiiti. He rctumcil to PoiCu^nt, in 
Ibfgsi iuv raxBttOTu ill llii* niiTii of liin blooniiDg bride ; but ctui 
hvtr b^ mat •fE'f* di»p|K>i]iti-il bv ihc craAj iMri^m-f of Itj^ liviL 
The p\htt\\ jKHilitTtmii lii-ni ^KuTi'^ik-d iipo» lo kscw ft-patinit tnil), 
m^ifillmtl hi* ptvtfivt dLiiicnf^lion, ai h«vin); been obtJJitfTtl 
ttdkont lUUUng b^th uflic innum U' he uiiilrd in niAriiu;;L-, khiJ 
»i haiinf prOTTcl tlie csiuo of iitars and bloodiAivd.* *lljc nnjil 
pur wcte tliiu otlieif^d to mivt in the n-UiioDt of oiHrlr »nd 
nicer, imCwl of IrnhbtMid and iiif«. P«««e itau liiully iic^nociatcc] 
b5 (br inK'nL-iiliuM of friciidsi on tlic cmiiiitiuii limt Dooikm 
JfiUM •hotdd rilVi Ijikr i>ji- xctl uiid betoinp n rmn^ or Uiould 
be indded lo Dl>i)Juuii, ibo inf^uit »on a\\{\ heJt uf i'crdiii«iid 
ttd ImbcUar <* >*>"<■ ^ l**^ aJiould jrttiv *it a mniriag^tihU' u^. 
Thin vuigiibr condition, thbich uc»ilJ placn h<^r cm the tbnmc 
(rottk «tijcb !»bc had bcrn cKcludcd, bsii been adducnl iis n pmof 
of bi*r kgiuunir figlil, 

AJovoo V, wv fufiiHM, and rejected the treatr; bm% Down 
Jama akniBL ffOU being ntiy longt^r ibr mnti- of uir nitd Idood- 
■bnl» and dettnnincd to derotc brr^lf tu cchbetcv and t^rigion. 
All die rnUealu^ uf tlir? Ljiif; ticn^ of mi i^iiil : %\u* look iiw ttn* 
*oc3hUj iMW«, Ami, cieliuBgini; her ro^al ioh«4 f-jr ibv bunibic 
kftbilofa FnuKiKaniiim.ciilcrrdlticconventof SiiiU CUra, witb 
■II tbt rtMiomiri ftol^niDjtiei ; not bniiiig ftt cocnplclal her iitike- 
tcctith ytMt ana haiiug bc«ii four yean* n Mrzm vrifc* All ui< 
tbori roftcur in giinif* bcf a muat ainhibVr andcxanphrTdiaraeter; 
u>J (.■vrihaT niffl ' »lie ma oomcxl, for hcv viittKi, La KjceUenia, 
and Irfl a anldr rx:uii|ilr i» l>ir uoiU- 1K-r u-tui^uieiil,' be mlds, 
'oecMJoiiiril gfr^tl aWiLtiun i<> King Aionio. and grkf to nuny 
Olben, wbo brhckl lo cxi|ui>itc a IaiIt rtibiccd to hlh^U |;iea1 

Hie Ling, tn a tran^poft ol tender meUndiolyr took a nudHcti 
naoUiboti, cbarM^iniiiic of thai vgr, u-1irii lm« and eliiviliy aivl 
rebyioti vrerc »mi>cclj intermingled. Leaving; bi} capital o4i m 
rc*§»fd prriJ-no-, br nriMiircd to a dul^nt rity, tnnl ihcrr. bi>iilg 
■aidviiii to\m\ ilvle, set foftb ona pilgrimuj^v to J«ru>aTriti, alUndra 
mnniy hf a chapbun ntiii tuo kjoouih. lie bad dcEi:ni}iL»n] to 
rVBMWQD tbo [mmp. aiul t*1u«ie*, aiul ianilie« of ihi^ uxjrid; aiid, 
aflrf LiuuMitijg Iminrlf nt tbo \ioly Mjftnlcbre, Co dnvole hjinaclflo 
I rtUgKMt life. Hr tmtilL bcKrk. one of bii aiienikinli uith Irlteri, 
in vluch Iw look a tcudcr leave of Donna Juana, aiiid direelcij 
hk HfB rn awume tlie croun- Hit k-ttrn ikmu th<! atmrt rnio 
KTvat ftAlirlioci ; li» «on i»ft^ pbced on the ibrone, but scTcml of 


f t>tf^, O q»fi » l> »■*«, U. imiv,, c^ l». 



Ouiiyifecf o/ Orana^a* 

tbo ftMimt co«iiliDra srt nut in piinaii uf ilic pilipim kinj. 'Ilipj 
OWlt<Mik him fnr u«i hii jourrtrT. >ixl ]iiirv»ilr<1 on turn to n-Itim 
and rouoDc his dccptre, lAJncb vita tiniiUtMy n^i^^ottl lo Uini bj 
Ina MM. Sitllmtlmanil ineUncholy, Alonro aftifrwanU i«iuln> 
took a ctxitotl^ for the r^mvry cif tlifr h^tl^ farpuldirr, and pro- 
Cfttlnl 1o lialv willi a Acet and aruiv ; Ijiii wdh iliacHtiray[pd fmiR 
the enl*fpriw bj ibe coUlncM* o€ l'o|>c I'nhi II> H<t thm «- 
luTMtcl til I'mtufal; ttud bii Jovr iDclmitbolv reliving ui iJie 
vjciintr of Dnnna Jumto, Up dptormlrkeiliOiit of » ki«d of roowniic 
»in»L>at|iVf to imLlilc Iter cumplc, ind to Ukc ihc iubil of Su 
FnniL'ii. Htf ladnrM ami Jrprvviioii, huvrrrvfr^ mrrcoMMl to 
aurh n <1cfr«« ■■ to Ofvrvihclm hit form, bikI he dmi, in }4dlf 
hi t'ioini, in tkie dl9inL>et in vrliirh lit* w» Ijutu,* 

W« cait^oC dooic tb« brwl rM^oril oC ihlit rcnmtiti« itory ^ailhoMl 
ootiotiji; ihc iiubsr^iii^nt fortboe* of Donnii Jqvuu She n^AJded 
in ih<-^ inouail^rv of !>tTi(a Anna, ««iili llio i«cltinoa of a Knn, but 
ibc MmIi' of ■ princcn?!. 'I'hc fanic !>! 1«t bcDtity mmI her urorth 
drew «uitiir« Ui ifi^ Houti'n; uiiil lifrr timd wv* HkticUnl br tbfr 

{oiithful liin^ of NnTa/TOr 1^<^ I-'rancii«o Pbtbutj niriittincd the 
IiikIviqii;. lib cirii(L»hi|>, huntjtvrr nsi rut slwrl by hn Mkldeo 
de«thr in l4|4,Sr which vdt MirnaUucI la ln*o b««n «&«*cd by 
pouon/l- I'or Aix'fuiii-tn^tly ytfnrs fhd the rosnl QUA coiHiiliic 
tliiittipiitbolTieclution from ihc wtirM, Th'^dntn* nf tnuih and 
ibc pfide of bcftuly htid lon;£ powird >m]r, wbro Miifdcnly, in 
I.MU, Fc-ntiDOtut hiimrlf, hrr Rnrirat enemy, tbe catnr rif »1l 
li«r »oifuw« antt diMppuiJtlincnb, AppcarH *a t Hiiitor for her 
haiid. Ill* uvtii lUusLinmi qur«ii. the rritcnnml f?iahrlU, w«a 
<W*d, anri hftd brqtuwtbtd her hvtedilary crown nf Cx^t'da to 
iheir ibnghtcr, for mhoMC h«fbftnd, Hlullp I*, lie IimI ■ jeilom 
tvcnanii. Il tVBi mpfioanl that the craftjr MhI vmblliinB montrc-lt 
jntead«J, aftrr Biorrvmf;: Juaiia, la rtym htf ckim to Ibii throne, 
from tihith IlU onn hotiilitv Iwd i-m hided bet. Hb cxuMiiurl in 
thn tiutancr it tnoUivr circunutacirA atrtn^j m fifoar ol ihc 
UirAil right of Jiinna to ihc ciovid of Castile, Th*' ramty of tbo 
world, hourcv«^, ^a* dead in the iras(|iiit bcMOOi of the iiiiuccM^ 
and the grvmlcuf of «i throne tiad no kxifcr atlnction in her 
«^- Shp Tviecled the ftuie uF thtr moat politic and periidkMa 
of monarcha; and. coniiniiioi; failiiful to her vovr*, paMvd th« 
remiindrr rif \wt thm* in thr comriM fif Sanl« Anna, «liric »hm 
died in all llw ntour ol' bnliae>>, oiid of unmaculiilr and llirice* 
|ii(jvcd vii^iiritt* nthkii baii pwaird u&sfuidied cvcik through the 
iSen onlcal of mathimMir^ 

Torvtunr 1o Mr. Ining'» MtfTiJiitc-w-t-cnliimid having; •■&• 


Onupi<9t ^f Gr<iv^{ia, 


Mttfullv i^rminMed tlir vnr with Porliii^, «imI sctleil himteif 

lioB lo hi* <:'>rifirfiiji|3trd prot4?ot^i^i? conaucat <if Granada. 
IIU plati oF npor«Uo<i'« iva- rl»imctcn«4)c of liii cauU<HJ> ftnd 
cwmUy iwtuiv. Hi* dtfcfrnMiMl In arooefMl Urn bt" ■iJi'p, takiaff 
town hfhrr town, wid forln^aa nftcf loirtr«Aa, befurtf he ■Urmptea 
llip Mflomii rnjnlnl. ' I will pirk ntir iW «ni-ilf« of lliiat uanii^ 
gnnilc one bv c^ne/ sakl ikt? nvn^ mimiard], in illuiton to Gn- 
«ih, — Vnr S}fMiuli namvr bolli (w llj<- kiiigiJoin uiid ihi-- TratL 
Th« intimiioii o' ll>e C«tlio)ic «i>rcrrign Hid not cK^jipv lite c4|;le 
«5e of 4>ld Mtilrj Abeu H&n«u< Ui^ios. luirerrr, iKHMcncd 
of l^rrat irvftfiirn, attd hmiii^ placed hh tirrrllnmi in ft waHjku 
f>->iiftrc, Mid dravm auxiliiT^ troopi from his ulJicv, ibc piinorfl of 
UailiiiiT, lir frh cofiHd^tir iii hii« in^anrnf rr<ni«rv't<. f h« mbj^cit 
me li«r«c of spim, and tlmU of bcart -inurvd to tlic c\crc-iv:s 
of waf, uid iwikiti of ^tigur, kai^cr, ihijtt, iitd Dakr^liinu. 
Abow ttll, iImt vKtr drxt^robd bor«nmm, vrfiHhor faeanil; oi^mcd 
snd fuilj Bpfraii»tcd, in lifthtlj ifiounlrd« o fv jfnarfa, initU iDvnrly 
Ivirr and '«f I- Admit in s)l kinds of aifntagrini, tm|ir4uoiti« ja 
■Unck, «|nirk to d>i{icr»c, prompt to nill,T timd to return bbe « 
whjriii-inri \a the rfia/gi*, thet w<*re ron^idprvd ihp bo*i of iroofM 
for ttffnnj; awoocb, auddm tcourintrti ftod sU iLind* ol pnttitaa 
nrfirr. In fact, ttx-j kuvt brnucAtlH^l llicir wild and pn^jilivy 
tpUit lo Spain ; aiMl iivt tKuidalcroi, hor f onlTabinribtai, and 
Wi i-uemlaj, bin- loaiaudim of lli? mmiLiUtii, arid fcxjnpci'ris of 
tkr pbnii, may aU bo Irsctd back lo thr brlligrmtl t-'ia of the 

TW iriMw wbieh hod ^xbted brtirrcn ilir Cnibnifc Bororei^ 
■nri Ibc liMi^ of Gnouda coiiUiiicd a tin-ular clnmc, chmnvo- 
tniiUc of the «ar> aod daiqenxia nilualioii of i1il< iah tK^flh* 
bourim mboni, i^ nafioet bo e*cb otbcr. It pennidcd t-tUttr 
porti lu niakr- ■nckini lonwli ami a>»iilta upon tDHTiis uat\ fnr- 
ln^»j«^, Dfoiided ib^ were d«W furtn^ly >»d by ilniagrru, wUIk 
OW display of b«i«cr or «oiaid of tiumjict, or rccular cuc4iBp> 
■iv«r, anJ^ that ibey d<d not lu< alio^v three daja, 'I'hif ^ve 
mo to frt^ufAt ontcrpfiHd of a bordf end odtcnlurouj ckmclcr. 
ht wbich wrtin and umn^-briLli were takm hj tiuiprue, ami 
cttind owoffi iv bawl. Mo«uiornU of Utcsc border (CotLnogi, 
and ibe jaloQs waichfiiinra* awakffitcd bj ibcoi, ma? »ULI br acea 
bf lb« if«nll«r m cmy part of Spain^ but porlicobrU iq Aniia<- 
Uuia« Tbo nuunlMm wbicb Conacd tbo banirr* of the Cbri^baii 
■Bd Hoaletn Icrtrtonea aro uill created wub nuoicd naidi lomrtt^ 
«b«n Ibe bdmed and tmbaood acDiiocLi kept a look-out oii ibc 
Vap of Granada^ or ihr plainx of the (.iuadal^ijivir. l^rcry 
inggod paat bat ita df<mwdcd brtrcjii nod orcrr b>wii »nd 



Coit^Uf4t of GmtMda. 

rjDafte, nnd tscm lmn»lulp of ntoui»taiu or vallri', iu ilroni; lower 
uf drktitr-. Ktm on Ui^ Ifi^.-ktilifiil lilllt- ^liiraitii nf ilr GuiuIuit>, 
^^hirh now «in(ii p^M.^t^fulh iiniong llowvr)' Umxkt ami f^n>i«> of 
iimtlrji iinii ouiigct, lo tliru^v it»rlf iuio tiic Uu;i{ltttt|iuvu, tbc 
Monrii^h nH^v, m-liirli Ii4v^ tiiuldcil itt br^m for <-(>iituit«», 
kwc cuch itB butlknuiiUil Io^it, vljcrr llii! isillcf uitti hn family 
lUi taVf r<<Aigfl tiiiltl iUv forny uliirii m«p| iIm» ptuint, uiid 
le tia&l>' Aa<k BLiid pluiukr ui iu curcvr, liod pnucd a^nj. 
SiKh uuv ilnr itituanon (if Moor ami Spatiiaril in iliour tlnyn^ 
vtlicn lire Awofd ond apcnr buits rend) vii llic inili of e^vrv col- 
tticc> >iij liic I^uitiltl4!t loiU of bualjauJry nctc jicrfonncd \iuli 
Uie wcajiofi cloftf at hand. 

ttTiic oittbr«;aVi»s ^^ ^^^^ ^*^' of GmiudiL u in licvpiiiK ^iih ihii 
fiirinir. 'IW fitter old kiii^p ^lillrv A1*rn llnicinn, had d^-l^r* 
miucd Ui at\Ua^Miv liis advi^iv^ry, Jtnd ulttkc Hw iJr»l blow. The 
fottrets of ZflbHra wii« tlir ob^n:! of hb «liMck ; aiid llie dcscnp* 
tititi cf it iMar torvu for that of maAy of tlioM old viKthor Louna 
««hk1i iL-nuJu fn?m Ok: liiut' of iJj« i^Ioors, buJil, like «aglc tic^b, 
ing tlic ^^1ld mou&lainc of Andalujiia. 

Thb iraportnni poti mu en iko fruolicr* Wcn'c«n RoekU awI 
lirm Sidujiu. aimI iru built on the crc»1 of a roirkf tnuunUiii. widi 
M BLrong nttip jwrvbnl ahiive >l. ujioci « cli^ nn high Ual it vruv mid 
io }m ftbfjvo tbo fligtit of bini* or dftft of cloudJ, Tiws vtfMU, and 
ivfiD J of ckc koujo. ucrc nwrc c^Lcavn^onf, irroutht oul of tbc Uvinc 
swt\. The lowu hod bul oaae Kttr.opcmvg to Oir wmt, Bud iWf«ade3 
Ly iow»ni uid bulvrarkiL Tli« only aKdjt to tWt cragged (bnrctt 
irui b/ rcodd <iit in th« rock, and so mmr^d fts in mui)^ place* to rt* 
pcasible bioVea ttairv. Such (V4i tho ntualjon of th« aaoontM fbrtrcii 
iti 2ahan, wldcli lei'ninl Io fvt all atladt a( d«f«Di.^> insunDutb tlinl Jt 
kftd beconx to |in>r4«bfaJ thrtiLiglioiii Stoiii. ihsi n ih-oinxn of for* 
bidding and inaoevfrfibU lirtuo wm culicd & Zfthartbu ilut Iho 
■troni^l Cuttrcn o&d ttcn>r>l tiituc bare tbtJr wrok |iouita. anil ro- 
\n aarvmilUng vigJlniKV ui fcutrd tliciu: let unrriur and dame take 
Iff item ibe bio of Zoham/ 
lulry A1)ni Huiaii madr n ()ktiliii|;kt attack u^m tiiii for* 
dumi|G a ho^ljtig ^iiilry storm, wbkh bud dnvcn ibc «^rr 
iMittTM.'U from tbrii povt*. lie M:ak-d tbc nslU, aiul jcaioed 
pocMaiioci of bolb iovp-r and caAil« befor* ilic garmon were 
rowvd Io artb». Such of llw biltaMltHta as laadc ro*i»t«iee vrcrc 
rotHr^hii, ibc rcit Mflfv tiLLrti ]uUoiK-i«,aiiddrit«fli, Vtcii, woiibrn^ 
dikI diiWImij hkr a btrd or f aUIcIo Ur«i»d«. 

'Vht^ raplitrr of /alinn nu as aa rlrctnir ibtxk to the cbivaltj 
vt Spain, Aaioi»i; thovc ioiumI to nciivn wan Ooft Hodri^o 
Poller dc IfTcni, Maiqauof Cutlu, «tio ti mtnb]! nf particular 
Mtiicti 0* bvtng tbe real iMro of tlie uor. Ftoriaii bat a<f«igtii>d 
thii honour, in Lb liinonciil toraaucc, t^ GoumJto i>i O^uio^a, 


C^nqvtti <^ Otanoda, fit 

fturniuii^ Uic (.treat Captain, viho, in fact, performed but u ni > 
,l^nr>r pitvl in Ume cncapia]^. Il wan u) llic iiatinw|iiriit wur uf 
lUly tlmt hi* >ciiilrod bii high r«uown. Ro<dn^ Poiici.* do l^c^ii 
to a CDinfilirto r^rjii|iliJjcaUcni of Uic Spaiti^b ca\alicr of the oUleil 
ifanr* Tctnpvniltr, di»fK-. tigilsni, nikd vRlori>usT kinii 1o hii 
mU, Graak toviAril \tn «qiials fnilhful niid loving to hiPi fneudB, tcr* 
iibii^ }ri tm^iiauiiiK>U!i lu liL« FimiiirH ; roiitjMiipurary hiiinriaTiv 
c%toJ bni uiIm minnrof diivaliy.Biid compbrcliiDi ti>lfat' iiiiiDcyrtJil 
Cid- His luitple pLn^cuiuItl eid-iidrtl uici llit- aiuii fcriilr partf' 
«f ADd&luiia, incliiiiii)^ nvMiy lowiMnnd rorlrcsK*. A lio^I ol r&* 
Uiiictv, trodj' to fullow liijii to dotii^cr or to i]«aili, fvU Ju hiji caj<t1ij 
haH, wtiicb nuird ui(h bcmn^n taken fioni Iho Mch>ti, His nr- 
AOiaiics (liUcrc-cl nith liclma and cuifv»cfi, and ^rci|ioni o(d\\ btud«, 
rod^ bufnish^Hl fo( n«c, niut blM »t»b1va virtv lilkcl willi hitMy 
|1*c4>j trvittcd to a mouuia^jt Bcnmpct, 'i'hu ready Drc)>arnti4>it 
Crotc nul Bjrit^lj Ijoui liia iL'ajiJL'ui.'i; on iUa MuousL uuiilur: be 
liad n fotnudalfk fuc near at buiiJ, la Junn dc GuzQian, iJuko of 
^Icilkiia Skl^iii*, uuc of Uie mucit mulUiv of SpaiiuU nubki. Wo 
«balJ uolifie ofie ur twu pantMiEnn of his i:3ilti-i' Uft\ which our 
AvtJtor 5*1 omklcd, ** not wiiluu the ycop« of Jita cbroikicEc, but 
irbkb would laM^ ^uvm nildiliuml ialrrr^l tu mjiui? nf fii itr^^neA. 
AfA hfrc^licarv (viid Mit^islrcl bvl\i««H ibttv Iwo nobkmcu; niid 
'^ Kcrduuiid uhI J^aLtflU h.i(t iioi ^tt »uci:ccdcLi in tlicir |>Iaii uf 
^KTiKiit^ xiit \nAe\t^fiiienx und dufigvrout powrr at ih^ iiobli^ of 
6paiii, llic vbotc pft»inci: of Aodidujift ttaf C£>nvul3vd by tHur 
>Uift. TtLV> w^i'J uui u^uiuM c:kdi uthrr liLc Bdc^irign minccf, 
tt|tH<Iiitj; ii«jtb«f tbo aiilhotilv ai the crown nor llk<; u«lfar« of 
flic UNiiiUt. Etcr;r fuilins UEiJ cjtjitlc btxuuic a ^Ifuug hold uf 
|lli«ir Milumna, uid a Liud of club law prvvnilcd oter tlic land, 
Ifco B0 /siauf rrt^j oucc cicrci»od by the robber coutita of 
CvniiiDj, The luJlVtiugi of tliF pro^itittT nn-aA^ciicd ihi? iolic>* 
|udc of lul>cl]a, aiul brouglil her 10 Scidlc, ^horc, »akd on 
a tkjvfie in ■ finl ball of the Alcsar or Mo^riali palace, atiCi 
fcdtr an opfli audwiKe 10 receive pciilioni And coEiip?iEiiEf. Tlie 
AobJrRof Ok priHiiK^' ha^tciicil lo do her lioiiiagc. '11>c Maiv 
duii of Cadiz ak^f^if did nui app^^r. 'I'br J)nki* of ^Icdina Si- 
£ouM acctucd lijm of hu\i»;{ bptn Ui:i^uabK m ttio inU-roit of 
I'onugal, ill drr Ijtr uiii t>f tin- Mtcco^oci; of cMrcjubg Ijnin- 
^ical iiffay <»pi- crrtoin n>>il doinaiu* ( of liani«4ui^ th« bu1>j«c1f 
6r ihc cftn&'u with h» pTc<i«iorj baodi, awI kc^pcochiiufclf aloof 
in mufike drlUiior, in hi« fonilifd cUy of Xrrv^ Tlic coniiiioat 
41i*cocc of the aifquift countenanced ibctu durecj, and tbcj 
itm tritenited by Uh; tt latiou Hid drpt^ndcnls vi uk doLc^ vlig 
itiroftfvd aiMl co«urulUxl Ibo Ukcwnt city of Seville. Tbc indig- 
Action of tilt iiuccii wa> rouaedp »ud »bc dtU'rotiticd lo reduce 

«UL*KLUJ. XO-LXXXT, jr ilia 



ibo BUpfkOftfid rebel br force of itpih. Tiibngi of iheM* eiciUs 
wer« coii7c>cd to i'onf« ilc L4<i>n, and fouicd hiiii to vtiKlkut^^ hm 
boiiour i«illi frank oeu ntid dnrinioii. Hi? iiiitmiElj ict inff frT>in 
Xcrc«r BlUodiMl by a M^^^ >«rvaBl. S|>um]i'^ [icf\>v4 tbc C4MUI-* 
tfjr, 4ud l/at'f'itiD^ tbc huitili! citj, be cnti^u'il tlx: puUrc bjr n 
prit«l« |M>itBt, and Mnctralin;- lo tli« uponmcut of Ibe ^QMO^ 
pfOMulcd liittHrlf BttiUcnly bcfofc bcr. 

* fkholdinobcre,nio*tpOii*iit*m<CTvifrik!' exeliioaed bo, ^ to an«irer 
■ny cl>v^i^ in pruifn- I ccono not lo ncniae ^thm, but to ^iriiljcnto 
mirwlf: i>u( bi fleal tn word*, but imlcciilfl. It U wd tbni I hukl 
JUfeN ai^ Akftk fortifiMl 4itd garrUciicd, in deftinc* of your autlitH 
rily; t«D(i md take pawaxfaa of ihcm, for thoy are yoor^ Do yott 
rvquirs mr inuHiutKifal Lvtrilluinciits ? Fnnn thii chimibrr I wtU 
£rvct ib^r lumauler; «n^ lii^rr I dvliwr op my Terr pi^rMin inUi 
your pomr At to lh« oUier rlior^^, l«t uii'eiligatiOD I* mode ; and 
If I atcind net clear niid toyalf iiDi>oee on no whaCerer pw or perudlj 
fOU may ttnnk proper tcj inQicl."* 

Isabelb anw in tbe imrcpid fmnkncai'of AeM&niius strong 
proof of iniiocriice, an^l d^ilafvdj that bad flbe tbi^Li^ta blm 
guilly, bi» j^Uftiit coii^dcuc*.' nould have inaured her clctaeocr. 
She took poascMJoti of tli: f^inrr»»c» turrcndcrcJ^ but caused pie 
Duke io gn* up rqttally bi« military povla^ tad to frrr Siville 
from th<4c distracting coptcftt», ordenJ eitbcr cbtcf 1o dw^li ou 
bla t4Calp, SikI) wai ike firud betnixl llien* ritul utMt-s at ibe 
line ^ben tbc old Moorish Liu£ cnpiured and nckcd Zabara. 

Tbc iicwk <if diii rBcnt ^iiiicd np ibi* wairiikr apifU of i*o«iCC 
6^ LcoB to rctaltntion. He fteiti uiit bid mto^u. und toon leant 
1^1 d)« lomi of Albama wfts a»aiUbk. ' Tbb wu a 'v^ 
wraltby, and fnipubnK iilocr, wlikb, from iti iitrtjiig |M>?iiij(in 
on ft tocky iKi^bt, uithjjt a few U^gut* of ibe Moomb capiioJ^ 
bad :Ktjuiji:d tlic appcllalJon of tbe •* Key of Grawda.^ ' 'Ilie 
marcjqiB brid rofiferenre iiiib ibc nwet inipohani eonmumdcrs of 
A»ditlii^a, csrcptinf ibt- Dmkc cf Mcdiita Sidonia, bis deadly 
A>e, And cnncrrlrd n ancrri niafcb fhrnii^b ihe mmiuiiiin paaws 
to Aibiijai«r «bicb_ be aufpmcd and earned* We forbear lo 
follow iLc autlKir ii» bii dvlud u/ tli'ia «ild and pcntoua cntcr- 

r' «, ihe tucceA of wbkb itruck deep con»iema^on in tbe Moon 
Granada. Tbc ciclamalion of ' Av dc nu, Alhama ! — Wo it 
me, Albania!' viat in cwry moulli. ll hat becume tW buitbcti 
of a inuuriLfid ^prntiib baUftilt «uppoMd of Mooibb ungiu, vibicb 
baa bcL'u tiuwlairil by Lord llytun. 

The Maf<|iiu of Cadi f uid bU gallant eovpaniione, mi* hi 
pow cM Wo of AliainEi, «*TFi- but a buiatlul of men, »n ibe beatt 

1 W|Wf <b 111', Jb-. 

CamyMrti nf Gmnada^ 

ai HI mctny'* ^Lcnairj, amid «crc surrounded by ■ |bnwvtful amv, 
MI>jrdi«AercpKingofGn)ik>4ti, 'Jli«y clotfuitrbH in<»iett)(<-rv to 
Senic wid Conlo«, dfwnbinp tl»HT ]>cnlvus liiuitiion, an** im- 
liloring aid. Nodding o>iilH t^ual thr inguUh of Iltr Muni;ioii«A 
of C>dix ou hc>nn^ of thr duigcr of bcr lotd. bbc looked round 
in bcr deep diitrua for >omc povrciful iM^ble, competi^fit to nM9 
ibo f orot PMuiiilc (or blii di^liTor^ncf, No one wm Kk compel] 
tcnl 9a tbc llukc vi Mo'lina SJdoriu, To UMuj, )ioitrM*T, li«.i 
mold lunv v-rmrd llir 1;i«r pmiii-t to tvbom to iifplj ^ 1>^1 >ii« 
jiid|Lcd of him br hvt own liif^h And generous nuM, ami <tjd jiol* 
liiruitir. Tb^^ CTCot flowed how w«l1 iiobTe ipiriu iindt^r^tand 

' H« bnnwi&tcly dapAlebfd a courtcou* letter to ill* ]uac«hHHie4t». 
■MoriiMf htr, UwCt ko roiuid«rDtioa of Ao rcquM of ki boivurablQ 
aod nODftble « I«d)r< a&d to rMoie Iran p«r3 so nlmtti * cav^lit^r m 
hfT bmhand, wbwe Lon would b« grt«i. Dot oniy to Spkln, bat lo aO 
CWnmdon, Hv wovM '^'f^ ^ tocolltCTifln of dL fiaat rri«v«tte««t 
•b4 bftM«ft to btt nbcf. tlic duke wnU ftt ih« fttaie tunc to tb« 
«tardM<ifhr«l»wn)iind fortrrMC*. oHcfWr til<m to joiu bn forth-' 
wilbM SsTiDr, vitb 4II the fbtcc they route! ftpar« from their gmrruoWb 
Bfl calM on ■!! tlw chhr&lry of AndMlncaa to mske a «ommoa 
klfecMn* of thotfo CbHM 

CbnMaa c«rAU(n j and bOoSlvVd Im^ pa* 

te «U fol u a Uf* who wooU rv*on to him VLth boots, «iiMw,«aA 
fmWsoB. Tbui ad who covU be iudicd bjr buuuir» ruUgioA, |^ 
bioiiMi,ortUf«lof gvln, wvra indiiccd to hntcn to his ftMvkrd ; aA 
Iw took Ite Ud with VI amy of five tho«uid hont 4ad &£t|r Ihou* 
Saad foot.' 

Ferdinand waaiu church nt Mediim del CAmpo when Ikc beard 
cf ibr aduQvoiieiil i&il tbr |N:ii1 of bbi f^alluil tattdicjs, ^lal m?! 
out iaataotlj to nid m |)ertON iii ihi^tr mcuc. lie wruto to tb6 
I)ukc of Modiun ^bdonia topaiuc for him on tbo frontJcr^ but 
it WW ■ c**c of life and deaifi : die duke left % mmagi* to thai 
effect for ha M^tcfuisa^ lud proasad on hui unceMUig murdi, U4 
arhvrd juai ta Uuue, uhcu llic ^msmoa, rniiiuid to citraDUV by 
BtCTMtit «kimiMh«a aod a»MuU«, and the waut of wmiar, and »a- 

lAjdvtow ladier tbaa Urius men, wcic oa the po«nt 
Mni iit« tba handn of ilw mrtaj. MuUy Ab«ii Hanaa, wb» 
"cwn m a n ded the jikj^p in person, tore bi5 beard ^4)ct) hn >co<ila 
brou^t bbn vmrd tyf ibi^r Hrvival. 

'Tbiybaii«<o from thaMghiiChalonpcolaama and iMnliiig baa- 
mn of Ac CktittiaQ annr appraaebia^ tbroo^ iba itboantauu. T^ 
Ib^VT woold he to plae* niiaarlf Wtmvn two bodnv cf ibc rannjr, 
Xlvaak^ up bfi canp, ihfwfefv, ia aIj kkita, he gavp up the «i«M 
if Aih«mt aJid ha<t«tivd back to Oruiada ; ind th« Ian cla^ of hU 
tyaJiria acarce dkd upon the r%t from tb« diilaM Uiht, hefbce tbf| 
auodaid of ilic Duki; of M«daiB Sidoada waa aven tfiiwf i t f wf ja aao<^ 



Ahtf ^r^eiltM inn lh« d«fil«t oi tfi« mMmUim. . . . Ii wu 
duIjIc and |cr*ciou» M^bl to behold thv incc^iaf ^f !]»>«« two Uide 
focit, tic Duke uf IJcdiuA SiduiuA \ud the >Ufqui) of CaeIgl W 
the tniTijiiis iieliehl hi?t ritagiidiiiniuu^ drtir^rrr Hiqiroachbigt be mv. 
itifo to&r«^ aU |ik«t auimotibtfa only ^tvt the gmtt^r pSgiuncy 
prc«cnl fcclLfigs of i^nliludc atiil AdniirMion ; ihcy d«>pr4 4-6cl otH< 
ui l))i'jr aii^ai; nnd, frota tliAl Umc furtrud, i^ro tnjc u>d v~ '' 

1fj\iiiv^ ilulj ilTtiMiAlrd ihrMt iit^i.i^KX-s af cliivalfOEis lur£liood. 
and iioLrk >LM^u;itiJiiiJTt» tijv aulW ihihs liii «ccim from lliv' 
Chji^*<iidii tamp to ilii; >lt>]k-iji lull, &iij j;i^^t ua ;i pctrp iiuu t 
iiileriur of ihif Alliatiibru, :Lml llic clDmritir polirj^ »r ihr Moutiih 
jiioDarfh-i. 'J'hc old Ku)^ (>f Ciratuujn nvju |>cTpl(xcd, not ui^ivlj 
■irilh fuiEigii V4J3, bill %iitlj (»nu\\ if^uihf apiI unant lo hara 
^i^ccd a kind of ligcr ch^iraclcr in t>ol}i. lie hMl AtveiaJ Vhiics/ 
luo of wbuui WL'ic i;i>ii lid vice! us sukwuur or qiuniijL. Oiic^ 
oaiiiril Ayxsp UPS of ^toohkb ongin, and niixnatiiiMl La Horra^ 
or Tkt Ch^<t fium llic purity ol bcr mftoticrji. I'atima, \ 
othrr, had l>«rii <irij(ina]l^ n ('lukiiaii (^Mpli««', hihI u»» <ailKvf| 
from bcr bffitily, Zfrrayoy oi 3fcf i^iff^/ o/" />iitrn. Tliu *or«i 
bid si^^^n birth lo Iji» v1dc«t uiiit Abdjillft» oi Doabdil, cacnnioul 
cilled £/ Cfttno, or ike Youngtr j find |h« tuiter bftd brought bi 
tu'o noiif Zoro^tt sbu«td die infiiKiKi; that her ) uutli aiid Lc«ul 
g^^e ber ovrr ibe hoair tnonardi, tudufmg liini lo T4p»di»li- ih« 
TtrtuouH j\i:i;it and cxtilJii^ 'i^^ auHpiciom ngniiul Honbdil to luch 
a dejriT, t}iut lie tlrtriniiiiod LipLin hii dr^th. |[ wuh iht ubjecfc 
of Zoroya, by ihr» dagituitu mcDiu, to accurc llic succ«««j(ki f* 
^Dc of bcr ortn ^hildrtti. 

' ' The fuittna AjTA vru iccrctly ifrprited of the crvvt doign of (li 
otd iiWD^rch. 3h« KTBs 4 woiuiin of IoIcdu mtd courage, anil, h^, 
mtaiik of hrr fnnali- illcfHlintf, cunrrrli:*! a plan fot tbr rv«l>i> of 
ber toe. A filthful •arrant wa»bi*ttucud to wvitbeloir thi? At 
l>mt la lb« dead cf ifcv niftht. on tbe banks of ihc Hv«r Darro, with 
fltet Aralnaa raun^r- Thv tiduiia. ivtmE the castle vra» m a 
of 4«<^ tfpoap, dr^l tr^'ihrr ibp •hivt* aiKl Hrirfi iif benrlf uid 
Chm1« 4tlMid«nt*, aiuT Lovi>r*4 tiie youthfal (irini-t from tbe to«n^r 
CoDsarML He made bi< way in aifety dpown tbc ativp rocky bdl to 
t«iika of lh« Darro, acid, thiovipjc Mnvclf or. thv Aratnaa Goui^r, 
vrai thus *pirit«d fifT to lh« cLtyof Gvadix. Ilvrp hr taf for 
Uno cviic«*led. ooidt RMuiiug adltervnu, h« Coftjdod btnualf ia Ih^ 
place, and >«i hit tjmal faibcr at dvAaace. Such mu the 
maat of iboav bbmd Jinda «blch bastvovd the downfol oif G 
111* Uoon becanw seaaiUad Iuki two hoatiie futioiui. headnl by tbft 
£ttli«r aari the torn, and VDvaral Uoody oncovntan took place lieiwraii 
tham; rettbcy ikrrvr &«lrd to act vU aU thair Npa«t« fana agauial 
iba Cfamkaa, aa a co^bhid cDuny.* 

It if prop^, in thU plare, l<^ rttwirt, ihnt iHp prp*?nt rbrfink<>1# 

E\C9 an CQtirrlr *liffrrcn( chnrnrtt^r In ifoabdil fiflm Itint by uhidi 
if ttt«;ill\ tb?M.-nltn1. If nayv nolfijiij; of hi« ulleg^d iiiHHHf re 
of III* AbcoccfTsgftt, nor of the ron^nnlic ^torj of hi« JcsJoui pcr«' 
>rcuti«a Ami cuiulcmiialitju of lib f|U?r[t, and her Tiiidic^Lou la 
combat bj Cfuixtun knidiu. The mauitcrr, in fact, if it rcAlljf 
iBJ toic pUcc, wa.1 the ckecl of hia lis<cr-Ii«arlcd father ; ihc «tot^ 
of ihr ^iiccii IK not l^i Im- found in nny r4>rtrrm]>4mry chmmHr^ 
iilkfr SfKuihii or AnibiAiif ai^d it cuuAKlrrrd by Mr. Irvlu;^ a^ 
tt tncir fabTKufiifii. Th •Anli\ A^iprarit tii hii^i' bccii KJinctimr* mshj 
St Olb«r liiit«i iffnokitu, but n^vi-r t:riio), 

A» B fficoi»cti (if the picditlory v^at Xhitl mx^Wed About the 
bovdm, ve vroofd fuiri rnakt- -loiiw i^^lracU Iroui a foiuv of the 
old Moomh kios into ihc land? of ibc l>ukc of Mcdiaa StdoQia« 
Kha had fuslcil liiin brfon.- AlhuniJi ; liut tliis mir limiti forhid; 
It (Mvb tiiuraphaiitiy for Miilcy l[u««ii; and Uoabdil •] Cbk^, 
in coDeaumccr Touml ii n:<|uifiiir for his popuWity to itiikr »(inia 
sifild Wow that might ivhptp thi? bnlbmit npioiu of the rival 
lua|C, ku fstlMr. Hf- yitis lu tbc llont^r of hu sf^r-, and renowned 
■I }(Np4 «i>t touniey, htii nf \Tt unprmrt) in ibr- firlil of bnltt^. 
tf« was eitcoungMl io make n dEiiiiif> iuroa<i into the L'hrijBtjan 
tertitonca by the fjitlicr of bis fuvi^oiilc lulUxiu, Aii Aiir, alcayJtj 
of Lina, a vpt»in varrior, ninety y^aiv of agv, vrhove name w«a 
dta tenror of tbc bord«rft. 

' Boabdil aH«viblol a trillunt anny of luuc Uio«aod foot aod 

wtvtn hundrfA honv, oomprising ih« mcrtC LllunlrbuB anil i^atiaui of 

the Mooriib <4tinlr7« Hit ctather, the Sultana Ayxa La HovraTamiutJ 

fcuB Ibr the Ccld, and i(*va bin her beof^ietion as Ac glided kia 

Owietar to bu ndt. 11m fat'ourite wife, Morainu, wcpti a* ibe ibou|efat 

ttl( the F^-iL1 tt^t nailfbt bcf«l hiia ** Why dent thou nwp, tiiUji^IerDf 

AbAtarf" hu4 Uie bifrh-i&itid«d Avxa; '^ thetc tcnn b«ofne not 

tb« Uas^kleT uf a v^rrior, nor the tr^ie of tk king, Bctetc mc, tboro 

lurba won danffcr for a maiuirdh vriihio the nltong vratli vf a palacft 

than within t%t fnij enrlAini uf a tmt. It it I7 prrili in <h* iti>Iil, 

tfaat thf bitfbMtd murt porahnHMeuhljonhiif tbrnne-" ButMgrafmft 

Itfall bun^ is|)ou bj9 nfck, with tenn and aad fonfco^tnf:* ; and when 

\hf dcfttrM from tbr AJbasibra, abr b«t(xjli bervulf t> bcr miraikM'* 

vhU lookt OM over lb« voga, v-hpnm Kha vatrh*d tbo army ai iC 

m Uiiniai^ order alon^ tlio road tbot loade to Loaa : a^d trvtrf 

•f mriihe melody ibal canie iireUJiig on the brcete waa 

tMwwvrtid hf n gub of nrmw. , . . . 

* Al Loxa, tbv rorii onof tnu remfbread by old Alt Atar, irith tb* 
lihoaen hotsemen of W^arritovk, and many of the bravMt v^rriom ot 
iHm VM4«t totnw- Hm pveple cf Lcxa thooted with exubatioo. wbnk 
MmU AU Atar armd at all pointa, and oore noiv mounted on 



CMqmH t^ QrwMda, 

kk Bvbarr •(ocd. vhkik hfti crfUa bovDe hka orer the bor^er^. Th* 
VM«r&ii wArriot, wiih oartf t cenlnt^ vt jfm u)«in bii b«ad. hm\ all 
t^ &rv uid ttnhwrioi* of a jwutb tt th# prMpvct of « forty, uid 
«m«reii from rtnk to wok with Ibo T^bdiy of ^q Arab o£ ij}« dotork 
Tlir poputAco Vftii^vd ib« maj m il j^^radcd of er lK» liridg^i and 
wnuad ioKj Uia pav>e« of tha mcsnttaia ; juid ilin tUr *f*a wn 
ftofd U|<iii lfa« pcancnof Ati Alar, as if it borv vnth if an imiifwim 

Tbc citcmj boH acarcdj b«iJ a day's ravagi^ !■ tbc Cliriatiaa 
llDd, ub4ii thr aUnn-^n* give nocko that llfto Moor ■ ovcc lk« 
bortkr. Our limits do not pecaul us to pn iIiih picture of iha 
auddaa mintf of a frtkniirr tn iliL>«r limi^n aC Mit'^nth iiiioad. U'e 
pSM m U^ m tcvoL' ^A action, ulicti the bvdy CimqL dc Cibra 
CMaftQpvtkbdirfuCt haling |rt«MaUr«aiIcss1j funtjiid atlhc bind 
of ft hMdful of bouiehoiJ ucopt aiid rcLuartx. 

* ThM Uoonsb ldoir dcaened tb« SfumJti for<t«« at a diaUacv, 
Ikouib a tUffhi fofc prcTcatcd Kb fec«tnr ihem dtttbxttjr, and 
lainifig l!iair oattUrv. Uv oli fiu]iiTr*iD*lav, AU Alar, «v br bii 
fide, who, Iwi^ i veteran naraudtr, was wcJl nfi|uunEnl with uU Um 

tandaj-di and armorial bfiarbig> gf tiM fronifacti. When ike kia^ha- 
AoU tbc Bodentaad long-^iawdbannvrofCihra cmfrging frontlN 
mlai, bv lamal to Ali Attr, aad dooiaoM whoM cnvgo K wm, Thm 
old hor^vrtr wn for onor at a lon^ for tb« hftonff h^ not boon dia- 

thftd hi battle In bta lime. '^ Siro," roplwd ho, after a Mat*, " I 
■to bwn coniid«rinff thai »laadani. but do not baew (u It >PP«*id 
tehoaAoStvUdiB adenoeborac byAe tnyiwnf Baaia aadUbada. 
If It bo n. 4ll Andalvfla U in mr^^^m'^n: utmi^vt jou ; for ia !• aot 
pratefcU tktf aay eiogU Doniauiide^f or c«aitRiutiitj woaM ratHarc to 
attack roQ- 1 woald adrli* yani tiwrafan^ lo retiro.'' 

- Tb« C4WDt otCthtK m vkiduw Atnni tba UU towdi th« Moon, 
Ibnnd hhoaalf ua a mock lovar atanoQ ihaA iha Ettany. Hp tbrMcro 
OTdorad, in aU baito, that bis itamlafd i^Motd U liken back, eo ai to 
gun th« Tanta^ gtomd. Th» Wuon, nieukinf ihb for a retreat, 
ruhid uapruaooaljr toivatdi iho ChrifttiaBa Thv iattor, batii^j gaood 
tba hiifbt profOMd, cbarg^ dovn ufon tkoai at tho Mjoa nomenl, 
w^ik^hUXh cTj at ^ Sui%ittffoi" aMi. d«idie|r Um fitit bfoifv, kid 
^nof IbalioeMcavi^ioniB the diMU 

* no BioorVi tbaa chadwd in thrir lanmltaotu aa>>4a1l, urvm ihrom 
Into ctmto^omt and baft*** *" fp^ vs^*— iha Ckrktiaa* fo lto wW 
ffJumilhw B aa b dil at Ckioo — JcaTdored to nlly thenv " UdMI 
Md! Ar«kMr crMba: " lot a* ftot flj, ai Wa^i iint^j trr Lmi« 
our aoan;!" Thf Uooriib diimlrj vetvttnqff b^ An rwjiroof, aad 
fciaad to naha fmt, with iha vakar of nm no foal t^ thoy ara 
li|ki^nndartba)r BMVardi'aar** At IkbnoneBl, Loftntode IW^ 
«w,ttoj^oalLaq* >. WTJTfd imk fi% boraa and oaa buodred Ibal^ 

a& IcaUan tnimpffi ffom among a copae of otka^vaa. whaefa 


Con^»emf o/Qranada^ 


«Diic«iM 1m ferft. TStr 4^0^ nr of old Afi ACtfcaogrlit tlienol*^ 

•»ftai iaMMA^mU rmr nvMifP Tb« Cnimptt of Lorcuo dtt 
Fonva wu «BtWt«l by ifaal «t ibe CdoMt At Cftbrt iu «iioUier ili* 
rMUoa ; uid k teeinctl in lh«i Mcnri m tf ik\ry wen bcivvcwo l«o 
•nnitl. Bon Lomvro, tillfio^ from unong th« oak*, oou- cLjirgvd 
Ofon tW Cttcmv. Tbc lE^ttcrdui &o< wait to nicorttlio Uio forcn J 
thii iKw fno. 'rbf? coafiujon, the Ttnrtr of bUtbis, the attuka frwv 
CBipniu i|VArivi9, tlic bbHiiriry t»f (lir fug, oil cansf ircfl 10 div^lrt 
mm lA U)Ui# niimb^r Elf their tAvt^r%ii.tiet. Brokm tiid diimiyiH^ 

mtnotm of tbo Saw pnrreuMd tbelr t* Ircftt fmn becoming > buiu 

lilt; skirmiifUtnj^ rttrcat h«1rd fbr abcnti three Icapici ; bst od 
iht hnnki of tlir Mlngnn^ali^ ilir rntitr hrTAinn complete. TI16 
Rtolt i« f«J*te<t b)- a fuf-itiic from the ti<td. 

* *ni« ttftllndi tooktd OUT trmn llj» wairh-KiVorv of Lotft, ^i^OV 
Hit Tillcy of Ibe Xcni}* irhich pjwioi thronffh Ike moiinloiit^^- 'ni«T 
lacfceif, Itt behoU the kiuK rclumuv bn tnuniph, a< tbc liMkH of ^ 
Mnbw bosti Ittdtra ffilb the upoit of tJic unbvLc^^tT. Tfi«j lookid. uf 
takold liM standard ot llM^r wartik« idol, th« Actyc Ali At&r, bM04 
bf Ito ehlratfy of Lon, ever forenort m tho mm of tbc boriff- 

* I0 ibv ewDiPit of tbf <lat of April, tbe^- d«»cri*d & aiagle borv* 
MHU vr^iBi: bia iaUmtia^ stVid tlotv ^'* brujV* uf tk« riivr. Ai h« 
dnir M«r, tkAy p«fc«if»d« lijp tba Aaib of arm^, that he «w « n-uriori 
Sbdt on annr approach, by the nchoeas of bii anaottfT aod tha oapfr' 
liaoti of )m> atccd, lb«y kncvr hiio to be » Vp-airior of rank. 

■ fir rr^thrd Loia faint anil aglLUl ; kia Arabian courevr ooierc^ 
villi Sbam, and dutt, uid blood, puntii^ and »caffg«ruig ulih £iliguiw 
md (ub«d wiik -Aounda. lUrjig brou^bt tua mwur in aafKy, hm 
ank 4I0WE1 ft&d dit^dl bcfjTc iIju gftic of Ibo diy, TJic- aoUkn %i ibft 
Mt gilJivml Touikd the caval)rr< a* be stood, mul« niLd n»)uicho1]v 
Ej fcb mMtig iffHd. Thoy kfkFW hfm to be tb« galuit Cidi Cftltb^ 
a«pb<i(r of tko chief alfaqui of the alhar^u of Oruada. Whm tb# 
MOpla of Losa b«bcU tki* TjobW cat^icf thno st^nc, ha^g^nl uid 
ib pt -irt, tbair hrmrtM tnre fiLrd vltb fc^ful fur* bvdtti^s. 

* " CtfTilicT/' Slid thw. ** low Can* ii vith tha kJojr aiu) anr^?" 
Ha tmt bk> bvxl mounkfuliy lowd« tba Und of tha ChfuUum^ 
**TW« iLn ImT' oxcHiwa ha: "Ibo Kamcaa have CaUoa 
Uwl all aro bit— ail dead! ^ 

* ITpon tbit, tb»r* u-aa a great cry of coiMteniaitoD niaong 
pfOpl#, ajid loiad waiiin^fl of wonfro ; for the BoA^er of tlht yoaih 
Lva vvra wflh tbc atmj. An oM Ma;>ri>h Bokber^ acomd in 
nbtfdar b«tlf«, atood Irarir^ ui kii Um- by iLc gsleway. " Wb8M«. 
fa Ail Axtr r doBtaodcd h« Mgrrly- » If ho icUl &rt, tba uvy,] 
cauAl be kMl." 

'''I Mir hk ctirbon drft ly ib« C^nitjaa airof^" nflM 
C«leb. •- Hb body it ftoaibi^ (n the XoniL' 



Cpnfttmt q/ CrtJomda* 

■ Wlicn tlic >o1d)er litftrd th«M wor^ kt inwto h» brcul* And 
tlirEwdakt u|«iii bla livail; for he wbsuioU follonvf of AU Autr' 

Tlic tinfrtrltiiint^' IIi-^iImIjI wa* cdtiilLirtnl :» rJr|>Ch^ to Viinia, ■ 
fronlKf ifl^ii 9moi])£ tlic niouikUiru ; aii4 the niinc^l lowen of tlie 
old tiiii(?*woni casllt^ mc atill fiuiiitcd tiul U> tlje traveller Jii nliicll 
fa« w» l^cld in hoivmrabic durance by ihc birdy Count dc Cabra, 
Ferdinand 4t Icaglli libcnilccl him, on ctipulatiun of bp anijife 
Iribulr, and iTisialupc, w«li nitlitnn itnirc, in tJir CdhuIiih cnmn. 
It wa> hif p^Ikv to liivjde ihu Moon, hy fciinc»tiiiK & civil mot 
IwtU'CL'ii l}ic' luiJ fii<il km]^]i ; and tiii fi>reiighl wan JiLttiiicd hy 
Ihv mulL 11i« fuctioiiv oi the fathor and th« t^ii l>roLe fiiiflfa 
Again ttilh icdfliiblfsl ivay, »iid Mcior nan aimed af^ainit 3^1oor^ 
imteod of vinitiu« sgaiiiM i\\e common foe. 

Mulcy Abcn Uuton bc<^cinc inKrm thrntijth ^Tiation di wdL 
aa a|;r, »riil Idindni."*? nmn added lu hin i^lher (nlmiiilirf. llr hud. 
liovicwT, Q brothvi, nam^d AbdAHu, but gcnc-raUy call^i CI /iKal, 
or the Vali;ini, ^ouaj^r»of ccjiir^i:, Oiaii IdmicW, <tc:i wrll stiickca 
iajrsin, uhn iau^ atilcc dJ«tiBA^"*^i*^d f»T c-nol judgmrnf tind fi^rj 
county Kitd f<jr uioft of the sf\\\*:f qualiticii wb^h fi^nn aii nhio 
ff«^nrmL Thih chirl', uboti- niailul di^ilh run itir^kugh the pittt iil 
fiLAlor^, ticcamo dit> ful«r«rh»brotfa«r't rruhn.^Liid uat Koonnftcr 
nJ!^ bj acctaniatian to tbo tlmntr, cvrti bcfurc llic pncic^iit lLiiL|;'a 
clecea*^, vhich iihortiv followed, und n<»t uithoiit «tHpicinn of fout 
pUjr, Tlic <jti1 Uftr, whkb bad commenced between falltrr and 
Kin, w»ft ki'|t( t<ji iH^ivni'i^fi iiiirlt: Mild iirphirw'. Tbe InlUi, ihniigli 
Tacdioling ^uod irresolute, u-u» cap^bk of bcinjt mddnily luroosed 
lo pTMnftvnd Tipmaus meaiurei, 71k- txkic« of the multitude, 
rlmnvrnil «■ tbr uinij, fltiriuntrd lu^lwrrn V\ Cbifo snd El 
Zapd> accord ill); ai eilljer wa? auceca^lul; and, in ikpktiiii; ilic 
|re>|n<-iLt, aiul a)nio\| liidirritLK, viciuiiudn of tlim pnwcr and 
popidarit^r rh« author hui iiHlii]|;ed a ^ui«l ^^jp of aaUre^ou lfa« 
C^ncJottt omUbililj of piibb< favour, 

Tfa« t-arifd and itriking iccnc* of dinng forajr tnd rootiniAHi 
mnuid, of miJjIwy pump and coutilif nnLpudkciKX, wbach occitf 
riiniHghxiUl tbc notk, mnki- srlrrlion iliffiruli. Tlw fnllovtirw 
txirvct slnm tbo t|vkfkct<jur of a Spanish c«mp> aad tlic «wca 
cJiivalr^ ajktembJcii from difiVrent Cl^ritlinn poiven. 

' Gival (lid gJorimi* wai t]i« iityl^r with which ih« catbolW ■OfvrV'lgM 
CT«nr<i a>oth«r y*^'% cimpftign of tiin eventful war. Jl ir^ Sbo. 
co«»n«vfiit|^ aaoibcr act of » ataicly «nd beraic dr&ma^ whvr» the 
rurtam riaca lo ibt [ovpirvig aound of aiutial mdady, and tbo vbola 
•ton f IjtCcn with tb» amy of wirrlor* and ib» pomp of ami. The 
BttoeM *fcy of Cord^ra waa tbt ptoc* amdated by il:e «orer^irei for 
t^BMCBQUyeof tbetroo;*; end. wlyia th« ttniu of UtM. tbe 
liir Tidler^tbeOuda^iinrir rvvptrndcd wiib tte ^riHliliit ctf tnun- 

C^nquftt 6/Grtmoda. 


P«t. sad lli» trnpotfirat nHtcbing of tho wtr bom. la Uib »pt«adul 
«fft of Sptmb ehK-«Jrr, th«r« btm « nVAbbip uoom Ifco noUn, vhd 
«ttst fthovlid duttn^uh himwif hj iLe spkodour of liU appcontioe. 
■od lii« fiunibvr *nd «qui^pnl« uf liift feudal followpri. . . t 
iifti B> tiiB » » tb»7 pftntd tbfoiugh th« <tT««U ol CoHovi At oiqfit. in 
MWlcmllU with ^ml moolicin of li^ht«4 lOTch««, tlie rayH <if whicf], 
lUUmr "IKm pobsbcd omottr. And nodi^inff plumn^ uid liiknj ^carfBi 
■ftd mputogi of foUvn embroddery, AIIihI iUI t^hotrlpn vtih >dtni< 
miMi. But it ir»ft DM the c^liiviln ijt Sfin ftlonc, iriuch thronged 
Cb« 9trv««i of CurdOT*. The famv of tbii vts had tfprtfkd lhr»ivf^ 
evt Chnncmkm : h iru constdcred 4 kiiid of craspdc : and CAih^ 
lie knighu from «U pMta hasUDnl to rignilin- ihemvi-lv^ In m 
boly ■ cnat. Th«fo wvfv wTi>ral T^Uaot cl]«vali«n froot Knoc*, 
amuy wlxn ib« rQ»t diitieiruifJiod tm Gaatoo du Ltoii MitenchAl 
of TWooM. Wilh hiv r4(n« n gdlJAol inhi, vdl imnid and uwuiited 
vid teontrd with ri^-h lore^cuts and pnturii^R t>i fj*«Ui#n. Tbpnt 
CttvalWn, it h nid, «oHp4«d oil cHh«n m Ih* L%ht IvatJvitiVi of tb« 
co«rt. Tkc7 wre il^vixrd to liio bin btti nci u£tcr tUc Mdrmn obd 
naflkvMv&MDDCff of the SpAnbbkivrrs: Utvy were ^y. |r>li^i, and 
ttMHi toilhilf MNMre, ftiid cHpti-niMl br ttip vtvariiy of ihrlr attatka* 
Tli#f «*M ftt Am b*ld in light MiimiiioQ by tlie ^v«&nd MAtttly 
9pmk kniiEhte. vMii th«r mad* tfaenxtelTo* to be re»pKt«d bjr th«tr 
vrnxfcrfTil f iiow u i in th« frH. 

' Thr nuiot raEU|Kmou« of ihi^ Pidtintt^n, }wnr»r»r, yiho apfviiT^d 
in t'-ordovA on this Oceuion, mi an Kth^IUH kniRhU of tO)'«l con* 
ii«xioQ. This w«ft iht LdttI ScaU^, IIaH (>1 Kivfrt, fttAtcd lo tho 
Q»if«i uf Eofttodiwifv urn«»r3' VIL Hr had dutli^uiibcd liinnclfr 
lA the jirrcviin^ yr^r, m Umt baiik- '^f Bimtitjrth PWkJ, «1icrc ll'niy 
Todor.tfcMi Karl tvf RichflwaJ, ownfon* Richard riL 1lMdaeiriT« 
Wnk Uvitv Ivft the ooontry M v'*^* 1^ E*rt of RtTfr*. vMaiani|r 
« pwikm far 'aiffflke jccnc*. rcfoind to the CittilUTi otxirt. lo kc«|> 
b ancn in cxerriar in ■ mmpaj^ wrwiiAt the U>x»r«- lie brnught 
wbb hln a hundred irtbcni Ul dcxttivua witli Uic lonjf bow and th* 
dDCh-^^ard arrow; also tiro fauTidrnl yccmeo, anncd t^pa-pic, who 
iDC^bc wUfc piie and iMttleair^mrii rabwt of ftnmc aiid of |ift^- 
KUMU ttrmfilth. Thif vrorlhjr P^\n Kraj Anton^ AgapitUt t^i^Mritica 
nk lOnftgvr knighr and hU foUfm^r* villi hii accu^tomad accuracy 
*al naniikn««t. " Thi** cnTnlier." h« eljR'Pf»>» •* wat from tii* ul&nd 
of Enghnd. and brought wiib him a Iradn of hU n«>al« ; nien vlio 
Lad bmi haidvivd in rrrinin HHl wan wh)ch hod rani In ikcir 
ooQtitry. Thvy ««r« a cotn^lr race of nvn, but loo fair and fr«<b 
lot vvr^m not buying iho i»nbumt« mortia] ka« of our old 
CuiiSaa acAditrjr. ThcTvercbn^t ferdcr«»aI>o, inddeopcarouocr*; 
uulrohld not ftrroonnodat^ tt'TirnH'TTei to the vohfr diet of onr liucfn, 
1^1 no« fain «•! and dHok after Uip nunoo' of their own cotiMrv, 
Ihrf vm often nmty and onruJf, ulao, io theU vadiotl i ttoi^ their 
^«an«r of the canp waa oroov lo W a icene of Wd rtrtvl and luddeii 
Sfawl IV7 wenwiUiuofgrMtpridvi jet il veu not lik« our in- 

Catqumi t^ QfttWMh. 

BtnaaMASpmtt ^A^z UirfstAod not mucb upon tbemoidMariBi 
hiffh pBnctiib, ami rarely drrv t)ir itzJ^to in th(*ir AprtMi bat 
thcar pod* vru sft*n> ind oocituvriioui. Though fraiD • rvnoC* uid 
imDCvfhM bftriiutia* blan^, XUey wt belisml ihricsrlw iIm) nott 

CHtxtEnrn upoQ^Aflli j ftaila)isiuttdUwLTcbitfujii,tJvLord6ca1c«, 
y^nnd ihr ^:rr«1eKi nf nur ^rAiMifiH, With all Ihln, h rant Im> uld 
«f than Oitt they nvrc marrclio^i ifood mfn in iIm Md, dnct«TiiMA 
tnefcen* ftnd powerful with the Luld^Axc^ lo their fcrvai pride aad 
Mlf-wii* thry *lw«VB Kiughl to prrsa in the ndrairvi, and uIm i1i« 
put of duig<pr, tryinff Ui cnjt\'kp oar Spjntdi chiv^TT^ Thflf M QOC 
rwh lurtfard fiamt^, ur m«lcr a tintlianE oriMC, hkv Ilia Blooivh &b4 
Bponiah troop«i but tbry wrnt into Uw Ajj^t drlibcnlelfi and per- 
nrted olialiaairly, »iid n«rv t\vw to finil <nC vhcii ihcy mrv U ^ t Bii. 
WLtKal, lh#^ yitT» much f«l«viiieid, j«> Halo llkad. liy oar *o|rii»r^ 
who comiiliirod them ituMJi cxinpontonH in ih$ htH, y«l coni^d liTtC 
ttttaftUowiKip with ihtm in ikt c»Rip. Tkt'ir cocMnandcr, tbc Lord 
Scales, wa* an acconpliilied CflTali^r, of g^racrocn ssd aotilc preacnra^ 
n>id Mr if««<:h_ It vra* ■ manrl tn tinr to fnurh conrtoiy in a kniRht 
bmuKbt bp M> far from oar Caatilijui court. Ho v-ai cnuch hotu^urod 
hy Ibe idn^ and ^iic«a, a»d fi>and ffvat Carour with llm Cair <Umc« 
flMMtf tbv cQsrt ; urlio, iiulnNL, are ratber prutic Id W pteaavd writL 
Ihrvlfl^ ravaHan, Hm tvani alwsyn \n ro«ily tAAia, tUtfriflad Ilt (vgaa 
and Ai^tuiraa, and occompaniAd bynobia voutigf«*^an of hit country, 
■^K> liad «iifoUcd thamMlvea uader kU boiuicr, to Uirtt the fealU 
narcba of arn*. In all nageanu anj fisstitali, ibi- cyn of tbo 
nputflro w<^r» Bttrartrd hy th' flirtffiilar Wtriqg aod nth mwf of llM 
BdrUIi carl uid bii Imm, vbu priiitd ihcmwalTDt s ilvaptamftHn^ 
ID the ^rti ttid nMoovr uf iiicir m^utrr ; ind w-vrci iadc«a« aooit- 
lUcn vtry aawasfifffit, dc]r<iable, and strange tu bchoJiL'** 

f^rdinnitd Ird ihw gillflitt arwT to bf-vic^c Loxi, a (irm^frfol 
dN ofi tlj« >toonali frontier, bcft>rc nliich lie bud fonncrij been 
foakil. TV? asNaull was aiad« in oprn dar^ hj a tttacfaoient «4iicli 
bad htfn tbrtvwii in the ftdvanco, and nbtdi vra< bravely and hentlj 
citi and rt|>H!<xl hj djc T^fuori. 

"At ibiii criiicul juncture. King Fa rdlnaikd tmfrf*^ from tli« ntotm- 
tai&> n4th tbc mam body of 1W army, aad advaoCBd to ta •vAit^tiM 
oonnnasdiDjf a fali fif w of iLc l^cld of af1u>a. By bts vi^la vaa Um 
Boblr Snffllab UTaliifr, lli« Rirl of Riren. TKU was th» firU tint 
ha had iirUn«aMd a teant of Mooriah vrarfar*. H« kiok«d wUb Mgar 
iaUTHi at Iha dmoo^mr^l^y C^ht bffotc him— Ui4 wild mimc of 
canlrxi tlia farapdar atid luinaUuiu* mb of itifanirj. and CbtiMiaii 
halm a«d Voonih tufhan ImtrBiAtwIIng in daadfy ttnigglr, Uk 
M||^ blood Bouvttfd ai Ibe itghl ; and bt« r«f^ «onl wai itirrvd wMda 
Ufa, hy th« confoml nar-cricr, tlic clangour of Aniai %ai tnmfNCi, 
■ad tlu9 reporta cf arq«ehuar«, iliat ramv aboin^ up the noanuuilb- 
Sadaf tha kfag ir«i omiing a ninfbrrcniefit ic tba JWM, be tntnalod 
pamWoa lo mbsU In tka affray, abd Habt aoeordiiu; to iW faihion^ 
«fttit0WITT< lui rt^uaM bdngfinaed, ha Bl^;hlcd^rav hiattaad. 



U* v«» vntmlr «raie4 oi Umca: that u to aa^, with nonon, b«ak 
Im wfaWM ■ powaredL liftttiMiF. He w» folloa^ by « bddyof 

E, uid krr«>t|iAli« ; li& nvrvc^ im ^inlcd by his lido. Mid in Ui 

, amM iv I 
bovi BMik vf 1^ Ivwh Ea^lUli y«vrirM. TU wl turned ki hia 
id^DofB. ■ml iiddrt^uwd ihnn lirtftrlj' auiI Uuntly, Acconling lu Urn 
VAHMT (^ ^"- fonntry. '* R#iniaa^r« my manv inwi ali/ aaid h^, 
*^ lb* «yv» of vtmii^rrs arc vpon you ( you m k 4 f<»iu^ laul, 
4|irtiniE ivf ^ R^nr ^^ ^<^ *>)ii the iKiDOvr of taerry otd £d|fUn^ 1" 
A lodd >hiiat w Ihe tt-piy* Tbir e;irl w^red hU bfttUcAXo oT«r hia 
*■ St GvoTM for Ki^laful ^ "^ fried lue ; aaJ. to the iuipiring 
of lto> old Bni^Uah «v-CTr. be n&d l)i« tulE^vn^ rushed dnm 
fa iW IftUlir, tt-iUk feuuily luJ iounr«gKiu3 bvarl^. 

* Ti)« Movn wtm nwlDunil**] by tlfu fuiy of lh«e« uaAulUf aud 
gnduJjiyfcU back «poti the btidfrr: th« CfiristiftAi MLamd up ib^r 

diorc tbotc orcr it lucoultuonhlf . Tfio Moon ra- 
intik ibc BuWf b» atfd Lord Itit^r* ood lua tixtMpt cul«rcd iviUi 
pdl*cDtfU. figbtinr is t^e >irHts 4nil ia the boii^c*. Kiag 
FarJbiMd wit op to tho »o«jt« of %cIum vnih bU >o7ml gvd, and 
r all driven wilbia tbfl cily wiUIml lltaawarallM 
liaiiMd by tha hardiJuKHl of iha En^lub krdi wtlliovl vucfc 
■ft WMit haviiis baoi iircnvdiuttsd/ 

VaricMHi vtrikiBg ev<nls marked iK<] profrcn of the wm — m* 
^rmniM and iftmperai* manennir* on lhi» pil of FJ '/agal, nnd 
pcnetcttflg wtcgii in lh« wll-jddg«d poiwj ul l-'cvdiLi»ii<^, A 
■iitt tif ill CbrtAMe teemed lo MiniHuid tbe okl Muoiiab imj; ever 
itiic« iIm M^Mciou* deatb of bie broilior and pi«dcc«««Qr, Miilej 
AbeB Hauiiit vlitcli wa« suniiucd l<j baTc bccu ^fleeted throu^ 
liii coaoitaBee ; and bif p<>|iiiUrtty luJik ^illi lii» M;natili< Jiul>< 
yrCti 'Hic Spaniaiil* at Icn^tb laid Mc^ to ibc pf^wcrful cit^ of 
liun. thn key lo aW tbcr itinuidiii^ ]xi5aiaaH>ii3 of El Zagal. 'JIm 
paril^Ctiba MoonOt kiTifc*'^^:^ <^^-' (>rajiadt ncaouiMltdiiowtltfougli- 
oat ik a»t. Tfi(^ Grand Tuik, lUjajDct IL, ukI hia doaJj io» 
ibfl Gnad Soldab <>f ^^J|>tr ^' "f Habtton, aa he ii tnintfl by 
dM aid <li»wckn». »iiiiptLKli^d ibmr t>lo^dv t«iHb to check Ibia 
niBioin war- A lin^ilar rnilMflty from ihc laiirr o( llicMt fiuixit^ 
Me* n»w «Bt«rcd Ibe ispaiiiAii ^trn^ 

• WUa Ike hnly ChrUtbn araty vnu b«»l«fligaariikg tba inAild c»ty 
of Buk. Ibffo rod* into tiia cwsp, ona day* two tavcnrnd &i*M of 
ilia order of S^int Prmnda. One waa of portly peraoo, and autbori- 
ttliv* «ic. Ha baUrodo a gnodly aiaad, vcU ccndilnned, and wll 
oifuitoofd; wtiilahiacooininoii roda behind bim ufoa a hombia 
Mdi, wirly aceouUWt m, ma he rode, be tnrady rabtd bi^ «res 
froBi tbt jnvaud. bvl uiaiauincd ■ lawk and lovrly air. Tb« amral 
eftvo friara mtbr riuQii ««■ 3:>laaiattcrof meb nocc; fcr, m ihaM 
boly *mra, Uiir cbur^h EciUtaot coalUiually mifigted in the ^ifmy. and 
beloet aad ccwl were otwiya »oco tiaire1b«r; bat h vai jooa db* 



Cim^Mt of GrauatLU 

tavtrtA tliit tlji^fe wottby «kbtt crrnnt vtn front t ftr coonlrf, abI 
on a rnit<V>n of ff'^it itrport. Th»j* w*r», in irtith. ynt %rnttd fnm 
the Hotf Uuidt bt^nf <w<> of th« nintlf faon who kojic rifftl o^rrr thd 
sqmMir* of Mkr UhmJ Lcmt «l JvmaaterD. lie, of i^c ull euuI 
jmrtljr c«nD. «m1 rommandm^ pretence, usi Kny Anionio MilUn, 
Einor fkf tltf PmiH«ran rorrwiit In iht tUtlj CMy. H# h*d « fuJJ tnA 
flocid countMianca, > ronoroaa roic«, aad wm loufkd, Mud tmllljtg', 
uid copioiAt, in Ilia pcrioda, like ono ACCiflBOtn«^ 1o ItAnfiifne, And 1o 
lie liitcpcd to ivitii iWvmirc HU cixnpamon xvii* nnall nod fparc 
In furm, jjalp of vt«a{^, and »oft, ind itlk^n, aO'l aJm«t wbiBptring, 
Kb >pcf*rh. '* Hv had a humblo and lowly vay." vayi AgaptdAf 
** evpnnortf liovnnf; th« h«ad« aa bccucne one of hb <allnifr- Vet ha 
natt one of the mu^l ulivis zvakjuBi snd «ffcclix-<* liiutlicm vf Or^ 
foriT^nl; itrtd. irhpn Tia ralx^ liU tmaJI htiek a/a fmm xh* oanlt. 
ther* »'ELi ft kt-cn gluiico out of tho comM*. w^ich thoired ihtt, 
Ibou^h LiLrmlcsi ni a dorr, he wru, iuT«rlIirl(a*i Aa «rUBo M a scr* 
peat/^ Tlieie lioly men had come, on m inomcuioui cnjbn»/, from tbe 
Onnd SolilAn of E^^ypl. ^vho, ai head of iha whole Mo«lpin Et-ci. cun* 
•fdtfred himfrif bound to pr«««rve the kingdom of Granada froni tha 
f^ipcf unbvlicvrra. HcdnrpAkhcdithcrFfcirr, them' tw^ holy frj«rt» 
M'hh leEtera to the Caitlltan tOTrreiitn*, iijuixtiirtr that llirj aliootd ib^ 
aiar fmm <hu war, and remitale thi^ Mnart of Gr&n«iU tn the terri> 
tcry of whif h tTier had W«d di^potiewed: othcrvriw, hr Chrf alined 
10 |jiit lo ifecUh all iho Chri=lian} henealh >i» tway, to dvmuliah their 
convciilA 2md temples, and lo dviiruy ihr hiAy i<\r-iiU\tte' 

It am iitrt W ii[ir[i|r-ir4liEi«j' lo li'maHL, llial CluintophcT Oiliun* 
bti«i in iUr i^nMi><< vl Wm lv<U»iitf toticJIaiiort l>> the Spnnuh court, 
wov prvsL-nt di thii bIc^ ; Aiid it ts toraiivol that, in comrcraa* 
Horn U'illi ihne fliplunialin monkn^ !ic wn« |Sr<n in«|tirrd mill 
that Bf-al forth* recoicn i>r lh« holy avpulchrc which, thn>u;;lM>itt 
thr itinarndcr of liix hfr, mtiliiiord to ^iiinialr hia frnrol wicl 
cntfhHbiaUtc apirtt, ■inl begtiilt? him i»lo fnagiitlic«tit ftcb»iiie« 
fLii'l spocohiiionr, 'Lltf^ amhoMka^lori cd^ the Soldaii, incnBtiAef 
coulil pri>(i]<;« iH> chuikg*- in the molgtioii of T^nliniiiMlt l)«n 

f'fc^ldoJ nfu-t TTiorr than *n moniha* orduooi aiccc, ond y-tii- frd- 
nwrd bj tlic lurrcndri of ciuat of ihc forlfOBr* of tilt Alpux« 
arra mountain*; unlr at kngth, tlic licr^r Kl ZikmI, tamci) bv mi»« 
foitumr*, nniJ alnndoiied hy hu »tibjoct)> aonruilcml hi» crovm to 
the Chrikliain ■oi«reignf, for a «tipa1at««l revenue or pioduclivo 

}(o>abdJI c\ Chko K'mainod tlT« aol^ «nd ttnrm1t«-d lov^reign of 
(.imnudur llic va^i^l of llic Chriatian Mverei|pi4p whose ■asavtaneo 
iinUuppuiled hjui in hii wiirt afcniiait hia t«iHir. But he was now 
to prni^ the holt-OTC-licArtod fnoodslup of the politic Ferdinand* 
Ptet4 ncG» vrcjv cauilj found whrrr a qnxrrrf w^a olrmdj |Hrdclrr-' 
mined, acid he wt» ptci>cntljr required to aurtender tbe citr iikI 


CffnqvtH ^fGf^^iada. 

C/OW1I of Qnmh, A raraga or lltc Vcfe^ culWced the dcciund, 
u»l tJir SpWdi Amies laid *tK%f io Hm^ mc-dopufijf. FotJiiunJ 
lu4 futiUled kra in«nic«; — h«* hnd fiinknl out iliv il-Hb of tiio 
pOOAvsmiMlC' Kvcrv lonn nnd forlruji Imil siKcctaitcrlt J,ilk-n iitto 
lui Invd, aail iW rity of Grautilu nUmd itoiir. Hi? \c4 liii drmv 
ItttJo^ Anui«« oirr liiii pntmli^c of n coniiirir, aLid kit acorcely 
■ liiat^ aniiOii] or i firmi Limic on tbc Wc ^if lJ]c^ liirKi. — jiiiJ 
GraikjJs, %h9 f^ueen of gardflM, rvflntin^il a ct«4eri. Thv butory 
<to><9 uitii tbc lut 9CCOC of ibn ercntfut coiaicst — llic Kitircudcr 
of t1i« Moornb mpitAl. 

' llBvtDf nmodtrcd ibc ta^t sytnbol of poircr. ifti^ unrnrtiuiiilo 
BoaMfl coMiiiveJ on tinranli th» Alpuiirrm, that he idght iiot 
WteU Iba ntniiM of ibe Chrivtiunt into hiH cafiul. Uu dcvatod 
flf cmKen ftikw^d bint m iirlooiny ttE^ncv ; but iicavy ngltA 
frOHi ihetr boauon. ApI *1icwU of Joy Whd atr44nB of tticunptunt 
iirav* honwon llm hvr«tM from Uia virtoriouH army. Hiring 
iatfBid lua UmlXi doftbdil act fortranl vith & h«a7y brart for bia 
ailpgad raaUnooc. w tfae i-alicy uf , l'or<>iciuu At Iwo In^ua iji»* 
tasc*« lb« rarAkadct nindioff into the >kiita of tht W^Mom^t aa* 
CAiM ae *iaiDf net tomnuodiDg iIif Ii^l vieiv of Granada. Ai they 
arrlTvd ai tbu ipot, tUc M^^n ^uuiod iiu-oluntaiily to take a fArcw«U 
fa.u al ihc&r l^cltncd diy, v-bicb a icvr et^pi more vuuM »hui from 
ibrir tf^kt for n*r Nerrt liud h Aj>peiirijd bu lurcly ia ibair cyL'ji, 
Tba aonaliiAav f^^ brigtit kn tli:%i tnnmiar^ni rllm^tEA, h^ini im «arh 
t#«ir «Dd labArat* aa4 r*tl«d glohonily aivir tbv rmwiung b*itl«* 
■Dcnta of iht Affwcolirft ; v'bilc tb« Tt-^a rprvad iu mam«Llcd bosoni 
af Tordoiv b«lov. ^i>ccmiiK "i^b iLr >ilrrr wiiiJinfs of the XruiL 
n* Mboriih earafior^ gwd »ilb ■ nilerit a^ociy of itadvmtsn and 
fricf «pOB ibat daBcioua abodv, tbe «c«na of th*rr loraa aod plearara^ 
wfcfla fk&f yet bxdcrdt & lifibt cloud of «nakc bani faith from ihc 
dudd; wd, preaenily, a jjuaI of utiUary, fuotty bcanJL told thtil iba 
cdlj vai lakan prMar>i*k>n nf. orvl ibo tbruuc of the Mailem king^ ims 
loat for afar. Tba b««i'( of Uo^bdiJ, •ofUtitil by iiiiiforiunv« and 
9V«nbafitti with ic'iaft could no Longer coditAm iUdf. <■ AlUb 
fcJibar f— <}oil ~ta Drvat!" auid be; but ibe irgidfl of rrtigiiatbii dJ<d 
tffOB hii l:pi, inJ be lumt Into a flood iff t^jTL HU inoih«r« tha 
IntfUrid f lUuiM Ayxft li Uomf ^rai lEidigauit tl bit wualEnM& ** Vou 
lb wtllt" Mid ibe, ** to wt4p liki; ■ woiaaa fof vttot you C&ilcd to 
dcfrnd like a paaii ! ** Tbr vjzicr, Abea C'omixa, atid«aTi>imd to ocm- 
aab bli rnral nustcr. "Coniidrr, vlrv." ntd h«, ** that ib« noaft 
atgxal ab»r1«Ma often rv«>der men u renoimnl aa tlie mott po^ 
p t ro M adurmneaUi prorided they nuiain tbem with tnaffnuuButy.* 
na Wkbappy inanArch. bowever. ww not to b« cobaoImL EJia teara 
tutftmH eo Aov, ^ AJbb a'^hhar ! '' eictaiTned br, ** when did mia* 
fanwiM crer eouaJ micie ! * From tJut eireunulasce, tha bill, a^kicb 
U not far from rtM* look tha amac of Fqv Allah Aebber; but tbo 
fCMkX of view nnnnuoiiog Ibc but prospect of OrmiuiiiA m kuL^^n 



78 C^fum: l^f Gratmda. 

■mcNv Spftaiardi bf tfc* niAe of et yttuw nuim iM Jlan>, ov ■* IW 
lui a^h «f lU Moor-- ' 

- Hcr« cBdji i1i« Cbrouiclr or llie C<H>qQC9t of Gnoada, fn bi^ro 
ike aaiLor k'U fall (iie curiain. We mil, IxitievivT, eiieod our 
view n IjtUe furlliCT. The rvjoiciop of the SMnak «i>t«rcflgiw 
were itcLoal al Htuntr, mui lltruiigtiuiit ChritiUidoin. 1>i« voi^ 
nbk cbroAkUr, J'<dn> Ali«rcft, mmiw u Ifaol kms lUnrv VEI. 
of Cnjllunl ctlebntcil tite c«iM|iie)l fa^ ■ grand |iiu«:caAiLJu to Su 
Paul's, u1i4rv thr CliAiirt llor prooQuiiced on eli>t|iiviit cuVogv on. 
Kiii^ Itniinand, dccUriti;; him not onl> » glohuua L«puin «i>il 
ccuiauerrjT, t^iiE a1itL» unliik-il Ui a wut nrucuig i)id Apoulci.* 

lor picuA Biid |K>ljlic DiDDVch jiEovnnvd hU ti«w kiugdi>in wjtb 
mon* ri^li1euu;»ibcu diiiu iULn:it. 'I'Lr Moijrv t^iat;; al firf>t ■ Jiulo 
nrtiw vaitcr die >i>L« ; iii«r« witrv MOsrAl timulu iu ihe cily { 
nA % ^usniilr i>f arnLf vcrc disooTCKd in • mocI oitc Mujr 

of the ofTcndrm wt-tr trlnl^ cniidrnirwd, wd nut 10 tlonh^ VOOM 

bcifig ({ueTlcrixtr oIlK'ts cut in p>c<x9; bmI iIm vrKolc qwm ^ iitfidel 
ttahaliitantH «■> nclt sifictL and purged of nfiwwdi i>r forty Uioo- 
anod dclmqumti' Thi* «r*tont of i*4ioJc«dciic purcnhoo w«9 
DTuli>Luli cnntiAiuxI bj Fnij Fr>»c)*co (sftrriranli Canliaal) 
Xin<^uQt> tt'hn, H-nnxf^d bjr Frmnhdo if« Tabvi^r*, Archbiilii>p 
of Umndo, and dotht-d in ihc UrriAc pou-cr of ihr Inquuitiuo, 
tindCTtiu>k ihc covvcrtinu of ihc Miorf. We furbi^r m di^rsil 
dtc VDfioiH mode*,— #oiEietitucfc by bUndithmcat, »i>ni€tiEiKi by 
ngotir> AocncUtim c^ioiliii{, ^ijtnctiiari i^i.licoimK, tomiUinc* 
huwiiigi «omcUmcv bumiu|f, — by uliiiji tbe bard k)ouH« ol tb« 
k^dda iirrr« «ub«lufidf uid sbuve fifty lliv«i*Atid coucd, tcuod, 
and trtrilMHl bto bApUsiu. 

Om act of Ximeun liu been ibe tut^«ct of |i&rtiruJar r«jnv<« 
Tb(* M<nn had culltfttcd th« aci^jcrv irJulo dv; Uy baiird in 
Europf*, nnd ivrrr trnuwnFri for th^ iilue of ibrir lit^niure* 
Xim«o«^. in his bigotod ml to d»uo) ibir Koran, calcfidcd fai* 
de^-Miniwin (a Uji- mdncnmiiiate dcMniri^ou of ihrir wivk*^ end 
btimt (iTc ibouumJ ottiuiMriptl on ntwoa iflbjecu, kww of tkem 
vcr7 Bplcivdid c<»p««ai uid olbcn of gmt iBlHtinc wortJi, flparinK 
a vtrf few, whicb trea»d ctiMty of medietas. Jl«ro vg riiaR 
puucr «ikd ao4 ponuc the tubject to ifcc furtbtr oppreanou mmI 
p«n»CUlJoo, aiMl Itiiil tripidBMKi, cif dft^se iiiibuppj' p«>pl(! ; ibo 
Uttc:r of ndicb citnU i* uiw of tbo nort rnpoliUc and «Uocioiis 

rrcardrd in die pligv uf llifttorj, 

Coniori^ bow clapfrd uiko ibe iImn of tti« dnTalioni omI ro- 
onuiuc irtxiiceW. y^t df« uioituiBBni* of it «iitl rcttwin, ukI iho 
mncip>l fu'o «<dl linjiur in ilir popohr mdiiiuM awl Itpvidaty 
(sUmIb v»idi wkiKh lb>^ coiwu^ oboondi, I'bo iikooe«c« of Fcr* 

Cvm^umi of OrtMnadom 


diBBDcl ukI Inbdb ore multiplied, in evrr^ mode* b^^ ]>«itttius tud 
tcnlfiate, Ui tho ckurclipfi, and tonv^nu, and pdace* of Gnwada, 
Tter MlHea ntt m tcpulchnil macnUiccnoc id the royd cbajid oi 
llw catkniraJ, nbrnt dicat rHigira ri alatmslcr lie lide hy lick: 
brfof« a »plciidid Bltorr tkcorftted in ithai m-iIIi thu M«>ry <»C Uivir 
UniDph* TiiQ amii^crmir of ibc >urreadcr of the cupiud is »liU 
lv|W Up bj f%te*, nod cc-ranonw, aod |>ul>l]c rviokiag*. llio 
Trfiwfmrd of Fcrdioand and Utbdi* n mm uafv Jed ^nd waved 
lo llir MHiTid of irnxiip0t«, Tlie popuhice an admiiiied to ro*e 
an day 4bout tlie ludU imd cOQrla of the jXlkainbrn, and to danco 
oo lt> lemon ^ tW Httctcnt aJarin-bell nsKUniid?! ul uioriL,al quoq, 
VmI si HfblfAll ; gmt trnulaliDTi nnrtrails UDOOg thn daintoU U> 
rag t peil< — it i* a sin they will It^ tuarricd ttx iho couisb of ilitt 
opOONM joar. BttL thii cam mr mora tion U not toofiiwd to GriK 
nmaloM. £vcry town wd village vftltc mouittaina do the Vcg» 
Inn ibc >fiiiittmiry of iu dcliiNrtwcr iioni >U<cih<>h ihTsldoin ; 
wbflB BMeflt wmour, nud Spnuiiii And Mootiib dresses, and ui^ 
wicUy u^iwInHN^ from tlic tiutr of iJll- ci.i»qitv»l, Atr- WoiJ^^t 
fofili Irom their repoutohc*— *gioteM]uo proccaiocm nre oud^— 
and «bi«i twuk*. cckbraLrd bj pc^istiib, aiTAyi-d as Chiutiana 
■ad Moon, in vbich ilic btlcr ari! «iu« la be signally dctWtcd, 
nl KHBctiuMc*, in the ftrdour sud illusion of Uic nxn^ieiit. soundly 

1(1 tfB««faiog tbe aoum^b* and taUi«s of tbo uidttit kingdoen^ 
ihc Uavellcr laay Inra uiih woncieiiul disiiucliicaa tbc *ccno of 
llie pnacml «*«iiU of ih« war. 'Vhv maU-A^err aa be U>lls tin hi* 
pa cM -aad ob , ■ooking huci^nr or dinuulin^ hU popular romance, 
pan— to ikoibt *mi wmw wildr ii>cLy pA*k4, fammiA Icif ihi? bEnody 
ttii^oliwdcl aad Chriatiua. or moic MoorUh fovtrcM UitCtng 
■Lova ibf wad, ur kouit aufilai* natcb-tOMCJ on dkc bcighlts 
<omm«d wiih thr oM kIojt of ilic comjwit. Gilirair^ro, (he 
w«riift« luld of IliBirt cl 'Lc^'u formidable €\xn in Lb nuns, 
■Ull 6viiiu dunu fiiim iii u»ki hi^fjht ii\nm llir Htrr«i» *^ri M»- 
hfi. Loom, Alhama, Zihara, kb>TKln, Uuadisi, BulI, bi^^ >ll 
dkcif MDarab niim, — n-ijirnsl rl^nsdc Uy «iog and story* 'I be 
' tmt siglii of thft Moor ' tiill br^gcrt about die height of Padul t 
lh* travdlcr pauac* on tlic aiid and tbiraty summit of ibo biil» 
OMuaandraf a vi«w <n«f tin* varied bntoni of the Vq;a, lo libs 
dMal towcn of (JraiwU, A humble cAbm » eroded by tba 
way aak, whi^rcr h« may obtain v^akr to »lakc liii dunU and ihc 
ftfyrock k pMxtcd out ffoin«hvDC4f ilie nufonanaw lUvibdil 
look bb but IuoIl^ ai«d biralhcd tbu la»t fardrcll, to his bclotcd 

Every put of Orauada itMlf Klains sonu memonul of Wne taMt 



Ccn^uesi i>/ Granada. 

And clcx^ncCi the itiour and Ti>iun4uouine£A of Uic Moors, *rr sonMr 
mpnitJilo (if Ui<? «ttift' llint x'liltAi (Wm ilimiifulL Thv foiiii- 
tuu* vtkich j;;ii>h otk eitfry tide are k-d by Ike iiiiicductfl oiic« 
ftitnicti t; Motlcun huuilfl ; llir Vcf a u atlJ cukbiuidcii-ti bj ilic 
gviV^wtlvjpUntcdorhrrr llir rctimini nf tWiriiiflntinufiiinj^aiioo 
Apread tlic vcrdurt' ami fruKiu'ss of a tiotliicni cIlhiuIi:, under (lie 
w*^*!*'^* lurunt af n vuiihrm Mkv, llui ihc piviluiiM Llinc miorned 
Aef9C«rdtiu ; ofid M^K-rt, il runiftiirfj ifwak true, tbu Mo?k-m 
lirJm--i Holaiird UirJiiAclvr« wilii llir lott^ of llkrir Zni:k\ llitJr 
Zaidas, aiKl tlicir Z«lii^dasr haw ion^ litici* di>jip|)caT4sl. 'i'l»c 
oras^, ikit cUioOi die tig. tlic vjpv, ibo iiooicgtuiatr, ihc alfjc* 
■nd ihe myrtle, vhrtHid ami ut«rwlirlai i^iib odeotal tpgeiatioa 
ibc crumltlioe nitiu of towcra ami battlci»ci3l>. Th^ Vi^v- 
mublo, wii^dic M^nir u( ditvaUu: puiDp and ipTrudul tc»inirjF> \% 
degraded to a tTinri^ft-placo ; tiio Gai« of Kliiia, fruni Hh«iic« 
act many n Aiuuus aiiay of wumori parted fouli to forage ibc 
haid of iIh; Cbrun^iw, Atill ^Kiiit, but iii^lKtovt aud djsmautled, 
Anl tolknDx to it* fall* 'IW AlhanibfA iwca from Muidal iM 
pom, ihr lomb of it« foritipr j^Wy. 'Hi*' fuuiilaiim Hiill p^ny m 
it» maitlc hnUv, aod ili« uk|;[htinf;*^c ninis nmooK ibc rovci of ita 
{taidciif ; Init ih^ batlji aic wiiMc and solitary ; tlic owl boola frutit 
lU bauLc-invtiii, ili<.'haML build* m iti vi-Auivr towera,aiid bot> dit 
iibvul ib ro)^iil than^l><fi. Siili like fouituin la i>oinC<d out lahi-rv 
tbi' guUaat AlM^iit-etiai^ei wicw pui lo dnili ; idv MjTail<»r, ttlirm 
Monynta tai, urul »«■]>! tbo ikpaitijte of Hoabdil, and v-Alchvd 
Air bit fcium : uud ilit bmicn t^aitfwaj, fiuiu ukirntc ihc uiiforlu- 
nau» monatcb iKioed Uiflh Iv kumiidcr Jin fHortreu aud h» Lia^- 
dom; aud wludi, at Ui» rctiuf^t, waa ctoacd up, iiev^r lo be cn- 
Cend by mortul footAttp. At tber litiic ulirii dnr Fnuicfa abaoilnitMid 
ibto fortrcai, after iu temporary occupation a few yean tvicf>, llio 
lOMcrof tb« galeiftay n»* Iduwii up ; tlicr wulU nne r^il aiid >Uat* 
Irtt^i by tbn r^pliHioD, aiKl llir folding doom hutled inti> tbr gar* 
de« of tlje convcikl of Lu« Marliroa* Tli« porlal. ho^vcv^r, viaa 
closed Pp Witk atourc, b^ i>rnwn» who uiur iKinifaril nf i)iv Irjcji- 
tion counecUd Wlh it, aii4l tlwa tbc l*«t r«cfoe»t of poor BoaL>dtl 
coiilinvfd unwitlJiif^ly to be |H'ifi>imed, In lael, tbc Alory of tbv 
gtilinvmyr thuugb iM^oided in aiKictit chroiiiele, ba* fadrd from 
f«seru rocolkctUD, tad it only known to Ino or tWc ancient 
vtebkant* of tlbo Attiantbra, wtio mliertt il vritb oilier local Uadl* 
twoa kvm tbdr «icc»lor». 


( SI ) 

J\»r, IIK— l%f tAft <tf Mf^jitr^Gmfrnl Sir TXomo* ^fwm, 
B<trt, K.C.B^,Uii- Gowrtfor of Madras ; tri/A ExtraeU ffotft. 
hii Corrcfpoitdfiu^ <i9'i f'riv^Ut I'^iptn. Uj Uic I^iv. O. ft. 
Uleit{, M.A. LojidcKi. 1330. 2 vok 8td. 

kYCTB kear etcrj tUy in l^ropc of men miuf^ hv ir>edt ta high 

** lUUiiiclion, ill tlioM fcpmie proimioiu %o vtikkh tlKtr «<Ki- 

eation liu tifrii fipradj cUrected, bul not oAen of ilml unton f>f 

JIn iBMt i^rii'^l tnlcnti «mt ignnltlicalioni to vrlucL Ok peculiar 

'vxt^ace* af Imlia Imic rrpiMlr^ilr 3lf>r£lii1 r^rrcis^' h w-j( la 
frfct^ncc lo Uie (lisliit^uisluii Hubjcct of iJjcsc m*:mQHa, thai Mi, 
C^Aiimitg nbmncti Ui PartiAfnt^itl — ' Tli« pij|)uTation whioli lie lub* 

I jugqUd by iinii>, hu maongcd with luch aitdim, equity, tnd wia- 
■luiM, dttl lie MtublLitial :i]i tiapiri; aver ihcw liturU and fiT^liiigii/ 
1'br copiouH »i>d bi^bljr intorvtting uontests of Mr. Ijhriu; u worlc 
supply lu wkh tibc ic(i>iukU of iUU >p1rndicl tcntioionv : ihcy luiiy 
ftlmofi bo coctfickroil ai W3miitlr)<; tbe tpeoiutng hyperbaU of iba 
•wne cioaucni ctil&£»t> Mbat Kuiopc norr pf&anccii a mofn 
>f«nnipfdbnl tftauvnan, nor hidb, lo fl^Jlilr m Jirrcwv, a morv 
ri^ilfal M>klier.' 

'IV farmtr amt bli^ portions ofthcw Tohinif'^ poAetf, In our 
•aUmaliocii not an unequal, but a diticrcnt specie* of intcrt»t. 
Tbo cmiH^ \''4t\ uf Sij 'llioi>t;i!i'!i taicti L'a]lltu<:l-^ a jKriiud uT 
Judicui bMtoTy ^vbich tin* bc^^n »o fu^cjiK^iUly rcpe^jiU'd, and so 
jlboftMa^ly dtvcmscd, tlul lilllc rciiuJni ul ihh d-jv to U: uddi^d ; 
'^titt hti pnf3l« com^pondeace atxtnt ilul time wlII br read ^itli 
fIcviLirc and in>lnictioi»t t» cxhibiUng the iinio* of bi^ moral 
Mil iikt«U<x-tiial i^ilta of uo ofilinary tLanip. In proponioi^ 
\ba ot tiuiiT Jivl cvrijtn biii)^^ bin» >ii^>rc DToautiODtly 
r I 1 :ii tkp firtd of liidun iriMnnf l[im«, unit gUrs him a more 
.re ill liK'iDt titc piTi'>ud inU'tv-tl bGC(>iiit'» miviHi up vrilbi 
IIUlil it dbnoft liKl^i-^ ill, ibi.' [iiiliticul ; fm ibr lrUrf?i :iitd |ia|M^n 
kov p««ii to liic woilJ [i|x»vml wilh the o^ituiotti ol lbL9 liigb 
mutbutity on ir^vtY io;iLlifi ul impoilatiix- rrbini^ to our Eiiftttin 
tiDpjfv, It uill 'b< impof4ibl(*, mttiiu th« lin^iti of an attkU.% to 
tak« QOtJCc of a largv* prtixrrlion of ihcac »ubjccU ; but llwj Atnad 

[JMCvded iot l\)x itifttiuciiun of -aW uha cboi>*' t» brnrliE by tlvm, 
««d poMe^a, at u linic wbui Oie £4«t India Company mnut* aa 
nmiiukl HtuviT ^rf ibr pubbi.' .iiTt-'niioa^ uiuri^ ^eucral iiitvrrat ihatt 
pobiicaboM on aiinilur Lopici bnvc coiiimi>nly cicitcd. 

Sir J'boinnn Maaro wti« liom nr f lUt^iiw ui IT^K Hu boy- 
bood »cciu* b> bavc btcn Urn dutiu;;uiAhod by any mttarkablo 

CrncrcM m Itrjsniiug, iban by ibal ascriiik-iicj of cbamctcf anong 
m cvmpanioiM wbidi » fr^ipKriitlT charactcru^t fu\y und unt«r- 
priain^ ^iiiui. Hi: «a» llvir piwoc favouiilc Jk;id leader in all 
- VOt^jiLlil. KO.LXXXV. o . ■cbunies 

S2 Life and Corrcspoiidenct of Sir Thomat Munro. 

schemes of amitsemcnt or hazard ; and a vigorous constilution of 
body fitted him well for those athletic atjd healthy sports in which 
he appeara to have dt- lighted mid excelled — parliciklarly sxvimmingr 
for which he retained a great paTtiality in after life.' A\ the age 
of thirteen T he was entered at Glasgow college, where he made 
hipid progress in the usual studies of the place, except, probably, 
mdtxphysicsjoi which, as forced on the attention of the very young 
mind after the Scotch fushion^— now, we liope, on the decline^ 
he long afterwards thus expresses his opinion: 

* The cold, lifeless reasoning uhith is prematurely forced upon an 
tjnfortunate sludtnt at a college, is as different from the vigorous con- 
ception which is caught from mingling with general society, as aft 
animated botty from its shadow. U U distressing that we should per* 
aerere in the ahsiird practice of stifling Ihc young ideas of boys of 
fourteen and fifteen wiih liigic. A few pages of history give more in-* 
light into the Iniman mind, and in a more agreeable manner, than all 
the metaphysical volumes that ever were published. The men who 
have made the greatest figure in puhlic hfe« and have been most cele- 
brated for their knowledge of mankind, probably never consulted any 
of these sages fi-om Aristotle downward*.' — \o\, i. p. 170- 

He was now a devourer of books ; and at sixteen, being justly told 
that no Knghsh tianslation can convey an adequate notion of 
' Don Quixote/ he made himself a sufticienl master of Spanish 1o 
Felish his favourite romance in thi; original, — a trait ol leal and 
enthusiasm vliich ought to have been more valuable in the eyea 
of his parents than a whole hamper of prize books- 

W hen it became lime lo tix on a prolcswion for iife, a short tx- 
perinicnt was made by him in the Mtercunlile lin^, contrary to hil 
own inclinalions, and in compliance \>ilh the ^^ishes of his father, 
who uas member of a fnm that cariicd on dealings with some of 
the North American states, 'ihe act of contiacation, passed by 
Congress in 177^, became die ruin of this house ; and the lather 
was leduced lo u slate of distress, which, in alter life, it lemained 
the gcneious caio of his sons, more particularly of the subject of 
tliese meuLuiiJi, lo alleviate. The next Kiep nas to rate young 
^luiuo as a muMiipman on hoard the Company's ship U alpote ; 
but this qas, toon after, fortunately ronimutcd for a Madras 
radet^hip, and lu the \ear 177^ ht-- procieded to the scene of 
his future uM-ful and dirftiuguishtd lik'.* Ilvdcr Ally, the most 
foimidubk- nin^lc enemy that ever threatened the Company's pos- 

* f'un'ran In v\\xK M r, Glrrtf InKmualr', MunriP n^s ninKlVinflly rrctiinl by Hnrr of 
hia c<>unTTXiti<'ri a\ Vaiirt«, in ulrjin Kt rirrii^d IfiiFr^ • f MiIkkIucijop from lij* hilite 

!itt» \^l■ KaiF tiiji|Pim':i ■■» »t Mu^rr, flalid k-rly yttr* alirr, in uliirli be ifhiiDw- 
rdgnl, V till lit iiFn-^'^t warn tli <il ^raiiritilr, s^lid ^tr^irc* rviLiicTcJ lo ^tiiu aL il.ja crjiinl 
prnijd I \ prr>i,ri« vi^<j an- ijiIujII^ Kmi'ii^L ai by uur bjugipLcr aa bt^m^ fui od iL? 
ynni ik|iinpl i«Kh iinuvth ii«ri>« md ■ diDscr, 


Lifi ond C^^rr*9p9n<ime^ ^ Sif TTt^mot Mvnr*^ 65 

II, iliL'n hting wtf ibe Camtiic \ «o<t Miiaro, %U*r pin$\tig 
ni% mnnllia al tltt prirsidtiw^, mnut pnrt of ihnn, we bctitvp, 
iiltd«r iKe Ivnpiiable rouf of l>afki Ha1i1»iiru>tt, ihe Pcriian iii-» 
Urpreief|-ttW ailBdieri* in ITdO,w vrnigu lo tl^r «tAltreitlh Mulitj 
rnttn^e hifntitn, tindpr iln^ iimnoiliAle iifd/'r« nf thi* tfomtnandtv-lii* 
thief; llic uhfoTitiioU! iIcIcbI oI Coloiicl HujIIk 9 (let«:hmcnt( on 
iu vnwth \n Join thujitHin Bfm^, u thus rvUM in a Icttet of 9tr 
Tliova« to ki« fttiff. 

' 7\« ^n«nl, haviQg i»t«llifr*n^ that I1yil«r intood^d marchii:^ 
t«0 liOqr» af^^r koh^cI, mnA Vi^i J)«Olic wouH liJvaiKi* about the n^atm 
hoof , t>r^nf<\ ihv Irrio to Wtinicli, anil tab* ^rnl «king with Ui< 
h»gKag* iRfti I'^oiijnvTiirn Paf^nln. Nffi! morning, lit went to mM| 
tlw Sc^hiM&i. Ho- Ju4 trrjtnl at ihv *idfi t^ a loko, \irttvrc he n-at 
nsakbit a tvtd iot iWiJuni, when a *epo^, lill ct>ver«d willj rinuida, 
biioD|[ht Jkd\ira of itt flf!f»t. BaitiU bwl irairhnl at ttf #U-« i/cWk at 
Tii|:Ll: ihiM ho«r* aftsr, hi« adraiicad guard woa Mtuck^d bjr lh# 
conuf* Coropmi iBtAniiy, who vrcra plaMd in* f-nrTci b^^uii t^n »liI« 
uf tijr ro«! ; Ati'l. al tfm tjriw l^nic tlvr lion* iiL<hril ori lo t)iv rhai^ 
Do frjitii«#d fkpiD hi rt'tryuurk; Biwl th«f h^d nirvftily ^>rgun 14> 
<i«iuir i>! mrcf-iji, irh«D thrr« of hit tumbTiU tfcwjng Upt in th4 
iiiiif«i uf tb4 cxoifiiAxia prodavcd Ij tli« acridtiil. hi» BiTizuuiiilioi) britiff 
n|«BM. ibry iradpr nncrihn- fvnoiin ffaargji, Inikr hU nnk«, and f-ut 
tlttm in jJiom ; ttor did they e«4iv, nftrf th» fvw who attll («ri Ucd 
liad tlirowa di>i«a their arnw. CoJoacI FlctcltCf. hoLdini; u|> hi« hAn4-i 
If ntinf oo thr (loini of his wxird, ai a *%nal for qLurUr, wi| 
vroBtf^dtdbi tlai Arm ; and, nm^j^tirnr ih« hinclkarchM round it, h« 
fMvirvd J ' Mhc bviry.^-litl Lcnrvb drofiixd out, and he Ft-Jl 

draJi troti Tlic >)du>;lileT r<iDl)nufrd till M. LnUy rode uf 

to Hrd^r, atA uii him th^il it wan rot lh« cnitLnm nf RorripKarrft u 
rut l*Hi- sni-mir* to pi««« afltr tbtj" bai »urT*nr!er»d thvrn4«K<rap 
and ' nKaman^tf vouH k- hiRKkr<^triH ^y lh< Pfirichaica 

itc^d^ I LUid, t'pon tb». the MT>urt4D orrtcrrU hU miirlSi^ta lo 

fmw iwn biiEkdred aiirl Afiy Kurrr|ft>AiiK. And a thoti»And inTkojra., 
v*r? lU that r«TiiatEied : iht< ri^i, to thi* arnouiit cf tu'o iWnpuid, fdti 
oniha 6rUl of hotilc^- tlydfi [i^ ilcurforljii mtocy: ir^i;]r *^ hi* 
Um oActn, and »etrn tlmuiand of hb hinirc< iroapi, xrm lUin.'— 

In a «nWquriil letter of |;rCBl 1i*n|[d^ be ||i«n aludd and »pi^ 
riled scrottol uf itit war ra th^ Caritxtic, alter tli« anitil of Sir' 
1'ml* Coolu t'ruin LUn^il hid itifiifcil OfjiA- rhcfgy mto llw )>ottm> 
luiikt, bilhritii dialiiK (cii U\ d^<M<^M>iuia amoii)E it« nM^nibcii, at n 
lift* vbci) the coniwMi d;ii>x^r it-rhtfrid iinAtuiml} iiubl ncnlfol. 
IntlM* niidit of thcw »lllMli^ Afi'iir*, Iu)m;-ii Miiniu kept o|i JiM 
COVtcaiMtndcoce wilii o^try Qkeaibef of tliut hoiiic foi ^luck b» 
•cvanAUay* tu ha*c ictanud an undioimisbcd aDvcLion aad rr- 
m^tiibrajac^r iinimpeurrd by Iitiw and diidamcVr thoM iuu«l ptvw* 
aful *ol>«iita of audi cmrly ue». Uf tbe miliurj operalioiu nbicli. 

84. JU/e Vid Cam^ondrwv of Sir Thtn^oM jtfirant, 

lAok ntare fmin 17^^ unul ilir MKniniJc *>( llie ilt'finiliv« Ireal 
nith rippoo in 1764, tw ilrlflil tj iflbitlcd ia ilie corr^poitdcw 
^iliceil h^ Mr^ (ik-i^ ; Lml according Ui an 4^|iitc>niir of hut oup 
vjcfj, iljLivrii itp t>v >ir Tlioiucu, ut u hicr pi^nod of apneMj 
diAl hi^ A^'as picMiil yiUvii tW iU'mj, on ila iiiuicli to V^llonJ 
HU caom>nHdcd Ijt Hj4cr Ally, in HH'i ; tkarrd in die stMttH 
on tlic rn:iicli liiicv at C«ilihil<>ra iii J7tfS; And aubic<iLM!|]Ujn 
rcmaiiLrd cnntoned till afmt ihe clotc of ili? war nidi a division uf 
lh<^ army near Motirnt. He Uiu promoted lo a li<:uit»4ucv in 
I78fi; ami in lUv |>rrivd of |wu<.^, uliti:L cloHrtl lur n vWiki duu 
Iwld of acXnv cKcrtwri, ho, in compliaiH^c ijvitli tbc od^jcv of hid 
intelli^Mii Tritud Mr. llalibLutmi, lann-d iiu uiLcuLtLPii in ihr Undjr 
of Oneiital lileraiuii^ Ol dii*, at iLi? erjtue liii>c lljal lie culU^j 
val«d, on account ot' tttcir iiidl»|»eEi»«ble ul)dil>v tlie lungujim iill 
uhicli iX it contuiriedr lie keifiiii to hu\^ hid but < poor opintoa^ 
ii» thiir pocli^, he coaipluito of tht- loo fic^utrit repeliiion uf 
* fom mid m^^litiiignlrt,' and llit-^ * inn and mwin/ nnd callt tLcVj 
T^«U}n of ibr li^9lt>ry of JoM'ph auU Itic IftU ll^r|>liao dune, ' ft 
pnf irsrr*j>roving •loij,' 

' T^ic LvtU Add M^iMMnofNiiAmi », if fcaaibk. sltll nt^Tv r:rtrii> 
vacant, nl-Kurd, tu^A Wlpld ibnn thbi. Wlicn Mnjnr^n' Kt^n that? 
Lnli if io b« i^tTon b matru^c lo uiotlicr, Iv fliut fo tha wiMrm«j*, 
atkd klUhia^ritbbothe IpMrtbof tbv fortut— W nliich ijif ^ at* >o 
AfTcdoil. (lut ihey u-kniw]«(]^r }iim fltrr l>ieir rliit-f, tuvi foliovhJm, 
vhcrtfvrht ffOM. CoL Don%irhufr0iiitit4tnuif4ittmiapf>«fcr«io tiawl 
hetti ^jt ■ jKur Pcnjtfi »choUr, ttflVcta to be * grrat admirer of Uirw 
rlofiuent writ*0- "AbiiNPaicI, iiccreiAry to llif Smprrvr AcVbir. w,"] 
lie »Mv«. " Hmrtiinpn l<io nuirtry ; tiut at oihcr dpiia hp f^omm dovnu 
\n a Hood of ctoqttcncc ou bu ailoniihvd rv«d«n, like ih« Gannr 
whffo it OT«Tflow» iU li«nka,'* 1 caoool »ay thttt, b pcnisiAK diii 
^utliOT, 1 <lid not ftcl ihe ulODulnaent vrbkh tbc cdIoekI iIckiiIk^i ; 
tuit k n-fii omn^ to th« immodc^nte kngtb of bli ptrnod*. thai i^amaj 
down upiiH mi- in t^vh 6ood« of paltry oodvcpac, ob cul W imac"^ 
oalfbj tk«M wbobifc Tc«d ibo LadirV Mosaiinc. T[i« Pvniiui 
wiitrn bmxv alrtayt bum fimd uf tong» pcrnipoui jvnod*; uul Abul- 
PasoL wbo itfini bv baw tlivjgbt thti tbo «u«iu-t of all good wiitiag'J 
oojiAJiUd in UuB, Iiaa been w cnuot&dy atioc«afal, tbat hat nomino- 
iltttt and mba aie oftca |ic»lrd at thu d'olAiici- of tticcc |iii^« from 
each otbtrr ; and thn tf^c \tviatctt ii ofetrpipd wjib |JDjtTDth»zi tnthin 
pmntJH*tia, vbrr* the iciiM (if any) lici cooeralc^l tebiml <uch « 
number of intrcachcacbt*, that tbc Couodl o( Trent n\nAd be mora 
puuled tudiBCover it, than they mre to utde the meaning of gnoe/ 

Thrir biatotin br L^uami nt duH attd hoary rhronick*, ' eon* 
tainiiif; bat Iho (ic«<^ri|>1ioni of imn— the f^ooil mid the bad; d»^ 
fuTHictt niilliuut Glceplioiir ui fetroug ti!i cleplimita, an bfu^v afl 


JE^ cut CtnrttpondoKt of Sir Thomat Mumro, M 

Abvuiiifr, Mid as vim? »% SnUmum ; tlw biivr, opprFJuin^ ii>rir 
eubi«el8, detiMiiiis loeii of letters— and KOfic to ke\iJ Uc nccmt 
to Iinvr |ircfcfird (lirii talrn to nt- r^tliiiig elnr^ »id i^iita a cunoim' 
Imiiftlatiou of wlijit 11 evidently Iht? itorv oThllvlock, di«covcr«d b^ 
liiiu m ■ rcf»«» MS> TLbtiuiialtilion UXa W rtHind. at n^nilii; 
Irom Ensi|En Miinro, in ihe n<>l*-f) al ihe 4-ikI ot' llie Mvrihaut ijf' 
Vtuicr, m Mak>nc',-» edition of ShakApcarc. 

TW dUrjv«4 ii> which ihcir faniik wen- r^uo«d, bj the itii«- 
fbitunca oTihcir falhcr, led Miinrt} mid liu» brotlicr* iMcxnudcr, lo 
c»M>uemlc in ihc tv^aiiiancv of 9 rcguUr aiinuiil itipply of fimdi^ 
^ioi mre ured b> ihtm from tlicir no\t;nil incomes; und tlift 
iinuiuullv Into pcrruni of lifi." (n uvhirli i}i<- I'onnrr reDisioed vagl6p.] 
niaM-cd bim to coiuiiiuc, on a liberal nciAc. tboe jctiwrxfiu and, 
£Ua1 sidtfi, Thr tii>.L foiiUibiilPJrii ui'tr »i|t|OU|JC<:d iu n bfuuttful 
letter ta bit tnolWr, t>f *<h)fh Oi* Mlo^in^ » «n «ilriicl; — 

■ Tkodgh my BitiHitiOii ib not attch nn 1 mtghl htnc rxpcctcd. had 
Sir Efr« CouU- Ikvd, yet I itill look forwAtil wiifi hojie, And do not 
dmp^Af avftng ii bMt*»d. Tht oalvc»i^<« 1 hjjivv lor tv[iiiiiiij{ iip 
ffi^ iaftldlitjr to tttw^x my iuxhti ne 1 wiBb, nnd t>ic btcnng that your 
•Itfita u« M> tnuth affrdnl by ibu Im^ uf liii futtuue. Vrl I cannot 
bin thiak lh»T ywi H*ve Finny rta>or» for rej'^idng;. None of j-our 
children bare \*tm takt-a frooo ycu ; uid Ihuu^h Idoy cannot put you 
in a sUtc c»f aillitfQCf, iixcy cact pla^'« you beyond tlip K«ich uf want. 
T^ir tiair Wl cumc. I b'J^r, vvlicii tUry will It :ddi' Ui iJo luoie, wud tO 
make the latter dayi of >nur ttl« ju hapfiy ae iJi<! Artt^ Whrn I rom- 
pAfT yoor siluatioii vrith (tiftt of iDOVt oiothcrt whom ] rt-m<-aiber, t 
%kiaktkMtro\ih'xvvAA blti« rwon for irmrtug u any of ihrui. Mamri 
tlot ftrv rVk arv unhApfy \t\ thf\r tairdWtfL Tbrt fon of fortun-: wl 
hut u fivtial ctU ; yuu arv in no dAOger of fxporicnciit^ thv EnuE^li 
iMaricr ooc— of bavins unthankful cbaldnn. Tbc friends that de- 
aKrtedynu hilL your fbrlucr wrre uirwoithy of your locietj ; tboafl 
liftt der«rv«d your fri«»3thip kax'L* not fonakcn yrni.' 

In 1TS8, Lifiil. Miiiiro wa< npTKnntcd attlManl in th« Inlellt- 
gartk] dcpBTttncnt. under CapL K^d, with the forc4^ dtf«tiiiod. 
to Cafcie poMCRtion of Gnninnr. He axidrrruis ibi? cuiultifrt of ibttf 
CoiDpvny LH llit^i iia lis nciinti, inaf much an iWy ou^M i» W« [mid. 
the Niram «bat iko; owed him, l*«fo*c ibej lecoicrcd ibc lci"i 
ritor? wbidi 1i« bid i^jcd ui m^cnrity ; uh<r?ai, iIip* ik'^rrv'l ibai 
|rayncnl unid recovery bod licm uci'uallv made. I'bc fo1loiiitn|f1 
extr^dy frum « l«tt«f lo b» siMrr, coiiiinit a hmiKymim arcou ' 
ofllir liard>lii|ii aihI p/ivnliont ^bidi be encountered dnriof; 
earl> part of hit cDtrcr, to tlic L^ormiry ubich br vat d^linod »na I 
d4y U» gotcm* It iuculcaia a powerful knoit 8g:nin<t drvpuiw 

' lirai tlirt* ytftrs in IndU b«foTO [ was nuwt^ of aay otbtr ptb 
low tkui a book or a tartndse-pMcb i vy bed vroa a piece of caavai 

strttrh^d on l^ur rra*i fUcleVi wfww onir omatntnl ir4» Ihi irrMliu 
W&t (hti I (jMu^lt I'raui Sn;|!litfiii, u'bi^ht by u Wky imvutbn, U 
turu^'l irilo < hlAitli«t in th« nold w«jniwr, by tbridttinif rxty \it^ ^<^^ 
tli« tlMvi-t, Hiid4raviu|^ ibir aLirtft oT«f mj b«44. In iliu iiU4£Jo^.] 
I i«x. likfl PaUlAf in lt>c Wb«<. bUl to fioiut ; ittrA vrty ouLnforUblsJ 
I AA^uro ytt^f aU bill my frfl, ri>r ihf Mihv^rra ^iivln^ fi^rr^f^n ittitl 
nrivu8 uatt to ubicli ih\n yi*<^ of 4rf* mi^M Ih* .-ij>jilunl, hud ^u% ihij 
cigtb »i>Rbori, that 1 onvrcnulj, wiOl nil my Li^^t^auity, bnii^ U>th' 
rnd« iMidrr coT^r; wtiatptvr I ^«lii?H hy tUnv-'tn^ ny jnf\v^it,\ toit 
W *xpoii<ig my ii^k ; nnd I g(-n^r«llv chr>io nthsr ;ocool nrb^^U 
tbta my h^d- Thi> Wi1*i;rvi'd irf< till Aleunrivr wrM ItittoMvu^-ilH 
wlicc he gttr me « t^tny ruvf^^ (^ tbi* e^cat occaviifn, I l>(iu^hf. 
ft pUlow, irHl ft rftrjiM en Lny iinrivf ifi#. but ibo unCnnt) ha?' mrtalrk* 
««fv««n<l«nniitil to mak* jmILow-cm** antl ttvir^\i; un<i ii^^r^ for iii# 
6rtt time in Indim, I kid luf b««d uci » iiilkfw. but thi* vr&« tuA 
mudi )fiiu(l furLune lo tirar vlth inmUrttioii i I lir^Jiii bJ tf/iM }iruad« 
t»l NMlred to iive in grpntttyle; fi>T ibU ^q>ot«, I louffhl twil 
tAbJo-f}ADntt&n4 Im^ M«-*pM(», iTid •o»thAr ch^ir,— fof I lad but 
Oii« brfutc-"« ubto. «Ci4 ittO ublfdLitht, But my fJititjirtilj wai of 
vhiort ;Jtfr*tioft. f<>r in \r*% tlan Uirv* monthn I luol tbjrr <}i my «|«)rirt>, 
tfid eo* cf Trw clum wbt brokva by one of Join Na^/* ronpibiOEi*. 
Tti* K**^ bt>w reduced o>e to ii^y or^ificitl obBrnrity, Iruin nhiorh «il 
My ilteiufiU tOMiefye bafc btthnto jjruvcil in vau^*"pjL ?Jl.7i. 

Tbr imulb of IndiB agiihi birrainr, ibout ilir- \tiir ll'JX ibe 
tbtattu of luilituivc'xcjtciticcit. WlifiiTippoo t'oiiiid ibklliiKiumo 
tvMv Oiiiillf'cl i>t Alt Utt f>l lliP Conj»aii>*ii friciuls, rnuluiici] in 
their dcfi'Uiive lfcat> vrilh tbc NiaaTn^ bu friiM ua.-ri* t-xciu-tt, aii4^ 
be bcj^LiM Co afm. In i scrii'v t>l lon^ Icllris in hii f^itJirr, ubkbp.. 
»liai-n ■* ibfv ^CTV, ntrrfntr cnfftmiif uiiiiilii ifir himyvf n <aiupu°| 
tviilUMi s> e kjtaiil iml iiiiukili iiurtuliLfH? ^ ut'ic l'^ti i^nrjt^Kil ' 
for tbv publii: e^L** LivuL Muii'u Jnsllj ilrMtilH* 'l'i|i|iL>o ait ill* 
con^par^blv the ni9*t pCMCfful si«ct d»ngC(out cociity ol tbfl 
Kl^lUb M itmt linic, noil coodcmnk ui pc|iiKi1rii>ii!i tiiu ootuin^ 
llxti prviralcut* of all«mpluig to |»rc4Ctt« 4 baUiict brt^tccn 
pawuM III uiitriiuil a* M>iOic and it* mifbkiuift, 

« Bttt «viryt^i«i; imv ia ^m by in^dcniiioo and conciliaLup ; at 
lliii rM*. m vball ba aU Quakrra in tinaniy y^ar* muri*. I aa »Iifl 
cff th« old docuiDc, that tb« beat «ethi^ of toakLjig; a|i |«niic«« k*cp 
the |icacc« not excepting ct*n Tippoo* U to pcAbt it d*iig«roak for 
them to ibMiirb year (|aitfL'-*-|K Id i > 

' DtUnita nt CaHktif[o ' la tbc bttrlbcn of aX\ bit argunicitt* 00 
tliii bead ; aiul ihr jimIiwim iti \n* vtrma nas ii[jbH'i|iii'nlti |uuii^rf^ 
hy tbc tkcuju- Ijjic uI ppoJic> oiiopicd bj Lord ^^ vlkskj* 

Jiiivr ibc (4>iiclusii>» of ihis tAclunUw Urnty \t'Ai\ (i-ilocr^l tlie 
■CfffiL dtviuonc gf tb« ftrmy to ib^ir rc*])cctii< prcndtticic*, an 
impvUttt emu took pl«c« in Munro'a cwcr, and euc nbidi 

lAfk mid OvmtpQwimtv: of Sir Thmostu Uumr^ BT 

■nay b« coimilcrcil if faaiiirg led to all lilt nubwquifnl (*mt Mil 
high foriuoe. T^c disnict of It>r>«ii1i]» cvikd K» ibc £nttl«lL 
bT the lilc Irrat^, hb* (o be wUteil,— thnt ii Eo uj, i)](t Coih" 
paoVi »v«i»u9 and |>t>1icc «Mtvmfl \tftv lu bv iiiUuJiiccil utnfm^ 

,« pfuplc i|iii(< iicvv lo »Lif tAUT, TbU iJulii:alc s,nd im^ioitaut 
tB«k frqtiire^l tij[[tirrifitJiir]rtii»iui Uinn wen? Ahm Common ariKMi^ 
Ibc ci^u H^naiiib in indu — wn 5a> '/Iw, bcoiue Ihc cdso bas 
uncf iM-ioETir [dtrn'Eh \jird ConiMalli% in kin aeleciioD, very. 
ttiM-lj ail^lrJ llio priaia^ile of tkiitr di^i*ni^ nod i*arcbc<i 
fitr ikw icqaitite Liiowk:i]|;r and Ia1«iil nbrie\er ihtij vrvn lo hm 
found* Capl- Hond vm, oocofdjugk, noimnol^d to ilw diicf 
ViftOajVOWlK, vrliilc IJtfUt^ Miiiim [|lu1 I^h »ttkL-T loiiiLirji |;cit|l»« 

Itnrit wrre •ppo4ot4:^ a« )iU ei^iumhu. Tbv jtrafitiuiy cxoIikI bt 
tliii inramrtr, itir tki«l oi jtn LiuH, an^on; the nvrl frri\ahl3, waa 

Sr»a< ; bul rliL* ^lltHrt [>Toi«d mkiI bpiiFhtial, iii drtiK»t»iralLnf lo 
!<»« gcnikriKii iliut ibt) inuit not cx]>cc:t tocnjojr lite benefit! 
of ^EH^E, witbmil rncEHinU'nihg iN libAim ; tw bopr lo iill sltn- 
■lii/iin, Juf vliicli Hit} bad ufskckd dtilv lo quality lli^oMclvti. 
tf^ tJ|f^ii»jl(j4K-, dftr Ltic adaiijatjlr {;ini;tuur t^f Llonibay, Iih 
VMftablj lt>okr<] U> (Im iriuy uIk'dvxct coaipo^ciit |>cffr4>iii HCre 
|)Di tu be lumiii in Uir udjc-i irtuiL' ; not cmi jl br |)n>jii-iU rkb< 

'^Clcdt iJiat Mi<lk a piui:ljc« ib calcuUlttl tu iirpa^r Uic di»i:ip|iii« 
and cffjuK-ikO of llic milr.aiy Tire*:, for it if n'^turiou^t ItiL^l iwie^ 
did itM tiM}\V uoiip^ lM-h3i*r iniili grraier vlEaiiiicKi and gailuouy, 
tlian whrii foiuwandcJ oidj bj a caplaii) aud aubatlcni. Wu of 
couMf aTbidp rii ihiHc clii*alruua, awl iM-tt li> mcr^dibie, t!ipbMt, 
UJtdrr Caplani !>taiifkti>ii. 

Munrci rictnol npmi f!*- iluliti of lii<»n«w iifficT in Apnl, I7i'^, 

'vid ri>ii]iiLiictl i<>()tMb»r|:c thctii up t^i ilio «p:'ii^£ of lifKJ' Ht| 
bfi^raplirr ubMrvf4, tliit 

" ftrlna ihrrc ui* iii» period o( hi* p^lic life lai vrhicH b« «ver 
teob*4 badt with grvaur Mdifuctioa- li U tfwt thjit hii dot^a vr«r« 
lav wcr uftii«porl«aL Rcvidct tlid Are of attcndioft to tha 
accouala.flialuf ko«-pi<itf up n <t>D>taflt ofli<ial CorropoPit M Ca 
'iih iba fkiard, 3ktr, Uonm vvai undrr the ii«rr>aiJtir ^jf iimtvbirg 
ivailjr Cron or^^ fur; of lut (Irttiici to iimdwr. lor ttit porpoM S 
Cram paraoDftl obMrvalxaiv tbr i:4«iililioa *A tbo imapU, 
ikff capakl&lka aad prodK* of iho wiL Vel tbe ciimatc appruv 
lavahaan £ivouniU#, ih< ^■I'tf of the cuantrj nv agrrr«U«, »d 
mnn of miareoarva ^ib £iirQf«an twifCj, if not aiif !#. irKv 
at lont nuC abaobidy waaiiiif .**p. 1 4k 

1 be nut in ubicb tim able amrl indrfati-fable man scqwrcvl 
Uiat tntimtle kiionlE^I}ci< of the natiic't ulitcli formed Li» divlm- 
KUi4iin| tiirfil, u jui^iiiciult u|ipiiiiEit \ji\m hU ovin fruprr» aiid 
^Vitb au iui|Kitujbabi« tuiipc«| uud a uuad of 


68 Life and Corr^tpondtn^t €/Sir Th^moM tfunrtf. 

peculiar bcnrvolcncc, tthicb at n Utcr (period of wrvjc* received 

oftice^ aud wliJcTi ^^uimd IW him^ from llic uniUci uiidi.'r hii 
AitllioiJIy, Uj« tillc of thtir faUtrr, he cnniccj Itl^ tn(|iioir3 into iko 
iciniitcit dctuils of ihi^ huibandr} und domeiiic habiu of the ctiU 
livBtursi unfl imilrd llicir uK^cMfaiitcd conimtiuicationp, v he 
tni^Hlc (1 fnim villagr lo vilb^i^ Willi hit l(<ni, vllting l)ii* rvnt (»f 
the iuluiLitanb. In m ktter be aa^^i — 

* Al thin momoQt, while 1 am wriiinjc, th^rc ore d doi«ti of prajiLo 
la£ldn^ orouo^ me : it i« nov tvehe oVloi:k, mud ihcy hare been 
etnrdn^ and Kuinjr in fjnrticv cWT uDre eipvcii in tlie morring, wht^i I 
begui ihi* letter- Thry hntt fre^uetUr inicmi^ited in* for »n hoof 
«t m lime. One tniui hu« % Icmg «toryof a debt ol thcriy yeJirv* *iaad> 
ioiT, i^i^ntnKteil hy tni father ; anolbcr telU me th^l h'n broll^cr D>td« 
Avmy vith hii jirujirrtv* wbpii hf «r>i ah^bi dutiiig the wi/ ; Mtiil a 
third IcLb me Ihut hu nniiol afford to F«y hb iiiiliU real, bemuse hia 
'tnit m ded<l, vho nied to do mtire iro^ than Un beil builofk. 1 urn 
obltffcd to Ibteti lo oU thcw rvUlitrni ; and as erery mui ha^ h ktutck 
al deteH|)tioii^ like Sanrho^ I think mytvlf forhiaMc u-Jien J ^ 
through any of tlieia iii hojf an hour, tt u in vatn that I »'jmetifEiefi 
TecoojiQciid to them tu begin al the end of Uic storr. Tjiey prrsuit in 
ihrirrivn nuy ui' mukiiig me full in«»U'r of nil llie i^rtiindirv ; nml J 
irudt, after oiakwg my obyectlona and hearing ihetr npLiet, dictM» 
aA»wer9 in ihe Mvw copious ityio to thetti «1L* — p, 17t. 

The faniiLjir and ^ood- humoured stjlc of hij iuteicounc with 
ibe people i« Oiovi^n in inoih^r enieriaimng iwwQge. 

' Thi> fi^nnen nf ihin couDiry are, I h«<t4fiTF, ihv inott uBrntive race 
oa U;e faeo of tho earth. A JHUty of Ibem a>«l me ibu ereiiiogt v^ith 
ft <ont|ilti<it a$EVnvi wk otiKUDm-ii conjurer, whujiad i«t lire to iheir 
rillage mice in tha ooune of the ycat. I told ttfcm I bad a grent 
■DtiiiAthy to all roi^nrere, and vocdd gK« ihrm tatkifa^ion oo their 
produCiDir hUD, lliey said they bad coBeertcd o plan for dueovering 
Jiisit bal ihtkl it cwM not he execoled irithout my a^tii^Unce. 1 wu 
lo Inke my ttatiaM al a liltli? dvtntx* from the rilUge, vith a iifiybig- 
glau tn mr hand : all the iDhahilanta were to f«M in nrvieiv bofim 
me, trhen 1 <o«ld ncA fbil, by mraM of the virtue of the f iaj>), lo di»* 
cover the fpkin mho had doE-^r »o ntueh mHcblef. I uwiheTiti ihu it 
vrai in ffxcrlUnt thoogbi, hut tbr trial nuat li* dff«md till I ahouli 
get • nrw glaM, m idy cjd otic wu broken ; u^f aa «t tboitkl tbto 
CTTtainly eakJi the covyurcr. 1 Mkcd whftt jjuiittbiii'iic it vro«U bv 
■mpcr to inffiet umi him Thrv niiid, no other ilmti dmvrSng rvn ot 
Ut IMth, wHh which be uould Ioim< all htf ntagie bov^er^ J rflivil, 
thai Ibis r<fiikl riot hv dofjc till lie wu tahcit i Uit thai, in the mean- 
tisK. iktre ^as uxilher irmilr, er^ii^ljf ^Snr^plr. »t band, ,to dcfeud 
tlientelre* from hmi tri futnrr, Arjy ferton nho harl a njKjiiHnn otf 
hi* karlv^g evil deaigiif iijior htrrju-lf, hod t»t\y lo tvt ivxi ol bik own 
trrlb dravi),vbicb wvnld kcuto bo4b btiuclf «jid Its jiivf^rtyaguiM 


Li/tcit4 C^rrt^o^dtnce a/SirThcfj^asMuKn. 


jili Ui« u^ of Ui# tncMf, I «4L>d I hikil Kune T«an a^ ji&rUd wilh 
tv9 of 07 ovw Iccth ; An4 odVrr^)* if th<r vouM accompocv mc Lack, 

lr4To 10 go boDM >nd oouiiJl tbout ny pro^ionl, Mid |>roiubnd to giv« 
vMthdr ttuvsr in Uto morning ; ImtJ Mi«pvct U«t 1 siivM hauno 
caurr uf the inACtcr.'*^|7f>. I7$i ITD. 

'fliac |i«culiitr vda i>r<li«frfvl picaeftnlry, which accma some-* 
umv% U) liBi«r Bcninipauiit^l hmi c\ni iiiUi llir disM iiuioii n( liuni* 
li«M, u rnofl frciqiimilv ^Mpb;«4 in hj^ douiMtic corrfaiiutid^nrc, 
therein be dcUib ihc dajK h.ibil? «f liU Ijfc f^r ihr uiiiu»cnicitt vf 
friends M boine. Afi<^r mciLtioniik^ ihit hv had, on a laCu occa- 
mn, Uca drtcncd f rofii uliiiij; lii> fHvi>iiiitct-\«Kb<:or»vimimiu5, 
fnm ihe fvat of alltgiion m iJie tivtr, he adds — 

' I biarc not lakm liw iroabic lo ftvccttain whrther Riy condurtt on 
diu occuion, WM llji- rcrsuti of arif-hjvtf , i>r of tL^l nisJuia uliicli Dr. 
^timnflmtb'— oiw of th* mrtii AKiiin) rtwcomha I *ver m«fl with— wj-^ 
SB |jra4ttc«dhf ••cliwion from tii« \vc>rM- If nohtudfj it tfi«i mother of 
wUoin, il b to It liopcd tliai^ iu a fvir ifcarv nwrt, I fhnli >ie m wim 
A* BvhavjO or Rohii>"iMi CnrMUf*. 'Hier^r i«i iiiotht^r iJririg ia farour of 
liiU *!*«, — th# limitltiritjr of my far*, wh^di, firfonlin^ In som* pMli>- 
tofiJtrrr. it « JfTTAl fnend 10 i^tfiiua aod (lieL'^lioti. 1 do not kntyir if 
Iba c*M ■ ikeml Iiy thJa di<t brln^ the e^nt iif tint^mily. unil nut uf 
dwW- Wlm raj <*ook lirinj^ m^ n nhpi^it it I4 g^ni-rnlLy :tr» Iran 
thai tt it TUi acvy mattvr to ^ut IL FovU ara itiU wur*c, unlcBk fed 
Willi |i4rlBCtt1ir oro— a tcictnLc for vhith I bare do tuin ; «nii 41 ta 
jmr flafa, titry Cbw of thcv ara ralativ, fftljc AtiL aiul fuwl nrtc 
hmh ImnM, 11 would jiinatci any oaturatuc to tdl thi- <n\e fiuiu thi- 
otbrr, mtrtly by tho Uit<i, Some Hert!: of philoaopheri nraiiirn«nd 
iMita Mid aypla^i ami ubrr lortu of fruil ; but nothinf; iji lo be fbtjud. 
tiUivr TB tbr vrrvriii nr garrlrna hrr. cxrcpl a ff ir fimu, ami a cmrv 
land of pbJiUiu, vhich la i»>i-r-r eatra wkbotil the hvlf of 4«jk*ry. 
I LaTo dmcd lo>day on pornd^r, luaiie of ba]f-|nt>uiid Hour iaatr«ti of 
Oamnl ; and I nhall (t«eiI liki-ly diiM^ tn-cnorroiv on jilanlaJik fritter*. 
Saaaf oth*r nhikinoph«n thirtk tlist grntlf fkmvUf, as a bnitith of 
tnaptmicc, uf abo a iJaarcin itliimmatiiiff the uadentandiTig, I am 
t«rf ftnkd of ridiii^ to on cTealnK Ahontt after a hot day. but I do not 
nvi ranch upon ihnt tnf ^,rvh{ defvndcai^* fofthe t-x]MpaiEju of iiij 
gaidii*, ka upon the forriilgr-'^p. 177. 

U'r own VY^ aic fond uf 1;iiJf;]iLn^ phihiHi|d]i.':a, iriil frv iiO 
moina noraliippcrs of BolcBiti ubdom : ve ctch thmh ihat (Mipc- 
Itial ^(ily b Eiiij»t uftcn an acroinpanuueiit Iq dulncm— lu fact 
jta MMumcd cloolt, and ihM wit aud picaiaiitry arc, with tut cx- 
ccjiliotv, fouad m ix>nibiiiatioij uilh |;ifL» of iLc lifghral clcMri|j- 
tkon, ll » cK<c«tinf;t> iiiteTnting lo tmco tkc gmiiAaJ iuHutikrie 
of ><afa andi^^pciif^ncc on tJic vii^^s and opiniotiaof atich a man 
Bi tbb iuw«juiii|; i}ic b»4:iit-tf) of the vtorld : ihc 4>asjr ubstuditd 
bumour of lus language Kb oS, lo ou fuwy* Uic toUd krk of 



Kit Tif(\pictinivt ; iind wr innkft no »|v>ln^i for iIn^ Ipofffh of lh# fol* 
Jfimiiz cifitict from ■ icXitr io \iU *Mtf, (ktrd in i;<>:t. 

' WflfV tt pOMibk ihxt i tould, bj kny nuprriuluraJ mr»tt«, Ei« tn- 
formeilthat I;>lEntJd rirvcr b« ifiitc|«A<Jrnim lai- fc^lunCt \i wuulil nut* 
1 belJfTf, tit rrry hcnvyflp mr mirul; for I hiiT« noTniilrnvl rjrrr 
Btriomtly tbv ronif^ii<-<]ri?( likely to fcdiov mr fcx|u»rihff wliAib calM 
a Bk(Hlrrnl<? fortune, and I hiwo dovtrtvd if I vJiMid b« inorv t^ppj 

■ Aftor ftprndiD^ « gf^i pm of injr lifii m Indii, I thonlil nca«A>h^ 
rtcoodia inn«U to uitia^ davta ^viutly In t comrt «ilk pooblt aiamiff 
wfeoin, M I ihouli befin nay hc<iuiktuticc »<> lolc, 1 vtimU p«rhft|« 
alirayt rrvnjilij a i^trAugcr. S)iou!<l (Im nmut i>f »orH^f l^nifit rm to 
£i1j in lov«, and f^ti a vrtfA, Bwh « cbai)^ vvo&ld, I fear, laicl litil« to 
pay ha|'tin^*ii>' Wovld il no* W a v^rr romf^rii^W- noftUdr, tboui ih« 
i-»d of Uicccntuiy, iorG«il in the GLai^vt < ouritr— ^ Vff*Unl«y nt 
lAirTJt^ lioutrnuit Muan>. the cIiImi iqlialttfni in th« Fatt lai« 

Couipaay'A Mrvice^ lo 3JU* >, cki« oftboegdett ^^bWn U<i'v*(>r 

tiiU ^\tcv. The r^rcEDOsy w^ |xi&nM>d by iit^ [lev. Mr, , m 

titp R«MiUi(jn], iThd iraoMsdiatciy after (Ik haj/py naa|dii." Jcol f hirt 
no i«i:s'i, 1 (Uffcct, for irhot is nUlod 4|am*>ik folidiy- I cauid not 
cndare la i^n al>ouC iE<M>ipi])f[i *'*■'' F^y^lT fon^ Ti»iu vntb my wif«| 
Mid ihc(^ ci'Ukinjf liokijv and ronfjliiiv n^i^t • iIubje* in our furni- 
biiA or plttiJirkiu^ coice uf ihf ujutliing ehlLlr^n ifcat PravjileDco 
Iui|cU bltat tu witlj. Vuii wall trnj — '* Vou u^ boa titotc rvi;ircUl'io 
cJurd<ltir ai lioiiw. Mttjcd mih yourforaily, tlian waudcnng aboul 
ludUlik* a va^ahoikfl," But 1 nrnt^oC pvrfcivif ili«t Ota «mt Hitnaticm 
U Eoora rrvditabto tbac iti* olhvr ^kii. in ^cnorai, go honw, and 
>tay IB Uoi cuimtry, for tha ivnv reQ*oa-~to plra*o Uiaoiaolvai — mti 
to TMC t^air avD or the ftslKmal «baract«T ; AbJ the s'<^*t«f H'* ^ 
tbnn |{o lo lbcirgra*r» vkkiut Imviiitz du^p dikct mugli guul or 
niwdb harm in this norbL Why aho«M 1 b« eft^vr to acnip* logHher 
a litUa ukoner, lo ifo and Lic^vt lUr\Mg^ tu^efttv or lliirty dnU yviir*, 
in a f&inky w«y, nuuiitf my rrhaion* and nevh^^'v^ ' '^^ > piacc 
Ilka CUigow, i alioriil \n lirvd tn all rcan|>aa3ra with duputni almut 
tliQ |jvtu pontic* of thtf town, of whxL I kanw utltiBx* >u^ sna«* 
dotn of Eanuliot, in vIum ronc«ra« I am co ivajr intorarteO. Amuog 
tbv mcrrhoiilKf E ibuuld Iv cntrruin«d u^Ui dctolcB a« BU^ar and lo- 
baect>, rxerjii waeii tot£4 one toovhvtl vbL>a «olli;4i, viU'Kkt would gin 
uicau ^poMdiuty vi o]jcnini( uy mMUi, aiiJ UUlox t^ coni|iMiy 
knoiribat 1 Imd bct^n in f iidU. and a«cs unc ipuio gnmntgon 
1iu*h«4. and anolhcr oa irtft U 11^ than any ibal ailfim ika Gtv«iL 
AlUf tliua «apai*Jiiifr all nay kna^vlvt^*, ] should not ofcab vantaTa 
t9 tlilmvpt tlw conrtnation^ Should I, after Mi\^ lircd of pre- 
wrrinji tiiancw aanng llama gmllmim, ivnmiar tuiwU> tfaa Colkgai 
te Aa P^n?** ^ ^*^ *■>*»• diiMorM cm fitntral topi«aof liiarmiy 
ta>lr,4>f wndh nMnilt oU profeviioci* mar talk, aod, in Mona neaaure. 
jud^e— bare 1 «boiiU aDonalcf tb* pf^udioso Asd dtaniiioiii qf 
anuii lobtiint.'— pp, IttplJa 


J^ 0rJ C^fftt^n^t^tt ^ Sir Thcmas J/tfuro. Q I 

The hWominig ftdvicr, idiiriMW lo hn l>rAilifT, Jinavi, wlio 
haH n^^cnTf) ^rtiw^l ui IehJU mh uiilittry >uf]{Goii, \iill be pcnucd 

* ThtMgk J un. in nunir r^ipvcU, a jrr«4j«r bay thiftn yuu— »7«i, as 
I h«n fad Uic •urt of fovui ;hu oomiuy, 1 vill Tcnmro ta fOT« jr^ti 
MKttv lunl«. IXr iiijt wondtir al any iJ^iri'j yuu ■<«? ; ur if yuu (V>>i keep 
it lajroartflll Dn tini |iint«r pnipfi< u'iih f|u«tioi» about tup, for men 
ia leetkflnii KTv A4 mucb dii^^iM wiUi iKunii)^ a ^criion Ulk uf bia 
nl^tigfts 4>of Lii&>clf- Mr Cither 9Ayv vva arc dl^ik^t, 1 rcjolofi 
Co beu Iti fur il b a fmlt tnure cuiily currc^ud th^ti fi^nvunliivs*. 
Vou 1u*v no nococi to he aUrmc^ ni whititcilJcd Uaiiching muliilo 
Ui^nvrU. Al^Ulv cxprtiencc ATill tonrin^'c tou. iV-tl it i? comirt^i'fi 
nvLiWvT nrucr DOT of WUcr j>?apk ih^ii }X)u Iuito np^ii lii sm^ll 
rifrftrK PUy Tour otth th«rac.-lrr irithoi;: afTrcioiliMi, Aii'l \«s luiLirvd 
iJiAl II wUl won j*nvtirj yo^ fnrnlt.' — ^p- iJ(!l. 

In \'i\jQt ^'^^"^' Munio U3I j^Tom^UiJ ii> a capiaincy. About 
Iwo 5CU1 ftfunvcLrd*! tlw botido ricviEEis of 'I'lpixxi kd to %\Kat 
friinjvlir iDeaMire* oil llie |)«>t of llitf Gm^ni^r-GvJKi-i), vliicli 
mdrW M Ihti csplUfT of Seringa pa tini. Oca ih* rcdacuon of tkml 
piKVt Cvplairt Muiini vnct awnuaiai jfiiiii vircitt^ty, wilJi Uto 
irtvodf 1^ p«o*vl4 diitiii^atabed j;owrnor of Dunib«>,lo ib^cooi- 
Mimoa tpponiird to Himi^tic the pamiiuh triQi>< A lou*: kllcf 
ffi hu fslli«r toikuiui miimtu dviub, intdfetliog vwii «t ilii^ day, 
rcUli*c Id tb« fall of Ulc Oratit wf M^inrtti whoau iLilaiuaiiuti, 
timftti^ tb* Utter pan of liji cvtaxr, uHordeU fair grouuda of »iu? 
picwn iJiai bo mu mad. 

* Cnwliy aod deodi u-em Ui« nvA gtYAi enf ui«« of Mt pa1ie7 ; not 
tlial kbd of ilcM»t wbch att«cnpa lu orcrtcacli l>r ci^Amuirt l^ut 
dnmigbl Winff. Uc. prrlupn, ritvi-f niade a ptvtuj»i-, Jiur ctitcivd 
into an tnngtmsrct, wiil^ui L\>iuiJtfnDg, \a ih« «niik« iTt^t^nE, bow it 
w Ui br Broken, 1^0 cruel puntihin«uls wIjk^ hv ttv'iivnily in- 
liiicd.osUti inOTtgroiuiJlc»a 9ij!i|^ri(;»^% [?ut a fk>p t^dl privaic i-or- 
nafondtfor* 'in hi« donkiruuiv ; 1ih iifirfHt n'Ulntim, rv-Ti, did tuA 
TcMvrvto vrilv lotach c4b«T, but f^nt verbal rH^iagft f«prclinj 
llicir bollJi or alfaira. lie ba.d munfcnd ulE In Rn^L^lj jjritoEicrj 
SDl rewtorpd ol ttw ml of tbe la^fl nar ; and it uuuld b^vc t<«fi dcnth 
far aiT^ man to Iw known f* ori^ vho rrntid n\^tA or rfud Efi){htk, 
IftbtnapCed «orfv«fo«d«ii#e gim binn do :wig|j| a* lo ovr taicndod 
Mnr«dMtito ; — m ^^oA m«4 of the lntor««ptrd ititcn of th« li(« 
aaAfannar warlvb^ timipcMd. »o ibu wa n^bt bar* »aT«d our- 
•dna tli< irouUa of aiitiif a ci^«r-' 

Tliv *amc Inm concliKlet «itb n rv|irobiti<in of ibr policy 
labdch threw nn-jy oin lianl-tanatd pn/^, b^^ »cUin^ up a rajth cf 
Myiotc ill tlir pcfwxi of a Hiild dn^»i fortli ficim ciblrtion, 
«Ih>*c family had no tcvt of claim npoii uj| and nfao bat mqco 
laik <M llw baie rclttrn of |)rotui|{ a more unfeeliug tjniiit to hi* 

Sa I'ifr mui C^mtpondftKt of Sir JTiMna Munro, 

■ttbjetis llian tv^n Tippoo ever htiv. TIih ha* het^n 1i«it piYi< 
b> tbo vr.uinl rfUK 'jf ihc coiKitry, comparcti utt!i om uau 
Iktariilitng |}rotiricri. li lihi rvm bi-t-ii ilciibrrd uliriirr \w it s 
dcPOfnclBBt of the old M vitorc dyua^ly. «iii<« Punkah himxlt, Jn 
oprn durbar, aii<l whilr thr KtiiUU rmidrni v*bh |irr»rni, npplicxl 
tlic term ' iipunoui oftafinn^ ' to ibt* mjah. Sir 'lliomikv Muoro, 
Ht a luucb lulEr pciiuil uf life, ub^iTtcd uf tbc Hlu)!t' »ubsidjai^ 

«7Bl«ID, lb fit 

* It ha» « naUir^ lvnj?ncy to jrrndcr llic gorvmnMit of tttiy 
country in whub il eii^l^, ivc»k and offuw^rr ; lo rxtingoinb all 
hotiaur«b1» ipirit amoTif; the higher <-UtM4 of iofi«iy, inj ii> d^radc 
and impovfriah tht' %vhiJc people, Thi^ usud rcniMfy ol n b&d i^oTcm- 
jDeiit m Jodia u, d i|uiet rtivululicn iu tbr [id«^-, ur a TJulnit uiic by 

rv'biitliau, or fbovtgii comiut-Hi ; hut t)i4* |)r^««nfv of % Briiiah forc^ 
cuU off vv4ff di&nc* uf MinvJy, by «ii|j}'OriiB|r lh« pruic« on lb« 
throDe uruiuBt rrcry foreif^ii and durufsVc cijccny. It readers him 
Indolcitt, by icrAcbin^ htui to truat ti>>arviK«Tit for bU Mcurity; and 
c^el tod iv&ridoiM, bf thov^mg him that am baa noihicg to ftar froo 
th« hatrtd of bii Hutiircis/— p. 44S> 

At a tiiur vihca llic complete Mtiktneut of ilie llarminalil» 
And a thcirougU knowledge of, uod ramdi&iitT tvith, ]1« irdiabi- 
taiiu, had Htiached Cft|iinin Mimfo Ui tlic couiiin\ ihe pniicijial 
charge of vtbich v-m no^ likely to di-voUo en hJai^ll by iltc 
approacliing iciigiiaiiun uf Colonel Read, hu tnpcnnr ability 
pQMMdd liini out to the g6\«nift)nit m tbe moil tit |)vm>n lo tin* 
dm>br? ibe anluouB laak of mtnciiig to imiei tbi: new jvioiiiicc 
of Canara, on tlw wcAtcm ro^ti of tho poniniuU, aifigncd by 
tbo iMc treaty lo the Cofnpnny- It ntkt not lo be «x>iMicml at, 
Ifhispmale fe«Ui)f» Hjiinrliried hint to uudi-riake audi a taali 
rendered pecutiori^ nnwclecmc b\ the ^ucii^e of all llioic 
caatioiH vhicb bad been muElnicErd during ii period of 
yeati, arid which were now to be exchanged for n Hlale of RotitBry 
and iuborbiu rjiilr, m n dUimctiHl munuy uud an unfatouiublc 
eiimtte. Ilia aniae of pij|>lic duly, lun^'evpr, dictated the uccept- 
mntx of ike atdvoua charge ; and tbe cicriion and ability ubicb 
be dbplaytd ifaarchi couinbutrd aiuiiber imp^[Uni ii^p to^jticlei 
ha futum elevation. In a Icltc-r, be »ay>. cotttraating luz |>ie«ciit 
MgucB witli the coaiparatite oa*« of ld» ]aus ulunitoo, — 

■ What a vain, im|irnfiiabk Ufa T lead ! Hnd 1 renuintd is tha 
Banunahi, I khutUd h^tt Ibund l#buT0 Cor man^ oUier pianuiu* aa 
wtil ai rarmve h but hero alt i* new ; at M lik(< Ulnxanng for otct a1 
the mdimenta of a aUactte hmgwge. Wbraerer I haw kuure to 
tkibk at all. I hi«Ii Bnyaalf «iqpvhor« «!»« tnit h«re. 1 doubt niuefa, 
eraiUl hadthaaMtMor returnkig to Europe. irbelhcr I ootddaeuk 
then after to long a rcaUeoco \m liidia ; but, at any ratr, 1 am coo- 
TlM«d Uwl lunenD^ out ibe drwgv of life tbera can DereT eont|j«DJ«te 


Lift and Conttp^rtJ^ftc^ 0/ Sir TViMiat Munro, 9$ 

lh< coMumlng Ut« t>««t of my <layi hi »c4iitide, on the Maldbnr cout. 
I MinBre yonr rvcccnowiidiDf; m« to c^uigc nif nitualiau frvqtitntly, 
and UIk cot of my bealtli. I cbAa^ce my Ml4i4;ci->:i cv^iy wfvk — 
b«l tkp itfn iiiUtnn m« ; and no oouitituijan am lot n kogtii of yfan 
ml bk Bttecks in a lent —p. 212. 

A ^*f7 imporlnnl fniil ot his labourv at Ihia time wm (he 
rwporl mi lUr anciL-tit ami prrx^nl M4l<^ of ihf; rev«init:< of ilic 
pr«»tin.cct trftOSmittfil by hjni to llic Madra* govvmmciit. ThtoucU 
«lat toib lie rtk'LtL'J xhit, Ai\t\ uiiilci >vliu( uufaiounible cnt^iim* 
stoDCtti way be learnt from t1i« folloi\ing extract. 

■ To4rawiog«tbrT|h« Ri«l«ruiUi 1 waiobLlg^td to^throufcbmorc 
Ubovr vaoag sunftuit (j^nii) and 4Ccouat>, llitii 1 ever underwent 
iiBinf \iff Morttt ami it h j]ai pmbahle iluit I «hu]l cTi^r ai^nin hire 
M*ar« 10 (pi lo fnueb iau» aqv <Kh«r nuetan eonn«ct^ with tvvepue. 
I jrot In^Mer vTf r^ thini^ in tfir coiirvo of my cinriiit, atid meant to 
bate d«TiM«d a niualN, after i^mtii|f ilowa itw Obttuis, la»rrtng\n^ 
and vrtt&ng ; biit^ Tiririrt^ of the nlfur of Jufn«l>iba<t, ] 14^ tliera 
WottU b* fto Ui«(ir« or tUiy* of oiiMt for such ta occujittMjD ; and I 
lb«rdbr0 JmttM tbrouifh u wvil m I coutd, bjr ttur(a« ^vbl:ll 1 ci>uld 
^•t drar of [Dolis of rayeu* from SiMndiLb, jduiJiJt<r«i] hy DhomUgee, 
asd fion CoEiartt ndaM, and ih«ir fisiiti^A iri*()u«uE]y nionl«rcd, by 
tti battftii ia Ifec aoMthcrti district*.' — p> Sid. 

Ilie Obonilagcc, aiiot Dhoond^c, bcrv mentioned, war a iio- 
tonoti* diiturWf of the public penci.-, who UjiH rtrappd from 
bontlrttc by a aiulakc on tlic capture of Serinj^ctpubiin, ami, 
piilliii;; himirlf Dt iIm* bead r>f a baiiH (»f tfeH|ierAlr^ in^i, ebiefly 
r '' 'Uppoo'a tirok<^M amiy, ainiiHi iit nothing Icm liiaii Ibo 

. lanf n new dyn»tv In tlte Souili. V\tc punnii an<) 
. lA ihii formidablv aapiraiu [nay |Krhap* be considered 
L • ■■■ ;ni|iO(tuat CAplovt m tixr unciamplcii »rfici uf Aetviccs 

vhieli an? dotined 10 carry dovin to fkiltir^ iigi*ii the name of tho 
Dakic of WdliucUxi. It 110 wiaLI Hofionr t^ the memmy of 
Sif Tbooaaa Miinro, tkat hr «■» at tliit tnirk period lUc frirnd 
■a4 convtpOfid«nt of the (prat <:apta)n ; and the nuuibor of letlen 
wMi f wd to h\m by Colonel WHIeilry, ilrlmlitig ibc r>printion« 
t^rrW mi aj^arnil llic rebel Dtioundev, cooiiiiuie a leutiirr of 
otnlinal iiUnrkt afncwiK i\9C couUraU of thc«c vi^lmnes. VVt tljiuk 
tro ap^bigy » ncedui for the dtation at Icn^^th of tbo laM Ictier of 
the Kim. 

* Cbnpal y^fniiyurry, Se^. II, I&OO, 

• Bfr oKAn Mcvao,— I hatw tbt pltaanrv to Inform roa that I 
faiflrd ft cohicpUio tktoTv ytsterdayt in an aciioa vith Dhcoodet'a 
army, in uliun ho waa bilka. Wn body wna retu^niaed, and waa 
hfOttftttC iBio taata oa a gun aua^h«d ioch« iMb Drtf^oona. Afki i 
hadcrotKd iba MjJpoocba, Uapp«4ted to ms tcry clear, that if 1 


91 2^ tmd duTarpancInwe ofSiir Thorns tfmir?. " 

preM^d Dp6n 1A« lunit eflhthe^ tL^^rM/^ «ilti tnr «tiole foTM on ih* 
ii(N-(h«frn Ktrli-o/l^]« UouuHJitt maji^^tj' vj^uH ^ i llitr rroM IhaTDom* 
buddra wjtli the kid of Iho l^ian ehMi, and v*uuM ihfn vntvr Myiorf^ 
or be vDiild rttum InCv .Savaiuixt-, und plat ths devil nitb ray |>t«icir- 
tble cciinniunicAtiujiti. I itirtrfure dvtentu^iedj ai nil nvritta. tu jmi- 
wnt bit aiaJBftjr ff^im ptiuiDt^ ihow ^«i^iit in viecuiioik, and I 
inairtjv<l lAith xnr arii;f lo Kiuiafpcify. L tool $tcrn>ii»on lowitdt 
Deoctrcog, Aud Alunj; thr Kittua, |i> ^rrrttiE hzro fr^in tfaJiiig Jii* 

KiQt ftim twg^ftgv lu liU iilty. ihrfi rujdti ui S4>U|JtHJr; aiid t pu>]it-(l 
rw4rd tt« wiiolv cff i1i« MMlir>.lijt airid .Mogiil rartJrj tu on« liody. 
betfnccn SWvc^st^d'fl ooqi» And mine. I nurvhcd fr<.4n KAnijfcfry on 
Uie flll], left oiy i;]£ifttry at llom-iy* Axid prorr«dtd vn niili iJiv c«iulry 
anly, iDd I arrhiul h»p lui Uiv utli— *Ujv litDintry at Hftiitnocr, BlMMt 
6flcen tnilM in ray rt^r. Th* kint^ o1 Ui« U'^M tfvk« u^ on ilie VEh 
^m Mtlgcrrri «Wtt inrnty-rivc milf^ on Ihiit tid« of Karliuor, «u^ 
pru(ye<lfvl 1cni«rdpf lire KiMiin ; but if<>^Hir (*oloriH AtcirrD*vih'< i^ami't 
TVtMrac^ iniimiti^lvljr, And trncnrEipMl on tfi«: evening «k>ut iihi« 
nal«* from htncr, b«tirvPD iii%% yXw^ uiid BuituOu. I bad ««i^ in«- 
ttllig«n<c u( faiH »itu«li«n, bui tU- ni|;he -irdj sa Ud, aad vay hcmi 
>0 Jii«rli fu^vnli liun 1 oniid ncji i»i>t«, Afl«ir • bom imlniti 
nigltti I iMrch»d In th« b9n>iii|p, lud mec Iha king oT Uw vortd with 
lu« ann^t Ml<n;t five llj<niMVid hon^, M a titfagr «all^ C»DagiilJ> 
alHjiFl t\\ raiir* froii Witce, lie hiLiI iwt kiiuvii vl laj' Wing ki n«ar 
Jiim hi Uiv Eii^Ht; ^i^ Uioo^ht iJjaI I \vm al SliiiviOor, and vat 
niaK>Li(i|; tulTi- we^tnatd. wjih an i»uniiU(i i>f piujiiig LH^vvp ib« 
Ma]tT«t(u uxn\ Mugul catalry au<! mi;, lie ditvr u(^. hviretcr. id a 
r#ry iJlf^i^g fum^liijtj, ri iroL m hi> |irrr#lfvil nw, and lh« vktudofl* 
annj «lor>d for mt^o lirn* uUb ojcj^rvfil Armiiw*«. I cfiinfvd tlttfia 
with the 19tl> Biid efith l>rif:ooti^ and iJir l*t asd 9ii>l rL-^inieolf of 
tainJfy, :ijid itirijvr tbrm l>cfur« mv till thry dk*|A'r>t-J, an4 nrrr 
Katturrd or'i^r ihv ftrtof lh« country', I it^m rHurnvri« and aiurhvsl 
Ibo toyd eau^, and %<a poatctnoo of rk-jdiODM. cuvvlf^ ba^i^ap^^, &r., 
ivhich verv >tiH ui«o thp lenMnd. Th« Mogul aial M*hrana tatiilry 
tuna »!» alx^ut rlfi^n oVuck, mid Ibvj bavi* bpni ataplittvd ^v-iyr 
•liuv in ll>« fiuniMl aJid dvaunctioii of i\\e tcatutcd fniginvnU ijf tba 
rictaHoiM amy. Thu* lias tn^lcd ibtk harl'are; aimI I i^aU (oni-- 
meoce Buy iiiB/tb ill a il«T ur twouwafdamyf^vurouutry. Aa boovai 
tnU'darof Sliinnoor had v-hurii ivthvkbgof tb« world, by ansulir 
lappali riubliibvd ttjr Uia puc7««t of kitkljc ^ini inUUitffra^ Inat \ 
niu ui U] 4A Ituwlj 00 iho !ith. aud uC Sbijujuur oii Ine 9tJL JIu 
fnv^ty VT» tiiL'li^'l by tKl« mfiitTTMtvm, ta^ iniv m-jn^i nvihan ka 
vajjvclad- Th« boiir*! LiUcdar did all ba «icubl tv cJt<UfD tat kl 
Sliirtnoor, bui I it^i ncil lo h« prciraiF<i) ujiuti Eo Btoi.' ; and rvrn Went 
•u far aa to ibrratrn lu ban^ • graal ooan >«£Jl tu a^uw aia lb« foaJ, 
who mantr«*ivd an incUnaiton eo alviv vw a good rend tv n ilifirraitt 
]dBt#- My oi*n «nd tb* MahtMU cardry afu^^rarda fnvriittd aay 
tunrnumcMkiin Utsnh bin iii4^«4iy aitd ti»(j kiicdjr. T^ Uiijafria 
jpt i mgnm M Jaf lu/p^Mf) mtal bv flJtd. nmwiiliaUn&n^ llw «mi- 

lAfr pmd Cnrnpondemt 0/ Sir Jhimm Maitrv, 9J 

dmion of tlw vwa «d I inmcine ikal 1 khjill 1«t« to cttry on ono in 
Ml tohlf ■ *— falie rq nic youn kkm tiDorrd^', 

^ AKTnuft WittKiLrr/ 
How lillle- did tbe nnU'r of \h'n \eMer ih^n diiiiL. that h« ihuiili, 
JB«I fifk«n jcar« aiiiTr^jinii, m^^l^t out x^^rjr iiuK'h 'the lanw msti- 
mre lo MioUwfl ' kiria; nf iIkt ntiiid/ in ji(mlii:iilJoii lo vUoni tie 
Ijtiff wt9f or Bl l«fl*l li«(l U!«u, KAirclj iroiucal \ 

At tiic iW iff hUmii Kpurlcrit iiHtiiilu, Majuf Mtiiiiu Ltd the »■ 
mf4irt)i>«i tn tinil Ki> riiitrici rvdticcd ti> intn^uilhty, Uic iciciiu*v 
oilWir^i vaiiiiHi (ltt}l<^uhir« and ihc toncUiicin of ibc uiltiiuiors 
[' Thmifzh iIm highMA Dbitiij^ uihI ^x^rtivii hotl pro- 

r < ' > itnti; tH tiuA)^, it «u * macli c^icr lAtk lo nt«iiitain 
and|im«n«il; anil av hit ie|>u^h[|tH:i* la lli« L-utJiili^ Hilt le- 
nantrd uiuIictH, he aow tliou^hl lumirJf at bbcnt to npplv Tor 
ft riiaiigr oi litiiaunn. 'Ha- irralv initli Uii* Nirani, uftmitly [»en- 
lionvd, had tfuhpfttrcd lr» liie Jititjftli f;oi«iumtf»l, iu litfu of a 
moiitlily italrfiili from ihjit princr, a jKJitMn of Iriiiimir vhliith 
lia«t Ml that acfount, innvv tli« uta^v <)f ilio C^iloil Uistnrtn. 
II10 rofuiaai aUic uf vtarfjic, in ^hidi lTii» <>;(ihIij ha^l bctii 
alHnw 4-i^ugrtl, pftitiucrd i^\ n^itiil rflV<t i>ti ibr diarK'lrrnf die 
|»»(^ulatHHi ; aDil the K^inkn^rr alid oUlcn> eittrumd with tbc 
cvUrrmin of i|i« rvicnup, liart rarli of tlwm li^onnr lli^ 1<^jw1pr of 
blilltcannT. fto.'iipit'd in df-itrticitvo fcufli uith th« cooti;E"<>ii* 
lUligrt ; nhile truopi of plundrnnj; Inmlitit niani«fl the fxktmtr/ 
Bl tatfv, ill 4lefioiicr of o nvitk and ilI'Of^Miiiud (■uttriiincnt. 
Here yixi nod\iit^ triy itnilnijr Ut itukitc a jM't:rcrif&i.T lii M'kc- 
1r>rj \ h*A Mujot MitiiTo, wlhrther inovnt or not hj tlt< amhriton 
ol i/irTvi>itijin|(; imh ditlii, iiJiit^, applied to be cDlfiL^Ccd Hith die 
diar^ Hid K'ttkiiM'iit of lh« Ced^d Uiiirk-i*. 'Vtic v-tlu« of lu« 
Mnico Ml C«iiaia ^^3 M> Jiifdy 3pprvciau-d, that iVc rv^vc«l was 
tifii jtmiiiit wiihnut Virttiiiinn ; hut tbr ui>pftitni]('(' nnd dilicary 
of tlt« Knai vih^li lif ^nj ik^u' ^dlrri; In ai3«tii«, imtl which r^ 
^tFfr^T tvh-tLi« id 4 LiiLchrd onlf^r, arMi iii> Utv^ti iivj^ii-r, a\ Icttgth 
■I i ll» Koitiijrtu'fiL iAiui Clrir, in ftii ofbcioT iitrte, dc- 

V' ' -../.( ^)ullto lui^hi Ir lold« that his vbh uf druiniin: Ltni 
ou(b< Malab-ATCoaU 'liad arH^ii fmw hiiApininrii and ^ipvrieoce 
#r lib «ilfCTior matift^rmrtit, bill ibjit hi^ onii ar)jiini(QlB had 
ifc««*fi tint hu lalj<inr^ iii ihi? ticiv pn7vicicr« «i04ild bt* taartf ad- 
%ailU^«iru>/ 'I hr I'lo^Mix, bo>*f'U'r, wIiM-h he rt.>isHtd, «n ool 
giirii m rliarnr lo D Illicit* Imtid- ' A* it aware/ *ibi« hji t4o> 
^ajdlfr, * tb«t nM^ilir Mumo vat not to be loolrd fur, got^ent- 
mr&a tkrtiiird ('mJiira itilo lu»i-<.dl<'rU>iii1c«,— nppLtihiiii^ |» one 
«f ibFtn Mr AteiaMlcr Itcttd, vi ^bom iii«iilion liatf nlteadjr 


03 Lifr Odd C<rrretp7Jid4ntt of Sir 7%:>mai Jftcnro. 

bticn tn^k, cmd giving u^ th« olbcr to tbe guidiDce of Mr« 

During ihv iSfvt four yetrt of the Mv«n wliich be *|ient tn 
the manaftcvent of tlic C^fxl Piatncto, Mnjor Miinrg h\vd m m 
Icnl, niovaij; tVoTn plncr li> pljci' till lie Ind rvpt.'uU'<lJ_v mvervMl lliv 
whole of the courtiry, NotviF}th»Cafi(Jio^ ill iroiiUod «Ut«t he 
pirrtotinL'd nil hii j»iiriii<?« uiiittciidi:r1 tij 9 Kiuiii ; aiid 01 reply U» 
thcaurprji« «xprc>d«<l b>'&<;oiTMputidfr»iuailieiiubioctrOUttn-«<l^ 
that lir ronsidcnd h iiioch fiafrr lo be wilhoiti tutr. 

* I irnTCTfcd Conu* in «^ry dircctioiit unafcciraputied by a vtnf^c 
Avpoy or uijliurj ixi>ti. At 11 limv vrhrii It mtt ni 11 much morr dii* 
trocii^rlfturc itiEin the Codi^J Diitricii hire tvor bMn.witboutmcninjf, 
orcv^ji apprchcii<lm^, day :n«ult. I do the iavae here- 'Hio noiirc^ 
<iS IodU« not excepting the (uligftni, h^Tc in gtfOfrrHl a rijixid dt«l of 
nmnmv fur public t^uthanty. They iitjipowi thjil rulkrturs net uaXf 
by order* from % au|x-har powct ; tad Uiiti u thcf are not «ctuat«d 
liy priTUtfi motiTeft thcjr ou^ht not lo become the object* of rcecnt' 
mcbt. 1 ihcrcfoir cuniulct thif lubordinBtc cnllcctDni vn\ iiiytelfu 
betBir perfectly Kofc witbuui ipjards; ml tbti, bf beiiiff without th^oip 
Tve Kct much vooner acquunted with t^o people. '— p^ 3V7i 

We here M>c tlic iiDportaacc o\' presenile, ainniit; tb<.* imtiiTA, 
their tiL->nJi(ifj tri|)LT't IW It^giliiitulL' Mitlrftjity. In iHin, Mb'.'ti 
bu mind from the appouitm^nt, h« bad raiaod die annuiil rcc^ ipta 
of govomtncnt front tiv«li«' lo ci^htevn Iocs of pcqgodu, suu\ tl'ii- 
dt-red at tk- satxvt liinc lli« noil iimtinuA^e icnicci to the iii- 
habiunu tlicut»t-hr« of Ihc Ccdeij OJMricto. 

The ruplurv Mltki Scini^iiUi bikI i\w rajah of Renr called owt liie 
twoaraiM.-«bradedrcipeciivelvb> t^ord l^ltvutwi GcncraJ Wollc0- 
Itj, with tbr LtlL'r <)f whooi Majoj Miioiuciiuuiiiii'iirainl priialHy 
afid ofbcully during th^r wliolc campucn. W'v could cxtrMt more of 
m1civ4t ftuni thj« rnrrcupoiiikiici! timn onr fiiniu nill allow , for 
the kitt«r> ani tiitnablc, tolb ;kB mtlilary mid liutoricd documenti, 
luooc, nbidi it much too lone to U: i^uoti^ hen.-, Goikrral VVcl- 
leilry dcKnbci iho famonfr batuo of Antyt, iu ■ diatt, Ittviy, and 
nutuiul detail, ^hidi will, tiudoubt, form an lotegnd part of our 
Indian iioiy in ^1 tmtc oimii^g- 

'llw unfortunole order* of (ovcmmcnl relatiii; to the mililAry 
drm of tiko natiiv loldkn, ^icli Ivd lo die inmitii at \~4-lb>«F in 
IWO, une the >ubkct of severe antmadvcmoii ill Coloixl Munro'a 
piitaltr Itttem. Ho miKht jiutlj bate iiu-ludml m hn a-Rutrr a 
very Hnptvdent kttor <A iOfttrMctioiM from ibe ip^ictnor for Uio 
lima bctag to a Doctor Kerr, od the subject of his mMiou, to 
reiurt upon tite stale of religion and niorjilily tljnmghoul Itic 
ModniB leirifory ; ict'tuiclion^ nLkh iIk muitliy doctor ga^e 
rSect to niih mu>di moiv ivU than juJgniciat 'fbD cMj handle, 


Lift ci»d Corrva/iojt(/im:c ef Sir Thames Afunn, 9? 

wliida ll>c prdiibiUon of tbc inaHt? of caste affonlril to tliOK iit* 
Itffcilerl in inulr^ui^ ihr igDor^iir* might linw bvea furetccii. 
The Mpojrt wvro auocbcd to our >cmcc, boUi frum long habit 
and from iDlcn-»lp an'1 Jiolhiii^ liiii an iilL- vllark upon ihrir pr^- 
judicvt could luLVG diiikcu tijcir iidclil>i 

' Pclcribc Great (^u^i Nfunnj) found lire Ruisaii bcandauiij^li job. 
Rfsnl* %ikiL v4klnkt<rii nrr riot ivyiv ituch wt^it^hiy mitivn to £ur?po nv 
foroitrl^; bi^l *vpn nov, am order to t^iavtf the hvwis of dl the tri>opi 
ID DritMn, Uamff them only n lock oji th« cni>-nm like HkUiloo*, or to 
Kttkc ttll Ch PrcMiytoruui toldicts wrar Lh? ijiuf^e uf tbe popi? vr Si, 
AmJKnf, biitciftd of >cockfld«, wouUf, I fuftpeet oor^on nwat ex- 

pTMnoM, if Ikolactiof ditloyAlcy A« b^ tho bur upon 

the upper lip, til Conn b fto in«<li like tfitt which «omciuiio aji* 
pt*»rv iipMi thif upp#r Itp of our o^rn dragnon^t moA ^rruMrt^n. (fa^t 
ttoaa bitt the fritirtl «ryo of e ]itm\^r could diilingtiish ih* diffvrcDCC^ 
Hed tht f;T«nd pro^rcicd nhDvjnir^match tenninaicd w-ithuut accident, 
it miftbt have ^uitird the spvcUlon llVc n innloiuiitw titxui a Urge 
ataffB; hut WAniil U ironiMemd hn«rmany brtw mvn bnt tMr [>i^«e 
by It, o«« cannot h«ipfi»ehn|; for the nfltiooAl character-' — p.3tf7- 

Frtmi nti:ili-ti:T ciitiie il maj ame, wheilier from «iar intrilar 
»iluatJo;i ur <itli«rwt3e, there h c«rtaiiilv a portion of tlx: BritiA 
rotirmuLiily vhtnp mirniHi'npif tniige «f liijnn diir«i nol appear 
to ^Ktenil bcyoikd the limiied horiion of ifteir ovn daily eajtc- 
rMiiCTr simI uho muulJ, uitli iiihaliUoi umpUcitv, tumfc-i the 
notion* imbibed bv them in the rouline of \]>eu own counir%' or 
peiinb, to o«r Indiau dominiotis, which bare ao btdv beca nc" 
i|iiimj l^ the tword, aiH whicb mtisi, for aortir (iinr it liroKt, hr 
held with comidcrobk caniioQ aiul addrcM. lUiac ihc indig- 

BMlOO •f Micb Wonfn j>rf«nm, whptl ibry bfMF that a jo^g^ Bl 
BoaUMf O'^^ ]Q\<iiboro\i^\i^A ^ild etir|>ttant) ti>v brvn ptc- 
mled iroin rxtrtiditi;; lluf j(iiivl^rliE>n <jf lii*i ixiuri oirr ihe 
natiKia i«i tlie uilcntH \ and hence tlie avtculio^ cfe*LulJty whtcb u 
fto often viclih^ to die >cbenica of qu^k kgulatois, ^ho, with 
DD btucr ^pericnc^ than may hiive h^eti dcti^ from » ihon 
mtdcncc ill. or a aompenitf joamcy tbrmi^, tire rountrj, 
Minuld jM^iple India widi Knglitli famicrt, attd gon^ni it tiith nid 
Eogliah ltw»k Of even the local tvtcuUtkips, wjtit all tiicif occca- 
tary nLodificatWrti, Sir Tbutiui Muuto it?i[taikcdr 

* The full of mr jvlicial code ij-, (hat there i* a |Erc«l ^t^ too 
narh of U fur a finrirvuy. OLirown Unrn expended i:Tadualiy,dufing 
•everalceistuno, ik>fv wiih ihf inorva^in^ knauHnlgD ar>d nTilba* 
tkjD of (he peoplci »^ that ih«ir ^^tc atvrayi fitt«ii in aomc mraiare to 
thar fmltin. But h^rr. irkhoul any prepaiatkHi, we tliroir thcai 
Ami M the kinfi, among a parrel of igiwrani nyeta and vqaally 

traofftiit pttii^Hi It wouhd hare been better lo hate curtaikd 

wae-taallit of the rcKuLaluiw. to bare oonfiacd oppoab vritbm - 
a aw pT a t liaaitB^apd to Live mode the lilbh'judgesaloulateL*—^)?*. 


9S i^ft oad Com»p€wUiu^ c/Sir TlboMKU Uunro^ 

jMioiit ib« yt^ur J8a5r ibe subject of Mr. GleigV Tncmoirn bfmilf 
«fcc> an Hbt<-iicc vf more ibait a <^Marlct of a c«fitnn', tri lliink of 
ntitHfiig liitlttnulfOfid country — u n-koliilioii ublcli <^;in Mrrrif lh* 
«wd bv lilt- <U>oo>v«iy that Jnis Aifthi sia* fttilmg Uim. ii« myt, 
* I tnlMvour to btbvrt l)itt tht» u tfttirtif oivirc to my having Tfr^ 
•omnr yotra in UnU umW a burning «un. The «an hiu proUMy 
not *hoo« 111 T4]|] ; t>ut I Hf9)ivct tlmt CJmcr !i«i aIw> I^aJ a ntinr? In 
whitening my lialrnivfliliiTtmlnff my «lffhc- Hi> IihikI ipi^ron novr he- 
fbra my ty^* onty Ihin an^l t>iaif<iwif,lii[<ithb1of oi^r of Oimi'* ^ho**!. 
but it will f row thicl* And Jfcrk tii it few y*AT>, nji^l I mual thfrefott 
rvnirii to my m1It>* lainl, sinl t** my friruft* befurc il i» loo Uw.' 

H^s fiTta) iniciilion pf i|uilUng fndiA u^in aimouvK^d by a letter, 
dntpH Au^att, I8<3; ; :in(l in llu; fi>Uouing Oriot>rr he rcttttarkrtl 
for linglaiid* Uul in tlic mid^t of all t^ic hope uid cxdtcoicut 
that Bucia a rlinEiKi^ tiiigjit, in onJimtry costs, bt! cxprclcd lo |iio* 
ducc, CoJontl .Sltiiinj^B umul pvditratiott and 4>cU-knon1edg« 
moguicd ycty triilv of tUc mull (^ Itit ^mt Urane. Hit acutir aud 
powL-ifid ULiiid, Ctrl UM:d to vx«itioli, wua ttol liLrly lo Mibudc 
vilh »atie4iicUun into Ujc i|uictmi« u^ ^iiatc life j uodt almoBt at 
like noiQcnt of d«panttrc, he viroUi, thut hn shoafd ' ht ubli^vd to 
returJi to liidiftfut cmployraciit/ 

With pU iliir praifT i» Mr. GIrig fur dw »«1 vpd judgment «^tth 
which be ha«hroii(btloiCGthctt)io valuable pap«r»bBfr )ud befora 
tljr iiMblJu, »viitu«i »Ay dk3it»e tHunoijiit utmv iivtinco, coiiipli* 
iiiciit hi^ on the l^clicity of hu illu^iiAtioii. He obeenee oi Sir 
Thouai,(|i. :^7<i.) tliat Ik nai ' lu muiti tluuiooGioMwKV tbeaa- 
tbor of arraJi^Fiiifrnli in which he ii«i«r apparad, taattljf u II14 
tcf'tc- tki/fcr 111 a Uicalie, ilioagb lumectr uiuveii, U (he real gawm 
of dt« irirKiiuuimioni «^hich the mord of Aor/f^wui aonma 10 ivo- 
dveel' Our biograpber eovld acarccty have fOQc lower Jor ft 
compntiwii then the acttuo-sluflcr — uiileM. iiidetrd, he had mIccimI 
ihe tTJLdk-Mnifl'tri 

CoFuiicJ Miiiiru, After an ttbiencr tii ciKht-iiiKl-lvreoty jean, 
laitdcd at l>c;i1, in Aptil, W)^* 11)0 ntuiuiv <;l it^ut^ laith 
vthich aiich A Mftiilive iiid nflccling viiiui icviMtcd tioaie^ i^ay bo 
imagined. HtklDolhvr wni jiul d(.u<l. hikljitheroQ Uiv hut tcigc 
of cxikkncc, uid Euo»t cf Lii youthful fficodt <^r ac^uamUiife eilliei 
deemed^ or m> changed v la be tcarccly rrcoEnirable. Saaw 
niiiiftlcd enjojmeikt, huncvcr, still remained lo him^ in rambluig 
AnuMig tkc kcriu'* »f hii hoyl'Xkdr und rrn^^ing his liitiiiiaey Hiih 
the f«ali»re< of inuuUuatc nalarc, ^hoiK duinlioii bear» aucI) di»- 
pro|iur1jaH lo tJuil of tbo ficvliiig bniifi idho ■ttftcy llirtn. Hb 
ihut>, from Qla»g««, of tW elly, and lh« btftuliful iceneTy 
t>f ihv Kdviiiioili imnirdttic aci^hbouihtwd. 

* I Mver iiM ao bisfati^Ql und«T deefn^v ai it meot i vliefl T 
■ke«t every raccaeoi, itt my lAim city, dd acoan&Uncef, u\^x 


£^ mtd Corrt^potuttntt of Sir ITtomiu Hurtro. 99 

flftf qMilibui* whUh Uwy ir^ oUif^ed to fcpcit tor or Ato tioiM b»> 
fim Lbi-T tU3 make in«< roiDpr«hcad ihVin. Some of Ihcm lUrc 
ftl m, autt Utiok, iiu ikmU. thax I mi roire liome bcfaii»c 1 me 
donqgW. I un 10 tnliitljp iDCftpabio of t4kiDp[ any pin iit convor* 
OoiUOi lb*! 1 kar« no plw uu r t in co»p«Bf » and £o into il nocvcly to 
•orr ippt-4r>i>cv». A Mdiurf w«lk ia olnust ihc only iliing in which 
I hiv '•■■'■ '■■•'"rjDtui. 1 luTobrrn l»xe *: Nortfciido; and though 
H tti- '- c*avlckg on both difd, it did not p^-tTcnt mc frooi 

fBOtl'i;,^ L'^> uiril dtnrvi tlic rircr from CUyiloup to xhn Aqucdoct' 
bndifii!. I bUXiI al>uvL- b£i Icmr 4t /AcVniirA dvn. Uwlcing at ihc wntcr 
rotHiw Dt*r, itt]:lt« th« nic and nither«d kam vnit dt«c«ndtrg 
ikBtkabMt mt*, and wfcil« I rccoUr^ ihr duri that nrv past. Th« 
wifiJ tthiflli»|f dtrongh the treci, nnd tlje mtrr tumbttDif over th« 
tfoait fcid stfll tW Mtn« aivirid tu h^fnTp ; fxst tbr Harknt^fii of the day, 
ftbd 1li> llttk fBiftTl hoi pe^T'btfd ujxjn U^ oppAitc Uuik, devti^jred 
noeb of tbff lUoKkon, and nude mc feci ih^t funorr iiiu«9 \r«re K^ock 
donH kpov knr It i*. but whm I lode 1k»1 to «arty ynn I «lirayi 
Nodato PKirijIoe wli^ tbrtn ; when I Uikik of NorthwQodttIi*, 1 
iravi THiiik uf A Claa auft with the mmbeonv •InoniiiiK down upott 
.citijE and it« itu^jr buiki> 1 da oot cuter cotopkldy ialo Oirif 
of lib ili|flouiay driviting wvwlhrr' — p. 37!(^ 

Bat ka uu bvI h luiofl tu remuip \uug %Mla&td iiitliout exet- 
H« ropwr^ to Londo«i| wW« iho approftdiins djMuwioiM 
iv« lolbc Coin|>«ii>'« dinner ««rc wctl ci^lc-ulolcd to iiiuicot 
cniploj hiin ; ■»! tb« moment v^i near ut liunii yt\wa tlie >i^- 
LiniiUuid &iut»of tuchrirc cipcricpccr jiulcuKDlf ind iuJutirr 
hii, «crv datiord lu pfodncit » d««fi iui|n»:3bii>(i (jj>uei p>i)i:t- 
iL ^V« lake occviioii tonolicc Jwra tbo otfrcnicry witii i^hich 
na liirkWi vUiftcxaTirt turn- put rnttb t\%e» siHcitiwL ' tlial 
tocl MunroB i>piiiiaii> rr!i(K'cUQK tUv dviouitd |4)< <Hir maau- 
'm liidin Ituvi- l>r«u icfttttd h} cx^HitKita:^' lie rcpcfltcdly 
Urvdi* Mhat II w^i cntijcly a f^uutMn of pricv ; and thai, 
hcnrirr vvcuuld unikiwll llic lliiniou* inan* aitick" which dioy 
ittrictl. it would find its wa* inift tkr iniTior i« a/'i'r o^uU 
tiisti*yn* tit yrri^nt iJ." ^^<JW it b Dotohutia llitt ttic rcdiiclioa n 
IV oiaiKifacUiiitij; |>ri<« of all cotton goodst nacc iJw ibutvwK* 
tpokcB. Im* bc^ik Ur br>xwd tlir pov^cn of uiy liuroan fofwi^bL 

* 9»VlQ«WtcrE*Ut(£aUlnPvbnCBl. Iftl). 

t DHl!::iH CAUCOfiS, *c- 

/Vkv^o* fVOfv ]«I3, m^iim<keU€tna- 

t-l* L*4»bvi, ptv ^itv< or 1 1 xir4.. 

tfOfc - . - . 



Dim . 

, . . , . ruQf . ' 

v;#. .... 



IMa» . 

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Dhn . 

..... in* . . 

3th .... 




. , . . prr^tnt 


Cl«l» . 

daiv . . 


tPUM . 

■ « • , « d*» • . 

2f . ... * 


IWn , 

*3> . . 

^ 4^ . . , . 





100 JAfr <kMd Corttffondmtft4ffShThoma»Munro. 

Thf V linre cpftainV hftn imported into Indin in ramou« profunda; 
and the con<)u(t ot ihc nntii'rs who b»Tc piirclu>*e4l %hem ho r^on^ 
JinjwdjBnA notfV/f/frr/^lhc (Opinion of Cu1i>m«I Momi^ TAtlncImp 
iRiportatroo hsM niiiwrrl ilip fiatif^ ^cflttcri — iA(iic:li, of court*, can- 
iiDt be a in;itli!r of atij ctimn-ni lo nt, tliri? tirnMolenl rulcra — bul 
kt our ovo manitfucturcrs bear wiines* to the pro«pcritv nliicb it 
has prtHJuccd «l lioinc ^ ihotc inanufacluicrst Mho nare Iccpt ihrif 
Dunin^rv at work oiilj becAu>« il couU not, like nn ordinnryj 
'ttbourri', l>c got riJ of at ^ncc — tli« Mrniccs «>f wliicli were lujt 
^^Mrd nt requirrcf, or piid for a» prrfonntrt, but ait r'n ii'/iv/nrf, 
and lliQ ttoppaj^c <if nlime acljvtiy was the >igHal ol batiknipt^y, 
Itnih llir jhpoki-n nnd Hriitt^n opinjont of Colonrl Mimrn cil lliM 
pvriod (lbl!f-l^) arc, wttli «uch particular nitxIJIicatioiiB a« th« 
lapw oi Aveuteco jcaiv luuit iKxtusaril) ocrjurioft, <lr>coin^ of 
the deepest atlcntion tt thin moment ; nnd wr will cxtmcl from hi» 
McEoomtida* a pnNUigv, uhicli mot.\ imj^Libily illaMiatc:» and coiw 
finw llir argumrnl wi an article of our Number for Jammr^ U*t, 
whereby il mm >h<k%*n that nny iacrcued consumpfiijn uf our 
naaniifWiiirei in /nrffn, our own conr|iierftl lerriiorj', i* a mo*t 
•brard STOund on nbich lo btutd anhcipatioru of tlidr nnsmenlc^cl 
ue ID China, vrhfre we in? coQfin4?il to a aiiiigtr poit by the iiiOBt 
mdepciidcnt, illiberal, nnd jcntouv i£;oveniincnt m Ihe world— Japan 
aloi>c ciccptcil. Coluitd Munio utvn, 

' It jj 0ur jta/rfjcofj^unrr, nrkjuiE'^d by the Company'* armi, iifiicfa 
hn* made tl]« trade to JndJfl wbai il h t wjlhoiu thai power, il nouU 
ban b«en kept n'ithic narrow bQjnd» by tlu*j£alnify and fjucHm of 
tbo iMfrw^fw^i and liy boiuc. «v<h i» Tip|joo, woukl have been 
jpmvnird Al!le>^efAfT/ 

\Vv tniiit confnM ibftl vte nr< plrsvcd In Irnii our»c-Uei m iii( 
couipAiiy. Wben«\«i aUiull be ilctnicd jual, orwitcfor |H»^Mblc)] 
to ni;ikc umftrttts mA»t«r« of Chbin, wr rn;ij Irilk of inttoJucing 
our ma(uifaciiiri.-i tbure cu tlicy bare bccninlrcidijccd Jn li>dia ; but 
nntlt MT arc |>repured lo folktvt tlir udtk.^ uf ibtne liberal and li>- 
ligbleiird pertont «*bo bavi) already propositi carrying frt^tfwU 
at ibe point of ibv baji^ncl, b-t u» iiol bear India and Cbii ' 
talked of ill the lame breaih. 

Colonel MuJtfo cootcmplalcd witb im prnt appii^bcuakw tbc 
l.iapiaii acbrme of colotiumg liidrj nitb iMiiuprani, timpty 
from llie impot^ibility of coloiiiiaiKJii cutcLidiiig ilsclt' bcjond 
^erv coi;tiiMxl limiu, Fulling rliiiuilr r>Mt of ihf^ rjiv-«lionp be 
kncvr Ihal thty I'ould not, by Uwi becoinu propiieloii of lb« 
bad ; and Ui« frugality of die iMtitca, joti^ed lo tbr f U^apacia of 
labacir, (tno or at moat llir«c-peiKc per dny) urould eflectutlty 

£|A dwJ Corraponrtrntt of Sir Jlwmns Mmrc. 101 

tlictr bcconuD^ cultivitora of it. * Dut mippaiing eim 
■n #«irY<n« c«>tf/ coEtunut'i he, * iW all iii« Europeaa« wbo 
cou!<J lind Gaif>1o3riviciit iu irJtJc ahouM 9ciUc ihcrc, and aUaiidoon 
for Fvtrr iheir wjiive cotinin, and ihat ihvir iTumLer Kfiould in 
[tjQc auaouni to tiftj ihoiuand, jcl c^cn liiii naintjar, imlikdv « 
it n civr lo bv itco^ wuufil. If t«fl to ilt«lf, be l<i«l fljnoiig n 
satji« popula<)i>ti of fortr milLiom/ Jtic EiigU^h MlUcn Mxtulrl 
citliri (litiiidir iiiUi a tMc Iktte better lliiri ihc miv(*4 rn«t« 
dcwciHMfnxntbo PoTtugueie; or ilitj woultl, prcM-rvinK ilicir 
owu onto uainipfttrcd, cicttnc a tnoil pcHlilriil tisccndciiL-^ mt-r 
l)id tMtjvn. li ii iiiidi.'EUat>liT. itmt itn^ imtitci at |vc-icnt look up 
vritb ipcNl •ubntmioii to KuruticitM, Am\ lliis It I9 xUni furiiialics 
oij«- uoktrrfciJ argtuivrnt aggtiiUE lifdian coloiiifKCioiL 

'Jbc Eiviuulc iiii)uirv» iiatllutcd by the letialoturc in 1613, into 
ItpJjMi aflajni, xLiil thai vrnohlc and vnUiable work, thr Fiftb 
[cpoil, ffiit occatiou to stiriott* doabt* jii kltiKlond a« lo t^ic opt- 
■faUuu i>[ ntkai has bt^'u li.-i-Liui('uUy sLjk'd * xhc judiL-ial sviiL-m/ 
ll v*a# rcMttcd, bf ihoff^lio Uo'ii tli« direction and coniroL of 
IDC C(hnp«ii)'a aAijr!) in Iviftlaail^ to «ciid nut mn uprERf com- 
mitfiou, tot iIl« puipoM of f«oioviiig or zuiticaticifi id defucti; 
«iid ColoikcL Muiirci'» iQfC 4jUBlifK4lii>i]» puii>tvJ UJm uut ^ts 
Ui^ ril iMrriion la conducl it. He a<:cordiuKW rc-cmtKiricd for 
Indu in Ittl4; b«vin|E:, shortly before, in oUivion of UU v:*i\y 
dialiilicM vgaJnil mntrimonyr hwn utiitrd l« tbe Ud_% ubum.- wck-ty 
Ibnovd ibv onmoitni und drligbt of hi* nicer life- The new com- 
iniaRQii «UA do<>[nr:il ii> contEDd, al Mndiua. a^aitint tlir conihified 
vny of iulcr»t ani prejudice ; for thvit^ whu did not htppcii ta 
bccuaoiuurcdof liii: M ti^Mciiii thiougb the intluviLce ofiiuirand 
tt*aaV| could plainly jicrccitv, in the pfopoicd moditicationii, a 
ttntkiKt to abolisli nuiDj lucratXMT appuintUHmtj. hjtry kind of 
obtttclv <rv, iherrio^, pf«««iitcd to thi^ progi«M of the com- 
mianon, tind cyxtj contrivance for ^maitt^ lime adopted hj ibc 
dunjF vbu hfrrc hrjitile lo pluiu u1it<;li llir^ rrj^mdrd u^ daii^iruu/i 
tuiKma>ofli' Uolond Mnnro tbiu vril» to Mr. Ciuumiii^. of 
ihc Board of Cuulrol :— > 

* ll CttDDOt he cxprcUd that men wtio liare tc«p accuBbeoMd M 
p^^anllhe ajruteaiof 17»3 a» perrrcl, wiUcnailyipTtf it upaiallo|pttl»rr 
iaa^v^vatti orOiAtcrca these vrho hti^ lo«t (fj«ir r«Y«r«no« for that 
vfitcm wit] faroiir A ncvoncnkich iouii|,ifi its coarvc, do«wa)ra 
gnat iifojiurtloo of iJiv ocmiU and ap^jdotxneota coonccUd niUi tl»D< 
Vii wl|l>t u *'l' *xp«cc to find nnliiary men applaudSng i vyvieoi 
&rrgfbHng ibeamy. i un not, th«r«tor«, itoU diicoon^tdbjrtbo 
nmolirr o(oy\tMo* a^iuiAl liic mttm, becawe ttttj pmoo m dig 
JvdlidU I'lO^ ttmtl tw againat il« riihrr from iotereil or pnrjndao*.' 

Ry dnt, bowtvcr, of firtjinn* and pcrvevcnncv* Ui« coflnibif- 


lot iijk dJul Cone^Midrmn t^ Sir Thomas MttM&t' " 

liomr* «iKc<«dcd in pj^tmg Uic rc^uUtioiu w)i»di dcfimd thfej 
|H)mvr> fif the coJlcictor as ii]£]};i»ti ilc, titi of ibt alllll<jldf<il 
a» i;riEtii[rjl-jtii)ge; logetbcr vrillt ll^utc ^ciirnl ftmng^Rimtfr oy] 
vrbidj The niilUif* crnfnl to br rniir^U rxrhided from ill ilaiv ' 
in llic adminUtnitMkn i>f Juiticn. Uut vthilc the cofluniMiOQ urM 
jwt un^xpltifd, iti« iaruaOft ud'the Pifidarhcft, and the conrpd^rtrj , 
tbrmird among th<MC naiM powers who cncoun^ uid protccM | 
them, drvw titriiticni fruni cWil lirlaiU, xid ft|irnH ■ riml !» milH 
tuy diUtuctioTi, of whirh C<ilt>OL'l Muitru iiubW m^M kttwt*\f, 
tn •piur <if fi>riiiid:ibLr- fihitjt^lc^ aiMiii-^ |tii'iri[»^i1tv fittm thfj 

CBtotHand nnrririiJly lix-lin;^ of tlii^ Mnitruk ffotcriuixiii io%r«rilll 
01, He Hi Jii^t uiMtrituuk di<r olTicc uf ctniiisiBfimicr fiir ttril 
ranging tb(t prot-iooo« ccdnd by ihc I'ciihwub lo ibt- Coirriiatiy^l 
but with ttoiiu; reluctuacCp «> thu liiiplifd tlie cxereJM <m citiil 
duii«4 M a ttnio when hn«iditK« ap]>i*3rcd UkH? 1o comm^ncf*. 
But vrbcn (he Mnbrntt^i Mnr mt oner bUicd out, ^iHi ihc ntuck 
ll|>00 Mr. Klphiii^Ccmi.-, the re«idr»t b1 Pounih, ■ bn^i<licr1|U 
<«4nuiMioti vrD» rt>rn«fd<d (t> hittj, in coOipliHn<:i' witb luii owAl 
cuMtti wwhr*, br l^ml HajiliTig». Tbr wliale Jotrr, hnwnrr^ n1 
btt dbposnl 04il^ aiDOurii<;d to Avr coiikp«ni«t oi ui/oiiarVf %iith, 
tvtM tH:ld-piccn» Bt tbc tmiti inbon thr PrubwAli inucd tirdcn for] 
the rvoccupatibfi of lb« countr* vibifU li« bod 4:vdc4 by ike treHtw 
of Fwii:ib. Initritd of acihif incfclv ou ihr dcfcoute, Gcnndl 
Munro boidU r}4't<'rn)iiird^ lAilh bii livr rompjuiin of trjmyii. to 
open cbccampaijEninthr rorai^'a rouutvy^abd thiM r^\t lhcC-un>* 
pMi}'4 letriUity from tbp r^il^ itf the cootML llDtJng Applnd in 
TEiu Jvr more troopi lo tlui MndrtM ^;ov«rnmciil, iboi^i^h Mcoodod 
hy Mr. UpbiiiBtuiie uJid Jie iiu«iiiiiidt^r-iii-«biirr, «ml urin^ ibal 
rrgulnr forces were not io b« bad, bt tiiniiHl t<} powerful ae^iotiiil 
the vilfiioniitiurj U\tul wliich lie puvewcti of i^tiliKtiji^ ilir |:ood* 
will mid tcnmt of ibe uatitct oii lui nde. UyjudicuKiB pn>*J 
duiiatijo*, lie forbade llie inbAtntaDU of ihc itcttl\-c«d«d pt«F" 
vittcca to j>ay tbeir Acctutiniied duM 10 llieir oltl miwtcrv — an 
Ofdcr vikiicJi d^i:y felt qnite tnciincd to obey ; ^ikI by ftrminc the 
people of ihfi country, and mahting thi^vn lo defend ib<<if forttfWd 
villi^c* frotn dc|nc^tion, be kept uiidiuiiii&licd bU oiirn tmall 
forctf for [>Oeii^»e fifirnilkiii«. Ui'iii^ >uoii al\tni-arib joined by 
Mfloo JAcoiuidenbLc re mforcctncnta, ho o|bpo«id ihe cMspoipi in 
Rttl tmnvil, ncid uicrruiirly n^doi:i<(l n tmuiljrr of ibe cnnn^*i 
HfOBgholdi, wiick be ganvonedj in liiti piopvu, wiUi nnttv« 
ifrtgiilMn. Adtr the f*ll of Bolgam, ta iiopufbait fortrcM, 
b« wu}oin»d by Urig^idicr Priulcr, with the mAiii bo-ly cY tti« 
mcrtc. Seeing biimrlf now al Uic bead of a morv icbpceublo 
force, be prucerdcd upon cipemtioai ofgrtalcf impodance^ tnd, 
ratfchin; noftliward», iii\t5tcd. Sliolopoor. 'lliia pUce, tiotwitk- 


L^mr^ CtfmtpQmU^ie^ pf Sir Thonuit ^fHnr<^* 103 

diD^ Uial i( VTM corercd by a ^vld^lbrce, iocludirji cavslryi of 
I; but iJhmmiiiI mta, vrmt auoa rntuocLl, tuxl tfiu rcUhnroh'a 
altiH^ bfolL«ii wid difpvnML With the fall of Stiotipijorr 
ral Mvorai 1>rtllis«t ca»i|K»ii[[i uiuy be toiuiii« icil to havo 
and u 114} katf~c slfea4;F gi^^n Mr Cxtiiiiig'H ipleniiid 
■son lo jl, tr^ cstiM>i now |>*y k jtuCcr iribiilc to bi« morita 
ifatii bj<|uuCiit^ ■ piiiatc \mitieT oi Sir John Mftlavtin, front wbwn 
AUth icalimony uiimi bu comitk-nxl, ou ovtry pcouuuI> ua coiuta; 
vnih lioublr vnJw*. 

^ 1 i«ad yuu ft oop^ ofa> pu^Ik- k1£«r from 7'*>m iVunfO J>tih(6i writ- 
Am loc tfta ii)ibri&aUo» of Sir TEnrnuu llislop. If Qm IcUoroukta 
jtfiv M»a (D|iirPtsiun upuD yuu tfial il tlirl tjyo» me, we shall all m» 
<«4t at tUi vatrtoKltnaiy man <«cn«a foru'«rd \V« U4« common yjil* 
■f mtasu, and ^ oa tcaloutly. Aod aciiraly, and countgcouU^ 
uonffh £ but huvr iliiTrrriit N bjv ^il iti Lhe diaiiiB ! [zuulated i» liii 
ii««iy~« covDlry. with Of^piMury lOMinfa vrhai^rrr, (five diapcmblti 
of f^puv! «vrtf Dcthanj^,) Jitf fL>rinB tUo (>l[Ln of mbduini; 
111* tDuiitry,«tpclliiig liiL* Army by vhkh il \h (X'Cupi«d. asid culirtiiii^ 
iJir riTiTraiaa that an* due lo th» enrcny, through tJi» n^iuni rif l)ii* 
loliabiUaU tfcca>a« i T*i, aid^ aud tupuort^d by a few ixrtguUr La- 
bntry, whom be iavMm from tho ndghbounaAf pronuMa forihat 
Uii )iUii. wbicb )« al vti*x limijlt? auJ Kieat. is 9U(.'cc<isfu] 
a~d«gt«« thai avriodti)c# t^UcouMatc^f f\R\f' «miripiti#d. T^ie 
ly C0ift«« fbto hia huadt Ly th« oK^t ^t^liinatc of all ifiodM — Ida 
aod apmMd cflorla of the iiativct to place thcmsclrca andor 
ruk, and Ut u^joy the Univftu of a ^ovcruujcui wkkb. whc^i ad* 
t«ml by a mil lik« him, ia ona of th^ k-ii in the ir^rid, Monro, 
J My. baa W«& aidrd in this p^roal work by bu local rnmutioD — 
Miff adds to hb tiLk lo pniittr. Illv pofidarity. In Uv^ quarter 
■i {Car«<f, W thf n^vi'l oricirff r-wHrtirflof his taUnci and 
:-i\ rvftt* «xa<tly ui>on that b^aia oi abirh aa Abla and good 
any be pniad.*'— [k W9- 
Peftca being finally tniDreil, tbt* wrct^ injury wkidi liu 
hralth haJ ivslaiiMxl from »uch OnlnionliiiBry exertioin dclvr- 
■itDad tbr Bii^larr on miKnuif ^ lit* couiauntotu, ciiil a 
It AM mabur\ t and in January, 181!;, Ii« r»-embaric9d for 
and, nilii Mn. Muuiu. T^rnr the littcjt and moat gm^ 
mwrnrd* of foti) Tcan' uniirirarHHl (*xrrtion for tho |HiUiic 
nod majr be >aid to batt awaited hi4 Undms. Jt wxs wilhin 
Urn WMfka annotiiicvd lo hmi, thai hr had beni wiertcd to 
iba lion. Ilufb Ellioi, oa s«rantorof Madraa.* The 

m* <£W. ahaiU »ii VAit tm npr'ttXtd. titv H *th fix lllv In ■»-* ttKiil. 
■r laJ iMi iid acta IhaacU uf %f I'*^ Utcr[i«Al, ud I*Ih Mfrd. W«i 
■^ laikv KaU laJU DiierMrtlaH wxr h4Ib W la^ukvii b«l tU a»P- 
Ht. CMpWIL UAr>>rb»h«, ter tUWi*, lu»4«»l «h« Hi*« ami ^t^Oo- 
r«Mt «f l|wi«« 14 Hr C^MHfL A«n prai^tnl 4I ibt nntftf of ChuhLIU wiiniMat 

a«aiattt4^U»uA tpapUjcd.* 

104 Li/i and Ccfntptmdvnct t^Sir Thotnat Masua, " 

nutk of major-f^encral wni then confcrml up<»ii him, And be wai 
ii|>poinErH ft knight rfiminnml^Tof the Italh. He luid ronm horn* 
With liwi wuh ami <!%po<:UUoti of paBairigj llic mnu>i)inj£ ycvn of 
hi*i life ill )ti* nniitr hnt\ ; hiil an opportaiuit ni»Vi iifiVtrtl o^"^!- 
crrbiiiii: bti cxLr=H>idiiiDn' talents on a sctik- nhich wiui talni- 
lalr<l Iti gne thnu ihc hij^tic^t vflcci, ami lie did fiul dr4:huc it, 
'Jlw conKT'3t"lBti'»^" of A^^ llio»c inhoip prn]s<; ii motl v^lusbU, 
altflndcd him oa tbv oco^ivn; aud lie ptiblic trilnite of Mr> 
Cnmiiiigs wa» given In nx>r^9 wbkh uc have x mdaDcholy p1«a- 
Mirc in q II oil 11^. 

* We U^kvilrliT ouneli'^i in \\th pan of ilie worfd^fft^ ihatsiAe^ 
TOJUi,) with opLnioni rv«p*cti&g ll;« *ourc« from vbicb pow«r 1*49* 
nrc4. Sou}c >bppoi« it to orifo nilh thv pcofk tIkcmKlvett ithile 
utUrn \'iitvriaiii 4 dtiTirrnt rtcw ^ nll^ liovrtefi ttt aierr<rd tlmt it 
ii)imdd h* ptfrdird y?jr the peonlr. If rvrr an nj>|ointmMa took plitr* 
to nhich fAu might 1>e uenb«d w the diitii^iicuuhiaif motir^. it 't% Ikal 
whicL vt hare now domo toffclhcr to c«]rhrtLtc ; and 1 h*rc ou dovbt 
tlint thv inciitixioi^ft offit e^rwSo bu Wen nj^pimjtrd to the ^r«mmeM 
of Mftdrfla nitl, in lheo:«iJtion of bar duty, vtvr k«»p in f i«w lho«* 
n»AJurt« which vrill bc«t coadu«« to ihc buppiric^ of twcJT« i&iUi«n« 
of peoptc/ 

Aud yti he, wlioin Canning ihtu oppr^ciul^d, is the inaa a^jtitl 
whom ihcbrralli nf c^thiiitn^r foutn.i ihi-ftciiiiren fiom «4iidl lion- 
^nitCM, btta lately brendirrctcd — nixohasboen acciued of offering 
toad?1u»e^idct^cre to lit t Ji^rf pool frc^fnttitft at ih'!' la>l iriit!^ral 
of Ibo cliaitcr^ We uill not be no nncctxtflonvr at to doaSdIic libe- 
ralitjof the purthajcra, had *tirli an o)>pvr|unJty ever piCMnlcdiC- 
>r1f ; bill tlir charvr a;piiast Sir Thiitnv Mnnro n one of nhidl 
ilie viliok couree of bta Ijfe n a cotttiniied rHiitil, nnd tbc aiitbarilT 
of hiTi dctnctor> U of a dr^cripiion thai rmilddunu harmioeicej- 
lenee ten iii^Mpiitublcr Uian bii. In December, IB1<)^ artre^lj 
»U inuittlis aflO' hiA anival at liume, lie itf-rinbarktxt, ulth t^dy 
Mnnro. al I)e«|— their infanl toti beiDjc left bctikid in rhar^e of 
hii niother'n fntnily. 'Jlic appendix to tlte mlumen of Mr. (>I(^C( 
nhidi uf cunrAC rontains only a *nial1 «cle<iiui3 of the publM! 
paper* of Uie fovtrtiof of ihladns hc^i* nitaris to the nwdom 
ana temper that ^nided h» cniiuieb, tu a Hlation To «1ueh mcvil 
^ohc had raii^ed hiin froni ihf^ buaibl<' rank oi nn uofrieiided cadet. 
Ilii aenialomi-d bennulmrr lo the TUtun unt ditpln^inl nt ihs 
foraialion of inilitntioai fof thdr initnidion, and iu pru^djii;: lor 
ihc old a^e of wii.h m had >peat tUcir livrs in the piibHo servite. 
Ill regard tn die uluuid, but idiort-Jhed expcrimctii of an Indiati 
free preM» hu n<ordod opiiMou ii too fonrible and cohcImuvi: not 
to he pvrn. 

* A frM pr<aN and ih« dofiujiioa of AtranKer»,aro tkiofv \Thicb ore 
^uEle taconapaiifckf sad wUch cannot kinff euit bqgvthet ^ ior what 


L duii|;c 

Life and CarrftjMndtnct ttfSir Thomait Afunr^, 105 

it Uvt dnt dvl^r of ft fre« yn^ t It u to ikliT^r the couoIj^ fracn a 
Wc^n jvk^, md (o tacnficfi, to tLis udc s^aI objcrl, vrvry inMsure 

■fid canAtdrtstJiHi If wf, fur thn mIo benefit of a ffvr 

BuTOpf io «illiort of tum^pert, ptrmii a licvntioua pre** ti> i»]d«r- 
MkM iincniy l^ noiirc* «iJ respcrt foor the Eiiropeui chitrtcttr mti 
tulloHly, WT ahAll fCiUtcr iUi^ »rccU cf di^canli-nt itrjiorig our [i^ive 

tTDopt, and i}«vpr1ir sfcian- from ziiHurrrctimi Wv tn 

tryiDf^tn rxp«riinciit iwrer vrt tri*d in Ihc voflc! ; m*inl*ii]iiig a 
Ibniga dominion by mtsus of a ii&lirc 4rniy« nnd Icadiinu ibui unii)% 
UiniQgi a frrv prema. thai tli«7 ou^ht ti> rxj^cl r». nnA arffver ihVlr 
mxntrf. As Tar a* Evropf^Ai vi\}y, whether in or out of th» i^mre, 
ar« ranrvraedt th« fn<«rKoin or rcvtricboo of tlic pmi could do liltle 
good dc Ibrai. &n4 uxiuld h\rXlj docnr any icnou» fttlcniiaii. It (9 
onJy^ a« rvgardf the tui'trti, (hal th^* pr#si rin hit vicu<nt tint)i Bpprv* 
btfrnloo : lod k b only wfvn it oobmv to «f^lc cur ntlivc army, 
ikW ili terrible' «ff«ta vni\ be frit"— rrf, li.. p, 87. 

Wi* mo«ld sUdly add Sir Tboniu'i fwDtim^LB tm tlic folh and 
duii|;crii(altni)[tliiig to bit M Urn lh«r oinvrt^ion of llir.- iMlivt-*., hv the 

U-rfotstc of goiemmi-ut^ but mujl proceed. The p€no<J of 
«A0 iiDpiuvcd I7 L»ji to tLc pTt.3cr\jJli<iu (jf mlciiial lino- 
omUky, aiid llie bcn^tMr of the rctrnurt of the MaJn» prc»- 
aatcy, — t^e latter of tboo tiAo crcat objccb bcinj;: cuUKfy dc- 
pfiwtptu oil \\» proinoiinri of ih& former. Thi^ JiKorrrcuuiis of 
ptRy cfaiclii, Vtiidi had often been caui«d by the precipitancy and 
AnaoPDilncI of o<ir ovrii civil and miUurt «.r0Wr7i, writ: |>iir^ci]Uil 
hy forbidding llio local unihoritic* From proceeding to cii^iremitiea 
afuintt them, withont iin apfiltcjitioa to sovt^moieiit ; su well a» 
t^ tbttwiiw ifiOfT coorMteiK-<T HI tS^fn^ and th^raby renderto^ Uinn 
mon altodiad lo n^. llie XaA of iiupioving our rootircea, by 
f«t the utore HiAicult of di^ ti#o. u-uuitvly beguft by lowerinff tho 
•Moumnti oti ilie euUh^or*, n» Ihi^ bad ^cncmJIy been iDoliijb 
m rc»p<ci 10 tJie (-niidiuitn f^f iIjl- people, and had conwi^iiemiy 
prr>vntcd tbnt cstcntioD of ciiUiiaUoii uliich nloaij cooM cflect ft 
pnmanroE iiirreftw of rovrnm;,* In copformiiy widi oar. of his 
nivtinte innxiEiii, llial ' ibe &up«iiii1ciiduij£ inHuvncc of a ;;()venior 
ou^L (<> be feU iu rvcij Loiiitrr of kiu piufiiL<.e,' Sii Thomas 
Munro, Itfco HatBcip ma:W fTcx^uenl amltoilnorne jctimiea iBto ike 
toiBOlc duuict«, like KafflcA, loo, lio n^j ever open and ftcce»* 
tlblc to tbc nautn, lotvarii« ulioni tht kind feelingn of hit early 
Cfe netci cooled, ftfid concerning Mboin he wrila to l^d) Munro, 
rn cmc of bU ipland toiir<, ' ) liLr i» recognhe izaoiig ihcm a 

■ Ilia tU«i M fU> KtVfi ■" <>■■■ vJa^Uf iHnBf^ op:— 'I *1Ai*h4IW 
M^^ ■r«Wb »<H> Oj •# |tf<*4H<* •ic4t*4 It lli« Ivi* «f Mr MtVbCV tjittw ; |« pi^ 
W<« IamJtiI |f«94rty «■ «■ 1*4 H, vMttr k iimU fvfiovi at Imc* *ii*4< | mt «■ 
««> itopMpiakj rrptnitinT sMWr id nb^U* »hi£ltti»t, »cr «n*]Mai« nfcii 
■Mill miIm lv«*t At Mw M igMtMllymbwwiwilUw^lfitfci^-te toaia iha 
to rivn«M* IMl Iteir biatfry;-^ f^ 


grt^t avmher of mj M ncqwdmMocta^v^M, 1 Iiom, uftmgM%9- 
n-f me *t I io ftw llivfn/ Ktv^ii nicii at Mitlru, be |;«i« up 
Mwiml t»o«llliiK* >" tb« vivek to Ihcir |>cTM>iial nppltratioiii, bjr r*- 
noiaUikiU ki lite sai»« u-alk, and eutcihig frcc-kj into coo- 
n vriih llio*v wb» purpovclv thrvw lliemwlvct ici liu vta^. 
II muUipbcilj of cIuUca, awl 9ucb & coiiKiciitioiu daicbarge 
trwtif 0/ coitn^ ilemftiiriufl the mmx ngid diTiHon of ttnw^ ; tiid 
licrc wf cafmol do Letter ib^n let Uia biognphcr tpcttk. 

■ A« iIm intcrral bvtw^MUi lunrito vul tbo rimgi^ of t2ui bT«iVJjut<- 
Ml ■■>* giv^ I*)* to Fcoeirinc tbc penojul appikAltum oi thie 
0MlTt», 00 wva Uia period 49^ bvcakfut tbd/. ■fid dIo«t aa lujur, afbar 
H* fiTlHffffer. deriKvd to a Mmolv irit0rtt>un« vltli EcropttAi, 
Tbi uUt «M iJinkfa apread for thirty pvnoo* ; aod »uch u bwl 
PU la truvAft, «>r pcncit^ ^pplicAtivs* to uakt to tbc goremor, 
rxpvctn) tif pirinkr la itc luvttl- Bf mUiccuig to tbii ftmnge* 
It afrd iif-1 1^ to wa.»t« ki> nuxli u a mioiile in oi*ltt« 

fUt'Cbal, Sit^i Luaro wva I'Dsbled to wiit-drkw to hit own 

ruMD BniiSr about Uf-past niiw, ^ihrrr, till four (jVWk. be rv 
BuiDfd iMi]|iafvd tn puhlyt buiifii-n. a»J hiarcfttililt*, «xr^j< ervlrr 
T |>#mlt4r 'ruvvnkitaAr**, to «L! intnidtn. Pour w«it bin boar of 
, rxcvpt t"H«v a noatJ), «hcn Unr« patiir* vrro inviUd to tlw 
•bOttNi At rts^l oVIocki rrl •»» tb»av vct* i>u( pvr- 
10 bitMfire, ia uiy rotp^fi, with tb* ««rlitfr acfa iym tnta for 
dlT- At baU-p«t &v«, or iix, accordtn^ to lb* soaaon of Iba 
jaar. ka dro^ oot. fur a liirwt wiib L^dr Monro ; a&cr wbick lie 
wobdfw to bti ovn loonx, aod appUrd 10 builnata. At 'Ighta 
tf •rnrrd, wbao ha kiibad Mi ttiaiir: &oaa tb* roirkuioQ of 
at tii ha rMkad hv tb« okbt. wbicti otvarrvd aboat tra or 
Ian, bsrcaafliaadatfoagrlhefn-'^p. 71. 

AwM^ tba Ultctaj «i« fiad ooa lo Sir Jobn Miilcuba. duJy 

' mg bis fluateH^work oa CfluUal IimIIa* It u deligluful 

iba mulual hitartbanffi- of fntfndOiii*. adouralKHi. and 

nitartbanittf of fntfndOiip, adouralioti, sad 
k, i^Hub brtvi wdi Ib^ tuUal can«r aflhtf > pur iii»biU 
ftaimm/ 4^ooiiaarij tbroiigh ilieir vvry c^maX rw:a, and Ucver 
iindcd bvt witb tbeikalb ot one oif iLcn. 

' I wiwiu bw joa batv fiMod Iknc br micb work*. E tlink Ibat 

thii aMS««adl»3mitf wiltSoB a g«*wvftl biitocr« aad ttvikm all 

>« bjitonaa »uw««BUrr. br bagimias, lika tb« Ptr^na, wjtb 

EiiCM Aifam. or at laaai inUi bUlte I4Wl I bavo bwn vmH 

wUbfoar fifiA vba|«fTr: K roataku agrvai i&an of tafornwH 

webofhfanaw; acal iboa^b modiorit, a^ t» what wu 

wnm bH<i^», It tt tnt ibc Ia*> ialcrr^tinf on that accounl, bat ralhrr 
^ ooMfmry, „ u .bowv itt buv gcflvnl aod nailaRR majiy of th« 
*^^™«~ ■» ™«iwa wwa ta ffoTincea Titry ra«i«l« rrom 
rrl" _,„r^ '™! *■ ''*' P*" of goinft bornr at mtvtix, and 

^ I ab«iM W 4a%ted ta aaa tbU gvtvnnunt b tha hand* of 

a tnaii 

L(A ond CcTNtpondfnct of Sir TKomoM Mvaro, 107 

« nun wbo hm W more praoijcftl ciycriMiot in 1u£a ihim njr 
EatoptfoB who cfvr nutfd it-* 

A l»p;c pi>ftioa of Ulu lecond volume con^vU of contspood* 
€tie« u^ iietail* TMpcctittg tli9 Buimes^ war, wjtli which Sir 
TIkmuib Munro'* nan^ » Ridccd noblj »»ocialeJ. At n time 
Mrbrn lii« nrivitr wuJi^i led tiiin tn lofilc mrHl P9nif«l1}' lovr^rdj 
bonu, am) erf ti Co Ininmil hia wriUoii applic4ition lor a tucccs* 
fcor, ibp com#^ ^iili thp kingdoLi) of Av^ brok^ out; aiid it 
ii wdl kiMjvii llial, mIicii thi^ mu at its hd^lil, he maJc lo llio 
Couit uf Dtn^ctuis his puhlic-ifiiiiled oU'ex lu ivttiuiii in lodia 
atuilitabotiid bccondudtd. Thi« oftVr was, ofeoyno, pfompttj 
rvc«ncd,atHl tlNiiilLfuitip ackiioulrdseii. Tlieju-itncM and sagacilj 
of iht newt Mhick« from the wiy tinu, U« touk ref^utlinfE the pr«- 
•cc«Uoo of ibe «af, couUI uuU be c^uuDctl by llie iriUnanliaarr 
■Ml ami «ffecl «ab wbich )i« c^cthbuled rovtordi in McctwtuI 
terahlitioOr by lb« suppU cif troop» frtmi tbif Modru aroi^-^aml 
Uiia vritWit iiKtrMni^ Ihr mihlir^v t'^aUMiD^i^ni of hid pr«iid«nc/, 
Th»* 9n<-rr>«fti1 li;rtnmu!i[*ii ol ihc wni* wflii fftr llic go^criwr of 
Madrai hii jo^l mevil of appruLati^jii and thatikii fruui llie »tipremc 
fovornawnt, and liic Court of )>ir«M;ton, foi ibe moro tlioii pro* 
port>i*ia.1« tAi^itv. dial In? had jij l»riogiii|; ii iilioiit; whilr iho adrii* 
iHMMi rntk of barOQel, confuirvct m IS'iSt dliowi^d dv* «ot»c wbicb 
9t» voiCfUutrd oif hi* ^nrjcr* bj ihc Ukini»LTj d| lii^mC' It naf 
tfe lasl Rt«al public betivflt tbit bo warn drvlinfcl l4i ri^nckf iv hit 
OMiiUyi aaJ cron^ncd ^ ItJ'o Miicb veMi loiij£ md>.-cd, if iiK-«ivicd 
b« ttf uRffnlsFii — ' i|ii3iiluiii ad gloriani, lun^ii^itiituttxntimpe- 
rvi^i/ The iD(lia|)0!ilioii of l^dy Mtinro, vtbilc iht coiiie»t ^ilh 
Atra maaiand TPt imtkcided, addixl In lUr Hpvrre and dattg^rout 
diueaa ol a tecood »ou \tb{> ii^a-a bom ti> ib«ui ni Mudrus, hod len- 
dcf^ tt oeci^sfdry ihal Sir 'rbuuiu alkuoM bv kft alottc Ui litdia 
Udiil %ht tinic nii)|ld arnv4^ when he could join tin fnmil; at hooie- 
Uith Hw fuod MSinc nod ^oek} tailc vrhicb ^eiv iimalr in him, 
be bad aiut^ nfraioed from inniing a dUjday of domrtlic foud* 
noa befoiK alrA^tgna ; bui of ibe ciutcivcc of »ucb amubk qua- 
bbM, ln« numiublr loucbtiig Ivtten to l^d\ M uiiro l)Mr abttndioE 
Triliaioaj S^horily aftct her dcpart^irc, lie wricei, 

Tba etai* which oeeukniad Iha 4«Mrtion af Itii houM ||:lvW~ 
avarf llibip aboiM it a Brtlaaebolr ajipcaraiKa: 1 d&>Ulia la cnlir 
lUcMD'al nam. I narer ptf* it withoni tiuakioff of that aad 
oijlfa, «b«a I taw bha lyirg xn Rota's hf, niih lffech«& on hi* 
faraii^-Uw tcata atreani^af domi hi* facr, ccTr ng with fear and fm ^ 

* OnrvMti' (lit fiiaiftt,aa lA* >^t» nm n nic i m *<tt* t<iaiJ,Vb adHr to* 
rf ^1 i^fci La «WiWmJ kfdivrri ««d IW« JMUa ^«te btf ^ Immm «U1, « 
tbM >■— a n , Ufe« a* ri|«l Mda/ 

f TV* VH 1il» *« C«t|>b*(l 4 awHry iim. 



Uft find C&rti%piM4tiKt ^fSif Jhomn Mwmo^ 


Uid tii« life iini?pit*hi, Hu imt^p, In tktt iitSttSM, b Aluttjn pMM&l 

10 me wheticTcr I th")l^ of this hoiivf. How deligl^irul 

it vru to xe KiEn w^ilkiiif:. or riuiziuifE, or stopfotig i^ rutlfftvour 
loe^ldaifL ftoniKJiiiig witJi hlg lanils, tr> help his languft^o* Hovr 
cuy, nrd iTtkM> %n^ b*&ai]fv1, 4tc all lh« naoiiocM of k «^ild; 
CTcrr thiD^ ihtx ho docs i^ gr«ocfu1? All hb little woiya arc cu- 
<)fanag>Bnil tber ^^ ^'^'i **'Q'" nWh noiure hu ghieti lum lor hla 
■rot««kMi-'ti«rtUM» ihfy mikfl ^wry hoily fwl tn Mlubnmr Ux 
biL . . . Vour lootiw took vciy if^olate ; liter &^ «inpiT nil dty^ 
Uid in Uio evvalDfr V^rt one solittiry Uiiiji. I ooir fro ftbog the |m«- 
mge ivtthout Mf mg a hnimn lichig, &nd oftrn ihinlE of him rnvning 
out to pttll wty cont- ' t-*»n<>c e^II yoti how rnnch I lono: to ><c iim 
pUyiitaCi^in. . < . . . I v^aII kcqi A IcrLur from Ton lo you, 
01 It ia ua tbr buuc »1i«<^l uith uiic ffuiu litm tu dip. both » U* 
ovn hutdwriting. He ii the only on^ of ih« faiTily wWnb I nc/ve 
MCb 1 go tiuo the room, ^hor* hU picture i«, cvrry^Aylor Ivvo 
miiiatM, or mv way to the <iiiuoir-rooin, or ra'.Lrr iimirtla- I (hick 
hin more like Knmrn ihui I im-il lo do, *nd MDirufLtmn kUbou fiAcy 
that h« Jvok* h*p;iivr iln^t yav% irent hovno- \ am not mre. howerer, 
that thrro b any change. It it Hkdj enough llial evro whm you ncr* 
Jicns he loiili:d a« well plcuctl u now, Vut that 1 ^A not otaerve ii/ 

Th<«G pauag«t vil) remlD<l eveiy reader of Elvbei'i paiJiciH: 

* If thoB, niy lo\^, wnt by aiy aidtfs 
My bfthiM oa toy kcxcr. 
How gaily uvniU my yinnflc^ ^llAe 
O'erGunga'a miinic acq-' &c- 

« TlirT utrre donmcxl ii4x*r to n>oet a^n. Od ibe tery day, it 
limildsreiii, liiutllc ibrwvof tlir liefialtivi! treaty «ilb Aiarv^ird 
UlCbni Sir 'rh^imaf <l^patcbrc1 ici^ntl cnpi«« uf a Vtlitt to lb* 
Avcbon, cxprrsHJi^ bin cJkmcM m«h to be rclicwd at aoun at 
poaMbIc- Mr. Gln|; i* wurprim^ at ibc length of liiDcnhich in- 
lonvncil hctncfo ikr 4cudiii]t^ ibc^c dcipalclifj on tlic 26lli May, 

It^fj, (i^ II 4 rmncniulU primnl ll^^p) atul itirdr cnmid^fstion by 
Ibr Coiift o[i the <*lJ> of lhi» folh^winp Si^pti^mt^rr ; btit ihr Hn>c 
n|t|w^it Euon \^Tj frlwrlr Uinf; Ifunh mi»Er ibun throi? iiumihs. U 
any unkoccmty ilclay, however, occttrrtd ui coflipUiiig tvilh tho 
iti^Mia of llii) Inilj gooi) aud faitliful Knaal, k ix ct-ituuly to bn 
dcttply r^gr«lU<l, lincr bb tlcalb vi^at ibo coii»i|iiei>cc o\ vs- 
oiamiitf Hiolbcf iwaiai) at Madinis. Pttnljog theariival o^'amich 
MMori ihe f ovfrmor drlrrniii>ri| on making a lour of iiMpediofi 
lollw Ccdrj l>i>lftctw. 'lliii >nas uitfoituiiatc ly iintf^rlAken at tbc 
romnumccaiful o/ ibr tiijinn>er of 1ft'^7, i1 a iiior ubpli ibul 
Imban )>ciii, \\yc cholera, itm making )i> ravagi^* in Llic counirj, 



Ufv aaj Q^TTtti^mdenct <fSiT TftomoM Jtficuro. 109 

Too rf^ntl«03of htmielfto form • juvl cnlcultttion of llic donger, 
Sir TliQiuAa Bt'l out from ^(*itM tortunU xhv pnrl of Mav, ai- 
lendetl by Dr, ncmiiif; 4ml a tinull cvcort; ncid cnjovt^d for a 
brief JpjiCt; ' ihc ^rcil plc^ctuic of |»a»«ni^ lliroiigli cuiiiitrJt'H vn* 
jo}tn^ ]>roroiii)d peace, and full of indiitiriou« inhnbilanb, vhicTi 
nc J]»d formerly teen dcauhtc and Ulil uulc by a dcttructUt; 
roeniy,'* Jt vus tiurlntf titc mortilng of ikv OlJi July^ vtbll*! 
trwuKtidg biuiii«59 in ihc iiudicacc-Ecnt> Dcir Gooly^ tbat lie 
WR4 aUnckrd with what, lu tirti, appeared a «Ucli( k(li<ipo»it[<yn; 
bul IK* proigreu of nfaicb, aa the day tMivaaccdr loo plumly be- 
ii|>okc ike cholera. 

' Utf nolle wUh perfect cdmnc^i >ukI coUr<tciii;cM; nuureil hSa 
frl^nil* uit h* \iad fn^urrtlv been ai ill before ; ipgrtitod thn 
trouble Woccaffioued lo tk»c aWt him, aade&lrcalod ihem to quit 
tbt tent. " This id not fur," said he, " to kc«p yoa in on infccud 
ckunbvi ;" 4uJ vrhra told that no nppfehrtuiaiii nvtn emprtamf d, 
bftf'vn* therv wu do litk of infection, b« repeated hu u»unl ob*«r- 

■ Wv<rTqdo<ibrlraD>1«1«cf HuPfi/f. fcgt iachi J»j U Mi. OlaJB*! toiih iiid m 

It H «4drHfd lo ^4 rJi friffti, lit. Hfti'»1)tif^ii, u>i1 rrfert. iitiVr A/ii*i k au optifm 
«C|>fiH»tf bj Ihal pntEflnBii, titJfrtfir « ^■fJy IWB«d oratl^it', la tTi* tPtei EVil 
!•» Wocb iMpofUir* « iUicb*d m 1h« roulr^ la tha ac-qviiiijan irj iLia irmrwni 
lB|vt» cf Ibe <*>■> i^)) ** S«DKriv ind Ant»iCt by ifwi^r p<fi4iit rdbci;fU fo' 

W*H> *[ tfret v^ih run cii[ln>f 10 >l4tinf il-Alfl [H4£ i)**! !*> iwuih imp*ru*H 

|l*il to ««• 1W HAliAn ME ()l« ]*ckl llaiUC. (OT UkklOf fell oJvIt pll4 feB fftUAl- 

DHJon m lfcn*a ^f^i^l^ An oSkifr vtaia liUla mor* of Oia ijliia luifuijn ibin 
vkai t« htcCflivj ip lUhLf h1« ntn uaJtrturil him va t\\ polnlt vf dvCf. lf«nf 
•f »vr Wvl a^ tu i 1nt« vccil/ *ii hiMnltiJ^ and wtf« «f vi«r Wii «»trqU«b 

mtnctiD**! E<A vnl t/tA nilJbiy. - A ]ra«Bf nu'i ppitpa^B iKnuld b««tc W fwrDu^ 
BVAlljr <l>v]inff^ fi4 awvii^rMti pnah* ar iMnfM 41 i*iu*fr at bhtol ■ 1 LaJ nfcn >« 

■» Hm cimuy bnfunti *A<r h*ria| been a |e>rur iw ^n IntlVt aulI \awti UhJe uiilUj. 
I feamfr WTf to ^IkrUfll Juiu Aidtivn hu Wl x^ Kiivij 1 •■ alWlk— fe safe tudi 
•I hii It wbl ovrvr t«U ll^wdl MtllWt k« htt* latf imca tteattttd. I ma iw| M 
ikZI •■HppiHJll^ ptatebU vl^W fuod ofUUUtoTfr lU »«(i4iaLi4)a "iili Seind>t, in 
17W1. II vat ■■ ■■iifcl pan^f, Uil mar* mlirtl md ikUrv*liivF l^4n tiry ihil lai 
Bcnftrnd MHtt tsd t iMU lo 4irr ViiltpT' '^ I <*" "* y**^ " DiiM«rj, Ivulk vwf 
■•V* af (I* tctiKi U ihflM 4bp> fir/ Wv lee* Im^hi frri* hf ipy in-H \f mj 

vWf* Vtr CtM Cotmmn/j vu >lv»yi kllim*A«td bvwnlby Hf«%F i anJ tf 
*T Moif brqlf tf CkiVbnbrv^ «>Uf* ■« wh* rvpiAwd. 4 I74i, < ftw ilip baf«« 
tlH b«iiW «< H*rl& KiiT*, Ii "HTTii tmppfe la iM 1*<I il««r iVUg* itim^ld kin b<p> 
pvastf Anif^rt T«in tfif . >iii thii X thuld D* hUlvn tbcuinc ifa.ABl ihKoaiUlpf 
^■9 Ika btti bf Ah ri^fr. I fi»i44, xi 'ikj, >« Mecc ih Mtr SalcVt clttlvj «■■- 
pvWU«Hln4Ulp-infli»i<law «o iW «|ipv4tit bi^^ ti <li>itn;(l)r vif Jtk^4«lr 
bom ;«Wr4*r- I ■«, 1 bOjvrt, it« ■»?/ lUi«pt*fi »»* » l^-Iii vU «ru wlk <b« w«f 
nllMftlPtaii I ()H»tUlilJi« •/ Ihf hall Oi*i> VMI riva ltd < ■ vNDHa n>ii|l*rU ad 
■ m uB f ta k livi. HVk ilw ifr«nw«tlf* «t VA^ Svfhhatfja vvfy *ppr«itfie, tali «Hb 
1lvbaif«rt*«iaff«an A lifeUi.MUt «!«■«•■■• ml.' 


1 10 Lift and Oawo j wwefawu tfSir l%amaa MumrtK ' 

nUon— *' ThM mlfrt ha« not W^n ilvtcrmWiHl ; ytm fawt Wttr b* <m 
th4 bftfr ftidt. im i«aTf BID." — li vtM DOW OH o'<k>rk in tb* dkjr, «ii4 
kis pul>e btnng full uid good, mnf mm bopet wore c»coiiri9«d tfaat 
■U irt^ht ]rat be w«U; but from thM ifane hv fftilvd n|j^dly. and tl>o 
tetv (*f fan* frltodi Aod «tt«ii4tiit> becnm* t«riou«lir »ftolH4. About 
ihiotf, bowers. Ii4 ndlkd. ood kdiu^ bvUer* excU&Bod. wiih « coct* 
Iff pct^U«r swrrluoM, " ilul it w«* ft)tMn4 wurtb vrlulo 1«) W it:, in 
otil4-r (o he tL> kifidW nuned." BelVf^a drive «ii<l fovr no eTeoi o( 
mi^rUDc« occurnxf, pxocft th«i K« rvWAtcdljr &Uoded to th« crv>ubl« 
«!i3cb he garv, Aiid cumHaciilj urg<4 libe flcntlfmeii uound Kxnx W 
wtlhcfrau'; (>ul tiuoi; ttfter fuur hr himftflf rrirArkrd iWt hU Toic« 
WW) E«(bi>l< v^«ah«r, bn4 hU A0n» of Wviajif nbon ae^lc- TImM 
werf ibc bst ATtimlAtt wunds wtidi h« rjttf nd, for the dUcftie In- 
crciiscil r^ipiillj- upon kin ; aekI tbougli fkiiil facip«r3 mrc murv ikin 

•jnipCOfiifl. for the aDprcheouoDB that ttocoirqwmfd Ificm there wn> 
too mucb grvund. Sir Thomu Mutin> Ungcml lilL LiEf-jiu; nbe in 
th« crmjtig, and tbrnf«1l nivep.' 

Tlir rircr«teH wmm carticii bfti;k to Qooij, nlienr lie wu in* 
tcrrtd with rvcf7 niaik of rcc}»ocL 'Jli* acr> anrf rc*oluiHHi» 
of ihiT cuuutil of Mftdru, aa «eU » the commuikitj at iAt^r, *tn 
Ao nrnvDlof tliQ cuiitten tiul aad imd i licence ^ t<c/o Uic bt-sl pioofa 
of tlj« cvliinatimi m iitliich tlir ^oirioor bad bcc» IkM. '11ip 
Cocnaerr alioi-<lvt lulling oa tlic tcilruu aiid virtues of iticir btr iI1ii»- 
tnottf oolUaguc ukJ cbicfi obset^cd^ ' ib>t tbcM quabltct wcr« 
fldnbibk »dip(cd to ibe dutici ubirh lie K»J lo pw^rfonn, in 
or^iiuiug tlic rc*oi>rCG«, and csUbli»hii^ ibu liBikquillity, of thooc 
nrovitiCTA ^bi-rr ItJi loteit bmlli b^td been UiJiwu, ami whcrv lie 
kid Jon£ b««n known b}< the ft|)ptil lotion of Ftrthfr of the |)topl«.' 
Tbo motl ujk|iiijpiiitiT liibiili? li.> ilic inrmoij of iiicb a manj 
■vonjf Uir |K^^|>li> wku bid ];iiT[) Inui »iKb u tklk^ uai tbe alk)!* 
liKiil vf a (loitiuLi ^f lui'il^ for planting Ui^ca uiid BJnhnig ndli at 
the public e^p^nic, it>utid tbc ^pnt ubcrc he di«d. lic«idc« 
erccltnf t *iil>!<untLjil tlono mtviumml ot«T ibe rcmaius of tlm 
drc«9.fe<l, tbe goxrft^niriii ro^^cvl ibnia rhoultryandiftnk Uioiild 
be built Rt Gooiy, for ibo accomnodaiion of Iravcllcnir lo be 
nlltrd ' ihi! Xlnniu chotilln' auft lai»l ;' aiul lliat aji trklabliihttieiil 
of »ctiaiitt xli-ould bf publxlv mniniainrd, for Iht prcMrritiop of 
Uio aamc, and fur piovidjiij^ iiuicIIcib uiUj n-olrt.* At a gvotnl 
0n««<iog ol ihv tiibabitast» of >1adrw, a braojto M^uetuiaja tMut 
^aa dcfM'cd, lu Lv txccuLcil b> ClLtiitirj ; t^bilr huoiriou^ pii- 
viie l«BtiuK>niiU to tbc vonk of tbe Jlluitrioua deceased ucn cct 

a nta avU cf pwpvanMit tto mmBir tlHiwiiBn lMh« «nl CMtntol *■ 
OiaaiiinsBB^UbaUvaabva larim «l ib* avttw ««ilaiiB«aU ■! tW klid 


L^t and CorrMpoiiAitw t^f Sir Thomat .Vunro. 1 1 1 

on foot ptnoDj^ lib penoml frintiU, TJz« portrait nt tlie bt^iiH 
DinBcf iht9t nicmcun, from m pwiitin^ by iho iww pmidciil of 
riw RojbI Academy, in n <lTf4i|; unit nHmimhli* liLi^neu. *11iom 
wtio haie rend Mr. (.tlcj^'a book will caailv bcljc t*;^ ihi»^' AuitHm 
virum facil^ ct^dem, najfnnm hbetiter/ 

The tiiHii«i»co ofaoch good and grrvt men docs not die ■AitlillK-ni* 
Miny a ' crIIow Mei wm nnbryti kUiriLiniiEi ' vrill f«ihjnn him*' 
•etf *rt«r tb« brigirt mod*! ot Sir I'boioju Muun>> io Uk benefit 
of uur ludinn cnipuc^ «iid tli« kappiiM'M of ia ik^l^IuI nnti^tft; 
and l)ic hiiio/j vf hit itatii« ftad lii* tomb, and cf * lli« Mimro 
ciuulliy and tmii/ inill lung M:nc lu ijctpi^tuald tljv bli:>iin£a 
whtcb bli itfo dilTuKd. i/u wa< no grcatnc^ di-fivcd frorn luvour 
Of mUrtiLt bv wai tbc arcbilcrt of bi» own foilunca frooi liicar 
^t^ fouiKlaiion ; und tbo tale *>( Im ntt mny xvinJi 1o b^itit llie 
calumiuri of Uioac ^bo bt^ll dare lo deny to liic sdiiiliKiUaUuii ot 
liuta tbfti prane, «vhic1i a fiiir nvicw of it CKiiiuot fnJI lo cuiaiti 
from dVf^ i&in of l>0D«Ei(y und candour. 

Aft^ ftghi-and-fortji jintrt* tcfvicc (tlic last et^ht »■ an Imliui' 
guvrmur, aitd b Urftc porti^iiiot' tlic fotmcr pvjKjd in MJtiiiiUona 
wbnc' lie ^te tilt.' uut:uiiUull<ti luunagft (>( |)tumu-i?i), Sit Tliumvb 
Muaro died far ffoni ultlaont. And \t\ tiiit i« tlwr iiuui irhoin 
tnabcc bu tcIcUcd lo hccum of nc^otialing witli one oJ llic (>ut' 
purti foraVi^. Such ideas and jm|iuiftiio(H coultl n«ier o'lgiimta 
any ifthcni cjiccpt niili p«[«i>ie whoarc UkuimUvci the pro|>cr mb* ] 
jct^ uflbniL 

* Qoad iau3MT«iitH hctpittt x*%%* ctmit I — 
Tvt cum timtndft voM cOEnpifaCi nciou, 
Proirctuoi odDnun cilram I' 

ar. IV,— I . l^trn a M, h Dvc tie Btat<u fTAvJp*^ rttatht* 

an M^^4 R'j^iti ^mfttifn de Turiit. Par W. Ctuin poll ion li; 

Jruw. 1834— I8§fe. 
Z^ i^fnrrt aa thf Etfmenh of fUtfogti/p^iit rtaif Egypiian An* 

IjdtnJMVi l{y ib^ MtmiWsp'incto. Loitdoii. \>^*d^h 
5. LHtrr a JV, Churln Cinpt^rA nr h Svttkmv iJUrt^fyphi^€ 

dt M. Ch^mpoltwn. Par A, V.C,Co^m9ttl Ani^tcrTdani. 


Jntnr. H inr trt Atanftigrt ^ th'^rt d Ut CrUiquf Hacrtt, Par 
J. G. H. Cifrp|R>. Pfttn. }H^J. 
B, Dm Vfiwttti^ i^gijp-Umitft. Par ^f> de Bortl, AikIcq At- 
che^^na da TouIodic. Parit. JB^. 


Eg/piiOM. Anitg^Hm. 

6. f^ttrp it Mona. ChoKipoilitiH U Jmar tur V fnrrrlilaitU rf«* 
M^aum^iJ BgjiptienA, PorD, M<T. Henry. I'ajia. I82d. 

7. Idrvn ^btrr aK PnHtik, dm VrrkfAr unc/ ilctt llnndfl dew 
%ef%thmja^ y^lkcr dtr atUu ifWf. Von A. 11- JL lltcnrn. 

8. Ifritf R^markt on M* Omm^iof^ o/ Vu Egtfpiwtit 0yfM«£/ft. 
D/ VViit< Mure, Evq. Loodott. L&!i9. 

ANCIKNT I^Jpt, in all circ* of UEcntrr mr|iMf^', hu U-cii, 
likr ibu Miurcu uf Ii^r uwu Nik-, tljc |Etcat object ixf cttger 
reicardi, paucnl hopv, and prqicluni dicappointmcDt. Tbc ai*f 
Urii.-i of hrr ctdcr povr« kud wiadom ^i«re wrvncd wiili aomt^ 
Ibtng of rclj^iui^H uu^^ by the Grvoks ;iii<1 Romnns, uho ;:e«iert1ly 
ackiiowlcdf^cd in h«i ibc narciit of their tk^ittic^, llnir urts. atid 
lltrir civil govfTniiuriiE. T» ibr ClirJiliiti \t(iiH, brf connrnioii 
wilb tb( caily fi^loi^ of th« J«wb lia« Lc|>i ultw the dsii^c povrcv- 
ful mlciL-^l. TIju litorary pilgnrnn, nho liavr visited h«-r shorH^ 
from tbc dtyi of old Herodotm, (nut, indeed, tbc iint of Ihc 
Grci^ki who iiuidt: L'mjuirifB ioto )]i:t rail) liitlui^' tt|ion Uic* A|>ot, 
for tw wat prcccdctl by Ilccila^ua of MilHui^) dunn to ouf o^ifn 
time, bavc pcrpctmlty maintoiucd or lEbiiiilkd the cxcitcmtiit 
by Tiesr accoitru^ of ihc wondcn of t)it« lOPibaDiliblc region. In 
Ibc darkcM agca, tbc p>'ninuiJs» tliat aiood, as it were, aliiKiiton 
thcvrrgirand ciitrauce of tlii^ bmd of marvd, w^rf known and 
iamilmily 5|>okvD of oa among the \<roiidrts of Ibc wofld ; wbiJe 
laiPT ililigrn(-4T mvi nilerprUi! Uavti gmduully upennl to uv lb* 
^hoJc »a*l«y, 

■ Far nir fram Hin-burnt U«tO«B 
i'jvm fatliag NibJi ta tb* »M 
Th«l l<ftla oTi Ibe Efcjptiafi tliurr.* 
Our tmvcllon, if we may ^gaitr t«oi|>ted by li^c bt^autifut lMig;«ago 
of Gni>> venture inio jioeln, hi^« pctietiai^ wbt*n^vcf 

^ with aJwniuroxu oar tu\A mdy tail, 

Tl^r duA} f<oj>l« <iriTG t>rrora l)i* aalc -, 
Or on frail Anau to neigbbotinng eTiint Hd^,' 
vjiicbf alpf, ou Itingct 

* Ab« aad gbiicr o'ar tbe untiwit tak/ 
but Ee in l)idr tiMiuy aud nin)titic riutti on each tide of the sU^am. 
CilJ aflrr ciu. tip tu lln- mtarari^, ncn nlrcir tbc mmilib^iiiiK 
pofiitoa JVC of a laler duti>, ^tilt difftloys th« B^mo arcbi|0O4unS 
diarftcur of ueisbi, wlibit/. and (vluamal pfopurlioii, vbicb 
brloiigi to il^f* moriT an^i<<nl 4Tdificf4 ; whilv abinc ibc liiBiln of 
£g}pi, tciD^iU^ alter tcnipk, eiilvr buiit nith the tame gif-antic 
hbour, or hewn oot of the uibij mck, aliow*, ibat if ono migtUy 
empire did not, at a %<ty r^moU period, c&teiul alouf the couf^o 


Egypikm Aniufuitit», 


of tbft Nile, from ib« bonkn of AbruinM to the mo, jti oao 

nnge«, and pi«rhap» ciiil polity, foMovi<-«l, cither oMccnding or 
flkacitidtng, Inc courw of ilic gmt nvcr, 

Yn It muu lir ncknc»iilcclgtid, that bowMx^r cscli aucc^oaive 
witctttiir«r u|rorn thfiikidc occon of tgjptjfiii AQiii)uit»-ft lia* raruly 
fjiilni !■> oliiain « rrMl^r li4!iTiii», tin? |i4iblic iuin<l baa rapidlj aub- 
Hilisl into tt rtftlfi of ddpoiKtujg apulliv. Tlic icil, tlmi lecoHul 
Vyix |M/U4llv miol^ lu» fnlli-r x^siii: the Mroug^ Ccvvmb ex- 
cilvmcni hu etivn pla<4* to lBO)>uvr and tii«cnsi(iditv, 4ud die 
Ic-aineij world biiK Bci|aio«rd in tite ulier hufwienriesi of Dbui«- 
ing w latUfactorr results from Kg^ptinii inquin'. AEmoat in 
ouromi daji, llic FrciKli cipi-iJilion lu E|;jpt, uiili it* ruiiiitjb- 
MflM of i^avkikt. eilciidcd, iihivvd, our LQt>\« Ivdfv, IkiUi ol Ibc 
fltMvc of UM'cotmtr; aud of lli< inonr trmaHtntlc nM>nuiiit<it» ; llic 
nifl«kiii| diiirovrrka of l>nviM>n twi \Miam in llti- p>tiimid4, 
•M «f tbo 1ati«:r amofif the ro^sl tombii oi '1 li^bci tnn hkc Um- 
pk^4 uf Nulji4, aifliLikr»r(i> (<tr a lliii^> tlic munt eager liu|>e, uliich 
MMMi lubbidvd iiilu kOtncC^iiiig like tjic fonticr ilunppotnttncDt ; 
far, ibuttj^b mhuy r%.irinir\Mnaiy fdcta cntncr in iij^lit, Ui^ry oi>l^ 
llCMklmd our woikIct VpKIioiii adding gri?atijr to our Liios^ lixff:^, 
IM flinittbilcffp iiitijocit »ili»f;iug« our ardent ouiiovitj tn Ux^uic 
morp [filiniKrlv kn^iEiiiih li uuh n propl^, whn, fri>in llu^ir :«ct>tp- 
10 r^ And baildiiiK^, uti^hx alinodt upp^ar to btlvu);; lo the elder 
nee of giii»t» niWr ch;iLi lu ihr ueiiinflry >oi» of rni-ii. 

Ftrrbaps the huiuiluiiTiic kcUii}? thtt wc bud becii bofficd in our 
■LteiniMi to piDcrEd faillirr, Inl (i» lu ujidrfi^lc llic pm^rr** 
which wc hw actually madu. Tliougb mtich n^inained tuiilODCf 
much bad b^ca du<i4-\ 'lliv clotirr imficctioa of tlic atupOfeiliNia 

ODtimenu. nik^b baH UToir only rxriird atmaj/vvitiil by thtiir 
BO* snd danrc dimniaioiis, dupla^cil nocnrtimca a iinipljcilyp 
uftva a ciimrkltcalnl rrgiilarity of ik'^t^T^ wbich coiTimaiuled nol 
ilirfd> «»toni«bai^i( but ndmiration. 'llic ftrcbilcctmc ww ini^ 
prpwd wTlh tme |{itat |jivduuiiLuiiJl cbaracE*.-!, «uiltiu;*h adjptpd 
t4> die purposes to Mtiicb it ub« ccmM^cralcd and die local circum- 
ktancc^ oftlH- couolry. Alon^ tb< H^t plain* of ib« great yttlty 
ibe long ftUd Irtcl |]|tc« of Conner and nrtliilrair tinitHic^l <i«il in 
almost todlcsf ftrrT(>ectitc; aicnu«s of apliinxva or buaitan coloui, 
muy foitonp til <'Kiimip ibnif b n<m brt>ii^a by Uie band of ttmPr 
•lK>iir«d to di« imapiraimmwhai uv mould cnll anoit of pro- 
rrriioiul iiia|;iiifiiTiKV uf doij^Ur by Kilikdi ibe mind wqa kd 
olcifi^ Uironiftb an almoiC inbonns^ible fuc<««»on of Eif-uilk: 
' \ij: i.l>. Up to tJic %tvMX inmost ccntnr of royal poiup m rcbgHnig 
■donHoii. Wbal 'Hirl)^ nin»l bavr brcn, v^ht-ii 4prv^adtog o^vr 
« c&cuit uf frum tmctity-Acivn to liurty inilc», with llic noble 

TOUitiiii, »o,L3Lxx^'. I rinrr 


EgjfptUm Anii^iH, 

nicr flowing throngli tt, Blid «M:b qimrivr Accii|nei1 hy iti hti* 
mcii^F p«tace or Icmjjk-, nurpnastt all cuiiccption. I'ididi luc* 
<«»ttvc ^nic-lUr — P'^xkLp^ l>i'iri>n, lUmilloii, «ml lazily Chnni- 
Ikollioo,— having cxbuubkxL tJ;<! nbok lun^at;o of nun Jcr, tmih 
VJUk coitfniing lti«r uilrr invlcf|Uiry o( tlur iimiigrM term* to 
convey ihc inipr»Aioiui tvatcd o«tty by tiio niiiia. Nor ti^a 
il in mtliilfclait aWiitr llial iIjia uiititiit |>Fupli: ItaJ mailc a }jn*> 
grr»H Ulttc tiUA|kcc(cct h_\ the j^oiu and rxiiluiiiic klolutcm of 
ijicciaii t»kill. Tlxir i4jul[»tum wcit fvu^ti, by llie moot com* 
petent jii4gf 4p 1o diipUy i ivry high ih<Hi|il> iirculinr Hlilv of th« 
111. T bcir c>olo»ul fttatuc* Vicrc dUlin^umicd by & cslm rimI 
»olemti gnui(l«ur of coiirr|mon,(Ciiam[Killioii, t^^ iM-rmi'^-* d^ttcrU, 
fiOBi oltcnU^i; itLidy, llial Uici>' un uiuaUy, bi \ht »Uic1c«t fcii»Ca 
|iorUaiuJ wkk* lltuir ttWfB aiir full o^^qjoar. Uf«, auj ei|ut-«- 
MMi. 'Ill* iu««i cnufu*cd fv«UMp bttUn Dnd fticfC^r ^la^^i b«^n 
kittick o«i nttb iiuaiiniful deamcM of dtoliibuUwi miiI ikiJfuU 
HUM of gradHiion, Kfcu their |>aivting!ip llKKtgli of • lo^icr ityLc 
of Ml* u thq l£|:^ ptiJtTii u>4:(l ouly ui^comjKiuiMlcii G<4oUf «t and 
n«ie jgiKirani of ]H-'?(|trcti%ir, wcn^ far froni devoid of beaai/p ami 
fall of inicrrM ; il ^oi iin|ko»«[blc lo hcnr, willioul aonic «orl of 

iucidulily, thai »L-i'Dt> tif rdigiuii, war^ or peace, dcpcltd pcr- 
kQ|M rmuirrii cvi>luric« bctott; Citrult «vcm itill to be mdii in all 
ikc fintliWM oi tlirir uii^cuiul <:olouibiK." FcrUap*, iu aoiDc ro- 
fpectv, lilt; aMlliMovt of Uio VfOfk^ in whicli uianj of ll}OM djft- 
co^CTK*^ y^ic i;i>iomiiL>i<aud, pffiKittcd ihcir <<i(ciLi>i|C that ^^ 
liurik iiMrri-hf wliirh uxb lor ii tiwv cri^au'd by ibc <<ibibitiaii of 
lt«lzi>iii'» i<nnb. rUv apUifrilid iVvoi^b uork, die ' licsciipuoii 
do ri^iplc/ ta ofily to be sum in gfmt pablic Ubttirm; ;iiid 
r«tfQ ikti kiiifftUurly aiutnalcd descriDiioiu of >omc of tbc 'I'btban 
tiKXimnctits by ibc iivurt accomiiljsbcd of oui EnRli^b utncllcrt, 
Mr. IlBiniltiMi, vbicli, if wMniicd ffuni iJi«i niUtiM of raoro 
ttoipoirftrj iulrrr^t tu bb vl^ypUacai im[hl bavc aiUcd mors 
vlningly on ibe public miiMl, MJlJ reouo in di«ir origkial coitly 
qunrlo (onn. 

'ilui pcTfirliial fiii«lidt>r>ii uf liigli-ra»vd liopnt hu ibc tnurv 
|No^uldni|, a* Mtc kiro, il Aiip«areJ, uotjiil pluoQ u* witlun Uia 
ciidtf of knowlnlfe, L>ciy obcJUk. vtvty buikliiif, every toiub, at* 
nUMl civrry aMiioniy cftw, a* trril am cotuiilrsk pspjlp «vf« Uavciibed 

K^flMti H. CMMf|«JEu* |i**44MV-l flmwklll^ml dravihjp ba 1h IBAllr «(U1 lh« 

Abii I . . . i,| ilaafiar^ — ciiir-i ual '^Tf ana,— i|n 

ai«> '<« Ike U^|bti liHHi li nlifwvi aad 

Egyptian AutUfuiim. 


wtlh t*ord« or lymbolt «itii^ mighty pfHiapq, it oim'c nv*^\ Ibe 
ol E^ptbni wtatUiDi ; but though thcv tpukt-, iUc% tpnkc 

tmiMMiblc not to fliKrimmtc bctnfcii tlic difiric^nl fotnu<, nu 
ftlKr dari uiil tHvitvrioiiA : tlw 1ii^ro«Kphit\ in ^^^Jt lUpn^Mfrl lo 
rcpreMMitol>fcct»,ctlh<-r<iir«ctl> by thvir siniililiMk, orfrVrntratrcaJy 
ibf cettAin ctiuvciitimiat Kij^ikft'^liic himlin— Jittd ihr (Tt-MLrtlir «ir 
iair a» lJi«T have b««n «tiK« C»tM, Uy w^M u|» in lii? un- 
•nakmins *lbaib^ of ngrf ; lliougfi dtll^iciit, \tl but iLii|iL^ftclly 
difeUngiibbed from cuchucht^r; aiid aLandctooii ti> li^ir re^'itn of 
Ictffiicii cdtlutMHsh^ liLc Fither ^\|lunaaiu3 lviri:bcr, mho cibco- 
vefvil m tiMvc tnyiU^ntHiA upi^ th*? nlioir irrrrt »f Ibc calialUtic 
nrl; dribc pii>u4 drcamtrnho d^mI tlie bDniJrcdtU pDlm otvr ^ic 
furlirn rif ufi l-^\|>(iin trmjiV; — Wafhiirioiiitlritii- lincf a iliin niirl 
fra^olc vuioii ol Hie ttuUi- bul it ttW !hc Imivpy rohiooliiic of 
iMlitr MgMjily, anti ir-ilcd ofi uo folkl f-iuuiidt or firuur 

Otts««i|(kDr il iiu iibEiminced ioii)i!okri<-drctitcd nttd tlivrt- 
Jorv incieiluUnia vriuld, dial ■ kry l^ad Ih-vd diK-utL-ml nti>di 
,«oaM ii»lock lh« »afn>d Irvadurri of nncirm F^vjiiinii htrr, lli^ 
<Jmm oI Uiq lint tUBCof^ry m Uit4 MikiMmn Itiid unqt^crtiotinlily 
lieJongi bi ihi' lair Dr. ^'ming* n itimi Mho Ultlti^l * profound 
Jfdec of tli« cxici socr.i'GK willi the mcHt cxtcuHVc T'liidilinit 
• dt^m raicly foniid adioue ttw mImjIuib (if tlir frf^til* tir 
'^np* of nny iotmct Iihh!. Dial tlu u nut a puv^lt Hiif;1iaU 
tKiumay bealKnvu from tlic wotd« of one of lhclt(^l liii*nbt* 
^la Curape : — 

lA Dotivur Yoang^. Ah^c'bEs, «it laiii cooftrvdltk pr«nivt^ atilour (To 

At iml* rhouisFnr 4'amjr d^montrt n fch apfnniff&l sti 
Vovng.f j;iv|HM«r&u9«aranclaprkxiUdo*«tlo 

i1- ■ ■ ■■- 

lit pMnlltailltekBllurirAKtEur-4 hj 'Urvii^ ifetk*' 
I Willi pinm/ II K1>|m4^ iMnlt thai tUn b t^ i 

« A* ■iCiflKhiMl* tlwi*! vhirh ^VAirt 4( «v* IH« fMl» i 

■«•■ Hi t4JMiAaf« I* fe li*^ uihv, If «■••» UWiin«ii ■n^ki l»>i^l»iw- I.>t*«l 
Millie aniM 111^ IW t«H af lavVKt i«tl* t4«l^ iW 44»<1. 
hlkan Mii^iM rtignihfinlliniriraiiilTi IMn^^ 

llG Egtfpiian Anti^Mm, 

J^^nvpTif. Mnut mnmi ttliTiirdr que 6v yvMit Mviviiir, q^e ctlul 

U rki-«ii(c«if ^o (oudre. jv&a bico cdui qui s^oai tMr\ |XKir I%] 
prfmiifarf fov dc co lutoitxc conjme molcur jiotir les pMrculrt/ — i 
AT^fVlA, Pr^/inv, Coiiedi^n dti Monutnent Egyftirnt rii- V. PaiiH. 

Tlir lint vicp* of Dr, Youii^ wrc ilov aud cailtiou» ; jrct ll 
gr(4t principU vru dutiiictEjr. and in our opinion uM(iiii«TT«blj«| 
ciUibliEhri), lluit thi* liirmglypbic dinmcirni, in nuiijk uun, ti^ 
prDSCLit nurda nal tlujifim.'-tlidLt lJic> lire alpliubitic not picton^ 
clur«cieJ^a» — ^i|^n^ <*^ (i>'^ ar li<:uiiitt< •imutlM of lln^ liuRian loKv^ 
not IniQicripU or nyaiboU oS Ujv cxt«T»ai ubjecli, vrhidi tlisy 
mjuld I'untL'i lu ilii- uiiiid* Or- Vuliuk uE jjtsl <(i:mu li> liavo 
dniiblod ivhtflh4<T, m tome kotDticcn, llirv did not nprcMiil mIIin 
bici mllicr Uau Icltcm ; he va»cmbanaMt^ b^ tlitf \onck> »iich 
npp^ar, bk in ih« llrbrcu'r to hf I'n'ijuirnili oniuiKl ; vinl an 
this pDti^t ]ic was s^iccdily outj^trippc^L b> tlu: mwt npid d«cuu<M 
uf bJs ^n^t riiub 

For aE tliifl pofiod ihc torch ^'a« Jiniitc]ic<l fraui hv iKuid^ Aixi 
ike mm i:uniintK-[J Liy a inmi uiitLunifly (ju^iJi«lr tiul u<i)y hy llie 
•tronger but «v<'n th<- ^'<-ak«r p^irta of hi» diaiuctcr, lo pumi* the 
corocr ofdifcoicr^ ^itU aucccsa. ICncuinbcrtd b> no ptutftioioul 
iiocalton* or Kicnitfic puraiiitf, M, Jraii Vniii^ci>t Champrdlion 
conldat onc« (Jirovr In* wbok nndnidc^l mind Lnio ibc inf|uiry. 
Kgypli^ri antujuilj b»d abe;iH} bmi llie idol (if [lia vnilj liirr^ty 
wgnthjp i ovd directly lb» new li^bt ^at Ihiowii acro^ hi* pitli, 
fidjuniitg It, till be aintd'it pcriuiulcd Ininvtb' UiJt il bud btvn 
kitnilcd by bi> oun gcuim^ u t>ccaiiLA at onc^i liif^ »olc pdMiim 
nnd unbition. Ardcat, and able Ui imparl iiii atdiju^ to other* ; 
liidGfttigiblr, and encouraged and enabled by ihv cnnmtic<*nco of 
bb i^'umniviil to piuh hia rmcwchca nbcrcicr tlici were nw«t 
lilLcl^ li> |»ro(!ijNrr ; novk, aflvi bating mlinuati.'d lli<r Pniuiun culirc- 

fuTviAlicil ft v4LU;icb^iLnA i;(Habuiif vf Hit 1>^>ylAau LAnifiuifv, — ilir finuwr, tliv 
taittn^ta of • ^ifliDBacy of fliv nocWtil Iasi^d. A cile* <tTj lurirj vf IK- Vv«^^> 
ivftim ti tKii Vtfk {uliteli iUub but b#« laurh Ti]mi lt» buMUiw <£ gar y ti— Mi 
4rt»cb) tnabls* ts U «4aC4 AriAlfiH!) thtt fbrtw h «f«t<ntj ■■sCbiTr t€ aoothrt, 
whikr a KnufCL an* «iulri bvrv h Ikr ailinafHl ■ m\jff% n nveall^ anned la 
lHncdnaoard». D>tf vebwvUcn putiodirir Mutk vuJi ihv Ubvnl wa vaiir 
tBwatlbwhkhbtifnlBvf hU««vprtlrar, Vk fi^tm an^MwAf iif iwcialim hH 
tib«urm« hi tfivi ik«i|)l« laittnKiuy t4 lluir vaIuc, «1iiIc 4I klx uita liikc W fttc* kit 
■■!*■*■■* •« tbi cvlwt or Ihw — fiitiUMfc intL th< iA«4«t |>Uii>ii«a «a4 ihaiJuirty, 
vMhwl f rtfufdlaf to Ifut «niw*rMl tdUivlai^ fif iaijIimI lliWii/ «vtf «■ 
nmiBfq WAE Khcwii «1w vim to ban Iifwvd tu mntuuD bcMrtn cvtftnqlupit 
»ta H i^iii —J Mh*« MHniK. VTvB^, ■ith«ac«T|doui(rT« OftlOirltfAcitf 
W. Ch— f B JB ia H*—*« f>r, Vm^ la b» mm »«AtiaEtw,n iMtfivpKl uA 

ffrnfmsiAd^ W«ea*M4cq«n*wHhrHt«alh*g«D««tir«tMa, i««vtb«wtr 
Ou to uy. ihil H iltf •InuUv of bt f^mm upM Mr mbiftdi U. Chuvr«lM 
OMftfttillDWilJvtlyJtBii; lipvfaii hviiaauHftlfl)|nr«rd.aadaBdeMnikrkBB 
•C tW iHotliakr ibnr ttui w k^ch, •«, vUbnai^ laM ^wnfvnuaA to hi* v*q 
bwi l« laBitl tt« full (!«> «f ^iattrtOT to 1)m Migtorf UnMr. 


SgjfpHen Anii^Hif$, 


fisiDK liimseir amon;; the Minionlioary ticoiUTcs of that of 
Tunu. msoe b; Dro\i:lti ; uiid iww takiEit: lil^liL Un K!;>pl, nml 
^oniiiliio^ ihe oncit? tu lis nnlit« dwelling, itinong thi^ ruim of 
Tbcbc» 4>i Nubia; Bclf-confjilent, aa aa li> ovctlouk vlutjiclea 
and ob|rrlioiiM lAliidi would hniv r^pHM It^M daring Ap«culaior» ; 
rapid III <hbs0rvatioh, fertile in iiivcutton and conibirmtfOJi ; M« 
rn%in[»dlK>n niU\% io nil ifii-Hi> i-iriiii>i>iii niiiitillc'iLliMia rvmurk* 
■bic dvafoc^u ^lul fcUcil^ in rommuniralmc llii? iv^id(» of hta 
iiM^uirio* 'i^ic ^ i'rrcH du Sv!iEi!uic Htrrii'^hplmiiK: ' hi« iKn 
rmr^ inerit of makrnfc nv nbtlrusc subject not niofcly itilcUi- 
^iblc but fven attntttiie to tlie ie^s Irftnird rraikr^ nijd in 
xhc two Icitm io thp D%tk» de ISfaca^p W hn* contrived uo to 
profopft ibc cbantk, thnt wc aItho^i rcp-ct Io bear occuionallf 
thf nmt yoirt of figtd reatoni^g amigniog some of bji poEJtinna 
ftnd quolioniDK »■>»« of bi> aubtlc inferences. \tt ci«ii itio 
(if Ctiuii)|M4lii.m haw itm\rrUj\\y rniiinhoiinl to his 
picoon; the |iardonitblc Jndivitiual and atnicnl limdublc na- 
litinal tanjty, viiLb wliirh, idrnlirvio|; h'n omi fniitt- witb tliat 
of bi* couiMry^ li«< dpc;ikj( of ibim great (li»covcr«-, nlinont lu if it 
mifki oqual his own name and thai of Francis with ibe k'^'? of ^i 

rCoiumfavi or a Ni^wton; hit pnmivcucM in AfM-rting as uiti|uw- 
tionable truth that uhich t« »til) cmburtasMci )«itb cuntideri^o 

i^lliculltfa ; tJir rirrli'u jind mntr-mpitinm iiidiftcn^nre irirh whiHi^ 

^'bflYtD^ vekcd cvcrr word ol iin amhotiiv which niftkiVL in ht% 
&viMi(, lit lbroni« civiilr all thiil >i(.i^irU i^i bin miy; tlLei^c fitihiif^ 
tTT pcrhapt uutrpnrnbk froiri that itnkinr of cliaroittt-r ubcb 
carries biai, wi(b unlnttiliiig sptiltSi ibruugli pucb iiiceuttiit labrjum. 
liad Cbam^Kidion brrn Il-u raiiid and «clf-conlidenl — tiid bo 
brvalb^ tbv more 3lLif-^b air f)f LoridDii iibtcad of die li^ht bdiI 
«tbiUrati«g ain>o«pUi^fi- of Pari^ — Iiad he <Miconitiered tht? ibw 
iDcrvdttlilT, the C^^^c doiibtii, %hc coot und K^niptitou^ rcasonin^V 
of oar Irarrt^l nieft, radnrr ibmi ltii.- iiUt^reiil i^i -a cnctt*. wherr llio 
VOnUgion of citlhiiKiaHin h pri>pot:ntrd with infitanlaaicoiui mpidity, 
ami wlwve ilir biiUintat of 4 din^ovefv muiv ilijin liaif provint 
iti mlhy, ID ibftt caw* h« migbt «titl bavo b««n d>gc[i»^ away tlid 
find from the vestibule of the Ions-buried cddkc, nnd not boldJ/ 

[^rirtniieij al oiM-e to the lancritaiy. 

In tbe following arli^Je it i« ourfibjeci to dtrecl iMcfdioo to tbo 

iUdmkml rathrr than llie j^hMagirttl ymi of llic ijii^iiicm; to 

'ttfow togetbtr, as fur a« our Uiniu v%ill alkvw, uhit » known of 
do «uly r^ptiau himtory. in a iMiiiMlnr form, thai tlir rr.idpr may 
Wltav HtidrrsiAiid tbe uaiure of th« iibloric*! discoi^ries announct^ 

•hy Ml. Cliatn poll ton. — For, botvcvcf the woiidn^i upon notidtrs 
lanouaci^d by bit puccctiiw lell«r« from Eftypt mai bcn«fl«r b<> 

fsoODCMliat n-dwrd by nEvrc cautJou^ and sober ciiiicviTn* (of ihjs 
pnuune not to judge till Jiis proofi &» well m bis aMcrttoiii 


^gypihn Anfi^itim^ 

are bclore the |HiUfc^> }vt It b rlearK' now impottililr in ^'nm\ 
the king* nnd fonejucfcifit of amiicnl K;:Tpl iiiUi tW umolnunlid 
ivgiuii nf ini»t)it<! or allegarical prnma^i ; or, ■»:i>T(}tng lo ik« 
ftohiuii i}f iho liut CiMUurr, iiuu thai of a^troooniicftl »veii1kiU : wa 
w llH'it drniif tr?|>ri3nili^ ni ■ciitntum nml piiii(itiK>. wc 
Uwir naiiH'« on llwir lUlues or |Hibbc ItuiMtnf^h, in wunMf aM«»< 
p(irhAfi»» rtiliU Aiid crrDnco«»lj» yri ilill vflth «n accnBiuUtton of 
cuinc^cIvBt vtiiitf 11(^0, ill coiUirrauiMV of lli« tecnertl awtem of 
iiJh:i)j reunion, «> Ureal niuj ovrrpoflcfing M9 inch a s«b|cci could 
powbl^^ admii. Wt? ihull conh^ttt oiirttflvn, ibm, wiih rrfrmi 
tl»c reoicivr for tliC itutatlcMl hiskiry *ti tlir pruf^run of llm runiarl 
ablci ditroi'rrv, pilhrr bi Clinniptillinn'ii oijin i40fk iIia ' PnVi* 
du httl^ir itkrojfLyphi^uc;' t>r lo IIm carlf pari of llw Matifiiia 
Sniiicki'* Let'turettr icaJ before the Uiiiitraiiy of Cantnd^c* »ii 
tiWh tlir ktmIuiI <lctelo|>mt.-iii <>f tfie *\iitci» m ttw^ed whb clrnr^^ 
ACM DBcl tekrliu ^ 01 Wllr, If iliti rcEidci i-t ucquiiiiilni niUi tl 
Qrrniiiq Ungtisg^, in x uninmary biJ rxrrlhMit iircmirit in tto 
ncutnlition i>r llcvm/f ' Idi?^* on tlir IMjiki atiil L'voifucrcQ 
of Ancieiii Nalionn/* n vnrk of ibf» vort fai^tiru mile awHMig 
tbo«c ^ib u^uclt modern Gvnnonv hiu cam^iftl ibc lit«ntiini of 
E«irO|H.'. 'Utii auUiut Kiiiu*H llie lalntriouB I'tudiliiui of U'n tMiitt- 
Inmcrt ujth lliol animalniK *pri1 of iriA )C^*iutttf vtiich ditpota* 
iaUi bajmonuni!! otilrr uiid ijmckuiia nitu lilt ilial u liit:!!. in oif^l 
haoKb, i'ltr* Mt didl and itokvy niturf of uiilniolluiblr or ai I01 
unatlrtcUtc 1rjrniU£, Piwn wy Qflbctc vcirka, ut* milped^fi 
lonit* comfrmporu/y Jo4irnal4, be will be able to till v|> llie foil 
inf vcFT mi|)crfn:t oniUinc. 

Till' iriliii^aar, or nllii^r blliiif^uar, Itimftm iione. o<i wbicb 
an inacnpbim wa« wrtfton ki bkrof-liphicb, enchorial cWa<l<r«^ 
Kid Gm-k, led lo till* iciiporljiiil dttcoirrr. Some uf iIm; n '' 
cKctri-il word* vem madfi out by comparMoii n-itb ibu Gi 
b> Mcufv. AkctUad wid Ik tiacy. i>f. Vowig not oiily hmii 
improred ou ilvir ref«archi-i, btit upi>lit<l iln? ttamo |>nQCfplft^ 
to tlw hicroglynbicA. I'li^ U<.>KtU ^loikr fitmisbod ibc Mlm 
wihi<k foimrd Ebr nsEiir nf Pl'drxny ; dn- ban; uf dd nbtflisk, 
obloiucd by Mr. U, J. UanLo, nbu baa not i|uite ncoired 
li]« fair Uiarr of pnW in Ki:>'|ttian tniguin, f[aTc UiAt tftf Clai-* 
patra. U wna »oon found liiat royal name* wttt iaeUn^ in 
M»rl vf unl iiag« called by CliasipidlioQ a carloucbc, a moil 
porunt cafcmmlattco^ aa il djwq^l the ini|ttir<<r di mKe lu Ui< 

« fUi wwl, Uivuffh i«d«4giHi)i. kH bHR rMl-r unt^m tmmti m ikH mwkr. 
AHiiiiliMjffciftfllM toMiTJkubk wvkmm. tJM ta flfra. ht kii whUibaJ 
In wOt&i^IkHkKdc* IVc-to^rUUj w ilv«Me v«dmMb wnaWe to 
l£r K^diifc ipfcfcf > Ui ^ vrttU ivi^n nc vrAuTY jK«n|li»hjBrti It Affflo. Oik 

«iii4 tfaHiq^ i»i iMJ-n iwffvvH Buwi kf «u* r«4>»w t» III* iw*H «a« lavM 

iil-^'^' i!u tmi- TLi irl^Ur vb* (mU, m hu% mmI «qly iMTt avrMliil ft, 

lk,AI«iaafarJflwlK*U*r aamon. 


E^piian AnfiqtiUit*, 


nuU dmt iaacnplion vrKlcfa Bii](lit Ik- bctt ttubmttlrcl lo ihc Cnt. 
I'hriR r^noiiHri'* iirr« iifieti ci>uplnf u^th n mvc>ikI^ contuiKtig 

noviii«d wtlli lurceii ; ClKnD[>olli<in, in &jmjx, fulltin-eit ii|> iUe 
ittqwv vrilli hu chjifActcfulic ftclivity; Mr, iMlt, m K^>pt ; ami 
lata. M'- Burlon and itlhcr* of uur cuuiitijinrvir ^nintun^ tn4;*aiiMT 
plBD,ol»laifi«J tJi« «tiin^rr«uUi, Tli«3t»ui»e^orCa>Hra(Ml Ph^louty 
wcsertaiJ ttiili ftlax^i uitJc*bili«^ »iimbiitv of ificllm^; nx It-iiulli 

Thflht an alplj^bt^i w»% iriAiiiullv «>ii»lnM:tcda ftii4 Uio prmcjpk 
UpoaKlvrli lliF M^v|iiiim miluptml ibt'ii hignilo llii^ir lirllun vjAvily 
CMtm lo iJggliL* II ^^kt \wtttA llul thoT wcf^r t>o( ftibiUnrilv stt^ 
]«clcd, ImI bj CnUm rtHLit^uiiiiial ruU?*. Tlir xi^ii lurd fuf a 

Cie«Uf lMt«r w«9 ihr II04KV of lli« i^lcmul objccl. |ti« old 
ptisu DAiiko of ^likli Wfln with ihat Idler; ft* a lion iq 
iMfoeltpliic En^1i«1i would ntprtfMOt sii I — a thij^, a d. It Imp- 
pMCjQ, Ukcm bj:, moit IvfliLhakly* ihal M' Llicjuu; (Jiiatitin^r^r 
nod MCfBlly miblithrd a tvnrk, in ^hiHi he p^>^r<l ihut iIm' Coptic 
ibt Inwvl d 

dratciHlanl of tlic aiLcicct h;;>]>[iflii longiiCf and 
IB tlv Coptic, llir «ti>riU tM'ir UMiall) fiiuml, i\ni WR^t of vthkh 
kttd btca adi>pUnl lo icprr>i-Bt llic dnl kttct ol tlic luino. Ufloxc, 
nonDTCr^ BMHWtl lu loutiui: liie n-pii^Mriilali\r synibolt of vadi 
IttterlOA nH>dtfr«tr number; crcrr ima^e of U9\ nb^-t^ inbiHi 
■tght b«fiii ihitlftlbe letter vlalltcd,MS^ not indi«cnmiii;itcly iMcd; 
tnri probable, aiofmg tbc ap|niti^ii1 rtprrH'iiIitivt-k of the Mnw 
kltcv, Uiv iltitcrcKt 3J)ciH Dia_v iiAilfcuU- Di^jh^ fllijtltt diflmocM of 
%iii:b, in inntr bm^MMgn, luiiltipK -n i»u«Ji ibc cognile 
'IW vowcli, ni in Hrbrvw^ victr o(ti>o uinillcd ; ccrtiivi 
■ga* Kcrr nvi^d tu iJ4.-iii>lr ^tatiimutjcal pailick* or ictdrxioiiSj 
I, and uiun1>nr4. rhim hiiffoaljphio were proi«l to con- 
K pboiirlii: alplkalirt: but nil bicroslypbic* ^<rc not \Aio- 
', aomo roall) rrpri^rui^-d 4^xifmil ohjc^ii— oibi-n, hi a tis« 
nuvikcr Chanii|yilbf>n orrnniEc^i them titidcr tbrcc koadt, 
rbibl^ rotictirrinF* uiiH thr IwaI fBivt'k aulboritica, ])«ilicu* 
ijr thn eutioiift pii.4M{r ot dcincol of Aktaadna. I. Fisu- 
t\ri nliicb etprua llw object dinraljp l>> m ima^c U. 
»^nU4i<, liopic, or aviigPUVtic ; vrbitb rcpfn«'nlt by an eKUnnI 
r£l, MM it ««rp, nvtapUoncullv, Migic aiialnfom irica. Ml. 
; the pTprMcntaii^ca of Idtvn. Tlie diHeicni kind* of 

UifO*«Q>«rXi^ WMsA, 1^^ Ifau K>« Hfuij <■ Ktiif lUnN ^^ 


Eg»/piim AniipiUkt, 

vrnitnz <iac<l in E|:5pt ^t-crn?. ot ibc »«nae lime, naorc cicarijr dU- 
tiiigLiiitird. and niuUijilK ilhitlralril t^utli ullipr. (1) Tli«nMrie9it 
hicroi-l^'phic, though «uil Li»(^d, gave pUrc r»r many |iiirfioM.'« lo 
Uk- {^) liirnitic, nliidi naa d uiit iff' UcLn|;Tiipliy, <x curtiiv 
writiuf; t>rihc inon^ ri^giiUrly fomi^ imaaiM o^iu protoljipft. (6) 
'11m: demotic, or cncburial,* vai lunincd in>m tbc hieratic, but 
vrilb lew 4lit«rfilj in its ehamrtert, uliieh rece^iixl intue un<l inow 
^oai Ibe primitive <7pci omcf u-n* almoftt, if not <-n1iti:ty, p1xiiMli«;. 
AflcT ihift Wlj ikrCL-L^ wr r<'**'tl lo llw niore ionuiHlinto object 
of our Drliclt?, U'C early t^gyplinn hinlorv. 

lht\ ( ivili/^ttiuii a^rcnd at ili^^tx-ini ihr Nilr ? Sticli U ihir lir>| 
RTcat problem. Wvb Kthiopiutb^parvnt of Tlti> religion. Uw urU, 
AiiiJ llic ti^tl pobiy of F^.^pi ; oi did iLc tii:Ut Lif hx^iflinn Mia-< 
dom, convi-^ecl by ihe urr>L« of I'^yptun coiii^unt, |Hriii.tnl4' jnto 
the dark caves of tlic I'rosbidytc^, and »ubd*ar tiKir >ct iMrburoiu 
dnnt to lh« ttse of ibe humane* itrtv, uml ilir rrilnunU of dvil 
pobiy ? lo vttxrUin tbu fact, vir inuat vinit the rcniou- aiid 
ftJitouf Mcroc> licftin-, b^wr^cr, we mH forlb oii ouj Ehhi'iw 
lurou* \oyafCti up the Kicred Nile ui< uiubI clnr our itvjr by 
»ome olKKTPrattoM ; ThI, oh Uic cailici fiiroiiolo|f;T oi the |Ki»t- 
dUuviaa period ; ^ndlv, onili^ suibofiiii'^ uliich «>KiKi, iiuWpt^nJriit 
of Uio mouutuctiLi, lor the mri*Uuclion of I'^vptLun bnlory. 

I, 'Thropinioikiof rbronu1a^i!>/iLjty»Stillia|^ctft, 'are hli^tbn 
cKj docks, which vcldctm ogrcc, ;ot aoim coiim ucaior tbu linie 
nfday diaii tli^r otbrifi do.' Of ibr liulh of tbr cirrllnit dliinc*a 
Uttrr awcTlK>ii \ic i^ni^rtaiB not tlii? tlighutt doubt; but, uufor- 
luiiately, nr bu\c no limtf**picoc or dial, bv ubiub wr tun oatcc- 
tiin tke alrady and crftaiii Hiimi^ ^U'\rh fiiiglii lo ivj-uliiit' T>ur 
DoOvcCncnu. \i\*ti nben our B>trciiiomcr» ULc ihc tubjret in hiiiiiJ, 
MP do not nlwavK dtriii* iIihI aduutugir utiirh tre inr^^ul ho|K- Iftiui 
ihe J(:(Mn(Mi8 ol the c^*ct acicrtcc : Mi(n««j tl^ oonuxywr«y about 
ih^ l^rvndamitic Zodiac of l>eudctra, i*hicb, afW liaviug tiifMl 
the calculaliiit;; jxiv^rrf of iiiati\ a Imm^d iBatbi-aialicMii, nnd car* 
rkrd up (bf eii>tcitci: of llic earth on whkU it vfi» coiiatj ucled 
comrnlitl hiftW iban lb« Call Vuga of llie libdmin, or a Wrhh 
geoi'jlcpi^ tii/m out lohaTC bcco iculptttn^d on a building; ai Icjial 
m laU» a< ihr AniDiiiiif'*- ^Vv arv M^uilomrd tu tij|t]uiiif ilint vr« 
poinmi an uiKloublod canon of aiK'i«nt ^hronolo^v tu ilic Holy 
Scripiurra; l>ill, prrttupx, nrKt l^i a ctrai PcqaainUiiKv vtilh uliat 
tbe tacrvd tolnuic docs uodoubttdK contain, t^iu mviii vuluabfo 
knonlrif^ » <tt »bal it iloo pot. In ibr rni«cf»at lliitorj^ abuw 
OJW litihdrcd and twciitj dnica are (Hcb for the Crrnlkm, moM of 

thm rMwaMoui vf Ur. T«uir.oi>tWraAartal1anpiMM^itMrtMl—t 
««lu^wiafnilUtt«ttgakflf Owtfln kmn^ FmAmv KimMV^ P* la^tf 
KBTvS^LrtiaiMlt. ^ ^ 7^ 


Egyptian Anti/fuUi^s. 


lli«m mwie oul by |i«r>oiiv vMq regnrti %*itli men! liiic^re r«i«rcocc, 
and derive tbctr ar|;»m«Eilfl from, the ftacrcd wrlliiip. The &sl cif 
U>or pliimi ihit nonl H, c, (>UM : llin Istif, ^'SAlii ; dillpniig bv the 
moderair umouat of nwr^ ibni 5O00 years* Tbe pt-riud ol tUti 
delap is fiir^l hiiIi iio gic:i1<.'i iiiiifrininry. Tl)c Sr|itii8gjnc ^\vea 
9.C,3S46--thc Hcbr«\« text UcconiiniE 1o Ltbri), 2^AS. Wo 
iliall luJti, a.1 uturir ixitJiifclriJ nitli our Mtbji'ct, the eiliiritiL- Oulf^n 
UBtgncd lo Ihe Uxoduf;, whjcli u 6ird by Jowphui, (aeeording ta 
Dr. Hil«*,i>carWlhe»iiieKritb DaVij^nollo,) it. c. I61S: by tire 
Knglbfa Bibic, on tbe luihoriiy of L Ahf^r, I4i>l ; by tbe itilgor 
Jcwiih cbroiiolofyr 131^< Our coticcnit Jiowcver, is nicrrly to 
•how tbtt ibr bv-M 9crip[uTT cfiruciolu^v atToitJ* Bin|>li< npacv fur 
the hij(lie»t antiiuitT wlucb llic? t:rcnt i{(^pli«i kinsditm ran fniHy 
claiou Fur tbt- jKriiod b?:Lnvtii iliF fl<^>[l, ttiuJ ifir imt rtiiiirrxioEi 
of Mcr*4 bbtpr^ with l''g>pt, ut hu^ IVitir lii^tini^l authonU«4 — 
llHrwiKQQ of the LW-; Uic SnmDrtUn; Jaicphna^wHo profcMca 
to }kt»9 ftcilvrod fstitlLftilly to ttie ncrrH tx^liinte ; and ili« tl«br«vr 
dmmolo^ ndi>|iiod ui our Hil>lo». None of thcK, sirielly upeak* 
Uf^. agiw, but {he ilir«M.' fint roiKtir in HviJf^iiiiig a uiucb lon^r 
prno4 beln-rcQ tl>c dcl^pc and the birth of Abmhnm; the LXX>t 
I070jnt»— ilic Hrbrrn, tiuly 'i^H. If It Alimibl br inj^rtl ihiit 
(b« tnMalaiori of tbe ^eptnaiiitil, ^iivjronecl en all «idcff by 
Egyptian anrii^uilio, and sUndiniE in a«r of Alcvandii^n ic-amini;, 
«iia«3voiifed to conform llieir nmional annaU lo ihe more tii«iid«d 
diroiM>losKnlM»lci»; andthaiJovephui, etthef inilneiicetl byihdr 
BBlborily. or ictonlrd by ibc kuth* mu4iv4r«, iimy bivi- atlopl^d fbe 
fwneTiewf, yvl U>r niKiciit $4»nDrilsn text ntitl rcmiin>, an uii- 
nrrplimiabir wiuirw to iIh' liigh sntii|iiity of i\vc iituic rvtrnd<-/t 
jwnotL 111 fa«t, ut^ art, |>eHu|M, vutinf our lime in eon- 
ting tliif poi^il, *.* vic i[ba\ faiily contidc-r tin- Hrbirw cliru- 
ibiU ^ tkU period almoit «vph>dcd. In our owu couuin', most 
of tlioae wIbo lipie inirsiigated tlic subjcctt inefi who cerUinly 
TriU not b*- ■tiipf'eied of wsnt of rcvprence f*iT ihu lacml roIuinr» 
— >Mr. Uryuiiit Mr< Fabcr. Or. Hulei,^ — ^x}neur in rctciting to 
,|ii»- t^tif^ni uhji^h K'^nrruliv pn-vni^ptl in ihit early Clui«<ia[i diurrli ; 
lUui EmiU, Dr, Kti^ivil, m a icty sensible ^hmv, prt'6?ii^ to bin 
vwkuil llK-roiiiiL-\i«Mi <;( »afrrd mici prof^ic hr^lntt, Iuik >J;onn, 
witb pent probal>ihly, not only tb^ lutv eomtrnrtion of mIiuI nwy 
ynbapvlaftrly be call«<l ilic HnbbinJeal cbroi^olc^, in the fc<i:oinH 
crtunr^ of Cbriaianitv, bLit nbo, foLluwiiig tin* ttctm of the iinri«iil 
ChrittMJi vrriten on iIk subject, the peeulbr object for vrliick it 
m fraawd. li wottld bf djfliculi, mdrrd, 10 ronoMw ihe tui 
ctlttvwott and Riutli|ibc3lion of die hiinun fac«i — tkc «low d«^^- 
kiptiw^l fjf cr^ilixBiJcu^^— Lhv rrMtltituffA in llir foinu of gun-m- 
BKtil, — iJu; tlM of uugbty caipif«#, — ibe tip1«lldoiif of g^i^afilie 


Effptum Auiiqui^. 

dti«T^w!lliin the nurow Eimiu of Xwa of three cefilmiet; bst 
in ibo^ « iliontAit'l y^^n nltai dmi^«i niJL;ltt n<^t be wroitgbi ! 
Coavpsrc iht Friknci- ainl Krn:lu>»i, lire Pan* anil Ixftdoo, of 
the myt t>f William ihr ilmtiyM-nttf willi ibrit pii<«-iu ituli* ; or, 
|)«rliip4, ike wilJ vr-ytds uf AnKfica. iiihuLHUtl t)> wnkdcnof 
iribrj nf inmsrs, uilh hrr ]>o^»lotii< riitrttu Nor miHt U be for* 
gol1cii| tbtt, Irom Ihe t&jt of Abnhain, abox* ino ccnturkv mofo 
fliiM^i iH^forc llic n>itciuuo;i of liifl tlcscrudanU ; nn^d uf the *liit« 
of l^i;ypt. Ju lltv tla^i ol Uic pAlriarcli, «>« know link- more lluu 
tJMt n Luig it«8 rvhiTiJ;* ^Jdi »^tiiu degrc* of aUIc in 4umc put 
»f l^>vrrr Egypl^irobabk at Tnnift or Zoan; fti>il ibai ihn nllej 
of liic Nile huti bc;nio (o n^bkn its rich nrtura 10 Uic toil of lli« 
v^rotltiral cullivaUir. 

II. It Lav b?eii iii^eiiioufly obM;n«J, ibnt, from our three 
loading (iri^L-iL BudioiHiiM uii Cgj|»li«ii anliquilic^p wc nuy %iip- 
poM ounelvH to bear iht diJfrrr-ot Icp^ntk of the three f^M 
McerdoUl fsialjlL^ttmentL HcuKlutiii, iIiuiikIj l»e pro&>M» lo 
bats compfirrti ihrir lUitfraieiiFA vrilli tboir of llir- prJtttf of Theb«* 
and Hrli^pulit, obtained liii diicf ni/brniuikfii J'loai the isiiiuiten 
of l*iJtB (H4Tpbni«ro«) >l Mn^phit. Mam^ibo of Srbi'iinilm 
tnmy bi? €i>ii»idca-ci b» Ptliij ui Uw vawce of SaitJC, or reui«r, 
lli->iiJ|K>lii;jii iraiiiiiiod. DJutitim^ uioiffcdly f^P^k^ m beting 
been m>dc BroLiiuMf^rL vritli ibn »crtd brioki of Tbebe*.^ Tlic 
boiicfij ami bildiiy of llur old UalKajii»kiau cui saucely b« 
doulit^'d : ihe f|iMHiion U, Lour fsr the |>nc»ifl vuy baw nnt- 
iLiftimicd thi: inqiiijitjve vtmiiffrr. or bow far be may havr mivuit-* 
drtntnrMi ihii pnctln i for \itu>|lMT lir ff^nicr^fil uilh ilimi 
Ihruu^li oiiu <]| Ibe cute of interprelcn, of li«d hvutdf uL-quEivd 
thr iBBjcingr, ditnt moX appi-ar. IVn ivninmi, \>iioit nrilliig 
upon nbeLoui itmlten, u very reoiftrLeblo ; oa certAtu olhrr 
■ub^ccts, liJ3 infuriifaiila du eo< tw^m tn liarr Ueru ^^rty cotnitiHtii- 
ciliiv; tkur doc* he appear to liaixi pnid iniacb allMilioQ lo Ul« 
taojiumcnti of TlKbc^. Of tke crciiibilil) iff Ma»cltji> v><;Ab(>uM 
b« belter aWi^ l*"* ii*'i?f, if, of hh grtiif hrt<or\ of hi* ooimirv, w*» 
po«lMltd mere ihaTi tbc lAncn b»l nt h^f d.^naftiu, Rl(«rcd to »iiil 
ibt diflfercM B)pi1rinh i'i ibe UbrLiiiati diromilo^iaK sud tbr fiag- 
uwdU uliich Jo«iTpbu« Ia» cjiiolcd for the pvirpow fjf co«ifutiii|( 
llicoi. llie owiincr iu ^liicb hb JyiMsCirA ami tlie mimuaiciiia 
mutiialljr illuaUata Mch oib«i, jii:iLe»> out a trtronp cam in liia 
ftfvottr ; Bit<t it amy fairly be obtcr^cd, thai llkou|Ji hi* cvlacr 
djnailira. rviTV if eccurai«ly rej^ortet^ may be nic^mcl or fftbu- 
loUBr bii }Hcr mar br trxjc— n IJi r'a bialorv ol llw bw^a of 
BoiDu inaj ^tilyfy be. «« Nkb^br «<mUI perviuHW ii«» pure 

■ W« cuHt oCTH vtlti II«fnu l> tii|f*«Bf laa to mihi fUt Wbfti >rinJr 


SgSfpiitm Antiquitit4^ 


piMtry, vliik U* htcr tlecodt mnj be wKlhj of the hi|:iie«l i!f«dii. 
l>i(HtH>rii> haJ IJk »dtanU*r. lii-sides Wit joltfiojuisi; vltli Uie 
pnou i>r Thibet, of ituilviiiK the uoHta of m^nj vi^rVicr viritorsr 
nrUcuVuly lIccatftiiB of Mitctni, who prcccdrd llctWotut in 
kit n»ii la TWbfv. t^itdrT i1i« Pioka»i«, ili* itiKly of K^ptiin 
•titi<jiuticft mm r«taariably sclivc; nod in the citccllcnl trnatitc of 
11r}ii«, * 1>i: Ifiiitihu* lliAiitrriiniin l)jodf>n/ the rmi^rr wiM firii 
a tovf hil t>f tlv auitirkti vthoni tNi^ Htli^cni, nnil, wn nhoLiliI coiw 
cri*c. |;ciici&[l/ judMiiuit* ixiiirf, miui piulmbh oiiisiillLij. Di- 
Vuntig (Article on ^pvni, in tho Eilnburgh Eficyclop^dia) hsA 
cvbacmtj how cunoufllv iJii^ motiuiniruU tlluKlrnli? unrnc of Uic most 
cKtrmoHinafT ^inx^mfva of Diodoni^ ivlatiiif; cu I'lgypCtan cu»- 
t(>ms> Beside* Oic»r writer*, no luvc a Cr8^:in«nt of ui old 
chinnideH whifh ilie motik 8ynoellu< (an indtirviciit uuiIkhiI}) 
M)» miMcil Muictho; • very curious hM of TUctui king», b) 
Er»U>3|liriici liw I'ufiiiaii; Euudi vuluMble indilciiUil iuforuialicm 
ii» Str^bo, I'lularfb, timi uiher wriur*, 

He DOW resiiiiM*, ilti-j thi^Bi: hm^t biil Di'ccfian, dij^rcnioni, 
r|»f* «ibj«<t whicli wv pn>pti*vii — tlic Klbiopi«ii descent of tlie 
rcliffno ahd arts of I^gypL Tbo opinion of Arc^A upon >Jic flrtt 
pcopJmy of llw niley of tlir Nile dc»cnc« our iM>Ticc. 

' I cvfiecivc' ta)i iKi> k4rDc^ writer, ' iJial nlt-n K<ypt bciKon lo 
he uih*biiu4, it ^xt pirlJy \iy foaiie ivlomttn fjum Aj^^U. w1ii> foU 
luav^ l3iB putanU life, irv) W oilion from E;hii:![it0, whii Wl iiJririuly 
tteroed to tiU the KiiL The tormcT oc(^upi«fI Xhc n^uih^ about P«* 
liwiuni. ui4 p«rt of tbc DdU« irith lialiyioi: ami Memphis, u|j to ite 
tnliUle of itv IlcijUaoaiiA ; the El);b^Aii« IjuiIC ThrWi jjhI AbyJu&, 
and may Covm, boih m the Th^baii afMl Dc^ta, aod wofEd! w^r for 
aunr kjfcs with tariooH veccen ^^oinn tbe ShqihcrdtL 'Jo thb p^rio^ 
tltv bivtoty of Oiirta app«an to beton^- <^ho, coming &j a ntnui^r 
from Blkiopia, aft«r he had impruved. by miDy ifirentiaDf. ih* tttmitt 
of tgrtrakure, ud laugtit many of \he atcfml art* of Iif« to tb« 
Emtwta, at ko^iK Vv a atraUi-rni of B^, tbft kuiR of lb« Bh«p- 
lk0v f «1io« thv Grveits call 'J'vphon), i«aa sletn, a»d g«vr oKaaioQ 
thii u-«1i-knowa monniful Attn. Thi»> Thebaii« ifB^wtrdi un* 

bull Mevptii*. look Uttliopoiia fron |ha »iw{ilMic^i«t aiid, at 

felKflvn. Of A bam' ' 
The •ittbor ptcti on to tMeft tliM SeiMlrw tint coo*o1»ilaled th« 
wbtilc icrti lory into ouep«ai moMrdiy, TJicrcu probably inucli 
Imtb in ibif lutld o^nlmr, lliough the )4ie|^erd» ex|wlled iVom 
A\i»tn vrtt moit |ik( ly, as will bcTGafler appear, of a diltVrcvt 
ntr ham the Arabufi. 

Notbiir^, indeed, b nwre curioii* than tbe kiod of lacreil re* 
vmtice iu wlucb die oaaic of tic l^iiiopiiiEia waa bcid m all prH 
tnitnc tmbtJQii. 



124 Ep/ptim AtUiqfiUia, 

'AlfMii?/ tar«H»)TTT. 'in U>ci curliest iL^ifciiiift of the iDOft dfQbW 
n^tiuns oi ailiqijity, ifJcam^ tlk« nowt of ttii rcmMc people Th> 
Mi]ial> of Uic Eicyiriian |tnrM* n'cro fuLl of ihcia : ib(? aukn 

Opnn Upends; ajid, lit a pfruxi cciiaidcrAtftf culi^r. ih<y tilti 
jiEnidtt thi- Orcrinu mphoUigy, Wbeu Ihe flrrrNi Kurtdj- knrxr 
lui; or 5idly t>y unao, ihe Ethiopian* vytc ■Ireadv in tlio kouUu of 
their pcct*/ 

Both in UieTLind nnd ilieOdjrssejp at a cctlnb period ^ die ytar, 
Jupiki Jc|>ftf Is to >iail tlib Dio!l ftniotv iiid juat uf people,-^ 

' Kor iludaiah ta gmre 
"Hie ftin tyf Ktbb[i{A> bttm«l»» r«r».' 

For twelve ihjr* iJ>e god is obirm in ihu |>iouft and ho4pj|«ble 
region. There can be little doubt tliat »onic anuual proccKUon 
of tfie prirUH of AmiTicinr willi llicir god, pmbubtj up the Nile 
to tb4> priiuih\« iiL'ai of lUir \^^r^hjp, n tbu )>roinKl-work of Uiii 
li^lErnd, adopti^l into ihf? (ifmnn iwythtihm, * Thr KlJjiopMiv,' 
uyi Dtudunid ^iculua, * nr« ^fljd ii> bt lt« inTcntorv ol pompa, 
inirrt6c(->, ^rjlcmii a;««ciiiblir>, and otikci boiiours |»aid lo the i^odi.' 
'J'tial ii, ihct wvr^ Hit rpliRwu* parriitK of ihL* £f[ipciaii«, lo wIwhd 
(lie liKeK> Luokcd «!>, wfictlici trulj or ocl, aa to llictt iulnaclOfa 
ill ihc vor^hip of ihr g^^lt, nnd itt the pnnclpW of rivil nolilv. 
It ii in Uint snf rrd ijt»ml, or aliKld-foinuAi pt-ninflula, niailc u> ™ 
rnirJliirnrr* of iJic Amp^q. iir 'V:i<iirjCf with tbi' Nili*,— ii i* in 
tliat DficifTiit Klhiopian Mtroi?, thjit jrcj-pviuBl object ot tiadi- 
bpnal fciviru^r,^ — utid flu: Mtr uT »bti^K u I'lcj^b tfaiellri, M. 
Caillaud, has been la fortuiulr a* t(> vuii, — ibat w find tbc rdr- 

Son, the CLvd pulitjr, the uttA, And citnj llic Icltera of H^pt >n 
t*it tiifnrcT. Nothing ik moro rrmHrlcnbli^ in ancinit luntory 
Uian {he aiiiforni cvistvoce of a izrcul pticjtly culc ot nnvtocnicyi 
at tirM imariuMj' ibr bencbciors and civilivepi of mankind, de^r- 
DcniMiiG aoaocltnaca ml<k oppvr«for« and opiwTicau to tbc pro- 
gmaof knuwlrd|^tr in the liuil> of ilic tivinninuit^, \tMi thf tMt^- 
trnniiriic^ to wbich Hvy n«rt at Unt itwlly cntiUtd tliould bo 
VTft^tcd fiom their potter. Auinii^ the Iniiiaiiss tbr Itobj luninna, 
the Ktnivcin*! — our own GaiiljUi inroitonr — |>Tvbn>dy tbe Pr- 
EniGinn popidfttkiB of Gteccc, — even io tlie New U'oiid .—cTrry 
uhrr«<, in ibofi, — Dp[ieon, at a eeitain pi-ryid of eTvUbation, ihk 
pciniilhe union of tbc rcbinom ii»d teoiponil suprtmacy in a 
Hialiui.-t nt\t\ ptivitrt^nl otdi-r, iiotnrtiioi-i. no tliiubl, a tnbr nf 
anniher »1ocL ; wtK\ nonhtit ia \h\s morv dMiiiiellj trttc«l than in 
the early Kf^pliun Ljilory, II41I uhiii' the piogre^i tiS the Dft» of 
life, extendttf tntiloiy, peiha|»H freqiieat uan and eOQi|Ue»ta, 
gradually iiiLdcfiuiaod iLu «acenlotal d<ifliiJiJUOn ui Ef>pt, and 

tnBiletr^d the loi'Oretf-ti aulkority ittto tl^c bandi of lite tcnipoml 

tbp siKicnl E^tpciatn ciorrh and (UU* ; uhilc Pcriiaii ftod Mjtc«- 
doniaA rulcn gi>vcr»ftl tii^ country on llic common jiriticijilcn of 
orirfiUil (icfpnfum; in llw rrmoie Mcro*, ill* [idmittie polity 
rvinui3iM aIuiosI unalLcrcdT up to the ijmc of the Miice(lt>nitto 
kMrg>t»irk <*( .\\t\2ni\i\i\ ; ilie nitiilrl utid h'pt cii uhirli ihc ^iicictit 
li^Eiptun monaichv m^* Koimcti by it} LllLiu}.itHt) rnuitJet?. vnm 
rtnl in eutlciLL-c iiiitkr liir Ptuli^iniri^ :uiij ^-xt. t-miii^imhrH nnly 
b^^ ihtt pto^«i4 of (jrecurk opiiiiuitB^ vtWWh l«<l tLv niuEiaruJi to 
cli3il;kui llicyole of llic prinMly aiUiitrrtiy, and [o nurit iii)> tO}n\ 
tnprcinacj, by a ni«aauiv MhkU raUii-r dupbyotl Lih ifiilet>cfidcitci! 
Uun liif huEujiniiy* Diocforua h«» left ui sii accuuui of tlij» 
ir»B»c(ikni- Our nikthov, on tliU pointy bL'sidci cutuultiit^ Ibc 
niitini^ of Aicnllmrciilo o<' Coidoa, and Arlcmiduiua of EpIitMia, 
prolcvo lo bn^c (>bt:iiiii-il Im informal Inn from onil romrminira- 
boai with cortain ^hiojukJi prJcuta 4QlI vliicra, wboiu tic IcIJ in 

' Hi* Uws of ihi^ EihlwhM dlfor not a llltle fnm tbmv of oth^r 
oatkoa, panit^olarly m ths choiu of Adr Uaga; for tha pri«fU 
MiMC tho omit ciulinffuiihcd of ibtir ovn or^vr ; liut of thoM ttim 
VllMCcd* whicWror die ^g4 (no doubt Anunoii). u he u c^rEird uliout 
tm faiMl pomp (bv^^&i^ hi-tv, prolmbly. t> the buiquei of Homer), 
iUl Jay md of. hln the proplu ci«<:i for lh«ir Idn^f, anit liuLantly 
UL dovn and offer trm ilTvini.- homaj^Vt ihc vovcm^My hvinii^ thae 
ranfefTcd apoa toni I) the bfuiiJL'Oi:f of the f^'odi. Tlw ki^i^C* ^"'^ 
cboMfi, BiduptA ()ie mode uf Hfe a|ipuinttfi] by the andtfnl Invs, and 
coHferau to Ihvm iii cilery fiAuvl, netlbrr heilowiriFr f'^'^'ur nor 
iafiktto^ pnoUhiBvQt, but accurding to tbe |>rinn(ivr and umueinoml 
magva of hia aiinstoin. It h their rusiotu uevtr Xu ex»uti.' thine 
CtwMlr ^afcntEMd ; bntt tht-y tond on» of their olHtvrv to the cri* 
iBHnL v«aring the »rnU>ul tii dc«th. Jaiincdiatoly that he beholdtt (ho 
toll tisn* he rttirva to lii» oWr houflc* and dc^Tlve* bimwlf of lEfr. 
It it ntm jvmiiiieil to lly \nu> a nd^lkbaurlD|^ country, ami thnin a* 
«neng the Grarka, to oooLwuto tiM avniaoco of dtath for baniihmrnt. 
Then t*t wdccd, a tnditMi. thAlf ivhcn a certain vritaiEuil attetnptcd 
ba niska hit cacApc ffoui Ktbio^ia. be wdji detected! by Eiii mother, who 
tvUl«4 liT %Mie rouuil bia ni-ch- Hi! Teotur^d not to make ren»t> 
•ftoa, bat i^aietlr luffvrcd hinisLjlf ta be BlrangU^l. ibut he might B#t 
iovUivhU family in itiUdcepcrduf^race. Ik^t the most extraordinary 
ihti i4 all rcifltc* to itie dealb of diclr LingB; fui iii Meroi;, the prie*t3 
vlio officiate in the vorthip uf ilir gtxlMi and )ioM llie hl^ltpttDAd moat 
lafturbtjai r^ik, ttiicn tt HvmBpoud to them^HMid a me>sn>f;erio tha 
lu^, cqqwttnriing him to dtr. for Uk godi haTing uHorvd thia ora- 

* NpkHiBi, A uifl wffilH-p hu ta •renaloribc«lnliaa ti ifathiagtef lUbtfj 
Ua bia m^i^tfM/ u nrjr douliiA^ 


cnliir ^prrrf, in>rt«U ntnitt not pruume u> nffcle*^ th« ordiniinctf 
lb« tniiiTxrUls. Thcj o^ other ■SKummtei wluch u* nc«tr»<l with 
tli« utittciti Mztifhckf by k miiuj brauiclit up iii rerc reocc for apricot 
and uiiialcrruplrd usa)(i>; niLd th« kiDs. uviog iKiUnng to ^rgp i» 
oppuftUioiu «»biiuta M once to xh* iaeniahU- a^wwly. TLuit, ba 
tuii«», the mociarct^impltdily obeyed lli«].«-,«aU—Dal buULiedbrfi 
of anuA, but their rtAsona cn^ltvcd by FcjprriiU>ji:, H\^ vadtc 
Mcxiiul INukniT. I^r]gain»n», Kirig of it,c KlLiufjiiuii, liui tt^ 
a Gf^iek c^ucutioiit ftCid btudi^J |ihilo4uji|Ly, rir<t ^ar^-J to trvat 
hMge witb contempt ; Uir, amiining a QbirU wcrthv oS ttiH royml 
Idlv. be peu«tntt;u, u-Uh Ma tuEdicn, mlo Ibv buly fWr (n A^ni). 
whi<rv Blooil tbt- ^oldirii Khriii^ (<«ti) cf Ifit- Ethtojilflm, slfv nil Ihf 
pH«MB, and, abohUiine 11i» i?aMoni, ralwl afiKmrda acoonUnif to bb 
own ftrbiirAry wilt' — £HeA» StV-i b. tii., c, r;. 

I^e^, thon^ is tlie |»ololvp« of the niitient |niNiW monnrcli} 
vi Esvpt ^ iml, K^roETtin^h, lU tbc iddcnt Nubinii moiiUfUfiila, 
ttid kinj; uitialU' ueir^ lb« uniti<i1 simboU uf r<j)uU_v und |>rH-it- 
tioi>d : CTf n afM (be inif^tbotid b»l loti or ibwitfoitnl th^ pri- 

\i34'g« of L-lccEtng ihi* vmi^^'lgn Imrn tlR'tr nan buctT, ib^ bin^ 

cGiitinucd to be iniiidM mtn tlicir cuic, llr^rcn coi>c€[if« Ibai 
Mvenil of tbfl letiefi in Um: muat socirtil ti]i»|iir» irptrM-nl tbn 
lEiknorlnnt ccmnonv ; white, in niaiij otb«r |it>uiti, tlwj •km* Ibt 
ttill ropectful »ubi>idii»doil of \\k ritU to tbr ttlisiouft ]wnc*r: 
bb atUDibntip a« DiodOfU* vatt, mto tb« vomh nf iImt niU^il^ 
OWtc How far llic u#«nmplion of lil!<i, ikiorrd of Pihn 
at Aiiinoifi, ur eteo of xhe najmn of ibe godtj or ihr Htippinetl 
ilcfJFication o^ Ui« tovvrcj^tiv, tun> bnic onxi>^bt4Hi iii lUii iibliBiate 

cmnciio m) hv tlonbtcd. Wk luit: aoQivlimu Ujougbt. ib^t 

tome alluiion, Oilier lo conneMon ormnky bc^^nrcn lli« tbrviw 
and the altaf, bjrbod in llw utrioui accouiil tif tlic Aiukty wliidi 
ibc Tlirbnii iitieftU vhavtvxl to ])foii? to IlrrodoUU, b} ibrit iv«k 
oi wooden L-olofvi, tb«i i\k 94111(1 number of kint* und pfKat> buJ 
ruled Bad mititttrrrd in rri[iiUr inm^HMv, 

Anolber r(<markaUr ilbulriliou of ibv rirsciBbUnoo m ibe irlft 
as well B» lilt.- niftJlijlijit><, vbitiipioaitridflbMigtlic wbufe enurvr uf 
ibe NilUr hat eom« la ligbi b^ ibu jonruey of M. C'ailtau<J, to iIjo 
site of the ancietit Mrrcie, 'llie ^nM luytitity of ilir inmnitfli aei- 
tber bai n*oei»^, f>of np)iriri bkH* lo rieceitv, vty b^ht^ ftoni tbe 
disGoverict Ml birmilyplm-al titiralnrr, N ■. \'. \ .\.dki^ iht n* 
mr^tvUn tif [>ji^iii>ri »Eiit Ut'boni, aitd lUv n. ileuldlJon of 

Ibe uKjIlLlu^t L-l ihuinUi-i^ ^^blcb may o<:cii|>^ luc itiUtinr i4 l-V-*c 
ia»l Ubric?, w all.- aj auitb lu ibi; daiL a* irtL-T, as (jj ihcjr ij^t- 
anJ ilieir builder*. I'hc [»>TaniKU ipix-Brr m i< uere, atiuiwl wu 
ll>e iti^c iii lh« land, to iMpiT» ibe itjan^^r at ooce uiib tbo 
^niiiu of tbii GotoMtti'iDinilnl ptopte, wfaoiv teglou be bu Jwi 
cntetcd : — 



£gyjUian jInitqnitUs, 


Yh ihry itaml in (^ilt-tiC aail infommtinit^&iu^ innjtit^ ; mu), vre 
believe, Qi> hicro^l^ |>fij(:«, or olhiir chunitlcn. Iinvr teen, ■■ ycl, 
dttcoretvtl, ctllicr nitliio ihrnt or vithniiL \U iht^. i|(-(iii\r (f-^Ii* 
UTof PlinT,* wo tiKTW tlui the jiidtfnH ha^ no U'ltf^<l uplnioii 
m subjcci^ and iltr )K-«J(i^4- etnlciiK-lit of llcmdoia* is not 
JMiVl^ i(njMt)bal)le in luvU, tMi ia n«iir«li»tfl bv hla owu idmis- 
ticn, Uwl the iijniniJR yitrv a avbjcct M» t*hirli lltt piit^t* ntit 
wRvilliB^ (i> cmiittve, fl rM>vT n|iptTnr«, l!al >l llir* fuillietl eii> 
Irrmiir of thfT Nilotic t^ioti, u« tiriil ii^iiin cjiaciW tlic nmmo fntm 
of biMtds^. lmii>rji>iiTiilil_« mfi rior in Ihtir dimcuAJoii!!, the whole 
rrgio« of uliit we laiav iii|>|i4>ic llie oncieiU d<»RiiiikHit of Mrnw 
ti »ittiidc<l uith futiiit of (Ijc inrDmidul forni. M. CailUuii llitm 

' On tttctiiiijilc L4ul[i£ti fuit g:inJ<4; Itar rfial lic ct>n*cr7atiQh mc 
prmif * "■■ *". -■' -f r !f5 ^- < 'I, ^ t|u«1f]tii-a ri<iiiim/-irri nrftv Hue de 
m pi^* tic Otitbli.' Ws ii\nwrit\ona out autrea ; tft 

lM>e t»l jr -fTj :iu ur-* -HI vTUtimtlf.'s; W4 f*c*i voiil ca ao rrtrfcis- 
>Biit pitgnt^tiis o^cnmr trtV^ i^ti 5S;4qL>Knih ; \tt purlie nipdnmre de 
l^uift ^ cc« ftcH %'t*i ^rroiil^T ol U)AB« voir k rinli riiMir le koiMmC 
lli>« d^iftc petite pfTaaiidc qui autible vmh 4tv necuuvtirtc par u^lle 
^■*i« d^ri}. Toulc) 1r» tiitrr* oal ^ mh.i% ni, dc btto- l^ur 
nantmrtiitfi nr difl&rt? poJni (T*? c.>rll« <1p^ pjjaiuiLl-* d E^f tc, ^ cc 
n'««t qitVUel lont plus cffilrtn ; ivur« f;icc-( font gimioi d^DD rmitf- 
BKClcnip^ !riT»-uiti.rl c]»a puriit avuir ^t^ f^rv> «ir plice,co qti* 
kkAicot wuTcntfes Kfljj^tU^ |ioar lc« murullE-stlif If art nonummii; 
I'tnWrirw ert lAli «i pit-rrp* tcjirr^m tSTun [omlf^jirf fonm? rfr r*lU 
iam d« martE tt^rtukcmBCRlutwA: cllvtcut if0 4 30 ccntin^ltvfi «n 

h««l«iir d'nivivt, rl -lo cnvtroo fQ loo|nao»r< Toato* 

m pf ffwniilei tftuml uncBLvV's dv U ri^iuv niait-irrr : I'dJM dr dm- 

K , »k u^irf icif *nxUt <luiM la d^utiioa do* qvtire vccli 

C4- — Ctf^Z/aiivii r^yta/i-a J/jrrw, t-il p. 7tf. 

I'boic MHillx'tn pyiamidshaic i» gciMnJ avmnll »<tncia«ri', or 
parch (pjtone), before tke ^aiiniiKf?, uid iuili»ir«|M-ct dift^rfnitn 

PlHlT«ui^ AmwliVav* .%kvJiAn l'«i) ^i*»--f, DAvUh. Anlklflu. I>t(u1rlli^ 

U^^fa^ Apt - - 'il HMiUnrtrt* liat, jufiiHD* n»i 

■MhuIi Ilk. 1^. 17- Ifwdurui uh* tbir wn» 

■ ■ ■■ l» 

]iz$ Eggpfian Anli^iiiet. 

lho«e of lhf> n^nh ; ihongti wr- hsTp tninr n*n«nn In itnitM i«lir-Llii!i' 
llob vtM uruf(>rmljr Uic cuiv> Al nil cicot-', lliid iinulatUy in (lie 
form of ruililingr at the two eitrFnm of ilie liiit? uf civituaiion. b 
a fitct of ^TCAt intcr^l. 

Nor in lliis ull ; vhc t%x%t\% of iKi- iLi|)poteO Mrrut^ utr cnvcrrd 
vilti ttie «am« hioroglv)>liii: charucii^rb v^kiicli are i^ad on tUo mottU- 
luciilAorThcLcvand AI>v(Iiu. DimioiiL*^ ^aa t^rj curious p0»>i^r 
(b. ill. <- -I.) uxpri-Avl^ »it«rt» tl>e Hthiopio origin of liJtfU(»l)pltic«p 
whkli lie cuIIp AI^iTvUa y^^ciULara. Al prcic^il, (>iihap?. nc cu(i»r>i 
iWcidi- \vliHhiT l^pt fiueil lo Mrrur* \\\\\ i\^\\ uf a[]\aT;riii^ f ilill- 
mlaoii, or tvlitrlticr it ^^ftfr bomt to M«;ro€ from E^jrpt \jy the n-llui 
4if iiilrn-niinr ur LniiifLifHl, whidi wiigiif^AtitHUiblv UwJk |>lnrr at > 
lulor period.* Tbo foilou in^ obwrr*ti<Hi«j bowevcTr i>f M. CaU* 
land aic too envious to be onxiUciJ. 

' Kn com|iarvit l«« nvrmmieW dv Barkal «c d'Ataour &Tto «n«< it 
V&gf|4iei lv4 plus KiunaaBmiriouUon iu]iiioe<Tap«at-41rv q^c ccs dcr- 
&i^r*9 oat vu AUiii ^a **&clttftrM« rxt^neura ; iii^s c'ert uoe nu- 
nlonquf j« 11^ liartdgf point. Si let pynmldea d'BtfyjiLr, let |ilui 
^mndct futtoul, tuwtnt 6t^4 fteoompa^nAtt d'4<^fiec* do «• f^nrti Ut 
Auruofktcu dct g^ropocliom rcUdvcnwnt irit-ifruidct, ct il cti *crut lo- 
4i*puiaLJcmciit rc>L^ quet^uci tfac». Au rcaic, oti nt |jciic tc diffuidr* 
dMiigRc-r dear ^poqiiei ik connructiDU am p^raruiJi^!! que j'al d£* 
«riU4^ CvUtt qui* Jk diTcft iodicc* que j'tj (oit OLintiaitre. m'onf pivru 
ffrr /» uAu «af tVi'if't tAmf puni (if JijnriiMtrfi, r/ pir c;rrurfUFta| 
fomi 4tfi$t'nHfI^ihct^ CvMcj' Jionl \v* ^tax plui giowi-) pyrtuiiiira dc 
BnrkoJ, U pluc grtndr jurtiv dc cc]l« Ja Nourri «t BcUl, pliuieurv 
dont U KLC rotto que It* bosM prrt dvt niinct d'Ajvour.'t 

Another trifliiii; circinaslsitco if ivorlli nitntioAitif; ; while the 
£lliii>pian noitnal^, the rhimiccr<Hi, hippoixitAuajv. nod ^iitft*, 
appour upon th^ Nubian iciilpturet, the Atiatic caiii^l ib avvvt 
hmtvl. CAmrU> it may h*^ rcincnil>cr4yi, wtm onioit^ the prcscuU 
nmilr hy (he Liii^ nf Ijunter l'^}pt to AhrBJiuni; bui thi* l^g^p* 
tinns never tcciti to liavc DdopW a» a &)/iubol, or object of iior> 
■hi|i, thii uwful irr^Diil »f tbe Arablau dm-tt. Tluji thi-n vvrr^ 
Uiii>if coiii:urt toettubiUh llibtb«or), uhicb, intlcad of bciiif- Mir, 
at ChHinihtHiiin m^tcris ' wa« c^lcurh thut deiivcti li} l>ioilon», 
Tjthtr from tht^ir prk-tti of t*ujlirr trailitiottt/ It mu thrown ooit 
bv Sir U\ Jum-i j — it nuf Acntoa^^ aif rocslcxl by Hiikc, wboaajs, 
' like mouaiiiiii imnu.-4Liiiti.'E) ubo^c ct bclitiid 'rbctH.<i tjv bollovic^ 
out ^ith llDiiibcr{<3T nvciiis, tin' lit»l liahjljitioin of Uic I'^hlopitn 
coUwj wbii^i hiiiU the ni) ;' mid ii hu» hr< n ailmitlrd by llip iimv^ 
ac<:oinpli>li*d of our ma-dtrti tni«irll«m, that ' we vmb Ibv iraHiotI 

■ lttt«iHt|HWBor lb SMv||in«f Itvliodor^ lit dblliigiMlhM la ti— 
i1m»|>I ud ridcf tfwnuf Ibe Kihiiy^pi ttc wjtl betog Hit iWM vil^ lb* 
kkntv uf ^ Ecn" ■"■— ^"bKf . Lb, n. », 

t C*ilU-d,iii-lS; 


Jigjfptian Aniw^nitUt, 


»«Mlfl nf tdcoce, politJ««f and religion, to tin 4leic«nda»lA of lbc*e 
I'roglojj ««, who tut «mcTgci(l from Lheir cafv* to culightrn and 
citilbc lulioiit/* 

Oi' v^hai r»«, ihrii. were ih«c (mmttitc citiUccn ofnuuikind, 

who, frum lhvij-tapiI:ilof Mrror, hi-lH^ ni Hrrrcn \\q\\\A 1«n<:h Ui, 
m commi^f tjul luLcrcouEsi^ iriUi Imliu vu one hand, niid uith ttie 
wbole m^r fif Afnr> dii llip o:hf'r ; wlicui- irinplf' was At oacc, 
likt tlie hoiir place of Mckkn, the ^tvhi cvuttc ol rthciowi aiid of 
COmiBcfciul rtrevit ; who, hcajjii*; n ilh them itw vtotahip of Ammon 
«nd Oviru^t the urU <jf UAr, (he h.ibiu of trnde, aikd abo^o sUf tba 
■ciciict 4ih1 impWrnciiti of jx£nctilliucr dtiriii}; ilic thoiuiunl jwan 
which plapird from th^*^ flood, grtiduallir' fproad ihflir tndiiHnouti 
ooJoiwcv bown tlic Nile, tdl Ihcv chaiificd (he iDonu9c* in whicli it 
>UgtKil<<d to fertili? O3m-llolchi * ]« niir prido ii> aubiuil to ihe 
bnDiilikliiif; condiuioii, that, utter bll, u^c owis to that race, vluch 
luibtwu 4u Ifing the ubjeirt of ifur contempt,*— vnmUl ihal it wprp 
mA Qocewarv to add, of our lyraaajr, — thafirvl dtiwri of thai ctvili^ 
lalion, til the fiill d;i>ljght of Hhtdi we a^^c biukiii^, nhilc oitr 
iBimicton hii« ■hrunh back into dmoct primeval mgbc? Wan 
the MpcrslJlio%i», ignoranttanJ dcgndcd nincra the lii»i miBiioiiuiy 
of^omib«rcr, Aiid urtr nnd cml poltiy? Tlie moinim^ntb «*n9ble 
M 10 civc a ik^uiic aiiawcr od thdt head* Notliiiig is more re- 
nurkablr. nor mnrr grnrrsUjr nckimu-^dgrd hy t\\ mho lia-ir iii- 
fp«Ct«d or dcliiicalcd lli€ icnas^t tht^ ocul piling and puinttnp of 
sncirut ^J>pt, than ih«r apuiirciil H^lrhty nith ithich ih*^ divert* 
niioAM the diAnvtit racct wliich thev repr^etit. But thouf^h tl]« 
nogfOt «riih hb !ab1<? L-umiihrxluu. Ikt h^i^, and nuoll^ h-jii, frv* 
qiifbtk appr^rt m an cti«my or captiTc* tlit grcnt dominanc <<iite 
■e^ra a nwarthy, but not black people : lull, nid) hair ciiilcd, but 
lUM WooUjr ; acid counttninor* with a crrlniti ih-^rrr? of shnrpnovi 
Atid reftibntT of pro£!e. Ilc^roc, ivitb thu pro^bcttc intuition of 
rt^l gmiui, lor u-l- icniplu iiol lo award du- |iiatei*i of ttiut hi^hoM 
quilitj of ihc faunnin mind lo hiin who Ant cast tho tialit of 
riwuu o«vr tlie wild doiiiJiiu o^ la^lbit: hiAtoiy. Iiurl alit^adj an* 
liapottfl tliu fo^ — ' Utinani aiiii^|ua monuaieniaiatiM!ri becrrti 
forte <nim tx tift dcchrati po^sit, divenai a vul^o facie* oc v^iltUB 
ftniHi ■■LiiJuluiM , itn omni dutiitatione aiipcnedcremuii, di^rnnc 

f Tww^icitipirtiintTi tiTf rriirtirtT*- uMMtifnUfona laHtrnv. vUntluj 

mrm uut Tilfti rl k** wikf^viii^lT iliiwi !f>^ uw M«o* llw itto ar thr f >wiiM 
~ tl kumam^ \m MOMnnuslvh h«*«vUv> ia a 4fffcrmt fdlO^. JiS vHib 
L ua fMittal>»li^iij rJriiWinni irirl nljf i«ai« Itul mvu tf 111* Anbiuit, 
t to Arm <>tul Kmiuui'i v««>1in;ivil «ali ju|4l«r uA JD^Apim, i, <- 





on^im* uta lribu» fiieril, B<leD(|ac Elhioptev, non Niffritm.' 
AccoriliDg to ihv vt'ah of llejtie, tlir DioiiunicnU iaic b^en iit- 
ppocIi'H, 111 ihi.' (Hori? ancient, ni well n* liic mndcrn sciilpluroip 
ikc leading fjcuici^ Xi\t liciucs of lli« tlcvi^tL, arc jtmuat iiit arnblj 
\\tt fuilhett r«iiiOT«^ from iho nrgru cxprruion of coimU-iia^MM) ; 
joineliinciai»proiacliJiiev>ihitcltanicicf tuwIiickiKCDicatciMtoviiird 
to utsif^ tht* pnite of maiiljr beauty, 'Hie i^aintingi confcn thii 
titw ; liie |>urc aii<i oncofttpoundccl colour*, uhtcI br tbc Em>lttii 
•ftitti, ci»abk thtfiii to liitTuigiiub, iC not tiicplj, yi^ vftlb nirocimt 
ckaiiKad, betwefii the diflcK»( iiK<-9 whidi they re|mMDL TkM 
«1j|| man iiiiexcrption»b1»' ii<>utii>jn\ of iliir iiiLunraira is eqinllf 
atroiiK- ThcKc ni ihc upper orricru tvtKa\ Um nlinoil ItvJiip fiiira- 
niciil^ t'f a )>mpl4.', tiimi^, init blaiL. wiiL loiif; imd nutaulJiiR-s 
lajik bur, :iriil ^itb fcAluroi whicb bear no tncc of negro duiceiBt. 

Ubcllicr tbe Ticif^lodjio iittm Mctoc urre ibc &t^i peopki9 
of the vkliey of ib« Nile, m*y be ilotibied; it ii, pntiBpt't on tb» 
^holct more probabtv ibil, in «i>nic partu at Iciut, mv ihcy de- 
ftrcndecl, iJisy fiiund n ntde tan-i? alrt^dv vltlnl in ibr rrgion^ iivrr 
nliom ibo* aB»iimod Uw affOewUiic of mpcrior <iviL«4iioDi »ii<J 
diUK forini'il l)ii- bighrr nnhe nf > mingled tisiiiHi. ItJ Ibe 
earlMSlo/lbe Nubian tcmpIrK, ibow Jicwtioutof tlwaolKl r<H-L, — 
(or it iiuist be miti.-riib<.'r(Tii llut bier ^i^Beraikns were cooiiunll^ 
adding to the nidc priiiwvtl butktinga of tboM pe«pl«, mho per* 
hapa (111I7 eti>li*incd dinr R(Hi« in loftier lubtemnwan li«]b ikui 
ib^' narrow excavations In tAikb thetwdtec tonnd (liclter fiom tbe 
bumilig »n, ibr mlTncfitint: winH, m il»r taml-wnrt of tlw J^^crl ; — 
Ml ffaciecililirr«» vbiHi almnu lin«- tbii I^hLh 4)f ibe liicr, 11 14 j¥W- 
iible tli«t the pro^r^^i ol tin* Iiil)f^ may be tincedr v1k.-ii tlicy iboll 
b>vir tH-rn ftjlU »ni)oirn;i1olel^ Him^e^ed. Miicb linn It^fn it\trn*.\y 
doffw by poor Bcboiii, mon by ilie FnuHi nrlttrbi, Mesirt. i-iua ^nd 
Huyoli but mnUi itill rera^tiv to be dolic, pattituUily tn ibe 
BCcuralo dMcnmliiULticn b«tw«eii tb« priaiiti«i.t ei1ilic«A, nid xho 
adibltcfo OkMlr mitter flic PliarDc*b« auii orn the Vtoltnucn. 

At Ml 9uiy (vriod, 'rht-'bi't, or its ^^tnutv. vm l]tv ir^piial Ml* 
Ik-mcnt of tbt) |K<:>p1o. 'Hwy JirM, if Hriicc i* rigbl, (ubo» bow- 
erer, wni MiltriiKifi-d by Pocorke,) ricmilH the ■louiitBtni u'bidi 
akitt tbc icrljlr jJiun of lbeb««, aAervarda occupied by Ibat «wl 
city, inio dvrvlliug^ fot lbeinH-Tv4r« ami iWlr guuf, and findiiiftlty 
iprexliDg ofcr Ibe plain \(liicb lay bet^cm tltrm and ilie I^ilc, 
tnil QTcr llie oibci bIiuil- of tbc tJirr^bftKigbi llir ikJisoit iutocal-* 
imitloQ and liid Uie fouiitbti4)n uTlhi^ ' buivdrexUcatod chv.' The 
conncxiort of thi-ti fclixi<Mk witb nnhcullDre i* r*1abtt«beu by mrf 
lf»tiniony of ubich ilikIi n »iibj^ct It <^|utble. 'iht unltvrfil 
Toicv of Iiadition bikI bjttory aKfibct to tho E%^ ptjau god tha Nf 
veHtiou uf liliase. 


£gj/pliai% vinfeffvifM*. 


El Ictfcmin lutT> H^icitont bumuot.' 

' Tli« pnnti of ihr FgApiinni and KildopiaTit/ i^yt Di(j<l<ini«, 
* btftr n »cc|}lrr, fi>rrnril in xhv iiliape of n plou|;h; llicir kings have 
ailopU^l tltr same.' Uj Ibr Mmrr1out>tfMl liglil of IniltEJrifj, ii .ip. 
pni«thiitip\c ni)yilil1foltovt thuca*t«or|K-cpplD,;klongthr Lankxof 
tke iiici. Tliw, (ji Ab^iluB.Mrriiii (u ha^r litcii the [triting-plactf 
vHierv ibcT nifldc a confiticnibt^ c4labli<hiiiojil iK-fore tltey reached 
Lonrcr K|;Tpt.* Here, oAcr ibe covcmmcnt had a»»uiDed u bio- 
nnrchicnl form, wn« the m-^I of an aiKJfiit diTiauty of king^^ and 
j\b\du u-«i kitig held in r€\crc>icic a* oik of llic >acrod plncca of 
the pM|)l«r 3itH u;i^ ti-p<irtL-il M cmlnin tbv grave of Oiirii. Al iliia 
pcnod, i< » prr>t>ablo mat Loiter K*vpt was a vost morruf, and tbe 
Delta ha<t, fH^rbnjtf, linrdly m lirrti ilrpn^Irivl hv ihr pfriottjf^al 
fvrtllin* anJ tobMidinf- of Iho m^er. IV- adculiiic tcfcarrhet of 
modem limra pvr contirmalioii lo the aMntiou vf llirudiHiiH, iJial 
Egjpt vioa the ' pa of the Kilt/* Cmicr ha» tent to IhiM hypoth«w 
ftu tlieuMa>ottofhiS|£r«)Lli]ani«i &mi lliatdutiog^iuhcd gi^uIo^Ml 
kceiu toihlnkilhy ii'>TnciiiMincr<^hh1r, thatinthe dnvf of llom^^ 
Pbaroa really \^- ai lIic dutaiici? fiuni llic innin Innd licicribcd in 
dir Od«wj Dtiring ih4^ rrnnirirs 4iib4r<|uent to difr I>ellig«, 
diM affnont crraliTc ptocrM cf natvfc, nhich t* %<tw% <^* ahoul 
thr embuucliuit-i of iIk nvL^ni Jii Australasia, nay liavv adtani-(<d 
wilh i^airr or lc*» rapidily arcorfhiis tg local circntiistflnc<«, und 
ihoi ^r^iuilli ci>TU|UL-icd thnt voluabte ddTKun from die rcpukwd 
■nd atill rccediDU ocoon, till llie Di'lti and ib« nd ja<«iit fc^oa b^* 
camelhc gnniry of the ancient tnrrlJ, and die aolid fottodationof 
iht (talrh c;li« vi Mtntphts add Ateuatdnouf 

*l\e litat iK^pdaliiin <.rf tli* region Biav have lictii, aa ZocffB 
mpprun, a few miu^rTihU- iribn of iilirpWdt, nho I'Xik poAtciKj 
iton of the neit^hbounai; lonlinds, vhcra Ike >adt fertility of the 
vrgHAiioii mS^ht Irmpi ihein to paaturc llmr florkt; till iImt aiill 
flrftCL-ndin)! litiibsiwlmiTn of Ethiopia ii>trodLiced the n»re produc- 
inr ait (if tilla^r, and by ttjratj* L>f taiials stkI niLti'itoiii^evpeliaiiced 
the tiac^Dini i^wftmpE itito tridecom^fieldii, — notmrfcU facilitating 
lltMvtrcJl <rf tbc redundant natcraal the pu-iodKal 4<.M«<Hiof ov«r- 
floWf tnil maiming th^in mfely and regularly dritributrd mtt die 

■ I M fttfp Miycl, iha* «g a ft^ wftil o bw wrtiww ip Uh UlM « It Omv 
l»UtA, |4i U, Bftiry. Hm Ml li TwnbltO^ aoi ncn fttU ni «^m i< n fhu Hi^ 

tla *4vain» rMFbllv dtUrFn^at rvii,rifda4td«sAtha 'vrMorby ■ 

WjOgiyda ii'iiiBi ' n^itfwwieth^iWlMfMt t '*9^wrt*ait 

■Tdtnwlw, ^B niCKfr-iliBf; II Al iLinti^un 1/ Kf^j^nttiHi Alrtkiuiiai|c^» And 

Itedlf U^««o ilui^j. vWvFiS Ji u baybfliiy, mkiag wi ii k j. 

It ^ VlllfWc 

Wtk Eg^fpiuta Antiqnitift, ' 

mrhtc of ibe gr^t valley, for tbc purpone of constant and ^nrralj 
ijTtEilioii. H^rou^tjuut xhc ^ioU rtgioii aaccrilouL coUtnica giM 
dually &xcd tli«tn«d*e^, iti plurc* L<il1i(^r luitekt I'ur :igrkijlture on 
Inlic ; n new tcin|i1ci u new pncvtly colk-);<^i i> nc^ until, grvw upj 
liy ili<grir>t iiiEo a vkrv I'^iv, |H-ili^|ih » iuh kiitplimi, wrhich eitlicu 
retailed cir llinj:w olV iU allc^Kiancc lo the parent stulc. ALiuoaD 
e\ery aiicit^nl citv naaumcd tlic^ name uf Its ^ud ; iIil' GiLxkiiii <i|nj 
pt'llBtion of ThcbcSa * Diofipclu/ wfti, no doubt, immlKicd fruou 
komi- natiiT tctiti; Mcinphu wtas tin? cil>' of Pilia (Hrf)hiu>toa)|1 
HclJopolia ilist of iW tun; in later dM)r«, AiwUinopolJs, LdiUM 
[H>lif, onti mutiy ulJicn, mi^lil l>c lidded. J 

Pfoliitblj, however, Iwfon.* iliit 1o»4.t rrgton W!»> r\t*'mtvtlffl 
settled, tlic reign of the pod* eavc g>lucc lo tlic i(ii;nornKnu 
tile >ftcenk»tal goveinmFiU U3ii dinni^a^t iiiki ii mmiaji:liicul lvfliii;-1 
Bgyptian hulotr, properly >o csillird^ bcfjinii MJih M«i>^<, Ui«] 
Ant tnoftnl kiiii;- ^o tttu doiiiiiiinn of tlic |in(«lly cute bcliMij^iuJ 
no doubt^ OS lurcher h» m[if;vitLHl,^-ilLiii tait period thlucU 
cilhcr Ancient Egyptian vanitv.ur iicilmps oion: ui'jdciti l^ijiliiiu 
inisapptvlK^iuion, ^inigncd to the rcigQ of the go<lt and dcmM 
f^od^, '1 Lc V aii; tliL iii>tiiic >gn of EjiJptiaii history* 'lln 
JQj300 yran of the rri^n of ihe Siin, thr J^f^-i of iki^ IhyOt^ 
COda^ «)d ^17 erf tbe dctni'^ods, utv, no donbt, eithirr u mvtlliG , 
allcgorjf oi an iLHlrontniiical problem ci>n^crted Inio hulory. If 
l\\t key be ever recovered, it wilt moat liLclj very ill rcp^y the 
p;ii)u xhul liaie hvtii lake* (u l^nJ it out. 

Men^j h» b«e[i idonlilicd by many Hironologer* utih tll*_ 
Munurn of tbc Scriptures, for rcgoaOA wbicii ik> tloubt woLiklj 
hmv linen Itigliljr talitfacioty la good Fludlfrii. Uul of Mrnrii ocj 
Uis u^e ue reaily know nothing, except from accounts ttlnch the' 
Of«rk authors ihriutclro giw w vagne ttudtUm*— ^fJ is Oie 
modest hUo of llcrodotua— «« TAyir^ of Oiodorui, wWn ho 
a»i^iU a pciiod of Id^ jx^ra between Mcrnn «nl ScwBtrii. 
Wli«ili«f tile resolution frooi lliv sace/d-jtul io the nionafdiiaiL 
rule wa« imldcii and viulenu or silent uinl prnccfid, coaiuol* ofl 
roiir««, be tandc out, jv-t tliete >re ont or luu poinlj ^«>flH]F on 
Uolicc. Und<f Menc», KgjplianvniLi£aLiuii inoile some cotMiidera 
able pro^reaa ilown ibecoorMrof tberivi<r, ]|rr<idr>luii»icriL*ra iqj 
}tkm lb« cottsttniclioti of a vast dniii, bv laLiich tht coune i>f thfti 
NiJc W3« altered aiid cimlined, and %hr nile nf MemiibM tecnnnl 
flgaioul 1h« danifcr of iouiKitttioo. MciKv, aeconinig to Hero- 
ilotus ViM tlic founder uf that gival ciiy- Dnjdoiiu, huni'vcr, 
av^ribr* iIm fame of iu parenlo^e to t'cliora«i«t a much Ul«cj 
Jovtrcjgii, If, bowercft any >ettkiiient wu nude by Mctiea id 
llio niaiihbriurtiood of Mcmphii, thla extemion of dosiinlon, p«rJ 
bi|M Uh 0>i«t>lK»haHiil 91 « diSmal wonkip — liiat of lle|>ha»to«? 

XJj^pMsn AntifuifKt* 


— wu not unlikdy to lend lo Ui» first diJin|;o in tlie orifitiwl 

indeed, iniinDiteu Uijt Menea Ms an object of hujiiliiy (u thi' 
priesis ofilMbcft, ihoiigh a more remoic cuuk: i* a^tigLvd. 

• Afift the jcodf.' «)■» T)uK]oru.-«, ' Mvnn U Teportpd tti havw W||!| 
IW limft kin|r of EirrP^- 'f" Uugbl ihc p^opi^ 10 utorthip ilia o{i 
and lo offcf Mcrilicc. B«»dca thii, h<! Inlil out Ubba vti coucbeag,^ 
wtonied ibero with costly fiimlEurrt and. on the wWc, imrodutrcd 
tnxnry and « lumptamji iiyle pf living. Wh^nrr-, mnitT gcno rntioTii 
ftfUr, in the rvi^n of Tiu-pha«tiiff, the father of Bocchorii ih« WjJti 
be. ihtj »ayt making;: na expedition mta Anil>i«, and bi« >up|die4 
&iliD|fk WN3 convlToined, in a ^ny of ^rcAt want. It) livu on thr jc^nirat 
foodofacnnB of thp nntrT». iX-lightrd with il, ho camlpmned Mi 
f<»nDeT luxury, ami impn^crAl^ a cur^ on the kin^ ^ho tir»t intr^ 
doped the coolly vc^y *A living -, and ki cniunourrd vu he of thtf^ 
cfjAdgr in kip nalbiff. Jnakin^. tml ulccpiti^, ihat Kl^ muspf) the 
tcb< imVf^non a pt'Iinr inlJiif$acrfdcA<invieri in 'A^ T*rmptt of JupHirf\ 
at 'jf'AfAr^, which ii the chief reaion tKai the 6amc 4Uid gl<iry of Mcnd^ 
hire Dvt irurvtved to liter dgcsL* 

FluUtth bai tlxT uiut? Mat}. I5 lltcn? nut VAOielljijig here liki 
An aiieiu|>i to Uf^k lluough tb« tv1«*i of caAt«, lo admit \\t^- 
pco|ilo to (lie nliciouTi rcrenioiiK-^r and lo Molatc ibc olnbli»h<:d, 
ruitfft of diet \ lliv feulc'init rt^fstitmliou of lli» cun«- Olt a l^lllUi 

hy iJic prints, is iciy iduaikobk. 

From Metier to lii* ncrt-fiiion €>f the H!\«iitrfitih (or perha^ _^ 
fiftecndi) dyDABtyr ibtre 14 a iu«t cbaMii* lEerodotiu fc^pj at' 
011CV fmtii \f4-iii<K hi Xfirriit, «I>ori ChHrn|i(i[|]on plarcn 111 iba 
cicblcculh dynnaly. All iiu slate? is, that Uie piicfltt (uh^thc-r of 
MrinpbiK ur Tliebn) read bun a itjll of duL^e Jminlrt'd and ibuty 
king*. H"t tkc^ rvit ^m4<an* had Icfl n;> moiiumf'nt* : * thcry 
li»d no |HM-J, and aro 4k«l.' All tbc baricn intrlb);efict! nlijch 
tli« rfMiuiiiti^v Gif^k cotild ginn u-a«, ibal righl^rii of tbrm 
were laUiopUm (tl^ia i» oUcnablr), tlic rc«t unt^ic princeih with 
Mie <|ureii, Nitf>CTi«, of wlmm he rrl»l^i a Mrangc kgend- Dlo* 
dorii» tirci Mrtic« fifly-lwo nsmclrm »uecc!i«oni, then romc two 
lanknl ItuurU, ul ihr [liaUnrp uf eigbl gmcTBliuiiti, oni^ frvin dw 
Dthrri to tlw laitov of liio<»i< he ai(:ribcK tbc Uiiildinic of 'Jli«]jc4, 
Afirr Mnnc iiMrrval coinr» the lamun* (>3tiiund)~>L3, and after hlRif 
LrhoteU9, till- iHjddtrr of ^ffinpliii. Thi? two hi^IoftAn^ mc^t 
a^ain in iIk piiKHi i^f Mwri^, or MyriA. ^^c iKnr likewise for 
thiv period tba liM of DimptjlilBn V\ii^%, which EntoailTrtift, the 
Ctfcninp, piofrMo lo bare oblftiiicd from the prints nf 'llM:bej> 
' Tiieir M a tirong; iinritmnil/ iin}i IV- Vounf^p ' in f>vo<ir cif llw 
aiithriiiirii\ of ilin, Irom Urc af;rceneet of nNHi^ oC the cliii>ob>- 
gir* nviib die utktiuAliHi^rd meaning of the tenm in tbc Kg}piian 

154 Bgypiutn Anti^mitif*. ^^^^ 

Innftuaf*^/ Bui *!iH It i* IJlll* more than n (>ant*n ratt1o(tii«. 
A ^:vv iiii:Ldtiil3 aic 4(kkd lu tlic litGs i>f soiuc of \Uc ki[i|p ju UmS 
ImU of l^lnrbiiii, w>mr! iif wliirh (>i ihr drath iif Mrtlp* b J A 

)iipi>o|K>tai)iiis) look iiiudi likt^ hKfo]-l)|>Uica tnrn^d into fcti fftCU,* 
Su Irriig n:% wi? hnv«T lliib vaiil \-9fnnt HfiHTT, wr prorrrd mnidly ; 
p but wlicii ui? encounter tlio <rovrditig ktnp^ ond dynivtio of 
I Ma4>c11io,^vkIci-ii luii^ ami ii.-^uLii liurj u^ priuci^, nv kijow 
tfioi li<jw high vrc nmikt i^xtviid ihc Iciigili of oiii cliron<»ki]^Y. 
Ill is n'tll Li^.mti liiat MaE^liJiii] ulkinptid tu n.<Uui;cr ibU foi^ 
liiiidibli> iirraT ii^lo rrgiilar riril4>r, and niihin xhe bBiiU of • 
^liHHkrutc pcnod, hy thr pTobal>lc viippojijtioii, tlifil man}- of iKfiii 
I wrrr r(iTbi«ril tljnabliTft, n-igiiiitg b< Uie »m« |vrjod in dJfTtratit 
uu^orJ^\pL Tixw UvoQ/iltt-M* it uonictitpiuouflv icjcctcd bjr 
Bn^um^U^"!* 9 l'^'> ^i^^ 1*^1 ^>i^ '^^^ ^^'^ MaiirllHr, lie hai not jrct 
HbiMot4^«udcd t^ g^f ii» a lU'n^ TBtJanut aulutiuii ;^miii iho noUOQ 

llluil Uirn^ unr ii^mi; Lnlg^ li;ti:ititig :i1 iiiiu: ill T-g^pl J* iH>t 1WW. 
I Iij liio aUnuut vccouni ul ih^; biilli uiid viuty adiciilurcri of Mom, 

3Ui>!rtl hv ['Ji^bii;<> rii>iii j\r LapaitUA,) (tkailv nu AkxttuJriao 
vv»,> it 11 diiilinct)> aMcrtcd. ^'hiv, qr tidtnovrlcdgv, ii but rn- 
tllilFcKnl auikorit); bul it ccrUi»I^ u-u Uic optni^tii nf l^«»cbio«, 
|Bb :ip]>rin front ch« Anaciiiatt ti-r?iioii nfh\% VAiiiMUt'an,'l trwatly 
I c1i«4^v<^h:H, nivl jiubliiJicil at Vciiirt; br AucWr, Nor iBitaliUk 
I R-tiMrLiti1r, iTiui Maiit^rho hjiiiit^lf dl^ciitctlj' aucHH, tliat ai tL€ 
[ Ljik' of ihi- ctpijisiiMi *t\ Ulc «!ik^^lkrrilA, there vrcrr otlicr kinj^t m 
I Ef;j|il lK-«idu ihL^ lirEuiicjfiJi Hirbaiii.^ Ak ilji-J niL- g)\i.ii bjr 
lOiif thr^ncdugvrt, it in liuit iJiui iLr d^'im*lio4 of Miiictbo Atund 
liii mcccMiK: onlcr ; but il i*i iinpuuiUc lo Icll ihrou^b bo^ mwijr 
IbiKU all Ml! iinow of MaiJrtbo— «iLcr|>1, jttrKnptt llic pkuitgr in 
|Joov|ihua — inny bate p«>»i.'d.|| 
r Of 

\. * TW tiJtifHfnta^iw *•» <aua0«d v^ 1>)Ah, i^ eril ki^nli mvy nut Ihlf 

r|«fvUlk«tf4ci»iliBa of lln««^ 

I t aX^jW ^ wi nr 'A->*mt $«Aih*-*'4'4«|^«ii- «fii' £ku«A. ^V«^ 'Kw^ 

V { ]lMnh li quEifM v*Ut nulo (rmpcf uni unnont tTpcraf, U — f* PMu>diBi 

S^ tkoU fi^iH <vU«tfili iMuldHB 'n.inlv uail.fl Mtiay Hr ii, 9«T«M^ft 
•MvB AlUnin feltafi niw i<g| airi am be, ^am^ g|k NfBB» ipjiiHii, — 
t Mfr4 "■;» h rn la rw «Mb3«. h^ rif lUkw 'Af><««« IinlUM »-b«#/«( #4fw 

^kKTKVH* wto^ <p«Abn«f vlih lam 1» m-iH-ti tf fc^LEHitii', n^a iflniiiib«« 
Ow lltlnwi Bfatitbr iAft^i«rat i %i« «lii« 0«> nrth): <t-wil;iA-if t€ TdAioi« 

V«di, art awlK^ ■v^m dw ■ di^hVAl ad^tiibi ^f ibt |iH<if a1 ju>«ii<« h JicflL 
iHlt Miii|iiiliiiM Ir oMoiB a *iff , -r* «a yoly wipiia li^ vUk Iba go«d lUm «f 

E^ptwn j4ttiffuUin. 


Of nil litt pcfioj, ike raoiititiMiaU «rv ailent. Tliejr mini* 
vioMMi exi']iui%^y lo Iho ' high und pulmj' ntflio of the PIib^ 
raonic kiilgdMn. M. Cliam poll ion, auistcHi bj die tnU^rl rrT 
Abyiloa, Kit tn&dr iiMne r<tv iocurvioiu iiuo Cb^ mi«enth Thehon 
d>iia0l]rp c«iil«(npor«rT nilh ihc nhir|>hcri)4 ; but n« iIm: Ubkt uiiljr 
fHrnuMS tbfT |ira>»o«iiiiin of thi> ktii^^^ tiii lurrrH U iTtimpunitireljF 
nniniponinl. Frnsmctit^of oj^icr biiiliiinSMirtwiicHo bt-lro<jiicMily 

^Btrclnl iti llir lalct w^irLi of llir rji;liErrliEh ihllwly al 1 ltrhr% 
bMcflbvd uitb tb^ lef-«ixl« of au ^rlier ntco. parliculurK uf M«i- 
do(iei,iiiio«cnniiir^\tli<-Lbcrtl^ijlnf giiciof niHii, bft^lH^cn, nu inaiij 
ntMlhk#aiid muiKidiciiU, iiiidtou^ly cdacnl bj u buniinvr. Hot 
At the identification of Oa^nittiiil^t at wiiU a iuitiputiiKJ OubI* 
5I«ildi>ui, wenu lo %t% ofir of Uiit Irmt miKf^ctiiry i>f bi* roiiclu- 

,ftkni« — 4ikI te, ID hifl n:ceiil kttc^n, be a^cHs that tlie bt^ibJin; 

|'llr><ttbrd by Uindonii a* llir paUco of OftymiwdvaM, U clt-wly 
|K« Hamt'sietoo, the falncc of S^toatns^ — on thiM Aubjcct wc J^ball 
SMoil ^A?i uur limili uriini im) ih^ full iltrlatl of bi>t u|>i<ru<ioiiM. 

Wc liare iwid ibat tlic moaiti mentis ar« almnfit ailcnt a« to nil lhi> 
cailier pciiod. Cb^mpijilliiJi] ocLounb for tliiii fact uii the «up|MiM' 
tioOf at lif»l »i£bi ht<;blv probable, tbat »]l ibc earlier mouunwnttf 

,«i<rc tMcpl Avtay bv the dcvDMating iiir^ada of ibc vbcphcnb, 
Mht>, aftcf ftubiluinj- Luu«r Egypt, cxi^nded tli^It mto^c* lo tba 
IlK^liAi?. l~bc lutlcr fiKi, lK»ncvir, n|i|)«zu9 Ions iM>tiiiiitrclc*r« 
The Thcb^i WEU tiibuiary, bat |trrlt3p» no jiioft ; and wlieu iia 
LnoH bovr little 4CTUpiilouv oricDiul lovcrvi^iu often *re« in luin^ 
ibc matrrijiU of die ' eternal ivoe^L^* of i\ii:ii AQecfttom to obibluR 
lb«if OMftj we cftttuotte Mir|^riK<l to JiiiJ oMer fru^uitubi ^<it>u;'lrt 

j>ll|» b liaT vdifins. 'lilt: tlicptiui) iiJ^uaiuii ht an L-:a of ^leal 

iportancei nnd profound inicmi : i<-t o|>:)n ttiU, excepting in 

Dwnfc of Mniiclho, ouoled by Jo?cjiAiii!i, die oOber hutoriatu 

fcgTpt ve cmirelj u1fiit«* Nor 18 this vrondorful. Th# 


«kvch. vbf MiAf sot, mmIi to Im om Mii(KiM». uA rh^ u 
f. th* i4im^ of Ofvhnt wd hJu DoiriA. But IL 4t BovH bM tim 

Mk an M INMC «Ma te MMi c( Ui^ tt«B itti J ai**!. * dM 

, ifei J a^fe*!. * dM 4CTy*>»« 

' \-^' I »irriih^ti«kku^tkn« tft aa4 Uk «rif«BCal« 

iintd^ hn 

■lWf»i>i1 1*ltlil% bIh, Ml Ubi Ian, putwf hn itfeli a iImI r*3Mft-' UH^ 
4fi«lrWKB*UB»itlU*jcwi. (JBihii gromd, Mcfahi hw iidw ea l 


Egyptian AHti^^utt 

prifjU vrcfe littU WMy \f> tmcrtnhi fftrmngvn vtitH th« ttOCOUBts «£ 
llicBc iUik ptiiudf of i^li^jiuil almaLo «iiJ lubju^uliou. UHoiIb* 
naiHv, lhi< pumn^n iim^lf, lu it Mftivfn iri JcHf-jtliiiir in by no iMiiai 
cl«ftr. ll i> iiol <tuiU* ccitnii* \wVf- I'lir vie ha^c tl>c ciprcM mxmJi 
<»rM>nc4Em, and Mhrir iW niinimiil ufJn^rptiiM lirj^iiDi, 

' Thcrr vr«i once * kitijf niooTig ii* ituiucil TlniAut, Duriiifc hJs 
rrifen* I kncnv not hnvr, tbr Divini:^' tucnmr! ■rivtrw ; iiu) >i^fMri>l^; 
from ih« f«i'tv toipardi tlic Evt. [ipccmUDf urkikOirii ripc* had thaj 
coun/fe tu iiiTA4c tltc country, and aubducd h caviiy end without 
tiiUocc ; u)d. hnviiLg oiutticLl lijir vIiicfLaiii^, jiftvi^clj tiunit ihQ 
dtit^c, fttwl ra/**3 tbe tpaijildtcnf tho g(wl»- Hay Urafcii Uip Dttii-i 
tvith ihc utmnt crutlty : the mm they ilou-, uid made tUiYf of tJ 
"nrofQcn uid chiMrcn. Al Imglh. (Key cIim? nnv of tbcir body 
king, whoBc ttiUDu urjiEi Salaiit. He ilwrit at Mcfnphii, Icrying iri> 
SQt« on the tjppcr trLd lowrr couutry.* 

'I'lic pu^jigv ^i.>f« fill li> Mnlr, lliatr appTclif hdiikg tW pcm^-r of 
Ihc A^^nanN, \\\po tcry fornmliiLIc, thc^y l^tiilc <*> slicngthmM^ii 9 
city ill Vk SvitJc NoiiLi', cuik^ jXbafii, kIil-ii: llicy |ilncL-[i ^'tO^OOO 
men. HjiilK-t ihc king uriH in »iiniin<-r, <lt»tjibLitJiig to liii 
people tJir com tbat he received 111 tribulc, aniJ rrticniiifi 2nd 
cirrciftjng tti» troop«, JofepTiUBibtn git^f^a ]i»t of tlt^liiig^ vlio 
•uccccdcii hatnlii, the overage dole of «ho»c rcifiUr «bove Torly* 
lulit ^iriiiH eacli, m^ will \i miitr (» Uf*€it, not onh ntrpaiaes all 
Minary eMtluutCf but n unpAfulklcd m Ktbtory. W« Uk« Hit 
libcity Ui ii'cumRtrnd ibin fact in llir notK*^ of M. Cliam* 
pollion Figcpc* Kut llic mont cunous point 11, ibut Jo!Ci>bai| 
vtko wouki iHTiauHdi- ILA ttijit tliJs iiitjllJtiidiiiou», trieHKlibfr, GOU- 
fjnf'Mn^i »niJ CKlvintitinlJiig rac^ of fn«ad«r», bk* mt^Jcly Uip mvcuIv 
pcii«lol pcrwnt who formed lie famif y of liu ancc»ior, JacuIi, 

aueriB llial Maiiirlbo, in miuthrrfnpy. lraiiHla|i» h^kthtUj Jtrplirrtl 
Uog*,a««lK-pt]cid capthLs,;ii«(i ibtis <jtcrtljii>vrsDl once lie Liitj-ly 
djTDtit^ mIiicIi Ih; laj lirnt ^it m> niLtb puiiu lo laue. TWr« ia 
noOlllCT •tnmgtf ^tldilion, wliicb has ibromi rHiuiiului;4:re into 
great, and, it slioutd »ei-Tii> iiieilii cable difijcultJei. Aftui gr>bi|s 
lU tlt« fttiftcietitly fottnidablc dale uf llie lU rriEftt* be goes on to 
•»Mtt tlial ibiry and tbvir ilc;<«u(hiiit9 fi^j^uci lor ^11 vcats. 

If Cbampollion u rigbl, in mpposin^ iht^ ^a^vgr nKC of tht- 
ntofitinicrnis to bethcconqucrii](abcpb(riUDl Manelbo, th«y Binil 
hn^e rciiitied lilL ifirir rxpuliion ihrtrwibi linbiH, rvdr drTM, and 
tattooed boibi. They are Mill teproeutrd in <kfcnt at a tKTCC aiKl 
•ki»*cJad lan: ; tair ii ibrrc any rTulencr llial tbry tietuui ibem- 
MUet lo agrrculuiral babit«r ibougl) ll)^ l«tied Jar)-tf lypplict of 

urn u-iffii'tv. U4 m cliiilt vnlr»tto, ttf^tavwcvL 4aiibiiiiuf;ilicU«kUug «f A< 
iqriwiiNWlqllMfelan^ffid^ W«>innvtnl,aiONltbc laii|4«iMn*4f dtlutlM wti 
iMUaailam bol lb« mat4iDc*Mvt«a I'bliia «dij Ut PU>tlw« tJ SmpMa 


Fg^ptUin AntufuUim, 


«oni apOD the iMtitcv- llivv ar« suid to hai« mnilc Mcmplii* 
tlii'ii capital, t>ut Abaiii i» ilvecribvii raUicr Aa irit: tul ftirlilircl 
«iiUg<>«>Qip i/ a pjtUorul horilcf than u the regular cit^^ of a civi- 
li;icd DBtiOCi> ^ Gt it Ka* 1kc» p^rpctuvJl^r SM^ncil, tor the canvr- 
ftkiK-rn/tliMinil*, lhalth<iKhf!]>licrd( adAptiHl ihrhnliiffr arU, and 
ivlifion vl U>e u>ii<]aercU pcopk, Thi-i ic-:mi to ha^c been dwio 

Ilk tlHWfiDCc to a icry t-arty optmiKi nLniiil^tMuHl liy Eufrbkl, 
'tfihl it WAS undcv th« fourlh of ihiA HynoMy, Apofihis that Jo?c|)li 
wa?i v>ld iiilu L^\t>tr Mni bec^iiL- tijal itiituUL'r fif eIict kin^Hoin, 
K*tfi 1 locffU enters itito thla %iew ; vic naj«cl it vritUout ticruplc, 
as ulkily iriccuuukjibtr^ u will appear, Ut the IncU of tlia 
Moank: hwlory. 

But Uictc »avn^c Ahcphcnb of the monuiDcnti vc ^^oillty of 
icill Amber oouuduniiou. We imert the docnptton of Ctianv- 
polliOA — 

* Cm dmx psIiOD*, ainsi <iii'un« tPoi4>din« toujoun ptlnttf tn rouj^ 

•VM dra cifvnLj rtftkt ct m^(&e d» jvuit &Jriu, toot let cDucKnis ci>fi- 

WUbto iIb U iinnuiirt monucbio &yptipiiii«; Itra diirjiStrv, vurtoul, 

i«vManfn»iit Iak mnitm clntis^**, punqi:)'iU t« montrfni, pour VohJU 

|va^, lo« eiicTcuk bng* ot vn mordrei vAtns wit d'un« peau do 

Isuf rouverv&iiC mcoroMi poll, «^b il'mitr tiiaplr pugii^ vuitvnuit 

1p mUwii dit rorpft, rt qup Wra Tirvt i»t Wn jaidIim tout wawui 

\dkcQrM% d*aci Ulouag* gro^twr, J'»i lien 4lv croiro. que cm 1iaH«nfa 

>oot ftutro <p]c or* fumcut poifltourii. ten l[Ik«cii^. qui Ji un« 

!<lp<Mfu Im rrciiU<«. Kortin <lf TAmc m^nljireTtt I'G^yplc ct la d^va** 

It, juiqti^k cp qit» Lh princet Ar U itilI' d jiiattitr «iiuirnt nit un 

[iMtte i Icar» dBiro^iniionii. 4^ 1^ chaifant trabord dc I'EgypIv, ci en 

■fo«k»aal TitfuiEc kuts iniuv^llr* luvMioua. Lea monucuriiK E^yp* 

Itna n'odTrant jamnU I'imA^ At* tm pfmpf«:ir fjtin dam an ^lat dii 

llilt#, da capcirit^ au d'^bjacticn' On l*< rcfirrt^nto, par n:CTDpl#, 

iTtrt^a tl uU MT ]«• marchajac^u du ttCiw ilt-a J^iftravMi cc qui 

an ac^iia la nn*i daP»Iinbli^; Poimui iiiimicon Iucm iii an^ 

rih^lkza padtun tvOfam; Jpa atanplM partirtjter* monifHtufnt \ont 

*'-^' fO«r cva afiMOoia da rKgT|rt«t dVn« nani^rv anidcifcvG ; rar ] ai 

rqcd ibna In i^jlkctioiu CaiUaod ct Drovviti, ainai qu'au caMoct 

ia rul A Paria, daa aandaTH eti ratrtmmagr Ap imti?, portant, ntrk 

foiiU iHt i^ptijftrit iaftant* dtt ^«v/', dot iigurca cotcrwi 4c patl^rg 

c^'/'t at dn pnaoaivcra epjfafl^nruit \ («« cTcux mHnca natkuia 

vaincvaa rrpr^bcnt/cA hit 1c titir dn tr^nr <lu roi Huna.'— Ckw*- 

ppffiDA, f^frv i .</, d^ /!/ncai, p. 51. 

Nnu it it tiot a liltic n-mnrLAblc, tliat llus hoalilily to m rvd- 
luirrtl r^cc nppcjr* m hbtory da uxll at on ihc nwviiiiKtki*, 
T>plio« 1I3U rrpicacnl^ ai r^d-luiirrd ; pbd il i« Nporcrd, laifl 
l^iodonUt tiiat in aacK'nt tioK's, ncn of ibu aamc colour vrith 
Typbon wrtv lacrtlicnl at ilir tmnh of Oafm; few, lioncvurr, erf 
the iigjptinof uc JodPd wilh red hair, niauy, oo tbc otkvr Imid, 




■oioni; f^rnigneet, Tbe Tniboiuniii |)eopl«, >aciifif«d aoconiin|f 
to Mjhii-iIk), iPluiarcli die Uid. et Otar.) vivn, uo dnsbc, jn* 
Itndvd to rtpic^rnc ibi« nbomiiiatnl rnce^AbarJA mih n Tnphimian 
city. From whence, ibcn, ctirkc Uiiv pcuulc, cnEirrly dmcmtU hy 
■II acGCUiiO, frtmi lliiil rac4> with li^»j( diirk bwda iml doniotf 
4b€M«»< wluch aic rcprci^nud lu the sciilptufc* d Kjinudt anS 
rl«rwhrri<^ si llii; minul tiiFma's t>f ibt- j^ival Fg\ptiaii kingvl 
The i^tefi H^eron, verj improbabl) wo iIiidL, w^uld r<trntifu 
vrilh llic [Ivluiuiar >■* ^^y (<» Am n |Kiilaral people^ ^hi»'£ vith 
llieir lliKltf rad licrtla b«fore lltfir tfttUiM oiaiUiiu, But ih« ct<t> 
baind and bluo-c\cJ tribe, clotbcd ia undressed hidtt, leeiiii to 
indicator n^tihcnir mo«i likvly a SttEblan, on^n; ihc^ li»vi 
DntbiDc of thr. Arnbbii diaraclcr, utill Im of the renMrkablc line 
feiiJ ripiYttioci nf rniintpiiiiiirr wliirb, irr kiii>w nol frofii uhjit 
pcnotl, ba» hccii lb<^ iikuliuiiub)<? iliFtlLnclJi^n ut Uic unniinglcd rtiCG 
oriarcKl. Hk? iollui4Jii|;iA)hcr>ali(Hi ofBruci-ia worlli c|voting : — 
* N<&r Vmtbo tbctv ai<o vomo of the inhnbilsiiu who liaie rod 
htif anil blue c^m, s thtng oorcflj c^^r mtcq m tbt; roldett 
niixiiUAkiu of ili« east.' Can lli«ae ba daM<<iidunli of Uie uitcKnt 
TjpliiJiiian iKoplc? WmI ChmmixjWioti, in one of hi* iccviil 
leiK-n from llieb**, bas started a now explnnafion t>( ihr four 
raci:» icfiretrnted m die Utaib opened hy Bdfoni. mid ruhi* 
bilcd iti Li>[idf^n, wbii^Vi, imu-iul nf being iliat of Piamniiti, t 
Saitic Liti);, appeaiH to buloiij^ to Ousirri llie Fiml. Tbey ant 
rviirrMDluliTeH of the four raei-», Iv^irtUnn, Afiimidr Attaticj, 
and TitiTihon- et^iAtruciL Kuropcdrw. ' 'l^bc lu^t baix >kini of 
vtlut mc t^-ill Iloh*co1u«rt of tJic moat delicjitc nhUmr'M, tlta 
noM alraiglil or jliL;tiily arched, blue ejrMr ttkir or r«<l Iwi 
fall wd very alcndcr Jiuurea ; tlicy are clotbed iii oi biJca rtjtli 
hail on, and aro real lavagc**, taitnord in voririui pans of tho 
body — tltv^ arc called TaaiLoit, Europcam/ Two quuttoiv 
atlK bcrp^— aro tliesa llir*«nN! ultb the m^Crd |>r<>jiln ii4'-M:ftb«d 
abovol and on what auUinmj UTiiibliou trauloled Ear'>pcaa«T 
May thry bik Iw Sc)lbiaii.^? 

\\nl wh«let«T the origin or fat« of the Hhppherdi, tbe^ 
ripelled bjr tbc anm nf the la-tt of llic cKriilcmnoraf^ affvriilecui 
and tlic kit\ tif Umt ei|;hiL-euili djoaah of Tlieban lungi. U 
diu d> iiahstv wUvh rcitsiBcd in Tbcbe* for J(k> }^*tt, fjow llic 
lecnili to tbe liftecntb ccnturir* birforc Cliriid ; that miicd On 
country h\m ita (itostrale stale, coi-cml die land, at Icail 
Kintli, iniih roloutl Midees, and, with itirrr snccevtor Sesoatru^ 
head of the nuieicenlb dlynaaty, cBrr>ed tJicir triumpbant tnn% tt; 
is sajd, ibrough all tW* regajin t4 ibe wurJd. 'II10 <>br]i«ki 
iriiidi dlher rr-mnin in lvs>p<> or bare been trtiaported by Hun»^ 
p«an pnde to dccornli: foicigti dtics, art alwosl adi cf tbii a^ 




Egt/piian Antiquiikt, 


' Celt«> lainiilo llmlre courrit ]'Ef-i,pt« (h« ifiotc Cbnni|x^lioii) 
dc cninilo (oiMtructiifiin, ct picstjtic (v>U3 Ji^ OHit^ca ik I'EuropQ 
rewenilFat tlc't iDunuui^ils i:oi»3Cr4<s jt \iX mptaolm do quclquM 
isiu dc» pn»cc» <ji)i la coinpoirDl. MdU U lulltfctioii rvvdc de 

Tfab wv the <rolWUi>fi iim<Jc in E',;vpi duhnf: tntnv ytMt of in- 
ttry, Mkl hir nnv inc.iiM, bj M. i>i<}ve«t»; mitt ii wtn cltietfy 
>ni ill? trr»AUrc» fif statues, fum-mrr pillar}, htt rcJicf*, wiin 
{iLcjr IIB(-I1plllxt^, unJ luniiliit-iiitji.' iiajivn* rii llir nuiiie pUiCP^ tJmi 
'Chuti]|if>Ux»i iuH AUmnioDod tip Lit upk^iKiUl plianlaauuiffT^fla of 
tli« 4uoail FbanoliK. Tlie labJcl of Abtitun, ihciu^li mitulalcit, 
conuin* iho prwnoiiima of luanyof tiiimce ii^ r^^ulirMicctHKio; 
jcl. Mi ll)c prvmoRU'ii is coupled in the othct iiMcrjpiioat <m tlio 
,9l'iii^ or ftCehe «ruli il»e ml name, liew>a enabl^ii tUiif to aiiiRa 
v&di li» profKrr place id ibc dynaaly of Maovthot iIkt i;iuuDil* 
[^i»k of itie whiJi- Mftlrm.i- Tlir- iQint iiiliro ifrptlr irill mil mih* 
Idfrooi M. LhuDpclliuti Ihu pmiie of iiimYjunvd indii5irr, mid 
^xbmiMtilJr lii^nuLtj. Fov our^ilu'^r wi- Jtiiut avow, tUai ic 
r^n M viroiiK • c«B« of hivloricnl pmbabilhv n» cm bo niide 
It bjr les« lliBQ Htklbculic, coiiM'Cutive, ami coiih-'Dij^urarj ortmba 
mlcm bM voHlcH wt:i\, not o«ily in xhe bnndu of ChAm- 
l&oi> — Mr. Sftll in KT^T|>t ukI Ckio^upuUioii in l^uropc have 
*mr U} ibp ^ainr HlrJLir-u biunhcal rcntrbiunnv Siimu^ tkr Imn- 
ll boa been in l^;^vpt, Uluinpolliov Ini* Lcpt iibtc rii« pobbc 
lioMtrbj^iairiiipriit* i.if lliv: lia)thnl inlffcit — i>fi tbolraiplet, on 
obmk«, in the tomb*, on «tatiio« nnd relied*, he hm rvad cb# 
of thff king* by tvbuiii ot in nboK hoikcnur ibrj urirro 
; wondcn iftrr wonii«n hove bvoD aDoouiit«d: bvit on 
lOfl points we niiii^t amnii ikc atorr oiinplcCcdclJuU ; till vo 
laii^ ifi« Inll uliote nrpurlof liiH piocevdin^k, nt ihull btiild ooljf 
:c%iioMi1y oil ihociknoitB, to lu by no nncuw inert dible, ilhw- 

' bZb U Uw pf'^'^ f'^' w^' ill** tflfKlHo to triiiiiflniilTy uffnl dumc 
IM cnKNV. thM Uisn »uM art hwi vhnn ilw Pvlalnd^ b*«WM lb> «* cl 

t b AMlaA* H^vkgiW uwd, Ikwl Ihc «•■*■■ «n tAmitinitift-IidWTnlr uAtr^iAf In 

qwtaB %BnlkH> Iktf lilt lili^ oT KfCjii b«i cAm nn w ttnv 

ftwc— ni^ti. !■ I 

«m !■ flrvnid biitvtv miam fnm iW uvlitrrnimuac 



■fulltlltv. bhI llv lartwiniarCk w «cU «■ th« f«4l a»aih la BKnitMa biiMrr, ibl 


waW Muav, Mwiri tf aut ivvdialr, lUDaHi Bay ka4 1* atCM^ 
CWBpBBko, r«a«^ <W a«iu*l Hal vf kU dspMbva, tUi •tfMt^aH* 
l4*dA« Uo \tmti3f. U oijEtjr i > f« avnaiOcJ to nirut aiikoul Ib^iilIipii il olbc* 



Egyptiaa Anii^uitUt* 

CratioiH of Efr^'ptlan rcli^ioii ind huhory, ^liich lie liss collected 
from the nionuincntn, iiirctprcird liv ihr rnti'rEptioiii;. 

\\c Imvc not «pacc to JeiMl out in W;; arra* ilic cig^lcca 
monurdiM, fiotnc of llie king* with liicir fjiti-rriv liy ibrif •jili-, who 
huvc bcctt thus pitokcd from ili« bhmk-ii of oblivion. Hic kr^u- 
ujviiU li^' wiiich lliL'v HIL' ii^i'Dlitjcd lire titi:ut<iiiilj uf titat mkitite 
and cumubtK'o chamcicr vhich ^vitl not ndmit of comprcnjoit. 
Wc idcct M fcKF of the rooit rcmariable. 

Thotim of lhe4« king», llir conqueror of the shepfi^rdt, tp- 
pcim under Uic variout i»jiBi«?t of Acnoud and ThotiUiXMU IB the 
;inL~iriit irliioiiolo^rn : iiL lite !!<(( of Ch.irii[icj)li(mf be it j\iiieiM>Ain>, 
which ttin^' ioipiv, iri ^omc mcavarc, iiniicr iho cip;>cc)il fa^ovr of 
Amiticdi* u title [Kit iBiiliki-lv lo be aMnuicii Ij} n king, «vbn, b^ 
tlxr amifltauca of hk tialitit cod, bad ihuinplied o^ur snch 
fiMinHubIc cncnticn. Tn tbc filtli M>vcrc[^n, ihc 'ilioiitniioti* the 
Second of llw muDumeDt*, liic Mn>l><'^ or Mephr« of MmicUio, 
ne rccogniBe the Mtcris or M)tU of the Urcvkt ; and )icrt, after 
a long intennl, ve rrjoiii our aufli'iil gnideii Hc^mdnluii and 
l>Jod[>rU9^ 111 M^lirci we n^av, uitlioul faticiful i^r^nicrlof^r, 
lifire K nnmr drj-JM:il fnmi Plirr or }W tbr Sun ; nnd it a|)|irArt 
ibat iha frvkbrated obctJHhjt, called Cleopftlra'a Nuedl», were 
Jv^tejeclodb^ Thoutino?ii«, in lionnur of Plirc al Ilcliopoli*. 'lite 
greater vrorka, howcscv, of iUij 1ir»t of ibe i|rlci]did klpga ncre 
at MeiDpbU; and WtKe be ift the finl i>ho, ai:eoidin^ to Hero- 
doluK^ wrilin^ from tlio Irsditioni of tbc Mcinphiti? piicttt, bad 
left any monumenti; (bote of ilic iaHi<r kht^r of that liqe Wine 
onK ui br found in Nitbia and TlLrbrt, It hah for ihe iH'neltt of 
MtmpbU lliuL t]i<! tnsi lukc, i^nlkd jiHcr Mft.'na, woa diij;* M\d m 
thai nij lit! buiJt lh« great poiiico of ilie tEiii|i1e of Pllia ;Ue- 

Vi\ pau on U> tbc ci^hJi mtcfeiEnf no le» ■ pcncMinf^ iban 
the Meinnoti of thu Greeks, uiid n'tw AiiienophiB l|i« 8«4^d hv 
rcttiiJi li> Tliebepr, ih^ i:il« *j( Acninofu llowmilv^ or ibiutttth 
ithal ehanncl. lbi» king fofind his war into ibe |foetry of tltc 
(Jrrtk^, il 1*1 di^tull lu conjcctiire; jcl the l^lluopran, llic Son 
of the Morning, by a icry aneirni anAthioaiini, vai mbifth'^] up 
n'tih iIju c:iploil3 of ibe Trojjin vir. Mo i^ ntcnttoncd in tlie 
Odnfey. iliongh not in ibe ifhid; nia<lr piobably a lontidmtLlr 
tiKiin: in ibc ibapnodlcii cl tbc C}cl»c po«riA, of nhoni Qnintiu 
CalftL«r » tlv iM:bo— aiid ua» the lirta of the /Bdiio]nc9 uf An:- 
liniiii Mil««iti». ilih monumeiiul tiuniiC w AmontJphi*, aitd 
I'aubania) iiitoTm* a* ibat ibc ccUb»lcd musical atatue wa> lb«t 
or Phampnopb. not Mernnon, vhilc a poetical iniCfiplioQ on iJw 
■Ulye ntiinn* that the king himi csIW by b^tb Datnca^ — 

Eg^iim Antiq^Wut, 


if te Cojilic oiiicjo. lltiB statue^ witti its coctipfiiiioii, 
before tlie portal of tlic Anicuopliioiip a bLiiMinv of the ui<nt 
«ttorai<Kifl Client, »nA, ptobabily, nii^gntticenot! ; il« vcstigvi nixi 
pUu h«\« been trscH, bot, »>a Cliampolliun, llils cdiJice, com- 
panblr in riipui lu the i^rvat palatir nf Konmck, ban ainioft 
OllJttlj diMf>pci«rc<l. 

Noi b^M snlrckditt u.ii ttir 1»hI king bill one of iW ilyHH*iy*i« 
Rhwiai*^, vr RbmiKric?, tho fr>urth ot IhaC in^rcvblnr^ riaior, iii»* 
tiij|ptMbc(l by tbt- (Ilk- li Mri Aiiriiuii, luiiiT}; Aiiimuii. \\v, tiio, 
««« ft Wftrlikc piiiico, mid (he innucnso palacu of M^inet-atbuo u 
cu\cicd wlUi jep[c>«uUlioii:i of hu cxplcMtau A rccrni IcttLr of 
Champolliofk <io*(iiboft> and piriieiibm«t,tltc vnhous nationi who 
were iiubju^Mcd bv thi» prc^cccMor of the ^renter UlunisOt or 
ScMMirii; but ih^- di^(u«?»imi boib «f ibe ntttiow ami lumci ntu*t 
be p4»lpoDcd till ihc dcUib arc more ainplt and complete. Jt 
u uic m%rfiag uf liia moiimn^nl wlilcb wjt hrougl^l lo E-jigUnrI 
hy Bcli4>ia, and Ia now it Cambridge. Thi> line o1 ibc vigtiicTHtb 
d^tlMlJ Mkdrd lit RhiiilMr» A])l<i>i>|)liw, Uli? (ifth ikf ihr forjitcr 
niiDC, tbe (bird of ibc Jaltet ; to biai, however, tvc ihall hurcttfler 

JJW tho]icn>of Cbiiiipo1fion*<n«Um,*ii« offllK^ily Hg^piian 
IMjutj, ondp if vrc arc lo bclDcve Diodonii, of tlicir pcM-ln.i-^ ihaC 
grrat Thchiiti king, the head of the nini^rirTiihtlvnum, thrSt^soi- 
trw of llcrcfiktu*, ttkc Scviooil» cpf Di(>dotu»T thu StUiua of Ma-* 
iwlLo, tlv Ithkiiitiea tlie Gr^at of lite itioiLiirii«ni» ; vtv hate the 
distinct aathotily of Manolho that be bore botb oawic^j — tv» tj 

Z^ S^Wvf T^ KKi Pa|fli0d-nt WfiVAdtf;i^>ity— alld liicwUc of C3n** 

reoMMi. >iK>tber ancient autlior ijuoled br Jovcphui, Kverywhoro 
lliia Migblj btrif »l;iiida forib in piumutctit i;rjiijdi:uf \ bcforr, and 
to tbe UmpTc cif the mudicra ItnaiitUul, no l«u than in ThJcbc»r 

Ukil in ibc luiui cif MoopbiSr bi» i:obivi:il f1jtui:?i ajtpcar stanJptfd, 
CfaanpoDion n»cru, with tho rrabw nf noni?ilLirp, In altitrtuit 
CTVI7 tcmplf, up to tbi- coiibnc^ of iblhio^iia, liU deeds afld 
iTiumi^ aie wroughl in ivliff »nd pfliniin^. 'Jlie prater part 
of tbv celebrated ohcbski citbcr are jiucribcd to bitn w bcsr 

* Tta dtrmntt—r* whltb bo man ooiMrlbnlcd to ihnm t* air of mpadkatton 
•m UiB w^mtchm vf ftMiinllhift Ib Ikb lb* ■nmiiiiuiMinl nT * dfacom} OMda 
■t Aia t i w wiw 10 hn iiriiiktliga Ah KcfiiL A pApfm^ viMBa la »gm 1^ 
m^tv »4*vrAr^vu Hi-lto b«n bvM roooTin Ibt coAvviitft of a ofwatu Mdvo«a, 
•h4 «i'dafii«««UhM nd(kMi« u v« nwrUk d«T«ur «M of )«ir W^Uv SnlTm 

IhaaMhM AM bHtt bo^ MMcdi hpitila 1b# aiiUiiiMiT. u 'tolht JMLia,«iii 
vaaiMflni acnHV m pp w fc of holjr *ni/ «■ hk* libil nT IfcamfuJUna, II. 
A«nbr «f iUft nwy b*«v Ua Icaifrtcd I* H«il« ■ mrmi^ iriiHtiio uuff bk 
I ncviKul Itotivh I AU-l the ilvry^ hjr i^ Uav U nftcUJ Hvh^ aijr 

ha»»fw i a^t» 



Egyptiim Aitti^itie*. 


bb r«c(mL Tli»t of tlie Lstoru hui bcvo loiiit knouvb (from 
tbe citrioiu iutcrpit'Utiuiu ot Jt hi AaiuiiaiiuA Maris^lluMiA) lo 
belong to a Km^ Uamctn ; onr tide of <Jlcf>pMiii'> N4>edle u 
occupied will) hu dccdi ; nnd boidc* ^ii IcccivU in the rnint 
oi LuKur uiid K«rDack, ibt iiaoiaiMv vditire on tbr vicMcra i>d* 
of tlic nvvr, Vkbich <rorrci|x>ndt with ftinculni, if not perfect 
c^tirini:>Ar li> llii: uiftj^iiiticaiC ^rahinr of < >ij]nKi>rl}-at drft4-nlM<L 
bj Diodoru^ U «<> coi«r<>d with his Irgendft u lo bo HKincd 
bj Chnni|Killi(Mi, without thr Iriud hfiilntiun. the IWtmt&ttam. 

Aiii^jciil hUtorr i« full of i1j« tnutuplu of ibia Bgj|Hi«Q Altx- 
aiKicr ;* uas jl i(lc echo of iialiti: k-geiid*, dlber pucticnl, or, if 
hviorical, ciii1wlb«h«d bj lulJonil wiit/i or containnif «ub«Utv- 
till liulli f Tltc iiicniorable pBttnge in Ticitiin i» bA once ifa* 
ino»t bru^f Kuii futJ ti4ir»4'ni of lh« gloritt of lib ragn, Oa tba 
vi>it ol GcijtiutiiciiB to 'rbvbci, tbc ckkf of Ihc ptmt«, inlcrprtt- 
lug ihe intcTiplumt in km nacivr bngiugc*, rvlut^ to tbr wiwdcr- 
ia^ Itoman th« forceM, th« conoivvti in AfricA, A^* >wl EufO|)«> 
and die tribute Icvird b^' Uic Urcat lEhaiiucH^— 

fa tf pMl InntfttDV, buL life m iiKh (dMi. IvritvMl in nt^hdiApuIn, 11. 
ClaapBlU'm I^[i«<^ bjr h ugiwH* muobcbI JbiIimsA Inn ll« ciM«tfal itMhlK 
ptfUa *r 1400 pm», F g A»m >t MCflfdmiE la 4ifei iWiditd bf Cfwrteu, bihI * 
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Jlai ILrrf A*U itlikh ufnfin««M lo «rteut)' b Ih* n^ilijr* of Jiflwo H TTiiiVfc 
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Iv oUtnaJ, Ikal tbrn »^ U flvo jrvHtoTtfWth (k 4«*«of dacqAwPofJao- 
taloai, iiod hi It uv<fUA tA vkii HtiHl^ 1ktnlai«C HcvAT ilHii*w«ti«ab|lM«. 
K. QMWudHn* niiMC-* dflK Ontfan. for afcwi hh« Ami Ui ■«% V« 
poh>l*tw>y>»i>i— CTiUMfa> m Mi l wii|wwiflwi<rn»fiB< to- 


Ef^ftlian Aniitf\ulift, 


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MM h imiIoHImu »*c«nloEiuu incriuni srnacxma ml«rpr«Uri, re», 
Kftbat tuibtUMC «ff4iii^«nta miilia 4:tiilc niiUuri; otqL« to emu 
fitorcilu rrfti9 Rbvusm Ubyi, £tli]vpiA, Mcf1j»i|(ii; i-i Ptfitis ut 
BacuUdo. AC ScjrthiA |vi(lltim ; /jiiiLvqiiL- turrit Sun Armi^nij^tip ct 
eonri^ CifrptdocM rotuM, \\\\^ Bilh^ntim. bine Lyuium tA mire 
iuij-rnf^ tmi^tnc; kf^fb^tur <jt iaditla |ff»t]lii« irHriJia, jiuinlui 

aiqiw o4om. j^tM^jiitf fOjj{ai fnimenti ci ommiim tiUnailvion (Juhuo 
>*titt^ad«i«ti faAuJ nimiid icAffmifica^ qi»m nunc vi Panhorumt au& 

IjtI di tiftcc thli line nf ronqiirft^ vafri, and pefliap* nimnnlic 
u it niAY aw>«Ut 94>u to induce ibovc vrilen wlio, lowardu iliej 
L'Oldof Ine 1^1 Li!fHiin, wtic for muhiny ;i|l Eialtif), ifivtholog^, 
■sd rcligioci, iolo nulnwoniy, upuii gTriund«, raihiT more |>!aii« 
aiblc lliin usuftl. lo coci»iikr th<; srcnt kuig of Cg)j>t iiu niitra 
th«n a mviliolo^iral pcrxmiricnlion of * ihc giant lliai moiccth to 
run tiicouoc ln>ni one cml of W>vrn to the otlicr.* Itc tlric 
com|ur«[ gtfiHnallt allribiitwl Id Sett»lri« in -^htopU^ $oitk« 
wrjicn, i(Klcc<i| loftkc hun commence viilh a morilijuc eipcditioQ 
■gninil Cjjnui %xv\ Plunurb, btit ihf rrimt pmbatile account 
«taM tW, eilher 'luring liu falhvr'j liJt;, 'jr ultL-r Vi» own tcces- 
aiun. Inr led tlic triufii|jlifliil (jitunciv i>r E^viit along th<r wliults 
€«)tirtc of the Nile lo ibe i^crud Meroe. He coii<|ut«ecl, fts^s 
DicMiocvd, tbc Aouthpm Ivtliiopians, and fciixii llvcin lo pnj 
Inbuff, rhonv, gf>tiJ, mill rlrplistitt* tei^tli- Nowhrrp do iW mo* 
numtnb ^o jEtLkiiijttv ilLi.^uatc tlid history. In the NiiMau 
l^mpln ti'ixetrniniioni of the vicloriea of ihit great kiiif* line the 
wiU*^ One %x KoIaI^mI^c ^iah been described mah gnal ^jiint bj 
Hpereti, from (iaa'i cn^ruungH. Il ti'tituwiiU a iinkrH rjiia^tl, 
wiiL her diildren, im|)IorKitg the mCKj m ihc oiiqufjror. Now, 
llioti^li femttli- fotcrtign« were nrrl^ known in Cg^iit, in Eibioj/m 
thtfv were cooiEnOD- Evi^n ol a taC^ period, the Ciiw1ac« of thia 
AeU v»ill (XiTur to licit fvAiicri lle^ides tlie i[ni^cii^ iIattc hic iIjd 
tpi^iU at t1i« ft«t of <h« cuDigneior, i^lial »c«riB to bv i^on', willi 
goUkn infou, and buc< l'->i£^ of ebony* We proceed on our coursei 
jir»l renmLiiiff a faei wh[<:li, if v^f. rcmcnihiT nuhllj, hvi e«cnpcd 
Uir noOcc «f (IceKfi, that (he career of Se»ij»ti» i; led precuctj 
•long ilm laiip oa vhich lipe hat itvced, with wi much iiigrnail^ und 
'IT«e(U<:h, the rond of ancient oommcr^e. It mighl almost M>om 
lint ilie roni|iurnr fofhjued ihr tra<:k of tbe avutaii, oe detl^ lo 
pliliidef or make lmiat«lf iiiaUer of itie i;uece4iiv4^ cvQlie«i or etn- 
|Mj«ia of eotiimriie, and of tlir di^crciit cotiiitr>e« fiouj vhi<li iho 
ricU»t articlci of traffic weio tent fertb. The &t>t alrp, a* vtatrd, 



EgffptioM AtUi^x^tit»m 

\rus iWe )«b}uB»tion of I^tluopia, tlic ncit of A 6ri<;a to the wcvt,-** 
of lliig, ii u Inie, «*r Ijhto but "jn Imlitlirrcnt toikIi^, ihiil or i 
Latin |>oct, nnH onr, lU ^rncral, more ta be impeded of tuwid 

' Vfuit ajI urroium, taitndiqti« ntmriK Sewitrii/'— Luojuc. 
Slill| vonic cUnujif lubJui-ctiQik of tlic l^byaii tnhc% may bfi 
•Honodt Vfihoui miirli tifRiiation. Tlip vilrl niMmnlH oi' ilj« 
docrl lire pf^rptrlually kd in the triuinplu of ihc l%>ptuo, — Uic 
ai)lrli>]K-s, Ibi: fJiK--*, ll»e giralTii-v, ;iiid rtiir uklrk-Jtrt. 

Ambia, to tlie Mn nxjrldf vniN die Iftud of wonder and of 
wca)di< FruTD die llctiKW prupWtn^ wliu delist lo dMt-ll m) 
Ui^T'ei^ to bcbnxiaht from Aiabia and Saba/ to ihe laiei^t Gt««4c 
and l^bii pocb — Un: jccot^rapbcr l)igiiy*ius jtnJ the luiuiiunl 
NoiinuR, t\w rjchff and ntarvrU of the taiui und jioopte uri* per- 
pctunlij dJfipU>^d. 1x1 viH hear i>io»jNu«. 

Thcnco ]ii>uthwaffl fcrvaEling to ibu on«at, Javtfa 
The Erythiean villi ita ocraii waT««, 
Of all turih*! iiliom, th« fair«i, ric-hvat land. 
And tiobUsl cnb»i poaiaiv thai happy atraiwt 
Vim of alt wondvra !— aiUI for crcc loir 
Sweet domli *j( f-^raiKi* from lljat brcatliin^ ikorv i— 
Th« fnyrthf cha odorout cati«| the caMia iharc. 
And «vc^rT|i«nififf inoonso bain tha atr. 
Henc^ lti« U'H14:nnwn and tH^atitiful ptmngir of Miiion. More 
•obcr iiislory — thaC ol licrodoiuB^Diodtxiis, Aibintamia, conlirnia 
thii nnrinil opinidfu 

jVnib\' IIk- Bleat, thither producui2, or pOAicvsiitx dkc carr>in^ 
tradeoff thoM.' costly npu^f^ and itiri?T»H3 mhicli wirro n> prvili* 
gaily Ukcd in i-^pt in cntbnlming \ho dead nnii wartbippini^ Uir 
godv, would patunilly be tut obJtKt i^f ambition to on n^tptiaii 
caiiqneror. Arcordinglr. cwii before the triuinplatni t-nrvpt of 
lUMintea die Great» cufioua ix^lif^vs of Fg^pban conquest in the 
Arabian penin^uU b»v<> bcvn bruughl to lighi^ and hirr lirrb 
alluded to in M. Cfiaiiipullion Mf^^'s Unt chn>iiologi«at notice; 
and Arjluih (iKe Rrd Ivittli) it dmcribcd u% inidrr tlxf Ju*l of Tts- 
meie* Mriainouti, in oii« oflboM \try cuiiouii rvnmcatatMMt of 
bia coDc|ur9ita said In line tlw aralla nt Mcdinei^Abou, and \tbicfi 
we only lefruin from cnlsr^inj ujvon^ at eitp^ctiiig more acnpla 
dijt:iiU [| vrn on » bt-igljl <Ai.-r looking the mrrow limit wbtck 
diviilof Africa fiom Aruljta, th»l SctoUrii^ ftcct>rdiii|' lo Slivbo, 
mrtcd one of l*i* cohimim, 'Hic wara betw«-n tlic later Ahya- 
sinran iinci mad ih^ voi^ereigB* of Yrmtn, in ibe rentimci pr^- 
c«d3iig Mkhomct, may dliutratc thcac ronaiacsb. IV baited 
or tcrrnr of ihir tra attributed lo die lalcr Egyptians Hia eillicr 
uiikoowa to or diadaiAcd, aa the uonumoata ckvly pcovr, by 


Bgjiptifin Anfi^iiifir:'^, 


ibc great Thcbtn kiugs^morr lliait utir reguldr navn] i-iigi^ 
JDffnt, •■ irelltii de»cviiU from mv.idirt^ fl«cu, being fcpr^imieii 
Ihc KiilplaftS. Oil Ihc Kcd Sea, SeMwtri*, accortljn^ ti* 
ihUlary, lifted <viii i nnvy of foiir hiindrad *hjpi ; — but nhriher 
did tic o« Irtt odmirab 5iil .' DJ<1 ttic> coinnut tlKmscU^j lu the 
lfvJc*-wiiidi, ami bi>liJU Mreicli ucroM loMHrds Ihl^ Isiid at gotd 
andtpiov? — ^rv suttM; of t}ic lull-ftirlii ic)>if«eDUd tii die m:uI|>- 
tUft* iboM of hidia - — did lii> Iriumpliuiii nriiiN |>ai( ih^ (lait- 

ft»?^-d« ihc Indian hnnclk-s on tbv cntllt, iii>hc<rii b_\ Mr- 
l*mdtoii, cu»b[iT>iiii: lc-i[ciui wi CDiitluiilly icpc-.ilcil, uf Ins cuii- 
qursli id tlul hiK^ (^r ArKioin Uhiv ? — or, HCCOttlii>|; to Ihc itiore 
ttK>4t»i «C4:aiit]t of licrod^tiK, did liity ci>Ml cnuliouai^ along, 
■nd }>uc back wbrd ttiey «ii^tHiiilFrrd Mi>Mtc formKliililc *hoaJ4 ? 
X>jd Uicy fiolUm^ djc coutx of ihc Persian gtdf, uttuil Uie ruing 
DioiiuchJta o{ till? A-*iMiijrL!t and Mrdn, cr prcn nn lo thiic 
It kingdom of Uaciiiu, uUich dimly ri»-.'H vimd iliu tfloom of 
MrllfM aj[i?«. thr u^ttlTC (»1i]Cc of '/AUtio^lcif itiid llic tradtr 
W ibe Magian rtti^it^i) ^ Cbar»|>a1lioii bi^Mly imiu« AMy- 
ins, Mcdca, And HacEnaiu, » cxhjbitrd on ttic niuuumcniA ; 
but tl>« KlfiDgr jiijd barbifDUH :i]i|iFlJKiiuiJi ^tiich U^ bm T«ad, »■ 
iar tta ire rcincotbcr, bear uo tCM;iiiblanGV lu tliOAO of any uf llie 
trJbifi: <:^rtirT irntctlrtx* hnwcrt^r. Lave obvrvrd t^m the 
IIV4, cottuinc, aod unii» of lij« >»fttii>n» with nliicb iIm E^p- 
laioin in batllc, arc civilly Aiiatic ; lUi^ Luag llovniig robe*, 
lu» of fan, i\io boardtp the iiuMn, in many TYiptiOU, are 
rkobly MintUr lo those on tbc Ittbylonjan c>liiiJcr» and 
•culpture* of Pentepc^is. 
' Tbc doniniou of ScaoatfU,'' our legend procceda, ' ■prcaiorer 
Annmu awL Aula Minmr. Hii iiuaj^s vivwc Ktill tu bv wnn in ihr 
tj* of H«Todotuit — on^ on tlit road betn*<u Hph«4ua Pitd Pbo- 
t, and anolVr IviMvi-n Smyrna mid Saidi** Titty wtrve Aie 
pabn« tuglB. armed irt tbt B|!ypiiafi attd Elbtupjao mainivr. and huld 
ft javcliii ij> oih: I»ih1 and a bciu' ni (Ic vtiio; aciOMthcbrc^At ran 
■ line, Willi an irucripiioi], — '' Tin* region I coiv^oend by my 
atrcnglli iUi, my ^h-juUt^n)/' They wvrt mbukcn for aUhirt of 
Alrmnon/ May wr imt ftiippiKr ibai nil dirfUL^try abuut tlic laitcr 
bero vf9t grounded on ihcav iitaLuca i Thii nniicriral conc^aeror 
afireul lib dvminiiio \nU» Europe ; but Thiiioc ia»» the liiaii of bb 
VKtonca. Uu ll^« ctiteni ulu^re of lJ>e Eu^ne lio left a colony of 
Mft of his anuy — tijc Ancvsi'jrt of lti<; cii'Ciiiiici*cd people, die 
Colditaiu. \\'»9 there, en n thcs, a golden ticcce on tbcuo idiurv« T 
W«rc the rkh iand> of L'iinti h> prodtidivc of the precioMmcta], 
as lo tompa thr cnnrjtirror tri a nrrmanrnt tftlliMiicut * But hia 
note fotwidabk vih-uuo vete ibe redoubled Scyihiiiu, Pliny 
•nd odie* i&odurn wtitcra auvt dial Ik wiu vaiv^uuhcd by ibcoi, 
ToUXUii. no. LXXXV. L >Dd 


Sg^fiimn Anti^^Uim. 

and iM. Valcfiw* FlRcctiiihm^mbodicdibe isiioBit»iou« nitiMWt 
In T«rM, McHbiiin llir victory 1o the Gt^tc* : 

' ' ui pKma Setoitni 

T«rnl&», hoi Th«UM, pAltiumqu« nd4Mt >d anDBtti 

PhwudJB iuM itn|x>iiut agri*.' 
But Exyp^tn pndc eiihcr diigutfcd, i*r liaJ roapon lo d^nr, lli# 
tMV«l i>f hrr l»rM»» 'HiiTr i?i a ^Inlmg «ofj in UcTmlutni, tfcat 
nlivD thv ^ictoric-u* Dnnui rommNtuM Uiot bis ftlitui> kIiou^I Uik« 
thp |)btr (if ibal t>f ScTfOilrif. ibr ptiest^ boMh iuleifefcd, lUiil 
ftMcriol ihr Niiprtinrirv of hirir monarrli, wtio Itad ■cli>if«r<l wtiat 
l>iffius hdd in ^niti ■licinplril^ iht.- aubjii|;*iwm uf Uw S<:ittii4Ti*. 
Of ill' iritifn of Si'tairrit, tUc rrtw^liion of hi« IitihIkt. IiIs noik> 
ol i)«pce, lite dlviMun of llic land, lh« »ihit> hv dttg, aitrl th* 
•dillcn fie «ri-rtrvl. ii« ^aj- iiulliiiig, a* wir i«t)tilit itinfuii: tmivlvps 
b> that cf which Ihc niQiiiiniciitA brftr wimca* — hm martiut rt- 
ploit*. AiF (VK ihrn to ilisiiiUi nil 1)01 1i4if hiMary of Intiinuh* 
and «oDi|iirtti> iulf; ihr rrgionc lA nivthli: or allr^rUr lr|CMid ^ Att 
wt lo considrf it tlit pure cTCiilinii or die nEvo»lrot)» tsap*v-fMtfl« 
of iiaiional vaniu *^-tn tftat\\f rl iTilr> ihtr aibfaK^oiii mriHJarii^ nf 
lln» prrrBl, or iIjc Jii-ciiird hrtion of (he bard '^ wf ^rioti, liw-fr tt 
nodiing im|itob»bW< in \\\r r\\t\tr%\tr t4 (>«ir or of a \mt^ of VjS^p^ 
lian coiiciu^rorv : lCf;^pt ws« as Hkcljr to »ftftil fonh ' Hj mij-Utj 
buster, fthove lEAinr viiia niaii/ nx AKi>ria, Pftiia, Macrdonta, 
Arabia, or Tari^y, On %hv ollwr hanil, vp ha*p ibc tinif^irm 
U-4tintoh> of iLticrrnl hifitrirvp ancirnt Ifadilion, aitd rxijliii* iivinu-i 
menu. EL;\plinii ^ttMor) kh ii'|iortL'iJ i'> ut by f%ery tnc'irtu aiidinr 
^HeroAo1a», DiodofUft, ?^lai>rl)io, Slnitn — tuid i« a>iuredli de- 
Wtrviii^ of ai much crritil a* thr scraHrrrd fiuf;DitfiN of ibr Of i^fil»1 
•imalfl, ubl<b btwT Ihc names of )irro3tt« or Saochohiniho, or tb« 
tradilioni prrwnH by aiurr nDnrkni nniiquorirn. llir mil* hiafrry 
vbidi apBrmimntM tu ihit prtk>d b tbul of ib^ Bibk, and II1H 
«<e fhall bctt^Qcr iromidrT. Havt fur ibr f-ri*rrvl tradition fm%y 
be tnircd to I'^fpt wt ir* Hol^ f(Hinfam-lH.-*d» may lip do«iM«4l ; 
thcr^ T» mm« t^thbbiitc of n cofiiMXioii AJtb 84-ilbun irnditioo 
|>lFii!nrd iti JiiAiio Mid Jttfinadn; in l1i<< fornirr Mr lind the 
Bwt^ of m Sr>*hiaft Itin^. «>n1cn)porari *iib Sm^tna* 

Bui tJMMiiouuiuenU wbiib ro«ii the- «all« uf iIk Nttbinn cvtir*, 
tiiarr p^frtictilartj of Tlieb«(, allonl ll*r >tfoii](4-Jl ci»il<imiaiioii to 
JK* «MtrtiM>r conqimta of one Of inoie o<" ibr inijbt^ Piisrwlia. 
1V»r moiiumrmi, nttirrk rbdepenilint, il niwM ix rvinnBbvr«d, 
*r th« irl«r|irviaiioii> uf Ibrir kc^tidi by Chain|mllivtr. r<?|:irMtit 
Wtlka and i>r|^, mmt^ti by bnd uJiri rra^ ir» ronnirtn uppn- 
If iitK nni Aftunii. kj^iiui it:itHJiit *Uich hatr t-vrfT rbara^lrr of 
fwn<»*r, ]>«t>babJj Aiuiic, iku. IIcmi arc livcra'ubkh c«iflot 


Sgyjt^ttn Anfitptiiira. 


be ihv Nilf ; f!i>itrewe8 nhkli, in their local vhaiacter, aecm ijaUlTjr 
tintikp iliii of ihe tltvtncU bord«-ring on K^pl- 'llic umIuto of 
tlu?^ Futf^onliiJArj »cu1|>iurT« ia probabtj little knoml to the 
grnrral rcaAer; n^ ihall, itiruforr, uiott gUillj exiiact the ftnl- 
nULli^ dnCfiptkuof cntt or llicni Trom the vork of Mr. lUmittoii, 
— ih*' itrscrjplioii tif un lluiJieric butib', Mnjtk ikul uUh bouie- 
thiiJlf of Homeric tirc< 

' Tlir tAjiiMitl c)ii««rii for the n;tirF£«uUtiou of the battle m thftt 
vh*n ihff tmopt of ihe ?nnny Arf» men) btrk upon ihrlr fonrMt, ftn^ 
th« Kf[T|4itftt, in lli0 full ctrevr oi victory, niTI «oon b« trkUt*ft of 
tlic lirw. The coiMjuerori brhind ^vhom i» borfie aloft the royal 
MAJNUrd, is i>r « cokxf^ ni^ ihxt U,. far Larger tlran all t^i* other 
VAnSon, iianHjiig Qp iii a nrdrawn fcty two hor««», Hn hftl/nPl it 
adottwi wiib « ii^fae, with a ht|jcr| cm eaeh «id«. He b in the Ml 
gf tlwotin^ mn mmv fraiii a how* which b fuU-siietclivJ ; ait>mid hia 
uv^ULT^TKt adJ at hit fft i& n linn (iAemniiC4mf rmn^HMMVi ofSfv>€trii^ 
In tJie act of ruiluEifi; forwards Tb«rv U a gnM d«<al oi bfv aiMi mnt 
IS the furiii and altitude of lh« kor«ca, which arc i» full i;a!lop( 
feathvr* vavJDg ore r their hradft, and thv relua la^hei round the body 
of ih« 60nq|ueror. l*»dor the vp^evb of (he ear, aoii ooder the hor««9* 
hooCft and MLica arv ctoviiU of dfinf a»d tloit^ aonw ttrtichcii on 
ibo cnMod, otb^^i* f«!IJ»^ : oii ihr enrmKa liile. hunet in fuU 
i^Mrd, vtlh empty can, ntbem heffflHnu of the refn, and 4kl1 at lait 
nMbing beadlottg doun a preejpn into a broid and dvcp rivor. t^-h^ch 
Wft*brt U>e walU of the lovn. The eK^irrs^ion ij ca(cciliD|{Zy fi^ood, 
and no wbcM kaa the Bni>l ilrowu Tuorc tLitl ihiin in t*ro groupa. in 
Mwof w1kiehthahor«p«4i«arrin^1 itt theeerpe nf the preoi|jirr. Intlintly 
fal down, and (he drirer, elinfrinf nith one haTkd to the car, the rtiQi 
•nl mktp falling from the otKrr. hb body tremMiniz nith despair, t« 
abool so Im hnrtrd nvtr th« fcael* of thn hane«; til tha other, ihe 
hoe>v* vtill find a footiw on thewdo of the hilJ, and are harryiAjr Ibe* 
varU iLeir drivers to inevilahle 4c*tmelian; thvw throw ti>cm*«lvea 
huA ujon the car in tain. Sonw llial an^ yei unnxjundcd pray for 
nuTfry on their hneet, and othm in rhtir flight east behind a look of 
aiLxiow enlreatf :— Ebeir JimEn, ih^nt «yee, and haada, audt^ieatty de- 
chre tbcir fraii. The r^ut e/rvujiic* arc adcaiiahlet whether fainiin( 
5™& loaa of hlondt oc Tenrin^r w}) and }j|iin|;ing in (he eareaa of tor* 
t«re l»B9ei£ai«]v tn troiit of the conqueror are H^vrral ear* In full 
lyced fur the whIIh of ilr uym : but etcn in thcoo (he chariotoen 
tiid men of uar are n^tC ufe from t^e arrovi;< shot from his uncrr^w 
bmr, arvl whtD wounded thny look ba^'k on l>ii-ir ptjr*uer a« liey fall 
f^rthfir on, moft fbrtmiate fu^i!it^« are paisioj^ the rixer, In uhieTt 
an miifM hortM, ckaHota, an»«, nrnJ men, rxpr^fscd in the rurtol 
Mhful manner, ttcwtiair or«iiiik. Soitip liaie almdy rra^hrd the 
ifpoiita baAk, wheee th«ir ftvudv, v!io u« drawn np (n order of 
ImiI*, fc«l eealuto noi| to jto out to the fi^bt* dr«f Ibrtn lo Ibe thore. 
OUura, liaeln^ escaped by anottee rioad, are reitetinf tbe gatea of tlH» 
l»wn, ftnid tbe tbrUka aiid lamenlatioa* of tl<<se wkhiu. Towcra, 

lS fimiMna^ 


Sgyptlan Aaiiqaily^^ 

runpirb, an^ buliUmeDU ar« crowiUd with intiAbiUE^, -wbo are 
cbl^lt^r btanM old tarn and vomEU^ A pircj of thf fnrmer ara iPtia 
>«llrin; fbrt^i h«ad«d b^ ■ ^aib, wboM dkiftarciit drc«i and high 
turbftja fiiftrk hiin oat *■ wme ditiininiuhed chicfuan; on oMh n4o of 
ihn town atm lai^ bodlra of iiilbnUy Ami a |[tBal fbroe of otiaricKi 
btuafi^ o«t of t£« ffMtcs, and ftdwiciag, Muimin^lf by difW^eiit 
rOfUfji, to attELfk ihf bcficireri. 

■ Tlte iiiij>clt^t;^K;ty »'jl}k whidi ttie hero of tho picture liRa pmv^ 
hftl olnndy i^rntil hfrn fkr Twyund th^ miin body of hh own mrair, 
and hoia there idune, Wd tSu dyiag ind ihv vUki, victini^ of hiA 
Taloor &ni provvrM. Uchiad lhi« ticene tbo Ivo liaca of ihc t£«mf 
joJD their forcci, and altack in u body tho *nny uf the iuTELdc-ri, ubiHi 
■dwiOH 1o racvX iheni Iri a rvffultr lin#. Be«irl4-i the peouliftritict of 
the ifitvtiriJtd foc<Trd«il lu thl» ibtotwtiDff p)«<;0 of ncolplitre* ve cri- 
<SetiUr mcr A itbltDeiicm betwom liie snort dr^sei of the C^yptluu 
uid tb« lung luUfsor l^nririjr'iriiUlvnpnurvwbvib^r Endiaiii, rpr<iaj)«, 
orfiictranvr thi' uncor^rfft imd lh» covervd hcadi; tlie dtffrr«itt 
foroib of tli« ean, of uiicb llif EfcypitaiM n^itdn tvo. and tb« oitber* 
tlir«<r. irirrion ; anJ, »t^Tc vUi iJv dilTcrciicc of th« armi, the ^Xl!" 
liui irhlfrld b#tn# ]ii|euie &l one rnd Mtd round 41 lh« otkf>r, Ui«Ir 
armi a bov and arromi : the oa^atf* MM m of lli* form of tb« 
cennnion Thcbon buckleir ; their ui&ntry arv arrcicd ir)l}i«prar«, ll^cir 
chariotcefi vrkh *horl JAVrlin*/ The ^luthor «ddj, ' iKaI the ouiMb«f 
of human firmts in thii bat£i^•«mle U WA l«i« than fifteen bandrvd, 
kf9 hundtoa of ivbijch iirv on foot — iho rost III ct^noc*.' — Humilion'i 
^^pUva, p. U5- 

But knr ii tt llut the Aacrr^i iTriiiop |if««r%« • profounil 
ftiUn^* on all the inviiioiiB, coikjuoUi and ttiumphft uf tlui 
£fy|klian Alexaitdcr, or, if CbvDpulliiHk U lo b« fulh rniiiird, 
lltti r«co of AI«Kaud4*ri f \V« mtitt lake nf» tha ^tMution of tke 
ooaneuiMi bclivcrcii 1>ic lacirJ iikI I^K>pti^« hiiU^ HI an urlirr 
periud. On [hjs iiilcreUtng in<iuiry, luo ol' tbc wniee^ ibe tillei 
of wbovc woiU nrr iirclixcd to ouf erticlc, M, Cotjucrel. a l*ro- 
totaitt, and M. Girpjiit, ■ Hoinnn Catholic divw, bav9 entered 
vrtih aitidi candour and )ik;^niiily. To what period in the Egrp- 
tiao hiaUirj m tlie Mo»atc <-Ai>du3 tu b^^ asti^iicd ? TIili i|ui!Mmmi 
MMM to liaro b««n delAleKl, if we mn^ »o k[K«k, on iha scene of 
aclwn araong the Jvvtijh and Gnruan ntiicf* in Alczaodria. 
The fan w«a tinitvralljr adiniitrd, though the chroiwlofy wa* 
wvrurtlt contcatcd ; a« to llie fact, it luaj be E^ailu»ily asftcrtcd, 
ibai lliv Moaaic tvcord, indrpcndmi of tu relJ|i<Ki» »ai>ciJOil, 
hu g«i«rallj M high a claim lo the chancier of authcotidt/ 
and cmfibilitjr ae any ancient ducnmL*nt : he uha »boiUd tr* 
jrct il, woidd not mcniv expooc hia o^n ftiiK>onl> R9 a believer 
IS reveaJed reli^KKj, boi nja judgtncni s^ ■ phtb>*o|>hiral hUloriaD- 
Morcuwctvnd ibe hutorica of l>k>doru*^ or Tacituif or lbs 

Egyptian Antujuiiifa. 


Uniiw of Jowphm agdimt A|iiou, witltou; tkatly Mc'ta^^ ilial 
the F^^plian hlHloiiBEv, ho^cicr they might (fufjgurcj no ^oubt 
did iiulKc Uic icnitLidc? and \Uv i^Xiipc of the lirarlitn from 
H]^?pt- l^ui hath \h\t> ttiid Oie chronolfigicnl iiiiefilioit wcrccarried 
otin till the bJmdip](kcJin£«c^f national pndcaDdfiiiimo»it} on cadi 
tnlv, aiKl it is lar frotn IfL^k^ ihul we slmtiMciitirtlj dit^iiFangle tJie 
web nLidi ban thui bc«ti mvcllcd, tier can ^p expect to rvcei\c 
vijr ilimt iiiioiniuiicni oif ilu\ HiiUiect frum tlii^ mnniiiitrnii. Onr 
pHHv »ntcr l^aa lakcii alafni al IhJA ^iTcnc« ; but Mif«-ly vriihout 
mucb Twon, lor ihc monikiiicnta alnici^ cxcTiisiicly bfl<iu^ lu 
l*piwr Kg)pi : nor doe» a proud nation iiibvribc on ili» enduiinj^ 
»cuJptufc« lU kit«c« mkI calidiiitticB , li i» ilic ticloiiouai not difr- 
rtinifiieil moniiirh nboiv ffrcd^ ar» hevtii in sEotn-. 

Holli 3K Coiiucfcl ntxl M^ Urcppo Mdovt llic comraou U«- 

irriau liatL-, l-Hfl* '^ tJ"' Kxodmi. Now, uinngli rhU dnr^ in as 

jirD6aAip a* ani oilier, ii« cannot tliink it i:«riiun : u'« have Blrrody 

staled tbc jerral ^juAtiot) of c)iii>iio|<igi>r^ on ilii» |ii)rnt ; n nay 

i)«H.'«lion ol biblk-iil crilKriun nior« open to iair debaic tii^n the 

•ijth< iitictiy of the tcJit I kinga vi. 1, the basis of xha c^kula- 

tion- Our aiuhort ]ikcuii4' adopt M, Champollion Tigcoc'* dbU, 

147^, fur the KccABjon of SesotiUts. and the common term of 2t^ 

fbnhcrr^jrirrnrrof thi^ 1«raplitrfi in Bgypi- JoM-pS niiglif ihut 

Bold omI«t M<Etii ; Jacob snd htt fnniiiy entered KfOP^ under 

sncc«nur, Miphir-'llxMirmo^ia, and departed in the third year 

Anwsophii Kh)m»«fl. father of ^>o«uij. Several curiom inci* 

ot«l points uuLe in laitjui of' this ajstcm- A\ tlie period 

■w igiwd to ihc inini]iir\ of JrMepbf dtarlr, tlic nntite princM 

Vrctc OB ibc tkionc — the piievlkood w^cre in honour and povrcr, 

lirnlaHf tho»« of Plwe. The obelisk rnited by >locri% Mi* 

rs, at Heltopotif, «ilL be remembered: bis son likcnt^e bore 

e litle of MUphre, Now JoMrplj wur rranied to ike daugliier 

of Pcl-c*phre, the pncM of FKie, -ai Ou or ilchopolis. At 

lli» |)ejiod, loo, the ^brpherda neie rrceiiih i.Jipe1kd, imd tlicr«- 

tott an 'aboB)iikattoi» to the lvg}ptian»,' aud thn Innd orGo^cn 

vras %«caiit bv Uicir eit^iihioii. Diodonis, it nay be obtrcned, 

^iie« »eveh genera tioiva betu'£et> >1oefi« nnd >r«n5lni, uhirh, at 

iktc« for ■ eentur^, umount ncftil> to the date of the restdeoco 

of the liiM-liin in l--|(vpt. Touardi the chwc »f the (icHod lim 

imce ol Kbamaea uc^-iid the throbc ; and Raanaca it llic name cf 

oae iii tli« citjea fauiti bi tlie oppiemed Inraelilea. S«dl jjc tbe 

curioiM itit-tilenul iltuaiiatjona ol Uii* ayatetD, tbo iMse^ we may 

obMMr> MJth tbul <jf V^tcr and BnM^ CocnbealaDd ; but mo 

mnil not dutemble th« iliffculiii-t The iixodui, accofdin« to 

the daio ado]iud, took place Micnlctn ytara bcfoic the dcalb of 

Amenopbif ^ be, tbttelore, could ik>< hate bcm the Fbaiaoh 


4iowim4 in Uw R«d S^a: ftaiflicuky rendered tiill inoi« RUrtliii|f 
liy the V^fy uUcrcilinn Jrjkuiplioa of ihc u^puldinl ca^c of tlui 
AawiwpbU v., ftctmty coniiiiui)ic4t«H by Cliamp0Alu>iy »wl 
wlikb MPOtft cWaiU Io intiiuMc Iti^l ihii PhirwA reposed wUi 
bil sncGf^torE in the iplc-niJui <tiii:>vuuuii of bibau el Malook. 

diltioct WilliOfit; in ihr Hctiivn Scnpliirrti itM tbc rknlh nf Pbira^ilil 
[n ihc catitcmpvtar^ dcMrripUt/it It n tli« bo«l, ttic chuioU* ilia 
h<>r««(ntf n »f Fli^iaobr ^IlicIi arc aufillowtni tL|i ; then; u oa luiiftttp 
Ifpn ibut intimalo, witb uti}" dcfsrec of dvirnvM, ibc (icnih of tilt 
flp*|»icLi : ll:i: €UiltuU ■ippiirirLXtl.'r> rJi|}rtju uulLuTilj toi lite licBlh 
of Iho king, u a po«iu: paqag^ in tb<r G»\vith Pulm, v. lA, 
vtliiili U );cDcrm1)y CQiiAidcrcd to livte bc«ii wiilUii u^cr Uw 
captivity, anri r^4-n ihi4 mav, perhapif bcftr a dtHeraoi eotuiruc- 
lJoii> rbcre ii « second diliicultj, to us more f<iniu4ablc> — 'Vhm 
bCcM of Umt Moaic iumUv» a tuidaubledljr Wil in Lower 
Exypt, And ftcetiu to fix tli« r«»idoAco of IIm kins^ in mxdo put 
of tlie hoiOLcin iv^iciii; but it aoema «<|ua11y clear ibat 'lliabaa 
wai lite u»uat (lw4T|liiig-pW<r of {\\m AiiTmotiiiD race of >ot«« 
rvigiu, Tii^ilimi n^tccawi^b tlic );i:iH;iiiL itiiprc^siou of tlx- utr- 
rolivr : tl bp^cn tielvwn Tu>ti* and Mcmpbui^ itith • mimr'ifil 
pgciiiiccuua fur tbo ri^mitr* 'llic TubiUc bmiKJi ot^ ihc Niln 
II taid to be that on wbich M<i«ri wat cipowd ; m»d iba < von- 
dcta u ttic field of Zoan/ iridtcalc ibe aanie sc<nea oo niu^ 
b>)|bct autWiij. Tbo l.X X. anil lli« Ctiabica par^pkrut rciMt«r 
Z(k4ii by 1 aiiit^ W f arr a^aio thai (Jbam|M)llion wiA not * 1x4* 
■ ii\7t tic^i iLi.- ituutiu * ni Wm nijiK»ili4-L-at PbataaliHt and olbw 
O^kOtKuU may object tba ■ «Jt H|{jpt' vf ibe Scripturr. Ai Io Iba 
laUc< objcctioa it niHj onrtuiily he tjumtioncti ttbidirv ' all t'^pC 
indudad ibe lliabaJd ; bot iJ CbauipoLiiou {vttn yt9 k> Migyaai 
tlia poaailnlity of a colL&Ccral dynoatv axtd a second kiiifdoun, a1 
Uu» period, iu tbo uutthcm pan of tbv region) thould urge ilia 
inpiobabilily Ibat cunqncrinx aoiercif o> lik« Horui* Manoonoa* 
or» evpi'ciaHyr Hainesfft Meianonn, would endure the indapaod* 
tnca of a part, wi ii urrn. of the treat ii^yption nnoarchy, im 
can tm\} fojoui tbc* frrciiierwj wiib winch ib» pnat aotaraigtiuat 
of Ibo aart wo diavncmburftt by tj>« awrtion of indrp«iidancv of 
ioofea powvtfnl lamp, w the diviadua between iba Mm on tba 
daath of a king. * Han any oioniiinanta baan dMcov«r«d in Lowaf 
Egypt, botwfrn M«hi and Scaoatria? Would oottbc fwtnclJoo 
«f tbo doBDinioM of t1» lauor pa«t of ibo grrai lliaban dynaatj 
Io Upp^i KpEypl» and of ibeir conqucata to tJK' ^^nib ami r«t, 

• IamN««h«Mlij«vof ibn^ (<br ttutiwU«4 
M InriMK, fb tuB Ckivatfifla <4m« VR*-K'BHihi la 
mtm w <n a la a,i w ia | ii f iiag H aM ^vUwt* 

I^AftutNA ivb iyi«» 

Egyptian AniiquiiiM^ 



mnt for Herodotutf, vika wroU from Mcmpfiiin aMthoritj, 
nMltii^ SrsoMrU lim imuiediiite mrreiiuir oi ^\<vn% ' Mlgtil iiAit 
ihp biow ipllkM «>n llio Tauito kJn^Jom, by Ulg i*i» oi m tlu\Q 

miiU Um wbolo mlui iirio od« tuiftlily moQurchy i W« ftr« ito^ 
hvtifvvtf, blvwi In iIm objccUoiu 1o ti»a kIki&i;, uiid ntUtr throw 
il <iuL Air rDCi»Hlrnitio«i, ibvu urgfl U wiih the katt puaitJwnrM. 

¥«l l« be ii froin u* to cootiiM iIip tD<|uuiti?c icadr ( iiv a cLjoir« 
lietvrVRi liitso lito li;pnUi«^rfl» Mr. may n>n4uli Sir. Fttbcr, who 
will mlonn hin li>»i ibi< [^bamob who pcnaltcd m ihv K<d de« 
WM 000 of Um StT|ibt-ril ku>^?< ; a itinif^ tii inliich xhtrv lits ihjf 
uiMpenfcU objiH!lii>ii, — ibc mftmtii'tt I■^Jvt><ial> i;kjirackr i>f Lh« 
l/aiMCdMs wulcb accompaniol ibe l^jiudw, Ali. l}i)^nt uiay 
Ikw fHHbfid liie ugiuiwni i<k> tV in Im * Ft>f;urd of t^tpt,' but 
douty tli« blow* Hcm ftimctJ «l «upcnlilioi>* puitiv Hgipliui). 
Br may timi to JiHoplim. oiid lind iliai ibo Shcphcrck uiid tli« 
'l>nicjjirv wtT« ttic AOinc; but by wlkut airuDga trauamutaiioD 4 
praivful mfiiiui-f MncnLLH iMmily of Mwnly penoot Uccnmc %hordtt 
ot (^un4|iKTiii^ sai^iit-f, liiid % djQfl^iy of fcinfv, wc arie ac a Iom 
la c^nn^vr^ ; Pniioiiiut, biJ«r%4 1, U\t ibli Hi^p^ioilrd tl»>i uuten* 
UileliipuUiiCqM. HcuiU liiidiH Km<;bm» diutibc Urucliln citcitd 
E^|rt under A[M>|»tiU. uiw of iktf Sljcplwid kiii^ (a |Kiwtktfi not 
las diaiDCtrK^ly onnr»od to th« facU of tlir liUtoni, nod 4MCaM4 
ttod«r- AoeodicTu IL '1 liv Mtrt^uU S|»uclo'k vkvr b »oil»olluiig 
NAlv dli*, bill aioldi lJi« obji^cLoDJd^l*^ pnri : hr iMJng* tlid m iolo 
£cypl ucuiri Anvnopfiia 1.* and ctp^J* ibiim wauvK Maiidoucci 
dir AcmtlHrfn I L <rf Kufebinti aiu Cnmi lieiice l>4; ilimLi the 
ill*inKiKt] miDe4t'>la(iiio4ic«bu bc^vbtaUv witt «hamnK-rout 
of lbs mnaumtuit, Tbrr« u yt=l a»uili«r iheoiy, iihjrh we iiia 
iscttoed 10 »a»jioct ve%9 Ibat of Maiittbo, and tlivrefof^ wotUiy of 
caiuidrx iiMin : but it ia to ^Uaii](i-ly de^ifiiirc^d lh Jijw|jbuft, lUu 
it ii dilfictih to kbow to wknoi ^\: art? 10 ;ii<:riU> ib« l^graia con* 
todlctioo*.^ U_T tb^ ucvutiali Aaxjiopbi* ma* iiucrtcd by Ma- 
arllio «/tc^ Sci^ituiii idJ tut ion IUwiubcb, }«t he U ititini-dtJitel^ 
after neprcaetilcd, riikr by Maoetbo ov Joc^pkua. a> Ihcir •ntU-. 
fwwr hair vimi tvho^vpcJIrd h Mri.^>4id taca of Icproui dieplairda; 
awl bu ft«e waft irHHild^ up wiib 4 traditMM of a ^atcataalraplit 
ruuirrtMl with religiun. Thh wi>uld Dirow iIk l'Aoda» m ccnturj 
l^larlilw iawnhdau cdvciai low a* J31ftl,aiKd would Ut *oia^ 
vbal anbanwuMfC Ut rhrataJoffrrtr bul it voM «:ttl<- lim i|uu* 

fli|M b lMt(fjMl<w J I . k lu-ufhi* rauM^ aa j BW* ■! «« i)w fAlfav lad 
paM ^i irfU m iM H i nwnnmHiRil W* wmuU, f « Ik laaba il Ibi liMii «f • 
rwOu rakUftliw. It* m Un- <b» imH, TnA Uh lot omIho tCiha t^«liMd« la 




Egtffttlan Atdiqmtita. 

lion alKHit &rsn»fn« ; iiDd itic Jf«s of all s^ei were more likelj 

If, PQMc^fi, a«^^j<luif; 1(1 till' giriTfrsI vJcw,ut p1a<.c tlic Kio- 
itus beforit ihp tinv»Jm] nf Srvkilrii, in U'bnt in^intirr do in* 
account fur ihe biltikcr uf llic li^U books coikCL-niiii|- llua lu^vcistl 
conqiieroi f M. CcM^urrel and <.»rp|>po arwwrr al iinrr, aiiH wilh 
^cfit nppKTcnE probability, ihot tJie Iriucnphant sriniM of Ibe 
^B^T''"' "*'"^^*^<' llirougli Piilrallrtt^ (It^iiiii* ilir fortj inrB wtticli 
liic KraoliU» ptMrd in Ihc nccrct nml jnatcciiiiblo dr*cr1. Yd a 
liicTimiimrv ijiuntmn it\v,y be ataricii, — it<:curJiiig tu llic frDt-ral 
»ciouTil>, did llii' Egvplian'ft arinv p»«it ihrnugU PsiU^lini- '^ \\j 
the lini: of LtkHich v^lucli vr hair rTinvn i:>i»1, fr<im ulial vcciB 
llii^ belt auihotiiies, it tcrtiunlj did uo\, (loeptii^g poftMbU on 
bis ivlurii, j&nd of )i[> rrtiirn nothing ii faad, cSKvpluajt UiaC 
W vrtivtftl, tvhel}|rt bv Imid or vr> ti nul itnVrtL uC Ptflienuio. 
Uc ui[| Tiot ur^c th<T wont« of JuMiii, tbitl this grval coai)u«ror 
hud n Mi»njir jucilili^ciioii fur icmolr runi|iifji:it, niiil daiHNd 
lho>« uhkb lay ttear bit out) bord«r(« t^* Ijoik|;iiiqua iMM Anillipa 
Ixllu |;crcliniil ^ urc iiTi|>i-ntitn »lbi, M^d popiilia ^un ^iojiuni ijujr* 
rrbiiiit ; conit-iilit^ue victoria. ini|x.-r:o QlHiimbtinl :' bui Jt 15 po^ 
»ibk ihul tlir comparalivc :ii»igiiili<Hm:i- of I'alwtinc, or il« rtsdjr 
iiiboiiiAiDii, Eiiij^hl pn?«e*rvi* it fconi actiml inirniriHir \i it dkl ticit 
bappen lo lie ou llie lini; of march, tt u tr«o that HcrodotoH 
«rmi» fi>ii1i itc K^^piiHit to win bi> fif>l iHTir^I* b? ibctooipirslof 
Cyprtin and Pho-iiicia : bul Ibc lubriiKntion of the Jalainl dcirj^ 
dciioi«« a mmittna^ riptditroii. 'I iicr Luiiiurnl vf Pliu:iiKia is 
troidlrfn«^ bj' a tvn »iii^iiUr moiiLtmnil, ntdirtgiiar imciipirou in 
bicrnfl;lvpbict ai^d arroM-btiidrd cbamctcm. ihc fofflKrof wbich 
*lirui ibe lt?f(i-i)d of Hhcnn»r< thr <irrat Tbi> bat b(<cn Itiiind it 
&3nhar-H-KHb in ^jria, ne«rtbc ancicnl Itcntiia. In inct. uliilo 
PlitrnJcia, ulrrady pnlinjn nifmiitif<-, nii|;bt Httfa<-t an Kg}pitiait 
coii^urror, Pattr»tJn«, oiilv neb in \hc trtiit» of thr soil, ubicb 
F^^pt protJiKcd E» lie bti:iost irdiiiiti:iiK:t\ hai ■ co«i|iMral wliicb 
nitfihinallrrtbrpridp. but would ofTcr noadvaiiUgv to ibc nov^ rcigii 
of \\%c NttC' Hrnxiiiluj itiikrd rlprr|i^ly iitcrti thai be bad Been 
onr of hii obwrnf* ii<>|itkJ4't f»f i ictory, rniiH'd anKing ibnve nationt 
uliicb »ibnidUd wrlliouiio9t>tDiiccii)S)riB I'alritino. I^Afchcrba* 
abrady ob«rivril4in thir UnrM^uay iiiMbidi ditr boumbri^of Paln- 
tii»e ntff« kiKin-n by Ibe Ciicclu, and ha» uiccd <bc tmprobabdily 
that I be ina^iktlicfDi MJiririt^iu* of Jtidra, Diitkl aiid Subiman, 
VMild luflVr audi ■ monumrnt of iiatjrtnal dit^racv 1o »iaii4t; b# 
sopjHito, tbrteforc, ibat it >ui|;hl be in tiic tcnitory of AncsXotu 
y^r^w M>mrviha[ mrliord to Mi-«p«<1 ibai many oMlictc p«l1an 
nugU be lu mora tbnn ifac ajmbola of ibe wonbip of Uul-Pcor. 
Wu Ucrododu liUj to trad ■ binoglypbic ivacripuon vilbout 



Egjfptiitit yfxi/uf Ulster. 


riicuntMicc ofl^i fr WinJet ll>cpfic«1aofEg;>pt? Be tiiisull mav, 
mitct ill, if we olmlt CMiitdtr ibt- naUirr of ihp Jr:wish hutot) in 
dK Uibfc, all didicult}, ctcu if vtv bUppoiu itic p^a^cfitl 5ulimi»- 
ioo of tbr f>fo«in<r In tlir gri-ni roiM|iiofor, rcntu ai onc-r. Th^ 
of Judg^y, in •bout lourlccn chapter*, from the 3d to 
tbc Ititli, coffiiaiiiH tbt- hftCrtry iif Ifrlwevn lJirt« am) fuui rrn- 
lufictf. lu ut^jccl Bppcpm l<i bo to rvlftic the »i]Cc««iv(^ cahniitjoi 
vi llir mliuii, aini ll>t lielnciancct vrutjghl Lv ' lAeti iseitHl up 
bv the Lord.' But th« rapid inarch of Setottrit llirciiigtt the uii- 
ir listiPE tontory, aa it nti];ht exL-rciie mi oppieuion, noiild 
firninnd nn di^littranc^, Mirii^ patiirolarlv. if ii tooV uli^ct iliiriikg 
oi>c of tlte pciiodi of naviXudc, when maMcrs nnd MJi\r> bowed 
lu{;tlW liFDenlli lh« jrok^, it tttnild huie aiddrtl DOlfiiiig Ui the 
iltMKiiinT Of burtt»CR of ulivcrr. Pertjoiuu», indeed, ha» not 
kEniifIrd lo phtce ihc L^utiijUL'tl of Sciuaitrii. »i nmirdtnci? with 
ha difoflolo^ical «Mi^ifi, liiuh-r ihc Cntiaintkliuh tvnitud^. 

But, tf ttiuch obicunly atJl h^i£ o^rr tlie coiucidcnce of sacrcil 
profftne hiHor\ hi thti i^^^iod^ whi^n, some centuhM Utvr, tli« 
£ftptj»n and Je^ifb <iiiraT»rrncw Ihcir imenuptcdronncMon, 
lli« Ugfiti lhruv.'n ii|>aii liulH^ bv ilir diheo^prien in hirrogtyphicsl 
ktcriUitCt arc holb !»(nki[i); and Mili^fiiclor^. The manittge of 
SnJonifji) with thr miml dati^hlcr tU K^vpt it the fitiit potitt of 
<0(ncKfci»ee. It mar bv w^rlh i>l»i^rtm^, Uial %^<} now a^vin find 
A 'laiiitr djnaHty, ih«^ 1nciU>-tirtt, on Uic throne. But the head 
«f the l«ci>lv-i«c<Mul if A E»<jr« miporluiLi p<Tsnn^g#, lh4^ S^toii* 
cboodA vt MaiM^ltio, Uir Siiithudk irf ihe .Montcmcitl^ — ' .And Jt 
CVtic In pat>, in llir b^th tear t»f Kiri|- Kirltuboam, thai Shitluk, 
KiD£ of Ee>pt, Csnnc up afiAtutl Jt'tmalcin {} Kinjp m, fi^), 
with iwrli'c bundml rhariot* slid ibrre'irori? thouKHiid hnrwnirii: 
and the peujik^^eie wJlhoul nnnibrrtl»l caiine uu with him out of 
E^«hl, ike LnbtiikR (l^bunn), thr S»kkiini» ( rm^1ubtn\ and 
Ethiopionji/ — 2 Cbtoki, xii. ^. CkAnipoMiati stutei ttiat he 
foand at Karriak a icLdplurc. in uhicb ihirl^r miJijiJA urc led 
bvforv the iriui-nfdiEini Shi»tionk, iiiiimik uhich apixrun, iti legible 
ciianclcrv, Joud«JiA M«kk, the ^U% of ihv- Je«'». The jmnic- 
Ifl Kiftcctaior of ShUbtii, or Slibhonk. wim Otorehon, iden- 
liftcd with tbtl ZtntU, i\w Lthiopiam whi>, uitb br difl«i«i»t 
IcirtniiF, wnil out agiinit iIm rrli^H>n« Am ' wilb am h<Mi of an 
-bttttdrvd thouiftnd^ ftnd lhrr« buudred chmriotaj auid CUDC unto 
jiliwaha/— fl ChrtHi. xiv. H. 

Ja tbf dMline of lh« lu^ llcfcrw kingdocns, ibtf propktti 
jmnfk lofcthcr, •till more pcrpttuull^, the vaibke Emio|raia 
«Ul ika hoibi of Elljrpi. lliiagainu \\v^t itniicd U'rt*^ ihat lh« 
Amrjrm kii>f»wa^iiv. ' iM^ab lutli walked bucfoot iLr<c 
JCW4 for » lign aorl a woodt^r njion Egjfpl awl upon KlhtOfMa; 


Egjfplian Aly ufii r . 

«o »hiU thb Kiag of AHvrn ]e»(J m^ tb« Cgyptian» priinnrn, 
ami \\te r.ihioMM ctptivc * « « nnd \hcy «hill hr lifrtid md 
akimincil of hlfiiojiia, ibuir i.-Jtpcciat*uiv and ol hsTP** (Imit 
^lorv-' — UsiaJ; 11. ^—3. ll >i|:)|irafn tmta lliu roocurniK tali* 
i»oii>^ of Hiiiloi) aiKl the inoiunm^iu^ ibm »t lliii umc tl>c (id« of 
ronquiMl iud nrllrcl ^imna iIil' N ilr. tbc ElliKi|ii4i)H hail itMsn lo 
frcal iH>^vr, ttixl ■ il^tia«ty of lhro« kiiigi itt in iitccatntoQ on 
ibcr ftoilrd llunne". (>f Uictclhm, S^bacA. Scvrchim, «S(1 TJr-» 
luikak, Uie HUM! )i«^« been dii^ out ou (ki« ir»odiDiii«ra« — ^abac9 
u SjibttVopt al Abjnliiir hy Mr. Sdl* or u ScIiaImL tccoHiny 
lo M. Chain|H>llifka. Sevt-clui* unfM^r* (»ii wtme icarabej in lb» 
Muwumoi CbnTlcs Xhc 'Iciilb. f ainktOrTunico, ua» IoiiimI bf 
Mr Sail ou f nore than inir innimmriii xa Nubii aiifl Kgv]>r, v 
iA«ll Ofl by Chiaipolhon in thr CitrofMiaii cioUticUum. 'i'boi! oa b« 
Iklltf iloubt liiiil Lbe fuiuiifr In ibtf Su (llie S*ia)( tu nbuda Hcuka 
Mttt an tttibaatv. — C Kin){» xvii. 4. Tarnk. or Tumco, n with- 
oiU doiibl iIlc 'riibakiili, ibr EtUupion, ivIh> <ainc cmU Iq figli 
acaiuki Seniiftctkei ib. — 'Z Kingt xt\. 9; Un'iuh iiivij, Ul It 
Nc>cba AwhliT: Hopitinors<:ii|)tmcf Vofibfo tw Apiic*) hiw boen 
natlA out wilb c<|ual reilfli»l^ ; und wiih tltelr nanu ihe con- 
ncKioJ) of ttcrcd >ud t-^vptian buii^r^ crfuc* for a tint*, wben 
both iiki>narfhiet ucrp Hvvrpi to liic euib b^ die dfinalatitay c«m^ 
^uMlof >tbiicfca<liM:f«ar. 

Otir lirnitK Ho ii-a immit ua ui ktWoyt the d«riplici>tra nr liirro- 
flbp'^i" lUroki(;b the uBinca cif dit PcruaP bikI MandotiiaD kiii|; 
AcTii^i, AlciBudcr, MvA ibt' Plulemii^ iluftii to ibtf fKfUHl of ibvl 
Cviar»r Hbo» ajipdUlioiui mk\ tjllon, alill Vfritlsu ia tli«rog^pbi 
clii[ac!era, cnnbjc tbct inii^uary ti> disci mi iiiate bctwi-co lUrudii 
Icctural W'ortA 0I ih«i earlioranti tbe lUtragrt; ihitt reitmn|f| 
with •aai«wbat aniiiiDOs frfcdom, the jiMtcmeilU of fofwrr ^tU 
Imiit ufiu ccriaiulv \iiA ihr h;ip|>y •ktlL nf fpi*(|uently luiatuM 
ibc fltoxl ron<h-ni utriirturrj* ini tiir inoki auckntt — iboac of 
Aiilcuiiiics I'lir ibine uf llie Pir>bTitiAr3, — itiuip uf the Puilnni 
for UiOM ol' ib« I'hiiat^lu. Hut it in laot vnly on the \ui 
alouTt bo! liLcwiMt on ibi.' irlijfiiMi^ tbo injtboiagy, ibc Ukwn m 
citil uM|[ea of thu aio*i ^otKUilut people, that the hhwuvkmi 
tbo wulptiiiOt »n<l pajjiijiigi, diAcitlulnl b> ifw hjerogljphic in* 
actiptiflfiv, tntiy hr ei|vclf(t to tlimv a «lroTig, if not a clear 
aiwl tbtliRct, bK^it ; vo utioll *ee that racv^ %'cneraUTil for tbuip 
vriaiJuEii Uy uli iituiqaii^, in Ihrir rcliipoiM proctMicHit, pompa, 
•n4 aacriht-x-t uitkcir Mpulchral file* and oroccataeibo dead; uo 
ahaU »cr ibtm <iu tbe tnUunalf and tn ibe mhaicititriliuir \tf theia 
taw<, a« Mabave aUi^iiy in thn fidil of h«<tia, Wa attail uith ljve}f 
nUfnl Iha full alalanitnt of M. CliainpollionV rravatcho; and 
rimll bear vttb ^ bqbaK isnafaction that kia itovamment ahall 


JtgypiUi^ Anti^itim^ 


lurtt voftblvl liim to 6j»luf9 tikv ^Ul of inquiry upea tbe tii«« of 
llic tt^Uj niiMd, Add Nlmou buried, citic* of Lover Pgypt — 
M£m|>lib, Salt, ur HrliopolU ; for it ii not i>n tin- iiirfikc«r or 
ftbo^c tbc cvUk iloiKi lii4l imporlMBt dtacuvciiv's iiia> be iiiaijc -, 
ikcTB u rc-uan to brlicvo that much iti itu? »r<^ri?t of K^vpliati 
lonif piitiupg iliAt i*f hvt invturivti, aiiii ull Uic IiilUIi^ii wisdixii of 
brr pr^4ii(A. luuj tt^JI be |ici^wrvixi lu tirt tubti-i uiu-;*u cJiaiiLlwr* 
ftud pu&AifiCA. Wti luaVf iudccd, be doomed tu ac^ dunppoittt- 
OKiit ; bui ccnaiulj uo (jciiotl «it:r apprdial to |iLomiw so i^mly, 
move e^i^cfbllj (f Ihc rcguUr jfo^vnknuiil of tli<^ mcbciii rul«r 
aiMllt Cdiitiiiiii; tu faimir and j«i|(ii-r atrcurc Uio iruraaWa oi Euio* 
prsn b-.«rniLL{^ iind vntfipriw^; if tli4' mr>drm ' rtuiAtiliilitainl (otQ- 
reiftt* gl ^>PN '^^^ ^*^* * paitiamvuu' hltoU restore ^ouiciUiDg 
liLr Uiff, 4«iivr^ Had peuv*^ !■> tlim iniJ^itniUNg CumitriTr viIkihv bu- 
mUuuril tnd mclancholT utalc of opprcauoo, igsoraiacca aMd bir- 
hwiMO, HI «>dJ V conlrmft^i nilli licr uimitt •plnmlour, Hnri ^\*My. 

r. V,— T'nawfi r/i UJriMM Purt^ of Peru, iudmling « Yvar's 
SttidoKt in Pcto$i. By Edaioiid Trtnplo, Kui|^it of ih« 
Roj«] sikI DutiiieuiUicd Order of Cliajloj 111. 2 volt, fito* 
l^uodon- 1^30- 
[A- TCMPLE it our nfliintc IitfW ftiid prili<rlninin^ wtiVct* 
^bo posMia tbc hippv kunrk uf bkudjiig mvlfuctiort niih 
Eul. Tfaoufb 4 ff-tiinMinJ tdplalit jiiHregiifieiU of Sponob 
»i Im tlo«« »ut pKti^iHi tobHVCf«lk>p«ditt M>furto«itt<m« 
oti«r ibt? fdiiiit <^ 8o«lb AtiiErt<:ii, u Cjpuiii Head did^ ikotigh 
dA^ooiip ocroM llbc Puni|Mii; but in utttvity, guod humour, 
■lUMcnilf, hr yirld* io aonr. lie iiirot« ««ttb diArciiltjea 
iMBMTOut mnd iiTni>ui vuiiiij{h, but hv muL^t tione vnd oiniphiitii 
OOflC. lie If, ill friitli. ju^t tbtt fi>rt of clKcrful, <.OTiIi:iitrd 

tompog^^'^ dW royo^' ih»i onr would wiih lo mrrl u'lib, Mlk4<ih';r 
.m nic rood or oQ pa|>ci. His knowledge of the Sp«m^h lau- 

X^mbltftt hin to giw many lividy >od rliainrirrLilir ikrifbes 
okafiacra ami ci>9<toini of tbe booth Aiucrtc^iu, ulwaja 
Trom a^y dlnaintrd or taicuiii: rcnartu. If mv; wvrrdi*. 
to bint • Uttiii, it woutd be Uial be dweUa raUi«r Coo long 
pocota tbit did iw( fT<|Uiic it. 

'fhn poiuoii, La Fax, and I'crnvian Mrniof AiaocMion,' Mr. 
napic irlU u*t ww 4mc of the iiiita buQib^ vnd ntnctj^nijio 
ipocaUlioiu of ilia ati-vpi-cvUtiag ytoM IbO^ ; aod ■ ven pt«tiy 
•oAcuu it lufMfll otil to be Anoiif lh« loii| UjI of iis «d< 
pb>)^ ai booM and atan)«l^ thia youog ImhmaA had the bonouf 



Tcmple'tf TiOTrf* in Pfns, 

PMIMii G^Mral Pnrol»ifn, ihr ditrf rommiuif>iirr, Harmn dn 
Crt-^nlr, iHc diicf ol the nunfii^; cl^turlmtiil, and M r, Scritcncf^^ 
n >i>ii']g ^rnll*'iiL:iii c^jiivf lAitiit iil iiriiKTAUtgy.— fuirlmiili afl 
cut fiotii l^ornkfii * fn «id on a tuKhlv-UshioiiDblc rnfriajfc^lf 
nimiiiril by lUv .AtKocialiuii, £iij<l wi-li ati^wtti viiU giif^vibi 
liut« uh<l iitppcrmmiMltoiM, and nil lOili of hi ti»ir> IV comfort 
lliem on lock fniurv journcj ucnttn tbc coiiiinciit of Soulli AnM»- 
net* ArririDg at FnlTnonlIt, lh<-v rmharkodrih his MnjcMv'B goo^-l 
padici'lini: 1 foUr, far * [iniitnj^c tu Hucnot Amn, i>f ^liiicb Mn 
iVfiipli^ gtvei a u[i]iii!^irHl eiliiI jiimif»ing, niul— nc aiv MiAkrimtl 
pcquaiiiU'ci villi vca-ntfaiiY to nai^a \«ry ctcctifAte acc^UAl; di 
tuilitigt vtiili ninitidi-mbli- liiJiiJour, viUxi unuodlj occun la tbt 
uiilupipj' brjit<^v ivhd, for tbo lifftt lime, aredooi&ftd lo crofti lli« 
j\tUiklic 111 u ifti-guii br^. 

On |>rvpanDg tu deport ttvnn Biwnos Jk>f«*, it Vtt fouixl llut 
iwift f radiH>nabJc cairuiK«^ the-) bad cxpoitcd frorti l>onf Acre wa« 
klMJwp'Mlli for the journey brforir tlirm ; iTiiv fine afluir wai roi 
»cqu<iil1ir kl'l l(f ^rncc the c«4ub1)olinirul of >iotiic l»cki tnxfff i 
htdvi and t;ill(in ; 4iid, in beu of ii, ilicv liud tn piEr<bai(iT a kKi|^ 
coach of lh« Ontni^u* genufr, called a fiatnc^ and In^ tiu;-ga;>«- 
CMUr 1^ catc)i of ithkb ucie rr(|uircd foiii hoi«*ii ; ijicjc ucfc be- 
nine ptwte$ (ludft of aU nxirk), with a ntptio? lo Mtafiasa iIm 
COUtcrntot the journcry, can;ttng niih ilitm a tiumbf^r of ■[ 
iliOTck, and picLaxci, whiirh virrcvlAied tobc ab^okiipty ttt^cci 
for tlic ]>iupi«c, n^ Mfi Tniiplc saiyi, <if coiivcrEni^ th« 
oci'd^iuuall^t into jirfmrrrr^ '1 Ki? poMilkni*, nf.irly nn uild ni ibl 
tn«1v« boTMv tbey iiu»iiiitiBd> ' tecalkd/ mys >U. Tvaiplt*, ' fof^ 
dbl^ to n^ Qiemovy ihc " Iwja *' of uij irainc Imhl/ 

• TJ^« uiwombfd, (l^vhtTvllcd lorkfr^tha oik« l>la«k tn*. of 
dinud ahap*, pichvd lomchoworotbcroo the bead — Uiq rttit ^ 
tbcnC of a ^prcin of fiieat — th< bart Irg, loififfrrval to a aquectt 
ttrr«D i^it hoTVH — tlio Mpur (a muat uainvrrifol tntimnvriof f«»kl 
jucnt in thit couEiiry) atiachtd to thr naked hcci — tJia dmt-m*3^txM 
UiihI of uay {» vbich Ihc^ ctll&Hd ui ihrouicb mtv, ortr Munca, asi 
roitfiil *\^tfY (omrrt — Uu- flcmhih of Lh« wfiiii almic ibo brad — thai 
villi »hH<>lc t^ erroumgro th» kon«fl to go hit«r ntea ib« adsall 
vtT« goiTrj; M faM ft* iti#y had povfvr to gc — ibt 8r<4i iflatira of |Nid«| 
and 4Alipfa«ii(in occnvionallif rail backnaidt at thr |iat*40^cn »ilbk|| 
and accoTv^paiirfd with t)ip lourfa of thr hat, fi'iricni^ »x*anlng^ 
'■ Tliera '■ <irivtng for joa, your honour!*' — allogrlhrr awakri 
reit«tioDa m tn^ wand ImI occofdcd too vrry ha^rpily until «c !ito| 
at La Tifniro/— ^«»1- i pji. Tl, Tt. 

\Vr nt-cd not ftnp, tiourvrr, 1o notice pniciiJarly iho coniinBtdj 
lorcet of ull ibialki whicb orcupica tbr fiial hiiiidrcd mikaof lbs] 
Parapaa ; oar dncU on tbo imainuUv of ilic rail pbin tbat 


T«mpl«'« Tfappf* in Ptru- 


oeedc thit, of w4ifch s lire of |>crfi>ct levc\, txitn6mg whomt % 
httmdnd antl twenty milev, cofi)i«l» of rich pnitutc* na far «> thic tjc 
can rracli on riihrr Md*-, tviiJiixil « (ree "jr u «*>«■?, anil cor^K^d 
itilh v««t bcrdi of caltlc bcioj^m^ ^■> ^^i^ ir-itiJcnt (>atipchi>t, « dt- 
K'ii|>lif>ii of |H'tHi>rjh. nli'viti, ill t'mnjturitdn nilh ilit pruvsiilry of 
l-jiglaiKi or hijiiicc, oitr Invcllcr contidof* liLilo bctlcf Ihuii a 
Bpecir* lit iKibuuii- Tlii^ npidily wiili wUicb thi? ^nJrnt and l»3g- 
gige-carit wi;r« uliiilcd ovim' lhi>w pbitu al Ihe rale or usu U> 
Iwcfvc Biilc* on hour, tuAkiii^ not lci>, ou one daj, itian one bnii- 
dr«il aiMl livenu Rngluh rnil*-^, xtilh Uio thormoisHtr almvc iJCl^ 
•~4Lic#<ii»rpQ*tihi>n>, or/^^oiw*, perfoimuig Uic iii liolc IjiaL iviiliuiit 
any lymptikiii of rili[*u4r^— j» a fpal :iIitiihi r<]ir[il to ihM ttf I'ujiinjn 
Head, wbc«t, 4lripp«<l ofdl incumbr^acc m the »l)ji[)Corctulhii^, 
hr bioilinj iSr- bi^j-iii-uk uniW Im luuui'lit-^- 

Mr. ToDipio liiLiiLs ihiT rotiii, vr trti^k nUiicr, from Buoium 

Ajrr^ to Contovo. nti^lii be ^loilcncii ncjiily one Imudinlr in 

A« dwtaDcv of liiv Iiundinl aiid tiltj, luiWk; but b« iiyi^ utiat 19 

trac <iioug)l> tbat neither pains not ji)d*aieul ^en; evcrenrrled for 

ibe beoflit or cuovenienw of thr inliabttutiu of ilie Spnniafi colo- 

ntva ky tfitir lale uii«H>r1hy riilera. 'llic town or eitt of Cordova 

was iBinr tlic hrnd-qimti'm of thr JmejiIjIj ulirn ihry ridcH uidi 

UUcoiiifvUed Auay ; but t]ii->r povivr is t^ow gi^i^c, Ihoufh tlic 

prmtbood would still uppeai 10 kee]* tip a critain dt-^rtx- of 

UtAurnce over ihi! ittplt^ or thirieeu thouiund iiihabiianu of ibc 

town, \Vckucw tliiitboolDofaULJDdfi except miualtor bfeiuriva 

for tlie maM, urrc rigidly prolitbitrd by ili« Holy InqiiUiltcin; 

but we could not haie Auppo»cd titnt, tlic K^traiut being nour 

rrmnvrd, nnd full lih^^rry of ibniigbl nrul ariim) for jirvrral icafi 

ptut rdabliibed, booki would not c'a^^cily bare beeu (Odk^^^ of^'*' 

bj llie SpauiKli part nf tUv {Hiptdalion ; lel ovir traveller vays, 

M\Mt tnaking ajouiocy of aii kimdfed tiuic*, * I liuve not yet met 

mitia a ungic bot>L in tlie houw of any private poaou »iu<:c [ left 

Buenot Ayret.' Ai tlmt pbce rdoealton, be S4y«, ha* miid4t 

fapid stride*; and aa the ttec of kna«kd;;c n ool tiillicnlt to 

Llnn«pl:itit, lind i^ turo in Boiirith with biil ronimon mtration, m 

hbo-uld have thoii];li1 its spread 4<>uld liDie buii more otnuitft. 

Illie oUl Spmifb f^utirriiTitenl ^jn- no pauoii-icr Eo tin ciiltjvatioa 

m t o far frnrn it, indeed, that, v^ien Lbailea i^ . uu pvtirioned 

Krvniaiioii to foviiid a unitetsit^^ in ^ <nexiicla» the council 
Indie* ad^lSird hit n^ftjniy in iv]ilyr thcti \w dki not con* 
pcctve \i ucccaMUy tbil 1eaini]ȣ djodid be encouraged la America* 
A* liiile dkd the nilervof thii magnificent rounlfv, f/om «vho«e 
boticb alooc tbey drew all ihcir v^allli, totally uKlectviff ^^» sur- 
Um«, cootull, in die kligbbral degt«e, llie conveiiieiR-e of llior 
bfell^Mto; ou Ibe coaLrar>j ibcjf foUcy wa> to render ti>o coa>- 
■ inuoicatiou 


Tc»ple'» n^A h\ iVw, 

mutticaiion towcf-n xhr prntinr^f «« dlllicfilt « potviblv, ihaf 

^omlMiio ti>i (htir irli^f. HoAiK tlifri* ixrir som* : aQtl »9 to 
lifiilg^a. ^c bciir^r it vaiild be in vtin to look for a unglc cdi5ce 
wi>nli\ o( the ii^me in •U S^xith Amenoa ; w^ iVwlU even ]f 
« Trrrr <'r & raft Udi been vupplicd fi>r public convcnioiK«. Mr. 
TcnkpTr fiuinil tli«^ nn-r S^iniiiK'* ^* rierp niul minil^ itiai hr and 
bu Mitv utfv uiiaMe lo piss vrillnMil inilotiiiHip Ittr jt^/rrn And 
iW bugles ge-CAfUi ami httvinff c\ir.iy aiUvir UJurnI nvrr m a imi»t 
jiktrtiAdal v^^hiclt, cnH^d ■ ^W ; 1>liI «^' muti Irivt^ our focttiout 
Invdler to Jir^aibr ^lii macbine of pritiiiii^T- limplkilj* 

^Tike u drWO buUwk'a l^e. f^Dcb up c«cli of the fottr ciHrner^ 
put ■ Kiicft> vtth It thom 10 tio^pUiAitf (T>rn«n tng«lher, tmt yimrlxial 
in mad*. For ut*, pbr* i1 ujion ih^ trttor botloo; duV/ntc^nll ; lf«n, 
to pidtdl il* ratuml trrd<iii'<r to tum UoiKm; npuxtrrfj, put oae foot 
imintd'&tH^ in tbr atiuti, «m) In ihr orhiT fiMow wiili tS« i&mi M1« 
C4t» caAtiMi ; Uiita, itaodfng liruAtKlp** m t1i» niddk*, rnu ar^ noir to 
ibHck downwaHjt, contr«etiac ymr body prvcjariy in tbe (Mjriwr <A 
w)iic-ri. i^iubably* in your rhildlioijd, ^n KftTa jnvnrrf a /h^or tWA> tf 
tnu^-fxtr ThU [Khittnrt, houewr inmnvvnlmE, amva m rcnml • 
«oikiiiJ«TBblo vban of limiriitv frooi voar coni(iariioii>T tbiMftb not froM 
tbf ftproUUtrA, wlw line Uic riAnk» of tlir n^r, ii>dul|tlQe: in loui) wild 
laugbUr, M^^ociuucbod down in lh« botlon:. uindry arliflrit nvm 
banflvd In. and ingi^nioiliily drpovlud tnund yim, uuul ihr 6ai!jii unlca 
lo Aboul aji incli, or* pcrfiap*!, dd incJj and a htXi from lb« if&ur'l 
td|f«: It U l^rii covmNltfrrtTsunicmitly laden, A naVeil |jnxic now 
p1i;iif» m'a tt>r Atrpfmt- '* Mrrr^' on dk !" \* ihi^ rr^Iuml rtrljinglMa ( 
ibr xhti f m impi'Mtion from tbc t)>o«k U, that faijn«lf nod ail Tour 
pn>f«rty ar« |;oiiv lo the bottom : bal you a/c in^iAaily relieved from 
|fat» YFTjr f rnt«bli? i>3T)J4viun^, by ihc ]ii*onr'ft iJiVIii^ hold of wx of 
tb> nomprB cf tlip bnUi. [which projacti !iki* ibiil (if a rockod bal») uu 
takvf[you^*-£#'^K6irfir"Ar«youroinfortaM^ T* Tolbuquoftwtt 
JIM repl^ bjr a ood of the bead, (or the utc of ibe tongue ii lovt ; Uft 
vTpQ if wiirJt vTTi' Ml r-innmand* yoQ nmj not vri*b to nnncnit y o uf rtf 
bf cxprr-tciom d-^meinnUly oppO«d to fwliiiga «nd frwpWoit; Off 
jou nuy wuJf) il to bo ifftaainrd» a> U >oaictidDr« prartited 10 pcrikntf 
BStvAtijnn, that joar pro&Mitd lilance JMdkalei iiidiff^ience of dany ev^ 
or m*r ptM for ctiolMai axid prracnea of mind. Silapco ako coai 
an idi*o uf gravity, and of reiifcTiation to four fate, which, indtedtla 
VH^re than bccocnlrv.u'Vo >^u feel per^uadod that nothing abort offt 
ndncle <^n proionx yonirvsutcni^ beyond a qrurt«r of an hour. Th« 
nod h«iri^ pt-cn, a |4oncoii thv *ho« imparti a getille ltr]iuUe to 
jtmr l<x:*rti^ bo^h, wb51e the pfrj*w in the iralcr, kfefong WUlof the 
eoratr wHb on* hand, itrikn out iHth ibe otlri-T, and ftirinni a^hhy witb 
TOD 10 rh« r|ipo«if^ bask. Thf nwnreDt x^ni Iuu<^h it, mi ^TPAt \% )'ouf 
)oyM Mrph*« At arriTinf i<«rfe€tly aalo, that ail the perUi of your 
TOf«fO tff lDrB:ott<n, and foa aoun find out (ai b often the eM 


'JVmplc'v Tmvrtt in Ptru. 


iife), diDt youv inuff icttiioii hml rcf r««naUd dAfiffffr* u4 ^iSbcroltiva, 
iriicrr, uilh B linlv cuimn, dien mMt<I acilljer t^r Oiie iior Uie other.' 

Bt ai««u of ikm cluoit^ nnd danf^vroui machiiHf, aitd »\^ag « 
tnck (l]«t «i<w« nf>t >nv>ttrrrc iltif nr llif i^uait: of load, liaie |]i« 
vhoir ronimuaiciiimis tireti kept ii|k uiib ih^^ ii^f>4i diaqnc p^o- 
fiftcTK, kiul all the inillion» m K^^fi *ikI mItct i'ciii««^r^ from the 
Riinn^ or I'nt»«1, and o*hrr psfii of I'pim, In Etiieiiot Avrei, for 
Inorc Il*«n two Uiinilicd %cAn. 'I*hc I'ilcQitiayo nvcr, ^Itirh Hm^ tn 
Pottni, and ilie ^atUtiA braiidien llul full froLii Ft'ni mlu tliai ^iiaf^ 
n>fi<«ntHtrv4ni, lli« FsTdiguty, liAvoDCvcronce bivti looked at nuh 
tW \ ^rn of i<!iid«f iiiK OiPin iiuvi^^ibli^ ; hi litllr did my Liiul of im-* 
prnfrcTf'lil or fHiblic beii^Bt >miict iiilo th.^ miiiJ*f t>f the SpMHlfa 
^o^cimiitiilt iti tliOM- \ilvk ndmiiuilnrd il.t nfl'^iHi^ ili llic^r di>Uri( 
cnlonii^v, Tlim.- \i->i ooe p iructtoiiiil oUji'Cl. Ui uliith rven-Ehrn^ 
«-l^ n^i subfvrikiil ; and that n<Gs i*^ *ccw<^ to ilacU p^r fiu 
tufiu OS ttkoirti gnid UQil u|i«i u« rould piMfeibli be prorvrtd, 

Mr, Tcwpli^ iIiujL» ihero is no spot in tb« ntw worlds or p^r- 
hipt ill ilu< uurld di l"gi\ iimn- inuUiig !■> t-ml^fnnU, «il1i Hin>11 
cspLtalit ihiEi the pfOiiiK« (>f Tucutnan. The cHy of Sun Mij^ud 
dri Tucumuii 

* la »Fjitv'i in die tnMit of oao of tti« mc^ fertile pT^na la the world* 
produruif rife, todiNn com, tvhral, bnrtrf. iLi- Bujiriir-i'atie, tobattxi, 
fundry fnilt* and <r«f«tnblv«, atid u-liatvf-f r f-\** ihv liDthAndman majr 
d*drr to ctihivtilt. J)U^k mltlc, hOrM4, mutn, af^i^s And goata* 
rcwn In Urpe flwVa and Iicnii, Ui nupeubu&ddEit piAturf, The 
RiArrtntain*. aUiut ali K-aifti« frvm ibr lon-tT, »ri; cvjvprvd ■^ih vood 
uvd itifih«r of ihv fifi«4t kind t ontif^ and knM»a-ire«« nboond npon 
ibtf J^l ^^tx«t ud tbe anokJKntj nn cMlKtl vnUi rich F«^«ret vhkhtf 
the caide are dnreu darvig Uie Ilu4 nxinlka of nunktiHr/-^-Ti^l« k. pp. 
140. 141. 

Th« rotvdn of \hi* pimiitcc arc uid to coniniii toa^oftbtf 
naMt lurfd aiid beautiful u^ooda^ wlxrthtfY for builtbiig, Tof nn- 
diiitfr^, 1W for fumitmo, Tbrt aitpply ni<rtt trf Ih^ wood^mortt 
iiacd in Ihr miaine di»1ncl9 Intinciiac atlr-trrr), aomc of ntitdi 
arf latd to hatr i^tttplovrd llirrr i^im cin thi* rmd l>^fiin' mirh- 
ifkc Fr)tn«, at ibt- 01^1 <vf unc lliotiicii>Tl lo fifteen hundivd dollar* 
ttrh. are proriiiml in ibrw fiirfT*('< (*f*ni!i' iii-r^ t,tiiv u> a sar 
Kiuiiftvti 111 biiTXfpi-,ai>d n\:<i^ rart-tondi of tlvr fniil utcconw^ycd 
lo d^ txma bjr auyooc uhodtoaica to lake (Ik: patiia ul (alhu tii|{ 

tinr Mr. Tcmptir fliipptieil hiint«lf with a iMir of koa4i, u 
ftldt and nwH in ihfir con*ir<Kfi<jii n* ihi> DuCitf, Tliey are 
lailHoiJt >ratn, or u Bii>t;1r ^til^li, — tbr Icf;, foot and wcUi brin^ 
■11 oTooc piece t Midj ut! ate loid, til idoai admiiabty. The ful* 


T«iiipk'j TmA <ji Ptru, 

lou'inir, stcompanicd hj m ikctch. is our &utkor*> rccerpl for 
mnkin^ them : — 

' Take- a liunc, rut off lu) btiu! 1c^ cotitiderahljr iil>3vc the lioc^lc* ; 
pell the ftlciD i!{}Wti nrrr h'n liuufi, jii>c » jf v<>u wvrr pnlJio^ off a 
i»ti>i?kiiitc ; Vp'hra off* icniMi ill* hA^r frocn th* nkiii \tith a ib^rp knifie^ 
ai^il rcmoTt rv*rr p*rlic(t' <fi lli ih ihii in«y have mJhvrcil W Uio io* 
■id<: h^n^ llie ikltis lutlry. luid in thr proem <;( ilryiiii: dr^vr them 
two or tbnr* tin** on your Iptfn, Oj*! ihf'y may la^p iMr «Htiv, form, 
Mid fi|;uTc. The uuiJcr p«rl n (ftboul twdro indtrt ftbor* \ht hink) 
bcccjtun tW motiiii of (lie ^^titot; the roaod pT^-ji^cUiig ^l of iba 
hock B thv lirvl ^ thif foiX U-nniQAl«« it C (ih« frtluk JDint), when 
i1 u cut to thi) rv<iuir»d Ipngth/— vol. i. p. ISO, 

Th««c IjQou are calini tof'U <i# |»i>f/o ; nnd, vr* ftN M»Uf«d, m 
UJ\ li^hl, ^iml hh ' cniiy u n i^lotc' 

The hotvL-i, []oiA'ev(<r, arr i>ot ih> olrrpily or di«3plj thod u 
Mr<Tf:r»|>lc **ft.i bopUvl. A jjr«V of llicir tlioca cvBl ci^hlccii 
«hi1liit{p,— <' ft price,' »ujh our truelltri, 'at uhlcb a loknbk 
hor»c tnii;hi be purchaKd.* The Gcnnftn baron tliovglil il 
mniiAlroiiA Thttl t»T ihouhl pj>' mare iUaii oii:?*lbird nf (hr whole 
vnluc i>l hU liorvo fiir onlif /W/'shoi^iiig (h<uig ^hud on th« r<»re- 
fctl oiiK); aiktl obkcr%cd. ]» ]i;ood GcniMii-Eitsljili, that 'he 
couM flhod gvt in hJi cuiiiiUt all tvur lionc fooilB /irr tvcftxthn 

Nothing ccn\d rxcved th« mllitir of iLw p««ipUi of iku port of 
Itie country. 'Hicir hoiuc^ vrtffo opou for the accoturaodfttioa of 
llwiravrllt^n; bt]ailic1iinflicd|irQpritlori(,mp3Tliciitjrrrli3rl niiAerfsl 
dri^adfuUy from th« rarolutioo. Tln> p«rl_« Judp^vd at th« boiue 
of DoD Jotc Torres, a gculLriDtn of hr^c bndcd proprnjFh wl>o^ 
ut on« pirriwJ^ p<Mt«nrd Upward* of tlirt'i? thoutorid Ih^ of 
boriivd c«ll]r, qM o( i^hkh <>j|/y ^r;^A/ t^twi no\i ri-iiijiiwd, the 
mar itr gti^riY haijii}; eaicd hirti o( iIk- rcil. Thrj had Irft him. 
gpwe^v-r, la'E^ mawvo djihcti forkft, spoont, dnnkjfig ciip», ami 
cibHIrftlitlu, o/feilirt; and liu wift* wtiif! ncal iihona mid «liila 
«Eoching> on prHtj foct, and iam foir and dcunl^ in her pcrMQ ; 
bul * dn1>» hatf*-iukcii chtldtai, ond dirticv alatta* male and fc- 
iqnIc, vkvre all of one p>ft,^/ NeatDOt* und dtfllcac}' aire by bo 
inoaut tbr ibAractcnttirii of the crcoica of S><tutU Aiiicrictt^ atlcaal 
in ihrir J^jmih-4 : but in lliirir rvi^ning drMoci, for ihi- proinmnde 
<ir the ffHufia^ ' tfic SoHlh .AitK-rican tadic*,' nys >lr. Tcinplc* 
* e^tiul ibitH' ui QDV otiif^r c:uiin1rj ii> ihr ncal and inttrful rsnhd- 
liiliincnt of th«jr |wr«oAt.' 'Hi* Mardv^M of Otavi U Aootb^r 
intiaocv of liic Ioik* wbirh wealths iiulindnili hnvr maUiiicd hj 
ihv r«vn1«iion. Il ht %lzwd that he tmd be^ri plundered at dlfimnt 
limca, hy dillmnt partKi, of liorncd cattle, bof^ri, juulcs, aud 
Aeepf Id no lew an unouiit than ihinjr ihou^Aiitl hi^ad, eiLcluii<r 

T«»j»}e"ff Trat^t in Ptrn. 


InbiitMnv wliich lie li>J thMrfally tnd volunlArlly psud in 
ol llic cauac of indcpccH^ciicc. J'bb noMr ouiicr of etn 

4Blt'r wkicli, ivr nrr loU, t-iU^iitU, in i>iir< diri'climi, xipmnrd^ of 
Airty tHtf^U€t, ii«9 feittinfi^ oil & mud ti«ncb^ U^auiiis; ^v a table 
ootcnd with b |HI'CC of »lil rnijii^l, ubnn Mr. Trin|i]c CDtirrvrl the 
lsrg« ucfurnUliecl upvtai«nt. Aflcr » lieartj vtvlconuTr the old 
nuniucKi led bioi u>lo tin; tdltxin, ' where a ragged pcKKie iptwd 
a dirty towel on ilidabJt.^ md v-4i diT«cE«i to put Mr clmir for 
liic oavallcro.' j\ii<idb(f pi-ont! brmiglit in ' bii aniLful of 4in|^y 
■alvcr ii1jitr<, vihuh tii' hcaitirnl nml rlalli^rrd on llir t;it>1^, urih 
»c\<tmI fciliA uiMiu kiiilc/ A (tiiuiiy diiU o( cftup^, — l^tUoi mutlc^n, 
potnloo, (vtiot^s, aih) pcpfter, !»icHrfl I'ngrther, — tra* foUovvird by 
broiJed lib* of mutton. A large Mkvr Kobkl, filled with water, 
wlQod ID iIm* criitre of tlie tabic; uiid li<?ji: coded iTic injirt[beM^i 
eoberiDiimeiit ; aiid u^e arv lold thil, iitic« tlic rtivuUiltoo^ ' iKia 
tttty be conideicd a tolcnblj accurate outUuc 4>r tlie ^ncinl 
nnoe of living in Peru, among tkftt cliM of pcopU^ which, ia 
^J|ffbnd« nc d^^iioutiiutc lite lint.' 

l>oiinn Jtilianji, a licli widow of Poiosi> known for her pieiy^ 
dtarity, aixl bcirvoknce, as ' La. biM^niL Cmtjana/ i» the only 
penoa im^ntiixiLHl by Mr. Tetnpltr ai living in a style vuitabfc (o 
ner drenmstanooa. Tlie etiratc, a I>n<nimc»n friu-, ind otir 
Miliukr, tal donn Mith thi» Udy to diiiticT, A I'cmiiau boy^ 
ihmgiria, a line ncf;re» d1ai<-, and nn ridrrty cci&tidaiilc. vi-cre 
iIm attcndantf. ' Tor iiE^nHy an huur, imroenso uiKer di$h«e were 
carried in aiid earned miE Midi ilif vsiiouii compiMitiotia of our 
repail,* From evcwy ooo oT the nuni«rQu« diilie^* it wxt observed 
tbal fhmna Juliana tnni: a Ur^e pUteful. v^iuetimtM IntJ, wliJcU 
ar«ra haDded to <mv of liie Peiuvniti, and placed in a diatant 
ceintf of ibe room. In like manner, a pofUoa wan takfQ Iroia 
(be aweeCme'alK, and oiker artic)«a of ibe d*wri. — al)> ns our 
afilbor found, ua ini^nirj, ' %o be ^fO) to tbo p(>or. 

■ Evrry a«y in the ywf, at two O'clock, ntttnl wot ptfiont 
ntt«oded at tbc bouse of i^ Awiu €fri4ituut, and U<it th^ icaia 
Ofriui ihv KialmMn : flnitiff nf thCEB, aime no dtjuU of ibr lenaaat db- 
taitaon of thmr b^oafactw^t, ^ocroaehed eren to th* door of the 
uain^-rfnm, wbvre a Kcoe ntbvr uaaaaa) to a Europeoti, certainly 
to ui F.nizliiiinmK and one of intereatiBf cunoeity too, iru daily to 
be two, — Uiat vt a tribv of bfgnra, ua«inUcul m lOcikA, in n re- 
McUU« Riamioo, vatiAK with Blfar tpooos, out of *I1vit plate* and 
nahrr, wiiloul aay watch oT«r tbo priyprrly, or ov«iift (latuoion of 
itt bring likrlj tf) bo imuing. fii BDcuiioiiiii); thia colEy tSaritabte 
Atrifaation— 4iBppj eoairait to " the miniba ffom th« rirh man'a 
table f "^1 molt not forgfl to r»niark, thai tbo feacfred poiliODs of 
awavtiDcaU %^n for the children wUo acooinpanicd thctr jiarenAi; a 


Teiiiple>« Tm9A im PtriL 

dnncUr ofthv irDfrnbh- IjddT Uwuitifulof PmusI/ — voL Li pti 9ft& 
Tlw more limitcii hnd proprictun in tivc fc-Kilr provlncca of 
Ttlctmiani Sails, aJid Tmri|a» Ui'nl pri^ttv dukIi in liic laiiHT il^-la 
u tti^ >Ur^)itrM of Olavj, — cAu/x', Iwoilcd viulton^ pnd wvltf* 
b«iiiK lUe lUiriiliu*, anl, lu il uppciiB. lki« otil> ilitkca. In ilie 
b««iiliful province of T*njft, Mr. T«iitplc, rnddrcnaog hifviulf to 
• clfH:rAt-l(jokm|i man* Mf4 if hr rould |pTv faiiii a btllo broad ? 
■ itfvuil ! ibat b an aitkit*, cavaliiTo, ]ktjMilijU<lj' uuknowrn brir,'^ 
ohM^utomrtttfi iit*r^T>orij:io aco. iic hiil Miuo «lifrcp on ibe mI« 
of ifu* niuutii&in, but nnlhin^ «4m ; >ei hi* wa* lord of the matwr^ 
and lu* chIiEv in front of lii« door culcndcil four league*, lib 
bntmn umi u nirrr liuvrl ; but l»i> vi\(e aiul clttldfrn ncre 1i^ 
4i4«Dad Hiih diAM)04id rinc* and b«ari iJ<*cklac>et- Hon bn]>[>eni 
it tbat, mbcrn OBlur« bu butonvtl her buutit> w InvuiUi — a UulU 
lid (oii and a fiiM c^nna1«^— man kIu dovin tn i>tdol«noe and apaibj^ 
witbiHil o<H kh^ confbft or conTtuieoce f A bud gowronfecalt 
ID ihe fint bitlmiicie, foUiivml b* ma uiueillrd one, acfnty on an 
igDoranc and aani-barbnroiu populution, iiiai |^rrliap» txt>)ajit it ; 
but lubilnat wUeiNiai mitil ant Iw i>ruiui-*i ofTum^ ibr cuum-* ; it 
ia ibih (ti»t inaki-s (lie J^utch Uoorol'tlm Capaof Good Hope coA- 
tcntcU wiili bj» adujM/i't-«irar4. 

Whtttatvr be ibi? caiiK, ibc fa«t b tliat| m thii ina^ititioeDl 
coufilry, the pcaaantiy nmynherv wear tbu maika of povcrtj in 
ibrir ap|varancc, drtta, and hovab. ' In one of tboac/ >n^ 
our nutSuTt ' Hb^di vas ivot. In aiiv retfxcl« niiprrior to a c<m^ 
nion Iriib rabin, pimI uliirb, wilb all iu runuuir«>, E •Imnld b««« 
ihou^it a dw pttrcha** foi tw«nl^ <k»lbr*p 1 wan itiiefVttingI; 
aurprtocd at diacotviing a ulfnnJ cf a vcr; huniblc dtacj'ipUon, 
batorMfrWo capadiTr nada of pure nivaa.' TW »caniiii««« of 
popvlatjon IB tlic fine proniK« of 'rucnmant and in thr wbolc IiiM 
orrood^ l>alM> *ucnrlNai»;vrry rvmariEuble. Mr Trmpk objerrw, 
on ncctiiig Ucrooral Alv^ar on bb ia«_v to Uucnor A,irra, — ' ikb 
viw nckly the favrth time «r« had mat vrlli Iravrllrm in a dbomoa 
aacrrdinf; twuhyr hundred mile*-' ■ J tichlt- wooded bilU,' ha 
rof)tiiiiti-i, * inajntlr moanlaim, frrtib- plarn, and limpid alrmnii, 
ditpla^* tlidr cliamii throoKU<iut an altiicitl frlrmat tumiitri', to Ibfl 
iixlolriii iiibaUilants uf a kv imacciiJ; bub, itittiiu tbiitjr mUciof 
ibe capital of the prcniiKc.' 

On m^chiniE ^Ita, a lovm u^icb onr aulbor cocnporo vith 
Duiulalk, lie rUiiuMtri the travrltnig ilwUncc from Bu«i>oi ^trta 
■t Ibirtccn humlrcd mdc*. [Icic the ruad nottbwird cc&kj to bv 
a cairHBV<iaaj, a<iii it becumtTt imvuiarj to provide nmLr*, At 
tbii p\a^, laitcn K%ra itcaivcd irom tb« AnociotMO, uiWMiuciiig 


MliNeifhl pMwnn, widi na$Kt tt( every liind^ Iwt fefin ran- 
iMfkcd in ihc pood ship Polo«, bound for Aric«, in J^wlt i^tro ; 
ftnd ilt^ tbo outfit HMikiil imoHiU to r(}rtt tbuii&ainl potintb. ^Hii* 
iBtfUqittioe inJluw^il our jcorelari' lo ant off |KKt for n rirf*- of 
■oinr ^«e liiDidmi tni\vs to l*oto«i, to ncgotartc mnlurrv vith di& 
Holivioa Rowritfiki'nt. Ilr now cmfiimenciYl a joiinv^r oi^ grand 
raoaDtBi[i-4ccnm'. ni^n:^'' ^^ Uttnvn, wjthoul ft ttitifik Iwbitftfwn 
or m Hviii|( totil lo Iht th^-I itilii, nlniif^ Ehi; drrin itiad. from fM)«t 
to poaL The wild erica of ifco gUMiiNCOfc, wii^Irfirig in *niBH hprd» 
on lti« tnounlalti i"|n, ht^iu'^I Ui ■co(ii«i With lire Litirar> >oliti»d« 
of 1\^<■ »ccnc- Thi>^- cn^lurct, bj lnivelltir» coining from f|i« 
«ou(liu^f>l, art* f\i^l n^rt witli tu tbe aiKiciit kmlcnool ibc liic&t* 
llic ^Dtlc luid dudlc llaiua, ihe ouel uf Pcni, miy lier« at^o 
bc^ urrUf bruiiu^ slimTj ib bordcii of tN>mc «cv»ktj or ci^bly 
|)OUiadA i» Hvat^bt; fti uio »Uo two nttirr ■L|kri'jp9 of tbi- saino 
faju4t, ike licuguu »^v^ ihf klpacn^ Tiie fullowJa^ vxinci uill 
county VOBlf* idf a »f ^v*)!^! piTaloua iiauca are l<t lir (M^coiuiicmt 
o«i iku main roiid, Irocu iIlc wc«Uh>' pro\ickcc of P«iu to Bu<^iw« 

■ In thr ftftcrnooa, T h^ to «tCR»i1 and ^f*«rmid i}i« Ii|j1i«it hkkiii- 
C«b I bftd ^vcr yvt i^roucd After wiudii^ for inar» ih«i im bcnin 
np itt fUftvM ^><^^> ^<^ prtcis^iy in the nxnt liMTtfyli^ Bpc>t, ibc 
nff|i:*g^l&«lc, whiL wu in ftC»aU »iddfn!y itr.^iitst; imd writ it 
nBghC— poor little wrelrb — hflrt MmmMirig wilh its Tvardcn tt|t rucI^ 
ft^f«iffi|t fligtita of ctdgury «ti ps : th« ntrruwuoA of tlic jiili ui Uiis . 
Ppot did niH hlloiv roM9 to j^pivftch tbe aninul to anSond WnI ((irv k 
nrti On out- $ide vv the wfcd n>^. nftidi droofvd ovrr mn- ftrads 
b ft Tttlf-art-h : on Otf oshpt. fl fngbtftl nbj-tt. of not I<*» tl««n tvo 
bttAdrtd i»ij«bdioiilBr kvl, Bttirtitu vrai indeed rciftQ»jtc h«rc, beat 
^m appriktttiBvm asn tjid*. modk irmveUcr m courier tpif[k£ ooni* in 
tllo raatTftTj dirrrluiv and* fti l1>« tun vii srtlinfr. the conMi^uoarafl 
OMld DOt fftil of Driving di«««lro«» to fiifa«r puit^r. Al oiw iuc«. 1 
ImcEiI ftcouAcU lo outib«rftlo on the i^ndviice i>f frMini;; t^ Muogr by 
•luolii^ ikc iiuUr, Hiid Ictiiii^ il roll, baKgag« «(iil jil. to we bfAliOm. 
Ir, f' Ul trft of>]io»«d by th« ]>o«tli)0?L. thoc^h Joti *nd ntjwtf wt^ 
( ' 1 1mt It vw 1^ onl^ n^otbod of nttc-unff outvvlvo* from 

t^i v^i aitialioci Wforc iiig>]tfal!i I arrrr &4 id p^rr^exod i» 

cay \lfoi «>g tt^tt all tittlcv. Wlplmo, viil knvw not vrLtfti Lo do. 
AfUr ajwrftnU of half ftti boer, (fi«rii«p» Bppr«krn«)ckii may have 
ftddrd ft f«w ivukilcfi ti> Ihi* diibioiit aaa tndy ft«rro«> poiAtv,) tj^ 
■uJr, ofitffovrn ftccord. moTtd ob ^towly for ftbou> Iwrniy )Brd>, 
nri vonpnl n^n ; tlwn proev#d«d, then mopptd, ftod thiw, ftfurr ttru 
^im' funbrr u?«Dt, ir« ^pnukiftliy rvtfbtd thn funuriL Tiro or 
Itfnn I witbtd, fbf aftfvty* mJeo, 1o olii^bt, buC odgaily t kftd 
roooi lo do htt u;hmi ibn lurrow «dg« of lb« tmivukrus prvcipm 
my Wft'— wi *., I'l^ wo, JWi, 

Ha Ow 


164 T«Bp!e> 3Vtfw& in Pmr, 

Our tn^n^r ^"u lou furiuiiaic on his r«iuni oivr ibtt noiiO' 
tain* of Twija ; — 

■ Cru«l vm ih« sight to ec<# oi toitinfc up full Gft«rti i^iLrs of Anon* 
ticiuoJ sl«<;> lo Uic t<umiiiil of the Cor^criBji. tJi4l bcrc fonni ■ rid|£c 
4Viun4 tTir srkncb-vrr^Tf^rn cur^mlt^ of the prorincw of Tnnjp : bot 
«ni«ll«r by fario behold ih* wralGh««l> wrtMcd nuJa tkat Blii>pc<1 OB 
lb« M^Ki^ ^f ^ pTfcipicr. and — avvftir ! trxliiliiti;]^ |«ci thouK^nd s^mmcf- 
4if1ii, rtiunif, n>u[ji}« round! (]<ivin, ilawn, ^uwu ! nine liundrr^d atid 
ainc-tf-Dtric tlmuiwu] fkl)komji di>fp t— <«rt4JnJy not ona yvril k*i. flc* 
fording to Uic drmlc by which 1 monvtirc^ lh« cboun in my wondtr- 
»lTUcb uns|[Knatioii, vrhil« I >tood in lur Atirrujii, vtniiiliig fbnntfd 
OTrr tliiT rant of my hurt*, (wbu^h rqnaEly imidilMl «Ith 4fairnt) And 
▼icvriftft ihv tnicrpacopic diminution c^ th» mnlf, tt eI r«Todrcil vrkU 
«cifcleT>t«d iQOt«n to ihc 1>olloiD. coxryiag Yrlth il gitir w!ii4e c'^*'^ 
■lorcof prariaion.'— tdI. ii., p. 400. 

A»lI bi;rv tlivy wtro obhj;vJ tv Vcai\ti llic poor onioiBl Ui its 
falf, whicli lhcr« nas no dutibl woiiUi bt ibai of bein^ (ievouTi^d 
by condom. But a Utr more fl««iofi« accident bcr<-l o«ir trsvelkr t 
frw da}ft afler tliia. A favumili* hmsKp that tie bad jiuitliAird oQ 
hi) joumc> lo i'olo«i, vol Ioom* and galloping olf al'Ui a herd of 
li» ova ApccMu, d))cc<ii[y dbippcuro, mid Ha> nt^vcr rec^vcicd. 
Hi» upotiropbff Kt ibik aniimol aflonJb one *if ihv niimrroiiA jiu 
AttriccK vfbicb jnttify the character wc %^ve at itkning of Mr. 

' **My kTa*>">sid 1 to mysrif; "my Iwrt bcrw< my fAvaariiD 
boTiVi oay coin(anion, my fiiciid. for ih> Idtjk a time, t)n jounif^iiof fO 
nuiny tniiidrcd mla, ntrryin^ mc up oi^d duwn mounijiini, aliKi;; iba 
«dgv« of itrecl|Ar«Ot actom rivr-n iinrL lornnu, whrrc ihv ipfpty of tha 
lidcr MoftfU dcp«Dd«d auJrIy on th* uvrihvira of bis afjunal— to 
Ictte l))M- iiov ill a nximntl of to mucb HMdi In a uiannvr m lusrx- 
pecied, erJ w provokii^ly irclknta^ a^graviu^ my }t»%. Tha 
CMtttant c4r«I took of the* provtt lh#ntiial uton tb^mfriu. At 
llw mh) of iHvy a vvAn*ot»c Joamey, ucovmiotUtion and oomW 
for tbrr irii^r iiiTanftbly toy ^n% ooii*idcr»i^on, let BiJnc be filial ihey 
vlghr. Not «Tvn ib# nitMiy of iho p4« ni^It: could inducr nv lo 
dtprtva tW* €>f ihy r%e for ii>y ora ^tificAt»L Aod unut I k»w 
tutifnlv say fAmrcll f— Tb«n fartvr*]! ! my tnstty friend f A thw- 
>and ilollark ntr ifi (Iai partrnantr-au ; hail I hM tvttj onr of tbcm. 
Ihry muit, ind4^, bavo orr*tb>nnd ivj^rft, brit r^rvrt fuitld tJiry bar* 
pxtil^ tvih A fr«ijf|f of torrov ah lliou EiAal, my beat, mv fatonril^ 
bor>«— ffln;ttrJ) \" •— ^xd. ir., pjK 4) L H*- 

T\w ff'^Othnt vwnlioncd in tlie |>Aaus« viwn lie vuk 
atoppcid iiboiU i/tub a |>rdi'i1rinii PrrvTtaii. 'I'lic utacnt) of tlicau 

Gnoat i» lakl to b« «o utomtbuig tbat r>riliicr borvc, mula, not 
Daa call liatr aajr diuticc Mitb iJKtu. ' 1 luvc hr-ard»' saya Mr. 
TdPfik'. * tlk^ it 11 not unconunon for one of tb44« oitdodortt to 


TcQtplcfV litmb ut Pent. 


till thirtf/ kif^es fri^iD stimtw lo Muit«L' 'n>»e PfTUvUn* 
gentnllr middk^nucd, ntticctilar mtn, living clittflf oti Indian 
conij poUil<K9, and other tchvIaUcii ; EhcJr brTcrik-^r is n^lpr— 
lliat i* lo say, >*hfln lli«y culiitoI ^<tX t/iica — uii iiitoxn-aiing Ijauor 
BMiic TrOBi liuJian conij i^flitUiiug like thi- botu^n of uiWii-iii 
frica. Till* miMl^ of inakJnff ii, nnd <h<r 'miimblinz* <4xhi puato 
llw mouttiB of old ^oincn. Lear a remarkable aiwiUrity lo tb& 
wing of hrru ou llir Samlwirh LtbndK- 

* A qtttnttty of likdita «am b poun<lcd into « fn« pondi-r uud tJju'i-d 
in a heap, fnand vUirh ai man^ oM womrn (I alvayn obiprved xKrr 
v^n M n^omon) a« can foroa a cofiTcn^cnt circk lit dovrit vpoa th'o 
IfrounJ, anifi Ailiitir Uicir moults with the |x>vrJcr, chew it inEo a (Wrto 
^j>crtaj)i " myfliWir " vi>kil<] bt the appru^iruiir l«rin; for to " rlioiv,'" 
I prcaonke, Umto iimkI be ic«1h, but in tliii owraTioa tho iwrfbnDvrt 
■ra tootUm. Wbeo tfa« pftite, ilien, ii mumUod to a su&cicnt con- 
tccc^. it IS lakca out ol t]»c lunuth, nnd rolled between ihr [duts of 
Imfii laid n Wl, geuonllf about chr rtUr of n fp-Api^-ihot. bnC 
, of conrat. uccorcEn^ to tha capacity uf the nii>nth from which 
h taWon. The balla are pileil in a pyramid, antil tho 
of th« mau J9 (imihevi; they ore then placed ujnn a lire tu 
f. Afl«T thd, their ar« pat into a f^Ttn quantity <if triier. whcra 
tlMf faoMCV 1 am not aware that any Other ifit^TVclieat iiiiscd. Tho 
laimatatuis fonna ike terexa|[e caUeil '* chxa.'' wh»ch ii ihe nectar 
ihe loiliani i and. alihmgh uiehrBitn^. it lb by uo lunun ipjurmi 
hwilth. In hoc wi-allior. I imifet Dekfiowlvdgp, noTWithitandbtf xh% 
Xcai, which i» a tno^ uQ»i);htJy K^w t^ wilaom, a draught of 
tc:a ii eKtreiotly grateful ; thtnigfa I haoiv not liov lo describe tho 
*te, npir-r than wfv« inay V Snia|{ln(^d nrr^dd bf flh^ainr*! by a tnix- 
of ftoaU b««r aad knditford&t ^-dvr, ^ b it a>nnd«r«d aa nvlrt* 
ajDong tbe taboariiig etutei ai pon«r b bq Englaad.' — toL IL, 
. 4a. 44. 

White alnunl umvcisal poverty reai;ri» in llie fcHile vallcvs aotl 
|klaiu» 4>f Ttieitman and Salia nnd Taiija, vrc cannot be uir> 
pti«cd to oiacl \vith it among die dctili^ ol tb« biirai u>uuniuiu«. 
Bui it ini)tht b^ ex|iecied lliat dir po^tn^atiriKr uhn are n nvt at 
l^ablK^ functiooancsi »houM b« |>1aevd in oiore decent ctrctuun 
ataoevTi tbaji lint firlbinii-^ dialo^ur baleen wtc of Hitat nod otiT 
(ravetlcT i*orild amply: — 
' \y\wti I A^kixl kir cDfat, I recdved ih« tuticmmj answer—" ^ 
f, Sfittrr' ■' Tbcfi- n nu»r, Sirr'*— fjr polator9« " jV:>Aiif, S«h»r/" 
for mdk,*' .Vi»A«*,Snrflr,""— ftweflr^." A'o A-u, .^Aw T— *' Vfhtt 
Te >ou then i ' *' J^'ff A ji iiorf-r. .SV*or / ' *^ Nothing u all, Sirr' 
o futm a triie lde« of the effect of tlLti duuvl aniajbDceuwut uf 
D« to a >tBroia|{ trirrllirr. it iv rei^nUiiA to hnTe tmni tli« pfcu* 
rty mrarnful tone tn ivhich *■ Mohai, StMr/ AoAoi oeriu, Stf^i" 
T^hed 4mt uf the mouthA of thnv p«0f4a. Pttwtly, want. uiiM^y, 
id afliciioo, ara cocmTcd at oocv In me iMUucho)/ aviit«uee. and 



Tv«^kV TVarrfv fit Ptru. 


t ■fr^lr ^\xnt* n^T^i! llie a^^i- \tltprv tlrt ftmigctr ftbfB MiMv 
himi?m»Wetrath,' — *-C»l *„ pp.?7^, 7T^. 

p»tm»U'r, bro^^tt uui uulbor antonjr iccneiy nf a ikw jpncai- 
nnce* TbL^ riiad^ wilhoiil being iniprotcd, now inTii^aicd th6 
A}}|)iv)ac1i to Wfiic great lo^VG or citjr- 

* li wa!< no bii|:«r ut cn&oqiKntcd «oJitttdc,iii I hrkd been ootu^* 
lna>»l u> And il. Pcwnritry, with (IroT» o( <ums lOrl Hoda of buao* 
tifiil llurun, nvre to bt* «>?f n jm^tng ia and Tra ; vome BtroJItntf bxilv 
to dio cftTt laikn with fruiis v^rgpUb^*, In4bn> corn, Atrar. «£nr»a], 
$r«>vrood, uu! other Dr^c^^anvi ; come rrt^mittfr front th« ixiirl[i;t 4t 
■ briftk pacp. iflcr c^i-tjunin^ of tkptr lijnJi'ai, mi fcfiitmlnj rmuif 
ItfQZfuci iuiD iJi« fnittfjl tilF«y4 of ihtf couniry lo mif ir tbt-ii. ImlitAt, 
moJc tD(t fciccJc. wiLb pocilliy, milk< t^fr^. tiui nturlry rofVnwitTlio for 
coiwumption, cnthvncc iht way. ind upptir^ the luxnifr)' traveller 
thiit, njthotigh »-jrTCirirKlHf lay IWk. iicvnhivntfd, and invrtujrrroA/f, 
ftKruDUinv. >»e vat rtill in ili* \iuA of lb* Ihing,' — vot, L»pp^ Wt. T»ajL 

Sliddcnt^t apprarrd in the tliMmcc « higK conr-xbnpnl moiin- 
nin^ of A m\i\\*h'\uo\\n roTrmr, (which llw're na* oo n)i<takinji^ 
' Itint celebrated mocDUoi vhow hncldni trvMiirr* havo « ult^ood 
ifie Idburiou* |f1titiikr uf titu bundfcH iickI tiftj yran, ukI tiill 
Ktnain n«citiaii?>trd : the anounlaiD i4 Pofct<i/ 'flat imnt of llio 
miar iinrnr Ift Hitiialrd nt ib^r fbrd of tliii moiinlurii, vrlnrh n*m 
' 6k(* a roloMol mpir-lonf abui-o il, lo ihir brif^bl uf ntarlv ihrev 
lbuiL»ri<.E fixt; and nbkli, nlllfutjgb baJf ail ivuiifN nnlk dtitaiil^ 
3«l iL-cnu H> dcit^, thai, tf il wpr« lo ^D mcr, ir <ii^>u](lj to nit 
)ip|K«rpniT, ovorv hcbti ibc wbf>l( citv/ lu absolute licigbt aborc 
lui? Iciicl of lliF Pncilkr Ocraii na^ tinlvd, hr Dr. Ftr<lbi*ailr al 
li5,f)^> feet, wbUli difTen onily eleven r«l Iruni a diibvf>qocii1 
mrnitiirciiienl by ?^lr, Pcotlnnd^ mlm liaVf^Mcd lit Soulii Aiaiiitca 
on >ci(T»ti&c |Mir)tiJt«. TbvtoMn Jl»eir b IS.^03 rt«t, bii<I coo- 
Aiil<^ii-d bj QUI anibcr 'Ibc lti|;br)t iiiliabiU-d |ilarc iipud llu! 
globe I* tliouob M. HL'RiboMl tr>ok Ibr fami »f .Xnltiacia, In ibt 
proiiixx' of Qtiiio, nhk-b \k wakt^ l,i,00f> fccl^ to U', ' Milhi>iit 
doabij omc 4>f i^ir liiffbc*! ir^isbittHl <|ii>u nii ihc I'tuili.' The 
ciiy of QutiOr «b>cb Die nine iut^^iiioui aullior itit dovin ms iIw 
next biglteil, ia atdj 0<>^1 f*^, — lo^fi dan PultM It* SfkK) Trrt 
Biit nv ntay obftc-rvo that b<^th Uic»e ticiitlvmcn arr mUtakrit ; for 
loglily rlfiaLcd u UtcK pLiLt-A ae, llirtr aie uliuln toi^iu un liar 
bank" t>( Htv Sullffdgo^ btbind llw Hiutalaya inouiilalii*, at OH 
elttalimi of dtirtccn lo fifteen tlwusUMt fci^t uImvi- xUk W^vi tff tbc 
apa ; a hrj^lit na far Mipcrior to any human liulHuUo<t in 1b« cof* 
diilcmt of Ihc An<ir>> a« ifv tiit Uhavta)A-pii, tl»c Jomtoinftliri 
and ftpoiDc olWr pcalu of tlie orimtnl magtr, |e> Oinnltiirwo or 
YUmiiii. 'fh$ ficAk of Chimborvgo ttm tonidef«d by Humboldt 

Tvmph't TVapf^ tn Ptru. 


ihehiglMitorcbe cordiIT«nt of Ut« Aiidf > ; but Mr. Tecnpic woi 
lUonnMl by tbc ducf cooimvMOMr, h^i> tool a warm iiitcf ir»t iu 
Wch lahjectn, ibkt tlie hriglii of Yiimani had hwa gif «a lu kita 
M ^1,900 Ibet. ifthidi oiccfdi ibai of the former by 350 r«l— 
anil liiift, be mj>, u^nre* tttili llii: atcukaCfi o( Mr. P«filki*d, aad 
the ubiwrtaiiofk* of Di. HcdJirAd. 

An mlmor mofinuki, wbkJi imcsi lilw a btilifnii ai Uio Wt 'if 

Jv^ cone, oi» th« aida naxl lb* tovii, in called bj tlic lodians 

•on of HotxiM i o^rj ilgtie of thii (djovgh )cm lidi tbon tbo 

') k rtid to \*e it> A'^m^ (l^gm meullifcroA*, and it cootuni 

Linca (torn wbidi caaudcrabk i^uanlitic* uf silwr have b«cii ck- 

-led, Oi Hie greic cmc, Ur. TvmpUi givca tbo Ci>lk>wuig 
rsccoaot: — 

* In tbv largB one there am not li9« ihati five UiutiMuid hctoi miitat 

Itha of nuiMA} ; bui it dov* uoi fallow that tb«ro an flm Iho&iUMi 

iDUMa» for iflTcrai mined hare two, and «omo llircc, difctn^ot 

or entraiu^c*. Tfaia may coavcy a tolerably Ult Uea of tba 

ID trhidi ib« crrro U prrfiinued, bot no idea can bo form«4 

ibe natore aod <tate of the- minH tbcfOBelTM, whit^h bavc bean 

rkcd from lh<ir discovery ^ ifct itcacoi day. without the alif£bto«t 
'frjfaid to mt-thod or e**?ii lu OJiimiuu criiivrnii^iice. ! cututid KCreT*!, 
ui wlitoh f ir^? obliged 10 crawl for many yafdi on my handi and 
frvt ;- an «ttiMuil» vay tbenee be formed of the diaulnotaf-e at wbicli 
Iba Uboorers voflc. ar^d of the prvat ton of lime tbat touat voioe in 
MMavvylof (Hfi om mt of Ui« diItic* iu tlirr^^Hldfi aprona, aa pTaMirad 
by ibe Indiam, -^oL U W- 309. SOS, 

Mr. J eibpio iiiTca a detailed accouul oJ tbo noibod of ettractinK 
tbr mrtal frooi tfw om, a^ ]vr»etii«d in ibr niiiilag rfllAbliilimrnla 
•f PoiDii — vrbich la Umu of atuapiiVj wwbtoK, ajid ainal|[aautin$ 
vMi ttttidMlwr, and h no do«bt capabk: uf tuundtTHble imprate- 
OMOtw tb« dillmol |Tro4i>««4ra, Mr. T^rnplr^ tm tbat, a few 
yvara before ibo rrvolutiouT fVirty iitftmiM (^Ubualuiica) wctc in 
■etm operaiiofli at I'utovi, oiid prcducad, at a vnodaralv calcida" 
lioOt ci^bt thooMiid Diarca (about Toiirlbouaand |>oiini« aioirtlu- 
pnia> of pure ciU^r vreekl v. In iktn more fficeiit Malf, ftccnrding 
lo Htimf>oldt, dify arc not tbc firvtin th« fcoo^DV^orld, but tnay bo 
nuked i]Ttnirdial4'ly afl^ tlimc uf finanaxualu, ibc riciii-it mtuili([ 
ilMhet of Mexico. Uut ibe r«*raliitioci «faicb baa aiAco iak«<i 
placa Bm ETNlly cfettrrioraictl all tbe vniniw couconu of Soulb 
AiDenca, and ' iK»trii««o/ la^ Mr. Tempio, ' hai daairsdioii 
beatt Biurc niucbievooaly actite, toon coaipletOt and raoro maoi- 
leaV, iban i>ii liie propvrti of ibc o^^^^fOt (miuin^ vitab|iifam«iii«) 
of Ptiu.' '11>t-ircj(pciMvoiiaacbioei> httabeen v-antoolv d^^royod 
<— ibcir rttirwite ingmtm have bMB pltukdcrrd and ddftpidaud — 
iben nmca bavo crrabkd in, and lilkd with rvbbbti or witb 
wMci mJ ibe ofbitiajy exactiocia of ibe coatendcn; niJiiArj 

168 Tftnp1«*j Traveh in Pen. 1 

chivf*, \mve ft6tiC€^ iljcir proj>nrio«« In b fi>t« ii£ br^gary* Still, 
bo^ctcf* \ht i]>iEic4 Mc ncrt culirdy ubftndomed nor uiipcoduclive: 
lfa«ix? an! Kiill iKfi'en ingmi'a at wofk on u liuiiml »cd«, b 
PolQvi, kqJ thr^B aio »tftto(l to prodiK^, coUccIitcIt, on an 
vveragr, tlfif' » Itiiarlml majcjt of Hilwr Vfrik)>, or ticml^ l^^OOOL 
sUflin^ per aiinurti, 

to hbn by l3r Nicol, <1raijni up b) LambL-no (I<r T^jcrrm, nunitlcr 
of fijtBiKt!^ atccouiUant utiii ttva&urcr i.i ibt- ri>Yal coffcra in Ui« 
icnp«rnl city of Poimi, ut Maj, l^f^. It b'lMicatrd to iho 
cclcbintcd Oodot, mul conioins au «ccotint of Uic pnxlurc of the 
piiiWH, fn>iTi ibvir Arhi dncotrrv rn tK< ><'^r lM/>. 'Vim tlivomriy^ 
a4:<:ordtn|; to coaunou b^lir4| wo* Ural miiHc by a I'cruviaa, uhOp 
kipsmiltof H Jlfti]i:i it|> tlit tk^pMili: ijf i [iiuuiiuiii, lu ^w hmi- 
■df from falltnf, cAUf:ti1 hold of a Hfvtib whic-Jt, bi-ing torn from 
tbc- m)ilr rapo»c(l a wau of si^id ailvcr iil iW nub. A<:cor<liBg 
lo Mr. Tentpk'd MS-^ hoM«i«rp ' ibc Indian al ]ii|-lit niad« ai 
iirv on tbc mc of the mo\minin, and in llic momiiie pcrccirciJ a 

Si*antit> of E»i1%'«r tbai had nirlicci anil vjircnd on ibo ^tuUru of 
ic grouad ; winch circuniitancc i» nototi ia ilic udiitci of ibia 

Tbu iimnv«criptenafal^so«raiilbortocionc<:tnany errors of iIk; 
Abb^ Rainalr uiicl al«o leicral conUadiclBoDt and mittakcA of llic 
Bktoit 11 um boldL h ^vct a tabb, kbuwiii^ the amount of tbc kiuf;'* 
fiflLR pctid ill each )cai at I'otosi, fioBk 1^64 to KHl. At lliia 
latter ptfncd, it appear* that about lil^c^i tbomond IndUai wn 
wofkinginlhc TuincaandnmaJgamution-^^rkit. and u|>tf»rd> of b^ 
Uxm llmiunivd Iluiui, and an ri|iial uninbrr of uirt, wirr rmpJoyrd 
in carrying tli« ore*. It U AUp|i04cd that the bnrbaiuiu t-dkt of 
the aaua, or coMAcripiionr liy nliich tLr«r iM-Jiam \Mii.- fmivil tu 
give ^luitous^ or nearly ftmtukou*, Uhonr, cbioDj enabled tlio 
propiKlon to carr^ on Ibnr uvilu ; but the advaQlago itaa, piti- 
bably, not rtry great: ukiion^h ilivy pa>^ ^leni (ittk of ao 
wage), Uicy «eic uikdcr llic necrsity orfccdini; ihcui; and the 
ijinintitT of labour^ hi^inc forred, unf vim likrly l« b« ivry cooi- 
iidvrabW, General Miller, indeed, lias computed, we know not 
oil nfiat tktta, lliat tight millioiiif two bundr^d aiul rigbly-flte 
tlioiuajid ludjant liai« poriahnl in tlie mijkr« ot Fcrtt '. Ual thb 
kind of u«1culal>on U Mintetliii^;, we luppoar, liki- tbat uf Vol- 
tairti : — ■ On maeaacra antrvfoii' tmQ doniaine <ie mailioai d''ABi4- 
ricaiiUf maiv ct'loil pour rendrc lo nutrra raitounabtea, Ln oah 
oilalpnra ttrifii' qnc depuia Ja guerte dc Tro}«,Jn»qu'i celle de 
l*Ac«li«» ou a iJC, an uioiittp en batailka rmngfea, cino-ccni 
dnquaiiti^L-iiiii millioiai, nil-cent cinijoanic niilJc bomnca- nod 
iUj quoili tbc lalirtilt ■ pour k bica nubUc' 


T«npk'« Trav^ in Fern, 


Whik our rrRTfUinj^ >ecreUi>' uu «in>>loted in i«ttii^ lo 
WO(k some native lii<irfti]«, ^liom he kiM hired, und \t1io, it 
•Mrmn, UbounHl Ikhk-jii])- fnr txitt iJiilltngv si rlny nrh^ in onr 
or two of Uic hoUn {bdoM rmn<u) lie haij liarKaiiic<l for in die 
cr^si ronicil movntuD of Poco^i, iW livimaii Barajt \vu o>ll4'ei* 
me mfoTmiUun rftpcclliif; thr tnictci of Puno, on the wettcni 
Side oi ilir l.ikc of ^llicatUf \vlijf:li IB sUt^ lu W I'lglltJ ttafflKiS 
in ciifunifcrvuircr and nt nn dcvstlion of J^,70J toot abOT« 
itlie lc^x:l cf ibc Pncitic ofcAii> It was iiita this lake llial die 
'eruiians, bi thr time of tlic SpanMi conijut^f, hptt- *ftid to ba^t 
mil inuucnic trcaturf-f <»f (told ond wKcf. The imigldjoiir- 
of Ciucu mill Ln Pa/ ua^, in fact^ lli^ u^at uf llie optdcucct 
power of the incua* Uoing ot Lu i^ax, Mr. Tumpk «ay> — 
■ Ijk liig M¥ontc«nCh emtuiy, ftbout on* l*>fpi« from thii citf, ft 
rit* RUM of *alid KoM wiu found b^ ta lodiftii, and pQTvhjued, for 
1 l,eaD doLftn* by the SpAiuth licerar, wlio urnt U to tZiv cabuict of 
iKftturA] blKloiy ft£ 3kladtLil, where I brlieTe it w *tUl Xa he tcpit- ft 
rft« raj^pOMd to bafv bcon deiockvd by Uj^hliuPK fmm the hu^» Vti* 
tt« W vhkh muiy vein* of cold Arc knov-n to onut, Lm^ quan* 
itI«A of noilvo i^oJJ IiAvc aIxj bmi founil from timr Co tioic a\ th* 
L4 cf th« YUmft^ii, id A Ukc iituotcd al Ihr cnormoui clontion of 
)£,7fiO fcc4 above tliv kvcl of ihonca, Thi« lake of Ylinuuu bUkC' 
rirUe celebrated for haviofc been made Ehf depository of a gicot pan 
[©f ibc trm-Huro of the ooec-Eimed rity uf tustv ; it being liaudeil 
br traditioa, that, at Xht prriod of iliit Sg^ni^h coiHiuvit, the 
fitidwi* cnrrtcd tbfm thither, and mink lh<«n in the lake, to sfcura 
pjis frma the rmpicily of thrtr int^ers. Id tunfimuitiDu of iJila 
[irtditian, t«xcr^ ariielp* of fold h^Tv h«en fnund Ht didVrvnt timtra j 
ted the belief of the Eiet ha> fnvvn riac to i Vomfntny lor dr&uui^ 
\Uve lake, whkb, it appears, oiay be accompliabed tt> 4 ovitciacstent at 
moderate eipriise,' — mL L, pp. 75, 70, 

The liilb oi Piiuo. of nbtcli La^xiaycoU a the moil («rlebra1e4 

tat iti ticliffa, an> laid to corrMH>nd, iit ihrif ^rncral divprttificm 

and mincimloficftl dumctcn, wiib iliotc mcUiliifcroLu purplifnea 

lof ihc lleil del MoQie, Holftnoa, hihI Civi3nA:hiiaio miiira of 

'Mexico, and with those of lluȣ:9iry atid 'rraniylvum, Ooa of 

.tko QitiKn on tlx: Corru do La^tJiyculj, lM:|utjf^io<i; lr> liie uiiforlu- 

!maI« Sajcodo, uho wat chareed «'iib a ctkotpimcy wti eircutod 

lAi m p«l>lic trailer, vt laid to naitv produced iii uin year wmetbiii^ 

onr one miliion and a half atf^rltn^. 'Vite Sjpaniah goveni*- 

Imytni, na iwial, took potM4iion of bii minca* 'fne awnc ibing 

I'kappeiird more reecnUy to one Dou Itodri^iiea, ulio, under tbo 

auppuiilion of htio^ implicated tn ikc imuircdjon of cbe Foniiiaui 

ID 1780, tt-a* arrvilrd Mid >mE to Itumus Ayrra, wbora he lo 

numtd m confinement upimtda of Im-eniy yr^n, and died on bctoc 

raatorad to libnty at the bmkiug out ul' tbc r^totolion. Ilia 



TfOipk'tf TmptLi im P^rv, 

<n<irMioiu irralih oiay be jadged of b^ tlic uMtire ami profuiicw 
of ibe tiUvr urtU-ici li^- doas^iimI, 

* HodiiftoA w |T(T>firi«tof of a fjinnoit" vilrfr xoimt Itt th« ricinitr 
of OfUPO, vrhkh wu to pcoducdrri tbftt hv dUcAnJcd fronj his bouto 
■U artidnt of )£U4«i ilrJr. or fmckprj'wmn, ftad n>placnl thnp by 
olbcr* mado from lh« «itv«r of hii miA*> UUnKiU of th« mo*! 
coiEiinoa u««, OJ w«ll m articlM of liuiiry snd oimttDaalt *Kb M |rier- 
uUm b ihe |ir'mnt»l ttpvlinefU*. fiarnHM of pj^tunw tud of nKmn, 
foot-«tOOl*. ]>0E«, »ri^ naciK, worv all of vlvvr " Aid," «iH tlw )>«r* 
■on* wlicn niacins Uie forrgotng, *■ do you hoo thtt trough im ti* 
Dourt-rird f " pouiling to ■ r^rr Ur^ tlont> trough Urr the pqqwio 
of mUrrintf iituW tnd o(hrr kquiiaI* ; " [ do ft»»ure jrou (Hai fWrfifir 
Itodrrpitft Md Ivro of ntiri^b lurgvr him for tbo $tuart punoM, of Mr« 
iii>d $aAii ulvcr; ajmI before tho nvolaiion t^icrc wcrt th^oe or Mr 
hpuwv ill Onug ihu couU bositof hAfbv quite » oiuclk" '—vol Ij-, 
|ip. «•. »0- 

Tb<40 nuEN» baro born sbnwlnvkcd aiBc« Ui« rc^olultoo, nnil art 
imw iillH wlih »alri; but N!r Tcmpti- »■/», nn iJie auilnnitr of 
lb« Bfttovi, tbnc lliey are cAf>a1>lo of bi^iiii; ckareil, sttd Uic '»um 
DeccBMijf for ibv iirkcJvttAin^, u|>^in a libriul ^cnJr, huuM not 
exceed fiO/XJOf. ^iftrrlnfg ; lliul do vxi>ei]ki«L- iiioditiirn u r«^ui- 
aaUr^ lli»t n*livc Ii^dmii lumcn luuj be had ia ■buixlj^ico at i^o 
Ailimn ■ iliy ; ibut the imTiiri^ of tiir rock disneniea wjlJi (be 
coit of archil^ Ibc uiliu eud S4llctie>; and tbal, hvm thcncbncM 
of llie orv, ifir Mr|MMitci]l i>r alt ttnbutmrinenu migbt leiaoiiaiblj 
bcciiM>clcd withio ctK^iiccn cnonthn tVooi the pcfiod of €omii»cac- 
iug tlir o|]ciHituitf. Tu L'jiiduit iIk ciiabluhveiil. a ouiter 
■mdlei, ■ iiiilKvrigbi, a tmiih, aiad a iiiel^oci, to Leftp tlbe oiilk and 
fvriaccA ill repair* a oirpeiitcr and boal-buililc«, aod a (jcviuia 
Mittlgainttor, wi>ti1d bo ihc r*n\j l-J4rop«aA artjtaiM rf^oinsl. b«t 
then, lo Hxtrk thviti to od^-antii^, thcrr rami be no ttfclcM cata- 
bluhiucnttr ^xoibitanl «afairv«, exlrvva^uit pivpanMioM, ttild' 
l^oote cx|KditJon«; n> chief coiMminioncrB, aiiicb aa Ibai, for 
iiMiaorr, iti ' TIm Polooif Iji Pax, »id Femriatt Mining Arvo* 
ciatioB,' «ho, aa^ Mr. Tani|d^, ■ ttccompanwd hy Lii «L-crpiarT 
of IrgatioD, wiib a luiic of o<krrdi^iiafir«. p>)trd in acoadi aiid 
four, ctourtecj by valndtn, Bod lo4loi4««.i b) baggage* wagfioiM, 
Udoi wmJi puftiblc kit4:hcua, |M>«table bcda, povtablo aouja, ckro- 
iMMWi«r»r liTilromciL-rii, b«r>)iiieienr tbnidoliica, aad prppennint- 
dn>|N/ Sudi extrm;;aiit and iiaektta, Bot to mt,y pcmicioiia, «i-* 
pendiriirr, viii uirt- u> Iv fnHowrd h^ diffa1rati<HM in difi pevneoi 
of iiktalmeuU, ti>rkiitufe oi shArc3, prati^Uuf of bllla, csnccUtli^ of 
GonUacti, aud ibe KK-tei^uij nbanduttairail of mlerprMt, nvn tm 
the «pDt, wben m «ctito ^^pcraiitfa, * where aamni bad pnmded 
tbc nKaiu of ample muunrwtioo, bad pradaooe bcco coimilml, 
fiwiaht «nipLo>Eftlr and ccoooivt adhertd to.' 

T«in|>l«'« 7>vff*Et m Ptru, 


.fftrott** report %i^^ ut^, aii-^ \i'hkh he amclttded inidoiibledl/ 

tfv A«>UC»l*i»l irWil ru^Hy rnErf lain, h* Ificemid IWO I^I^n— > 

OTM frofn Cstlro, t)t« C<»aipAii?'s as^Dt at Bikikh Avrcv, &eh 

MHuidng tlmi hi? omiU scn^pl no more drafts till li« IwJ recpEveil 

advkia of hu b^l for IS^OQtj/. forlfaciroulAtbAiiiig bmi pftid; th^* 

^Olbcr, from the Coiopaoj'a voAicilori \\a.i iJif t^l) fnr a i^rt^tii 

lawnl woiild be h^lm, wid that foin« of Ui« Oiivclom 

miable or unwiUai^ 1o pa^ op iltcir AmI qiiiint. * 'Hin 

ifoniHlioTi,* fart he, ' i[w(nnt1« rlitlWl the sanguivie hvjiM 1 Jia4 

lithcrta catrilDirKHl of tiic ulltiXEtEc proipcrity of our rutcrpmf , be* 

nun* l^Mf ■alarii^ft aloriP of our iiioii:itruu« «iiub)uliinent^ rtce«dm^ 

lo,0(Xi/. »t«ftifi^ p«r amivim, rvndor^d it unpo«ubte to carrx on ibc 

^9|wt«uuiB III loj adiuitBffii witluHiC mil adittun of hioapjp/ In- 

Jlig<iK«. bcmvf«r, spmiLy raadml blm of tb« «mvA] of ihcir 

ilinlfk ship ai Anc*, on ifac tUco^lli of wlikli >f i. IVinpIc fti«-w 

bin on tbe cfai^f irommaMmKr, wbo bod fone thither, and ri^coai- 

neoccU 1m HU^jK-iidni o^xjulkOEM no a stimU fcalr. Uiti JntrnJcv 

l^th tbe Pmidjjfit Sucir, il CliUf|iiiuuu:u,«ben? Ii^ informed htm 

trf tbi! coepiDiaMDoen' dfifl b«itis prdt««ted, t« rithcr unu^ing, 

Ibinv, lik^ a wiw mnn »« hr i», f>b»eTv*H — ' Z^w i*<iorrt /nglf^ft 

[imiM hnrc boon rcadii^t; the Imtorrof 1^1 Dnroflo with a hiiJc 

mtte ctrdiiliti iLud il tl^L-nn, tf xittj iiiiugincd ihit llu; pj^ciouf 

totlah werv t<> Ix^ oMmi»f^) U'[ih<»ikE lBt>jiir aiiJ «ip«nMq; (i>ff 

iJthotigh it u ItHF linl ibi-V uboaiid in ihu cuUhlry, th«v cutiooC 

I b# bail for nHhing, anj mor« ihaTi ihr mnii-rivli of u hicb we butid 

our boowt.* Our KcoeUr^ tboagbt (and coofc»sci it wm the tiral 

Itiw! ibe tbuu;-hc Mfuck hini) t()*t ili« PtvKidenc «a« f^fiht^ «iid 

/luiictil» llnl »o4tM r««Uv ckvfrr fi:lli>w had iiot i^plmnod thb htlle 

p-T. tn fintinti to 'Tbe Ditrcton uf the PcKdhi, I^ Phx» nnd 

itiaii MiiiiDir A>soc»tioii/ At tb(^ innio limo, br diou^t it 

trft uarrfttonoblo ibit r>ftii Frhx Cattru khfluld mtkc ■ pieco of 

wnb, fttui pcoiuit a bill for a fovr Ihouiand pounds, od tha credit 

!0f a couipain of gt-niltntB, vibo bad declared, in ihcir pnnird 

pratppdiw, dut * ih«y had a rapiul of one niitton ^erUug,' wilb 

« rUu»r that ' il iBicht bo iiifrraMd, if deemed Bri^iMbto*' 

Mi«foni(ne» art* ]vfnrriii!itl\ kwd iwn-r to comv m'm^hi tbdj 
DOW iMMired do^n ugioQ oiir Mercian'. I'rom tlw Oirrdon lu 
IjCMMlon Iw hvil hi'4'U infonncd thai the ihnrr Ditrcton «bo had 
llic obart4^r of ibo fhif PofoUt leaving appli«<1 to the ciUi^ 
I>itrrlnrv U> iucWiniiifi tb4<ai frotii mv <:i)iiftr>i|ucncoi under tbtir 
liability aa diattvrm, iitrir rr^jiitsl liud t>«ea lefmed. Ho ouw 
ngccitcd iJic addilioikal lufomkaUou Uui tbcttc dufltnn bad m»iC 
•«t a powvr of auotntj to a«iu tb* carfo vi tbt Pwoii, to pay 



Tecnpk'4 TravA iu Pam. 

ccrtftia clftuna. Th« juclsfe of Arica, kowvver. decreed ihat tbe 
gnitl estr^ thntild be <icliv<T»^d up it> the Ic^nl rMui^>mintivo of 
AsiociAtioii al bif>:c, vhiih rath, t Diiic^ih. Uoii Fdn C«Ptro>' 
of BiWrok AjTT-«r \\n*i aUo tntt an ii)*<.iil Ci.r tiiitFai|;o tbo wliole 
of UiT profxilv, for ihc pit>TCfl«i bill t>i' V^'JfJ^K, «it!i costs ukI 
damngrN, wlurJi nmli) iirit 1w rmitlrd. ' TbEit/ »4M llir wrrHor^, 
< of (hat samt car^o, wbidi co«t ilio A^Mciatioii, lreif;bt kicliMMt 
Hi fi-UAl 30,000/,, itot «j miich aa a ttr-t>pmni^fact wn» apfiKi^ ti> 
Ul«cflvcIf':l^^«lLilCb it v^at |>uicbu<^l;' >ikI Jic uddi iLui noarcouiil 
i«lialct(-r uju ctcr roidcicd of iIjc jjiottcih of ibm c«rg^. ITk 
coiiM^ii<^nc(^ WM, difll Oir iiiini4<roiM rstibliihaimi nnU out in llta 
ikip wctc reduced to a Biale of di»Ui;tti truly tfepkiralrlc. 

* Oil L&b^iiig 4l Anca* rwh irutividutT rcceif^d forhn tnpporl nkie 
4ollnm per «v(»k. whioh u^ni uvai nfi«^r TTdrjri>H to amvti* then Ui 6r^, 
then to thrv*, and Jnti«rt^ to — notLirtfc At aIL. W«nrtDff tppard, 
wfttchvs, rlnfi* B&d HLinife)r ollt«r utitlc*. wtrr IiAwknd about tlic 
*tt««L< of Aticm and Tu^nu by thn rin:ri»liAnia ouvrifT*, wlu\ bot ft Ctw 
w««1t« b»fhr^ h«Hn>f UiadtA in Iii^h hralih «nd ipirits and fuU of 
bO|>0 U ti> ih^ii future foi'tunci lEnnjrircd Ihcntirhci on Ike h\^h road 
|0 nc-ho. and rip^iclcd nlhcf 1o >idil ti> Ibcir tittte ttorc of Jcaurira, 
ihnn In Ih* rrdiicrd tn ul] ihi'jn fti uny [iHce fnr ;hf |iiir]ion of obiaki- 
tDK a tit of bread/ — vo\, ii., p, roi. 

Vol ol tfiii moment n d(>patdi ^t«4 rccci^vd from ibo Dirt^ora, 
vciidiiiie llinn u li-^l T>f itiurtL^eii aiiric? Ut ii^likli tlwir Nttt^tion «m« 
to hv direcl**iJ, villi <iitlvrH to liiK' acii'iititiv j>«rtton9 to anulfjDaiabo 
llic mvA, nu4 to appoint an adciilioiial apmi at Po1o*i; tdling 
ibeni, at tli^ shiiic lime, ihcv muit uoi. uodt^r kuy coiuidrfiiiott, 
CktK<t to itcciti: ati;v tiiorc uioiicv froai En^hmiJ. 'i'Jic nimo of 
tlie Diredorn of llit« prrcinuft AiH>ri]it]on nm, no doubly bn 
fonnd iJj tlif [M^Hpapcm of tBSo, if any ono should be ciiiimu 
cnnL^^li to »w tbrm ; liut^ nlieilirr thvy ni-rr 'ir wcw not more 
yWii, Ul! inu»i say hv lia^c noi tb<^ iiimlli^tl di^ijrc to cotiti lb«ir 
aci^titiiiliaicr. Mr. 'iVin|j]c saiti iliai ibt- itliult- of hU diabunc- 
UBonta at Poloii, tluring eifbt moniht, indudrna U19 <:lraung 
out ind vorkins of tlircc niii»>. pa>u>R liJgli inlirin, eipcnftra 
of joiirfkey*> adiiiioea for rimlicr, btulrv, and otlvct attideip 
acnonntcd In no more ihan SdG^L «1cflin^, ultJcb lie i4ak« to Im 
^H mflk^vnt for «\vrT rntittali* |mrp:imroii for currying into I'dert 
^^B onj v^U'Conduetcd mining (Mftblit^uncnt in Prru; tbu» pruviiif 
^^B dial fbtn? i« 110 nreeuity for ninh cnifrnonii m^iilibi u bivr hrm 
^^f Mibvcribcd, md i^wnd«vt<l avvuy iu S«>uili vViDi-'rica- 

r ' It appetn fron tfco **»k» i^ Ihr j4rf«i>iirfrcdtir of th* Dtliontl 

I bank c' Potoaa, thai, ki tbv jrtr jutt ended, ihtte h*9 bom wr- 

I dinaod in hit dtparbneai 177. U7 nmrca of p^nto ptwi («Uver m a 

Templet TraiBeU in Peru. 


pnro »tatc) . from tho imae«of lU» niouritaitt, uiil Cooio of tfawdti- 
tricu of l*ottucB^K« And ChayanU- TheTAlue, «ocorfUn^ bi the 
LdnHciv nurkpi, v^baIh ^AOJ^>0*U. vti^rlirig. irliift nikrht be raufJy 

JiudrupUd villi nkodtrAt* ej|iiU). Juil^pucfili and tktll ( tlio ahovo i« 
erin^ from ACcuiaidftlcd 5crD|nii(c> of many needy indiriduak^ «m- 
idojina s He* ibuuftntul dullatn for the mcaus ot iilvic jubKUtcnou, 
bcjrocn vrhii^tf ihitj fa ire nut fuiid* tj work- Thii ctrciimsunotf h 
ilone viHicr;cDl ti> prorc, nui onl^ ilaX tfie mioo* htfc ore not m- 
buitlcd. kui that, bj a very pcu^iot workin^t i}iej produce HO iQCOvi- 
»idraUe duai-' — vol^ iL, [i|i. tilt t^Z^ 

Mr, Ttfinjili^ Irllt llw Director*, tliat tlic oUject of tW Ahso* 
lion might bivn b^en c;ini«xl biio fait uiid pro»peroiu ctT«ct hy 
rjr BiDoIl nvcAQfr b^J toA lt«ir ritlpntilc negligence so amldoilj 
iod eftMtuatly oaKHl ib luiu, hy >cls xthull) and tolrl) proceeding 
Erom lbcEnaclvc« ; Oiat tliiv Kad left Muj no altera tut ivi'« to «wid 

dii* laM fitagr of di^Ui'v, hlil to cTppnil from PoIol: «hilr lie bad 
tbc mirtiit oi dctniMEi;; ibc i^npi:i^Hrs ot Jk K>[i^ ui^d loticl) joomc^ 
brfonr liim ; ««.! lltftt hiit liir ci^tnp^inLimft li»<i di^pcfM^I mid gone 
when! CBcb lliouf;iit be could bttt earn bii bread. Tlio cxpciiRCf 
of tku mUx And impfovidvJil A?ijocjatAOii sut calculatrd, firai and 
U*t, to bsTc ainouuicd to 70,UW/.,of vbich, Mr. TcmpWi* rcadj 
Bo testify, not on«-l^elAb part %^'a.i expended on muxs or minins* 
TJic Hiw-f rofnintMi>)ii«r a^ms, tbii iUr: i]h(wUi\ raigo, *cu<Ni 
■t Anaif f»ninbed hj a London bottic. vrii» cKu^ed i^ioni 'JO to 
do per mil. toil ^ligfi. u^ toniparrd «itb <ttliri mvokr«- 
r llftvini; vrotuid up tl\ tlic mining; concitTu in Potcxtj, Mr, 
u'cniplo. gitrvooiil}- texpil and diiflppcimlcd x» be wn3, deter ttunnl 
To put tltv beet face on tho mgiltrr; and^ bowc%'(^r diflicull i| 
QUfbt be ' to wczi a fdcc of pleiiLure «itb a iK'Oit of pain/ lo* 
vilwl a feu friend* to a faivw^ll dinner, nmong ubf^m tin-- Sen<»T 
V,, dioclor of laW) and aecreiEuy 1o the ^ovcmnviJ, btil the 
ksmcd dortvi i-icutrd bitiipwir in Lhir folloniiTg iioti' -.^ 

* " Doctur V. tt citreincly jfrAlrfu! 1o Don EdvioDdo for hU 
fripnd^ wntnionR to bit frftc. ffiitiaj, but Doctor V,. itot bating 
c^ivpd frr aom* di}-i, uid bein^c ^ very dirty (tn<hX ^ b«gs lo b« 
tscuncd from appcotiiiK ainon^ doocnt people {^f^^ 4cc€nWy '-^ 
TolL, !>. sii, 

Tbc icpiv of this uafliu^i^d, unwa»hcd, uiM^amb«d d%nt<iry coJU 
to Mfp Temple** rt-collcctioii what old InitKb QuarlcA Kaji :-> 

I * Bff^oU th««r rvgs! am 1 a filing C3e»t 

F To Uitv tbp ctbinti«e of thy nobU fanU, 

" M'itb boQidt and face uaWdxd, unjfirt, uablc»t f ' 

Tkr cUy of Pa|o»i i* n-iiiarkabto only for die mntl clr««lin[i on 
uliMh a u pcrdicd. 'ilw revolution dcAlroyod ono balf of iu 



Tempfe'f rmw6 tn P^w. 

pnpiiUliMif nfiioli <loet Tint now vrr^ed cuvlm thoVMiiil iotib/' 
ami tfiic fauU of ihcfc nrc J'rruvkiu. 'IW vUrets tre dcitaer iliMn 
riioM»f>f Aoirricrati Xn^wt f-rii«raU^ ire, Utm- h*-h^ pliTrtt^ of y^ff 
to cam" oQ ilic mud ;iiid OjiI t_v 1h« niD* ; ihc ouiajdcfl of iltc 
hanfiM mrr irliiti^-iutird ; liiL- iiiiiilr In ubutHt Hr^litnU* of fiinM- 
tare, «»<1 hlihr, u-itb ttry fevr exce|iliociB| civii bi Ibu fint Kotwr*, 
some of vtluiii, Mr Tuuplu *a}», like llic subk uf Augi-u, 
■cvm Dot l<J liavu btai clwutd I6« diirc^ ytmn, 'V\m GLitj<:S(-;, 
vrlttue wolbt wcf« o«ic« cortrcd with decofBlium uf iiurt- Miur, 
li«T« twcii plufidend anrl diimsmi-dr whiJc tbcv are tMuMkig ft 
ahftj»cl<«a pile of %ny crfti^Ho, i:oinniciic«cl iwctit^ jctn tgo, 
ivliich u 4:Qll«d ikvr rftilictlrhl. In th^ L^mi* M|Uire it a |>t«<r4^ o( 
ftrchilccliirc uorlby of it, vikadi Mr. Templv ii>ok for a shot 
RiuiJiiratiKity : lu» invaiii cullctl it * iku bag cliimncy'— *it ii the 
iffltbnal trophy isliououror Simon Bolivar, ilifi JJtM.-ntur» The 
cliTj:s[li; u uiihcftltLj fiuiu iJiv sudden andc&ccMiifi KlimK*lii>(i» of 
ht-at aiHi void. As to MKietji', or >ny kind of ■raoMmcftU, then 
la iiouc. 

■ SovielT U eoafi»0(i| lit<r«lJf, to tvx> or tliree bmiQc** of tvi> 
Of t}3r«e pcrsoiw. to wh(^»c house* iic pomeumei go for h^lf tn 
faour in nil cimirtg (u aip atai^ tlinntgh n tub*, to heir a gulur 
pinglcdi or to vit ou & Wnfh t|:ujiii a vilL vmpt^d to ihv chm 
ui our <l()a3u, rrpl)riii(f, ** S, 6VWi" to erery ooilj-'a tal« co*" 
CiTm'mu t>i4r scrcm}' of Uie cold niods f rtfrn tbtf muLh^ The Iwin;*, 
»c|i;u<tii}ff DQ m nif^ upon :!»« floor, bnddiHl in ft rorvrr. vhI rorerfd 
up III th«ir wogUen nanilm, occuboftliy prta* u» lo Utkt ftoMbrr 
niitf^. but compltu th« wtxam of rnAw, by their tDUJ mm of occy- 
fuiou, dtui wtuvh Authsi^ tsn Iw awn niBirfaUv nnd tvpc^uaat lo 
thw* iri» ^ftTv b««ti tcewBoiftffd to faniiU fovmym tnglasd ; wbvrvv 
fifon th« fturttry to tW «fc« of •ptcttciti. llto ii*«dk b actitcly p^i«d. 
ffVtD uMtl lu v)r« hu btcoau ftM&>liAfca>*b«bb lo lb« eyto of tb« 
»r>iw who rn^jibv* it. ftnd who n»y frti^uoaily be srcn fenring st U 
III vain viUk ttttf fkarf*»t-Hantod ihr«^id^ unikl n gnnMiird, or torn* 
•ooocnmodtlintf &ietiilt wiien atl bopet of ■ucx'cm aarc (•iii'd, kindlf 
imlBrlidnM 1(1 bit ikt nurk. *iid ibiiJi l^nilxhci tHv mean* of v^raulv^ 
lU* Jvilirttial lailieor. inAiiiicly prvfrrred by Hn^linh !adi(?i to tTur 
aut« vrhxti hu already hona <lucribcd ai a if^Victrikr rrp£#/— vcd. li-t 

Tb^ niuf niiig «^Oitc»nc of tb^ bi£ca> car audior uji> n-tj mu«li 
mcmblci ihai of Sbaiu— ' a iloirTily diihirfiillv on a ibuc-m 
pcnoOi nbicii, to aft ktt^lialunvttp u HUoffi^lhrt rfiollin^ ' Mair 
tuuad mud itiintdcvl ; old ibont iptiim into >liubbj »li|i|irr3, utul 
down at ihr liccls, i-il|>imii|; raaoiioUl aTiikkk>» in ihe iicftt«ctod 
atockuip ; tbe iJiavrl coinrnrti iuUi a iDoriUMjt «rii|>|Mr, but ill 
C^CvaJaif Ibc wane of *taj< ; aod J>ii«ii ibai court* Iho waili>tub 

Tcmpk't Tnttets ia Ptm, 


*— »«li b tfi« f ccicr^l ftppcftrtnce «Tm of ^otm: lidit^ nbeo >e«n 
■I licimc in a 010111111^: tiudittnl iii u ratmtraf mn lUifumulHvl 
a|ivlinc«it, ft^uttlliiig oa vmaJl *qua7« ni|!» »)>reiil 011 %itc trwnd^ 
•DRirttiKN ie Uw vmtcra Mjlc ; EUid in lki> nialc of bl(n«tHinp»% 
■MlolencCf and nuiuti u the wholo day n>niviii«>d-<-buL in ilw 
nciui*s, ' iioi tt^ott »«rj)fihiti|(,' »;» our auUior, ' u tbu truu- 
fornnuon of ihc cbrytilut 10 ttint of tbe g» buUcrtlf, ip^truog in 
the iif / di«a the iw:iattioiplio»tf of iheve Udic^ : ' ibeo, UMJeod^ 
b v*cr\ iiorliing brnml up wiUi MrruiHiloviii li^Uiiu*4« for UlC 
public praoienadc, vlwii? mviiy uj ndiDiriiJ}: «jrc u mllnctcillotbv 
Uppr koab, dot dinplavt ii«rtf with >o mmck giace in ihut * lUlcly 
fUjEtnrr of walk,' tot t«liicb the nbo]< rocr of SpnnUli ladiot ii 
uunvAllnL' Mr. Tv&ipk aeena ^iut« cunptuied i«i »]Kmkii]c of 
' tinrif chtftnliifc litll*^ pi'drttolf j' ' wc tiwjd •<>[,' **)■» bn, ■ if'tn 
couUI. tlctciibe the lUlfjrM vliO tu(i:lU(cm:c iJiul rcvi^lu ill « pr^lty 
loot; il b full of Miuc ajkd iD^aniiig, and f|>«aki unullmibU 

Every imporled luvurj b npie«uiilv ifear id cImm ntmoii ina^ 
MuiM rccHHM of the CM<lill«rM; but tlw Mccsstrke cf Lie, 
tpclndin^ lumtt mullniL, vrt? [t^iDi»blr ciKiicub, — vrith ib*^ tict-p* 
laonof fiitl. Bui Uio oeirnv «o« <^iro is lb« Rr»>t luiury of ■ 
South Aiacmjia ^i^vnaiiftJ^ wbicb i* tbui tkactibnl : * TW 
1bO«Dcnt b buHock u Lilted, the tl^^b on cacU tklo tbe *pioo, b** 
pnumg 41 ilic iiii»|i, IB cul out, wiiU ruoo§:h of tbc lijJcr to iDMt 
Of Up ovcf, vo ■« to pret«iiA ibf juic*^ front asnping; il li Uwfi 
coirmi i«itb etnbcnr bmI rotated filie a poUto.' bauncc*, haait, 
■od bafoo, ifaougb iniporlnl, nrr luiirh in uw. S««riiiMTita aiv} 
rum arc «tv«(I tf>;;Giticr at ull diiiu«f-patt>r4. Tobacco m in tmi- 
leriil uae; ull kiihAu ci^ais. bul a ptritou ia not tr:i |vrcli*fl lo 
flccvpl one from ll^« tnoulb of vtolbcr, m if iba ctut in bp^tt» 
{r?e!a U^mi tlic nvuvUi uf a douicalic.) wliAin ike licclinitif of 
vudb n coRiplimeftt ia u ^rMtout ofi«BCO agaiuiL frioMlalup und 
|ooil brecaliiig, b«it — 

* Voo omu arc«]tc wiih gtaurfol ackMiwl»(l||[m»nt ihv fvr»abifl of « 

gUai of ruiD ; ibo mora hpa il ba> touchod tii« skora cor4^al»l)r in tl4 

^wuat — otf vriUi il ! and Wvarc of u-ipng yuur nuMib rithar bejon 

'«r after il. SliouI4 rou be indeed to vip« ^a brku of ibo ^laaa Wfom 

diinkittg, or turn it Icluwn youndf and Ibo ^ght toivakaliu^a 

apaco free from bMitudilj, your ropvUtioa a psoa for ctuf J — ■* <^ 

Whcii a Ud]r aelMrU a gsntlemui &dic tbe comjainy, hy lir(Von1ng» or 
nlflrf^hte Co take h<r glafs and «pa(t«rb«r,ilKr cooapliiftrnl ii th«o 
bt|EkIr anviaUa ; aad wbMhcr her bpv bo pak ot^ aKrivclUd by U)« 
vuCrjr «ffcct of rearr, or dtarryrrpi: and iKMHiag b ilw fn^nwcv 
of tmamm't ba la bo>ui»d hj tha wrll-ondtmoad lawv of TvapM<, 


Templo'c TViiiw^ in P#ra. 

cciqcHte, honour, Br^luttry^ ktt, and iH theh fiUJe jctlnttSet, t* 
imFriDS hi) (vwr Iijk ^j|k]Ci the prerttp tpot wberv tlioae wrre plired 
vlikh pr«f cdrd him. bikI ihea to t4ike off th<^ v«<rj Ual drop ia ikt 

ffllW — ToLii,, fip, 907, 308p 

Mi: UK toM, however, iliat ' the EofE^Uli moclc of cxprcuiitg 
appbiw.', *M]ip ! h\\>* hi|> ! hum! iix,"' kit been a^lopcnl in 
South Amrricn, ' aitd lltit the uproar of ii diniicf-ptrly litcrc i> 
not r^rrc<l4?(] 1i}r ilmi uf iliv Inppteii midniKl>t rc^^llnis Pt tho 
Laadoa 'r«ircm/ lBi]>vHod winca Ar« enofmoii>lT J^tr : bal Um! 
ivn^ysnU of ihr ^aWry of Ciiiti nrr itjiitl tu |iii)diicr i soinvtbiiig 
like Burfpimly, uluch inaj l>« Ji»il in Poi<j«i for aUout balf-4i*iiuiUr 
u ln>Ll1e. 

The food of 1I10 P«riivisfii b t«nridMi»U, mostlj vmttbfrf, — 
of nliidi i>otuloF3 ftudmAUe conatiluec Uic chief part, lliouch ibcrt 
fanve ihv'i r ctht of Ihirin moat M«^L<d iriili (hc*c, and M!««oncd wjili 
anil, pepper, aud cither Mivuury ht:rb», Thc*y chew tlw lof of^ 
bitDer auil pttiigitiki pUm i^^lkd t^oco, wtlli Iiqils uhich proruoirt 
irim nii4 qucnchc^ft llitnt ; ibcy cnrr^^ it in « Utile p>iJch, iiiil 
» lb? ^fKlaiVA vnd olber oijeii^s do tbeir diuiuuu utid bt-t(?U 


Air Temple M39, thcjr haiw a mode of piv^ninx poiatnr* bjr 
//f*jifig ihem ihoroiLfliN, tlif^n pouoding, siid dmof tbeoi in t|i« 
»un, in nhidi vitalc thG> arc ca1l4:d fttnna, nnd latm 1 wholcnomc 
mk\ «nliytniiU:i1 fiir>d — u->? ^lould haw fesrvil liie frfriiiig pioeMi 
would rciJiicv: Ihc poUto to n uotory coitti«tooccp bvt, m an 
Irubntan, Mr. Trmplr cju^IjI Im ktmw diii hrttiT di3U ii«, Tbr 
Peruvian ore a li<'alth_«. ^(■'-"Iri laborjou* rac«, of a sinubr 
cbaracter a.*i ti> fcatiut* viith ibc reM of die ^mcficaii lainiljr, 
Imi varying in «hiL|<^ of cuioar froui ikie Bnowv ridge 10 ili« km 
\ttlkja. 'ncy Ofc exceedingly attaclml to tbo*c \\no tmt tlwm 
vitli lindane; Mr. TenipTc hiv*, dial ulien i/ivrrUinf; in d»> 
fcncdow volilodcr ' ttH'Ao pO'>r peofili- arc Ui« i&oft bannlcM 
twines ij|-4>]i 4-atEhr >» wtuMe dnmbtt« IniLt nr iiuy laj oumrhr* 
douu to bit'opp with a f-ootitieiico ihut botlii »ud \nn do not 
cUtnbefT; al^dtA riMiue/ lie found llirm, \k uv«, ohiaja 
rtndf iunn ibot-r tenctolcnce to c^e to bjiii, nlien wuary tod 
faiol, Uic onljr lillle wtore llitj possraaed, Tb«c poor ptoplc 
haw, it b tnip, ffniitrd thfir liberty by the ri-tolutkta, biit in vk 
€otifiicc, tbty auHrrtd nuily an rtitidi a* ibcir pttCL'»totH did on 
ibc Jitikl run<|ta*«l, tn fnr i« dtrir luilr prchprily, aivi, in m^ny 
CkMri, Ihur Uivi ncre citiicx^riitd. The rnjuJ niiuic*, l)><'MC ^'^ 
law- dte |>a1fMj(f , t'oitouinrJ by liiv whslevvr Iriey c^ndd ivot div 
«iioy by ibe tword. 'Hoio vlio ««capod de»di Hed from iboii 
nllagci, Icatiiq; tbcir dutiiBUllcd nbodca to nrcijrd tbo duwnTiil cf 


Tempk'f Trtntif in Ptm. 


tJir dominion of Spain, u iWir ai>ei*iktni ««r& compclkd to do, 
ViKfcr similar talniiiilic», tbrc<: cciitariia bc^i*.-, TIiaI tni^vii^ 
Ina bretj a^pi^tnl tiy iliir S|);iHinT<l* in lukirtg Uirir \vA\f nf IViu. 
' Uonetfifttifis alnii|;bl«r,' ^ajit Mr. 'rcm|f1(.% ' ami indiicnniinilo 
^cvtiucdoD Hturird tkc fiogTrs* tif lire S|>aiii»b coiujucsi, iin^l 
||]« ruiin of io«ii« nail vjltai^c^ iii ihc prevent dar ftrv m<>uriifiil 
<^'idcnce tliut :«u]iilm' ^<.l5 huic signaii^d tlidr ili-f«a[,' TJii? 

5o<?r PpmitJii oil troeati ihc lule vt hiii cociotrj'm«ii'» di^aOL-rs 
unn^ ll)G wnr <if bHkpciHkoc>o* 
" Ofbcn, afUr a di^ii jiiurti«y, hari J joiti«<l 1)10 tipcls rox;nil firv, 
iln libe miiidtc of 9on)c renuunini^ op^rtm^nt of a ruiiffd dwIIJn^, aud 
there waUd iipm titc hkull of na 01, ll^f^ncil wilh indiiitf iMvrPtt to 
lb* d«cr^itio(» of kwipi of iron uhi^b llic f<«4 fkriwoi hsd irit- 
|i«n«d or vtScrcd in. S? nitumUy i*> ihty n-Utc ij!cit pjoiri unvar- 
Ute, u to tfifjtc in the Lifilc^j^r a ?k}-mpaLJiy ikeply (iwrtAkiu^ 
if Uie t«c(rt piFkivrv whicli tlicy Umuieh-ra tviJi^mlf iifttilu r^conl- 
_ the •rib tbcy Imrc «ndared 7 *9 tnu it 11, lliut a »?rel }4«aaur« 
doffl aitrod lie rrflcction upon d*v» of vorrow it at ore post.' — voLn,, 
p. 1^ 

i t»o Pfiuvmn^i Ukc t^vcry tiihxiucalcd pcoplu, arc vcrr super* 

Mitvuii*^ bill idl i\iv'iT Ki)|imlhinuR an^ iioi ihd'ir own, mauy 0^ 

\t/iiC\a baiau;; htta lucidcQled hy ihtxr in^tructoM Jo tl>c ClmjiliDii 

ligioii. Al a Littli; dibUiitX' from Polosi ia n luiiuvt pua ur 

TO 10 the niounliiD ca.U:^ ibe^ pHerfo^ the cli^ekt of which irit 

in iHO to three hoiMli^ ftrcl high, touching ncarl} in placn at 

lf>p, Tbc Pcnivinnfi afp tnuglil to bclirvr ihsl 

' Thm «%:rLordinATy Awure wan occuiojtod liy the Devil In a ooi>* 
[^■■1 ^th Saint Amkotiv, who, of eoorte, viiti<|ukhed the fonatr ; but 
pl^^jftulry of llic tale ». in aceaiini; the ** hUcix ang^] " of 4 
imuh ijf r^Loiijm. jtariHu; to the In^An^ themiclTef vruti In tlicir 
ItEEjH^ ofvjTirly^ Tbr AtrhcbrnJ. 9a.y the 11U.-1I11, ir^ilVnird 

'it !iii : <*Milwilted by the laiut, and, when recinn^ diicocnfitcd 

>ni I 0, dUppcd hif hand ind«oTouBly bchiiuT, and itavo 

rco'- u ^c vlth 9v touch vvoteocc, » to reo^l ibo sumxindbifl: 

i'KJtitain«. bird furm ihi* 4<ib9(tn£r Htasm! To TMord thU «»v^nt, ili« 
lai^e of th« ot|i*ndixl Anthony t« p4A<^ in a «ich* ia the rock on ono 
Mit of lh« coiidt where n,:)Qe imm U vnt)K)nK « l^cotninjc rerm^icet 
doablifit a di»- f-vliBff of iodignftlioii lit the uacouneou« taiait» 
*Meh ih« dovncwA took of faumiStjF in thfi coumoaAn^e of tho 

plaiftj]r mnon hk» th&n^e uroo to thu day/ — voJ. il.* p^ 3. 
Mr TtfinpW infbniut tia, hou'i-ti-T. iksii ilie miiiisli^ni of reU* 
jinci, who oncii rulctl with uacoitlrolbblc antborit^, hai^ in part 
iMdunlsrily nooiinced, mid partly bi<cii uitcvnrtwvutuiily Uripiml 
of, Uut po^^r iflbi^h vtm but tuo frCtfuuBtly abutrd lo an tncGH 
tif auktMity and nj-uot. '{"kuy ftic M# longer thukc hoii^htj ftiul 
VOL. XMir. NQ, Lxxxv, K , uiexoTjblo 


IVnple'f TrvoA m Ptnu 

mt%ovM€ dcspot$ iBej once i%efc, but 1iat« ricMcd to tbc cir 
moutAOrct of ihc> limct, the geiieral flifTuBion of hnowlrdfr-, im| 
Arc rrcc^ivcd nrd rr»pccicd AnottE i^ 1><»t »Gni>4ici. In ibli 
tcsppci i\wj nmilil appirar lo be |Mred Jii a MijnTior p<nill'in lo 
the ckr^ of k>oh<ifu, in Mi'xicOt m rcfiicM:iitrd bv IJcuL llurd^. 
They bMVK luhl ilir fcotij irtiie ta aniiti witlj llie aUi-'^ui ; Itn^ 
fttUnil^d the public autbofiliPi at tie optftm^ of the Collrgo of 
Pidiindia, in PnttNti, ihr tintl citiiljtUhniviit fnv public iiulrucdoii 
on a libcnl B}«t^n in ibtB pari of lli« coutilry. llie cvrtmoof 
was opened by a LitiQ Mirrcli, in praiw oi Holivar mid Sucfe* 
Tbe pr«f<ecl recommpmied ihe ^frnfttiois und miUriH <^ti>e ltf<d 
master bcirijE a c1cff^ni£ii\ to inkc ''Xftniplc fnjti) the Knsliih 
nnliiin. - l^c npi^HLrrs' «>^ Mr. Tri»|iW, ' iiiadi* lianxirmbl* 
mention of Locke* Soeratc«, Newtoii, CaimKiw, Plito, ISovk^ 
Wtt*hinglon, j^lriiinder llie Orrjil, l^ionirT, and Ncbuciuiilneziaf, 
The day u-» f>rie of gcoernl joy and jubilee.' 

niic derey am}Tflicd, al»Q, to be niort lio^piiable tietv to U- 
Tellen iban m Mexico, ' TliL-nlrariferr, flni^nirring ■ villi|e, bal 
only lo ask/ -u^a Mr/IVtnpk, * W|)vtc n tlie lionir of tkc TftlliM 
Curate ?* vnd nn fainting liim with ' f In^id mmrow In jott. SeAor 
Cun ;' a nmJlv of u^eloome, vtth a fevt «tinjs of kindiiCM, and a 
ilialur of tlir ban<1. 'ralablithe^^ud, in nine onn oul of ten, Hiib 
ai trweb ease and freedom mt in )t>ur ovnhoU4c/ Sometimef, ho^- 
«*w, Ihe I'adre buiiaelf if but tcr; iniieniblT accomff*odated. In 
one pbcG, o»r Iravolkr iaund the eurate^ botiH lucli Of^ hi Con* 
nnv^ht. would be r^lleii a rtiy ffood cabin, nirb a ntud beocb 
ajpinat tbe vail, lo m r\r n« n cbatfp aw) a trpiire ninrUbiiill beap 
Ikear it, doiof; petm&nriil duly at ■ lablc ; yrt exc^Hetif niiittod 
(llaoDa) bmih wax ««n^t up m lut^e filter tlube*, iimI diinhing- 
Ctipft of l)ie aBRM! oirUI filood In the aill of ibe wmikiw; * and,' 
aa;« be. ' vticii 1 aaked for walrrj to waih my handi brforo dia* 
oer, it utti brv«^bl lo mo by th« Amtt in n cajvaciout nletitil, a 
of ttihx:r; certatu int^judicc*, liowrt^r, iniluced ne |)olitelv to 
drrline a^viliDg mytielf <if ii for thot t^itr|V>M-, mbkti r¥>l a iittlt 
surpriied Ibe yfpiat wboatMiied mt liut thi cijratc nr^er imhI 
■njUiing iiae/ Tlir hotidav cvT ibe ' Lllff^iiii»ti of iJi« Crtia' 
havMif bf«n e«lcbrakd in the tillafEi.-, a ^tm^ concourM of p*Opit 
of bolJi fte«c« bad cMirinbUd, of vtbnm iIh' Konri ciira nrroaiiM^ 
dalvd M iKHity a« ha Conrin<iji>lil but ^ould ri>flitain, yalU a ni^ht'a 
lodtiufk A iaixe dmtch taprr bciu^ })lM-ed ia tb« oiKkllo of tlic 
door, our traiHkf tay» 

^ Bjr 111 stare, t eounted »«T«>»teen j^noM, >rad« and Irirak, Mmt 
of tbfv moai fmiaiCbcally drftwd. iv|oti:i^ acd rrrfariiijf for r»* 
|Oie. ne noQ laid thtantlvea ikiwn juat aa u»j camo lo aoJ 


1>9ipl«*l Trtiuh in PfTH- 


rliAiWivd to A»4 ft ttcm •fttM upon th« floor. Th« ftnaU* aU mU 
ui ilEtf-mon^jt IpOM Ih^if b<Mdt, croiMKl thenucivca, and uodrMteJ^ 
then, fjUtiaf (h<ir ttikkly-qoillci t^ltioat^ ioi 4 bcJ, they &lto lay 

^UvU 3 — 

' *'TIktu :l»cy wtre, Ujc cirls ud Im, 

A* tliicrk ua )w»lj--jm'I(lirrg " " — vol- li. p, io, 

And Iwr* vn muifi drop iW rurtaiu uver ilip waimlli of our Irt-^' 
««|ler*> docnpiion of tJ)t^ chiirni» of Ihc C^ola jtiiU, * simple 
Ml1ag« iBJiidi, ^Lili whom ilit? j^i&IIaiiI capiiiii ■emu to hav« 
t>«tfn «i>rtptiiroij> Thf^o ChoJu «ro tli« inixoij dcAccixiaitia of 
Spaniard* aiaJ IVtuiUih, lt|«njr of ihciu arc <f<-«cnbt^l [t» vetjn 
htftfbonic, uith tioie ftfturtt, aoJ i^ountviMDUA full of uijtiiiHtuiii|J 
hmI ucol plcuinjc fi^iiuiiiuc cxpioiron. Tlkdr raven lock* arviiC'i 
mo«t luxuriant growth, oni uhith ili^ beitou- much paJjitr and 
nothipje ui[| tu»i|>t cvcu tlioMi in hu»blc hiic to part viOi tiictn, 
%lf . Tnikpltf in tutit uflcr^i Iwo oiujtccit of ^dd (Ix^iurrn lii and 
■«««n pouttd*) for » head of U«ir» a <uin t^ial wi>uld bsvc txei^ 
nM»t acceptable tn tbr liuiiililc owner. Ttitir vnr*finj^s of ^fli]il' 
m ao ponderoui u to i«<|uirt beirii; Mipp.irted by ■ goldfit c^ain^ 
iffhkh pa»r> otrr ibo boad. Tlirir ftiU-pUitori ^wtticojlb^ uni* 
tiiimn;; from liiitlvu to fourteen janl» of ricli leUfi op iiiin, trini- 
tfitd will] hbUuiM of gaudy coloun, or fd^toonn of ariilkiut Mow* 
er»r 'b^ cxfc<d in protuhcranre and in. ext^Tit of ratinv^ily. th« 
stolHiic oiA vibicb oar modem ^l^^^fmtn coiploy to acqolfe the' 
ilcMird (kf nx- of ftntfonptint, 

Mr. Tcmpk i» c%idtttllf nvll pleaMd mxh l1)« country aaid U14 
p«ople of SuutJi Awifficiii uid u * atrong odiocatc for aKO«-i 
nging cnuvratjon, partJCobrty from Ireland^ 10 the proviiioo 
ConJoTB, Salts, aiid Tanija, Ujc bcautj and ftitililv of vrlucb hm 
ddUlbtts Id runtiirrt, j\t fur ni tlw taiy and ample niniift of 
procunnc all liie pe<,p»»arK3 of life ore eottocmodt ibvrc can b« 
no doubl llial H InboiuiiBg &ntil,v wiiiuld rrMljIy nccoaijiliik tJiat 
objv«t; but iIm- i^Tcot diftnncc from an^ market for iher *«per-i 
inooa prudiKr, ik« winl of ttMada, Oio vnactllcd itati? of tb« 
gotwnowna, Hi* rai«g«p romailu«d by tb« eomiant mrtMifR tii> 
Iroopi, and lij iht ffcijiicnt aixi imimiM-ntbk wimtta of kKUit^l 
nuatly deulruoihr B9 »o inanv annir*, — iht- one contuminff 
what ibr olbrr ami Iru^c — and tlic lolul iiaul of ftoclclr and of] 
nrrj cudtfujt aiid cuDieuictice. wtjuld iiiakr if, m our ojiioion^ 
iinpiudcnt for asj family tn d«c«it circuniaUiicea lo cfobatk ui 
audi an itndc/lakiity, cbi^apty aa ctlitlca atMy LcputciaAcd; Eiuy^ 
tiiii if UMry¥rvr« tobcbad for notbiug. Scarcely a timtitli piu«ct 
in ubicii Uicn: arc Dot lonc rcvolulioiafi mu^triuvuta ^ and to 


Tonide's Tmnit in Frru, 

ifl ^ipctrftncCi jU(lgiii|C ^fo^ t])e »Uk of pajtiu. at l«ut another 
l^fMcttion muAt jieii* aiA»_v, l>«forc nn^OiIng like tettirrl trai^ 
cjuillilv can W CApcctcd. Mf. T<:a»plc tcIU lu lliat wbilt bo 
M'Ui llivn* [h<? pravEHoi'i of S:ilra, Tu4:umaii. Saniia;^, CorOota, 
arni Kioja urrv a p:cj to civil n-nr, ^ having taken the ^cld,* »u}i 
lir, * our. Hicnirut ihc flllit^r, iinJer tbi- iniiEokirii iiQluiut til' pa- 
irkitiBm and tibvity/ Nav, ibe ^crj day l>a Ml Potoai, a coih 
»]nrarjr naa delected^ ^niiirh had brcn haicbnt by a *et of fdlovrs 
hewkd by one StXmr Vilbt^ueva; ' ili« ultimate oincci, and by 
Tar lEic ni<jsl silly of tlicir plan*, irai^ 1o crj ' Titfn Frmamd^ 
Srptintir ! tt rry iih»tiulo /* IVviit^-i^iglit uftf? Iak«» pniOMn, 
aiid nil Hill aboiti tljcir buMnc4». cxccpi Vi1laM^ct;i, vlio vran IccI 
into ilir jmblir ii|Ltan<r lird ki ^ pi&t, niid »liiil. Mr- 'IViij|jIii 
givM til ail uinuftiuf;, andf we believe, a pretty true receipt ■ hoir 
lo ^1 up B revolution*' 

' Jn a comrtry where, in rrcry daa« c-i life, there arc bat fcir oc- 
ru|nticiaB, there muit of ciccmjty I>g matiy itllcri, anJ idltrv ttm 
gpnenilty th« n:io»C diti^urLtrrtr-i} iif muuViud. ThcM* nK<H at tonwrf 
of atraeta, in pySperi^t ^"d m <ioirM-hou«n, lo pata iliv tini* Itt 
unohbir rigarv- One of iho parly occidenially iDvnCioiii tlui 
*' Don Pula^iu )m« u'ut an aji^iciittiKHriit uuJ^r KOvarMarat, of fifty 
dolkn a nMimh." — " Hovf ranir h« lo g«t fit** vap arxiUwr. ■* f 
bfttia nkora rigbt to it than tK^," iftyn a third. ** Lot tii liar^H 
a rtrolutioflit" Mya A fottrEh. " OnTifrifr .'— with all mTbean!" V 
ihr untJiirwiTiii o^amatlon of lb« party. Fri-*h cigw nrc imiDc- 
dialdy liglttad, and bofoto thty are unolied out, iba ** rerolutioo'' ip 
fdawwd. GvlSi, •iFoeda, and piiloli, ^rv taJk«dol, and aocne fnn 
<r0 prbbftlly obtained ; but bcut|E more for iW prctqmcd otiject oT 
protrrliini lo ilifnk^rea thaji of injuTy to ot>>rr)(, ami« arc not uf 
psramoant imfottarice. If the ** rerolutioiiiata *' und«T¥iaAd that 
th«ir plot haa brvn diM^Tf red, (hey abscond in aU ho^tc to distent 
tOKfcii and vllla^e^t nJierc ilitry rvftide in quiet liU tbm AcliFiae Wi 
hiH-n fof^oetr-ti, whlcb gPOfrfilly bitpp^rnt iii tj)i*coarvof h (t-n- »v«kf, 
Ifthoy bara not W«n abli^ lo 4iT>nc thair<«caw, aad ar* nado |ri- 
aonara, ten lo oiio ^uC tlry arc thrown into |iaol« v}irre thty probal>l]d 
ranain abo a frw Ht^bs, :tTjil arr af^jun trl IuoMt one of tliein in ikid 
naan ilma bair^ vWit r1 10 ]^i> fho4 tn ih» great b|Qafv, pM<r gugOMij 
fia^ i*t Qhtrri. But if Ibey crov« iocccttlul, vhich HWHdano* bap<4 
ptfiB, tbcy turn out of olHca tba mialln^ aui'ivr^urai and inMal 11)004 
»Flni and fiiend*. The lir«£ tttX of the ncn Kovammfiil U alwani 
10 tvfil ioana ineaaurc of ibeir pradeeetton wkkti had txit iE«t wid 
pubLv apfin>b«tio>i ; thb, with m proclaaaation of pardon amd oblhioM 
of all pait poetical otfVncES, obtaina popaktity; a boll U gtrttt Jfl 
ibc ttJiihUt^ Hnit nvriytbiiig gow cm coKiothly (or a vMt nuxm yrr- 
ba|tt : wh0n another ciipu-- party aaaevbtaa, aad aela, witli littie alt*- 
ratioct, tbo aaEia farco orer again. But whnb it nuiy be uked, ar« 


Temple'* IVaw^f m Ptru^ 


tlic miliuuy doing a3I thiR ximt T wnoMng fJWiV cigant/— vol- n.. |k, 

Our nulhor ntjcfiu h nor prufeiHrt lo W ar<](i9J]|ti.'i1 milli uirt 
depailrptJit uf naturnl hivl<tn, M« hwl heard of, uid nftcnvnrdi 
met wHIi, boD» vf [)tudi|;iuiia tizc, niid even vliolc skeleton*, in 
llie bcMitirul va\hy of Tarrja. which ur« dug oui of ilie mtiktt, 
ud in the sido of batilu and nrccipkcA bocdcsing oa ilic Hio 
Vnmrji^ which, rising in that latW, and jotiiiug tlr« Hio Grande, 
falls iuit> the icr^^ nt^r Pjirtpiav. GarcilMO, uiid the Qthcrcaily 
hiMtctianti »p<rat( fifaii anfrEriit racr of giiiitt in Pt*iM, «1iu wfrQ: 
deitnnMl by Uinaitct euhI I)|;h1iuiii^ ; aud Ui<-fi«- bono arc to Uiiii 
day, our auUioi- h\\ji, kiujH ii ^nd talked of &*, * fjurauv t/f ^/i gsm\ 
gafttn antipios <U iarija,' Trom ihm* p«ff«cl teeili, in :i part' 
of Uic under jnwt Khi<-h Mr/Fr-mplc dii^ out aiid Uoiighl to 
Kiigbnd, the hit Or. U'olluKori iuinLr(]'iu(f>k recogiibfd thr nnt- 
Rtal to liave been tlkC mtuttf^on. Aa to the flouht* and ditltcuhic^ 
whitib haw uLT'um^l i» Mr^ Tenjple. in Dumni{>n ttilJi iiiaiiy 
Olliartp how tlu-te cnature^ vtcte brou;-t;l to tli« place* wticrvj 
iWir miiatiiit we fmjih)> wr miiiiot d» iRtCec thnti lefrr him M0,\ 
lilt buok be has auottii, iho MtUquis Diluvian^ of PfofoMi 

lit co»duijon, we uouliJ advne Mr. Temple lo be more cau- 
lloua« iti Any fuiurc ^ork, as lo wring other |KS>ptc^a dc»cnptioiw| 
m if ihvv iAi.-Tr hii omi^ In one uX hi* mi!n he giteN u«, njthtHjIJ 
ft hint of ita bein^ burroA<d, Marco Folo'« de^cnplioii of 
condor or rurlA, ujUj v^ingv of forty ftrl Kpreud, Icalhcra Ivftntr' 
f«^t in ttDgth^ the fjudl purl ejshc inehca m tircumference, wita 
povieii aufficiriit to carijr ofi n LW lUinocrica* T^c bifd ac* 
UuJl^ kbuC b;^ 'IVutple biiti««)f Lj tm mcaiu tallied ntih this ac- 
cMinl ; bi»t il b loo late for bioi to tlctlurt^ a page or two 
furtt^T on, ' thti ift not my rotidor;' ihe Tniprr»ioii is uiade, aiid 
the author B<t duwrn na oih- of lliose who niml ihcuiMlrei of wha|j 
im miiulU ratlrd llit^ 1ravrlh-r'« ptiiiN-gi>, 111 fa^rt we lia^e ivrtt' 
Mr, Teippk'n vtiaoty tolkd seiiously m 4]ur»tioD ou nccfUiit otj 
tka t»f irJKuintlufKc; wblth, lioueici, appeals to lu to be vi 
Ita^ij critidim, Mid luch at cculd hardly \iaw piocevdcd fr< 
aay umii iliaA had read tbioush the book* 


< <w ) 

AftT.VL— 1, Tlw fforh of Bu^p Bntltf. Oicfiyrd, CIati 

ffafufftil 4i>ld Ctwrw t^^oturr. By Jo*c|>1i HutliT, btr Li>m1] 
BmIiud of DuHiam. fK/A an Intrwivdvry £a^, hj tl^c Itvf* 
Uaoicl WiUoPr Vitur af [tlmgion. Lnnilniv 18*^7' 
$, An Eaag *m tht Fhiiaxopfticat £c»timc« ^ ChruiiitnUif ; ^r- 
th* trrdiaiiity ahlaituit to ft Scripturtd Refi>elaliim from 
tautcidtnce irfM the Fu*U of A"«/i"v. By dw Ht\\ Uui 
I1aiii|ideu, M.A. Utc Frtliju' o( Ofict Ci>llcgi;. IjowIoqJ 

'T'ilEV wcre>»€lUin«tlrtlMicctcdc<liUcdvil viiu». Jtwnanot^ 
^ ihp rniiri only thai trat nKrirkrir, tiut thcr i-ikixiiry. ' I'bal « a« 
•n ftfcc not tcM fkitciicnic in spirit than oomapt in jnaiuMni wh«i 
mil vrinJum and >irtnKr Hiiii icligkiu, wwb ftJnKUI. in dicnA 
Iprown ridic-iilciu \ inhcf) the a^rionM ut« of naton bccaiiie, 
vulf^ar ijpitiioij^ i\ht: niunt iinprrliiinil uitl iiiAi|;iiificaut llittig in 
woftd; vhcn iniKKvnocr wu reputed u in<*rr- ^rfivt of wil, aw 
i«tNkii<r«d ofjudipiieni i iulpgritr, a fund pcrtinacilTcif buioi^ar 
con4tanr]f of m'md md gnt^in^ of drmrtiKwr, :i ki^itl nf buHi 
inorooity or uDcoiilh oiTvcbttioii ofKui^tuUritT; ntid all Mt/kt 
li(« of ClirUiiuti iluij iiK^utivd tik- imjiLiLiiiMii of soinc ttevf-l 
4>pi]>robriou« nanio on* or other.' bo apalu- Bvrow trom 
piilpiT uf WcBtaBiiulvr Alibej' m llv yvnr 1663, wlim oar 
cominf evctii hnd not ai y«t cut iu awful ikailow bclbre. Bi 
if tli<; phy«k«J i^cvld be m> fOTcrncd as to bv nubvcnrveM to 
moral (vrhicii it »robatlj b), aiid if it bv Javfiil io liiimdfr m 
tlie ac4-n.-t cr>tmi«b of llie Moit lli^h <iTtii>cti it mn> not bot, 
might bt tboitgbt dial lo ^1 llie profilo bniJt to a lirLtcr mnid, lllj 
■obcr ihtm o»co nioro in Ibo ttidtt of ttot ddjritMis foil 
nothiuK 1m> cuuld MiiHce llia» moiikt national actiurgt* wliicb t\ 
malc« ai«ni rojii«mbor that thi>y wora mottal, and iliat >rcordin);l] 
llir placnc wai rooimiMuincd to df:*olaic ibc laniL 'I'hf' iiiuu 
afftct oTautli a ikiilaUon nimt for a iuii« ut Ivait \iMvt been ;|fva1 
irbcii every miu bad to hsI^l i^ith Ua life in b^ band, lad mbt 
Mtnw, frirr^i^eiaii ihil th^ rlinnce of innniiig vnm link, aj 
Ihc Hiaiico ol litcvnl inlcmi^iiE tfU-r Jeiitli 1o4», dng tfirir grai 
uiiLb dheu omn iipndr, nihi tliu* ta>L*d dLriiLtflvr^ (turn tiring btuii 
witli Xhv boml ot' an om- Still Xhv |>lai^ttv d<H-» ncit ppfKar 
lian? uluppcti tbv unending npuil <>ul. LiLr PJtaiai^'tt {iagiH^i/ 
it wiEh probablj' frii, fetn^d, an^ fc>rf;ottvn ; f^ir, duriJi^ ibr ctn- 
tiut vtijcb tncceiMicd it> botb iiiUdel aoif brUtuilu^ nbifotakd^ 
and nbilftt a Cbnbb ami a Tnulal were UI>»«irJng to di-tin>y 


n« fyriiingt t>/Bish)p Bntlfr. 


Mliftnilniii^ iL-ia-lii ul uiiiAiicv uiih nomt^. of iLi rrifAt ft«a«»lLul 
dtKUine». It WAS ^11 a^c^ ufrrtBOii, and iii onr rr^iierl. »l lesii, 
nghilf no calM \ for it ^t tt ai ihii pcrwd that iFi« ficutiy >c- 

Jmrrd frcAli l'ocr<t bv a more ■kiltiil application of ila pow(r»: and 
le uirlliud oriihliiriiciii^ vtiifli liiir ^tvai B^coii Itud unick out 
PMriy a century bcfof^t vtia noiv adft|»i<d viith tittt*! Micc«ai to 
Cferyiltparimrni urkni»iW)[fT^ Tanr^ur (mm pi^mu riilaMiiihH 
to |>oitila und«i<-ririii>iMl^to adviiftctfi, from data noi to be disputed, 
In ci>Mclii<rr>«it s^lmli hioLild nor olhrniiir be obvioui, imn» a v^^ 
■im|>l(^ proct-^tf rviiuirin-; no Oidi|m< to diicuvcr and firopouiid. 
Yrt tin: s«aEt( of llil« fiilc lnlLil|dc ai il n> liaci jriivl^«d ai>ubiid 
in tnun 'taminicr.ib\v. tor »l bad orcattooed a world to be built 
on mere liTputJvusis. Now, homcvcr, a new order of ihuisa orove ; 
uxfrnriniM^ni wan ivbtliluiiHl lor fiuirv. Str Immt^ Nffftlnn. inm^acl 
c4 indti^ia^ h» inMifiiukUun m inxaka about Uie ln», kt the ny of 

pfigtll tlimn^b ilie n|tt'iTiiir ol bi^ fihiLttcr, ami dlviLlnl il irili> jli 

>CW>inpon<^l cotourc bv Im« prism of glou, and traced ttft coutm 
lltfibu^ji l4i- vrMcl uf «9lrr o» i»bH:L jl fcJL ; UDd Upon tl>r mib- 
i1:inifjj titr^C'Taliort Ihitn niadr, cooilmcl^-d hi^ ^MbbibC flyatviti of 
Optict.and uEtfarclicii Uie naj*lcrii:« of tbe rainbow. Locke, pui- 
fiim^ ltu> fiaini* 4^>tir«e in nvlaphjvicn at Nculon in phytic*, 
nDBDCipilrd mankind Ut^m tbc duclni*» of rcoiiDisccncen, innate 

,jdff«i, aikl ihtf likv mniwratRl bimiirr ; and divortin*^ iWni from 
lie ronjM^iurtt to tko m:Hiu\ lUuminiilMMi of tbcir oim 

[6cult>r», fiiuDJinl a hrah vra lu ibc pbiloiophj of tbc hatiiAil 
liiwl; by tbc up|>l>cAUOii of ibi« tanse priikcif)!^) inedicio^ wm 
lo »n|M-i!cdc iitn^icr Aiid chcmittrv to laic place of al- 
cbtinj; and* io a wuid, icicnci^. vbith liJibLTtu, like t1i« urthi- 
Icct^ ijf Lapula, hid bv^nn to build ax ibe wrong cod — intlic 

iClooiH nwti^aH of on du? i^arlli, CrtHn the ditinnies d<tvnwaTdi— 
Fnmmrd Uid iin fonDdalions on a rock, and only rcarod tuck 

'm 4U|i4rr>tfiicluri* a* itu^u- fiHiiidiiioiu uruuld matTvnt. A princiola 
tlju> wi>oL(9oiiio in oibvr iiivr-4iigalir>iM H&irto Um foiii ItiAt wbacb 
conccnu un ljioiI uf all ; and as Nrv^tou bad ^troliic^ b} it iti bo 
juittraJ M«l4}(n> and Locke in his imetketual, v) did Bishop UuU«r 

'[(in lit* own piovioce rqu^l to either) avail biisKU of ii m lu» 
■jitem of tboology- 

It may wdl be in^aEincd^ from wbal vrc bare alrcadir vaid» aod JI 
will be ildl niitiecli'jr'y »vrn fraw wbat av nli^dl Iiavr ci|Ti»lon to 
tay by axid hy, dial icv' pcrtoiu were of a it^ntf^Tt tn lhos« da>» 10 
take ^iod'ft wurd tm tnitl. On tlic cooUaiy^, au fulidioua wmi 
Ihe tinae*, ibal it na« not v«vn coiuidercd u vnbjixt of ini|dr7,' 
lun a nin« fiction, ni^ired ao lo be Ivy all piMjpIc i^f tlucefiicifrent^ 
a good ih'atfi for Ui« poor, and a tcipK n|K>n whjcb a man oTi 


np Writhg* of Bitliop Butkr, 

pnrt» mijcht wfj propcrtr tnakv liunaclf rnern.* Butkr MW 
ilie eiil, and pfojrcced ibc tcmrciv. JJr wd) kiu-w bo twd 
thoM to iced who were nol lit f(>r very )U(>n^ ni^at; utd, to* 
rorJiiiglr. tit? piupmrii, in lii« uwik c)iirBCLvri«i[ic Ifinguagf** ID 
t\iovr — vrhiit? ll»t ChnKtimiily wu* true loadcmoiulnttoil f — no, 
lint ■ fiiat ii teat tu>< ro tinir u ra*- M«f /Ai^re e«u fWfAui^ i« i/,' 
lltft^ wt> criUiiily iiu grirul llvuri^i of IfinnpeU- * Qiud fvrvt 
Iwc digiHiii Innlo pii>iiiii««i>r l)j:ttii' Vks\> a rr|iiracU thul no man 
could caul ill liiv ireili. Hi* L;ivei iiicli a pl«<dz4^ oil lu- \ev\t ilitt 
he can oot onl^ rr()<^in» Util rfrdcfm an hundrcd'^old ; Hid llie 
augitwnivd fflVfl of rr-HiiuiuLig cundiicit'd in tliU npint can onlj' ba 
•fi|HV(Bftlcd b> thoQc wLo bavc felt tbc diainiitfncboii (opccullj 
in divrtiaiiniu %x\m\\ tni-rcd «ti1>jn'l)i) accu«iooii] In' a conlntiy 
proceM — u'heij u ^-ood urAUDii^tit (it msy be) b cnub^ uixt^r an 
uolavftil liind cf r(jnc)iEAi>Hi«, jindii«rrtwd nf aQfi;rU u nuittr to 
daocL- upt^u » ficrdlc'ft point, li ii a ijn-ac m:vi!t in iKv ntt of 
rcajviuiig not Co go lV>j too iiiucli ; uud, abo^c all, in ikaJiiii; « ttll 
tcrptio or itnbciicvcm, ii it iitiponuit to dmc tbc »luirp nxt 
of ibc i«vh1sc lir^t; accint; llib, \my inAir by and b]r ' »cc gmber 

'ihtX llicrc IB >ucH a tbjns as n coNf^ ^aafurf MKie coil dcnj. 
Hhi, itvirfitre, ii tite gruiiml uii uliicb Hutlvr lalica bis Mandp 
Hhofvoa he fixe* n lever ih»t (bnltca tbo ttrongliobds of mabdicf 
nro li> dlrir fuundalioiu ; f>r oncompafittS Uiii M-bctnr ornmlufo 
Miili ihc iclifnn* of r^vluUOfi. tljtfve i« fottwi a ouMt sing ubr tor- 
respoodcucv bvluccn llicir ^rvcial |MfUt«— 9Uub a correspondence 
Oft gitm iPTy Livnng tratoii fof Wlie^ing iliui th« authoi of otie it 
Um aniborof both. 

• mm, if curih 
3o biit tho abodoir of lirawti, and ihiji^i thcfda 
Each tooilicT iOfci;, poorc Hian on cuth i« UioughtV 

Tlie argnni«o(r htdecd, dort \hA aitiouni lo proof, l>ul 1o pr^ 
viimption. It i» a* though ihe purcntHcc of a foijii<Iliit^ >#c>c to 
be mode thr Hidijrci of ini^iiir^ : now ihat ii it iho chifd of iiKh 
or vuch p pamit— of tlie tn* or olbtr of tjic ln« ncUKn, fr>r id* 
ulnnec, ibit t»iroio l^^foiv Suhjmon — can iiidt'vd ordy btr *no«f^ 
n\tt rfftfctinilK by Ibc production of cerium nialtrr* of fa<t in 
cvidriK i: ; bnt at (lir aapic^ lime, if it w^uiifullji nocmbh-s an 
acknrtvileclgrd ftonof a parent in (|ueiition— * or* fac*, otN roice, 
one hibtt, atid lit^o pcT*on»' — liii* circumvcancc, though it vkhiM 
nut uf \iw\tjmtvf ihr [»oim in dif|vnte, vonid vcty itrratly (vff9- 
bvratr tlic pr\ro|:i dcntiil from other und independent tourct** 
and mould ou-nome many »cnipl«9 labidi might olhi*mjBr amc 

The tyritingM c/ Bitkop MAp; 


in lW nttnd of jwl^e or jury, a* to »iiy Mijiponcd dcfidtncr tn 
die proofs tbcuiHh'CA* SMicb h llio rduc of tkc nrgiimcnC from 

Thus, Revelation dcdarcA that vtc nre U> Itrt hereafter in a itoto 
kiflering conkidcnbl^f from lliai in \^liii:li utr live tirrr, Noir ihr 
^CoViUtUtion of Nalurc in u manner aii)s *o loo. tor iio we not 
«v binb let linne fumi tlii; pnsin of Ulc^ iljili, and Uiim-Knl iiil^ 
■ iicw and nobler »tatr of exitt«iic« ? iil^ecta u^trjcatetl al tcp^t^ 
from tbcif ciitnWoiu azicl unvishtly lenciDciil, aikI llicu pcriuiiiL-d 
lo untold tbeir beaotbei lo ike bur ? veeii* rultiiig In tlw earibj with 
DO appjircrU promise of future vcgcUtion, set i]uii:kcm-il aficr 
|I&e«£li» and cktihed willi liu(Lifi:iikt appiirvl ? Ii nai out ov«n lolid 
pfrfpoiually thnwjng nnd rck^ii^kg i11^df, aoihut the nuinerJcnl 
left of wlitrJi itotier cotuiitinl h;ttr hv rlegrrex 'Iroppf^l nuay, 
[^ meanwlule, Iho loculti^ ol thtt t^vti ttnwjj^MnsA, and it« 
[cocucioiuQCM uniiktcfriiplcd for a niotn«iit? I3 utit Uie rjc ■ 
•^ Olid tlic build tjce, and t}vc arm a Leaver, and the irrritft 
hin^, and tbc leg a uruteb. uid llic sEuindcii a laUiiaiorr^ uad 
IP tifiolr finmr bur a rnv of Iw-jiitiful in»Hiruinent*r ubicfa may 
a^rconliaitlT be deftri^.>ed nillivut ibc dcstiucijoti of the tigcnt UM 
himUatlwni'^ N.i\\ einiufi tbnt >grrii, u1l4>u iirxw master ofltfl 
cnll, M«Hi witiioul tlie loolv, »ijd uc not iti |)^ccplipon» in « 
ifrevui as vnid aa u'h«n eiei^ muHU of aemc i» acuvelj eiaplovril 
in mumlenuc f* it* Hoau ? X^b^l ihoii^b tbc tiU\f diord bo 
Itxiftrd, and llie (allien boul bmkcu. uiii ibe pildjrr btokeJi at 
,lhe well, and the uihrel broken ui thv citicin, atilV muy not tb« 
irUl orti}! iifclf bale <|iirilcd ibe nipturcd macliiners aiKl re- 
t'lir«il to the oodikiTj ffom nbkli 11 came ' U'Lat tkooKli the ap- 
tiwicb of dcaUi »eesn, bv d<^T<4'>, to ciifccblc, find at liut lo 900* 

Cr-jid ihr powvr<t <>f ibe niititit mil nut llir eonMilution nf na|iir<r 
id UB be of good ^Jkcoi, «cciii^ thai llic BpprvocJi of a/^e^ does 
tbe sanic ? Of t^leep, whitb, iiute^l of patal/xtng tli« fmiciiona 
of tb« man. it >cli>aUj ibeir 

' Bocond courte, 
Cbief DOciri»btr in Ufp's fnmL' 
.And if, til »oin« ntOrnKt^ dcatb doej Vic bra* v oa the ircmbliu^ 
ifpini, in bow iiunty odiera doe« it ttrm tn br <hiI) eittliii|f ibe 
CAord* tbat bound j1 to cArlh, cxoneratio]; it of 11 \vi-i;-|]| tlmt »unk 
it — to that, a^te^aU^ to a nnfi<ifi loo uiiiveoal to be allogetlicr 
gfotittdlecfr at ibe eva of il> d4^parluro il abutiUI upjiear 

'lo att«h> 
To «omcthit^ cf pro|ibMk mtiun V 

llerp, llh^i, ibe (ooMiluiion of nature aiid (be vo4Cc of retention 
^<OBapttD 111 tL-ticb iIht fame jireat irudi, * noii omjiu lao^iar,' 

^ ellf ibeti^ frucb future etutc aaecited^ Uc^datiou next sJfinM 


TM fVriHngt if Buhop Bnikr, 

ikftt our happinev* or mi^ry in it \% in our oviti ket^pin^ : ^^t t1 
DettVi liaving wankcil ut ihcrirof, Ir4ire« u* Ui maLr niir own di^nco.' 
^WIi^lnQ^^n lUfl CoittlitiUion of Naturt' l<kihiii 'i — Evco ibiE hero 
■gain (tt> u»o the rciDarJubU nurtU of thr auUiot of Hccleatif 
tki»))'lll^mgn>r«<!oubleonca^'aftl flnotbor;'* ^rit H^rideiiC 
diMI poiii in ann^Kcd tti thU objcjct, siid pluuiirr lo ihjii, iii tbit: 
fHtent uttfrtd, uilli no other vipw, a> tir n» ur c«n trc, llian 11 
direct our K'>ine< id the way ; tlial otir p^kth i* mndt- U> W| 
at nvn^i '^'1' liJfUin of Ikh Ufr, luitori^sl liiiriihi^ pkitiglHJ 
ibrouKk nfiifb ^'(^^ ftro frfl to llirc^ our oiiii^c, till, by rrpeaii 
siilTenngtif wc Irum 1<j rvfnuii fioni IrrmdihjbC ai^n ; jijid llni vsvrj 
thinK above ub, flud lj«ue«th m, and around ui, proclaim*, m 
mwpIb tH>l lo l>rr ii]»uiuieialood, lliat, lo rcfti»c iIlc cmI and cbooM, 
tbs good, n»t> niih »iir««h-e*. Nay, tltc d? IkiIi uf tb« t«x> *vi 
iPmti nic siji^ularlr aliki:, 'IIais, pufUBhiiiriil i» In Mu Hf^ oit«i 
fbrfHPi^ !u prfibublr, and diJin-unr<lcd — 4>ftrii thr fall mid rntiH 
cxp^ctaliom vi U u witliliotd— ultt^ii t1 iiltjiils <rl \kuij! mit:rcc|iti 
up lo a rvnAiu poinl, but iKJit bfjoml thai piiinl^ifTrn ic i:^ tiik* 
for prcnent profit — oM«d Jt in jcrcairr lha» »ocm> contmvworaM 
willi fhv gain— oflcH it larjin very luug boiunJfiMtfr <A»i J » a(ill 
tovtn at loNt, auitd«nly, viith tlic f Inniorou* \iMeiic>c of an anii^ilj 
maD— {ho cauw of Jt, |iediap«> ^i}[ti4tL-u-^po<ured torth ai if frcKii 
a irvaatire^iouM of imth awaked. Now, all ibia i« cli^rly not 
ncvitknt, Ui\ 4 mccm ; not mpncr, but tU-ug^n ; pomtinf nut, m 
with ihv tiik^rr of God 'itM^M, that tl Ik lli<' « fll of dte Ivtrat Con- 
tnircr that tliui n ^hoiild bp. Siidi i« the coiifitiLutioii of ^'/timre 
m ibia vx»ltl : \ci, j» ii mA a lai-nd tnuinciipt uf tlic docCrmc of 
AM?vf«if»i7n, vitb rcfard to tho n^xl ti^orfJ, that our vramin]; tt?*^ 
)[imi lu; our iicglcct of it lo Ifr at oiii |wril^mr puaiilKlir-nt, 
•oofl«r or lairr, io follovt tntt iwr^lfcC ^ \^ bi<ii tht> comiKuiJoo of 
mil iiatiifr Irlb u.^ b(ifi>rrbiihl,tUai,ir vrc ajrc LlclcruiiiM^ topluclt, 
our Inuvure oui uf tli« Utv, we^ mu«t pni up «tdi Uiifniiiji our 
finfCrs — Uio ca.'<' i» ftlncllr ai^lu'^oua b> that of Kt«1uUu«. «hrn 
il titlU UA bribn'iiniirL itiai, if n^ a<r^ dt-ti'iniim^i In rjrt* on |Mrtmi 
ploaature, wc mutl put up mdi mlferuiK fniuro pain. Surely ili. 
tno «fiiiiesH*a agree logHbi^i^ in 4 iikaniici bo r«rirarlabk at ii 
kaic ample room fov apprrbc^iMon, t*tni on prmcipir* the moitl 
acepticalp tbat tlir lallvr, lik« tlu.* foiitH^r, aiaj be bc^tiug Uod'a 

ruitlier — Revdotkn aftisia tkLi aaluml goiroiiiiiK;ut at tlie 
wortd lo b« ■ m9tal okip u>o r a gov«>rniiieiil uiMlt i ulitdi ij»ircii 
are not oaly nmrikd and puDiahv^l (for ihui ir roii>iMr<4 mth ll 
moat capiicioua iiiaaay), Inil rvwaidi'il aod puiiiiiicd nitb a «ini 
r^feruaca lo Jia paorf or wf of dtair daodt. Wbattloo* tlw* coi 



TV IKrMNftt ofSMop Butter. 


tljtution of nhin^ ny to tbin? — Vot* tl afpun furvbb tlM^ coui 
terfiaut ? Ilmr, it U Uim?, llu li^atlini pud itnn for a iLtom«n| 
sa^rrcd. TJic puage M vfcU known; curjoiu. Iion^icr, m 
ftlioiAtiiR Ijon JnMiiKtiTeljr the arpiiiMntof finKlog/^ijjgriEcd uwlf 
10 a rtdvoiiiig minify though thowio^, at lli« lomc tinie, the difli- 
caltj of follomtng ix out wiA eiiccca* tiU revelation cnme to liold 
iipilic lurch? — 

' Sjc|« idIIii ^Ljbiaiit Inuit ^tfutvfltk DMntanit 

Cvmrcnt ui^inh tPCTM^ %t\ nuWtmirvm&t 

HceUtr, 01 incvrto flMfvM mortaJia eftn. 

Nam ciiui db^Oiiti <^ » M »tt a w n fttd^ra mundJ, 

PrB»cci|4iHL|Ufl nam AttM. unL-iti^tJi- nivHlua, 

Et lurii luirlii^av vlc««; umr mioula iul>«r 

CoiOulio linuAlA D<n, qui Ic^ luovcri 

SklcTAf qui (i u^e* divcog loijp^irv luvci. 

Qui tirum Ph^Wn ftlwnci juMi^.rit iga« 

Coaifkrit foI«nK|u« luo; porrexoril uiidb 

Ltttora^i l«llarvm lar^io iL^^avtlit mc. 

Scd ''Qni m b^minum Untft calijikiic roUl 

AM|KVeRm, l;rlct«qu« fUa l!or*rr iioopn*««, 

Rdigki, cautMrque vioni noo fpcmM aequebir 
AlCerimt vaoin qn* caifTvni *eimu motn 
Afflmiit, nugt}uinqu« ootu per inAna figum 
Fortukft AM aHc Kgi : qw xiumiitA. flenciu 
AiabiguiH «vl biilU fruUt. rvl uoacU QOatn/ 

WhM, for xh^ b^neiii o/ iD«rr En^Ui rattd«ri, tve tni 

OA hflvo I pondvr'd, ttill pwpln'd to know. 

If iLrfc be ifwb who <crrrm licro bcJow i 

If ibctv be KOib— <)f, ii ail ^ods (I«aii;il. 

Cftance nvut ht ibuugnl to nil«, nur aught brabla; 

For, n^vA contcv^dAUr* I ■rarvil tlii* |ilaa 

Of fttl vUcHid ibiQp ap*ft fr>Mi AUn— 

Ta* ucAan*i buaoii, tjii* tlreatu'a aMuiu1«d vaji 

Tbtf iwtf*! vif iitifiid* of M^ht 2iid Jajt i — 

Th«K vlivin I law,! KKfthd mj Ubounofr brMfl* 

Tor Gul'a oU-wive doialAkm »too4 cuo£i4t: 

fltarn^n tHrirco u n m ifnn'd btn riiltv to hc4r; 

lljK fruito in j»t «uccv««ioD crovrn'd thi* yew; 

Tkv uconttaot nooft. Hi* Nivcrfi^ti plfnrnn^ kanwa, 

Piipcs>*d b«r burnxr'd Lijlil— tho nm hit tytnt i 

H'm Hhorvatba bilious of Uif^drrprtjiiirnU'il, 

Aod t^rik. 4^f-bftUinihl, wi liu axk roU'd.** 

Tlirn :ook'd I nyuo M«n ; b«t now be»*t 

Wltb djtfkDcB aiid iviitt gtoosi ttM rII I n>vt: _ 


7^^ tf^riftfg»&/BMoffBuli9r. 

The baM irliimphinr, nnrl ihc ri^litoinis i|iurni3. 
TM« tbooli Eoy tailh a|r*iii, uid daiibt rcturo'd — 
Ftctum*d to t^K nu <}il ihc tba;iki«? crtccl< 
Tlial (luriiUnjf AonU uluii^ tacU rajiJus^i sccil ; 
That ihroufjh the void imniciiBD otv fvnni t^nibluv, 
AtMi Uhancc, mIo crbiter, ftappluU IXBifjii — 
That H\\l to ihU <>LiT clioicc must be <^unAncd» 
N« ^[ndfr— or gcjd^ ihnt rntt pui fur mftitkind. 

Tlic PNilmist UiniMrir uas for nvbilc troubled with llHrae 
ihotij^hts Uiai would ajnt^ in hit hr»ri, «i-pliik at \vp did, lint ' iIm 
iiit^odK catnc into no mnforiiinc Ukv Ditir.Tlolk, u^idicr wnre they 
plitgiirti lii« oilwt niMi/ Bui both thi* jKH-t miiH lUr propltrt, on 
ruitJiAi d<;ljbcnu<;iii, coinctiMi jiul coucIluiuh, end ■ aLi»*>Ucd Cbc 
£ods-' Fur, indc«l, nliHti^^ur )|)m.uIjlUv« di]]irulLJc?i lliriL- uii^ii 
bo in the Hfiy of «Lich a notioii, «iill a pnidiciJ bcUcf tbctc i«, aitd 
vvct ha9 btriTii, aiiiun^nt all Jinliuiit and lini[tia|tva» ih^t mtti \i\xM 
uixl«r 1 m^pfil go*eriini«iil afu-r alJ> ' Who U W/ rxclaTin I 
AttcicntA of Thcbca. * ytim ii lie \^h<>fn llic DcTpliic ro<:k of p 
pitecy Ivtii ih*Doi]uoed as ilie doer of d««lft lamiiicraMr ; ihe in 
of iho bbodv bond ? Time it u th^t be should ticc, wilb b ft 
uwirirr thkit thr bonm i>f th« miivIb : uln-ndj budi tlie tmi o( Jirva 
takrn ariiu AgaJnAt biiii, cvvti liot thunder- bolU, a»d xhc tcmiiul 
Fuii-« foTlow jiflrr, siiid vlki^hdl i-»r-^t|iL- tbcsi T* D;ui^i|; n 
n^koncd ihi- ipint of ibftl inua «« ho mould lojonrn under th^ sail 
lowf, ^1 sul Lu ibc auuic boaU nitti tbe profatfcr of tbe mjitcri 
of Cc««fl. * And uhcn Ibc borhanOMt >nw ttv itnoinoiii bcu 
bang on Ihc baixU of Patal, the/ vaJd amou*; llK-ni»clu^), no don 
tbn oian U tt mutilr.irr, wlitHn, ihough be bilh rirjpt^l tlw 
}«1 G^n^^ntv rv^erHfi not to iitt/ ^'li/i but ll»l ihtt bdj«r if' 
Ml Hlriftii^ ill man, u>>ij1d mkIi a tiiflr bai«^ l*crii Ir/t U|iou record, 
ui thul Ibv ^a and iidc, vilh vbi^^h Charku MmtA the d«aib-«air- 
ruait of IjJid Sliul^'uiO* n^i tit ii'i> anuvt wilii wluch be aigiicd 
liii o^ii, id t!>i" bdl for the I-^ng Parliaaitn! ? Or mbr, but 
fur lbi3, not^Ui llic niiiajk hue been so );in<-iid, ibat tbe famibcd 
>ih<i ilct|ioi1rd the inoiiaAti'fiet inrrty raDtinni'il in pranprr ; ' ih«i 
biaud, w^ucb Uic en^le atolc (tara tb<; tAtar {aa the good old luaL 
WaJloii ta^>>, and wiib %i^hit:h »iie iboiAght to maLv brr 
uTTvintf oidj to Kt it oQ fire.' ' About ibc yi^ar, I luppo^, \OtS 
01 IfilSp^ wii(n Sii llciiijr Spebuau, in ha t:iirjLiU3 tiratirvr ou tho 
" Hblory and Fate uf !»acnleg*," ' i dcbcribcd^ with a ixur uf 
cocnpasao. In the cnap of Nonblk, a circk of (aiUi: muti, liio 
■mu^iamrlcr nccording to th4< »ealc ihrreof^ placing (Itr rcnir* 
pboat iit fbirf scat of Ibc Vdrcrionii uitbin ihii cirde ind iha 

* ad.T>r.46«. 


Ihe IKrifMg* ofBUlwp BHtitr, 


borders of il, 1 inclwnl th« manfioii-liouicA i>rflboiit Iwndtvfunr 
ramilin of ffntt/mm, snit thp mi** nf an lunny mojj'jf f^ruv, tJI^] 
fftftndtni^ tO|;ct(irr at Ihc bnic of llic fiitM>liainii ; ond 1 Ibcn inrlril 
tlut ihcT gcdtli^iti^ii'^ N?;tts vimTiiiiifd :il lh:il rla5 ni ibrir oivn 
familicf awl namcv, but tl>c monni^lcnt^ had ^un^ out Uicir owntrVf^ 
with iJirir Tiaotu and futiidici (aII <>!' tltcni uir ^^, lliiice nfr 
loa»t, wid MBW of thtiD four, or livff, or tin lim^a, do! oqIj Ity 
fmiL of iutjc Of ordiiurr sale, but "ttty ofben b> giirvwia accidcikla 
wnd ntiHfoTitmef.'^A very eifigiilu fjirc, to say the lea«C of it: but 
Ibc bare di»|KJ«itioii to note it m rnoiigh for our ptirixMt: — u>; 
iDilMfd. in llir diipt>Mlion in g4>iifnl to euiivlrut? ^rnlainilin initfl 
juif |;nivnl» ; for it e^n only anno (iiit ofai continued btiJii't tlint WO^J 
arr iiimg uncld i fnoraf goiTnitnrut, i4hulr\rr ihjjJ b<* Mid 
Mffn lo the contrary. Caaot nught occur to hinu^^^ Ibic opiiii< 
■a wc have »id, wd rmist hare occurred, K> I'mi^ a» a futurr Btui 
of uljukiiiii-iit vnu only ikinially inkvn luXf* th« ^Umale. Sti1l;'< 
Uk o|iiii«n itacif boa uiii\«nralt_r prevailed ; iior can utij otliofl 
ac c o ui H of it be gii^ni. lliaii tint tlw ti^nd^iitry of the conokulii 
of nBluro tTM toll 10 bo 4uch oa e>lal>IJBli«d uud supported tl-- 
Aiid ibn wb() rnti dray f WIm> am ifrriy, :*< a m)iltj*r of faef^^ 
tbal 0^ wbalcTCf kind tbe iuviaiblv sovcrei^uEv may be to whiclii 
we ifo fiubjccir piudi-fKc tior^, tipoi» (he x\li<^lc, bring iis iipi>r^ 
prate rcwnnl in tbii «tirtd, folly ita apprripfbl^ ptiulty ? — Tint 
ciimea ate puimbcd u injniioufi to nocicly. virtiica rcconij>cii»cd 
■a beaetidai ir> ii ; ibc puiiinhnifnit or the rvcouip^isie.^ iiu dikiibl, 
coBVC^ed ihrovgb tiw tnalntioentality of hitmoM iiiuaus, but not oi 
ihai accoiinitbeleit&iibfulrapaHilnixof iV will of (lod — meu 
Itielf Iwint; mdmily of ba* appointnti^nt, and ibe nrKumcnCs, b^K 
toonil atkl ]>fijBicsl, being anirly PuA'icicut to >bovr thai br didj 
Dol inlaid ' man io be oluaef' Who ^aii deny Aat viev earrico' 
alung ivjib it utroQig ayai|>loma of being a liuJatrni of ibe |iriiKt«^ 
plea aceovding lo vrhicb ihi^vrorM i< gotcrnuxl ? — ibat a lie, fc 
UMtancCi eotsdi cmbarraA^nionta vrMhoul aid upon its autliur, and 
Aakitaliim fpcl ibit lir hjt rtiunglnl faiiMvlf in Ibr iiTarlimi-ry ttf 
Iht mlL-in in vthack iie livca? Who can duny ilut tbvro la «, 
pnmifrb^ withtu liim vvbidi teada him to bcfrienii tbc gixid, 
UiWKrt llic cnMocf ; a principle ;k^ii;* iku*, ultbout any adfil 
object^ but an iiulJiKtivcly apiirot^it); what is ri]i;ht, and cosdviBiMi 
whal b viTongT Cno any ttiiu^ b« ronrnved mom raoitatmii 
Ifaao a •cbooie nhvtc llio reverse of ail thi^ thoiild U\lc elTcct ? If 
not the eiimeitro of much 9 pniMUpIc titr IcrT-slLnir nf Mcial nnkr 
ilaaJf £^-ao tbitt, ai Mdlon arKuat, 


ne pilWd fitTnamerit is rotu^nneas, 

And Martb'J box built uii stubbU*.' « 



7&f IFnringi 9/BiMhtf Bmll^. 

VTiilmut It, w« Loow tii>l lio^ Chnsti»n» cauld kate become sddi,' 
<ir tn wlui u l^o4p«l could l)«v« appvaltfil ^ilhio ibff brcivtl for ■ 
Tiiilil iif ailiiiirai^ii ititu U)c h'jiJtL ' If j-c Lwlicic i>ot inc, btfliwo 
ll)v i''Of-I»' — tiol mrrpl) ik rylilUiliom of puu-LTr fiiT nil ml vparil 
miijitit l>c «upp(ui:il capable <rf doiug wofka of power, if that iwie 
^11, bm of g9odnri» bIm>. Still km r^n vt iMidrrHUnH how healhen 
locjcty could have held lo|{«tlu-r for « M^ie wc«k; how, m ill 
dBcoidanl el(*iucLit». it coulil liaic v^upnl M'tr-iluMriiclicni, dub* 
iitf; it«olf in pinco liLi? nil uiiKu\rnii;d vtd uiigui'crwbic coglMfi 
■iid c&piiiiiK at IvDRlU in tlw Duibt uf an miitcrsal ■inrcby. But 
Micli u aior4l nature baving hrro fi;i\rn m i> in iuelf a proof tfial 
die l)«il} )nlcnd> wc *liould be nobjcct lo ■ RioraJ mlc ; aikI hia 
havin]( pUcird u> In kiich u ttiitiaiion at prpnpiit a> alTordt acope for 
Iba c&ffcii»c of tins nalHic, n«v» ha acliull^ dL-Tniitd» it« exercise in 
m cousi^U^talilr di-grvp, in u pn--M?iil earnifmi llial Hl- will bv finaily 
liue to tliu rtiLo, and act iifK^ii it t>LhcUv. 

Dirk iiH thr unvA itf CiimI luav be, Uir re ii enough lomliRrv a rra- 
loiwble niiiii tli:il \\v ih on vtrttiL' 1 aide : tbefnicfMt^of ikm^i pm^ca 
II j'oi lUtUiiCG, wliocttABctboLiiMU Uf tlic proftpctil) i>{^ [i.uiouol 
wvl'f-oth liftkti-oui iitdividiiaU^-ti oaiioft iu widen eivr; nian wouU 

WrftUvdo lij*dul> \ llic wiscM of tJicl«iKl«Qiildl>c»en4toJicr 
Pailiauivtii, — ibr iiaUonnl Senate would \x a eoaclaTvof Btfct,— 
no unwortkif nwtiiei would ioBuenoe the ekelon — uo poliliculKt^ 
liluiie, aritini^ ouc of a sitroiig teiuni Osgood ikiiisa to cxia)« — ia> 
fear or favour wo4i]d warp m fo\ic—d4tw dignt^n would be Iho 
uiri.~oiiipiDUkbiri|; iiiolUi« in lliv eliuiee of a oiati ta nliuis Ux pro* 
pynj-, llie libuTlv, liic hoiiour, the ntoraZv, liie f*liti4>ii of dbe tw- 
uire y\-civ \o be coiiaigiied, Sm] whoac 5olciiw charae il would 
beurc^rth beromtf-, 10 t^e that in noM of ihrte great iolereaU 
the common weal til should take damaiEe at hi* hand*, ' I'oliticiana 
who would artumtrtti Gud * would inbftiiie ]bt<j i>luiii laen, wbo 
would yror liini. Taciiofi would be at an end. J be public waal 
vvHibt never be put in jtrupunlv iW liir finrpojeuf enbarraMing 
a nioiittr, ttor would prtiir]|i]«-» rci<l undvr party atrugglea for 
place and power, Nc^ latvi would be made. Cor arc unwtaMCa 
mifht call for tkem, but p«ihipi tbe;r ^cKild be re«-»<Roai« 
fnucidcred bviicfttli tlic multitude of her lawsi lef^ihua t^^toffnif,) 
— fi't putieiKifc to iBve«lig«lr, practical enperirticp In undenlnnil, 
and wudvin lo redrtat an eviLi wyhjU vol fall l<i ibe Uic of all; 
and dic-j vbu foiled in ihraa i|uabtir« would fcvl ii, b»Ad tbeir 
peace, atid houifall; cottfes, that ' thej had nothins to draw wflh, 
anil llial tbc w«ll woA ih-ep/ Old hiwiL wmdd Im- abro|iated or 
odjutled— fi>r ihit, loo, eirrumMtanrt-s riiiuhl ri-<|U[fv- ; but peHfam 
it would be done widi fear and trrmbluig, *idi u nn/irmiM; kir 

il would be conitdned thai ii >* more ea*^ lo 

ditroiri the 

7%€ fyjilingt tif BiMhop BuUrr. 



txiuclMcr wkidi ui ekisttiii: law docs, thmi llic ■utcbid' ulikch il 

pic\rii|j — (Ii4l m \h^ ap{i1k«tiou of a tlieury, (cipedally on to 

pjplicatoi) II 9ub)<rct »9 (loliticsl tconwny,* the tw^ t*g*Cio*i9 

Icubiar itiM) ovcrluok uimr LU-m in ihv rrckooJAg, which mar 

fatnl lo Uiu ftiicc<a« of hja mrisuiv, howo^cr vkH meant — ILa^ 

hi tlie acliia] iHtsirifSh o/ lifr, it it- !»c8ic«l} |x>«ii4)l«: lu niak« <o<i 

illiuch aJi<»itQiKc for friction — oiid tliat it v<a^ a jmvc Diitliotity 

(!*<» Lvnl SJruflurJ 3 uas said 1u bt- tlie vmcil hcitl tint stuud vm 

Wgnj pair iitf iliotildtrb in l^ngland,} uluch cicdiuvtl * h«H< tdviMd 

tc oaglil to be of uij inonraliou, coiuiJerin^ ttial im:oiiTe* 

■n niJi«r fonnii bv o>|>ericnce than forc«wn l>vjudg- 

II*' Debutes, it ii indeed to be fenrcdr vrontd, in Micfa ui aa- 

tLly, lie Vaitf ; for gJi^UKiiit imurt ut liif tltipid pirjmiMrei, uiitt^ 

notiofia, c^cl«»iiiMic:J t)L£<>tJ'> i>r I'ormcr Kcifecralioiu, {(hoM 

111 Win at nhidi it U lUiLmliWmntijftliuuldkick,) «-ikiM pro- 

|fc»l>J^bc>uppm»edbyoMttKwLiuli^oltecUo» — 'wfoHisEtrurU 

■cinit/ AlKrti: dJ, «ich a ImmI)' would liave ihc onrdial confnlviico 

land fUpporl of tlw eQUiitn', b^cauM, Uou-erer Umijt nuf;bt efr, («« 

liljll cm tbt} would.) \\a:} uuuld b« liuouti lo act TitHu pubUc 

kspiril and in tingk iicu of bcarij n« >ci]aion lUtkig tincicr tbf c^a 

«t' Ukc (fcal 1 uaJh-ma«tcr. Tbcii witJi wbat pn^mptitcu urottld 

tlitir lawi 1« «i«<ut<d, appeHlIn^, an thrj vriiiM, u\ a ^>oi>pl« 

' wuitcd in ibiti tavour lu ooe man ; <4iUi vhai a^iril, loQ, aJinabl 

[k be? nvniful. would annv be inkt'ti up in llnr dttfeucc, <^h>* 

i»a il tba nalioti wi>nld be, or the riKbteou»ncM of tbeir caum, 

ling dovbtiiiK but Out Gud would ico fuitk wiiii ibeif bust, 

coterinu tlivir bcadti in ili« day of battle, or taking ibem to biniT 

mXi if Ine) ML Tbcn agni", bow woubl llir fame of >o pccnliai 

peopJr ftprrad into »ll fcandv ; l^ow u^iuld Ifiry be cboMQ by 

leci* fur and ii<ar n> ibc ubitc-r* of thnr diflcrcncc*, lb« 

-makm in ilvir ijuaitrlt^ ibc ri>iu]atltuiB lo wliom Uiey 

[Auglil repair wiilkuol ■ «uupic«>ti of Ireacbt-r^. ilniA vrontd ib« 

■»rt:n»ity of all snbdc ami crooked pnlicy be ajuired, und tW 

.fcnlance of ibe ^nriil Inll unlurftlljr and awownilj into their buid*. 

"^ I, jUaa ' \% but an L inpttn pictiue ; bnt audi ia tbo fmJrAry 

ibc naaenbtl comtimiioB of wiDf>v ^ |tt*^ ^itxin ili» pr^^-eaii- 

; of it;:blcon9iMu to ewJl ■ naliuti ; a ImdcDcy winch nuuC 

n;ry tiroiig indeed, %(* prvjenc the wotld nrn ki it ia, vh^oi 

«T rail 14 ntnxi bow vastly mote niiy it ia lo do «vil Uun lo do 

li, Xuyvt iJic luml wbiL^b eaiiuottearabvinuiy denioliiba|>alace, 

or wtU dw inlue of tliin concutrciice between iKUiirc aoil rcve- 

klion be iboofbl a tiiiW* if' il bv remtuibt-ied liow perpleirfl 

•bMild b<\ bnd we fouixl ibat im^ iiutead of nrtur, |Kn- 

UMi \\ ntmtuiiijf tJir )Hi«antacc m tbi> world ; and ulnbl ir>rbt« 

lion d«<lired tbal fiod wonid eveiktnaUy givu the l/uinr|di to 

IIm good, oaUirt uicrted ibat prcwnt ifpMiiBcoa ncic ail Ibe 

W*ICT 1«J. 'I'hu** 

192 The H'ritingi of Bukpp Sttihr, 

lliLis. ihtjtfotTt 4 fiitarc sUtc — a fulii» Mntc of mrcafdi ind 
pLinuhm-^mii — u fiihirc Mile of rt-uards aiirt piinif^immu dJKpniuvl 
ncd^nlin^ tu u iiionil lulc. or, in oihcr u-ortbr ficcortiiii)- to the 
virtiir *jr »Jtr n( *lie pitrlic* ti»iK*Tfnnl, — » unllcii m tkr kJhieic 
of ihc book cit^ EiutufiT ilMir, in dituMcten kpbk tiKiaK'< '^Imq 
iWv bavL' bcL-ii biuught lu Uic lit;itl, ihougL it laay \x ibst nn«- 
bbon VTflji tjfiuiij>d to hold u|> Uie candk. But Mtr |Kirillol doc* 
nol ci][| bere : r<»r if tlioc irwartln and ptniislimcnU ftrc to bo 
n««iiirrd out liorcflf^vr locordmg to mrnl lii-n*, tl^ii insil llii> 
iiitfid be a vtatc of probotboii, in vlijcli >udi merit in cxpcctcJ 
lo den-Top i 1 4eir. Atnitillngli , it-^«'Ul)Oi) mi rrjinrM'iib i[, AifeJ 
■gnii), tbc oiistJtiiboD ol thio)-;^ Mjicn luifoliL.^, tntlicc vriUi tbc 
trprevutaliuii, Vut niuJi J?i an util'rjiinrd, untiniilii-d ciratntr, 
wbcii bo begiili bit bt^ing, ilmugh -wa rrft r bin onl^ to tli« ch«- 
racier beba*l»r ftn4 by to tiupportn^oji tatih. Iln mri jf yrai$ mtr 
but a t«a4on, wbiruin h« )ia> to sli^pe fainweir for ihe portion of 
hi« rijj^ age — he i% not bon^ tiujifilird foi tbc p^it in tfii Jt^ he 
lifM Ici pluy ; he mii>t Til )itiii<»rft' fur il br niiich piilif^nt |infvkidi 
di»cipbiic^mM^/'j tvlU fn-if'/itc pitcr. If vrc Ioo4l apoii aa t»raiil 
t» iu irr;idt<% huw mticli, luunt wi- ihinkp ii lo fw riniir, b^fttrr it 
CMi b<(oiii« Ibv ja<^g^, or ih& -lUUbvivinp or lli« S'*^' c»pi>iii of 
the ijcxt itrncrnlujn ! \\ bal ii iliilbog mini Buiow liatr ^ttiw 
ibrougli, ur ben, from adiild vbi>dr1i|;lii«d in ligliibg a&d uiijng 
lib pluY-foUoviv to tight, rcgatdlc00 of bis book — of audi 
uiM^Hiifortabtf^ pri>miiii', ai lo makr lin fttlbcr devoutly WMh 
thai if i\ alioold plcitsc Ciod to t^ke any of hb cfaiUrco, It 
mr^bi Ih? Ikisn- — lir ^rrvt Up iti ir^npct ill lo win ill br«rii»; 
in >ci«iico, tit to tilt \%ll\i hoiiour iho mAtbt^EituticaJ tbuJT in 
whidi NL-«tmi ftiircicdnl iuEii ; in kiruiiif;r, nt to stsixl iu tin? 
very forvuioit runk LKnonpt iIh; meat protbitnd ttwl iiiUTTrval 
»choUr» of lii« «mnti> ! Such arc iht «ulMcqti«iit cAlpcU vf «Mly 
ditcipUrH: in tliii Ul« — of that idM-mp of probation, ukidi rvqWM 
opportunities to be acued u tbej occur; paliilcatMHto lo Ik 
foregone in tbr hope «if B|ii>fiMr Mng rrconpeftte ; NiiccarriigM fo 
be risked s» tvdl ihroo{;K ih« fcuilt of othcRi ai of oimdrrj, 
Thiii nntttrr rqxi^iiU %\iv )cArH of tlir boy niiiMili-tiog to ibe 
condition uf hit mMibood, juait qh mtiaiion tv\\f^*»^\U hi* uboJp 
UiiLxMxvrv and tieu ^^cvni u miiwlciing lu hi» condition ni derail^. 
The foniM*- iicl>«uia t« in mifinilijrc jwl wbat tti9 latlor is M 
Jsrsc ; and if die dim be crrlnin, Mt^y ibc other idbj be pro- 

Nori^i Uiival : ooe featurv there i* in the [iIah of melstion 
more ikrorninrai tlnii diereM.^^ilial iniiikimi aie lu be mnednot 
dirpftiy but diTongh s m«i^iai<ir. Now, nothing can b« trnm 
strictljr wislu^um to the conUiiulian of uium lh» inch ft provi- 
siost Ii tbis, i'or i* h not tlirough ibc naedialion ot otiien, tbst 


T%e iyriiingt o/BitAop flir/A-r, 


yc I'm, iihI wuiv, and e«jov our benig ? ,Ar« ne not Uium brought 
iiiru U|A ti'orfd, »ikI for tnft»y jcarn lUttoiiiDd in it f Is there a 
Vicing iJupartcd lo un, whkh otLicrs hav« lukt, in ^omc inrwui*, 
cocaribttUHj lo pructirr f Njp^, niorv, <for even the dtfUib of Ihu 
dbftcoMlion urr tiiij^ulartv coiaciJcnl willi olit ucuial cjipcrMiicCi) 
ulvii puBJiJitht^iLl lotUtLt^ vK^e nn a traltirvl oiiisv^jac^iri*, is not 
& wnv o|kcnc4l fu>r c*capc wty commoitly Uy the uiatrumciauljty 
ol udieii ? la iK>t a >birU llmi nN'itiluUv iiilrr[HHi-ri, oiorr or 

law, li«twec<i Uj« tniii*gT«Mion uit<L tho fixtrfihv cucw whit'ii 
would hive otbcnvisc alii^ti^d upon it ? For itii^lafiLT-r ■ 
dfuukiinl b on llie fxiiui of lallinf- down a ]>roc:ipice mid breaking 
bBbonci; — bad ho di>iii^ 90, il i4«>iiM hn^c bccii 11 very obtunil 
vottaeqtiKiife i>f hi* \tilfiil frtWy, u* * pulliiij^ an enemy tain hi» 
khotilb <o Me«l awuv hik bmjii^.' iiut a tabcr ntnu atepv bi and 
foictwii kim fvtmi ii\* p< til. Hcfr, ihrn, i» n nun of a mnli- 
wU)9 miljgatiiiq; the juit sffverity of Ihe ordinarr u-ii|*cv of ii*> 
ItnipvfBiicr. Or, iiobijdy lia)>]>riM to br at band lu tiKerpoae 
ior the ]ico|ectioi1 of tb«? deliltli lUrnt, iLitd, accofdiiigly, down bo 
for^ and fivcturcs a bniU ilut now, in lu» imin, cotn«) t)it; 
>ur);roi>, and oiicc more triAtclicv bim from the ulterior lit clTvcts 
ol llir n^iteouiacadi^rit. Here, Jie>io, is tbu car« of a tntdiatcir 
■piui lighftftiing ihr riirv. Itul llir nmn it litmr nnd inenpsblr of 
Mminifbtf dmdy brc?nd, and il ubaiidoibMl, uusl, ulicr all* pvrub 
of bnii^. AiHi now in coinr^ Im pari*!], orbi* IxnicfMr u^i , v%jih 

Cn*cijt food and proinvc of muav, and ottce aguiu is 1 port of bia 
r^vy svfitcnec mnilted. 'i*he nvrdintor 11 atill upon the alcrl. 
No/, indevd^cjiu ll»o amvcnal practice of vicariout ia«rilicc be 
eiaily rxpUlucd, unlos it be aUoncd, tknt {bonsuctcr at'igi- 
mtnig) llmv w^a Aomrlhin); in ikir contiTlTition of n-irur^, urbich 
vnobtrtuivelyi pcthipv, aiKl in Barrel, chontibed it* cfHiluiuancc, 
— to that natiLii» vIhj irtiiiied bitlc «br of Uod in tbeir 
Uioiif^ttji, iGlnaiicd thji, 

bacb arc aoiiw uf ihe bolJicr fcaiu(t« of the two »cbeam of 
SftUiro ud iUMntiAn, ^titcli aiuwvr as facoto faco : and Ibv ar- 
vuinrnl oqcc opened, it u caiy to pursue U ia^ Mr< IJampdcn 
DOa MluaHy don^, aud oftrn «itl) gn^nt lurcvm) ' into a dmutand 
■imikH ;*— for «-i»doai mtU be Crying out in the «1rrcb, Il ia 
r^kj^ fur imtaDci\ to ^n- pliMical aiid morri etenii p1a)ia([ iiila 
•w ■aotbtr'a liandfl, bji it wen?, in > manrMotu manner, m tbe 
aApiiiirii^tioo oi tbu icoHJ; — rain or diought workJo^ out f*< 
mine, and funine working ool national demoraLuation ; — afid thus 
iLe virtue or vice of maiiiiiK] greatly drtermineid bv vapourr, pic- 
cmUled, or b«1d in lolotinn. \^ hy then khoiild it he thougbl 4 
tknf inrr«^il>b; ilul tJie f^U ol^ man ahouki be coimcctod i«i3i the 
of an applv ; or, tliat pkfftictil €&u*Oi, of rariotia lunda^ 
voi. xLiiK M>. uixzv. Q openlinf 

o|Mrttini; the itiipersion or Um|>or!wy mifnttion ot tko bracl- 

j\t&l»Jn. ^^JO, PctiiH, OtwiTC. Komc, — ahouJil )mfv l"Ptn iht 
appouitiMl ni^Vd^ uiu^rebj ■ iialHMi of pin^U> a ln^M itl ri'liio 
twit nusBioiLvio, wx-rc *cat forth to «pr«4Hl iv dbA utiJc ■ linoir- 
Ugn or the Iruc Otxlp aivl tu prunolc ihc redgioaM wtrlfiive 4/ 

A^NU^ it n raiy to *rc, in the whninutnilioti of iW iMtM, > 
beuitiful uJii/i^nn^y ihrouf^Lout — u ikou*iiO(l ^^Wh C'**^ >'>*' 
»futU, iiiAu^iiceO b> r>iir c^inHji>i> CAa>><-, ftnd tcjidtnt; to mic cuii»- 
moA ccotrv; — the rnrmrjit iiuliiJtiukU tlu>« liukc^l to i>k- untvmr 
ibcLf^--'^ tile chkkrn riHiMiiic iipuui it" (>i:fch to tht »|rltcn» «»- 
ToUiiif; iu the lirinflni^iil.* Ami lii tlia Klinm^ of ri'vi4«urirt, ji n 
obvioiu to rvcuafk, tliat ^K con^tiiKtioii i* Uki^ »anv:, 'llmo d 
Kuulii he iimitui {90 vtv {.ifiHuwIiT ourM-Ke?i, ami «enr mr at libiulj 
lo|HirHi«Ukc Mibjvct, votbJukwtcouUi iM-r«uD<lcotUcni)v ihnt IM 
gtvat pn]K:i|>1f; of thr retlmiptioii |icnMWd scupdiir »it low tiio- 
rottgUy, ill fell ttt Mfti, ibvD i\tv pniKJpl* ni i:r>«itf jk^rvMia ow 
•jMcn ; — tliMi, rtlncr in provpcct ix icltuipccl, il i» liuiUtl, sk»- 
doiAvd out, proultf4i«>l, lV|>«rtett» oominvonvated, in llw efiTre 
vcbcnie of UU rctumcni and N^iv. So thai, nithdi^w 11, and 
«« can ducovcr bllli- bui a huh^b of iitrMlmti, mupt nitipitorv, 
•out* oAeiiaiv«, aU lUsjumtcd ^— triflri, bght m air, iklaUi^ uilk a 
ciicuaiiftaiitia) p<nip nlioKrUm (ontfft fruiu iWin ;-^ut<Jncvl 
ltB4MMrboi>» of Ihc last nnportaiMN! (acc4)vdiiig |r> msii'tt jurfgawnl) 
ovviUiokL'J ill a Diijil unacL-uuQilAblr iimI rudtvmptaoiai diwD^rd ; 
—ID % woid^ a riul« aixl indigoktrd nam ot haigfoymeom n^Mi- 
rial*. U«ar ihiB praciple in Htlil, and dl IlieMf janinf ekwcnto 
fut»id<* into ihotr pn>fi«T |ibr«a, »o m 10 com|HMe oiw kgnwooioM 
wliot«; and the diMnf^tk detail, howatcr tnvi«l» tho inert ba— i 
bold ^«ord, ba^H Mill ib wcighu and apprapiiatanaamiifr ; and Uw 
iiicht-ltcartcd iAo<:luTry of »» aecd woinaUt lor instattco,* bevoioaa 
«« real au iusiiudimi fvr tcllm|r C»tth liir AlmiffhK'i plan, and 
bear* upon it ax i^ftaf^lually, as lh» loiiftUL* of lhi>»c«r ktelf, whkli 
VTAH itHKiitd witb liTiitg roai froui tbr jIe-k, 

Itiscjuvio treBfiUD, ivihc* udnunutraiion vfthla world, caMn 
and <T|ftcia, luinuog up into one anoihev vriibft iuo»iciaMiv iniri- 
cacr,*— noUidf vnoiurnifc to at vb«t9 ib« n^lar ooafiubaa mMb* 
'Die buiUittK of m church jit lioaiOt for eutnpio, m oo«fiM mlh 
thn tmh* nf inrlntftniCM — ih* ial> of indailirenm urith lti» om|to- 
mliMi 0I a Luihrr—tlic cxaffWtnlioaof a Lullicr, t<idi liio duD*- 
dialr abmtbl of morli, and, pffbafk^ llie uJiimale dowoCal of ail 

71^ fTriiingt t*fBUof> Bntifr. 


ftpirttual hTinnvUiTmislMMUUM*w<irM'<^A*oldirTliwli>« Iff broken 
at Um" 4»«^o of PvitiFK'Linap anil, liJI Uiv limb la bo«lc<l, be oct:upi«4 
bunidl' «itb ntnbluhii»|[ n TTltj!;i')i» mtlrr, ;Tiid llii« «v«iiiii«||jr 
goociiu tbf devuniiett of ■ Krcot part ut' mank-iai) ;— tl>e«o ca>«< tmf 
•oficc of a ailboti^ Stilt a dir mcdiauinii of jmccimIv tkc mnv 
tJhnct«T in thif Kcbftnr vhidi mMJation MliibiU : — ibe dai^ler 
•f Ftinnoli focf to tbe Nile ti> baihc ; on thii biii|;» tlic prvMri- 
inticin of ib«» uifaBi Isw^t«t ; on thi», again, ibe r^leave of bntul, 
die Ovof11in>w of the l^{vpttti»t Uic woimj Igattofl of iJic Idtvitkal 
law, ibr pnrpantioii c»^ tbe fftnf^l ol pnu^. Or» in takr n tnor* 
■tjaUfiooa caar, wb*rh we nill do hi tbu worHa of a inudt bvtlcr 
p h i to fbcr ibnn oiimJvi^, nhn n f|x«ru]fttuig» boweTcr, npoit 
^ttibe tmher ttibjeci :-- 

M(b not dilHnaltto diov iLat th« miraeoloaflCQticqrtion of ovr 
Lon! rniJ<nl1]r implies nimf hifzhvrporpOfe in bi» crsninfE ^on tbo 
ftwre btirin#A of u Irichrr. Thr bit>inrv of n irnchcr Tn^rhl baw tmnil 
f»ffona«d b^afnm man. MilighK-nvd by a pfojih^ttcijiirU: fop,whai&' 
flt^f iafllraiTlioD t^ttt hairr the rapacitr to rb-rirc. a roan m^jcbt bare 
Wm SMde tbc inpuumnoa lo cnnivy- lU iBicbiB^. ibotcfon, breit 
[Ifia iotv pnrpo«« of our Saviour'a contiii^, a m«M sum moffht bavft 
» l4a vrbolc bii*iDraa, and Hie asHnialunl coocqstioa bul b««i 
aan e m taiT inirack. U«, tbcrtfcre, who cacae iu ibu mnacukna 
|mtf« cmn» upim Munt higLrt biiAiMu, lo a^icba tnarc aaaa was iu»- 
•^mL ilc canu toha made a >iji-o&riiig ka «*, that wa mt^il bm- 

Lh« figbUooanc»t of God in hjia.' 
So fcn«rkabl7 do tl»c docinnc* u4 acripturo (erw wbm tbof 
-ftrv Bpparv«lU leut praciiciil) lock mtoaiw aiioili^r, — rMipracally 
' ^. anil radaivios vui>port. 

Turn wottM be no liiiiciillr. aa «v bavc ijbevnvdt w pui^uiiii; 

tfiM i)aTt«Md ta almuil any c«taat ; and tbousti w«- doiibt iioi that 

^^ion« who Imve bixn ntiufotl to diit iKculur tikcthotJ of ^*V^ 

rnt, Mill took upon inticb tbii w« bave wmA, or mny bavc io «ay, 

TancifKl. let wc luimo fear of tlie roah, if ibry will maketb^ 

tbjoct of fliia)ofy ■ nftdr-mccuni hi tlieir onlMiiir^/ u^lti dinAi|£b 

\tfti and iiotA ilic wida cowpw^ wilbin i«bkh it m cii|>abk< of ap- 

[BliCitMii. If we know oomlwat wr arr pot [<|>1 lo bu bctrajinl 

[Mr vMMiaf^ vicw> of rvh^^tm ; but Uua qiicatioii i« OM ibal faa* 

* ' in lodt la our miiwb («o to spnk) llieia mmtj ^Taia* and hm' 

fraab anlbonLy in orvry oiw ibat ba» |m«h>iI <n«f <mt Imda. 

kill* aainc tinrvit muiibarvauaikcdf ikal nit ika\« not bc«n coi>- 

inC for the aiidcq;^ <»f tbe coaOitulioo aad OMinv of natDre^ 

amm/oftlar tiiilli of revcla(»</ii: tlir proo/miul be »of>f>licd 

Uoaa BiMiv aitd lariooa msltm of tail «t wtii«4i «rnfiturc 

Ciir a tcMiiDODv, and wliicii ictirr fium ibr anovt inqiiuAo- 

tcnutny (a* w took occation ro rvmatk iu a bur articlr on the 

o ^ Worta 


7^ fyriiiiigs 0/ Bithop BvlUf, 

WotiicfPalry) without a repToack or n iwpicioo- To thwf, 
rrvel>tinn fc-juic^t^Oj rrXctn ui. But at the 4n;uui«Dl of the sitalo^r, 
thn, at teiiC, mi^ be 4ui(1, tint it ii a wry un^tilir and tlrnngv 
ciicuiiiAlAiKc, hofk a fcm CfmUlewi pcMuuiiU (unLotnictl nitD, ai 
dieir own v^riiingi demoibirai^) sltoukl bnve tiruck mil a tdinvie 
ptofc«*aiK 1o come from Oo<I, whidi, nli^n U\tA bv the tret of 
* ibe count uud ronitttuunii <if iiailuiv*' (a ttdi<.-uii' ji^ili<ipatabtjr 
from God) aboulil \>c fuunc) to haraioni^c ^«i(ll it «i reniAifcabl)'. 
It n the morr smguini, vthr-it it u icnirmbctrtlr tint lliot iuiIk 
contiiv^n evidently coiii«mplalMl no tucb piinciplc of inrMtin- 
tiou, so tbAt th<-y nughl square i)tcir work Accordnily. Ok ibe 
Cfinlmry, llial [bi.-y <lo not rven propound iheJr itiiinictiooi ■« u 
*ysf^m dl all, but rullicr tluow out certain loose bcia autl doc- 
Irinm, fraifinenu mtbrr than foniw, ^JjiL-ii bttTV 1u be actually ar- 
my^, <lupO«wi| rcdoced into order, UTchv ibcy full into wbai 
divine* C^i a tyiUm of iJuology- SurtU tliitikU pr<>b|pm worthy 
of 4 loluiioD ; and lucb oa ou^bt to make ua uobvlit^^^r pi«k« at 
leMt, and kud lum Co ciauinc the poettivc ovidci»cc tiiai, of 
which th« i>rL'»iinptii'4> rx id4:uc« is not u1 my rait' d«iuicable. It 
may be laid, imiccd, lUoX the ovidcocv, funiiAbcd by analog, 
vroulij havi- bwii Ijilli?, bail imt rtnTTlatirin inld «■ wliero lo look for 
it, And lfai« id truo ; but it ii a truUi not at dl afftM-tin^ tbc ^atuu 
of that <7vidcf)cc whrii wc oi^<:€ baTc it. A ilarvuy wis woutctl, 
!o upply iUe unatomicvl faci of iht iliflvreni dirociion* in wkidi 
tJic vuliet of the allelic^ and vrin^ oprn, to tlic dciclopokcnt 
of tW tbroTv of iW ciicuUtiui] of tb« blood : yet the dfeulBlwti 
of tlic blood would lin^'c been just ta real, if no llarvcy bad 
hinl ii> make it Ltiuwii. Tlir Nc^wtooiati Syitcm^ » it n 
called, mijc^it bavo been hidden to tliia day, if >uvitou bad iiv^r 
bv«u born; but it muuUI not Imve l>ccn, on llial uccofintr iho lo* 
n'rtainlhnt l1i« tivtvin «xiftrd. The ' Constiiuttoil «od Cottfw 
of Nature* luj bem dog up,- — icvelatioik IcUing us wlicrc lo ilig, 
m ord«T lo lind it ; but, on cosiiiij; to the U^it, it* leMtoMiny lo 
Ad Inilb of rov^lalioo ia not, on tltut sceA>hnt, llic ha* mrthy of 
all act V pin lion. In Ibc Acu of (Jm Apoiila, wr rrad, ' A cer<- 
imia woinaotkamcd Lydia, <i«dWo/'^arpfe«/fA«ci/yo/71byaftfO, 
irJbtcA wor^ipprd Ood, hnvd tu,' (ch, >vi- 14.) Nw, aujipoae 
ibn paisage bad indoeed a March to b< made ioio ibo niiua of 
Thyatira ; and that, in coow^ueitcc, a ntoiie lind been bnxitbl iipi 
faaxiiiig a OQCilaied inacription to u itortbyof ibut dty, iruui a 
eonpan^of Aftfvf, {U fimptt*,*^ — tbc discovery of ih« slooc «x>uld 
belp to conoborate ibe HatrOofi oftlic wntrr of liie Acu, — out at 
■Jl tba lea* vfe^uaDy, beoaine 11 buppeued lo be some hondrcd 
can after the Acta were wnitrn that Uw di*cti*erv «'b» inade,-^ 

■ tUr WbHitr'* JHRMy Utt) On*c*. tlV p. ^». 


7%e ff^rHing$ i^fBitJt^p Battfr, 


«Qil that it n«» onl V made theiif bccnuTar^ the mcutioo of the plucc 
ttail »tiii)iiUl<:il cuK^Miy, and »ii£t;i:»loil lIjl' traicb. 

On ihi! vrhulc, if ire ptuu the ««v«tbI pjuticuJan of this areu-' 
racnl tajiiilly in fcviirw, vjid iCM:ki3ii their ciunukli>c \aluc, ibat 
wlucfi luiiinT-ni to n^Di in srctiit'^cCtira n called l)i<» 4^'. cumoC 
be iiicomfidcrabk iu \\k judinurtii of aiij vobcr aoid oupoa^Datc 
itiniiinpr »iVf tnijh. 

out vrbatcccr m^y be tkc importance of |]tc argumnit from. 

fiRak>]^v. vrlieiL ji-f^aiileil undi-r thii ui]ii-c:t, it i« not ihnt under 

which Hiiitiop BuU^r conteoipluled ii vi:tli llic ntost MiUcfnc* 

tiM^ W bcihi^r he vin» tinl put u|x>ii hi« tm^iiiry Uy ilie 

rtifiark 04" OrtjEeti, which he qtiot«« :u ihough it had utruck hb 

nmd with the Juicc of a nw Uiought^ ihut ^ he nho bclicvts the 

,#cri|iam Id have proceedtnl fram llim lAho it Ihc author of 

^mtbutt may wf IL f.'\|>cct t>.i lind ibc 5amc t»0Tt of diihcullio id it 

as arr found in ihf roit^ijaLiEuvn of nnliirt* ;' Mb<*rWr, wc mj, llMa 

*r«a the trxl h^nn wJhcIi be nrl out, nud ^hidi Rave a coai-» 

plrsion lA he MibM'tlHv'iit llioiightj lTirittif:]ioi)i> itir obi'rniM T«ii- 

derkcy of it bei»j; |n \tatl Jiim to consider Ihc nri^iuincnt diicfty 

tts an anMWfT to chJa^Utrns aji^miut ret-elaiiuij ; ut whrther be 

I tbovghc that to Ml«nce obi^clionn was in itself lo add to the poei- 

tiie rtidcncc in the moal eficttital ti nil vtyj, hy nuking it corr^ 

,ito uae ■ profane phrase) Im« livight ; or vh«<thrf, in wi^^lding 

lUa two^^ vrapoD he wu natumllj disponed tu stnke on Ihe 

aJd^ thai rut k«-imt^ — fnr, a« 3 sniiter do»ii of llic high imagitia- 

IJoiM of Ihv iiiiidtl loochinp tbo Khtmr of ChnKtianit}]i it i» not 

cnly powerful, Imt allogrlhrr n^iiKtlm ; nr ip^helhrr, in an age 

|Jik« bis ovin, )o < cf/y rt^tt^ne^e' in lb relipoua notions, he felt 

rif;bleou* te^aA tu iot\ ih« mor wilh iLeii omlj H^apona. and to 

•nfEf^evt In thprn^ with sll hrcominx humility, thai there mig^ 

be, after oil, — uiid nt-n «h ^dicusiui) of ihtir chScuJtM;*! — mortt 

in beiwvpn hirav^n himI mrtU than ihi^ir philt-tophy rlrt^iini«d 

'i however ibir mi^ht be, ccrtaui it U. that tl tn a* an onai^vr fo 

H»^Wl»aKi againtt reTelation. ihaT Hnilrr rrgardu ihc Analogj-p 

r,ratbcr than at « wilncM of lU UuUi :— thai he doei not »o often 

ipmk In iht apiiit of St. Paul, wImtu tltal apo»llc nripca ' The 

iTiuble Uunga of God from the creation of the n^Hd arr eiearly 

being nniliTniiood hy the ibtnga ihttt are made/ a« vhcn he 

tarta epon ili«^ dviilical anta^onid, - Ttiun fool ! that vhadi 

in lowcai jfl not qujokcncfi ciccot it die ;'— that be Bometimea 

CBploya it IU cuujuDciion "ATih m^luiion, but muirb morR ofkoit 

Ml rapoailiufi to unbcbcf 

Htfe, indrrdn thr nrgiiinrni of annb]f;y » lUe goMeu bmuth, 
ibefera n^cb obtUcJe* lall and pbanloma vanith Thtia: ibrre 
a pvaMunptioa agaviat niradea. So there nui; he, hut ii lber« 

not ilab t jir^vunipiKiti aftiiiivl tnrh n cooifainBtiaii of 

•Unora an £o to luaLi.- tip ific Uivtory of CftHTi KlMMlli|g li Ml^ 

coitf iiKllkitUiuK |irM»i ti> flH- rwiii T Y«i iko pn«iiiD|>una (hcivr- 

C*«r great) yuAtis UqIcac a ver)' tnnll mailer of uvidHlR^ W« 

liATCMi it]i|Hi-«iiua on imr aunib, llul il w» llic avounl iiiiriH 

60% B few y«ttrB ngo, of a anMU liniig port to vriic a L^ 

*j4 Napoleon, not on tlic |ilmi lie adoplcd, but on oiw ia 

wfaldi not* m|^» mridi^m ihouM bp probably*, vet all uticily 

true ; and oo itoubt tbr ihinjE tiu^^ta hate been othievul. 1m 

prMiimpEtioii ifliiU hasr \»x-n giirHt n^uiinl ll>rr pAmiuiiwiti <if 

rJrclriciCVt ^pSaiiUfti, or many other arcana of aaturr, vi-l tbay 

Wtv Honn fsialiliilirfl un irt-idcriicr nut in be giiiMUiL \Va suf^ 

pore, tbot IumI PaliiiurtiB bvea lold, vibea he waa boaiKic about 

in clw MeditcnaiKAA llurc dav* and llirt« itightv, ncitnn' »uii 

nor itor aftprarinflr tbnt liiv linia uxmiM coino ^hen a liul« 

itrrdltr'a |ioitit wottld ' jnatc of bla wienabout' with niont mira- 

culoui organs. stHl lo Itir itirtnt ntfclVr bit ti^uibl dsir hrpft har4 

to be ]>cnniadcd- — Yet hi it v,-as. Aoti thou^b uc llimk tUt 

pri^Mmipiiriii at prcdit iilrmig ngainU tbr «mtf*nri> 0/ f'tiriirv* 

dyms pbito^oplicrv, yet onl? a cctlun dccrrc of tevliaiairy «ri>idd 

be wanlril lo work cim txjiitii:tjou Uial, bating lircii lu(i|; ^obttile, 

tbav «cra baconiQ volaail- The courK of iialiilv, Ihenrloti;, vary 

caMly dimiaea of lin f|ucati<in of iimumptHHi. Uut tt «lota 

mora, lo ihoaa wbo believa in a pariimlar Piwidaae^ «^«r 

actifcly Mipoinltwting the nSun of ibia viorld, ^rcai md tmal), 

TairatiM can pmciii po caii«» of odknea; Ibr ttrni^ parp^tual 

latcrpAtrtum iinm^ ifac order of ihingt, 11 ia ciediblc aamrgh llial 

U alumU Muivi-iinvit manlfrhl itwif in mrilrng Mici nnrntial c0n*Di. 

Hut the adnnniBtratiun of llii* vrorld, it may bv rajd, U camod 

«Mi MH:nnlin|[ lo f^^ngndiaKt. Still fhrrv » macU on fool to wfaM 

tbuaa 1aw« do iwt aecni lo apply — A'aMv, a» it mcm (In up« a 

nmrS pbraae), in ihe oocnUtuiKin oi' ibiiifa. I\bii an the 

lawv, for itiMonc*, by wlacb a barricane, or a p^fiitrnc^er or a 

ftLmmtf |HMi«t<v npoa laaakind fMv^i rkaoit^, ncourfinfi ona 

placr and tparing anotl>ert m> bard lo br ivJui'^il to any prin- 

(tiplc, a> lo be <m\M (mbjil i» aiMtlMf nanc for otr utter ii^noranec 

oMhnrnalarcV^aeeaUnlB? Mayit aotlte ll»tuniei aiHlanunai 

procaad l»y rulca prtaonbedi tiD aoiae arcumulaliMi of inooiwa 

nMCP rBqtiirrv t\m mtirrpomUoti ni a hnrnnanr, iv m fw-Milaaap, 

or a famine, and ntitl tftmi Uie inti.-qio«dtacia ibi.-tl oi'Lun accofdipiic 

lo n leettriitl la«i iu*>, a\A tu be eunsideml » an lU-in la a lyalom 

of eupmlirutit, impUiotc dcfret or vDotI, unwrnitth> of tbe cnatrivcfr 

■inon to cbacqjc inipliea no mora 4if liiii ibaii tu rrcatP.— |iuf if 

dimr waa a defevl hrian th« thafifv, M» muat tbete ba^ hotti 

bffora Ibo crvalion. cn«lioii itvclf li«iog a diaugat ami if an 


The tVrdiafff q/ Bah/^ Huii4f. 


b rvquimi to tKw^ » it mint lav« beeu m |>rod«icCf — 
Wl t«Ua«r *i iIk- imLjiuI cAixt of mii«c« »cl at »wL fiom ili« 
b*|nn«ini|. Anil i» like nwincr di<: MMrral world may |)roc<od| 
•ctvrdiiig (u gtaittnl l«>va, till an uccuitiuUuvii <3£ iiKtnticnJcntc 
dmandi ih^ iiil^rfrrPbo^ of n mirtrlr; ibjn, too, accofdjng to 
n liriKml Itw, a lun li> whi<li it wru upwitEiiied fthvn the fixm- 
ditkuw 4if ifii* vti^rM iAi^t> ]>ii1> thill, MMVf uirii utHt «udi cir^ 
mmt«iicc«, Rwniclct tlM^rt ifaouM boj — a law «tliich v*^ mi^bt, 
v«i7 p<Dti«liU. uuit- a«l Mid lirlrtmliii*. if nc luii but ulliti rnftrnl 
ft«t*M< tthrievith Co make a rompantoa. And if it t>r ol»jcct«d 
tBHl till* is Ifl «lr|nii< miracl** of tbrir loJuc ai tokciu of a raia- 
nii«*ioii Irotn GmI, i» crvdenitali of bia amboMadoti, we answer 
that w> mmIi cuinfqiat-iKL- uotidl comk t for thai m a met maa 
co«M nvrer oat<-Hl»tr upon ndi an mi«q>oaiiiun ocfuniiri; in \\m 
hfoiBTt ualesa Kc bu<i Imd in romnttDic^lJon with Ihc Dntr, »o 
its arliitl orcurmicfi woald be dvui^ rtiniif(h 1» ftr»t« Midi 
rommevitationr nr, in olber wofdai lo ccmfv iImt auiliority bj 
«vloch ht* tp«k4-. Mrne^ for inataiftri-, crivid fiol be ftiippnocd ID' 
bav« Jiftrd up ht^ nxl t>« a hnppy roin^idvtaiTC al die ««nr moaufql 
wiirn thr ' ut^ivrnil pbn' miatrcd ibat tbe ivndria of the Hcd' 
.£«« ihoot'l br ditiil^d iM-forv uie iivaaliiRt ; bui tba pi 
iMippafiine en Ir wjitdH hi» wawit il w^uM bv* al <i«ce coodiMbd' 
Ibat lti» iVilt bu*! b«cTi wilb hbur awl ti'f biiw iritd llw arorM, 
Aud, afln all, Mbal i« a niiincle, bat ftn oppurvnt (levraitLHi from 
tba «4ial>li*li#4 I'oiirw of Hfllnnr. with a i lew lo a oifro/ ellect T 
fint (•« wr hart! hnii I'n-'iiM.-nt occauon to rciDDfi, iei ibo prograM 
Itf ibn Bir^iiwni) nutbjng n morr «anaJ ikan lu ht* vir«iU in iba 
tialiafml w^nld nhaik- labarrvicul lo moral enife : indeed to UMiaJ, 
tbal It rtiEiy Im.> ittwiblnl «b«lbcr mcrf iiidJTkJua] «i<*il a not in- 
1rad<nl lu prodiic* liiuUy foan* wonl p«ri»0M*. *n>«ra may b« 
diffiriitlim ID rtliui i iiv^ bolb m ibe pecwliaailiti ot' natiiiv aixli 
of TGtvlalton — tbit ^it^ dttput*! not ; bttt onr nrgnmf-nt !■ iliit— 4liaiC 
«bilftt «ir AFC tn God*fl iwtnnil i^avrnimctU a^^piLrcitt iiklcrrnptxitt* 
of Hfnml Uwn : or pfaonmitna, iflbkli, if auignalilc to Krnrral 
ta«i, an* oot aM>snablr lo micb aa nv can dvroTDr, and art, Iharo- 
■iWe, rUftted imder ibr hrnd mri d wiil a (ubiHi, like mmfrirt, mean 
^Itilial wrcnniciic no accouiit ofjj wit bain lui mrd In b« 
Magg^ml ffi ibr «;inw tir aimilar nw^biai>u) in GtJilV muial ^i^ 
-fVfWMftl, lliv priiiumption being mtberilia oihrv way, tbat ii 
JaffTtlM WT^r In br nipciclnl in Uic atibtma of nTcIatioo, 
b«iiT^ attually sitcb in ibv pb%»kal «cbvni«. 

HuL I* il ir»t •tiangv ibat luaiikiiaJ vhould have brcfi mAi 

lu H*« Ml l<>«iii in Ibe daib — lb;it l)>e wfirld sbooM hnir brm li'ft 

lo (bag till ftrat ifiuiMiiiM *rau, bclore C^nitianitT mu re^flalnlt 

<HBr«> ■gtBi, aualogy iIcjm 


exdiVUDgj 2IqC si all Mwi(« s 



Tie ^Fritingi o/Bidufp Bvikf, 

oil tli« conUsry. it i* the motc common cnne in rmture. Ilowt 
it, fnrrxBmpk^ thnt hfttii li^vp bitri jillowett to run lo wuio 
for ci-iiUrica w^ow cctiturir-*, of nltidi tlio* jitucs v^hcu lliey wvto 

Thit vlicQ dr^h ludkail lo Lb 4^1 1» 
It ivAA to Mnnr, 

Of aWilTuitt/ 

\ttA it t« iK)t till w iiliin dirsi; vt'ry few jcan ikal ft wkola dm 
of infMlidni-i, aiul it d^K, now, \tY^ bolki«, comidend th# aM 
el^ck-Dl, — iiiiiiv-ralf, Iwi'c lirni tfiJi»fcrjni froiM the bovrcb or die 
rurtli to e)k- 1>oia«Is of x\w }iutk-nt, to rkf greai adv«ntM|^ of luunau 
tifv- How b it, Iv revert 10 n'hol vrc have alrcMijr loucli«<l vpoa. 
iJint in;tiiltii(1 vrvri? 1^^ lo bltimlLT alituji ujiou llie €iop«ii, i^ |irrUs 
of vhulen, for ^u lonf- ai period, vrithout itw knowledge o< tlie 
cr>iii[ifttK '^ Or to \\\i- in grou i^mrancc nf many Dicni oHnlisl 
truths, fluriiij* a iiiinibrT of (^QoralioQif, for viDtit of i]i« »iBi|»l« 
■jrt iii piitLliii-- ? Tbuv 14 iio riid to this — tlie wtiilt), tike I*i^ 
ipcrn'i uliiid, i» full of iiniigp M>xm(3t- 

Bul revctatioLi baa brrii coin munica led parHatlt/ ; if iC «»« 
f«>lk from Uod, sikI of ib<* inkportiiKH^ aflrgrd, ^cnild »l not 
Jiia\e beett univtr»nt? Ycl whien of (.rod's p1t> i^ not iinpbttal 
lbu«^ Heiillli, aiiid ntrvii|2lli. and inl'-Ut^^l, and prufK*riv, ainr all 
dinltibulrd in uni-ipiLkl |ii(>j>ortioiift^one man hw hn M <«il 
■miHif; iJii* viiuttv, aiiid iriU, >nil trijir dr la nir/ir i/a pulu >Lji 
Another on tbn vinc-«-]nd b^nbLv of lh« Lojiv. It h not for us I4 
recoflKile Uioe thinjci; but it i< idle lo raiw an objectMMi ik«u> 
mrobiion upon a ground which wotitd equally lU^rlt'C ito Ai* 
majifity of nny hand in the gotcntmeui of the uiiivcrae. 

Itui tfie fvidtncr for the miib r>f mrlmioii ii rot i<ran«ai£fra- 
Ihw,* — WBvilnot to be expected, that pnnejpki whicb «ttv aOI 
for specula lion, l>tit me, mid for xnrA ute loo, hhoiild bive tn-m 
feC forth itith a |>vi*|>Ki.Liti uliicti eoidd noi be mivmEcfprfl^, 
juid supported by tntlimonj wWjth cirtild i>ol be rFf(j»nl i Vrl 
vbal reuon wv t^irw lt>r cxfM^clinK Ibi^? Noni^, ccrtAioly, 
from tbc condition of pian io lliU murld. He Km been left to 
■bipe his cMinc thmii^h thing* temponil, not wilh {f^noiu^mfM 
for hih guirlc, h»l with probahifHy ordy. For csa be do nwrVr 
rirti ill ihe nko«( rritir jf i*rp tbiil he riLc*, thin lit d'»nii ftnt, 
endeavour to coant the eonl, nod ilE<n pbiii ht* fi>ot nbrrr iV^tt 
f^vat> niiuf riiiiv to diniL lir van ptunc it iait-\v ^— 'mtLiiiif , llho 
tb(i *uilori of I'ortia, o» ulucb of Die caiiu:^ conlairis his treotisre, 
lOdtiAcn, like ibem, creall; pCfpleiwd. PraetM-allj- npeairnc, 
if » pnAobitity, iu a degne wry much lon«r tbon Uut ulu£ 


nf ^ritingg f'/Bi^op Buttfr, 


pJracU for die rtulii nf rrvr]»l)o(i, ilial «itppliri ihe rutr of humaa 
KtoMw, even mberc \iiu itscU 't% im'ulvrJ. \VhAt flnf bun«lie4 
Uk boat of Co1uinlni» I l\c bou^Li a ncvi Ik^vcu and a ikev 
f>rifa| oadcr mach douhl, »4id ditroxirAjiv-nicDtt <uid da»xci — tbo 
tinj cxblCQCC of lu« ulijucl iicici i:]rail> iriraird to hiuir till it 
act«alt; ro^ u[>nii bim from ihi- dfrp, bifi wastry vn^^oe doiie, 
Lp to that bour, b« ccmld only rend it m ihc dirvcUon of a 
raifrpQlf in ihe r«uial floMiitg pitKi of a Kpsr, in ib^ ftoa-we«d, in 
Uk U»d bird, i» the brcc^c ; >ci tbffc ^isof he liid \t\y in Jib 
IkTtttl, luwi foUuAMiig lliL'tn ill fiiiliit fi>uiJii tbo nucM he? U>ii^rrl 
f^r : «*bjdi IhiiqEH a'c a» tdlc);on\ \Hv, tli«n, Hbould ft rule, 
ubicb tbu* obuiii» for ibe prcsriii, Lc abuiduiii.<d fui tlic future 1 
okoro r«praaih m ih^ icn unc/vbitn^ (whatever may b« UkS 
■iwjuiil of it) may coiutitiilc m cvciitiil pait of ihc UiftI of all, 
ftod Uu* mott 4'fMj)ii:»l pan of tbr itinl of niaiiv. Ituc, in iiuih 
ibal tiiK«rtnin(y t» ivry much Icm than inai)> pei«oiis »uppoM. 
ppupir* arr apt t(i 3Lt liip foriv (if t-vidvrticv or uf nrftiimrht only 
»* it mMkcfi lur dicirovin pKjudlc«» — ' 'Ihc ^lAt ^^ Inibor to the 
lliuucbt,' The Vfolf, uiu"!! br W2t Iramiug Id trmi, couki nitlu* 
.Aotling out of ibfr letlrM, wbutm^r Uirv mi^hi b<% tbat uvt» wl 
I'^boforc Lioit but ' Uiob/ Cudvtuilb miic^i-Hh iIijU citri» ^i^uie* 
Irkttl dieorenu, (ibutlbe ibnN- an;-la of a triatiglc, lor instftnc*, 
«r<r equal to two rifbl aoglcSi ) tfocioiKctcd with olVcruirc ntKtttl 
Iruibt, might pnvnblv iK^mut? tUi.- subject of doubt nixl coiitro^ 
ftny. Awi Mr. he iiaa, xtlio adopts this MiiliiiHot in hi« vatu* 
ttbW Ivttny on Mir>clr«* addn in b uotr, ^nrnevlui after ibe 
loaoncr of Uatbwtoirti ilhislratinnt, ' if tb^ Pvlh;if*i>rean piropo^ 
vUiiu (Eiicl i* 47) WL-te ti> impoao on madi«Riaiit;ima ibr rt/Uia" 

SDrraR maxim of a Ririct vegetable diet, what cajuivorouH flu- 
ent of (eoiuctrr mould «i«r f;ct to tbo end of the FiiAt ll<fok 
in liucliH f Orif «v^ could corKciiv* the lioririnr of Fivtwna 
bad, »oit)cbow or others bc«i) ooitihiricxj niLb no ob1J|[alioii to 
abftiaiii ftmn llxr \tw of wiue ^ ilorit au\ one liebevu that it inoiild 
h^sv it^itied III piTM^ul uudinpubvd cai»hLbhnienl thr<Hi;(hout tb« 
aciEirtilic vcnid t — Slu^uld ue nut Ot tbU trj^ d«r liii«c mail) a 
thirvly anal}«t piomiing tbat be i4«i oodrr an *b40l«t« itttbililf 
to comprcbrjid ot lo credit llic ajvlem !' 

Bui utiat, if oiinclcB, the fouudatJon of tht* Christian tcbetft^ 
abouU not bIab«* be fonnd agreeable to ibe nmnuMb of Oodf 
— Wkai, if ibe ptmer of vrorkiDg tbcm ibouM b«n* *omeibii» 
fallen iMo bad baadh axI Imvc been uied for oitl purpo«e<i?-4 
\V hcil, if a woadcf oiald be worked in ctmlinnmiofi of %\w duly of' 
ldolair> f* — Oruidcfiafic«oram«**|f«ofib« MostHicb?^ — Or 
iattUUlubiiig tbr pteb-iMkiM of a &Lc Cbri»t ?J — Wbai, if iboas 



evil tpinut* '— Uniilit ant thii rvnipr ihr worUi o( miracle* 
UienutltM in eviricitce 4>t fcvcJAboa cqatvotal I M«tiv af ovr 
diTrnm vouMhnH dtfoj tki^ pnnniw*; VFwiUI iMH «1low tJi»t ^qj 
cuAfuWon of ihu kind «>* pcfniilEfHl, «ad npUiii, accimlinglj, 
th«' Irxtn tttitdi itt4> srvrin 1« miptj ibe rar«.riiry. If, hovrvv«r, 
«v ftilinit tiki* objection of ihp i>«HU to bu wvU'fimmJrd — if 
«r ttdiiiit tlial "tcfti fibvivc of Mficrrattuml ^ftv V3\ vimrlinwa 
«l1owud» «]id that, b^b^ nllmfffd, tl ciii««d mnnv tf> il«ibl| 
•till ■»! iiut grtfU ahilHiH Tcr^r often ««6vrcd in tJMso dji%i In 
4o ch« itmc^ Siirii n pniqJiffi, nr uodccr nf mtrftrW, »« «■« 
•PmI of, vtoiild biit h%vr fiv^n [ilAYini: « p«r1 hiindnr In tbil 
wbidk a 'nndaJ^ or n Hiilm^brfiiis 'V n Ihmw, lit* |>tutT<il t'tnct, 
Anti liicd. Th«^ «««i1d but liatu bocii ftpplmif kiicb inlratft lo 
bm* hfiidb. Tlir Irtvlh n, llw piivHt^or of nir«< «-tidu«rttiPtiti, of 
wbnli^trr kind, if lie ptovlitutcii di^TO lo tlie ob}c«l of NuJ(iii|| 
' one of the lilllr onra ' lo oletid, wdl 1ia%i- In hivhtt fr>« it ; burt 
lllMI ibu tittle onn thrniMthwt, njKio lliu >t (ip<)h odief ArtfMitott$, 
hre ^xpPcU'il to ri^vrfiipr ihetr Lr«iii iindiN^UiwIiB^ (' dial taintU of 
fibr J>rcf uilhin tlK-m/i-) ii|Min th*' lendt-iicy nf thr n>nA>rtin« 
cvidcocc, n-hKih, nndoubt, l'n>Tidc»cc vnW ii]w:i\TiCHkr ca^r rh«ll 
pfwpottH^r^tf nn dir &ide of tbn tiulh ; ntiil thr ficriilfftiti iwciy cniW 
•tilulc a part of ibrtr Irial,^ — it may ba llie Mi>Utf*« i»lcanurc that 
ibe ' If ue aprvaiil ' frlinll havr kU dbcrrliun aubjeclpd to l1ii« %vi]r 

lUiX t\tc trrrrity uidi mliitb llir Di^itir n tnsidr Iir> met in iirrip> 
liiffi m aiwilwr liun in lIi<^ »V^ * <^*^"<i i*^ ^^ ^ <^^ <^t not It 
iti c-uilM ii»:iikU.-n ooty. Uit in all tlut Lrloiiics to it,-M>3( mmd 
ahf>cp, infniti and MKklin^^ camH oDd ana, !« not this a hard fvf^- 
ing? V«l, hard aa it in, it » juat w1i«l the conmc of lulurv: 
Arm*. A fl<io(l, r«f iiMiaorr, now nria uiidn pnritrjf ibr aai 
ordrnr afi a Joahna or a Saul did hRrclornre, — nKkkin^ no ffieai 
dr^iinft:ri4ii>rpenrjfttoTili>iii;3. Wlini CaL.-iniar nr I Jrna, or Tiihoal 
wTi* d«lr>iV<Hi,oo rr4i-rt'Mino wa« obvrivi^it in fii>mirnF 
IT I liiHi^iL or cwttlr. llic ratih i>|*< iird htt niuutli and flwallni 
Ihem u]>, whateier «»« tbcir iiuMreitcr, Yrt 

* ]^ifxiiK and fftrllMtaakaf ahal* not hvavt'ii'i d^iign.' 

Or, anbi, — murt &'>l ^ii'^t iHunUcn nuttarr) utittvi d dbiKliMttMi 
like tlut of ChrMuiuij, rtbriir »j iiiuib J* rx»ri«4l of Witig* ao 
frail t C»t ikal bo a faiUiful ry|»reHtitiitu)«i of ihc Author of 
the Mnirnic, wbiJi poitra^>> bus uaikr iL« tlijinH--iei i^ an 
auHlcia lu^n, — ur, cau Uial >cbi'cii« L^loij^ lo ll^ njcftifid Uud 
wliich daacnbd ika ^ta of Ilia kiugdou aa tuait, tbc ifrijr iiv- 

■ llM.f%.SI,tl, 

t lv.>,u,V, 


n^ n'niingt o/Bkhtf Huthf. 


fow, «mI lk« nioMiicn Ccirf Ar9 iher* no wianj b«iiig« to b« 
bi>rv only to p«n«fa f Hon wc lc«f thu vrc trc cotonog oa 
' dioiti^il?* nli^iufp/ whkti wii tm, witli Hnv, to widtdmr. But 
«L»H, iijiftiiUiiiz lu ibc <ytn9iidarmtioi] n&v b«, it in iHVortbden* vfff' 
liuc, (list in iIhi actiul cooMitiUioii uf dtiii^f, tlirrir iI<hm >rpm tft 
tir A pr<>ilt^io4i» wma both of uitmal and icij^-tabk- lifv— thil of 
tbetccdf lomir frw po^^ into pbuU — Uut (ff lln- uuitmli wkirJi 
•e« ihe ligfaly frw are bom tovnjoy it— ihai wi< gii«-a cor|>ural 
paiq^ to inanT a (>oor beetle lu wc valk actoaft ilw Ikld — llial vf* 
bcul wmler fiir i>ur Utod^ Mid disimy raniadft of aninialfd atomt. 
'I be ohjccliofi ikiia viewud ovRbt> iitdcrd, to rtimubtc otir vicr- 
boQ, b»t crrl^lnlv wi^lil iwi to «lMik«> our failh. Or, rnribof 
fbll, ibat piMiubment, bavmjt no imd, or ncKt to imi»p, bhutitd 
be UMBiiM to Mill CKWMaiUed during ifae brief ■[hw of thnp9« 

years and Mik Mam t« b# hanl nkaasure^ diiflcvit tot 
tcA mad blood to bch«v«. V^ tbc cgiutitttticitt 04* naium 
mnmn lo nphold tbo diamul do«irin«; for liow oftun doen a 
mule met 4>f follj or gutli rntail iif>ort iIm oAcudcr m itbofo life of 
wtiwmmg, utrmvi, tit ibeoi* U — tlw chAfiiirairnt «ii of all |tro|>Ofw 
Ima (•« migbt bt- ttnppowd) to div ^in. h nu llic luiwiw or 
aiFijiiti riictiiiii 1 r«U il wltxh ina n ill) nf s uim, rvm I'xa^il'mt 
ibirtj' ikil)iu|EB^ from ueic uI hi* avibjtoti, thut inUicti-d upon m Lhw 
«f iWlabd lli« doHiifal of ti» llijoiip, the lo^a of fab livaJ, mm. 
4m ««il9 of biit cbildron. Il wm a ittigU] act of cmr«te*«iie«« fifi 
«« sn- U) brbrve St]Ak4|t«are> in pultm^ i»lo BDOlbcr Muk'^ baivtl^ 
b^ mieiake, « vclwliiW of tttpett, thai ^viriivd lb« monarch'* cii- 
IMdity* Mid wnKi^M Ibc ptundct, the dttgrBce^ uid, ctcntiuHj, iht 

lEoi tbo iwrtliod by wbiHi n^vlaticm rcfHt^cBta die IVily (ft 
rffrrt ill' ri<i:mcn iiitl >aKiiin>n of man n wty mmffdAoiriL 
From a Bering ^bom uoitiiiif; can lift or hmdcr, a mme direct' 
mini «a|irdilioui rmirM? win (o b* ui[»rnicii. Yrt wbj w)1 
OrtafcnlT Uh> «>-rinn on whicb tbU moriil proc*«d» arf;u«4^ IM 
aneb pnTcipitaikHt of plan — qvtlc tUc i'Mitrei>. Vou oid\ tay^ 
G^d Blight roruumnd ib« ttottM to bi- maiti^ btvod, or tbf 
dottd* to rain Jl; but tk» he do^f^ iioi. Hv dioo*<B r^iber (ft 
knw Htairkiiid to till, to aow, to nni|i, <« gatbrr into barns (O 
frind, to baktt, and tHrn to ral — « proccam not onU vtrr (oog, 
but in Bdnw n*«|m:t*. d priori, tcty tJiiiiroiniHinf^t vny iiiilik«lv to 
«n*««r tN did But, a» o»ft of o«r old (bviiKri <|uaintK r<-iiinri«i| 
1h» Abni|;bly '«int HninimLk loidtt the aiDlrar>' >«aj to ibii h« 
novaa I and lahi^ nwn hive to go th« naarMt vi%s , aoH ofiiro faili 
liod cotnnaotily focs abovt, and id hi* tmn time «^a<nf » fufi: bonir ' 

Bill thi rkhiAtr uppantui of CbriMiamtf i* mvm, iMiwi>rlh> iU 
ma^oftlkriTt prticunoos ^ — ita aesl, ibe boeoa of God— its wKtt 



7^ H'rifyip 4>f BMty^ Buller. 

ibc liannony o( llic vtmUi, Be il soi jt^ttp if 5011 witk, in the ane* 
n^loim cry of ihal lui^blv man, the captun of llie hoyt »( x\w King 
4vl Syrui, — ^lill Iht: »r|;unioiU ot nntloj^ir d^^molUbcfi th« t^Wcliun, 
ftlmU'ii-r i»:i) br ili fmci' ; Tor vrhut ti niuic r-nuunon id iLc ron- 
Mittttiun cf [latiiro tba» Tor |»ro4lig;iou» cotiMC|uefic«« to AoiV 
a]>|3aiir-iuh iiiraii bcxinniiiE? i iMily Muy Worilcj MoBlt]^ 
fBinblc* Into ti Tiiriith lillngo, an<l vhai rome« of ic ^ — Sli« wnHp] 
Uf Biiglanil ilic M^rct of in;>cvliitJo4ir thereby, l1cr^aM, codIi 
billing TiLfirr U> the u«lfar« of faer ^oiiiitr^ ni^ii, ihiio ail iht fntw\ 
t\uaon of lb« EibU Di. Jcn»cr ob^ervw, tiiat the milk-ftindi 
of Gli>iiccsLmlilrfr>caj}r tlur MitalUpiu altOfClbcr; Stoil nhai 
the result ?^thal ^^atrciiialJonUdHCovi-red, and ib« attcleanlj 11^^ 
of H lafw miligiiti'i still fiirlhcr tbit itojKiinc diacaac, atnl t-cuiK»a^ 
wuMfl laU morv iLU'Ccufcill^i i)iark a vTiok rulW^c of phjvicttot. 

But lh« odicnic of the ntoncmcnt, tu dcvcEupod id mcUijoi^; 
fK^ViB to cnhibh (he Ucit} ii« rvganllest wlwlhr* ihc ioitoccnior* 
the (uiU^ jiufTcri provided taftniiis tWro bv : iv Ibis crcdibtc ? I| 
111115 b« H tliHreijli; (fur all ihc objcctioaa «« havo totidK-d in? 
dilHcttUiGfa), but 11 IP adlllicully of precisely the tfumc kind, a» 
uhidi ttu! icbi^iDe of UMtuie fiflc»i:iit», aiid iteitbrr giruler n^jr 
* J ha%c done vi<:kcd]_v^ but these tAArji nhit bivc fAfy doiM- V is 
not nil rickmaliou filled fur Datid oak. Najioicuti dTictimncs 
npoti 3U iotaaioD of Hiutia, — ilv unjnal aci w i*ot infncdiuici|i] 
Tuitcdti|M>Q hink^lf; hccw>9fy putsonhu iDr-chnk, fct* mio liu 
InuDL-aUf met Aivn to hn latlblid eil^' ; but blv irirK>t4'Ml fi>lU>v«t« 
<iiiiit>Geol of f>Uikoiitc ibc cnterpTi9c,wc mean) arc calkd to pvf- 
ihp pricE uf hu inii|uiu , h\ htiii^- frujEeit ti> driilh nnnid llir unavj 
of di4ir onn w«ld-lin«. JMrani re^pt, ftffttttttttif Achw, iti 
adajtc of ^«rt old alandmic. Aa a mailer uf fic:l, thrTdorv, xi 
arrange iiieot i» not at all in«Kdible. 

Itut why ai) atoiwinciil «t all ? — \^'h> ahould not 
akiDc nidicr to reconcile ut to the Dcitj ? Wc are iKit bound 
IcU iftb>; bul Ibi!) vi^ caii tell, that id the KroHd in uliirbwe h 
»om^'W for otTi*Tirra t\nrn licit in grnvml mnntr tlir- r\i\ iiury encal 
upon tlu> oflctidcf — it di^M oot ' tmmmrl iip tlic eoiksrtfUi'Oer* if 
it diM:t not, fur iiibtaiur, aci^uil thir (Ut^'Iiit of bin coiilcinpl^ 
Ihc liborlMie of bis ditcaic, or ihc rogue of hw lialtcfi, — AAllcIl 
Jiete may br, but ibcic niiut be fine lm>; u<id the natural fcdrnj 
of maDkind b«ar vrknflM to tliit, for (aa wo have alrwiy hinl 
if ftorrovr had been thi>ii|:bt enough hy die kealbcm, why ihoal 
thrv )iai« addnl vacriliee f There » ooe eoiMidtfmk«,lloi 
ivjtKc^ird Uv AURlop.nhi^li tv an onawcr to ihti, aiMl to almost 
4>bfecti<]n> b»Lh auuiint iialiiral n^l^iaiiajidrrvraled— oarrr^^H 
^rrft<t k f^t f Ud^ tf tithtr. Wcervct ouricKcpiniP juH^ri ^hilaC 
vc an hqX id poiwjaiop of Dearly ihe Hbole caavj— «e decido 


7?h^ ^P'ritiitfft of BUki^p Butbr* 


upott a pwce of vvry inlncaic fnedunlsA, whilst we are kcqttuiiud 

vcf> few of iia peim ;'^wc pronr^iiiKe tlociimtiujUv upon a 

re at cbift«, «^ilf4 wii do bi>i m« all the poajtbtii of llie men. 

con^lilutjou of nature u cvidcotlv a jcAfin^. 'I'hua tlic reb- 

bon of ibc dilforrra |Mru of a w^trh to oui- luioriicr u niK mcnv 

certain llun Ihot of ih« «ct«t«1 poit^ of tbo uaaial fnme, Tho 

ig, die ban^l, t]i« dvin, llir \itu-irK, uir a)1 |irvk|inftio(iMl0 

id adapteil each to «acb, bnc uitb uo prralu euro than the bonc< 

re arttcuJat<xl : ihr hhvzt^i^ of thn joinh niadc iloabk- m nngUi ; 

'iIm' vilalii j>ri>(i.^r(«'tl, (W heail by a kEn>itj{ box. tlie heart by « 

buket of hba ; do one number bcmi; aMi- tu atf_> to aitotbci, * 1 

k:Kvr no neeJ of ibrv/ Hrre. then, i« tvUtion of paru in tho 

lia</jrK/ud/ — indicating that the conilitntion oi naiun: u n M^hcniL-. 

Bvcalnid cmr ditle, and we mav olvertxr. that ibr biiigi of 

ttb IK mado with a r«ftfr«noo U> llic uir iIifv have to iHVsthc. 

Hmit eye* to ihv light Hti«ii:b« tijcy Jiir lo m:v ; I'oi iLr fumicr 

^VOoU MM play in »u<:h an f k-ntt-'iit ;ii waicr, nor tbc lattrr be nx^ul 

for VttKHl, if tbc ray* of li^lit im(iin^i:d uith tli<? lumamtuiQ of a 

luil-cionii. ln(!«ec<. luiiiiing can be idiuti! obviout than the vym- 

ntfffy «jth wbidi all things ait coiiAtnicted ; i|iMHlfupudj and 

binb bmrin^ itcttnr }iro[intlioii to nnd in o*p anoth^ in si» ; 

tbiM only Mitfenrd to uttuin n hviL;ht aiitti^ble lo tkotc wb<> 

Inw ColifC Bdiofkg tbcuioc U|Xin titciu- With mhnE ainini ibvuld 

we toatenplute tbo f^rovtb of i(ra», if (hiTo mu no M^i^nabl* 

limit to It) clcialami — if il thii.-^irnc(l to bury ua alive, like U«U 

litrr in i]>e forn of ibe HtDbdigrugn ; or how fliiMilil we be dia- 

inayeil on ubtrrvifig ilif* adva&co of ■ blight, vt\\^n iliv iiuccis 

conipnidng it mivlit srvrndly nxKunie (no law f<»rbiii(ling) tbe «ix<i 

,Of D btfbcmoib^ Hi're, tlioa, n« ba^« the rvbtiou of tbc iadivuituii 

lo (htj»UiC€ be liic* in — alill a adieme. Unoc anjirc kt ua cilrnd 

oar arelVf and we lind the nir Uandinfi iu iliw rdatuni, not otil/ 

^to Ibe lun^ of aiuniala on liic cuitli.but totW sun in tlnlieaveu, 

hu rati, no< ai npon a bed of muoI, but upon a Irann- 

ailbti^, elastic tubgUncCr tfaTongh wbidi llicy mn^ be rrn* 

lyitratm by 'a tpam nf little atiimin' lo ibc placr »f llieir dmli-* 

nation. Ucrc wc have Ibe rdattoa of Hfuiw lo aioro r^mtttc pufta 

^-atilJ a aclieiui*. Vi-t more: the ««o lo which vt have ^u» 

'Ineed up^ itaud* in hii tnnt related lo olber plaitcu bokiciei oim; 

ntlic Uw by nlucb b« Utracta Uiem, aud ihc fjiiantiiv of aiatter btt 

Lcontainn, being no leas nicely adjnBEnI Uiun llv iiitnuint of tho 

dilute cli-nwnti nbich ml- hu^f been cKanuiung ; iimI if wn 

4^i|iJore tlir nbjui bevnm), \m< tiiould |>iobahly perrrtie tliat 

I natcia iUelfr of wluidi tbe auu is thus ilie cvalie, lioJib a rela* 

ikiiialiip no leni cooiplrle to otbrr »jttlcna a» great anil glorimis aa 

oar own; aad thiu, i\M Uic mtitail Uapcndcncica of ibiofci bm 



Tfie Writingtttf BMn^ a^iUit. 


■ttb^kcti tkn>iifibout ttie entira unmrwt And ibat «1l oott»|Mre to 
o«k« TS»t HImJ iitoOBiprchimiUbl* JcAmif 'lltrn a^tiu, th« fte^rml 
pitli of *iic:H B ATalnit iiTL' not la be tc;;jirdc4l uofcr i>nv rctitKHi 
cmly (v u-t* bnvL- Ijfrii IiUlivrlrj (.liN-Hjk L'iMMiivriiig ihem)^ bill UMlpr 
many rcUtioiifi, iiii<ilv<^j ^md inTcrwovc-it in ■ Enviiicr Uicinoftl coot- 
plin»irii — unr (iniTCipIv univrritig maiiv ealH, lltiu, tbo cofl- 
atnicUon of lh« bodj 1^, in iU ««8*Dliai foaturM, tkHt ttwo, wlinlber 
tb(* BiiTinA] lA 1o br adapted lo ibc cEiilb, tbe flcr«n, or ibr »ky. 
So ngai", ibc air vtuch iti^pU«« itv lungb 19 i'i|UmI|j ItUinJ for lb« 
propagation of aouiui», tlte c(rDfic)p«Kc 0/ «c«iU9> lira muifaUun 
of neaf, tbo nbmem nf i^iEuiablei, or tbe inptilir of Trrtrh the 
constitution of nature litivby ctibibalil^; itaclf. not mcnly as a 
icbtciL-, biit at n nHirmr nf rttrvmc <2Mnp1«iity, l»ll of wbwia 
williiii vibccb, — if tiMicbed ill one pltco, tr«ubLi»i; uuikr ibc loitcb 
in a llitnuaml uibtfr fibi^ifs. Nttw, thti bi^intt llw lutiiiul comtti- 
tvlson of ibinsft. woulil it not be idtc in ah; profcwr »> llie 
viofkl lo ^iit up ami f^v, ' socli a {icuticaim in tbL* mctbaniAlB 
in derrciivc; it i(i)ii1<l hn>i* bc«fl Ix'liof ihua : tbe aifr for ti^ 
stancep vrould bifc b^rn (at leu olfjcdjoiLable. i( il IimI turf 
bc«n of a ilefHItY ttiflirient t» bki» (Wmn 1113 oti«ile»/ li ntgbi 
be an Mltaiito^c lo you Ibal ynUT rn^lkca ithould ba*« atood 
(itould bi! iUp AbvioiiH answi'i); but «up|MMing lh« cbaofier bow 
wonid tfa« mtcm at larj^c be aflitctod by il, — ibo Uin^t of aai- 
nala, ibv pastagf" of liriit, tk« alinirni of pliiiib, anti iitimlwrlMa 
otbor malicnf i>f wliAcn «« know noihiiit^ f It u poHibtv fai 
ihia altvraiioii for wUicb lotj plead vonld liavc iiiti^knl tli« d&- 
ittBgaoMiil of tlir tmivfrn^. Your an^«*tion (>a«iug your I'ro- 
laao«r*hip) niglil be, afti-r sil! (a* tloraL-^ uojtil baw sud), onljr 

* 1 rwta jog from tlic cIuthkt li't of a doun, wbo koew notbtng 
of ikc coiDponenl parti of ihe nu»rhinc/ 

The nrjfnm/ govefnuicnl i>f Ciwlt thtti, being eviikmily m 
«eA«mr, nixl a ^tty dibonue ont^ it u probabbe firam analoffy ibal 
hia moral pnTnnitent 11 a ja&rme Iimi; iiLdcrd. ilierr » futlivr 
canf« for bf^lieviTifi thin, in tbc cin-dnatancc ihki ibo tiby^rai 
woHd awmii to be rtadl itt rHatmn lo tbi' moral, jiint a* liw 
InUfi i« aubonliaaltt to tbe autUEtJ^ aivi lbi> nnintal lo Ui« ini 
1eciu;i1 kingdom ; bill if a tditrnt al all, ih«n oeic havinc a mnlli 
tniir of brnrio^n, vtftx k^w of vkldi rvme wtlliiii our ro](inn 
To vai>e objer(ioiii> diereCDVA, aganMl Kbal in* may fancy i 
lariiirt in il, wlinhrr nr livik to tbr gfnettd plan nf rni?ii 
Of if* Cliniiittanily a> a parHem^mimc umivr ilml j»laj^ i* 
Htar^r 4i(Ml fiH^raldy, hn<Hii*p il h 10 cbar^ biin i^nran4 

* ^^Iwri* vraul thou tvhm 1 kid ibu fouodationa of Ibe oviht 
may ^tiM be jiulU u^ilinl. v* it bcretoforc va», to iikJi pnny 
•mbtilif^-' Han tliou ontend int4> ilw upriogaof tbe •«■? 

r%« nvitiflgj o/ Bi$h>p Bmh^, 



tbou uilk^ in iW irarrhoi iltr drpllt«? Have llie pai^^ ofil^aiU 
;ii 0|M;t>cil lo iIk.4, or kmniL'CHi tliou the oi^iti^iiitcct of ticaicn V 
ll nay itol, divfclLne, be morr uiipli^utojilLu-ul lo bml I'iliIi niUi 
' |)bi«icftl order of tKii^, oa i\\e tcorc UiaI v^lKtru ihfie to »4icli 
>i iMui tbon: may bv hii nicsinu, ibiui tik icptoufh lUt- nuirul 
ler of ib(fig« iA itii ili« cii»t«iR-« uf c^ti^ t^ie paiti«l <liAiuio<i of 
Use imperfect cvidfiicr dvt llir Uiilli i.4 rcvcUliuii, ur lliir 
LlTBordinary ujluit* of it; tliv true stuvver iti twih fbin Ixiiitg 
iikd liio tMHit — ihat m urc 4|iuinclling, ;iol vtith i(iJe|>«Ddcnt 
IfEi^ •taailiDg bIudt f}T an tlirlr nun mrnl*, l>ut mlb |tjirt« of 
wtj iatnc»tB acfaotuo. ^ubKnicnt to it in liow m^Jiy ntt;*i ami 
liilt wbal prupiirn, lie ualj wlio ruit vni^vj cIm; uiAf^ cau lelL 
,_nii* b a pofiioii of ^i« gn^i IhcoK on wbiob Bbbon HviUr 
I^li|tlit3 U) tluvtl ; bin SetmuiiBt a?i wtD ;i3 bis lt.3Ki>, «ie fiiJL of «L 
i^^or nn vie pictui^: lo u«irwK«-ji a iriorr i]Udlriirti\« losioOt ihvi 
l^al Mbich ifl adunkil hy ibe gnvc exampic of auib > nan ; liiat 
', fo ftcute^ io |i3tinUt w profouod, lo fniiiM in inticip*liiig 

HCCCMMi Mk CAArlid tO cillmMui^, «o IxlumptiftJil ID rcpcllJnjC 
[difelD, KB gifUHJ Wilb jwwrm uf cuiiibiuiiig UDil ijetrlDpiag lIw 

l^iU 9f <Jod't «M^«t coun^Ebf, ^bicb liu scattered <»itT tbo faco 
Iflf liiiofc^ — dial bcp li man ibitb ri*ilaw<.<<lp a pt^nt wm In t\aty9 
'%bra Kiaau Umi* v^vrOr hImuUI «ver be raauntl«d. and dioald 
ir bo irminding ua. of hi* if norancr ; tliat the Incomprehco- 
t lh« Euvinl, ibi! tntinilifr *«ta nil ihr ]>riJe of our under*- 
"iga M noMfUt, aoJ by iiiCricacic9 vt^icb He kitci m to 
rlf and contrkrirliiT* wlikb He: $^^% w tu n-eismile* lad 
<lcptii> vibidi Ui- giiris UH to fa^on, and ahadoa mhkit He ci^ua 
Bi to ilbiEJiiiu*, fnnY-A frnm ii« s uwifi'Mmn unfr^giml, th:U llir 
nuMt are but a» foob wbeit meteunnjt tbeuu^Ii^ei axamsl iluD, 
«bu«r waji arr paat diidijif i>ui, uud uliu odt, Muidftl 
' Tbkk do«di ajk<l dark 
CkoofT* to dnrll, bia ^kity onobfcvrad. 
And triiJi ihp Tiujetiy of datknan romd 
L'trt-ic* kik Uifun*.' 
^mda an fKam|4e ewmoi be loat ujtrm a« 9gr in «k»rb wit inn* 
daa^ m Wfl—rrbnking tke MiperJieial fcoffrr, a* it do«i, alivr ik^ 
mmmm ni Nrwion In Hnllaj, < MvnO, Mtind, ulk not «>f ikb 
^MaliDii t y^M baiw not eoa>Miercd it, 1 ba««.' 

SHirii i* ibr aif£niiM*i)i fiom :iikiln):T ; the muit efiritttal, pcr- 
ki^t that caa be UTfCctl uiEikiixl the iijib^>i«virT- ; fiK mai4)r uf bii 
uLjerjjnm, bniiig ittii»pHlablr dJfikiJlica, (k> not alias>a admit of 
a ivadv n«>««rr atxi uii abMii^c Bllvinpt at one would only 
abvuKlbcD ku prejudice aiid bof Jcit ki» Watt Uul. lo nioft hia 
own i»bj«cLiD«ia fi)KiD lumaalfr to drrna hiHi^ifka ^atiuU be tnu *o 
liii ptincipl«) Irom unfadtcf baatbaia^frainftphikttoiiby \*l>Kk 



The WHlhfg* rfBUk^^pBuitfr. 

UttmMrjt, In 1><? Hirr, nl lllr rfHilnluinai of !i cuiilL'ffiioQ of d>r tiiihf 
to a philotopliy ilmt rtpow^ in lli^ \vi»i1<»Bi ct a coofc-tiioiir tliat 
tf]*ii' irijiT tji' ft'Muivikiirr uiiht^til a cumfivcr, mid )[<>irrtt»ic« 
i4itlioiit 3 ^ujdc,— -tlii> Is to luLc hiiu iu JiJn rwii kiih, aod lo f(o«l 
lijm inUtllii^ iie(.«-<]!»ttj ufrci^iHaMik-ring a vtfdict ^\mh niVIIca luin 
«ith conclucioiHKQ tuoiistroiiN, 

W'c CAiitiot clo9c our piipLT wiihuul ad«eitias lo m diiMrtat^oJi 
hj the Rev. Onnid WiUon, pn^ftvnl to hh cbrip wlilKNi otf ibe 
Afitlogj. W(! do il wuh IIjc mo>1 <ntiro si>od-wi0 lo ib uitbor 
(lion^fi^r v^ a}dy tliAVi fiom hiiir), vhl»me drnre to gm mcrrB*«l 
cimiljktion to »iich d work, at kucIi n pmod, can b^ viewed 

nith i]i> nllirr rL-L'1jiig?4 tlimi llmie uf uiiiiiiii[;1nJ traprcl. Alld 
here wo ins)' (jb«cn'<? in jpaiibg^ thulihU mival of n tairf« for 
tlie writiiiipi of Bbhop Butkr* indicated bv ilie >e^«ial |>ubli- 
Cftiiofw of whidi tbc iitk« aiand nl ihc brad of tbi» ftitk-]«, M 
i>iie of the bc»t JH^tit cf the Vimca; fur, mIicDict tbc df-iMnd 
for llioir mil'tiiuit wigkialed witli tbe Inil) tbetnitplm, vho 
^o4d<i tnti^fy ilicir onn »cfuple«, or uiih itie clcrg)', wito would 
Mippl^ them Willi iLt bt'il iiiracii <if iluiug tiu, iiu bclUr cbnJcc 
coitld kiaw been made — 'Hoiit^ inorr cftiidid, mam dttcrct, tnorv 
ncfordiiis (<> Lnowlciij^. It ib only justice lo Mr. WiUori to 
9ay, lba< he «tM>ua fivry (fi»po»ilioik to pny uiitabte liootage to 
one of ibc grcAtcM men of our cbiirdi ; and Uut hia t|iTlonM: of 
the AriMlogy ti fa'iihftil iim] lumittoiM. StiT) br Uai ^i>T»r fault fo 
tkitd i4il)i t^ic bMiop of iJiirliim, The tca'iirfl jHvUto U nol 
mlBcnitly scripEuiul In bj^ Uiivitnj^r. ijor tlcvdtnj itt bit viemv of 
CbdtliAtiity : — 

which tbc Aiiuloffy would h^rc Gfcciv<I, if it* «nauniberr<d rrtdonha4 
Lcvb ti^tru;.'ttfd morr Ad4-4|ijAtrljr hy it \n ih« n^iIntDa] d«fllh nod noa 
of mill in oU hU ponvn hy the full; in t>ift inociiintbl* consdtutiori of 
■p^ciftl ^locv cvt&bHslicJ by iho Goipol ; in iho ^v«tuic««* Jua66»lMin 
ol ibo vincere bcUevcr iu Uic »icnAL:c of Thrift ; ia tb« dMiio mtufc 
and pn>pert«» of uue Cijih ; in thr mJi^hty opcDitaiM of the Half 
Ohott In JUuminMCing and wancdfjing moji; tmd in lh« «on»oJBtfaiO 
And vnircrBftl obedioDC*» which arc tJic fruiu of TaiEk'— p, ti5. 

Nov't lo tbc opinioQ bcfc cjtprcMcd «« cftitiiol allogclber *ob- 
BCiib^f; for to whom wai llie Analogy thirjt^ addmvd T N<rt 10 
bclicvvr*, lliougU lo tbcm it docn ioilirt^lly EiiiiiivUr, codfinDin^ 
tbein m %\mt Bucrfilanurr of that religiou w^itrb flu- cniTititniimi of 
■Uliifft bftifwaica to bfl a luin-mUr of Its own; but it uas for 
trvptictf, or unbrlicvrfK, ibui tl uai piutctpaU^ ifkmttt ; «i>d il u 
pTotiaUo Itnil, had noi nuch EilMcirniwl in the <hy« of Bbhop Uoller. 
ibo AiMtofEy would ucwr b»\r bc^n beard of. For lie livc<l nl a 
liflWf » we IrttTO from litniavlf, wbcn * thn Uccntimif ikw of tbc 


TV tVrii'tag$ »/ Si^fiop ButUt, 


Qftpcr closfO^i cocnbiitnl nith \Hc irrf lifion iivliijlKouilr proptH 

K»cif ;' t^beii ft • kTi^llm;C ^WiX, "jK>n (ithciatiral prtncif^lcq/ wiw 
to i>r 9|i|><rlK-riikH, a<( il kad bHvre Imthi ;ii:1uhII) t\pf.-ri4'iic4*<l 
0«i pnncii>l« Di cnthimium ;* vhcn ' ffligton sTa» brromc so very 
troM^nMt, ■> to Wc iiollnng tu ito with itir bt-dit tiiid alTcctJaiis^ 
if Btich wordk ugnifr nnj thing but thr fnciiliv hv wblcii xtt" drfc«rn 
i»pc<:itUliv4! U-utli;'t ^|j«n it rta:i thoti|:ht n«c<l/ia! to pn>|>ittatfi the 
fart-airn of n irniion on the ' Vx^irfif GoH,* by pniU^ting al tlie 
outlet that lh« * atibjix't vroa a rcsl oito, notfaiii^ in it etkibuiiiLSlic 
or itiin^iiti>mblr;*( vfhoii, ' mi m«tj virw of tbin-js «"** upMi all 
ftccouiiti, in^liftion uriu ll» chtef dan|(cr ;'^ mImtii to preuh the 
k>ic of our i;jKtni<]« vra> cftllcil ' rnnt ;\\ lOicn ' lltcre vrai a 
fcwffml decay of rvbjiioii in the tmttoi), ob*en«(l by trrm oue, 
lOr ftomc time the complaint of ;ttl serious pcrsoiiA— ibc influcnCD 
of It tnnrr aivl ttuitr umiiii^ onl n{ ibr niindK of men, rvrn of 
lllo»« Mho did nul pnt«ii<l lu enter into »pociilMioii8 oti lh» buI>* 
jcci, uIiiIm \\iv nuiitbrjis of iIlom; vibo diil, ;^nd tiho profE^ftcH 
tb«mt4-Kvii 0)itH.-liLn^rfr incfcaseil— and nUh their iiiiTnt>cr« lli«ir 
icbI, crol roft n^Am^, bnt aoaisiit rvrt^ thiitfftft^t irru g'r>/>(i 
ducf •iKvwd mwni^if nira ;'f iiihfn ' tho iif;!!* orGr>d'v coming' 
wci^e bdnvcd lo be ' b«t too npparcnt ;' fm that. ' «■ ditfcrciil 
1^ hul btrro dbtitigiiiilii-ii tiy (Idrrfriit suits of paitioubir cnoni 
«bd Tjoe*, ao the deplorabb di*iinciion of thnt wu, an a^xwed 
Kort) nf tFliKiou m jHtmc, atid t grcmtn^ dbfc^anl of it in the 

'nK«-'ii*i*= the tiinrs for nhirh Bull*r hnd lo pro^ijc : and we 
eai>iv4 but ihrnk iTial he acted Vtk*- n wi'te nia^trPi-lKiiWrr, wlirn hr 
bid ^K foondali^M], ani \rU other* lo build tbcr«oQ. B^^tilr*, it 
vm not Butlri'i ub}<.-i-t t<j L-xpoLuitl ilic doctvtiiea of Scn|itQre, 
Wt Id prove its cf^^libility : he wm uot it> iiiicrpretn'r but it* 
vK^CAtc Willi tlie doctiinei* hi their full cxt«ui, the cotuCiliilion 
of QStim (which wa^ hifi rom^rn) had cnrapnnMivcly Irtil^ i» do. 
It i«» apfibcabic ii>Hc«l to tho grow 'eultirei of Chratianity, 
mad In ihcir- \w nppliiil ii, t)«ii to ibc nicrnlri^iila it itas iiou 
TlM«foBmilu-a«DCA qiMhtytilfor i[Q«clioniQto ilic main Iriinki 
sad «imii^ hut waa out mihllc mooKl^ to tnainuate ii»cU iiUo all 
iht minulcr pmt« of Ihc raicular sTH*in. It wtu :kfiphc:il>lr, for 
ifuUncr, to the frcal di>pcii3Mlion'of u Mediator, but not to hit 
mrtapUi-^iral iiiIotc, nt lo ihe degree of min (wtrthrr l^tal or 
p«rtal)'fr<im \»hjtb He reilored mapkind; Mirf, indeed^ ikotbing 
emtt be mote ivmiriaM'' thiii lh<* paitit Uulliri tAes to nvoA all 
qucflioiiu wittcli mrthx in^mcclniely or raraotdy mioicter lo ilrift — 

^^ i;:i«i. tip.A, "p.« 


ill «)ijr»tio«u whkU inighi tunrow ilic iphric KiOiin nktch bii book 
wovld Im »u9cft^ lo walk with tifrci* ll« <!ori not wnb to ipvik 
to CnKinUt ot iVioiiuMD^ lo ]>iriloiopliGff of lUii aclkool or of tlial, 
b«il tia nifttirt lo spent to men iu tt«iier>U-tu p1t4<l Uw acilitiihttr 
of ^cngiUtrc in icwnil ; MncL for Miat pun>ow, to luc (u lite a^l^ 
bnUu would vs_>) ^^ftni nrprmiun^. HvtKK tudi U'lnt u ' J«* 
CuLlii!* ol pctccpUutt aini otUoJi,' ' Using pow«n/ ■ Ijtiog BgoQU/ 
' tlk.' Ijvjij^ lxMit> r»i:b taau call* tiiiatclf.' «ldcb, to be julif 
tttimiicil, (w Mr. Ilimpiirnproperljob«tfv«i,)iiuiiib« mkntcd 

|ik«; duiiiicf, htf uprakfi of * tJie uubiiowii cwni, iJratli ;' aiidp uliBl 
it pctfiiap* citii iiMHC nrmuk^bU itiil, ito wjJi not *liuckk Uiouclf 
(logical >■ fc' i«) wnh » dcliiMiiaii «)f the nuna: iu uliKh he u«c* 
Uitt wonl ' niiAcie/ conlriilinK himfrvU wjUi living, itiit * Um 
DottoQor it, LMittdcreil ui a pruof of a di<i»c aiiM^on. hMb<«D 
»Tal«<l vvitii icr^at iruclceia bv divine^ &II1I U,' b« ikniJU, * puAh 
cicitllj i)udti»tuod bv rvcrjr out.' Mortovcr, Um aUtmntji of 
BtfLop Haikr, vhirh hat been «oiiicH)iiie« coiaplviml of, arv«», 
«i ftr us il ca^ifltA, chtcti; uul of tfaia t^rr nwdc of tnttlioK bb mb' 
^ect ; for lie ivji» bcrrby iflinrtiinu ' obli^rd in nprcu hiiiiEt-ir in 
u mauiior vibidi iiiigbt Arcm atftugelo fc"tli bi (fid Mof o6*inwMff 
rrovon firr ii ;' uiul ibc a«cr<i opcniiou of the MUM piincipto 
probfiblj c«uM:*d bim lo be ko very Bp:iin>{; of hi* tmirirltf nJg 
Diiiid still ddt^hlii^ to leaj ^kutuic wilh t Uoid eye, A«d ' pcarct 
bnh|pi*E ilM^l'' t" *t-t duriru tmioufea/ Pcrnia not fatiulinr villi 
llbc AJiaUljciil uoiiiciiclature arc oflvia puttIcA wilb t prt>poMUoB« 
ii«Lvrv tbe juiiubcni sn? i!3i|>rcurd in Jeitcjv, vrbu wuulil rrsdiljr 
underalvid it if a pimcuUf cam w^n lak«n, uikI 6|Ute* t«b«U- 
lukd ioi I bom. 

Nor 14 iliii all : to deloniUMd b RulUr to cast liU ni-i ma wida 
M povaibUr ' to (>ibcr of evay btikdr' that be Ifi^iicAlly ar^yOT 
upoi) Uic principle* of otfacia arid noi lit ovtii ; pfoiiug hu poiott 
to b« iurv, tnlffwn Uw«e prinaplc*, bul n«/tri'iiA«faM^dif ibeni, 
' OR^iuinit vlwl lie ibiiikt line' (nid «« be]^ altriii»u« (u ibia* ua 
bearin|[ i«ry clutch on ihc ^oi!«ti(>n >ii <Wbaic] * and oyMe nfniMi 
Jjn^r/oAiT, jiMicly brcttttfc Uj uIIiti* tljoufbl uiiulclliBiUa or 
not iiur,"* Now, Mr. VViljwn uili not d^-ny, ih>l ftono of dw 
pn>|iottuofu wl&icb liu wfKild wjittnuly hwMi tccn »iiop4<d i»ko 111* 
Vrork <it' HubtJfi Uuilcf, wvtr, at Ivdat^ rnaitt'i* of inwh lirbalv B 

&«iiup BuUc/'a liuic. Mr, UiJUon bclitti-> Uicm U> ibcu JuU 
dtciii: he lindi Ibew {>o be rapieaUj u>i1) pvifrtil> <:uaip»- 
|]bl« MAb Ibc plan of ' the Analog; ;* iJiiiti c^n be 4tiM probt by * ibt 
AmIoo/ and add ii» it tlut mlucb bo thiuka ladiug. Aiiotbn 
«an aiay brl iuMT ilirm imly lo n niote bniitpd r ^Wtit ? ha a4ic 


Tft# ITfUin^ Gf Buhp BuHtr. 


Cim1» hi* ofurinm r<ifnp«t^bl« with < tJao Aaalofj'— -bt ihtrtfor* «aii 
pcfMk by It lOQ. A Itiud itui> nut aa ^t\ bclii:vc iJicm mt all l«iiU 
MAOHgttt Ui« mutlej aiultitucir Ibr hIikIi Uutler ht<l to catef, liiii 
««# ■ vi:r>- C4>imi»^ cbsiscler) : W, ibcrcJiirc, » to be woti, not 
b; oitfwItcliAius bim Bl ofKX with t|i« wkiulr in/itcrj of iht? 
CDtpfll, tHti b> »Liljmitciii|; to Imu tliat tliq gmpcl le m\ a thing 
tacmi^r uid Icanng hicu lo linin luB ovii cvncl luloni, ' A 
nafrow-of'ckt^ii Unite*/ Mijr> {jtiutulinn font«v«b«r«, ' mutt b* 
biUDDurcd : pom tci^lijTp of fou 0|>«I1 iimtctii of till/ ' Itoculcr 
puur mivai auir/ itiiot the tvomt of FreiK^b proveiha. 

liutf JO(k<(ul, *lb# mfire cofTUplion/or' itic jo/rj/ mor«l ruii/ of 
ffiui,urlbc^iJicil«UonoflLiBi0Wi-iiiuiaIiL4iur«t'ru[|i (rod,' which 
Mr. Wiltco t^ooU bute liuj itUruduc«tl by Builorf i« u doctriw 
ittildi tbftt proroutid iiu^urrcr tiiil out bolJ; nnd, ino^oner, ii s 
docinM^ vrliicb, if oiibluhcd, would, in our opmioi), *h^ hai 
trfviBCot Bo Us fouuiiation». \n Jib bcnnon*, whicb Abound in 
•Itmrou ofbia KirMii^r wtifk, «Tiri in aoine caft«f ibHy »«rfL* u t 
«MWMMUr> u|>oLi Lif lie it dik^; occupied in <Wlermiiune (be in* 
WMd frAiiii: of iDLiii ; Aiid lii« o«d e^arcri ud t^iperiEncc Ifsui liioi 
10 tliiok tb>L hi* fi>nii had not ^tt loit till hor onj^iikol bngbtiMH \ 
Cbal vi addjlion to tboMj |i«viuiia «hkb be ■Kiira \u cummon 
itlEh hniloa, thtrrc ]■ uhoihor princ ipU p^ciitior to limi, e^eti a 
CotikcicQce. a moral aciisc, a DumttliiniE, — call it b; wtal nanic wc 
piraw, whereby «r rei^clivH> aaiti^n to right and virong, appro- 
beliooor bUmc; Ibox thi» prirHriplvu felt loapcoh Lie one liarm|[ 
•uibority-'^iriAi^n'jr *■ diaiiiiguuhed from intrra poHvr, fof tbu 
ani bucr piUkcLple mnr pu^rs*; Uial il aoati ittctf abo«« lii« otbor 
coutiMOdit paTia of our Lstuj*. — iiu|KCb iWm, pruuou^jcn on 
Ibtai, nothing wiihiQ lu oncduwhile drfuxtinciiig Uiu ■• rd act of 
wibecominif lourpaiHMi; ihat howaTtT the fabbl»-roiit of duortkHjr 
ptMioiw may aticmpl to mi it at nought, ii U acill acfanowMntil 
aa ft aoftfci^n (in Ibi4 loelatice at least) bj tiivint ri^ ; liioi the 
AiiAor of Naiura, by planiing aueh a nutfikor within ui, ai)«ift«f^ 
ing ID firino or tic« hy a cnrraiporuiiDit plaaaiir« or iMogf After 
the inatiDeT fitf a graUt'ieifl or lioiated aonaap now racDgUMOfj At 
wiib Ihn fpcdtuga of tba aochaiUar, 

Of pova oliaala fuoiin^ Miar atonl tJib f found/ 

and ncMn agafn petcafvin^ a« with tlioaa of tha witch, 

* By Ibe prickinir of the tbiMba, 
AofoKhm^ wklied thia way ocnna^*- 

iKat tlir Aolhiv of Nahiro, b_v I'DJowIng n« with audi a faculty, 
dfcUiaa biaiMiU for titma Juid aguiiut vica \ dacUfai, l^trafore, 

Vk Wrkingt ^ BUk^p B^Utr. 

liift prcscul gorcrnntcDt nctt to be arbitrirr but mtrrxJ, and tlitrtbj 
dc<larc> <w ButkT crKurt) ^bii & future staio of r«wiu<ls and 
pimivbinctilA, diipcitoci flc<.(fvdm|; to a meT<kt mlr, ttUall be die 
Anal cnn«uinnianuiiof all thtiif^. 1l i» ihecvfoiL*. ullimalrly, upun 
thji baabf ofa flOMO of ri^lit anci ui-oiii; imi^aLitcd Co a cartain de- 
gree in ibc hratl of mvn, tlut Hutlri btiilda his Uigh i«pinnnil: 
cicuy U, that i>f bks4:iI llie foh// corruption of viian'* nutiirr, ind 
UiH tuuiHlutiutt^ »iiik undi'T liim. Nor docn Mr. UiUon hinit4-|f, 
in aomc plae^i. f:iil of l>«ng aware of ihiv. It fteetn* to n*. io- 
lieed, Icr tK a source of cmb«rrmj»nicnt to him ; for iic cUcitbcrc 
exprttMly a»crtif thai * nil ibe pviileiim of rmmlod rrtiffioci a|>- 
p«al to our ntmii nalu/r, aaitd nw<-l precisely ibc ruculi; vt^ judging 
u'hidi mr ttill pnutf^u ; niul wriuld ha\r ti» nicdinm of proof, and 
UicrcfoiT no aiit})4iiily io coimoco, if t\u& ttwrnt aeiwe abould be 
ticnicd.'* Non dti* M JLi^t nbat Uuilcr nvuld conlcfid ; bfii 
buwiiit couAiBtiriit nitbtlut doclrifle of a ' total momt futn.' uhicb 
it L4 made a matur of cbarj;« ajruinat bim tlutbc ilid cn)4 tulB- 
cirnlly incnlnriel To altow a ' worn^ koup,' xnd ^ to jaittii on 
a ' f^ffr^moro/rHHi/ appcnra toa< aa iiKO«^iou» an to allow some 
EiH]»r cif beatings and yet lu iuaiat tin m ttil:il drjifiim, Ixi li^ 
iiol be iniitind^rtt'XKi. We are not mideitukine Ut drau' bumnii 
nattiic inio liiiM^> but only to draw it out of cnaWuit — to tbrllief 
ii under ihoM- pnn<:ip1efr which a Hooker or a hnnvw baa lU*- 
Jireicd to u*, uho, «biUt tbcy ntaitilaiiKd the rsitlrncc of a law 
of rronotir ' a law comprrheiKliiig nil diuw tliinfrt Hbicli it*en, by 
ttio \iji\i of tlicir natural undcrTitandiu^, ciidcniJy kjiOAp of al 
l«ait may knunt, to be butn^ailug or uiibesteiDinic, tirtuott* or 
vicioafl, good or evil for ihcm to do/t »««« «l ui* same lime 
rtady lo confm tliat it would bo io tb[» ' to acarch ail ttjc 
gfueraiion* <>f mm, itihi^vire tbc fall of our fatbcr, Adam, to 
bnd one iudu tli:it jmi^i done one action vrhieb bath paa»ed from 
bini pnie, wiiboni one >|bmk- or blennib M aU/( No man 
can be farther than Bhibop Butkr from advocMinf, wiib tlic 
Scbuoluien uf old, the integiity uf uui uitnn.-. The BuppoiltWm 
that ibe ' world it in a HaU t^ ru jji HHMiia to bim tlio «vrt grofiwl 
tid^lbe Chtistiari diBprnoatioD. mud if not provable by renauo, at 
lean not contrary ti> it. '§ No man ran itndicaie more nobly or 
more thttnlLfully the meroJ'ul ftrhemo of tbc alownMnt, (if ilitie be 
any niu- |inri cif bit Iciok imitr hnlivfarrnry ihan another, it it «1icte 
lie liutiillcB lh» vital rpjc»tion;) bvl liiat diK-a iti>t cnLnd opou hisi 
the necesiily of^rn^U Ua^ image \A ita Cirabur alioselber from 


f Aul>tF-P-3»7' 

II DiMtrtp. 107. 


The ffrUiHgt ofBUhop B^Ue, 


lUaoul bfllie uiinr*;i-i)rtiilir m»n, ai tt preliwiimj strp — l]ir.Tffby 
OMkfoiincling th* niLliir^ of i»tuo snd vic«, th« ch^htv of a I'lUia 
ttilJi iht cjucUv of 3 Nriu, aii<l inaLiiij^ *ucU appcah ut ihcw, of 
vhhich ScripLort- ojiLiain^ iiijinf, kiLiiiii<:U>gibl«- * The keaven» 
drcluc ll>c glory i>f (toilT and the Jirmniiicitt thoncth Jii* linndy- 
^*n>tk : ihcrr? ii neither )|>enJi nut luiguuj^e, but iti^rir vuaco uhirard 
mnousf litem.' 1'tic crralion, Lhcrcfon;* nu tjunlificd lo prtAcli, 
artJ luau (llie jiiluial mun) liad n i^itAin L-i>imc|ruiiiLitig C3i|ittcity 
tc* rccctve wlini un^ l^inchJ^ ' Th« g«ntii«< which have not iho 
biF do by luiure tli« tilings irritlcii in ibc hn\' The gentiles, 
dtrn-frirr, uece nnt u'holit l;iwli^4 ^ ' nfl1iir4>' i49* in tome itnnte si 
^«mIc Lo ibcm itt mornU. Uod^ cvtn m the ti»ea of tJic *entjlca, 
' left noi hiiucif i*iil»i.iiit uitLiett in xUm he did gt>od/ Mtn, 
Iberttforv, i»«it hare lK«n in xtmfr mcaiiirc filled lo Approve the 
B9od, tu Aiifvlj it U> ib Author, ur wlicie ur«i ihe v'tlucD f ' If y« 
few dicm Hlitch lotG yoii> what thanks bnve ye f far tinnon (i< c^ 
hraihen*) Jo^^ Uhim that l««c thcni'"-* tcry lew dcgrrv vf be- 
neidlcncr ihtt RMuredly, but tomeihtiig fie<*ttlic1r«f. ' If a man 
l>fi»ido not ^ hta owii» he b ttorve than aitinridd/ In&kl*, 
thtiiSorr, vrir cjpjhie of this act u'faicb » v-HJoined Chrbtiana 
aa coiaiii«ndubk<. * Y«a, and uhy cvea c/i;«un«/vfv jud^c j« 
IWC «»hat B rcf^AJ.^ jibL> uuf Ijoid. Ix llityktcUc?, UK^efcxv, 
«aa lodged lome capocity of doing thiv, of vliy ili« aueaiioti F 
Aad tlio JOMinctii4: mt'iBiun whkU tx fell to accept, in tbc Ittcral 
mcaaiog, iimK * l^it *t ' hr whci hatrik ntn failirr and muthrr 
caaool bo m) diicipk,' doc4 iiot aurcly arbc from its bcuig directly 
in oninuliriiiui to oihrr lekis (for if ihrm vrrr im (tthrm In 
^uahfy iv, there iAt>uld alill ha no doubt uhoL4t the ntatler,] but 
Hinply fiom that tviov of right uiid wiuii^ in a iiunra hcaM, m h)th 
irlJt ttiin at 0U€v tlut th« Almighty cannot inlend inbat the wofda 
in their $XtM acceptatiuci iai|>ly. 

PoMibly Munc ambifiiDty iniy hmr amon in the notioiii vMtr* 
lji-'4 «1 by jvli|Cioiii pitMHis of thi- nahirr of man, fiont ibe dif- 
h rr iL viui't m uhirli UiAt i«rni ii ntrd in trriptnri' : f»T i«bi-ii 
tl^c sipoiih? tt_\^ thai the gcnliki ' wcir by vfj/u/e \\tv cfaitJrrn of 
^r>tt|i/ ii a piuu ibat he cuuld ihA Ktnyiut the uiHrd lU the Jaajc 
>ffnt« aa whei* h« nym that Ihc * ncauirs do by naiurf ih« ttiinn 
c<Kil«uicd in ttic law.* In the oim* case, man i« »|^km oT a4 the 
crraiuTv oi bU iialurai apprtii» ; hi the nihcr, aa ihe diKifile of 
hit natural oon»ciencci Ami pvrbapa ibLt dntineiUrti noaM Im 
found (he kcv in nihtr wrmJng diiirtepinriftt in itw laD|na^ of 
boK ivril. SuHicv il, hotteter, lo -^y, ibui St. Paid leave« Uia 
mbiAion oi xY'T titgrtr of biiiir:iJt i.orinpli{i<i uiKlefetiDiDcd ; and 
tliat vc, llicrelute, iriui i>:ik'li du the taiue, Tliat It u \cry great 
110 i>UJ) iibokituia»buoiTubcait cauduabc. liut it b ihc piac< 


btc nfllist a|>(i«vlc, whrri hi* woulJ Initribln liii (liBiiftUfl, to maV* 
hit ai^pcal ritli«r to thoir i«n4D at Ih^ evil ilicv hH^c doa<}, tktn 
to ilicir tciJs« of the ettl tliev bavc iulienbeil — tbe Umivtr tbrv ferl 
to bp ihrir^if^f,iho \%\ur ibrir mhi/aHuTtP. Ii n«««f can ti# well 
to cxtit one pifi of a «>it«ni. %i the c]i[>rn9e of anoUwv) to mftf* 
nif^ th« nii^ri^* of Ti^Aemft{\ont in LhrmtelvM loo ffreai aa<l 
^lflnou» lo ncctl rNafncciDtJon, bv mnkiaf tbt tubjf^t of IkMkI 
fwl^nipiion l^^lnw Ok* bruUN, antt liM^tiog up lo htn m « fvl1«c:« 
tinn of hiitiMlf a mtjnticr from uKich be jiifltincli««lT fvoo«b ■« » 
kidoois caricAltirv. ' Lei Ood h«Tr li» otrn,' v«y« bi>lop lUll, 
(nhoM Rulhoriiy k o(x«n ftbui«d on Uitt po>ni,) ' m 'Al# V4>rie 
«rMfvr*; ^a,1ct tbe wotfl crBaitire have tlut pioise whicb God 
would put upon il/* Tho rovvnnni (4 tnerrv BhIio|i Hiiller 
found* in ihi«, «vno in Iho iiMimatioD, taatHoCt Bud inlcrcc** 
aioii of Clifist, togethar with proiiii«««l iia»iiiaitc« of iIm Udjp 
Oho«lf not lo iu|if n«cl« our own vod^nsoMf^ but to r«ndef Uimh 
a&ctual.i- Bui hatins thut aaugned to tbr tmtr Uucf per»ou« 
of ih« bl^n^d Trttiiiy ihfir rMpociiv« ibam m iho Mlvotton of 
m», be i» unwillins to rob tli« Father Limieir of ilw luKiour doc 
in UiTH t» tlim nlui ; and wri^ordinielv, )ia cQuliicma un ' ant to 
chaqE^ God fooPishU, by atcnbws Ihul to Hint o« Llie niture Ho 
has givtn \n, uUicb in ouiii); v^httllv i>i our ovh :»biiMT of ii:' 
addiiigr ' tn*a may tpi>ak or' Iho ricftnncracT and coriuplWm of 
tJie wtjHdi accordiiif! t^r iha cxpcticiitc ihcv iia^f* bad of il, but 
Aumon natttn, cou*ii\cttiti ui the divtmr workminabin, ibouU, 
oicthiiikv, ht traaied » aacrrd, ior in Ui« iimgo of (iod nuda Ha 
naiL^I And Uin imagrr ha n\\\fliX hnvr cmniiniird, mint tn amn* 
dtfiTM ha^'a »un uad tli« fall, l^or Ui« imirdcr of n man, of a faUrm 
mm U forbid, eiprnulj oa ihn gioond of ili bting an outrage 
agMifii Ihat tmagr. — Gan^ i>> 6. 

't'hi* i* the crf^d of Ui^bop Butler; ftttd boforawo coodctno if* 
we fJiall do iH<ll to bear in mind that Ui« Sodoian* of Ibe piMvnl 
dny ara in roany coav* ibo InwaJ deoociMlanla of ihc Pyriunfe of tbi 
dajFa of CromwHI; llMlnot ' higbiraa^nmtioiu' mil;, bni ' vclno> 
Uryhiunilit/ alto, n»y ptil iruo religioci in jeopardy; id liiMOry 
in till* countjy, fmo) the Rrfoniulion dnvrii^ianiit bearing aflipla 
Itadmony to bo4b posiijoni; and lliat wliilft it hai altrmnlcly unf- 
frrcd uador a d<vd cidm or an curoclydoo* according a* oaUi 
noUo(i« nf huiaun paffcctjon of faumtA depravity hnvo pre^aiM 
ibaMawc, ihcdiurchof Liigland, ht)ldiii£ tbilmJddla wai, HhH:h, 
m mcui cMK-i, 11 tbe fttfcai, coivtcm lo lr«va aoma ground villi 
dvbaubic, and Lajinc fatnalf onl, in brr AdicLea and Litwo,^ 


TV fVrilin^tfBMap BvtUr. 


church to da, bq« v]cerciie>J the mooc i^Wcsome toHLiciicc over 
titc rjttiodilnl loJ fiiutic ij» iWir tmiM, brin^iiij; bot^ bjck lo % 
better mitid, br ' luakiag bcr ovrn modcrntion kiiowD uato til 

A«T, Vll.— Z>e Is ^AwmW rf'ttftf Wcfo/iOT- Par M, Cottu, 
CouMilIrr k li Couf Uo/alc <J« Piiru. Taiift. 1d:M). 

/^UT of t}i« troubled ocean of Frvnch politic*, mi oowidttr 
^^ ottfxivra fofludfttc ill bciii^ able to liiU up u immpblcit not 
onljr tntKulinv m iu <i)le, but judtciout in mviy of tho fhvm 
wbiA il takMofa quc^ioii in i|Acirctc<«diii(ljr conjplkiiled.* AJii 
ti thii TTK>iiM*Dl oirfUid vnth »a muHi pnHion, tbiil be Inti4| b«< a 
ler; »kiUu1 » itfiJi ms « vvrf botj luau whit 4tcp> loruint tn ibot 
Couvliy to iril su Di«ii}r hoiic4l iruib». M. Cviiui diviijrj* Wa buulc 

^Vto tkrM head*: — io tlw tint, Im dtminbtw tbo ^iimrchy already 
pioduccd bv tli« UvT of clc< (iuiis cMbliobed bjr dui «;ibitng Qnr* 
irf ; ia the next, hv poiuu out iha only niodalicalioiia iit thovo !««• 
«hidi, III hi» opiniuii. wt compatible witb die Male of ^octcty m 
Fmnct ; and, i»%llj. be ripainlo* »n Uia lUiifErT vtfaich tba cmwo 

'Vnoa in dcfcmns lo AAvunit^ what b« csU« th« dictaeomhip — ft 

iVwuurr^ M lie oonctivci, ictidcicd i(iditputabl)r nccavarjr Itif ths 

!-ld*atiuu ol ihc couuifj. 

IJ« btcuu \m arguiiKiit bv poffitin; out inbal >rtrrc ihc tuiaoi- 
lOUf wime* of ibtf ibn^e order* jr the «Ulv >i iht btf^iniiin^ af 
lb« HfTolutioti — aoJ, «* every one o( tbc»c abjccl4 baj Bclu«lly 
br«a anjiiird bjr ihc cnuntty, it mai br worth nbilo to inr-iiLon 
lh«B. Hie FrcQcbp M Ihia moaient, hnvi*, in point *4 fact, few 
«r no grwvaacM Ui romplwn of^ — (}■<: whoU of llie DUtct> itoiv 

Ivawed bem^ about mattef* of moooshiae, Th« Siat«»-|^«ii«raJ, 
imblcd IQ A7WI, rtrtjiiircd— 
tbttt. In fularc, llvir oorucnt thcraJd b« nquired br posving Uv*» 
for buposuig Uici "thai miairfpn ahould b« heU refp>aMbU— ' 

[that tha public bijnlrm ihonlii hr vi^atiij ihArvd hj aU bb M^ica:jr'a 
iljwt* — tha; all dcixena tho^ld ha *n««| b th« »ya of tba Uw, tad 
»li«ibl« IO all Bilaati^xia — thai tbc imuir ptivit«ffM of tb« pronQ««i, 
•fid variouv olber rcnuiacla of fcudxil terviLutttf, aiiould W aboliihcd^ 
that nockiitfct alioulJ hv trrnlrd aiiin* by th« tra/tat^lof amoiiJct^nt 

.Buthonty— 1K4I iht jud;» «bixild b« irrvnovabbi, And tba jiin»iUrlk>n 
of th« MrbuiKiiU defined — iKat Ihr nanoiu To* rvcry impri^Dncnt 
fthouSd br»tAl«iL, vad all trialtbc b D|Mk crourl'— ibftt piiiiabunits 

S«clU vU Mm id. Ill vd la Mtbgp 


flbodd be m luture K-fteoed, ttA the cit^ md c nmintl Isvi rmieil— 

b« pa«wdtd«<c)arm^ t)i« Px*rt nuTuWr of niariiiWrnof cftrliordrr Sn th* 
Slttcv-^noral, thi'ir nwdo uf cltf(:tii>n, aiul Ud imijinfr in wliicfa ihtf 

Sudi vr^ru tiic ritaaoiubic vitkttsot VttLUtt, 'vbvit,' according 
C4>tiiL-/frnJmf^'{7f'iii^rii/* 4juoltd l>j M, CuUD, ' tlic iiNtiou tWught 
Iciv of renewing, or rompl«lc1v diuiigiii); ilir coiulilutjoa, than of 
Ht«diri^O(^( UioiKT aUisonhjclj ia«(o »ilciill^ iiudcnnijiingil; umI 
when iJiev H^ri! Ira ocrupipd in fcimejilm); miii-hli^«ou« iunovah*- 
t'lO^bhy liiti pR>iiiul;;[i(joii<}f unheard of prmcip]i>,th»iim nwj 
injC mni uiKluiiinjr llLOir niirinil rtmhlitlinmitiii, Mhich lotig rk[ 
riouct- ttad |)Tovt^(l to he i^ood^ and 10 utiicli^ indeed, ihc «tHi 
oiAc<liUitl*>'> "i»d pto*|*rniji."tci *i*K:o iu commcncrmnil.'— p. 

M. Cotiu ]>ri)CFcd» lo kIiow, and u<e think ^rili crf*t tticc^aVj 
how the indbciT^l mira-iuic of uaittiig ifac Uirv^c ttUlvtt ai»d 
making thnn debate in rommim mid not M^paralthp |p^« the 
propondorBDCO to ihc moat fHimerous vlaHi, ^lio, btujg without' 
jtrupi^y, tillrt, or nthi*r pritil^^gnt, thrnurKr*, nnrr reBled till 
lbc)r hfld fitrin|7od tti« otl»i?rs vf uU sucti di^tmclioiH, lu ocdtt to 
Jtccuiiipljjh this niajpoM;> howirvrr, ihr.^ vcrc oblifcd to all in 
ihr ni(l«lHnce or \}v* pty^^tAaae^ who, hciitg oric« iidtbtfd Jn09 
iho myikrj of ihrir own »tiruglh, ntlurallv wi^h^d to thirc ia 
the Kpuil, und d<^(rorili:igly nvcnunn^d l\tc mmnt, pouricnl upo<i 
the ricLr robUoii llicni of thrir properly, aud, by every apncics 
of blmn^ittl und iiijiutirr. |{iivi- fravfid rx|irp«3(inii Ici that inbrvJ 
haired whtrh tbi-y hii (or all who ntrt inom ptfl^ by foftiins 
tbnn lhrm»dvo, — (p. 8.) M, Coiiu *tyf iki>lhiii<£ of the iwat- 
nitrnt nhich ihr rhnrdi «if)eri«nc«l ul the hu^tlit of ihv nrvoln- 
bonirt»; and it bH^Mk, l)> tl>c vkny, a linking lEittaiKc of 
IWcL< of riTTl^m fri-lriigi vbidi, i(ii(urliiiulrh-. pa-i^ji) luo ^rtke*1 
rally in J-rji?cc, thii \h» writer, ibciiith treutiii|: cxptcwJ^ of 
the djifcrcut oidna tif tin? ttativ mid tlirir n-Uliir 1>rani>si> *^^ 
one anotiicr, never nlludci to h church 4*ttuhli4hiu<>Dt, nud only 
once in liis who!e vroik even mcnuoti* ilie aubjvct t'd rditfiun, 
111 (tri, surh ifc thi' gi^neral d«^Mbtiioii of nHiflion in i<»n<r, not 
to call it by Ml iniJd a nnoio a* iK^lccii litsl w< prri^iimc M. 
Collu, vrliAt'-vor hr may think hiiiivrlf. durtd nor ri»k ihc vidicnlr, 
or ibocoiklrnipi, iihirh \«»idd incviublvhkvt' att»rh<d labi^boolk, 
bad he apokt-n jc^pectfuIFy uf Cbibliuniu . ur it* msmuEHwi. 

I-U got^a on lo ti^ht, h*>vni\vVf that us tli«re ira* noihi<»g very 
tklraordinary — at tcait, accot>iu)£ to the luture of bt* owri conn- 
Iryinen-^in ihe horron of ihf te^oluti^Hi, ao no oimj m^cd l»v in 



tbe l«a»i surpriMtl , should ilic Mne nxntt br f e-coaidcd upon lii6 
&rti JitEJng 0|>pcutuuitj. 

All lima- i»iov*»M«, ipolUlkiun, ami m&nurrM,*'k« oliiEnm. ' inr* 
t|ffis#4 iM>bol5*bQiihf>t(ntpl« vuhgnorx»E, for ibey v*r« vlriotly in iJie 
It or4«r of thing*, ut\d iruo lo iho pos^iofifc of niAiikiii<i (" JU 
itt>\ ikn* Tordro ntivtvl ■!<» clioKft, pArcc^u'iUtUkcl ^i» Vordrv 
I psMloii* huniAJne^'^ In nil limr^, the like Umn»{»v of jioiivr (o 
tprop«r bandii muil pro4u^-o exactly the %time oviU. In plao« of 
ira. L* BqHc, nnd MajTcm Lflb&Iu^ it will bti Mc»rs, Lnfittc, 
P«rnrr» «□■! Ttrn&DXi who will b« mod? tJio rjctim^ of ilio 
ilftr fuTj: ihiH irill be ibe «xijy diffprvnctr Thcf wrtllhy, itaerptf 
MJtt lh«73Lr» «i>, will alwajt beicid^tpo «xfinatvtiuh««yv*6f tlio«« 
rho ^rti v-ithout hciietf, Xht crimt of beings t3ivn^j>t from thoc^c phr^- 
U> wtbtt Uie |Hxrr irv tubjcctod. BuU «vF[itJi&[]y> hovrpTcr 
itie the rvlgn of terror r nil n^AlriictSnn ioajt Im mflil»,tli« npillin^ 
b^pood mtut hftr« Afl «»d — for our wry »*aaca rvfot* to TniniHt«r for 
'ever toDurhjUrc(J,&nd Wi-om« wcsHcrdwillicndicu pro«cri|3tiopv. Wo 
dieci drire Imck thtr bnjtnl ftimimiH wlio htvc duturlird the pub&c 
peiKv, and fivt about for nam* form «f govcmnimt wlii^^h ihaU pluo 
Ibe Botboriiy in ih*> hondt of ponoDB who know bow to we li'—f. H. 

In folEowJng up IhU principle-, wc tlunk iiolbJUj^ cau be more 
icuiKlaitw lluii iW Tupnnrr in nliirh M, C^fitu ili»Hh timl in a 
ibuiit^yl or ccQAtitulJona] nioniirciiv^ ihtn- uugJit Ui l3(, OlimJ, iutlc^d, 
iiut be j^rcal diMJiiclJoiia of fvik ajjiI |tit>pc[t;f rccofiiiiicd b/ 
iw ; and if »o, that a pre pomitni ting thsfo of power ought lo be 
[yUccil in the h«»d« of iJic wc»lth> ordera, olberwiK tbc le«» 
iltby ttaun uill inevitably j^tn the upper liMiui, aiid itttcrHj 
l4r*lrui tboso \alii;iLlL- itiMincliooe which ^u r»csUsl cfaarftclCT- 

h i» an aadoubtcd irutt/ be Mys. * brC4uf« It b founded id l^e 
JBAture of our bna^, that ui nety so<-»u, whtrtf therr arv nch and 
fOK, ibe power MMl be reeted in the rioD, if the poor ore Id be pre- 
te»led friHn *nal]owing up ibo weeUhy. 

For ibc *Aiiic rveson/ h« adde, ' in evtty conumicnty wbere we 
tCud pritiicffei vhich nrr t^sublUhrd and rvcofcniKd by ihe U^v«» 1I19 
l^emmeoL of ihe country muii bfrbn|; nsentiaUy to lb'' ]iHHlegr4 
4ir4tT> in i|TK«tkiE;, provided ihwc pririlcpM are iioi to be ovtrturiM. 
* TWe truLhi cannot l< dcnatd by a^ «ttr* *»<*pt by ihosc ipct^a- 
bttirr waoner^ vho drILtht in i^ooking np h buman iLUaie of liicir 
««ti, ataogHbcr dirertnl froea that whkb Pro\iik<ioe ha* Ml'iii action 
-•—p. ID. 

lU |M>tn1h out, ilflo, wilb grc«l iicain<:3» and force (p. 17) \iow 
riMnpIrirly Moni<.-ftaui4.'u was in ctror vtilh mprrt tu ihr Itijliob 
coiuu til boil, vkUik lj« auppoflcil tlic Houic of LommoH lo bo tn- 
truUiAU a rr]>ii-wtLtatitr iif iIl«- (Ivmotratiral branch ol tlic »lAtr. 
iiutcad of bvin£> ua it i«, and ought lo be, a KprtseoUttve Oif all 


P«lbJMl OmdUUm imd Frt>tp^f$ a/'/Vaim. 

ibc differenT ortfcra, th* gnr»t prvponderMioe being, of crtiir^e, 
gjicti lu iLit cUm iiitkli l)«i tilt ^rcdtol wcrthi), Dtiil, coi»9C- 
qMntljr, Uie gtr«lrU tiillu^nre* onl oT duor*. Thew pr>i»ci|iiA, 
hovtt\tu t*j>o« fiLich ttiQ ftUbtliiy Mid |>«<M|»«nty of ih» conQtry 
mtinly ff^prnrl, hatr*, >ri^nling to M. (Utttu, bt*ra ljiiiIc itiMUtt- 
dcntood ia Fnuic^, not dhIj tiow, but upon pTcrv occatrm nhen 
Euglaod hi* been Ukrit &a t^cir model. 'J^lic ftflW tng confraiion 
>ho«4 A viondarrul degrca of c4i>dour in a Fftncttinaii : — 

' h ma«E ba ftdioavlvdffvd, with mmtov, tlifti in «ll Eorop* tl^r* U 
DO country lo ignoriBt of politk* •* FniDc«, Yod u^y find tbcr«, it 
i* true* profttuod aimmk fininckr* uid ■kittul 4|CciiU, u nth d* 
qirif htly wniTs Bbd gimful i|>cftktra i buL >bu y^iii MArtb b tuq 
for A viDgitf BLti^ainaii. At all svcnu. v^ hav« iml y«l bmu iny coa 
BMv#ritj|2 b^thu ^vflcriptxiu, u^Lo hu C4>Db« 10 tb« aoffdco, out of 
tbfl i-rm uf ambitioDs htAJc* vtj(> h«ve l««» riruggling fur (over 
during tlufitf Afum jmn uu ibc M^p* uf the iliroiir/ 

* Vre &r« >u rtf'liuvd, by th« Juuty of our fnannvn.* ht cofttin g w, 
* lo ft pftMiro otxHlu-iKK, — vrhioh c«a hutlly bir m^ to bt iaUrrupt^d 
bj a few »|»ik» of iudcpeiidmi'if^ttiMi wv cui tliiku ijo B^idiita 
o»rw* Fitr»wp»n tUt^ry ann r«t*nJt, !4ijrh» indrfd. U iht ftrver*!* b-tilj 
of our polit^ral nAlurr^ Ebil w« arr fierier mor* Anlhl* andiubntmr* 
thon at the vrry irumj^rii after eomrniulni; fturh fvi^xia i.ei< of rfibvl- 
lion, that It might bat« bftn thought «rr cnuM nertr agaki bol J lemii 
At all with tbo adthorttlt* vhkh vro Jiad juit h*aD oppoatng vriih b<«U 
rmocouf/ — p, 30. 

' J* it, then, Bondcrfult' be a«ka in tbo next pv^tm 'that ibe Cbar< 
ter, fmUiiiK Huddaoly into t^o bands of ■ jjcwpk mi IJule npn lisr Erto- 
dom, (/i;>ru m^fmmrtpaur (oHltrli,} abould tiir* b<«ii undanlood 
\ry KA OL4, o^d tSiat ila coOMqueikctk ibould iiot bar* bvon peiveif*d 
by our alaivftutJi I' — p. 31. 

Ho then dcacribet die nmuiier ni wIjkIi hi« couirfrjiMa. «rbilo 
mdeaifuiinvg ui copy ibv Eiigliah Hoiho of Commooa, formed m 
budr. tcpK-t^iitiiig uLiniMt cxclitfiteh ibe democraltcol bnuici of 
l)ie itabr, aiid IraTinv t}i^ nther* almriti /•nXinlf wiihoiJl inrliirnre. 
To vboiffhoK little thta a< coiif4>mirtblc lo ibo tystvnt in l->>fi;biiil, 
hi glTM table, by wbicb it n made to iTp|>rir lE>at nf ihr fj^ 
Atftnbor* of tlie llotttc ol Cominom, *£\}^ ore relumed by iho tA* 
fluAHceofthc peeii; 17 1 by wealthy coiti»otMr« ; uod IB by the 
erowii; white only t7l are freely eWted hy tb« other iniorctU of 
the «t«tc< Hia l^ble, id nhicU the dctaiU of ihu »taEcBiciit aro 
gimir i* iicii^ ijwlecvl^ cx)iTect, but ii t« <ti^cieiii1y ne«r tlw mark 
10 oMabliidi bia iiociboa ten tiwu* o^er. 

' W«r« ihp Ho«>e not thu ornaobed,' ho iddt, ' a^d ««rek fvreJj 
dcmoef«ifr In iti fbtmaLioEi* you vrottkl haT« Anarchy (nan 
buaod of the tnoai prricct onkr ; and ia place of oonyklo har* 
nooy, yon wouU Mo««Btiy ««• a eiva im/^p. 0». 


Vi'e think it vr^nld aflToH ibe •ubjcct of u movt intereftmg ap<| 
uipful >ni|tjir/, lo iiacc llie |irsi:tjc«l openlioii uf tlir ibiirr jirfiw 
ciples IQ fonning (br dcfi-r-^ns of pnt1lam«ni. We »e^, Tor 
ciumplCr meuure»ol xrc^t appniRiit e x jKd ien» j brotigUt forvrirdi 
wtikH tr« rc^ATDmrrxiH. >a jI urtiitd mvii), bv It^ general voice of 
tbc Mtioo; iii<i Tel, tbon^h cnrried in th^ llou«o of Uomnaoii^, 

iy tre l09i in the Hctii^of Ix>h1ii. If, however, the nwiturca in 

flvolion be good, or audi >» Itic C3u»iinjr ftUi« of ftouctj fequjr»v 

mj Mr« mtt to eotiM tuio notice ugaiu, nutl tlicv mn* pnuit thn 

CotoroofM with b latjccr majority ihnn at limt — ihui m>rking the 

[torogre»« of public »pjiutPii, bj its c0i.'ci>i ti|mit ili« ii^preMMitatiT^ 

[pi tht Dtliop- 'Viu' I'Tirtlt, hc^ur%r?r, in »|>ilf> of ill ihit, iudj viill 

[ffStUt Cbe« neuurcf, kdU il ji i»at uniil tlic mftjority of Jie lloufC 

#f Co«iinton>i ri'arhet i*> a c^naiii unontii that their »uccev< u 

fifitlly «tt«tncd. Now, wo oonc^iTOt tHat in dII lbc»« difftif«nC 

^Mge* of ilir i>rocrr<liotf, Uw vuEuh of thi- Hoiur of Cumnmni witl 

y%e iiyutiA to bcir > prcity ovoct rttio to the tiviounl of ariAt^cn- 

ilical niAudicc niiui riitcD, i« on cvswnlial pnnciplor inlri its 

V)nii>:i,:n>jn. AccofdngU, tf tliia theory b« voundp it ii not uuiil 

Itjc DJAJonty of tfaoac pcnoii« om of the 1 loiwc pOAeucd CMCDtiall/ 

of liic power, fiihti tfiruugb tunic or weallb, aie cooiinciHJ ifiAt 

any ip*d ni««iurc ii i;ood, or ttl all cianU aalic, dial the Hou^v of 

CunJiuuiia wtll iiidtcaitr, by ka tuUa, llmt ttie liftie bi* amtvd 

wbca Um Upper IJouw is prtpnr«d lo approve likewise. 

Tiui, if w« uBik^klaiid it fi(]>t, u uciUicr more uur lc«i than 
M- Cottn*! idea of giving tlie p^epotidervKe in dte icaloof power 
,a» to public wffmn virtually to lbo>e ciicinbcri in Ui« Oatv, wbo, 
'pi ptirmte iMttvn, hatv tbe greatett «bpre of iniueocOt and who, 
|booi in a public and a prndt£ point of licw, bttTing most to baa 
Ay % ravolutjoii, mn the m*3\i liLcly lu i»lrreil thrmteUi-^ in aiBiiw 
onkf and ju4ti^ ; in oiber uord», iu »u|iporluifi a aloady 
[tod eoaauiutioiiiil gutTnimcut, 

It woitld ttoi bediflicuU lo ihow, that aTl th« oth^r members of 
tha bod^ polilic^ indudin^, of courvc, ibe ckniociaticAJ oaK of il^ 
•ra benrftiHfl fi.dK !i4 anidi bv llio ^pt rutE<>ii of ihU i:niiltcAt>, ami-' 
'lUko^atioa p(iuc4|iJc, ti iIlc aii^iocac) thcm»clitc)| nbo arc tho 
PkdiftCl NgrntB, but wbOp In ipilF n( all thirir |iower, i:un iievrr 

Mint, tfcouffb tbi-; muy oAeo i&odifj or retard, a mcaMire ikut m 
aalatarjr. Our tuaita, howv^rr, forbid lu to c»ia upon »ucb 
tempting vpceulitioiB at Jengib, tbougb tbja h^iy glaflca at tiicni 
m^j be uacful in deaf lag up a daai of poUticat pbeuomviiar but 
loo toiKb numilied by vulgar ^judicea^aod aMi of cant pbraic* 
im lidictila of tkai aagacity wbicb, liavini: bI'kxI ttic wear a&it Uu 
of fti miTi^ agea, n laorth tba whole matcb of modem intattatt 
put tof<(ber! 


900 Pt4iHeat CMttitfcon end Pr^tptrh ofFraiKt^ 

i\ricr gli^ditn^, with conildefiibk ipirir, ihc oUmi|its nlitcli 
Lavr bct:ii mattc^ by tlic ^udou* oiiniMrrs 'A rrsiiix, uivc<r tlie 
KvhUiraiion, lo cobblo tbf^ir conmiUitidnr ntid ra Irave iliftl of 
iuiKlabd i%s bcbJDtl (tMM |). 44), our author procccJa to 9bo«, but 
too f tenriy, iltHt (iitd^T tlir |iiirKrni luvr liictr M. litllr nt iMi dianne 
of obUmiiii; » Cbambt't uliJdi >hall |uit4 onaciiiienu confotimible 
lo uhat lie llimkd tNK-rliii lo tbc c^JNlcncc ofllw tiKiiisidijr, Hid* 
coiuit^E|ticikUy, to itic ^vn<.*faJ viclJ-b«ifig uf llio biaic — wbidi 1m 
COUAKlcri, lkji>j)-ht/ut \'t% arKuiiinit, «« one aimI llic name ibmg. 

'i'hr fcil|(inm}( rrllJDtL^ ul M. Culhi aiff uorllijT of murh attrn- 
Itcin, us fiumiiiig oul <tti<i of tiic moat uictJtoblo of ill Ihc cub_ 
H'hicli llirc-aU-ii liiv cutinUy >>* 

' T\%^ri^. U no jmUtk-nl naiion. hciiirfT*r fi]», which will not in 
turn lie ontliuiiiaiticilly rw'cired in France. It w» bclirvcd, «toi 
tune, for iniuncc. tb«t the cvija comjiloiacd of ia the rlcctiTv 
>nftc frofn the grrat prupnetor» DM lL»viu|( aafHcicBt inflomce 
Ihe returns ; and ii wnt cua«rhri<J lluil Iht- driiml hajnianr wooU 
rt>tofvd l^ ^^i^V A higher dcf^rM* of iTifiunir« to lbi»« Mnciu vl 
lokl the JCCrHt dirvd taitca. Thia rrlianc^i honxrvfi vhirh ittiiJ ^^b1 
•iftilA HiLJun^Bl ifjcrlo^trs <ff |:oud uiilt-r.und inuet nfuiaiLably !o 
thni(» who jjou'm th«i Vmg'H <t4iifiiVrirc, i« oiif» of tTi« mo't fiti 
«rroi« thai wc-r cnt*T«d iuUi a iiaivvniaii'* htfkd, tad ma^. ere tongi 
I«od to neisuTc* frftught whh every mbdjicf. 

* Th« fftltadoQi hi>;ic ftllaih-il to rnU upon a ttote of thiiiK*, vtiii 
mnf, porhajii, vx\t\ it? thin motnoni, tinl wMf h oiar Un* of iui-ct»sno^i i^ 
raprillv dcalro^off. Very [losvihty, tlte mujority of the frrralcit djtc 
contnWtorv lo ihc nrvenv«, iu eNch de[aniDcut, are Mivr co<npo«ed 
fanulirsctuti^ly nllivfd tu the irraurn by lh«ir hibits, thdruld rrcc 
toriioiii, airii ihfir rank anil «uiion : tind* i«rliip«, than b 
r«4toi^ to Kopv thai tiiin niajoTicy urouJ'l p«iid to thr Chuiher of 
pvtir* only p«r*oti» irell dtspuBnl. YxVx lUmsoitr*. to th« c«iu« 
royaln*. But by ciur n^iiu/ut pruLYM uf tuttjivldini^ |irO]«rtf« 
y^rf nmili** Tniut soon tnevttally iIvjikEK' iiito thu ctua of m\ 
eoniiibuton, and harr the EnoriiK<^Mioi) of MxitJUC ihcif placca occo- 
|wd by [Lvw coincn, wboflc lichc* havo brvii drrii«d frjtii iwnmcrcc. 
Wben thb unaYoidahle chm^r itha]l hat^ c^mif aliont, tbo rrovn 
cui Ml longer reckon upon Ihe aitttchmvct of i\w perMtit in m«««uSoii 
ofthe f^rrakflt pnmrli»« and will bare nr/.hiA^ to Sop« from ihi 
qa^rur, except iiicii aopport ui ihr xltish jntvrritrC tljoti^ pru^virl 
oaiy tndoire thrm to trfirl to i^orvnimmi. Brjt ]tt lit ttamlaa for 
intCiM whttl the amount i>f thul imerf*-! i» tiLrty to Ir. 

' It iwr be nigcd llut ihc kiterrnl uf a vt«ithy iittn of tlie 4i 
Acriplion aBuied lo, U merely IhKl iheie iibimU bv priblu: 
a>d Mffvriiy of pro^ifny, uid CkM ha rtMO about oothing ■!*«/ 
tkb ii Dot a correct tistf. H< c4&nol but itWh Dint thin^ * ■booLd bt' 
10 otn»i[cd in thtf *lalo thfti fbniaar-* iind fortune akuw, vkniM b« «t 
lb« 1^ of iIl« trte. Coow^ijcutiy ho miW becunw a secrtt r^rmy to 

Pohticat Condition catd Prcaptrtt tt/Ffitncr, 

r«5tT«ii dtnn to dp*iroythcm, A iVTolatioQ vnU hiT* botking 
EcrhHp JA i(io hU Fy£!i,irhccaacm!yptnuAdc- hiTn*df ihai h mAyW 
^bffrctrd tritbuuE tlioclu. uvUhocil rrautooiv.ondthBtit con bo ifULTUi^^ril 
*ilhaiiC flirring^ «p llw popiilnre to taki* 4 ihire th^rsn/**]!. 44. . . . 
!■ ThU b a f»lkC]r/ aiM* Mr. CoCtu, Jn a doU to pflffe 47. ■ by whioh 
[itM upp«r tliUMB from the city 0^^ haute* duvc^ of La bonr^coisu) 
|wrurv)Ou>ly lunixiicrd. DrtyivrJ \ry xhv a|Jf au^rit jriaciiUty of ibe 
ifivr ordnn — wh'>ni ch» Hvl«ting rertilntbriisu hare not yvt Uiouff ht 
^tmr intffvtt 10 roinv— lli«v itr* prnuAddd ihU ■ ii«ir rvtoJutiDii 
ly WcficGUil oovradftyv it^tliout tlie smaUcai ii«r«iigenifiit of llua 
ihliC pc«ce. What inffttujitlnt] I What houmim Co tftik of lb* 1«moos 
Mrp«ri*ac<i ! Mrn fmtii ncMhing by 0tti«ri9nc»> siid wtl! rontina« 
IIm end of the flmplcr Ehv rocro plitytiitn^ of t|i« ibinv panioiVi 

On lh« olli«r liami, 11 in i>bviou:dr Linpotnblcr, aa out aQtUw 
idifttinclh a]ii>UB, that llic prc4(nt niUlocrRi: v cxiuld be ii;vcMi^Jr 9» 
[dial of £tt|>laEi(l ivf villi tfio ooruinBtion of d pivpoiiJuruting pro- 

rlicfli of iJi« Cliaittbcr of Dcpuiu^, 'lliirv arc [irilli«r iiumcfouii 
tvmMigb, nor anr lli^' po«»jttC(l rt( nifTiricnt vrcalili jrul ronve* 
!^tt«Dcc in other rc»pc^te, to etttillc thLin lo l\w pmilcsc or, if 
'M wrrr pUri'H ill thrir hnndi, tn rnnblfr ihrm In ntrrrw it hcfii^ 
Acwily iof ihc cuutJlry ut lar^v. 

*Tb4 ^IhltnrcioQ arising from riil#4, of whirh mJcH laviih nhuui 

IM netfttiy brvn made/ uyi M. Coitu, ' it obsolmdy niching, uii> 

[ItM it be »;i»ui[ivd by vrol^ cr by Of^bci. But when title* nal 

[vpdD iforth. or ujiun birth, it i" quite another nffair. It u all vory 

|%vLI to talkof oBcapin^r from tbii lOirt of mfluean, — art cjutnol doao 

pnclico. Can it be expected, then, that Ihoe upit«rb. thcae 
L^nontvanx nch««,'' wt>o, from enjoyicg evtry othrr julranta^c in 
[pD^y are brroinc ta j«^ui of ihcir cM^uliy. ahould ivillkigty roin- 
lo xtv exiilvnct of a vtandaig evidviicc uf ibdr own taf*f iortty in 
[tte aralc f Tine coo do notbiog tow&rds eSEcctinjc a cure, for ih« 
[%Qa&il» of njiitjrotklf imnltJo tbe xuorr— tb^ Lon^^r tbay ar« kqpl 
[.Opf n '*— p. 4». 

Uc-rvre (i^utK bi0 onn frtbrinc for rcmodetlinjc llic const Llutloiit 
I'M, Coitu winds up hiK atf;uniriil by thi? frilii>wing tUrm po»(- 
lioita, wbidi be thuiJu bo bat fully c^tablisbcd. 

' IK. lliot in every r«piv«vQUttTo vorvntfiiOTit, po*4»«**^ of ft 
,<bai»b<T of dvpulica, Darned or mpoaed 10 bo nmntd by tbo nAtlon. 
" poGilrd ^owvt nuwt re*iiir, iu Jact, vtaantiAiUy ia ibat chanb«r«^' 
[VhaiifVir imnftpm«m to the contrary lany bav^ biwn tnw«iol in tka 
[^mUan lanlronwfiteKtablkbinfc tb« eonatiiuiioci. Vdly- Tliai io tr^wf 
TTf rv'inUiivv |ioreranwc4 where tbrra oLVt privikvEca cMaUiabrd by 
'Invr. \.\teiK |ifii-ikg«B ctADCiL tiibknl ufitnn tbe chaDibvrof dvputi««bo 
an inlflToit io iiiamtaiiua|[ them : and thk d«greo of intartat tbs 
tbAabber cunot b«re, uoku h •praig ffon «liMtm htmg ib««i- 

Po^iiUai C^mditMn and Pr^^pHtt tifPrm^, 

Mini tht«« vrry privitij;*!. ZA\f- Thai tha praMiM Uv of •Umim 
in Kranr«, h«Tui|| mvMlei lh« lUcoooncj oxcluNivHy i^tlh Ui« nuau- 
iiMion of l)3C mctnUn lo the Cliunbof of DrpuiM, ihU law tUod* in 
ilkrvri u|'jj(»ktiQn lo Uit otjcct wLich it cnglic Ui Mtpft^tL 

' The cpacIiuioQ i*. tbai (be iirvairnl Uw of elvcboD*. la pliri pr 
uniiiPiC ^^^' d>^d>u^ pow<r» of th« «ut* into on* coxapacB iiww, wbkli 
tniybt c!oijtijiuia A unglftlbroe, cooipctcikt lo piciluc* « ttewjjrui 
unifunn tnttbai la lb« |ulilicAl nacliiar, K-u, un the contnry* HtatUf 
fliUilW Um VM»utj.i g]u#m vhicl» CoapoM iLe eouwi^, ia hovtW ursf 
«liua>t ono uioUkcr. And uth«4« annokf bU oroiod, preliy OMflr. 
itjiti rqui mru» ofobtaj&tng ibe e&cJiuJTf ponctnioiiof powvf. lUi 
ffttol Uv.if iLbjuiLot (jroducvd •btoluta ■JiU'chjr, hfti At Jmi womn tiw 

Med«orth«noaf frigbtfuJ <fi*ori*r/<— p. ia *TbiM. IhffV 

oostuiua* uur pl«in->|iOik«ii author* ' when 1 dtciare that wd luiut Ibm 
notiiiua jusl»^^ui|f tb« cxjMiu; Uw uf «lcctk«ii, I e|«nk not M 
All In fiVouT of abwlutfl f««vrr, but of tb« rtry FMiti«iiw of th« 
Chftrur it*olfi ifi dafrace of trhicb 4Joi» I ^to cnlertd into i1m cuiw 
Uvvvc*y*' — pt W» 

Afivr M. Cocttt Jiu iW pobtad out bow impowbla ii b br 
Ffaactf 10 go ou vrtUi tbiofi u llicj' enj, b« procecib bo dctaiW 
hit plAH fur i^siifniK tbcm. pfvl'irin^ \m otwrrwiioni on ibii 
•ufajcct wilh « itnutiftblc ■ccomit ol tli« bippiiicsf now cnjotcd 
b> luk rounlijiDGo, gcnciallv, in npilc of lbs mullitiMla of rtiMii^iei 
Uiftt tiAi« tnkcn pbc« in tite goienuucm itnc* iho nalonbon, — 
(wr belies? tJi«l (licre ba«« bccti bclHcea four uul 610 iliwvn 
ttitiiifU-tt in t-'mnot wiihin tb« liut fifteen vcan.) 

* I kh^ conf ludr tATi chapter/ bo %%ju * with » P»llt«tion which ail 
the wofid viU uivdpnLwid. In ao famer limra haT« th< Uw» bred 
Wuer civcuied. or ibo povpU oMfe ha|ipf,*4>)e u&ra mora rvwi^^ 
pudtf^miviiiiHn monr ahundant,'— eoakiarrfc mty^ frvt; and fet, 
no:wiihjUnding tljeM adirsntifrt*^ vwa'* fnind* htvo nnlj br«n 
pnorc ilisquictrd, nor eovemmral anore rorroufrded Ij difticuUiev. 
IliJT atv wr to cKpla:n thccc aDDnmlW* f Are «• not foml to 
ronrluil* thu ovf political natUne Lavolrci nilkED tt nfnvfft09e#«n> 
trndictiuo»- kiim *(<<Tvt evil t ThiA faid anupCon bf MnirrflLy tb« 
ekctofml lawi aad corti) ii ^ abolial«ad aoibinir can pouiblr be 6tc4 
oa a jinwanggt faandation la naaca. Neiiipr nuaicipa) ngula* 
tjona, aor tb« ra*ponaibilU? of f^ paUio aarvanta. nor arvn ilta 
frarfnw ol Um p««u oaa b« aa4abJi»htd<— is i^ortf wa ahaU dn« 
GB batwvan ItCo and ieailt.'— p* 1 1< 

At the cloM of tbb article we ibtll ^re a abctdi of ^f . Colto'i 
plan hr rmaodclliiic the law of dcettona, for the amiuranmi of 
tb« conoiii iij uttXi tnattrt^ ; but, ui the Bivanttmv, ai «r roacciiv 
Ilia oil L'f «hKb be coatpliuiib to hav« a far deeper touicCf wa 
abati pciliapa be dojDf a ht-iirr sefiicc 10 ibe cuiaa of fOod 
g^tamoHat, by can>ia{ oiu proba JurUier ima tfaan nlgMlfp 


iJun unj Frrticfaiiiui troold bp ecpttirfi Co exi^nd liii pnf tin. It 
i|uil« dev, iu Ihe lirvt pUcv, thui Uic t-i|fcriHM-nl of Rivlnj; 
conttiluliuflial foim of |;ov«finiu«:iii (u i'luiLtv liiin uvi *iii> 
l«(l; and we ve tofry to nj, ihnl Dlnioct cvci^llii^K uUjcb 
fca* UkcD pl«cc lbcr« of Ule ;cai> afibfiU a pracltc^l ilitutia* 
lion of tli« siMurdiiy nf ptUtJiif , » it it call>d, tlic carl b«- 
Ibrc Ui« horvo. That covitii^^ potiljcally apeukinBi id. accord* 
.ingljr, not upon ilv aclvnurp ; aod wi^ ihmk il hjghly iiKtfufi 
Ihnl ibe inie Kiuund* ol ihc l»]urc alluded tu vtiotild be pomtwi 
OUl. for it ttt iiiipuuLlilv Iu kicu tliu piL'Ariil tlolc of I'liiuce 
^itliuui the moil jutcii>« Jiilv^rctl, or Iu aiiU<:i()ul« her I'uture 
forluiio ttilki^ui ujiiii^l)^. It nill uol du to suv lli^it the ougtit 
to btt alloitcd to lakr her co(iri«, ami that «v aJiuuld follow 
OVrtr vUfaoul uoubliiis ovt uitotber. Tbu i» impoAVibk. Ouc 
prvaiiDiiy, and the rapully impioving mrnm of rominuiiiratioDij 
IOS«th«r ultfi iliE inuuinembJe Diutual it^tcrc»b, ajxi titiiinea, 
wIikIi bic tin\\y »t>ijii^ni^ up Wlurcil iis^ ktckfll Uy the «>pe* 
^cricv o( ail bj4t<>ryi puL U altcitjclhcr out of tbo ^jcslion U;at uo 
should iiiitajji iiidtlkivtil ^pctUloia of nliat i> p«»log amodi^t 
ir Acaiblir iiriKhbour*, 

'11k eflbct irtlijcli political iattituliona produce upoti & nationp 
|.I» a topic upon vhirh, prrhaju, morv unumnd iioiiooft havt 
Wen Mjt afloat iban upoo tUuotti any oikvr w ih« complicate 
fClcDt^ of poEilkal pliilowphj > mnj^inicof tbavcopiiiionaaia ca- 
lculated to do »o mticU rnitchiclp ibat w« conceive tbeir eipo«ur«, 
b> aide witii hUiaI faiiAr nij ^o Rood.-'by taarrowni^ Uia 
jvirvic of pfrjndici^ nml rrror»— >-o««ii if, prx-'Ucally, llie uiifTjicMtii^ii 
■Irftha f4:a)cu> br.inLhi; cai« before unwell nigb laipoatiblc Tha 
.kading f-albr) oi ihe prrwiit tiniea, wd iJiouUI «ajr, it ibn sappo- 
tiijoo that free iivtitutKHi^ — ibat is, the mere fofmi oV a liee |^i>- 
Vvfiiniciji, — MtU of tbamaattea angvnder a lo«i^ of iicedoat, — arrd 
la klumliMst bow fmdom J« lo bt eiiio>cd, It i* our conrtc- 
UOtt tha ijonlfMy, that d ihcM foriiw be iMada|>tcd to the dc 
'gKrol LnowkrdgaiDacKNinirj, aiid,«vbttl n itill more iiapunaui, if 
U.cj irt not auiied to ibe bubiit of llie poopk. to tboii mvniKi*, to 
ihvjr iattt.-ii, a»d to ihc drgrrr of publir mici ptivuie >utui! ill ittc 
<oiDuiU4»l>r Ibrr becocna aii^tlun^ tut «)imI>i'I« ot |cnuj[ic tre<* 
[^iD ; aoil liuld ottt little or 110 proftprrt nt ila petmanctit cata* 
: aiMi we tlunk il will Iw v*id*iii lo ©»«tj alirnfive ob* 
llie I'luttb, taken bulii iiidiiiduttlly, aixl a> a natioot 
^re dr^rm in niaity of ihcuc (juaiiiKi, upon uliirh al<fi>t a 
COBtliiutwfial i^iitviiiment cm Uope Xi< atand fimi' (i<t}ume 
[.^Nkhiii, — tl>#i IreadoiD nbkb aiJnuu of ihe gnala-ti luiiiud«^ of 
tlivu^lht lAiui ftciKtt of «vbick our nature la capebda, con^tMeudy ntih 
autov,— luiroliea u Jta \tty eiteuce ■ ii.uUjludc of ivMraiula, 


unircnallj', or at \tnit ftry f:eneTaltY, DcknMvledfE^il lhro«it;1iOLil 
the HUciftT lo h^ ner^imr) ii> L-kpjMom, < h' ll*r»i* rrAtramb, an 
extcmivc M-tlcm of hiiibittial felMtriftU, and <yt |»t-i«al0 sacrifice* 
fur llu- |]«blii: i;u<>'), fuinL c^«:nliul puU. In [^i»glaod> vthetc 
llw dUtuiciioiu of mnk irc sironifk iBtMrkedr thi'M fciiminii ar^ 
Btctt at evtrrr turn, uoj tiic ittdiTKHiil who crdcatoars to escape 
fram Ihrm, Aonn i1isr<ivm Oinl, Uy bii fnncM imlrprrairttcr, he 
«dd> nf>iliiiis to hid own trui; liberiv. Vfhi1« h« louv mott of 1li« 
adTSi»E4;^i?4 he might «*njny bj conftunini^ lo ihn ntiblediMl 
•ytlcni- To b« {^utnilU u^ul, iudrMl, tudi n ijvtvm or tc^ 
•tr*irit» niUAt be wrll aTuicr»tood hy the Mhoir coinBiutiii^, ami 
cnrv nun moi! hai^ a ctfrtaio d«;nM- of conlidcn<v iW bi> 
ticl^bouni, nhtrtiicr aboif . be^OM, or <m u IcvH iniih liim, «vdl co- 
oprrair willi him in lccc|>inj( inMlt«tr« riglil:-*Ko Uui,Bflrra Uai«, 
the uaa^ti of auch a ftocit-tj com« to rMerablft Dot m little lb« J«w> 
of naivfr-, nnd, in prnaicc, nrr calculntrfi upr^i uith a fctiattcc 
not muoh Wi iiii|>licif< Dm tu brini; ajiy couolry to thi* itato, 
miuirtft long |>t:ri<idi of trial, and a varied tiaiy of cipciivocc, to 
wlncb Fratii'c u a^^^t u itnkng<*r. lo fact, K^crall, «rX(>«hnMiit- 
ins ill gijtcrnmciit aiiv^hcnr i» iho cHCtat of folly : uulcas ilie 
jnbabimnlii havt? nirvady aiuiiix^l :i c^rUin point nf kiionWHit of 
the bubject, and have grudunlU Icnrneii t^ tJiiiik und fc«J, ro- 
anrclirtg thrir n^hu, an clcuHy m lo imiit upon Hw titling |iri* 
vtlcgvi being (-nmtvd to them, the} \vU1 itoi, la thdr beam, iliaoJc 
tbe ^ovcrtunmt for Biippo«inf them wiacr of bvticr tlian ike^ 
really are. They will be practieaUy ai unhappy in Uieir unpne* 
|>arcd Hlaic of poii«r, as thn cJown who |EOt the ttn tJlonaMid 
IKnimii imtM in tbv luliirTy; and tlwir bountt^ iiucnniiani «iU 
mcmly conlribtJtfT to (nacwhwniao the road t<>i^run«y, by brcahing 
down llie eilubliihcd unKc^i of Uic country, and lesvinf IL open 
for any devpot in ride o%er it al what rale he> pleaiai. 
- Tbcre arc tbr^c pnndpcil hmnt, and pcrbajM oaly tbre** 
vuMler vihkh every oMioiry mti«t fall, sooner or latei^^an ab« 
aolitt'; tnotiatch^T, which may or may not be lyra^nical ;—« pint 
dcmocnry, wludi ta nMfivly n wider varvely of dwpMum, becauae 
it cKHMiliv the vnthm of oimi claia, lo the cvcIimmd of uJI lb« 
real \ — and b«tly, n Gonaliiutiaaat or lintilinl inanarcby, under 
u-luch fonn, if ihe tlateof soe^vi^ba mitabl^, tho greale«t arDumt 
tff libtriu and iiftttc nrill be loymL Tlir abtolutc nKMisrchy 
may exifi ajiywhete — i)ie defiiocracy oiily whet^ iheee b plenty of 
room for tlic ffateootentod «pinli to roam in, boyood tlw rcairant* 
of ttcwly. in a thkhly f)n>fdi-d eimtitry, jiat ai in a crowded 
«liip, lliere riuhI b<^ <ii«ciplmc, otlicrwiac liiefe cun be no order, 
■Bu Ijberiy iLrji^hiwdv bef:o4iiea ItocMX aud anardiy, 'llic in- 
Btance of ilie L mic«l Su(e» dvpfona B» part of llui poaition ; 


PcUiiciil C^ndUi&n and I'r^^tpecU c/ Fraact. 9$^ 

iW cotxtnry, atr«n^lli«iit it. lor we cui alrcadj pc^circ iLa 

iptncui of dvaconl la Hh! mttht ofliirir vniins^ iiiiioti. Ttc 

lib«fU HfckJi ibe; ei^joir U of the li>vrc3i and Icul iitlclk\;lual ofd«r 

!in llic Acalc ikf (-i\ilib-<l Immaiiily ; :iiiii il tnuU cooiinttc? to be m>. 

rv rt!;irf (ill Utc jx-tivJ ;LnKCfi, vhcn liictr inciVflsiag iiunibcn Etliall 

then nivrc tLii;<:Uj«rt «iul ^bii^c Uicm to aiTAii^c llitMiiatlita 

Ho cthttGH, iiKtrdi^r b> nmriiAin, by iii^aai of iiub<Jidiii4liueki in 

[« tbat ciiil di^ipliiK* without wnJcU* ta nr tioti: ulit^dj ub- 

:j, tbcrc cin be no ^ticb tbiag u b r»l tlbtiiiccioo of 
LS ;^b^ which TFtm \\v incAn tlul tort uf tljuitlicntinci of 
ieljr in which tlie tiyftt^ arid pri>ik^tf» of €t«t^ ofdfr, from 
LC lilgbeil bi ihc tov«cj|, »I)i]| Ijc fultj iccogiNitfd b\ bI] l1i« 
lud itol oiiK recogmMd but cuaritiiited to'thvnit as loug tu 
iiw«nbci> rcA|>c<livcU conduct tocnudvct iu m ninnnci stiiublr 
ihpir |)aiticLiUr ituti^in in the tc*\t* L'Adt-r alu^j a lUtu of 
Ihc cliJiic» lit each cUucomc to be well j>eHvruiC4l, bvcauM 
itrj arr ihciroLt^tily TintfrrsliMkd, ikiit <iiilv br «>rh orrtcr, hiit hy all 
ic othrft rv«prcn%c1y ; nrxl iit thia wuv the whole in:4cluifeur7 
igjL IvKcJicf , mud Jb nKnciiicntt coiilubuti^ tu eUt ^rauil gcnvral 
ixl — llfcp public |-oud. Iti tlis stale ot *oct«tT aLooep we arw p«^ 
ittdcclp can a foii:ilitutioii«] ui liuuled oiOBMcby ho\c anjr chance 
ir pcrmanf-m <v uspfiil vxific&i'i?— Uf«ful, «^ mean, either i[i ibi* 
Latbibnicikt or in tiic coQliciuancc of ^cnuim: freedom ; and it n 
xaiifeL- \%r lee liiinlly i-iif of ihewf iiuli(|iff liable ri^i|iit4ik^ in ihe 
|Hriicl"n; cl Tfciidi Aocirty, thet wu mc conntnuntJ nliiiait to 
ADtti) of iIm |> M^K*^iirrati4iD of ihal Ktcal coudUj . 
Poopltf ruAV piobubty dttfer ag to which a( the componi-nt ol^ 
lla of n roti^tlludoul nKHurchj' ii cAs^nlJally tlic moat Jbh 
am ; but «ie h»>giihe all pariiM nil! agree tliAt, in |>raM:iioey 
ijlit nio*t obtboiitlv useful u llic rcpjc^cniaiivc cbajnbcr. LiiIgm, 
Rovwter, ihi* montiom puwer Iw, in It* luiu, eberkc^l on eevtry 
by ^t-h^l, in Bitrdianio, arc Ictniod anEagowtt forces, it 

u lu be a» entwine af (t^^v '^^ brruilkcj c^llhcr a lii<vo 
lockorr, fir, irtoiv probiblv, 4 »oUfc« of tyramiy. U iti mem* 
bcr* be elcctnl by uuivcriol iulfr»ge, it Ja quite dear tliat only 
oaio iaierifbt will^ in fact, he t^rcMtilrd-— that of ihr innti 
mimcrouft or lowcut claw ; und the itoTtrixnoitt (nuat tipccdilj 
nwrgo in n itrtaocracv; while if iu meuibets be voTuioaled by 
dio cOdUIUWii of tho MTcreign, like Ihc MiUl« of Buotiupule, 
It Im-fMiars u mm UhiI ill a desiiul'ft bund. To pictrot iha 
O'Neill fi'sicr of fithflr o-f ib«>« biiicT rrtb, or bolli of tlitro in 
lUUCK^Mttn, it m »bv>liitcly wccotarjr lo have, in lh« coiiAlilutioa 
4>f the touiitfj, «i»itieihaD|^ nmie than the. ini^e notnioAt rbrek* 
whickk ^c »(U in Amcfictr ■■>^ ^l)icbi though tbcy look pretty 



tlioagh on |Mp«^, are, in pnieiicr, nil InxliUii iiniirr hoof hj tkt 
<i«n viiKh Ui«rc oMuiao ihe itovcniii^ul <if «vcrylli«i|;. The 
ch«L-k« or roMvttfncUifa iiboiv iiltii4l«l Ui, u enrniiul iii a frfw 
counti-) , lo correct tbo oal^jraJ tcndencj of nnnkiDii ia accumcktc 
uid to aUii^r mIh-JuIc ■utharity, in onkr Id bir cflrcliul, miM, of 
ooitfWT be |HJ««ttiit ; ttnd, iicMler certain well underalood limit** 
liuiib, ihcii (RiwriM, like Uial iif B!Unpijwi4cr i>r 8U:hui^ UMV be mi* 
dcFrd not o»[y Kufc^ bill ill the \ug; iirfpev udvBQU|Ct<ov> Co llic 
couiilry. Dur n^<iv vjlk, ou doubt, v^Ckiink llui yto tdhado 
CJiWiy to tt chuncb r^tabtiiiliini^iil, and to a bncdkary anrtocmey 
""-acilber of wfaidi, uui^^tUuLUivly, Tfvicic nciw poncMU, oTi we 
ft-sfr ** liki^lj til *i:i)iiife m mii tviMt^ 

In order to r4M»dcr an amtorruc; utcfiil u a vafcguard lo frttr- 
duiii.^ai a bu1»jiik Miktf fur tlic crvHii agkiiiKl tkr p«ofiir, and 
for IIk- pooplt* 9f;atiii< Lbo <;rQvn, il mwl contaia m )!• <a««src 
aoiDclliiiis vrlticb slutll command liie solid und latliiitt rnprrl uf 
botb. It mu«l bo ret|i«cl0d hv the i-to«inr from iu indeuvadn«c«r 
■ad itt widc-nprcad iikHiic^cc amoi»g«t ibc pc»pk ; aoH ii mtuil b« 
IooIlmI up to by the tmpio, from it* utiii(|iiity, its mnlUi, ilt 
fMrmancacsTt ai dcrvKd from the law of priibof ciiit«r», tbo pno- 
lice of MiUila, awl ihr 4lc*criit of bimhtary boaotira. An vm- 
locracy. Iiovraver. t« bo auful in pr^^erving tbe Ubonkt of ibo 
cfHrntrj, oiufet iM>c Iw a K-patair cmiIct, bmin no ea mim oo In- 
leftftU and l««linRB viiUi ibc dcmocniiciil brancb «r cba Mai«, like 
ibat of l'*rancc bcfort tlie revolution ; btil, like the nob«btj of 
£n|land, iJi^y niu«t be tvugbl, bv ivalrinnoiiMl alliancn, b? rott- 
ncxiona an ouUk ami pnt«tc alVatr*, m «vl-II ai by numbarioi 
fWvJ^Miannl nialiaivr Iu ■impalliti>t- rordivllj «vilb iill Una otber 
ordor* of aoewljr, Jl is i>ol nvcL-Mar^, iiuk^d, that tbe head* of 
Cmiliea hIkhiM LiiU.-rDi:trif v/'vh lit^M-rs rtith v\i.<h ii»\ Uuit bttic 
CMUpaniouiliip ; ihough tliit, n» \n ini^bt 4*«->jt) i>r(n«<, ha« uftMi 
111 fcri-at ndtantngci ; but (bat ibf* ^oun^cr volih aoil d«igti<t<'f* of 
til* tjialo^ac^ ilioold ftcourniK a1|i dieajtcKir*. iomctimo from 
intcreat* hihI Ai>iiK-iram froia a ^ucrr M-nlinic«il, ^tlJi ibe DMirc 
clf-mnr.ralical ciaaMri ii. uiiqimliombli , in ilir biytlartt dr|;m 
Mlnlary to ibe stabr. Il iiilrtl&cts all llir diflijivnt invmbcra of 
tbr IkhJt iHtlrlic t'jgrlbrr ; an<l ululc ihr iutinialr i:aimvxioii 
lj«lwfHTU ihu ciumi and the aiiktucmcy i< in do iirip^ct ^oaldooMl 
b; i.iu.h uMancfrs, x\m fijioirj iuiticiKc ia »r€c«aiilj Innpcffd 
bj ibem to ilit proprr pit4:li of aotboritj ; for tbc monarch Jk ii 
circle, too, bciog llitv widened, — 1», a» pt «*rc< nmd^i fH-rwinUj 
acquainted with *'\ny rU* oi h^ Mibjrru, aivl li-unn u» calknatn 
tlioir in«r luluc, «ud to rripcct tbcif %Tj«br3, II, \LtJck>n, lfa«fa 
be obacmd amougat tki* ui^Um. im' j uf luigbnd. on m<^ occaiMMf , 
« coiMMlanbU bam toward* the aowu, Ibu bappoi^ only btcanM 

ic €tD«iif in ike long ruiit fio<lv ib Wl iinottltt in confwwici]; 

Xhe I'icwi inii f^i^istimcrilji whirli art liiciuU^ii lo it bi ibc avis- 

:raG|. mIk>, bulb liuxvlli uui mdiri;cll/>ha\i: uiorc ;)! aLakc llian 

jy oibcr locRibfiri of the coajmunit)^ — ^aud who, it it m<tt\ &d- 

rUnt to Qbacrrc, arc «o c^jncckd witli tLi^ic below tbcns by 

couuilcsa wict> uf lit'*, ihut llierv u ih> iI^ gf ifaeir i^'er having 

Imt roJI> to oppoM tl)ct]j«oh««, ft» » i>otiy, to wJjaI liufi irtbily 

[lapmc tu U: llie irittinu-ut cif tlit? inuyit cJu.4. oti uiiy {juriitiao jj^* 

itioiMl iot^r^t. iJut, ludeeil, nt no (itiioii of th« bivtur>' uf 

timM Itu tlitic bcdk toy iJUicicnt:; o( gcuuiuc public 

him ill our vtotocnic>', or tJiy lu<k ot men uobuuj^it ita mcaiben 

l^iourciit;, aiid bcwtily fiimilljy lo pO|>iilur lig'iU. In tlut uty w 

||K)Wctfiil a Mtiirrc of n|uilibrium m ailftbifetlicMJ in tlbe t-crj lM*-urt 

»f lh« counlrr^ tlmi ftlitiuF(t >iiv aipounl «f hbratory oioti^u »••/ 

giwa tn thr maduniT millioul HnDgrr, ijioughj il must be con- 

Hot uf lilts givsl uixl tiJiiwiJllj iiii|i'iiijinl biaiiclj ijfa cxiboIiIu* 
tionfti moiio/diy, IVaiicc 19 iio> o«lj «jUircLy dctlitiitr; — hy Iwr Jaw* 
J^tiiii; i4i smxt^iofi, ami »till mtxv CaUlh, b\ ibi- wutiioi'nt* uf 
nwu of \hv pOf>uJaUo<i, Uw u abiolulciy ibtil out from dl Otfir 
:1 of cD|o\iijf «a «ri>tocrairy woitUy of ihc lunc. Il ia<r«c^ 
., ill KOinv n^^pHrtip in France tbuii it ii in Atwticar wlicre 
Uvtf tc4>v ibcu to «pj>r(»prijitc llicir «H|lc« «» Ihcy plcntc — ft 
iTinlt'jPjr of whji'b. It I* 1|IM.\ trr^ frw aiail lii«ntrKimr vt, liadivd, 
well ftiiii tbi:nui:Kt>. f4¥-ii)^ tlul tlt« titic of piiNLc op;nirjin m 
fCjiiciJU MlrrTj»r (o mH:i)kml itbtiibuliutUi Ibui in liaucc tlic 
lUB iljctjit^, cle«|ntjcally» iktf dulnbvtioj|, ajid, li)' t>Ujphj; ni«ii 
djtMk ibcii piopnly, uol u«ljr coi^btatc to «plit liio wtir^lc 
luoUn- iftto [M>uU>-li«i«J4, btt£ JMicDtially duuiDUb oiii> of tlie 
\% iBoUica Co acuufi, and. at dJ c^c&u, vAccluiJty piTo^til iIm 
mtb of m arifUKrarj (W liirsltb, Sitcb bji ari^tornK'y uoulil 
I i>o A fTCAl ileal b«itcr lUau noiic ai ah, ibc>L)pli it w^uvM 

I I iy Iru useful tliAii om^ toiiibiiitug tU: ttai^bi of pio^witjr 

ik aaCKDl asMviutiuuv uod pnj^cut r^puUlioti. 
Uctv VK' bvg, ouui; lur aU, tu Attitc liiat, jikbai^ »t: afc aa- 
jniJy led, iff ibc italure of ovt aubjcci, to dwell niorv panirM- 
' T iTi iliQic brnuckca of Uw *latc whicb lake ihic most 
I jiui prociiiiuviiit i^arl in tjic rfgulaiioii fif pitbW afTaif*, 
■t; Ujc aitii:c(t:«t rupi^t for tlic tltUBOcratml portkiu of ihc 
iiuly,— «« i-^Btkler ilj k^\aivo€t aa *<i|ually iiBportaiit viiili 
olbtn — aiKl Uw-jrftjrc, m ibc ^bok cottfac of tKi« ar&uiwiiti 
acirr fhr au uiMaiii Tw^ct ilmt iJu intrrvib of dit di^ino- 
r| — Uuiri'^lt aiid pri«il<l^, tmy, lli^ fcciiog* aotl p«i<)U' 
1^— arc dmt^Hiii^ of n niudi cotuulcfaliuiii u liio^t of tin: 
bAmv^ tli««a. Wu OTtf Hwarv Uiat. id luupv muimtfw, wn 
<|d »Jidl 

S29 PoJtfi'tfQl Ctmdiiion and Pr^^ftrh «/* JV«mr#. 

■hall gfl liliJr rrrilil fat nmrfrnlj in iJiin dt^lnmlW ; but utt arrf 
nHI convince*!, tVoiij wh;it ^x- huvc st'ta of tlic prudico of gorcn*- 
mciilv, ill mnir tfii.titrm iif lltr uorld ihitu oncj (tiai il tt o^ily in 
Ki>g1niifl ilmi Ihc domocniticut pari of iW coiniDumtv r«ti1lydo 
mjoy thvir full puitiuii vfiigbu ; ainl thi« faci, iit »|)tte of %vlnt u 
tfoim'tiin^ »id fnrtbcm by dectwiiieri sod Bgitntora, tbcy know 
fuH well tbein»du:9, iin<l arc not vlow lo leadi to inhcrs al ibc 
proper i&oinrnu^st ihr pcriiui urn ^ncixiT ctrction, fur ruMooce. 
Some pcoptr ulk of un uriAlucrDCir oi m«rc lolent, but wc ore 
mrv llii^rv t^nii be ihhm; surli. — imk^is ^>Ti aUr M-L uf mibtnry ofll- 
ccn, vcvH coinmaixdvd f be cittilJed to lliut uppvlliKioti. Huih a^^^ 
■fiHlacrx'v cjf t:ilcut biiB btYit itiuji' lli;iii once Htvn {unopg '^'^^^l 
Pmidi, but pn>bab1v ii(^iib<:f ihry nor Uic red of Kdiopti bll^B 

any K'^*^^ ^^ 1^ ^^^ *^> asaiu. 

Tbe mcrp iiopunial mnbliithmrni of n ll<Mi»ft of P<«r« dota 
iifitlhin^ for th>> CUU9G. To produce a real anttocncy in Fraticr^ 
tuddvuly, i» impou'iblf' ; it nimli) riul Ur inort- t^vy 1o omkfi 
old v^iiic in a coitntrv uhure cvrry cellar hut. beeii cxhaiMtod — 
every plant tiii o\ti L\ iIil- ro»>li- Timi"— aiinl wr !tu»|ic<<:i a wiry 
loitg imH! — inu*: elnnw beforn cither ihft ntiribucc of adr>quata 
itcallb. or that of ad<.^uale popular vcnefniion. can b« found in 
any Frencti body of ihi* d<-Kn|itii>n ; jfi, ue fvar, autd lliat period 
arrive*, nt: thnll ^ninly hope to sec in Trance anytliing like nbat 
nr in RngUtHi cniiMib'r gettulnr frcHHlufn. 

'Inhere I* n fciond jirtiid dctidcTalam lo^Aanii iHo conttniclioin 
of u liiin utxl lliutuiJKlil> fiTC coiMilutionr nliicb Hic Fnaidi bn-m 
to be ■) laile ill itie way of providing for tliemaalves, as Ibey are 
ilk iIk- caAC of an uriHtocnicy. We illude lo a Mcatiiiyt pn^L-rfdl, 
highly ediicnlrrl, mid TUtuouK cburcb efttabJiKhniciii, in joIpt al- 
Ijancc Htdi ibc Male and wiib the p<opk. H'hcrt the chun^ 
caUblidimc-ni, honncf vr^ihy or huwpvn' «iriu4MiA it hf, b 
eoniicckxl e\cliui%«l>' with the i:ov<^n)inGnl, and ha« no common 
aeutimeuU wiili tW- proplir, nc n«nl mi trvt In inform ii» lluttili 
oponUkm cani>ot h.ivc any l«ndcncy to adiancp thu bb«rlJM of Ih6 
eounliy, o* to check ihe aicro«chnH-nt« of ihr i^rourn, A cbivrli 
MiablMhm<til, ve apprtbtad, emn hai« no practical cfAcacy in 
mamlaimng tliinf x in ibdr ri^it plarei, uhcn all iu aywpaUtiei 
and inine<(tB arc on one side. TbiB, liuvevrr, i* tbr c^te in 
FnuicV) And it mu4l always be so^ wbcr^tcr llie mini«1cn of 
roligioD, in nlditiou to maiiy olb«aoun*9 of rrpuUicm in dric- 
irine and in djtdplmo, bving tfOndemiM'd to cvlibaey. aradVee- 
tnalTy prcvtuled from Ibraviag any of ibooc )K«ri:d t^r^ hj uLifJi 
alonr tbclr aflccliora and tli«4r interaala of ft*ty kmd ttuj-hi b* 
tngagad heartily m comnKKi caute Wnh tbo maM of ibc nation. 
Panofei are very apt lo for^i, iu England, viben di«y talk of ilia 



Foiiiiad ComUOfM tind Prmpffh ttfFrmeA* 

alUacci^ bttvmi chi»i:l> afii) kin}^ that llie Mllianci* brlvn^cn 
dkVfcli Add p«op1o is incompoi^blir ULOf« ptmt^riul;- and tlal it 
ii, in imcXt 111 tbiA intimalc, groiinlnr upion, l^iHt lEic uDlancc be* 
tvt««-n tJic cliurdi and thu tlAlu ot*rci i*«iirli^ nil iu ulilitv, T)lo 
tctivii ukd r<?-ftciio», indrci), bclnccii llic djuich and tlic con- 
Buuiiiy^ ind tliencc tH-iwrm th^ coinnmtiily al Inrgc nt>rl tlir gi>* 
.arc Uic purtsot l|i« s>HU:iiit m Knglandi llic best worthy 
■ttmiitc idmiy. 'Vht^y lir nc itip irv)- ntriU of llir rrrr nf our 
liberty; ■>td wbtic Xhcy y^ii^, bv tli«ir imtU« dtrcD;>ili. bv ibo >qidc 
extriil uf their tpirad, ^emJ tlii? Iriiacilv of tlirir ^rs^ii on m<fii'd 
mind* and feeling*, ibc amplest ilt-Kttc of Mobility to tb« vtatOr 
lbc> ljii:hiic collect, and ntJid up (o the- liiglmt brsjoclica ofllie 
|Ct>uUiiii]io4i, ihr iriir ^pirii of Chfuimniiy, ilif* viboleaomo np^^ 
\\:ry lilV-blood of it» cxi>lc»;ctf> 
Of All fkL%)io<pf«^«r, iWf<^ it not ihfiHghi^ftvfnig^feniAimDg^ 
[jf, indeed, tlicii> ever wa* nnicli- ui rranc^. Tbc JtonoiiCfttholte 
:h aad Ihc Freocli p(H>plp hiiv« nu <:i>iiiiiiuii tyiDpatbtu^ and 
[ibcy can bave Don«, until iJie nolLiro of one or the olhor bo grvaity 
III S|>jiiir it ia quite atiotlicr alory : thcrr, llii; 4:liHri:li, gn* 
ki, aitJ pif^ip^, m ilJ ftfirved, aad the de*p<»il«n 18 not outy 
■mjiirlf bill popvJiii,*^! i? irxaitly trhai llic ma3» of tlic Mlion 
iSkr, Dud iiE>EJiifi;|(» ^^e air pctiuadrdf uould tw mam uniMyiiAg to 
[lUcin tttan utiv cfiaiij^t.- in ttu) timttcr. In Fiance, hoivc^ci, tl^«rc u 
\l only \m litllr n^Tigiou uf uny kiiid^ but llbere prc^diU, ^utnillj 
;, n sort of faimtical liiil/td of all religion, aitd a tborouf b 
riupl for it« JiiJnMeiA, In Paris, iiliicli hat at all taikcayivcn 
tOQOlothciiatiuii, BEid'Aliidi do«» ao nkomio<« thunv^r, there 
n> iftM^»tioii Ml Iu diti ur thbl riiiiii of i«li«;ion, or »i.vt — )L i-> lo 
ly veniimcnl of ibc kind at nil thac tltry otjt-ct, ai nticrly tiii-' 
worse than tivolcatt^-cna^diicvotu 1 All iho^ doclriaea 
rbipdi ii>ctilcat« upon mai* ih« nercuity of depending upon Mm*' 
IS bciond hinticift »*d Icacb him lo feci, IliiU oivti hJB bc»t 
i>L» tetgnire luintf fuitlwr 3Mtsiaiicir to ^i\c llmii cflrracy, aro 
rid in die d«c|Kat ftconi. Th«», a RroA* idtidiivcas aiKl e^^tbiQ 
nuda (o iLiuff) tlie pincr %A diote t;cnrru-j* ierliii^ar !>/ ^'bicli^ 
Ei^land, religion U niadft «t once a duty and t p1«iHir«y— a 
live It/ hoLR'1^1 acltoQ, ai»d a douicv of conliih-ncr ubd bi>p«. 
priKciplvK, nhkh artf* uiii^ervally ditfiiuxl otc* thii country, 
■nd kept alivi^ hv a mioicrokui f<5id<nt clcfio. intiaiaidv oJlivii by 
tlw duin^Mic aJirctiont, ai «rU ait otlier uurklly iikt«ri.^b. Bo ibn 
codununit^ , contfibttiCt pctbopfl, mote titan an)liung d»c, Co tfie 
tidetire of that kraitj feiH>d failli m one another, wbidi, aftrr 
fkU, fornki tlw ci-nicntof Eitf-luh ^ocielVr&tMl rnibW lhi«roaiiir)\ 
In nikiniLEkti of iri^il^ Tii l^tLr tlic lead, and to keep il, atuoii^at all 
tbc natioiu i4 tbu M»tU« 


WM PotUktd drndithn tmd Pmipwti o/Fnui£r* " 

Time imporbint aiut Mrikifi^ iltMiitciioiH brtM««M oitr neigli' 
boim hihI oarMlvoM ant 1u\W «LitHrifnt. nc ilMiiild ihmh, Id 
vatMify ttiflrctifi;* niimi.} lli;it llirn: U liitle i:lr«t>cic u^ ihr farm^ <tf 
M>renmei)l uliich Hnit itt, being fmiml aKrt id jiiiir ih^n. Iliit 
UMf* Mst othrr (litV(;r»M:r» bctwccu us, ticaiilcs time rrloliHS 
10 ili« cliurc>T, \i}S arutncnicv, And ilie Un* of viiccevtioa,-^ 
It is ttnmrMlU admittcH, X\M 9 natiDii nauil po«ieM a «rtt<a 
mvniine of iiilelligL-titri- LNrforr hlit? can ciijov I'n-ciioiB ; and ihrii 
it is triuiDpliaJtlir Mki<l, vrhcdicv' any but n bit^ot dares d«i) itiat 
France b»^ ir^hrd thitt pi'int of mtrlh^^cAri* ? Aji nr ^ not 
know lJ»e rxaci amOTirit of kuowlwiBt po>irlt?d nl In tSii>*cry cnm- 
iMoii «|aaliou, v^tj »liill not anawrr U* — bat ?Ji;kll (.(Mitctit uiirvt )vr« 
by obKrving, that !'rjnc«, nioM <:er1uiTitVr dufTiiii; llic lail littty 
yvsin, tbou^ sho bu bad more of>|>or(uriiUi'3 ibau, pcfbapa, amy 
(Khor naiifin vvrr had, ha« ikowit ivi lymplonH Trojii whicfi wr 
can DifiT that »bc jct iUHienUiKl« erven tlic n>dim«'nt« of ibn diffi- 
cult 5cleii4:« of g(n«n>ineiil. llitfjiirttr'ixabljir, tbr bin bad no 
^rrat r^cprribncn mt fok oi DTt4-Mcal fie»^om ; and fi«f4ij(Ti it 
laciuld be «iinu)^ to aik wbeUMtr a n^ilimi, <lutiiui« ol micIi ct* 
pcm-ncp, can, wTth any ki>Mr of snox^t, be put m |>(»tc««o<i of 
iJiBl amount of liberty wbkli reqtitrr* fjr iLt Mfc cuilmcv Jbrrr 
io many atti^itdaitf tirrmnitaiicp^ of vikidi tbe Tmich af« tr>ially 
dcliciciil? If, hoiacvcr, ^v vrcfc b> miinU^wbkb wc 60 1101 — 
tli»i rlu? Fmirk (lottcvft ih<* t^quirrddr-grecof mtfltj|^i>c^ Inr «clf> 
gc»7iDrrtmnit, as it 15 quaiittit t^llctl, uc aboiild MiH fear dm^clr* 
cumirtatmd a« dii-T atr, ilir Innit <i>b-rtrd, bcAHWcr cngBViioinlT 
flnod«lted| mxiti lakr <im ol ivnt counvti, — cilber lapao mto a dtf^ 
tpQliMip, (nbicli i«, (irobabljr tliut nkkb the ial»ou rrralij bkr* 
b(r«i,) vr fall mj^tin into a democracy, and haviuj^ run ili« nid 
round of iitjiMticc and bloodJicnl, n>«culc. al \)»i, into a mibiAry 

Wc hate no notion, indcrd. tliat in «ny country, or iinitrr any 
Innn of govrmmrnl vibirh bnman ingvnuiiy cvv flpviv, ^fnnino 
fr»doin It lo be tookwl for, nnlcw, in addition to tbe miellicrBoo 
Ml mutb knt ]>eit upoo^ tlben- br > giiod M>Tid »iiba»traluni vt nioml*, 
and, abotv all, ot ihal donmtic hd^lilv, ot fircude Ihmiow and 
lojnllv nbMi afc irnr In a}l Hwngca o( fonnivr. Nov, iJa-fr 11 
too ntUfdi «Tid4^nci* (o «l>ou' ilial the Trench p«ople al iko pra- 
■cnl tinm hold tkric Hi'm^t imrlv ns chrnp m ikcy notorionilT do 
rcVifiwn ; dmI if to, bow can \*e riipr<-t to AnI rtiui |*rolH» and 
IrnLii 111 udKf nuittcrt, upon w\uch alone oan bi^ binll any fivliil 
iKpettmicinie vntiiM to the mma of a oonttitniion^l |ottn»* 

Tfcc rcMon wlijp u frea govfTomrrtt ' work* W(rll ' In a conntiy 
when Ike coiutiiatioa give* 10 {iropcity iia fuU iliafe of ibai tt- 



Foiiiical C«cfi/iiW and Pfotptctr o/Fratut* 23 i 

iB««c9 wkuJi iIm luiiirv of Ikkip |>cmi)U out tJiM it ou^t u> 
pftMK M ^-^ where gooxl momt, Ioii^ t-^ptiitiiccj jiid imintf rHj^Joiu, 
■avwll Mnovml, prindplo prciail, — aiid ihhvre itii? j^icbI iuum 
of VTV17 kittd of lifliftiDevA i* nrpilaU^r ^ ■ ■'Mkilcr uf habit, by 
foad fttjib, vnd judjdoiu rrtkction — i« simply tUi«, In m buIc 
of MKM-U Mi-:h lu ihal at litiKUnil, mijf man nuy, nilKwit much 
(fanner to llir rrM uf i)if Kininmnfl^p |AO|KiiC miy vbMiittilv ho 
|ilcuc«, riUicrin political c^vackcfy, or m ni>r«l, or e<cn religious 
MKoilalion ; (or thtrt n na tkuKc of iu fuliiiiifE hrniy faiovr witii 
Mt MM of tolMt-nuBdad |MnMN »W fovnt tin- immnflMt^y 
|»MmikralJajc iafiiinice in llic c«>iuLlrv. Tlvr rrrb^:iiri!^ puttio»t 
of nw Miioa, tii iliort, have knd too miK^b v^pcrjcDc4.- oJ itic »ul>^ 
ifantinl >drutagv of Uic r^utiag onk^ of lluiig^f tu idtail ot nl- 
M-aiionf li^Elilly- E*m wbt-n pevfrcllj vrt»v und iirim>iu pUa« 
%r* proposed t» Uiis Gouat>>, llicj tro cautiiHi^ly received, ftliiMot 
ftltn^ atiJitUT miMrdt awl arr nurr bi br lltnnongUjr vifud by 
lb« pCTBons bi-il ^ualihtid ifr apprvciatc tli^ii metiti heitfte ibey 
iMwany cinuwof buuig gnin-iMMv itH^i-tvnl, On i\k *aUvt hami, 
iiAoQfacjr or foUy^ toxctlivr wiib all fciijUs of ccklliu.«U»ni, in every 
«■& of Ide, and oa trvory k>piv» niity Itfiru Idnrv tbcir TulJ v«ii>g 
wUboui doiiig fiMK-h BUKbicf. Uiilcva ib«ir wJvocate* can eulMi 
k}ud«cna> 00 |}ic>r siller^ the pnHccts iOf>ii fall to tJw groiNid 
99d 9n forfp>liefi ; vibik thfir aiiilM>n mutl re»t aaiiiried witb 
■itf«l;r bsTinf mwk thcmicUn bi-ud. 'i'be coimc^mcocc to, 
lliNl impniveDiratv vm ittUitdtxtd auiopg»l itt, little \ty Itiilr, 
tad bi Aiftcb a my iImi if ibit chtti^ca be not found in pnctico 
km dw baUEf, m return i« always pouiblc io iIm otd aUlc of 
Hini*. AooovdiniEly, ibe mimmum ftuounl of dniatioa froai ibo 
OMablybed ocdc^ of allbiirj, ibit utill Mrrre to fit ibcm for tbn 
■Ittrvd Mftlc of circuiDiMocti Aurl opioioiti, m ibe rule of ict 
idoptiou trjd) u>. lit tbi* wjy* fiolcot rwuhiou w gnm^ed 
usBWt, «bik indiriduah mm \efi a* fm% «• atr to bnug furvrard 
j HWla i M llwy please, and tbe »erl»o«ft of «fl dtsMi ifti Uinied 
to dw very W«l acrmuil. Tlir imana folltrm of mm oodiuMaM 
«to vrttbea lo remodel tociety «o au I0 lean« na without r«li|Giont 
money, or d&tiiKthiuii jii t)i*j|ri:il>, vtt\j maio ua ukofc MUafied 
«tttb ibinpi » Uiey ir^; — prrcwcly u Ibe ridieuloiu atiempti to 
introdum thr cvlliiiv of ImpiL-al (rwu vooiig ui noly Uttch onr 
Amner» lo lay sioie scofe by iheir own noUve hiubiuidry. 

TbelnUb u, — »nd i««itfctutprited Ui*tM>dev«rn otiii* Mr. 
M»rkini»oii RbonM hsvr writun a ttlmlo lolumo on tb« sMbfeet 
wiibotot adtwHhif M 1I. — Uiut public opinion in Franco ba« no 
■Oft of rawiublanre to pubtic uplniaii in ibia commit, and u 
in6iieocod bj nucbinery alnoet exactly the lavone. Id O/vot 
BriiaJn, ibe inAtieotiaJ jneu am not cottfttcd 10 one tpoV '^^ 



i|C, upeokintE, und wrhi^f; of til maiten wliich com- 
Turn ^iMrsllymrr llic cmnir}; Hnd lite |irotiuav 
do not, nnj ictpect, ittke (hv^ir loni' from that o( Loixlon, rx- 
rrpiin)E in » far aa the capjIoJ, btitii^ ilic »cat nf goirnunca4, » 
gancraili'ltu' 6f¥l to gfiin informatioTi, and bi-<^)(tia, frooi ibn and 
odi«i raunCT, the lKiidi(i^jiilcn of kuovtkxtgc aiid of lalcnl du* 
rini; a c^nain portion of f^rli vrar. Hut ihrrr l> xin dcfmncc 
pftjd to LoudoD in olhcr reipccta; aiid, indvcd, ior nit vionilia 
out of ln«lv^ ih^ rlmieiiipi of inAuont'o »ai irailcnvl niorr viik-lj 
ov«r tho i!ritiih Ulands, than, pcrhD|»r in bik otbtt mipirc of tba 
BiMiic cxti^nt, Alt o\vi tlii» Lauiilij, »bif« It loa^ b« tiulv said, 
thKt die BeHi=p8j>cr« arc mcrHv the organ* cr inoulli-pirci:* o/ d>« 
Ifcncrfll ^ill. cut <jf nhJcb no obKrvftui pcriou can fail to ilofUioe 
viUm i*, nwnuaWx, ihi* rrni irnic of ptihlJc o]>inion. Ha- Din\ W 
v^roiif*, pcHiDpt, in hii ccncluaioti at un_T pvevi Miomcui; btal, in 
tlic h>iig riJiT, hf tiill Lr bur« to birivv at the ri)^lit wnatrof dw 
rcfle<dDg part of the community-. Our iicwtpapcra do tuA di«Uto 
to (lie iiatioi) — their arc tiicrelj tlitr iict>:iEii9, ikA the niaitm or 
leadcm, of thu ntjblk. Ttioy take thp«» coo from th« opmKMK of 
tbovc persona m >ocicty vibo, fiom aupctioi Uknc*. ka<^lcd||er 
or KlRllon, hOT f^nly |>onTOi th« he«l ni^ana of jit<%^, but arv». 
pfvctkally* moAt iti the habit of intlacftcin); ibe tbovxht< and 
tomliict of thoi^ uhoul theiti, Thv ui'nHpfl|K-JH, th^rrfcire, (and 
VfC mighl vaj iJtc *anio thing of tlic otlicr pcnMhcal poblicaljoiH,) 
do no inuiiT thao ^Ut. mutr gmrral cLtnrncy to llicae opinimK, 
and th«a hdn to «iU»iid the operation o( tho inAucncat alludtfd 
lOi and as there arc papcn i^oitcil to cvcty ptiti^ nay, to tJttj 
cxini-i-ivnhlr %hat\f of opinion, l\wn conwa to Im put nllfOMi, 
dailv, a jiist c^prcmfon of what i* tboufbt and fdl orar Uk vvhofe 
couulij, from uheof« »n a\^nig0Jijd^nieDiinajestity bededuccrf, 
l^be ouiuvqucnoe it, th^t with ue, notlinif ibat » ritbtr vimua 
or abiuni, vrbc-dM^ In hii^h or m low atiitiDti, oiii itaml, for aary 
kngtb t>f lime, ng nimt thJH moat acarcbiuf; of all »cnitin>ci ; and 
tlicrr is rarcU, very infrK the »liglilcal veal dan^ar— ululdrr 
itnnr iifiople ni»y aat or f««l~th»t anj' m«iurr. i«no«^y d«lri* 
mental, can be loi>c prrK-vcral in bt ^ny Uritiali ^ovcniuicnt* 

Aniottg our ttvi^liljtidrif the pri-a ha* a lotaMt differettl nAotf 
lo ptrfotm. Jn thai country, the joomuhats d4/f<t the p^Uc 
Ofiinif^n. '^jla- le^di-n in potiliral life to Tiaiuv arn «onir time* ihc 
actual editor* of ibo PorinaM papers, aud ibey almost ail wnt« m 
Ibatn. TliL» uill, in some ■ir&furc, act^junt loi the gonl itylD of 
Iba ciimpoflition, |{vii«taUy fpeakia^ oi the prir^-ij^sil [utkk« to bo 
found m tho9C coluinos, am well oi for di<:^r imutrf^tic Un;tU]. 
Thr ma» of ibi! propiv, both in Pari« aod m llje <.^ii<iiry, luka 
thei/ lUfM from th«M aicfiopobtiui jouroaU ; a to? few kUk} Bini 


Pdliti^l CbMlilB9ii md Pr^^ftrtt 9f Fr^tKc. ^33 

iMd tb* wbolo miion, tnd Hmw, in fad, a n»DiiO|>o1j of ibe nn«- 
wdWtitrv of ptibtic MniiiRitiil. Tbcy arc the vJitual dnfioit uf 
At counirr f'lr the timo hciiif;; and uliai iv ttou goliif on in 
Fnace ciilflcr* in fk^c«r not jn Lind, (torn wbat bu occtirrrti liicre 
M klijr givtii ptrrLoil tltiriiifj tlie lusl fofty y«an^ A yin:i]l iminbrr 
of bOftT ptnoiM — wlH^iher Gentlemen of ihc Uuiltotiuv, Gctiilc 
mcn PI llie Drum^icuil, vr Gcnltc>»«ii o( t)jc Prcii — h>ii- i^itlnvcil 
to roaBBfv /a Mi^ F^onct, «nd lo <Uc1at« to /a j^^ufp nofton bow 
il iliQuld fed, thiai., and act. ]□ England, iio ini>rtul ctcr Ivoka 
•I a imnpiper tu leani whar Ju editor ihlnks on any {^'nen <]urv* 
tioEii — PMlcrd, no cnr ctcr knvns or carr* vhlio or wb«t the editor 
M- Tlie prinE m read lolrly to Imm ti-fial it thiMif^ht bj ibc btf«t 
idibmwid men of tlial |Miticulur paftv, of vliicli it baf>poit«| for 
ibe tbuB bring, ta b*? r-onMilL^rrd jtt iKc <»gaii^ Il is ihr exprcM 
kaiiime of tba editor lo And out vluit «t« e«<i«r^l; lield to Iw tbc? 
MMwkit opiiiKMu of tbc seiuabk men of uiat pftitji U> nbiL-ti Ijja 
mbacribcn ftre altiiciied, und lo put tluir ucttiAl vicwv in a diiiinct 
and fQri:ibl« aliapc bcfofc ilic public. Tbi» i» the ^bolc task of 
SB Engluh ii«vrKp«per. Bui, in Fntice, it aitmnie* n for diflcrvot 
ofic<; and, as wt; \t»\^ ;aid,diet«lu opinion > ina tend of tdioiuff it. 

&4ith irr n ffw i>f ili^ tiigblj' cbarRrlrmiic, and c^rtninlj <*§mih 
lia], dEltfijviicci between llic inx> cuuiitrio. h i«oald not be 
ditiic'uU to add tu die catalu};tie ; but ^e ibinL ue bnti^utid euiMigb 
to BobataotiBic our poKitioiif thot ih«* in^tiitiiioiki of Eiigbod urc not 

fitcic MMy to be fouud auititbic to i'iar>GC. And itlial* it luajr 

U t^a^ed, arow« to bnpc (tit in a cmitiliy ttbrrr. ulihoii^h this 
ot i^ovriTimeiit b« moDDTcbicalt and repri-»D(aUtv m ila 
I^JAlatiiir, lh>!ri^ i^ nhu>]iii<1) no aukUtrr^cy taUt^r uf biith or of 
wealth —no pflc^livc church ettablislimcut — little or no rd^^ioti — 
uo Atiy conimeudablL' Atatct of domestic maimers — aud uu ipunta- 
»eout pubbc opinion — vrbcrc the general ^ill of the nation i» not 
imh/ cuncenimted in one Eily, but u tbrrc placed nt iJje diipuval 
of »0(n« doien of ncniipapen t Were ili^ Vrvtich pmpl<- «obi?r- 
Biinded hj natnrr, and ao educated m lo kno^ the %»l(ie of good 
govenmneut; wer« ibejr taught to r»tptet and rhrritfti aacivnt 
prejudicea «nd cutonii, ncrelj bceatuc ihey vtcre >tfienble,*'had 
ibe^r been lon|c tried mhI do! fimnd h» nLlL-dy wuntint; iu politu^l 
Mgadty, viL* niighi hai« notai^ tiopc* that, bvand-by, thinjii uould 
arltlr iiiln dieir |tiac:cf . Bnl nf all ttui lraiuiM£ ibcre h. alu \ no 
iracv in France, Tite prMeiit gvnerntion, ificleed, may b« aaid lo 
ba^v been kiickled with blood, to liavi- had braded tiuiaketa and 
6ted l>ntutietii foe ibcir toy*. ^«ith ibe xthote contintut of l^lmopo 
" uiit- »n>i wieniTiiai: rouihl tbetii, foi ilKir ptay-grouinl I 

No otH- nkJinrnl, that t%c can ireull, itf ilii' irvoTutJnn, jvoprrijr 
ao cbIImI — of ibc coipitc— of eireo of the teatoration^ biu uabibited 


PoHtmt Cmtditkm and Protptft* ff Fnmtf^ 

Llift |in>ptp m» knawitig Itom U) piuAl b^ liietr Dp|TciminitM, in m 
buMiie^v-IUet pncttcal muniwr. 'rho c^BsUrilCtt of pnt*l«gi^ 
oftlm «i«ivt|K injtu inuiiio^i, aihI ot raiiom oibrr abmn ni 4m 
old mtem, tvcrc niirjuviiiuaiublj d«i«nrhi|^ v( nmuAyi but ibtt 
rurklnc prL>ccn a|iplutl« mo liktr burning ilv»ii n Iujuh* tn gel fkl 
of I fu«' ip-irroW amU un«lFr Oic civrt, or like cuniB|; « mii of 
(lie toolhAcbtf bv ma<ivio|^ ihc jaiv. AiHi w lo fvlial folb>«iuJ 
Ibe bvni of J«r»bia imnttij, can ibr udmntXi^ttf ib^dodtiiw, 
ibil^vc iiiiliiu1|(jiia uupirt; bIdvc for fn7di>m» aikI tcicfa men how 
ttt mftkr > jiTOpirr «ir ol ii^-ctii ibi^j bcuiHle, in fsinvaa, tn ■ilmU 
tbtlj vior (wr«ii, llic rdirrcue of <lc*|ioliani, if iu conconitontt buK 
|vfi In fftU io nitli tbe IMIa of the oovoicjtteiclics alotc for|>o[i- 
tigul icrvituilc t Lot w but conmAm- tAm btt b«<ii ibe ediicaim 
df tbo men «lio ittvm lb« diuiihcr of dcputictr Autl wbo. m our 
rr«defi biMWp mwi b« of tlw ag« of forty or upvrmni*. The mcin* 
bcrs i«1ioan3 riow miy ycai» vM »i;rG jusi of a^o wben Ihe tr\o- 
luiiria broko u<it ; %o ilml 1I1C7 liavc had trn >r«r« of aMrchj, fifiooa 
of «itlilary l^i^iM^, knd fifteen of poblic*! expcmticotiiiff. itilboot 
ovm B hnpi* nf lUbllit^. Tluip uriiflv ytnin of vf , wr»n an ihvt 
pn8io,«»»>libvfv, vtIkii 13u<iiuiparlcn&0 nMntocmpcror; ikonvrbo 
■rv novt o<i)v fort^, at^f ha%v fuu^hl In S|Aitt mtd Rurau* a> wcrll 
a* at \Vat*«loo, Wt* ntt)«l b? pardoitrd fur skiog «b«t in to b« 
atprilrj uulur»iM:h ii Loune of cipeiifuoc qop eo ally wfaoB tbere 
ia good Trtum for luppoiing tbat Na|Milcion, mib tU bit i»p«r- 
fbcti^im on liii bmil, acted fully aa iniMib ibc psrt of a falh>wtr 
ai tliat of a leader, and «a4, in fact, t^gotl on 10 nmi of I1W Imm 
•nciiMblr ciikT|in*cfl, by the ht^rtj cliccn of ibo tnlM* om 
^bkli b<r ruk-tU^-cnji>jing unbuanilttl papukmti ki \om% «» lik 
career cif LI^mmI nim crownrd wUi ««cc«8f> aud loaing ibrir 
mspaiby uoly nbrii hia iajU-tUCG CMoed to be lamtiMJ? II 
IM pklura be « correct one, it bee«nMt m nailvr of ibt ibooI 
icxiotw importance to tnvc*(i^tc what ia likdy 10 hippan n 
a coumrr rompoaed of ancb lome fnatoriola, and aclad tipoo bf 
impulMft vf »uck irieutH; dtnc m% tlvoae of & fm prr^i afid « 
H|iriMniaiiii Irftiiiaiuric,— 'iin|krllin«; iwirrni, vbtcbt wvmi in 
Efwlaaid, wUb all Ivr enprrieivre, nati all bcr numbarlcM ctb«cka 
ftgBiaai an^ iiodno ichvii^^ dn »U but tbroMcii lo tear (in in piocfl 
— ~B falfl, indocdr Mbidi would probnUy anoii bofi]| u>, 4 «a 
alwuld «icr be deprjwd of aii^ oinr of tJi^iar gT«ail mppoita, or 
btiltitwic*, alreadv aooflrn allixlcd lo ; ibe hIidI^ of whicb Fri 
in her r»fr (ot rvfiinu, lisi cnl to Uh* earth, and not vico ono 
i»hic-li rait, fiopi ilw nauira of liking*, btf ifMcdily ivprodtwed 
UU1 Mirk )C4:i>c of dcaolaiion* 

OoB of iwo iking* miut h«pp«n * — Chirlra X. vill obtain 
tBBdk gnMr akm of powor— 4)r Ifae pvopli will lusrp ib« 



P^iiknl Cvadiiiom and PrtiMpKit c/ JVmtw. 09 

lYneigiMy, flnd eilti«r ovpttora the lliroiM by tht^r iofce, ■* tbtv 
did bbfofiT^ or rrciuco tiir irran?r of the crown lo a aort of ]>»«»• 

«liM bctwcGti Uiecko Iwo calMo; uiii ono or ihc oiJier, tl 9c«iiu 
lUilil^l. mnvlp ifrc lonjc, gain iht! c1»r uicrii<1uiii y. 

It mny n^tTk |>ir;i<toxiral, anJ, no ittrubl^ ^nll Hiund v<!r7 Marl- 
|ip|r, Iq oMtt thm ihe i'rriicfi, m otir opimon, irill butc a macii 
brli«r cbiaM DTcMnlUJil fr«vducd, i1, io the |>n*Mit ctrug^*, the 
Miif sImII gmiu tlitr Aty, t!<o far, indecct, from gnuviair to sec tlw 
mnot«hi|t on tin* iwrM irntorrdH or iiii^inDg ill nf the ca«te of 
libcHj. from wdi an «wiU ¥re riionld hail it ai the comntnev* 
mi-ni uf ■ Inppier «ni for Hjc cuiniln. In EnglaHl» niy vach 
«nth«fmexfirtfeuoiiof opimon DmouiKflv rrpi»i>ijant 
our foeling*, a>Ml to rontnujr tu al) that nr bavc tvni d<:cu«- 
lo, llkkt il ia ftoamlj poteibU to ar^iio ilie tf|ucatioii of 
fliictiona on the pre**, aa npplicnbk to onotkcr <ouiut7, widitmt 
ciimii^ the charge of rank bigorrVr or lab^i k nilK«Hy okM 
But Mc siitiH nol be dctcTTT^I on Uiat account; foi it 
be rwwJ}r<u*4l thii Knin^- har, id irulh, hardlj any «ott of 
'frwrmhlanri? to iinf-luuj id ibr attucture of rocielVi or in htr 
ulJtirnI hihiu nrtd rxprncficr ; rimI ihinHbrv, those thinga xvhieb 
Bto a bl«49ir[f^ 1i> ii> may ^vll proi« a cune lo Wr 'I'bc Ii«g- 
titli, hj iiiuudui'iii^ tliifif tjial bjr jur^ iniv IrcbiHt befme ibut 
ccnnii^ WM at all titfcd for tnch an nutnimeiil, indicted oa th« 
ter iahiid «vib «liic1i ihi s<(nsibl« man among ourwrliM can mnv 
iiOlkitB hitm«lf ; nnri whj may notihr pr*t« bo mado equally 
mieiivc i)f injiutico, cuiVJi^nt a propk wtic kmjw i>otbnf;4>f frrc* 
ai frum iti^ir own vv|H}-ri^ncv, itnd vho nre but i-cry ]Dip»fi<cilv 
itaintwl niib it by rtporl f 'tboMr rcmafit ^P\^h "^^ e<|uai 
', prrbapa, lo tlv r>ai< of n ivprcH-nialive Ij^^Uijiliirp, retprrt- 
ing Ihp real diiltee and adtanlagc^ of vrliich ih^ French appear to 
lU alrout at t^notnnl, ai tbej noiocioitilj are of ihec»nin»oii ^mn 
courtevin of dL-baliog. Lei ibe cLannber be vlrded bv any 
poasiklr foim lliat human ingcmiilf <aii ctrtitiivr, tlill tlw remit 
aiiot bi* iiwl'ul, lailcAA thenitioii be rvatlvripe? for lliii enonnou* 
and viiddcti thLiiif:^. I'^ople foriect (hat a \^iy few vcan if-o the 
Fmirij wTfi' imHninvintly inn williiig ulatr* iif ■ ftrtrr iV^pnt ; atnd 

Kt «e are tocxpeci tbat in tbe brief intcrvnl which Im* clapped, lio 

frtncb— ibe volatile rrrncfi! — bn«i? ac(|uired tb^rm|n»tili^ d^grvo 

knowledge of ibu niott intricate «ubjcc1, lo enable thctn to 

iwy HI tafrty, ai*il wtlJi adrantage, vt iiistjiiitiQii of tbla mcmt 

trima nalwv! If ji bo ao, the age of mtr«ciM is r«TiT«d| and 

r^pciK-ikre of til hiftory foca for aolliinf, 

B«t Mv aecd rH>i ffa back lo cfao experience of hiit^ ; let ui 

kwb lo what ia pa*anig iu the wofid beA>ce our cyv* at tbu very 


^30 Pditieal Cmtditioncpd Pr^pfcU of France, 

mnimpnt. \Vli«i, far raicnptr, i* ckiing tn Smith Ami-riai ? and ubo 
ift bold cikotis^ to briug tormrd tuij one jnatoacc Irom ifatttnulti- 
farious liM ol^ poUtieal 4^\|H-ni)ii:Tki>L, in uliich n iJliTc of whai we 
haw set lotftii m ihin nnkJp ii diiiprov«l in practice F The SsmiUi 
Americans liuit lnJ u]\ I^jo fatr |>luy ilirj' rouM }iOMib1j dcMre; 
tbey hav» had rvprv^snrly or<:limv[i-, eiuiI of ollirr cirruimUdon 
to givf their opcraliotu a good cli^UKC ; and yvC vrc know kkal jci 
PTTTv jfi^ifrrr^', wilhom rAcrption, trntv iho gulf of CsUlbrBtt lo 
the river l^Ulc> the rraulu Imvc iJio^vq th« niter ittcAdcucv of 
fin; (olUi^, ai»d mere paper <x)«Hlltutioiu, to bnch fietrdoiu. Cap* 
(■m liauii Unll aiid ollic/ batt) wfitcm on thojie counbm, miilod 
bj ihe i-Dthiuoim uf l\w nioniciit, have coutfibuird lii th« dt** 
Mrainati^n of much error on tbii Doint, by atsumJnf^ ttiul lbi> ut* 
hibilftotv, oil bciiijE rt^koicd from tlicir connexion wiih the nM>lW 
country, Htiidd gtnditally aci^uir^ a knmiirMgp of citil libefiv, aiid 
alons: viitb thai knowlcd^i:: tlic in^Ututioiia, ihc habila, and ikciuua- 
nert rMuuic^ ii> secuie iti eajoynietit. Na\. '< H inipmnblt* not 
lo admit tliat even «o great m atitcvman oa Mr* C«iuui>^ au^ml 
Ilia Krigliih prijtulicu to cair,^ bhu far too utuch iiilo Minilat vivvn 
— mdii^hal waa >«orf«, lo ;ict upi>» i\wm. But tbc«o drvon*, for 
tbcy vrcre no more, art [UMcii auav, And ackiurtiiinf wty Jih« 
aDflrcbjIiatenwed throiL^houi ilw vhok- of ih^ ' new uo.rld'ohich 
that gcDci^u^ spirit vias raali coou^h to boaat of hanng ■ calLod 
'aiU\ ruHtcncp.' 

But, wc hear it iriiimphanilj asked, if ftll ihiu b« c^^ut^ ^ 
Sdiith Aini>rirar tihrxf lilu^rty \ia* rrrlninly jfLinr t>acknnrdii, M|;al 
do you aay lo North ,^incnca — lo the Linilvd Slut«t i Ha« Dot 
the <]i]K-nniciit of M^lf-f^uinrinienl auccccd<^l there? Willi ill 
dffrmifi] utid i^iiti ull iciideme»s lo our UantaiJuiittc bretkien, 
llicT aie(iiiK:a1k\t, wtr bfg lca:%t.' tu icmaiif thai ibe it«t of 
vorU arc pretly uvll agreed that in almtui r^njibing mnUfiaJ/ 
tlicY hntt hern pr<>grening Mem forcmoal ewrr stiivc tbtiy took Uia 
beltTi into ihi^ir ovtiihandt; and dial thrir vi*liiclty in ihin uroDg 
djnxl^onu bkdy to im-vru>c, jmlin proportion a* Ibci/ tacluaitelyj 
drn^ncratical jjsltrtn shall he Utivtig\il into iduil' iiiti-iov upeintii 
^lany rrssonou on lliivc i>iihj«<U are apl to fof^, tbat iindi 
u Aininii r'f unlvcMul MiflTraxL^ auth as ubtaiiiv in the Uoili 
Nlatt-a, only oii« t\%*t iu lUi- romnmiiity ara rrpr«a*nt«d — iUj 
«li«ch ia dnr iui>4l numcroui. '1 hi> cla», of <x^oi9<j, takca bU 
■lourvr tnio iti Inndi, to tb« dtirvj^urd 4t( tlif fc«*ti()^ u wi'U ua true' 
intejvataorall ibo odkvr oidcra of tho comnuiniy. And jl would 
bi-thr iiMMl nonkTrful palillral phcmiuinion nhitb llm KurU hi 
yi:l »eto, iflha United !>M««r ^^v BJk> vihcr state, thtiold advanci 
111 ajijlhing but pcipolaUon and iht: < uhniliitn of the M'lI, niitW 
ihc ubjoJulu goicrmiKiil of lite deniocraucal tiuiich, cxduui^/ 


PMtcat Cimdtf im end Pr&^nh 9f FVdnce. £^7 

of all llie oTbtrn. Like llicir vouthcm neiEhlioun. Uo\rf ver, tiMnr 

kifB U yei pfrnty of fooni, nnH coLiiPf^iirTiily ihr »mr<'hi' lahicn 

Wo«M bcscl Uicm in a niaincikt, were ll>cv ciDudcd toftctlicr imdcr 

ibeir prvwiil fonii of ^ut<-r»iiient, ii not \m\ upiiartnl tu :i lilil-jiit 

<TOp tboiieh Mil^^ivnlly ot>iioLU, wo srr afnidf v^Jicu xicwcd closely. 

Eveti ju tLfr t'mtcd Stutcs, Kiiwtver. the people, mUch dicj 

•CI up for lhein««)t9«r dift nol aciopi ili« mooatroiia alMurdiljr 

<t su|>|M>«iii^ thai they cnult), ill at onoe, pan liram o»c »taic of 

pMeninkefii ami politic^it IcibtiH, Inio Hfti>th«r lotjJIy opposiu*, a* 

lb* Frrndi arc now i Jimly attempting to do. <Jn the contrary, 

t1i«r jBdicjou* iiiL-n in Ameficu, a1 tL<.' ritntjliihrnvnl of iWir new 

gD\f rTimi.M, «riJe9^'04ir«d, <i4 mncli «a tlicy could, to proMrre the , 

WKinit potiikal falnic unbrokrii, jinJ to pUcc ihrir cuiintrj in u 

«tt)>ho<i a« tjltle ditTiimilurlo what U Itad pr«vioiuly betfii in 4« 

^oiublc* Tlicv bad not the miM «iiitition to caitt uide, in idl 

uhii^, like te»Ai>[u of i1i«!r tn»«ton and the tiiotlier counlrj ; 

U<tl «T<a ibcy did so to a prrilous cilcnt. In the first tuaii4l of 

nxcit«»eiil, Uiey tisrilorily dUpoisctvcd iIieinH-lvei of cerluin jiri- 

fanarjr adviniaj^^ without vrhidi ftvc inAlilutioiift UK oompura- 

Itin'K af btili* 1 jliir rmni ihr baur ibal^ in nn BCrr» cif pnMJon, 

Ifrey cliOHr to dtn^; tbLOUclics awaj fioui their Lin^-, nnd to re^ 

■liaquiflli tLe iiumenM: bL'ut:fits -Jiiaiti^ fioiii 4 govcrLiincHl cUevkcd 

Iby a p<iirerfiil aniloctncy, and allied nitit a ohurch e^tablitb- 

HMtttraiKl trusted i^xtbisJ^cU to the dcotocrtficnl branch of iLe 

IveoBSittDjlT, \S\^ \\a\^^ bivii doing nothing but propRgaling tbe 

ppectcd, and cbopping down foresu, i^itiioul odt^aitcmg ih^ eaia*o 

Kof good gon^mrnt^nr, or nf any bniirli of buiDiiTi knmvlrdgr^ 

ncicncc, or ort, o«ic jot, Wc are tinnlf perMjnded. iitdeed, 

Milt llie origtiul fiuiUL-rs of tbo cuntllluUon, could Ihey return 

Ito the cftjtb. viould be tlic fint to acbuowledj^c tbut lhj« pra- 

'^•aaipluiniv F!(i^mcni, made itl tlic rerj teelb of all exptii- 

enrr, ba« faJk^l. 'I'hcy n^o^iiri admit that the prineipte* wr have 

ksdvarnxd in ihu ArtirJc, on the utter incl£cieiicy of lot^ie forma 

■tn fnHi fre<<tlom, are applicable tn all limvn arvi tn all rnmilries. 

pTiitj' wiinH Inrn thcw cyti with u niiilurr of cmy %xv\ somw 

I tuvtaidn ilu- |lntI^h piuMiicet nj llreir iicigiibooiboodi ivhidi arc 

Iviifoying fldiuitagca m> ^eatly luperior lo tho»e of tbe tJinced 

^S&rtn, ibouKb tb^li iDhabitant* hai« tlie good lAxtc 1o *ai Icm 

•bom tbe bei?rlit3 tlw pouea», and ibe gfiod aente to know when 

I lliejare mcH off. 'INiom cobnitiM hai« n^yiv all tli« advinUgo» 

K-iffbk'h any of tW V'nited Sivt^s pnurx, Mi|vnMided to that of 

being lu)E;l>tb ftiibjoelii, while thcT arr free fioin tiioit of Ihu bnr- 

tbem whii^h re\t iI|kiii Oitii bivllirLii at Itovje, Htjt it ii foftflgn 

k lo our pfOCDt p«tpo4ef to prcu thii eooipaiati^« vic^ of Uw >ut>- 

■ Jcct furlber, boivcvcr fertile ilbc lu illuattationa <A t^c niaiiiiunx; 



tf 3B PctStteoI Omdiihn m4 PfmptcU of Aon^. 

•ion«, a« to tJ«i future pro«pvcttf 4>i Vmtfx, ^hicli, ue erVT« lo 
iiu>, pre noi wty dieiriJig. 

KoRtc u-w not liuiii iu > tliy,-^md we b>t« J|«anl iIm Brjlidi 
comlilutkii wdlcumpaml Iu IJk l^il^^otic ligllt-bcMitc, ttltcnss 
tk^ liiLuig i>f fiery uojto co«l > iiCiiu of htnl rucU-nU <nth 
Ihc dctntiilA, and uhidt owv« iU mtublcv* AttbiJity to tlicM 

!»rotfuctvd iii^ of ittiieaci! wl bLill, uoriijic in a good caum- 
t t» wJn^clLci' prc»uoipttf>oui, tlicicfWCr io tJie i-fcitcJi, Ut hcifir 
tbul, wiiliuut lUDJiiiig in unne 4ksne llw *aow luiirir, tliey con 

!;ttkt lUtf fume nidr. lli«y must bof^. uwc dbd, hj di^pt*fi ibt 
DiuidaiJOfi \ Slid WL- anr tttA jiq pttjudicnl an tu doiiii ibai ibrj 
|iAf« 0i;4ulay cnoui^b ol boUonip oa wliidi to r«4t a lULk' vupvt^ 
■Lntclutc. Bill ihey luutt go uiiuii deeper itiao iIk) Imc ytsi 
done, Ijc^otfc ibcj ran icacIi (bv liitii;; volL oh vthidi iili>tie lft« 
tctnjvfc pftniA liberty (*ii ilutid fii»l. dt iHricnt, llicy t^c Inuld* 
ingr or Btt^mplintf to buikl^ their comtiEuiiim ii|wii jiind— apob 
tcry ^tfiduiikbi. U LomiXVlll. Wl iiol, iji an ciil liour,MJbc 
inoti «ver tbtuk ii, pvtn iltc I'rvw^h n Ourfr, tiul pledged Iri* 
Jmitb to tbc DiaiDtciHUcc ofu farm of jEOTcrsmettl trtulty untuitcd 
to tbr C0uiitfyr l&c iind bi» itucuivMMv^ Jiut Ijciiig cjitasi;lnl liy iJni 
crud<r uiul ilL'ddtitcd cH^BgiMwot, nM§l*t ii* procr** i^l lufttf 1m^ 
giiHiually uilj^"'^*^ Muttcn, m ibat ibc |>CD|ile tbcNibl Itaic comr, 
M«p bir Plrpr AJid NloMfC iDip«rLopliUl , lo a kiiovitfdg^, l}Ol only 
of cml lijchiA. biBt gf iIhjm- (hil rtttinitiCa and political arlf- 
dattiob. wtlhaut ^tthiitJi ivirrunnU) (tt^ imtiluUimt, it 4:iiAiui bfl 
loo uAcn rc4>cu(cd, aic n mere farce. i''i.>r u aiaUufi u* mulkf a 
bop, a fkipf Mod a jiunp froni a vrild, »iui){iiiiiBry ri?«)lutJon, to 
a military d«^oii><4n. and ibcoce to ili« lip-Uip ol cvttslitutJuMil 
Jrccdoiii, II nu ci|ilotf untiiy tj ibe turluain uf ibe vtagc, 
vrbieJi cannot, bv aii,^ iwxat fMMubiliLr^ tMuxMa ip llie n^ lnia»- 
ucab oT Life. W'v dmell tliaa atfUBBUj and rcptaftediy ufwa llic 
dire nccieif jtv *^ tl"* mr, in or^ to prepare tbe oModi uf < 
naderv lo >iew wiUitoui being allocked ibc ooiy aJtcnnlivr nbj 
holils out lo True* dia ■maBot dioiire, at vr aucvrte^ of 
ifi>thifli|t liie food |»OTcrnniCBC, or to £«rop« at UqEe auv lukpc 
of ful«i« braer and iguietaeM. Il u mere cam to talk of Imiiiafi 
nalnva b«iig lliff aanw m all oounuie* and diinato. It m ««fy 
diflEnuL in dMcmil ctrctinwlancro ; io vm-. a tnlf^ pkiaaa. thns 
lire in poUlical a* w«ll aa in pbyvcai Jiftr mauv Ibinga irini"~ 
tbough meat loooe may be potwn to anotbcr. t'lcedon t»iu' 
meal and dfjnk, onK tMcauaoC' in iJie e»une of so«bo balf rfofm 
CEUluncK He ba^f^ bttbituat«l ourM^lvcs io it, attd, tbrongli pco- 
per eurrciae aikd auici re^iiuvn, can prolk fully by wutk atroog 

Poiiiioat Cwdilion and PrMpnU of FraiU4. 


* Hotb4a|r w imtn Ui 1^ MliMc kind 
CtA ULoitr iula Vk»d* The huugry miul 
A)onr K« firar* ; but ys of Aoftcr cUy ( 
Avoid xiit iiutrboru jaiim«ot, »oiil 
TLe full ttf^U' 

Wl^t we ifcouiii like lo ftoe iii France, as betng iw»t conJociiv 
tu l)ic aJt^nrcmi^nt of itt Lrit iiKcu^ttiir wmiU be Uie rtilonilKMa 
of tlic ut^cjciii 4UlljorilY of iIk- crui*!). «Jthou( ib old aUtnduil 
MhtMHL. 'dir du)» or' privil^giNi Oiriit-rtp iinfyjuAl LniaiiJUi, arbimry 
WptWOOfUciiU. Jorctad mh^ko, Q»d »o on, aic ic«Ht<-< b}j vtv bopc 
for ««n, amJ wv Imw vmi n^anuii to Ht|»pr>Hr iliai iJtt- UouiboiMi or 
lli*tr irimad§, con potublj^ ba^c tlie HoulUtl uub lo totofr ludi 
aumiiiM evib^ Bti< wl^ urc ifuili; ccrlaiii Uiat any vUic/ u^itiiai^ 
diMf «Jkhd iIh l''r«U(;b ttigbl call in U> laiir ibo pUc« of iltdr 
Iflcitiflatft iiKHHrck, Mould, at a utalla of couracj lu Joiiutlwu 
of Budoapaitt!, rt-tft<iiUivti. uicb te«foU rigour, all ibo*e pfivi* 
Tafft ao^ oQJiBt cju;iiif>liot):v — olSiliicbwcbcir w iiaiKbvbm Xkc 
'aiuieo irgimc' u n-fcmfd to. and no lillie ^Iwti Uwiron |i«iioduf 
iW Ijopira 1* Um; mUijc«I *)i diovutf^ott. 'Vhc Frvitcb natioo, uc 
aM*|Vici, c»im'ihilj/ cHMdcruig iJirir bUiibij tXiu'ttt^ ibc )3«l itilf 
c#iitiiry,wiJlr0i|uir« t« In lEomiwdwilb wbot 13 caJkd a it^^^ 
far inao; jvan to cuum:. .And wv am dccidedlj' oi o^>iui>'L]. iIjbI, 
uckicr ■!' Uuj circiuBiiMW«a of llie cane, iko Uotuboua, — i»u|)|>o- 
mtg ckctii lo buccecid in n^mtt^^ for a tuM, tic |»f>vrcr wMch 
1^17 ougki never lo bavG rcliiu|iiJibcd,^'4itiil be coinpeiM, aa a 

tfcoittjp, M> at tu >iluw ibr ojiitiw i|«il* ■* luitrii fiavdoni of Nctioa 
m Acj <aii ixrotit b>. I'^rccdoin — gciiui^K' Ubvitj, oa ue uml«r- 
aiaul liic h^iu^-4.«j| wily ^ruw o}) bj tuj alu^ ilc^itva; »iid 
«Wn ibc nuiiivtioni of aov counilry aru ck^eidcdly in ailv««cc 
of (be Lnunltd^- of xht «uL|ri-t im^aruui by tin-- niw# of tke 
|M>Dplr, ibrit rttij>1i«biiicDl, indlcsri of adtaiwifig lb« cauar, u-iU 
aMHUcdlv frUid iL We tbcndWr bo|M: uiJ liual dial Ui« king 
■ud ii» prrwnc ininMUfn mat tarcYrd, if ahc^ b« ibcii ifbjeei, 
iff TTlaldiiJiiajE ■ CiGiMoiribip ou Uie pK-a>» aiid likpviiK in aci|uirMi|; 
m dmdtd B pn-fiooilcraim' in lUv Cb«JiiU.-r ui' Dcpi«Uu«, ibat 
ii> vkMiiriH^c •> ui iLuWpitddt'oi body cajMblv o4 boardiag ibL* 
muiiarcbi . a^i u Uu?* tccctitj) tUoe. sbaJI Ik 110 lop^r ivL-oguiMd. 
Tbii, itA cioii, HilL U^ a virtual j1>i>liiick>i nf ilie C.lurti-r, bul ibc 
flBoiaMtt 11 obvu>usl} rtduccii (0 ibisi^olulUl.i' Muuirdi^.vtocli 
tttaitabia 10 ibp oouair}-, ht on'nbmniii, ur Uiall lix' Cbiulvr, 
frkub, ill every potubk Mtv, id mikuaUbk- lo it, b« abr<>|£alcd F 

ll utii bv ai4ed, wby urni vte ojc wlint t'muci; iliHra / Why 
noi l«l liar do aa ibt plaaM* f ^Vbiit iimvc ivc lodo nilli li«r in- 
aciiu tt q— J IB a aalii»^ man tbau «c baic wiUi ibc duomtk ai- 


240 Ptititkal Ccndi4i<fn and Prctfudr pf FrwUc, 


TM'\^«mtnxs of our iif>ict door n«igliboiir in the flrt«t? Tbe 
ftii^vicT to lh». itnfotliiiialcly. a tnil lou rcailjr. If otir ita^Uhour 
uwtvly beuts hi* nife and childri^ii. ar^i reguliiM IkLt |>crtOQal 
concerns \i\ the nont itfly |>Oi^iblr, k'c have no ri^t bocomplain; 
but if lit' gt'l*inioKitii«l^ and Uinj-i abuui fin?t>niid»r n> lu not 
oaU to vet lii» *>vin liotiH' on lire, txit 1<r lliitfitpt-i: Uic (katmctiott 
of thr vhntc jt3ti«li, ur nrt? I'nmpi-llcclr io %\ntii of ant lam of 
quiet, Io uke a Lit^ly inUreit in bi» |>rocc*Mlingd. 

If llie Frendk t'otiUi be urc«lii»cribed bv a grrit CbincacwsU, 
villiin wVicli ihv^ might cut ows anotlier ■ thro«u, and «xpchnacat 
kf ibeii litarts'coutriitoi] irrdigtou siiddcniucf&c^iit wovld atipafjr 
leu to the iictglibourittg countries. Bui tihcn the nmjT^lett ciip^ 
riciicc proi'ea tbnt no comtnotioTi of any e^lcul in I'lsmcc v^vr iatU 
to rnthroil ihr ml of ihr vr>rtil, imd whrn irr knnu' tlial ihrrp ar« 
Uuiumcniblc otjccta of antbittLjn, uf n^Qfrandtttimcul, and ol iia- 
tionl rPviTiigr»'«ll al ibli liour coiujtiring to alintulaie & bisv 
portion of Ihc Kreodi population to frcth van, we caonoi pop- 
aibl; ticA ilieir picgent unaeftlcd l^Ule ^ttbofil tlic dcrjicat auxiirt/, 
IVc Inibt \t« hutc K«id enough lo tbow itiat lb«iv a only ODf 
cour-e of n^itoaurcs b> iiUkJi good order ctn b« prevent; and 
howr^tpr rrptigiiaiit il mav he to our Kngliih twlpa, ihr oee«8tJlT 
of tifc caK^ rcnuircd that itrc nilijuld not ibrinb Irum tbe Iml^ 
but br puparfd lu ui[iit», ai tbe ]fM ^uevmn of tuo rs'tU, the 
t^mponkry rcH4liibJi»luiK-nt of a tolerably abfolubu authority on 
the |mrl of the rruvru ot' FrnQi^-, If this be imponvble, or ti ibe 
attcmpi be bitrigWU in the «xactttio«i, w* may bid ftdiott to ra- 
poH-, >nrl bvckie on oar anuour for anotber quAricr of m ccniutj 
of \Tciri, — nntH lAbkb^ iti die «nd, will only U^ve lhing« vronc 
tfuui tlicy non' arc, and, if poniblCi cany ^^ Fiends ^tiLl fuHbcf 
of1'fri>ni ilie grand goal of true liberly, of wbirli, us yet, tbcy have 
barilly had a gtiiupv-. 

If it be aikcd nW our nbjrci iji in gnJtkg tliis mdaockolj p«c- 
tureofFrrficbufTairv, wo answer, that mdotouci tuo Mcoont* : — 
Jirst, wc \\iwk tlHTfc l^ alvtay^iaorcfcood Likely to iiri*c from meet- 
tnSE an ovil fsirlv in the fae^, and reao1iil4*ly preparing onnrKeH for 
liiu Motst, thnft in Uying thoac Mattering unctMwi to our »>uh 
whidi palliaio tlie mue&ef for llir lime, biit biing ilt iixioun 
amd dangftrv bode vpoo ua at oionicnU hbrn wc afr Ivii abto to 
b«af llwito- And our ifciHid aud nioni inaienaL reanon it. that ne 
yi'vii tn BialL^ our r^«otrynitn f*rl the full hnportancv of ibc 
political aiad moral adtvciiagca nbtdi tbcy poascaa over tboif 
netflhboiira, \S> doubt not tbvy are «-)11ing eivoagb alrrady lo 
think well of tlieni9clm D»d ibcir iniUtutioiu, it* tbc abMract, aa 
it ia called ; but we n iOi to male tlurm tak« a at^adier t>ew of die 
dttaili <4 tbeir cowUiutJOfl, aiad «f ibtir boahng upon o<i« ^mh 



Potituni Cotidithn and PfCtp^t o/ Franct. 64 1 

than lao many among ui ato in Uit habit of tlob^. By 
lootLUiE ol mIiiI iff p^frnj- jq Ftbdcc. where MRiDur obJr<:U Jiic 
J M, hnt in liv* ihAeiK« of ffonilar m^niiK, sne mnj perhapt 
ta eppreciAtc twxa iMy IbMc ndtniiiagcf wbich lisvc m> loii^ 
ftvrn u< ihr. jtic^nJnaKi, mhi llivii<« tir taught bow ihej aai muit 
«d>^uaLU' bo pmyuKcU III fulufc tinicf. 

tt'c pn>D^bTcd, ijcai the Lcf^jiinlnK of Uiii nrlirlr. In givr a 
•Letch of M- C»ltu*4 plan of Tr^-iich unrlmPKiitiii;^ rvforuD, ulkI 
WO >fa>U do «o tu > tcrjf few nord^. nc conceives it IK-Lc»trv 
Id avmU a dpiv hotly oi rkcion (iin notivMU <effa de ^jrici* 
■B»«). 'rht>e arc icilciidcd lo take tlic plncc of Uic prcM-iit 
minal and |)on'erIe!(*i juifltucracy in appaiiiuni^ itiFinberH ii> tlie 
Clniikb«rof D«piiUc«, (p, 6ti.} Thci Chunh^r, he propOKt, shall 
cotitist vf aix huiidiL-d and ftfl^ mmiibrn, iiixlrait ol'fimr hundrrfi 
•nd tbbly. The d4!puiic» aro Ui b« named by ll)« difiVruul 
mcmbcn of llic miw {invilcscd ot«ierf, m the foLluwin£ propor- 
tioni : — 

By tlr Uii\M inltfrvnt - . , . UO 

By ihi< laMglMmry .... Sft 

By tliv tiuivtfnilj M 

By cottuoerce 4£ 

Total , 05o 

tl i« noc otw intention to coniidrr thr drtaitf v{ iliii pioject. 

hich, kowcTcr, ore pTi^ii wilti a decree of in|ccimitT tlial will 

tnuiiv |«-nuin viha take plvs^^urc in mich f^Hctt'iil upcciiluli^Kis. 

TIm «ho1a aAaif , or may ponbiblt moiti^caiiou of it^ we lo^k upon 

»a mxlit! a vfiicHi, 

Bui although vre ihmk liiu» Ushlly of Mr. Cotlu'i »i>rciAc 
plant ^^ ^^^^ u for difTcrcnt Uf.vr til hia cTosjag advico to UK go- 
*vrrnncnr, lo atl \titli promj>[ri"idir at ihr pfi**f^ni rtvtit. 

Noihir;;:/ li« f«)« wlih p«rfvct rwon. ^ need Hato prctt^itod Loiua 

hVIII- ficm FMuming ihm fnU Tnruurv of the anrieDt royal authocJcy 

rhoo ho rcturiMd lo Fra^Kc. Neither the arcny, wurn out Vy iu 

!A«»OCn. ncr the tciutc follca into ultf r conten]|>t, nvn- iit a >itaaiiMi 

10 XBsait ot evm lo mwHry bin Julhurity. Ilirdii). hi^urvcr.of hJa omi 

J, dhoo*« lo Ittcot ha pow^r, i»y recogwxing ihp righai «f th« 

Int in daa% ihia, Loub XVlll.* accordMit; to M. Cotiu, aiid 
^cording to die pUiu aeiue of the ibiii^* did iiol intend to abro- 
Bftltt llio tigbtt of ibc ttovn ; and 

*lftheCDrnk*of Hftrrnmciii.DUtborii^ by the rhan#T, u 1W from 

itthliafaiai tho n^hU of Uie ki/if? and of th« naikm, hAt« h««n 

[itul,u4i Oil* co»trAry,ab9uliiUly dvlnme»L«l to thoa« Hghu reaped* 

vtu* auii. no, ixxxr. k iTfJy, 

Oauam ond R^nKtU^ ff J'iwpcntpt 

fiirips whkliire prododnif tic ukk^iU^/ — p. to4. 

W« lliink it in h«rd1v no^itbUr to d^ubt ibit, unlem tbr «xi«tiii|[ 
govcmuiriiL ii<l<ipU, owi iijiciTcdi m cmruiig iii:i> crrcvt, $aiat 
ttry d«c»irtt iMuure tii 1I10 couno of ilki.i prevent wat — iltrro wiU 
<r>»ui; nuothci bm>t of coD^ulii^n ;— and Napoleoii Ua* leit no 
•aviogof moTt jndiiputabtc iniih btliiod hiiD, lino that *irevolu- 
ticA in t'rBDcv b a rcix>lutioti in Europt.' 

Ctfimnrmi, on that part o/ihe Povr^Lowt rttaimg to /A« nn- 

£. iW/^ 61 fAr jlgrintituriatM 0/ Enghnd ok l&f Ntv^uit^ </ 

3. yf B Ifttmiry ittto ikf Ctniwf itnd Ram^U* of Pavpttitm. By 
tli<? Riulkt lluMourabk J. Wiliuot Uorton, M-P. iai, ^, ttad 
^d^nici. 1.<hhJos. 1890. 

4, StaUtntni t^ ihc Ohjt^H vf n SoeiHy fw tgktihn^ Sjfittmttfiir 

IN every country the gmt majority of lU iubabitaiUa u coiit- 
' pnKd of ilir falioiirti)^ etaM, lli« 1ir««ra of «oo«i asid lli« 
cliaHTn of lifter, of the mcti whwe daity bmnl ja camad by tlia 
avrrai nf thvir bruw, and nljtnp condition, br it ^iMKt or bad, 
liapp^ or miiHTruMc, mutt ahitvi fumi ibu fktl uiid noil im* 
jKMlBhl i:i>ntijd4.-ralJoii ill i^\cn c^iim^k- llhat mav be dfa^n of ttial 
rouiiirr's nM-inJ poiiimn, 'IViid bt iIit^ Ini, how bIiuwI* the 
Btitirii «tnpif« at prc?<rtit ? \\c mar be admired aiid rw|M?citd a> 
a MaEc l)v oihrr jKinrrt ; yie Tunj r*nrr lilt ofraii witb our vc««cl» 
of coitiai«rrC!, and our vpaciouh bnrbour* wilb tJiohr of war ; ^v 
unj be ftckiiOMktl9,-cd jct ul ibv birmi of c^ili/atxici in aci^iicr-, 
in tiR'niiurr, in thi? nrtfi^ ih* produce of our irvdrulrj, and tba 
og^rc^atv of ouf vrcAllb, niav c\4-rcd all lliat imafiiaiion >cl <:ai)- 
t'rivird na p<mibir ; Uit if ibnl iicallb i* ao ill dUinbutrct thnt ibc 
iiitidii of uur popQialion receive bul an iitafftcqitalc aharv of uhnC 
tbcir luboui ba% j^odured ; if tkey arv loM'trnuHnl bi tjiil, ilt-rl^* 

i[iiil«d^ jn bopctoK ifidiccncc, or ar« barrlv prfser^eil Inn* 
iktni)bin^ hy a anilj arul I'Ktorti.'d thiirrlv» iJicif b mortr inat* 
tcr^ ih aucb a cottdtlion^ tor ii-^^l iban podc— for tbtmy than 

Nor » nurh a eondiiion a imwe only of ^i**f to ibo<« iafa« 
bc^V at hcavt Ibc vcH-bciiig cd* t^ii poorcf fclloii«coiintr>i«vii« 



m At UmUd A'tA^om. 


tot 4 »ubjf^t of Mrra«t and dviniiis c>0fliieiii|»1aiB0n lo all who 
uic inirfcMc<i Ju iIjc iiiualciiiiice \ri anitj mk\ *fC4iiici, Tbts 
■iMtuf a cuTnmtiiiir|F cuniiM be, iii thu a|^e aiut country at Ivut, 
ktiK d<pr«^w>ttl witJi iiki^iuBilx* it lonaot lie u bde »iuic oi dua^, 
wbvre larf-« bodtt-a of ii-um, >ii tbv citratne (if poverty Hiid wnoi, 
bftte coiatuutlv Ufurc Uwir ci,«» Ui* >p«t4&ck ot^ blouivii &iul 
ovcfj^rvinn urjililt ; luiur jHtrlkiiLily uljrrr tlirir inrtviwvg mtrl- 
ligtiiM, «otl ili« uuiivmul <litTii»Joit of political dincuutuciv^ Wc 
lauf Kt even ibc lowest cUmc* Id ddoL ud msoB un tin- siitiJL-trt, 
K> uow tbtc tliii ooofinoui d^^reiioe of coiiditioJi u ntiibiu' 
uatHfiJ uur iicizcaury, uiitl tu ask llmuMlvo llow it u (u be rtiii«- 
djed- III ibii piciunr, vn onnot allow thar thcrr ii nm cxag- 
gemUoD. '1 ruu ic id, ami lo ibU ctrcuDiatuiijiiiLc i* chJcRr to be 
ailrHHitca] (lie M^urkj a* y^x rnjckyn) liy irfririy, in die luidsl <t£ 
tb« dencntB til diiordcr, tli a t di is country poasitattf*, inad«xrc« 
prili-jfio ci^ititlk'ii hj uoulijn tkat ctci ciiskdp j laii;f aiid irapect- 
HtJc middjc cluKi^ ovnu^f; a %¥tj considcmUc »burc id the wcaltti 
oi Ube cuaitauiuty, jhmI Ubce dcu^Ij iiJicraated ill tbc picecitmioa 
of innquitlitT. Hut iltll viilh ihi? rKlrcmv tf rirtiet in tbr higher 
cLaaieUf — the (mtmicsoi many nhvaic indiiKiuala iiiLipas»iiig tko 
mcngv mmi>efl €\i coiitiiif^iiial fovfreigii* — it U cfttnia ili«i thn 
grr«t bulk of ibo people— iIm operative cluscs, maimlnoliiniis a« 
Vkcll MB allien ltd i^l^-^iecnw but « vvfy Kmall aluiv of llic |>rt>Jvcc 
vi tbcir iudii>^lfy» aic connlaMly iu u prvcunouv, ofkii in u iiiott 
iniMni>ltr, cuudilioji, Kmn^ly lUe to jiniflUin ibGiiiAclvca oil dicir 
•cani^ wagci wb«ii in niiplo^menl, Mud fre^ueiitly drnai, (ot mnt 
*^ lfai«» lo tlw l«iiaM«b)o refourac* of pitipcn^ui, uiciidicaitcv or 
mmp. WiiMM vhodwtrMWdoflbir maQufsciurinirciiitnniia 11S^5, 
M i8£7,«iKi»;iunin tftic cru» of Ike paitdrcadlul uiBler^MUiicvft 
tlvjianwing fUilnntnla tielailed ia die puliaiDeuLafy rrpwta utf 
the c«KiKlitt«M oa wu^ratioii, on Uic bUile oi lrcl&ii<tt ami on (ho 
po<7r-lnn<i ;^-vitneu tltr i;ciKra) iotmMe of ciinio— tlic ufiapfin* 
r>f poicft) ; aftd, iu Inland, ili« ttniggi* ibtc milliortv ■'<.* ncn 
fion iuunuiiuu^ for dicir jioUlo- grouDda, that i*, /or exitlence, 
vidi lanl lords u»d policntwD. 

It ii not our pr«^Miit lotcMion, for oar limita wuuLlI be iiuile^ 
^«al«r to so into ilir irparatir pioufs of nliat wc mCJiv iu wliicb^ 
li<rtie«crt die docuui<iit» wo kiw tt irrrcd to v»iU ftilly bear m vni; 
but lliw niticii vili tfc tibpuacii by fcw^ tkat uhilr tiLit>iu*caicfit>v 
widiout n«niber, in llw uwful Hrt>, and the opeiinifi of Mrw 
Ittmuea for tlic diapoMl of tbc pioductv of our lodutuy, hsre, 
uiiliin UiL- bht half centary, niulti]ilu-4l ntioniio«i<Jy ibn ag^rvgaie 
«eft)lJi of iIh: ttftboii ; }Ki tkc cla*a to wboM labour auti vkiJJ «e 
u« iiftdebcal for dM*c inipeowfiunUa «im1 i1i» weatili in> kait no 
iboro ia die utmotitioary proliU, bat h^i, m di« aMtiliMic, radier 

u 2 nrlnisradi;il 

244 CoMOti O/u) Remtdia afPauperinn 

rttrofErii]i»l than ftdvnticed in tinppiiKis ind comfort. ThU <1e* 
prCmdcondilioEtofili^ lower onl^if^ o4 ihv tViree kin^docnt ilfordt 
laalUr fur deep and ^riou< t'onvdcration ; rniH nr cimcillv rn- 
tmt die al1«iil]uii *il' (he |iiibl](! to l\\e fultouiii;; virvr*, iiei l» che 
CMIK4 iIluI huve hroiij^Hl aboui «o unjuH A* hvII m dmif^erous « 
Mlatr of iliiiig^, 3iiit\ Hie. rvmaites ibul nn% in our o|>iAion, mione 
applicabl« to it. 

The hrst Toitun; ihiit «nsiific? ^itlcntion, h the unireruill^ 
acknowTecig^ refUinifoocy of labour ihrnti^tioiiE tfic cotintr}', and 
in c%cry binncb of intJiiiCry. But ticrr a niiirW^d dittJiKtiOn tnml 
br kepi ttp bflwe«ii llie three Liii^ilnitif. uiur itf which H cuiH 
ftoiul^ poitriiic iit> lULillTlmliA into t^c tAo olhcn, w^ll^oul itnv n> 
cipruC'iJ telujti, \Vr tk) iifil helii-'Viz liiai U mlui»bjic> would bc 
ft«iiiibly nnd p^rmaiivntJ^' folt in J*jiglfliid or Scolltnd, wtt«v it not 
iot ikic hordes of Imh who ^ook to ritbcr coitiiify for e<n|iloy* 
MicMtand obuin it by and^nvWmg ihc iiihnh]U»i« of Imih inilMir 
own m«rkcti for Inbour. In Knctntkil niid ScotbiKl, mca«urc« 
hiicf been bing since iJiketi bi ihr Wgittlalorr Tniding 1o voiUrol 
ibv ovri'*>ncrcuu(T of populotton, by cntcEmculs ^hidi throw LiM 
Mtii.'iii|]lu^t.'4i ]joui ivi Bii|iputt uij lLc uwijeji wid (Mxupwm of 
Uad. In Irc'Urid tio tucb biv rxiqtE; and tbe jwiic drcuii»l«io« 
which h» CQiiUibuted l;v llic uxuiioma-d increase oT the lower 
clut ill IrrUnd, b«i dr»rn tlkc^ni to i<40i-l to lli« mtcr HUriJ fi>r 
the ruppoit nhuh tlicv an? deinc-^i M home. Uetc, tn tbe outicl, 
il a luvtl (iiin|ii:il ;iiid mifalr rpliiTri'f |)i»)liMLi i.if ihv 1wi> iiJsiiilft; 
•O loiiic ns lliii cxiktj, not only nrr the mont^irc^t w^Mrh Mni^hnd 
and Scolbiiid have lukt-n fui kvi:pjng llii^ir own jKjpiiiatioti uidiiu 
Ixiundi, hliolly nulliticil h_v the an'jinulou* oonditioo of Iiflbaid| 
but il i» fwa impouibk lo jiiccaain vtliellicj tlie indismou* iii- 
hahttanti nrr or %ro not in ffr(>niiv niinibcr¥ lli^n ih rf4|uircri by the 
(iciu«nd fur tjieir UbnMr^ und Mill Ici* piacucsblc in it to dvvtsi; 
jneaw f»f llm raiiBliiaticiii of ibr ftiipply to ih^r doiaiid, 'lliri-vil 
hn« been fett »olieu^ity of IdIc, di to allnK-t, at icntclh, (be Atteu- 
liuiB of l]>e li'^iiliiLuir ; mid Uicrti ate hupi't tliuti in the luutMr of llje 
next HOiioiia ■onie mciditTrxl n^tirTn of |hx>i-Uuv will bo ni^pJtcd 
to llvUltd. The iibiulutc^ nt.'ci:A%JLT uf ludi n lutUHire of pruiccUim 
to bolli I'Jiglikb |irt>|ioilv and blnghih lalimir ia maiiilV«t,^tbo 
\mUtf bciiijc driven ^nt of the; miuket by the coinpctidun of iho 
Mflr^ing lii^hr nhilp thv form«T ts iwM wiiboui oihtf limit thaai 
kImoIuIc cKh^UBiioi), for the «ii|)p<irl of an uncmpJftycd native 

pupuLfttioQ. In llv wuidi of uoe uf tJie imnjiJiku at lijc hcml it( 

thi* nttick — 

* The atiiencii in Ir^Iotd of tW poof-lnw, 10 which, In Rngland. 
UndtH |.ri,j4fif contribQi«i 90 kigdy. tdlx<U thv holdon of thjit pie- 
wnj ill (WO ii»|i :^ 

• I. !b 

m fA< l/iuftd Kingdom , 


> L In Oi9 tnt |4k*, Ik^ fcor of lr*i»nd »«, lhn»f;h waiM, fonu 

KUcd V> iiii^riU" to lh\\ country 'in )i<>rdr» ; and bf iri; n-iUlrg to work 
r thr li>iii<r>l jriLUuii' rdilier lliiii bUnvt iitexi uiiLy zUtniaiivr, ibt^ 

(CiijclAiid, thotjsacili of nativa Jabo»r«r«i. Vflio in\l httrk upon their 
1«ruJrt^ fi>r Muppcrt, iwii nn: mtUiUincd by thrm in idtrucn* cr soicc- 
ihiiij: LKe h, K mn rni>rmnu« fTi|icnftr. h 't% rv]druiiy lli* t^unt lliinjf 
to |}ifl EtijfliiTj rAit^l-^Ttn^ whether ibcv maintdUi tJio Jmh puuptre 
t^nwdTcj, ur nn rt^iiLil nijmbcr of liicir owa |inrishioiiGn UirrHsl iulo 
psupcini by thi; immLKCAt^oik of (he Iriih. and ufio. but for thi«> ntti^ld 
find vtotV enotijth cu tnatnuun ihfm i&d*prnrirrit of parorhUJ rvlitf. 
Ic ia oF^r, ifHTvfor^. liuE. ovikt^ to lh« ab«eiKo of ■ poor^Uw ia fro* 
Ubd, £njsli»li propf ny a iriHuUy nlcd to mftinUin r rtcM p4it of 

- V. Th* iwxiiul n^oil^ ill which thUntiom.'iIyinjiir^i im, tc«ii1I« from 
thfr vn^i^LiAl nnJUEn«tam'«« nndrr wljifh th« |:ronvn of lArm-producft 
iR c«ch foiantrv bririg ttnr guoffo lo ih* comiiren market. 7*hc Buff* 
llsh ignru1iun»i jiitp m h^aiy puor-rMr uul tif the ptixliirp of }ii» 
Ultd— (urv harp ovon tp^ii itiAt hv |)tr< if< iri pra-at |>;ir( to^^rdt 
lb« tfU)tport of the Trifih i<tor ;) l^« ]ri>h u^Tu-uLcbriit piyt no poor- 
nic 41 ^1 1 TW K[;||twN ftrmcr titt» to p»y his lAtiourf-:^ ^*S<~* *^ 
ibr nXe of frcim a vliiUioj; itm ]sn\(*jL*crQvn jifi itiiv. Thti Iriiih 
f bnvi Am Iflbofifvrf ttt 4^Lor&ti. pvr dity, ft<o»A*» «T«n Ihif 
l)y low rule of n^frctL b Wttcr thin sttrvii^ft Ihiv only oUcrru- 
i>T for A \n\io^ttt 111 a roiJiitry wAr/r 'Afrc u no }xx>r-iui0 -'....* 
o finner fnc tvojd min if hr aniwl obtain in \\ir mirkH a tv* 
tiD|r priM for tho prodijco of ?ii« farm ; that u, D por* which 
tnT«r tt^ C09I, and par him a profit into th« bnrf^in. The co*t 
production. tlHLnivp orn-lit. coortitta iii the expenses of cultira* 
, of trktch Uf our formt by far thu Urgviit it^m, And tht* puhlle 
rtfvrna on laad^ Now how it it povitbU lor tho R»icli«li tarmer 
leeK a pnce Id the mirhet «ulKciecrt to npay ^ll this ot;tlar. wttcn 
ii n^vt :h«rr by ihr Ui^t cnlixvator, vAm** «xpfndJliirc in Uliour 
wrf oiit-fu^reh of hit own, dnd wfM p^t no /uw-zMf^. germUly 
« T^ty hcovirti of all thv ^Miv b«nbviu on Ihu Eo^lJih prodoctr I 
tie tmhmai), under ihrr<- cirmmj^t^Micc*. tttu sell bii corn, hii emtk\ 
ka Loy;*' and bin liuitT, with a praliL at prjcra whtth m\\ nob 
««p Ibo Eiifftiah fftmrr otit of jaO, or Eiuclish fanm in cnltivalion, 
Ihu fiTUltritJIy the ra^ ? Let thote who aei«&d th« ruriei* of 
, of li\Tr|iool, of Bristol, nay, my of th« pnnctpol fDuk<t« 
Englvtd. lUKwer. ff thry nre nut onlvnoblti) OT«ry ctii«Tt«r, ami 

mlnooat enry Rft^cle. bv Jr«»h produ«v No roiiotikl 

tiou «nnfJaiii» of natural or onawidfthU di^adi-tnta^of. If tiio 
4K tte dinaio of EoffUod i^io »o iaf^rior lo iHa»« of IrtUnd. 
iflioA fiirm f>rodi>t« cooM WK hf* ^rrowa h»rc rxc*|it at ^oubl« tho rait 
of ru»iMg it Uierti th* Undoiuisn of £p|jIdxmI u'ould naiaa thtm* 
MlvTi 10 tWr tonparative po^Yrty, aiul 1>« conivat to *ee im it^ifplf 
of Uirk markets prtJicit>*11y lo tho lioodi of In»& ^rtroi;rB. Oui tho 



CauiCM tmd Ktm^dim ttfPanp^iAn 

mi|i«r^rky irhfeti «ra romfilVn iTtat Oir atftVriliaritbi of FrvltnJ 
pewr-4fl in iha BmrttM «v«t thon'* nf KnEflRA^p *< mrinii Id na fVfi«rirT 
mtfarrai adrattUff** w1iAt«^r. U y» y^ftlj ftrtifitfiil and fftfliBoai. It 
u c«<Md ty s diffmnoeio t^ puhlk bdnlicm itopo*rd nn tW |im^ of 

muh csDUnUy by Ihe i*ninmiMi l^iibltirfr. The i?ffrct i« f rrntrlj ihr 
mm; and tM f^uily erf dio noaiW an twKdcU k if Pnrtiontif)! uvrv 
to Ur v«ry hcftvy taxM i)f«n land ami labour in Vorkahirv. from wldfh 
all other counLic? vrcrv rirfD|>lc4. flie ralvc of faTmi ind forraln^- 
Storli in Yi>TlnT(in* vrattid fiiU In ewtt prnjimtiDfli to iJie ili«ai1inntig« 
iuid«r u-htoh thit meaiure placed Uicm ia ooiop«ri»Qn with tJirir com- 
Htitoff inlhemarkcU, L^irtd, vrhidi horewhcaihefbrr, Mwltlooljrf^ow 
bear cats an^ rrr ; «iid tbat vbkh borr thi? litter crops brfurr, nvuki 
Mw b« alTO|frfh«r ihrvrvrn out ot lillafz^. Il U rva'tljM }f a hish 
thtly vi>rr tmpo*Ml bv GoTvrnmcDt on ull Knqitish-yTcwo mm, rQXll»i 
bDiWt mi bftfttn, frora wharb Irish prodDre of tbe w&v klad was 
frre.' — ZWfT In fAr ^^^frini/fcricfr n/ Rnglanfi, p < — 9. 

\Vc IriMt ihat ibc a^cnltiin»t» of Hril^in will VtnUn to ibw 
appcdly nod Mviiig how nrnn^^clikirl^ ifinir iiMi-'mtii jin< iiiraKtd la 
llio ooctivoii, ^nll no lorii;«r lokt-aU ao unf«)ual a tlLitributtoo of 
public bordnis, liy which nttiiir- 1r»h UiuKonli tktv ctiahM ta 
«fT«iff Dstortiontl^ rvula fruni thi: iDMcraUo Iffianlrr, u'li-o«> Utay 
tlitUJt upon En)[liind fi>i inunlcnancv. Wc We r>o« ^p*>ke<i cl" llkC 
cofci of n^^ome\ing ln*b xaf^nnu lo ib«tr c04intry. Thk, thoitgti 
knovn lo be a burOni of^rcat K^crit^ oa dioK couiilj«3 wlucl) 
tie in llie nHMl frcqiiriiif*t! rAUiInt, u m tn4l« compared lo ihp mor- 
mou* ittjury inAicird on ibe optraii-n cIbmco of IJtiUln« by Ifir 
cum |irtE lion of [riih hbnairrra %ihn bnT*^ nn vllrrnnliTe but lUnn* 
tioft — fH» (hi" powr-iof rntMr from ibp ii(MTf i»ityof mnintatairf; tJj< 
Vniisfi Ijibotirrrn tlnif ifiroii ii oiil of cmplo>iiictil — *w\ *>n ibc < ill* 
tn-aton r^i bnd, from tbc competition of Invli protlnciCf broogfjt lo 
market wuhout any deduction for i^oor^rati^, and nutcd ai oiie* 
foiiflb of llicif eipvoie in bbonr. 

£r|iifllly cojfCiit reasons for onimiUlins lh« law of IrrlaDd, in 
ibtt respect, bi th;ic n( Orrat Hnuin, arr lo bi' f<]imd, in it* bcin^ 
Iha only mcaiu of maLJiif tbe chorch of Irrbiid roiitf»btitp iu 
^uota, V thai of F-n^Uikd dut^s, to lJt« ittip|iuit of tbr |>«or. Il 
la d1«o tbe only inodu op«n to u* <ii lorcinf; or pettnadin^ ibe 
landboldcr^ of Ireland, abveoUic u ytt]\ at rriulcot, lo wl a^ 
tKHiTily to work rn the re^nmtioo of thai ooiintrr, by lb^ rm- 
plojmcnt of its poor, the laUodnctKHi of work, rapilal. tnumfa^ 
turn, and a niddlti rlMv. AhmT all, ii hjII for<«- n rf^mpiihnr; 
dbartN frofD ih^ f>ftign ib«enlec, «ibo, ciactinf; Ihr lui UttliuiJC 
from nil paiiprt l«-mila, eacape« ibo aisht of thr mnrry be uilticlj, 
and ik« 19\ ^tcb that n^l camot mi to c&lort from til that 
roidr wtlbb it* influence. 

IV cry tliat boa been r«j*«d already by iJie Irtili landlord* b, 


Ai fhf UvUfd Kingdom, 


tiiAl ihi* Kiiflith pnnr-l jur, ftpplipfl ta \rt\and, vroulit b« M^un^lmt 
to n c<>ii|i-'H^»ti-fa of hn<fccl p.'np«rty — to an nerniian law. TI1& 
itnviEr [n:Eh[ l>t\ [lial llifr ali-ciire i>f a pwr-Uw m IrrTari'l letv Jit 
|irr4i^m » «ii Dgmriiin Uw up^xi i-In^Uvh bfiii» liut it hiu brcn 
tftonii tlut^ lor u prxifiortion uf tlicir rrntt, \\iey «rc iiidrbced 

Ito ttiA Knjlifih ponr-hw, wtiicU gn«f iheir <)effmd«d t«ii[iiury an 
tdviUitJM:^ in lite K(i]Eloh maticts botli for labour *i*d (nrm prci* 
diirp o»icr the nM»r<; iherWbre, f>i it reunion hi rcuLi to ihi» 
^itrnl thrj Will hasi? no riclit to complftiiu tince It Is srj fnr 
ItjIIj. tbT>Lif*li imtltcctlvp pahI out uf llic l^ngliili bndowiier'« 

|pr>cltrl. Thnl liv fspornc of niniivtAinini^ Ui* remnindcr of thft 

I^Jmli nutptiu po|mblwii>— that )>ait which ddci not mijrfair aii- 
infllly f>r ditpport lo Koglind — will not occasion v\y new and 

lutraonliiinrT fmir^cnvpon lri4i property, is clciEr,£rotii ihc Mmpla 
covideratroii thai thi« «urplu*, wtiui^ver ii Im^ !« at prMcnt 

^^hoD^ maintniTii'd, irt vomc war or oUlct, out of tlic produce of 

,llHf land; mid. lliFrrfiiir, «i4]dir\^r iirp[n>Et ihf law inay mforro 
Ibem, it 4raiMiotp if krpi within ivatonnblo timlu, matirnitly 
Uv wi-tjcht with whicb tikrir cirn ntiw prrin iijirjij ihs 

^prvpCTiT ofthv kini*dom. 

I Naj, wc aiv in<-liiit^ to thinli thai iberc v-oald be a coinidcrable 
•Mnonijr on the whole : for as, of oour9e« nieiMlicancy lud p^ity 
robbrry arr at prc-^rvit ihc main f^ii|>port of the r^urtdanl poo>r, 
Hittch in rio doubt wailed, ruui'b liuds it^ itajt to ihf undvveniii^, 
tfif duD^oufl, and tbc impovlor, whidi a natocnatjc MidorganvMl 
Klwnie of relief would sa^c, and tlma, probabK^ prove the Ugliter 

^kvnkn of the two. The o*:<:u|>iert, not ihr oi^iifr*, of land^ 
iMj of couTK, aa in Ei^taixl. he hablc iDimcdimdT to the 
iCDt for this purpfwe, sin^e they are the ptriom upon whom 
«t prrafitt the burden vhtcfif fnlU. With regard to whnt haa been 
4ibjmrd on ibe dtflicnilj of firidio^ j>rTiper ir^iehtitrri lit Ireland 
ik't adinini^leritic a poor-law, wf can hair no rwwftn lo ftnj- that 
tlir prrvmi on llie i^pot. hnhic to tbr rate, \^i\[ mit lake sufficient 
faie lo piotecl /Artr iuUreits, while tl»e poor «dl •oon Icam to 
inow and deuiATid ihc e\lTt»l of ihc light couftTrcd upon tlicru ; 
and ai lo the ntithoritiei vho thould adininMtrr thi* Ijiw jiidiriiilkf 
aurvly whatever prraons arc til to be Vttlrtt^kd, imm their know* 

'^ }pi and unpani^lit^, with the neeuiion <if our compIicaiBd 
«tB|ul«-hw» wdl be coni|K'teiiE np;htlr lo enforce tbe proiiiiona of 
s tingkr- aial aimptr net uf [tarbiunrnt. 

Thotv who obJTCl to the intrc^diKlion of ixrAT^Iawn into Irelnrd, 
ptAni to the woikin^ of ll>eK' U»» in hngli«h pandic!! ('>r an 
e tempt jficalioii of the mi«<!hiL-f the/ are titled lo proHuoe : and 
ihn ia an arf^um^it wliich weighf, w« bcl»c*c» wittt tnatir who 
do Qot daitinsnith th« eUccta of ihc nmple poor-law of Hlix»- 



CditMi <Mii Annnfif* ttfPatrpmtm 

b«tb — tbc b«t' of Cecil find of 1)acf>n !— from lhoi« \rbich tn 
oning to lU uIjumt iiiiil mahdintuiaUalitn). 'ilic coiiditioct of llio 
sgrKuUitral pocJt in tlic griratcr hinobrr of pnr>«lif-« in iIlf soi 
and nceit of KnKlEmd ii ci--rluii»ly woil di:piu«ub)c : c\vty bl>o«il 
iv. a^ n UilTii; of c'liirM'i ikti llir |hfMiir-1iii4>k:% ; «11 n|iJiLl of ini 
pcndcikcc, olldcfiiro tti support tbcKn-wli(^> hj ihvjr u^ii ei«nkwi^ 
la I'itHi dui]i|wuii[tg. Till! ))our*i»1i; iiun llieic «fiJir lo be <Vfli»i-< 
dercd the pilrimcmv of the J^nglith UbouivT, lu ubicli, iiiKlrftd ol 
to the eamingn i>f m> hiiiuatrv, he luvka fur hia niaiijicnaiic^ aud 
ihftt (if bin famil). But ibk moral da well at pb)iit-al lUgtwIttboil 
of ihc axrictiltiiral pca».)iury ii bv no m'^uiin a iic<:»aaty rcsttU of 
a Ii-}^:i1 pmntfioii for Eli<f |i^ji ; :>t >iinj hi- |irui(rd fiiini llvif oiuilia 
liovi of ficotlniid and ihc north ol l^n^lEiiidr ulittL^ such ptoviajoii 
cxista* uitJiL-L-utiipiuiinl b> ihtM' cviIfi. It ii* imltrdt cjsy to bJioW 
tihit ibey flow dttei^tly front a fatal crror^ wlucSi han Uevn of bUi 
ycire gnKluttlly inliuducciJ iiilu ihc piactic^l adiuiuUliaUun of iba 
poor-Uw, panicnlarly in tim weiUm nrd HOLiibcm coimlin; an 
«rror, of Wlijeh wc bchcvc it ditliciilt to cxacc^raU- ibv c^tl con-* 
■MunDC^H iinl^ii it meei tiith ^poj'dv rorrrriion, 

lV« ftlludc lo the tAinoion, Iboui^li imLoriousIy iUcj^l, ^ 

of nuking up wHt^vs uilI of t)ie pirji-rait ; in ulhcj mrid»,of au|»^ 
poriiv>g, at Ihv rjtpenw^ of ihc pnri>li, the faniilicji of Inbourerv ijiiiQ 
continue to wurk lor fjniiri?. It Ja %o easy tu fMI inti> thi* pnic* 
licL*— it acrini at lint iighi t»o Utimsne, so cnr^iodiniii to the apirit 
of the pDOT'lavr, ihit, wlico m labourer bft> too lar£C M £bmtly lo be 
iDtinlainf-[l oni of hit n^g^^p ai^ihi^nce »hoiiUl bf givrn hlni from 
lliw pvi»b Fund* — that wo do not uoodcr nt inat;a)iiatr« ho^ioK 
btei) iiiciiiiLuu»Ly Ut) to lulrialr iht? pt at lite. Wlmi n« eui^ 
wdcf it futlbw, and ob«n^ ihal thr farmer wbo ettipk>*» iiii« 
lubuLirtr i« ittiii iclcricd ftuin HtK ni^ceuit) of iiicreasiaig bi» wa|;ea, 
if be Htfli Ut Lftp hitn, it lic^^oiiirt evi<toiit lliat Iw mil, on liit 
Mde, prr^ ttic vcitUy to make th« allowance, 'the praclicc i» tbua 
jnlimluceil ; nnd^ ihi* icp onrr broken, it beeon)^ ibr ciMtom li 
llic blbera of ttl larj;e familica to receive nn AtJoiivucc from tl 
p;iiDh ill uld of ibeir vint;«s, uliitli leiiiaiii f ur hv\*ivi iImt lUiBinuilli 
on ubiil) Ihcir families run be uipporlrd. Uni here ne b^ni to 
pcicenc the icudciKt of llic s)Mi:m, and nulnrjlK ask wbere it i« 
to Mu|) — hIirI iklrrmJiM't a /■'rg' faoiilv ? j\ir eiJI l!ic e|)tUrf*u m 
% faniilv Lc>oU4l sU to Le »ippottciI b> ihc piat>h — or all beyond 
fo«r, tr two, or onc^ U it a<i4ucrcd ibnt ib4?r ciirrmt rai« of 
WD(e» will dctennioe the limit up to ubicU the luboarrr m c>- 
pccied to iDamUiu liia family ? Udt nbat deR*imi»i:a llze rsu 
««£«? or, Jitlier, vbt-» tlic Aitiiplj of labour e^ecccl) liw Mlui 
tkiMiid, Bft it uiijtijbullt iUjci ihua^K^u>iil Uriuin, a It uot etiikni 
Uiil tlie rale of va^ea n M»vU lowcrvd by Um iitau«Bce of tbw 


in Ud VniUd KingdAn, 


BTtCem ? did H'hfll linkiti csti J>p pUc«d to iu d«pr«nioo» uikdcr 
Ui4t iutiucucc. uiliiT ibui) tljc vvfT lovot flLin winch inilt Mipport 
:i niKEi aloiii^; ihr xii^i'H nnfl bii)ilte» beiiig aliogetlier thtuvvB £ui\ 

la ili« &ln)ihu«TDn a^tiuiUr >^nl |iuptiTatio[i vrill f-vi'r3'whnv prtM 
opoo lb* liinitf of tubsijdcncv, oiiid llmt nagn nill, whrn?vcr thcrtt« 
U « uidiciaiic^r uf hainli. iialurailj ttdncc [bc^iwUm lu iJtP riini- 
pium ; lh« wonii ■ tiniii o^ sulifHtancc-,' aiiti ' ntiiiimviiti of n'a;^n,' 
ma>t br unclrnUKid ai rrlaiivu wJcEt Ii> llic hrgtii /iimt7ir«, of 
ibr pmpnAJiion^ nff eviil^kitl^ imtfue. 'ITicr^ taiiivm be two rales 
oi" waKC> bi the wunc plicc. hi n natural ntatc of lliin$:s iV3*;<« 
caBBOC Hikk ior u prri»aiiriK-e b^lo^ llir auiii MjAIcieuL lu keep a 
i4>&o»rvr Ufj/A d iorgtfarruty from ttarvia^. If th<?y were to fulL^ 
twbw ibb fuj a tiiiKfUii- kig« fdiuiUci uiutl be tbimiEMf bv ramiiia 
or dvcavc, aiid cHa increase of Iho popidsLion cbvck^ till it bad 
Mla|>ted itacU to tlic dcmjtnd : and wa^ca niu»l tUc agniu al least' 
no In diM lrv«), niMt ltk<L'h for a tiiw aboic il. but th« ^iai;«» 
\inkh atlord onEy ibr minimiiin of lubsjitcncc in a large fuuiljr^, 
Will tiippl^r cnintlirfi lu one (if u tJiuderale ur uvt;ia|;e luo?, afiql 
luKutie* lo tboH; laboiirtts ^ho bat« noii€- TliiiB, tbo great bulll 
of iJie bbuiuing popublioii, prukibly al Iruit luiit^lifiilliH <if iboj 
ub<il«, miut. In a (taliual «iatc of lhing», by tbc action of ibtk 
geMral law, lite in comfoH, nDtfrUbsUndifig that tbcir numberil 
are irttichinf; on ib^- biniH of ftubsuivncr. 'Hie rril fjillfi ti[ 
ibc Uracil f«iiJUr«, and u^xm Uirm ulono : miil tbis li as it fiboult 
br, «ini'** ibe onlif moedy for a ivallv K-tlnncUnt |iiip»lalitjiL Ijt^ ii 
tbo band* of the bbi>iirifi£ chtuf « iNcmsviwi. TbcT niiut kcc|^' 
doitii tbrir oiAti mimbrfa b> alntiiiiiiui; (im\i InipiudcLit uiairiaKri; 
aud IbH tbcj will alofietor atlcTa»t nii^it rcadiU, be led todo,lroLii] 
acciiig ibc ■ull4-ni*Z4 cndufcd b^ ihoac wbo hn\< \tr%t fainiijca* 
'The rcdundaittv ^mU in thi« «ay be cbeckod bv i moral r««lJ9ln^ 
*elf-itnpoM>i by ilic lower ordetn on ibcir oitn appciiics^ aud lliql 
uceutMiicp obviainl of llial direr specica of cliini ubkii c<kn^it9j 
■• yn ba«c ftli«»iM, in (be dii4iiiinK of tbc lar^ famitiea by wnnj 
and mim-ry. Tbi-i in llic waj> ia inrluch bolli wagca asi' 
|iopuljUio4i, una^ecUd by arltlicial reitnibiti or encouro^meol 
will fvxLiljil'^ diciiiftrlvr* ; but, >hould a iiilvlali^n law, ot Miicrpro*{ 
tation of ibi! luw, iiU«r]Vre wilb Uiti itale of ibtogn, llir gmi<4| 
■UM-biefs iiiHV be ibc coi^>e<^ueiice. 'Jlie poor-law M^tcm, 
pnciiw^l ih ibc uiutliof l-jiKlA'itJ> iis*^ dome: tlm. hhfl«r>tabliUi< 
» manv iaU» of ^»t!^* in ciery paridi as tbere are dtfl'c rent -wed 
familir* jLibii, witl) a nifc aod B«ira chdiliefi, f^c-ls^ ^ be wuutd 
tind«r a tlututal «)»trin> ivaf^ci bcrely ludkieid to kccji lliom all 
from Btarifiiig; but Williaai. uitb a ^niall I'annJK, instead of le* 
cvinng Ibc adw aipoimt of wagei, ntid bf Ing, i|i«refoir, mudil 



CuMtn amd Aviudiiv of Pamperitm 

\ieitetuftl\iAMt Jolrtt, £et4 lilLftwnir a sUrvalkm fillowaoc^, accdntin^ 
Ut till fomity ; Aitcl Ltichinl, & tvt^fin oimii, retf itn for hit UU^iir 
June tffiout^i 1o ktxp Wiin^lf, and no iiiotc.^ 'nmi lliir »KS"'R*('' 
wag»4 of litboiir, or ihr j^rou tiini naut, whitllirr in iIh' ttiip« of 
wanc^f or r«lc«> U> the vrbola tttbounBjc popiJaittoii of n |Mti>h. i» 
ft-duced ftiy far betow nhfti ii woiiM bo milhoiit ihit nnJtiKt uhd 
chmI contritdDcc ; lJi« dil^erc'iice ijonjc, of covnc, intA ib« jxxitcls 
ori]|0rann««,aiide«eiilu>lljof lWI«iill<iii1t, fihileit ii abtlrartnl, 
tii>d4»r pnrlcnea of ebonty awl tcnc^oleiio^, rr4>m tbow of the 
labtMirrn ihcmMhr?) — tlw piimf prvduccrs of all itte vTeaUh ami 
hiaury en|dji«t br Ihr higWr rbatr*, wKf> pmfii for n linM' lr« lh« 
^qcVh Tlir <i*il, howtrw, bj llial r<lfib'iln* juilire n\mU wcfitv, 
u n necMwry law, to ppivafir nil Nurtrr'* m>ik«, r^aoEt miHi 
MroVfEU upan ila nuthoiY ; I'of iho miural cbock to llie lauliiplirf 
tniii of bUniivrar wlitcli <xmnit», a« nv ltt«v Krtrri, iii t\w ilifliciiLlj 
of maimiiining t large family^ ^^tt% TcmovMl, none nibcr rr^maioa ; 
or* mlW, a pn'iiiiiim ia uUcml lo r^i\y nurriagva unit ilip incnaM 
orfainilJCT, «vm nran'n iD<>n«i'-wage4 advancing witti rvefv adrfi* 
tioiial ckil^ I'bt? ratt of increaae of pooulatiOQ ia ihva lafiiil'v 
ac«vlerateil,ii1L tW l>i>ril*n of aup|>aniiig ihe fiiiTplii* Itaiwl*, aildril 
to Uic oiU prorfikcisd bjr Ihc incrcaic of mi*rrT, and of mine co«- 
arqtiMtt uii mwtjf far mon^ ittaii ^ivtrrbalarii^Ft, ttni wrdi a viirw 
Mily to tli« inlfrmls of llio furmcn nii<l proi^riftoo, all Ibty may 
haw pmiomly gxinnl by ihcir inJ^cakaUiiiiK rapacity. '^'"S^l 
pffwrtice tk frofn Uie flnl ino«t tinjuit and crud lowarda thf^^l 
rahotiting cW, whoiu il roba of ibc fair nrmiiiiCTalioi] for iridr 
toil. It inlrrdicr* ili<m fry>m betirriiti; ibeir toixliilon bv |>rtj<t«air«, 
indup>lrV;H fkill. cronotny' — vjrtti^- Il (lr|itc:9ar" iUrm 1o ooc Ictcl 
of tinifi>rin, hoprlt^f, obji'ctlet^ servittntr^ M^ty lilltf iliflWrnfl, a« 
it noiArtcd to imttpblrt yv^ lalf )y noticod opMi tkii mbjpd, from 
ftlavciy— »tanntJon hanfi aubvtilut^tl for ilia whip aa Use riif inr of 
coinpul«*oii : wiili this ^hftunntm, howfvfr, in favottf nf tht 9^tit^ 
dnl hit niMtcr u deeply tnlrreMed in nuitnt:iiiuniE htm uv^/, in 
order to make (lie ntfiM of hi* power* : whil^ ibe lafKkcrr of ili« 
EnglMb Mrf il 10 \«IijcI<-«i that be ttv^c* bit vfty iifo lo die law, 
whicli lara \m thnt\ vol alanw. In ibo (•nd, ihr dmlrurlwici of all 
vntr^, morafU^i and bappiiirn, in tliii htr^r claaa, eu|^tlwr wiA 
lilt- unlimiird iorriwr of tlirir nmnlK-rv. vihKh, in ibti recklesw and 
dr«pcrat<^ coiKlilion lEofa 011 fur ta»t«r tliao II would Qodcr a bHln 
ayatcrn, nhist am>ii biiitg down a arvcrc rtuibution on tlioia pnn 
priatora of land v*hii haw faftt«rcd or permitted ib« grMrtfi of ao 
Tile a practioe. 'Hal ihia ruJooui ptotpcd doca a<A nanrtly emt 


«f l|» Ecr. J«yli Bamia >Ad Hr. BnfftvrO 
af*alioaiarfCiaua>ai,oBitoartjid tn^m^Mj 


M the CniM Kingd^nu 


In jhtarj It proved by parliamcnliiry rvtiim*, wliicit thoir Itinl, in 
the dMtnct« -nh^tt tliii abu4c of ihc poorUw kaa bcc« conniif^l 
ai, Ihe cniicomitiitif inrrrHBr nf popuUlioo^ iliv poor-tvt«. artd 
erm^, Um been for some ^car* pail oiore itian double that of ilur 
othrr itniiRectH ^i^riritUtifM rniinlJr* nf KjigUnil,* In CtimhAr* 
hnrf, fi»r intt3nc<?. nt Uii» momrnt, Oiy poor^ntf? avi*fai;;i» At, ^d- 
pcr h«a«V — hi SiMir:(, tOi. ; itt llie fr>riiier <x)trnu tt it n liK of 
It. Ar{. in the pound on tfan rick-rcnt — m 1h« laiCer of 7f^ 6tf. ; 
•'hifc ill manj pjiriibo, pccaliuly liintcd witli thii practice, it 
R-achrf TO $09. an'l uuvtrd*^ 

We biTc «nul nothing fcl of tbe iiijuilicc pcrpefrtted by ibrs 
pracllre fmt]in>ifror:riipitr<tof boitvninnil finflll Uuint whn rmplt)^ 
Du Ubotircm, vvbilr l\^\ arc foTCCil to ooDtrtbtite In tho mi<r uul 
of *liicb llie cbirf families of iht- clnef fsrvivn* lAliuurtn air tiip- 
poned, uid ihpif wirc^ in pari paid- Thw, Umu^H ihnt it woiifd 
be an rvil of ra.i^nttiidc, it bnt ■ trifl^r compftrcd to die injutj 
inflicied on the lubi^urins dast «t Iai^. 

The 9\>\V9r^ we flXJold fnia bope, fiecdt only M be fully e<- 
ivwed (r> miH't ukb iininettiare c:ori^clioni ft ts eilorljnn, iirnffr 
(he mft^k of chtrity— robbery aiKl fraud, in tbe diiftiiH of le^al 

aiil}itint\ — :iil orgnniirct lebi-nu- foi etuUvjii;; \hr whoir 1: 
bDiiring cT.i»9, QiHlet pr«<teii(« of relieving itnil ^mplotin^ tb^mt. 
It owrthrfjw^ tbe futMlAOKnlal principle of nil *oci«ly ; >i£.,^ 
thai a father tbiU Mtppott his ohti chiMrrn till ih^y are of >i 
to miintaio tbeai^drci. It it undirisdao ; il)e|:a1 ; ruiiiom ii 
it.4 ctMi>e4pimeri to hiffli ATid low, rieh arid f>our, itiontllr ai tf pbvtkntiT : — ^and if the^c are hot rcMons for the prompt 
inierfem»re nf tUr Ir^i^Ultur, there iirtTi wrere' nor rvrr uill 6e 
Mtt^, Tbe feled comnwll'^e ot lh« Hotiw of Comtnonvr ap* 
potntrd. in IH^H, tn ii)E|nire into tbe »nbj«cl, urr^ iiJuiriiiinHiH iil 
rveoaiiDevdtnfi; that n speedy tiop tboulta be put io the prnelict* 
ud fl hill for this purpose ^m brmi^bt in by Mr, Slauey. 
ivada amnod time during iHe laat ie<tvM>ci - bui, wlie4her owin^ tOJ 
a want of due mformalion on the Kubjc«1 in the bou^e, or 
ur^rit prrniirr 'if oihi*r bnidnesa on the kiiig'a mioiiitrn, it 
wiilidraifrn al tb^c iia^e; ottly^ bi>««T*r, tf vrf tntt^, to be 
irrlTtidtiml ipviI carried at no diitiitt date. ThoiiiE)i t>n wiird^ 
btt i<to droiix to i!xpn?» i>ur atihorrenre of th)< (yvtenip ^« mu 
not be uiidrritoud, lu tthal we havr AaJd, m ntiginatiftn^ tlm in«l 
leniiriiia of tbo^ v^ha hnve uipporlrd or eoiviived at it, wliocn, oQJ 
the contrary, ne bfli(TT« iohav« be«n led by degree iato tbo| 
ermr, and 10 bate been unriifuteioua of the mlKfaicf tli«f irei%{ 

* SMki.SiuM'vwvdhib A* Ukk 4ft;<mn«uiiiiDnugfrti C4uuaflM« 
w Ibb «Jb^ lai^ *^ tbe fapMt «r IbM 8«M OiBBiaav «b^ nfavW «>. 



Catrset tmd HtmcdUt '/ Panpaitm 

'Vht n)»«ijr« we li*i« ventured to recomtnmd abov«« nftmdjr^i 
llie? imri>fluctJofl of s leffal |in>viftii>n fortiio fkocr in IrcUnid, 9ni\ 
tLif! imiiiriiialc rffoini nt ihc nbii-iv* panialiT [ircMiliiijc intht^' 
inn^i»iTniit)ti d ihe jvior-lnwH in Kd^IjiikI, ^ri' iKxt^v^rir fctt ihi 
|iu) po^L' of diCL'kitii; l^iai rnpul iiicrrusc of »o imi^Dkiiloiicil pT>|>M* 
iation^ ifthuJ], ocf:;i?iioiitiig in both LXfu»ljii^ mu ^icctiDiulaiircLi 
nm of nii«ery »rKi criittc, di^Eurhn iIm i«TH-boing, and thrv9t«tif | 
ifacTcnror^iinljEatianof Micli'ty. TbcicmeaMirt3,WnTVcr,i:auihMt« 
no unmfdi'ih «<flVct in jvmriiyin^ the riJ4tiii|^ icdiindincT— otkvr 
mcaiia niiiAl bi: rcioririi tcj l'i>r lliis pLirfHM:> uiid »ot a ttw bivc 
Iwvn propa-Hrd (<> poblir iKilirc Tlif^e iiifhiiM riivitk* |iii*mMrliFs 
ioli> i"« cluMCfr ;— tlin timl t'linjittina *>f rndcc\<iun lo >ncm»e 
thr i-Arcliir i)<rmaiui fnr biboui in lliit cuuiiIev. br tlic ivnimrat uf 
all iii)ti«cp»«iin iin|>«rdin»oni« to iu 4ijn|>li>|mcnl, hy oponiog, if 
pnuillrp new avctiiir* for proiiuctitc ocCDpalton, Aiid citUrgiai| 
Oii>ft- tlial are nntruved at pt*»oni by lltv pnaiura of arliAcial cij 
cuioiluicca ;-— the second einbracinic tcbcme* for ihc direct 
inuial of w bather' |nirt of iIip jKipul^iiitui mu}- lliru sfill rvrnain ii 

t. rinily V lir llie jiii-aiia a\wn to tis nf ificrrsitj^ tbr eflccbi 
dmmnd lor Ubniir in tlii» coiintr_v> And b«r«< n« >bAll probabtf ! 
be net b> llir liitc but iduiliiiw iiri£mm:ut c( tlie econooiMth, tbat^ 
d«^i«iicy iti ihedetnandfur labour ii aptoof tliai it canao^be pro* 
lilabli rni|TJoyc<l; anJlbat* comequcnlly, toforceorcftCMirage iU 
t'lnplu^tnc^iit m aoy vroT, mHI bi? onl) a mi-tilirrelioiii of capital fiom 
Ihotc chaciOcU in v^Utchtitrmn bvntoit, lotlioac jnvrhicbil can 01^7 
br It'u, jLdvuiitDi:t^iiuiU iini-Mcd ; vndlliu im>D«ing «^onM be prr^ 
f«cllj juit, if lh« eaiploTm^'nl of induslry and rupjtul wef« Rt pn 
MriLl uluJlv litr^ and uitftttrrcd b_v any mui<U<iu% tu ijuficdi"! 
n>rikla- llnw fur we ar« from ao deylrabtc a cunriilioo, lei llici 
<conoi»iat Iuaia4:lf aa>, Rftrr conKid^^nnc the rofopbcstrd bordriif' 
ibiii tsiatiuii, 111 a ibt)ii««tid v^fi^ aliuptfi^ throw* upon tndutujf^' 
Biid Libc TEiuciL«> >ajUi Mhidi rrroiKm^ IruitUtiott Iu» cfMUpcd^ 
■lid etinliiifd hir vlforb. ll is iK>t ll^r tin[xmiii>ii of rratrainta 
UifioliiA ibil we aro going to adiocaU-, but (lirir nri&o^'al wl 
ilK} pii?u uuUirlj a^aiKtt thr t-mpUtitiKol af lakwr, ut giaq 
fnrtilioui aoconrafjenietit to tlie lubititLilion of oLber p o m» iBit 
cottirtiraiicca for huntartesiciiion, 

A« nne *>f liie eiiiiing tnipnlrBiCiiU lo Uie emptojrBieni iif 
labour, «e ctaiu^ avuitl contiderini: iW srilctn of taking litfa 
in kind. Thi«, il ii imiKinibti! Iu iloubl, jBi-%rm« thr ulUgf 
s \ieiy ^rvai ijuantiii- of land, non i?Hig waste, onnijc lo ib 
beittg of »ofl>cicnL itaplc lo tctuni the lid^r in adLiiiif^i lo II 
Other expeiitrt, tboush it i«o«ild Tt\>t\ iLnn alonv uali ilt4f nAial 
prolil, nerc ia imuicaa alao nitxh land at |ir<u&t ii&pcdVcilv 


in itit Vnitrd Khgdwn. 


cnllmtcil, upoQ \f\titU additviiinl rjipflal would b«i pfviAubly 
•xp«iicl«d io Ibe riuplojwmi of ft'ULtionul Ubuur, and i\v 
p^OAtih of more cota, were iIh; IliIil- K-^lMisieJ^ for u u?tl4iii 
pucnber o' tnr« xi lean, from iiicreA*j»j; in proponion lo tli« 
tncrcMed prudiKc. On lm picacot fomiiig tiibc ccnainl> ope 
nm K a Ux ddok capital bid out in lm|vovriaetit« on Itad, 
Uwi u, in sgrKuluirftl Ubour ; und, ili«rctorc to a certain cxlcntp. 
mtut fmrroff U»[ ineimr for ihr ptii|i!oyincnt cif cjipirjrl iiiul 
lalraur, Io th« iiijiuy ^^f capilMllaU in tli« lirsl pbcr; of 1W la- 
bMKcr*ftiid hiidu^ncri in llic acoortil ; of tlir (onaiimris, who, 
llifo«;;U lEi Jiic*v;k^eiJ cuUi^ulion, wouiil bjy IjriO'pro.iucc eomi 
mhMt chcapci, in llic third; aiut lust, Tti>C ku^l, ut~ llic tilhi>* 
otnirrK iheai«rKir!>r Io vhoin tiirr pprmsaiiriiL iiiiprovcmfnI« ihut 
■nxfiiUI be loiiclc in tin: mhI, under a, compo»itjon for tilhc foi ■ 
£iif tttn\ n( j^rkm, coulil iKit fail oJ' prnting ii unirm ti( great ullU 
ttale ud«aiila-c. We ire Atirc ihul, by cotuiMiliiijc Io such n ttkcft*., 
Mir«, whicli would irnnovc »ll ihat i^ i>l>iK-iiiPii.> lo ilir (Tiiblic^ 
prejudice* in lilhvitt the church to pariiciiUr vrouM takir (be 
tnoU rficctiMiL otcp m ib pmr^r fur securing tlic Btljichiiivitl at 
■U eliMeii o^ ihc pt^oplr, aikI tlie prrmancncL^ i>i iu ikmssmioik.* 
Jiboot ver7fl»y toC4kuta1c the ocgrL-c to wbich n ficneril lithe- 
tonpouiion SCI vroiitd ij)crpa*e the dewaod foi labour, in i\m 
■ncJoanri* tnd caltivntioa of Innda now %vaAti.% and the Jniprmv- 
tne^l uf lJio*r >)rruiti iu lillHf^ ; but it ii ciidcnt, ihul h )*r4-at 
»lini4lui vrouid bv p^ttvn lo tbi* invcKttiK'iit r^f cnpjul oa bint^, 
and die cmplo^iui'iit ^i tltut u«crt;rouii a^EKultmdl popiiJaiuio, 
wbicb now prttfto aa an ndditioiul burdtfn on the occupi^n of 

H'« believe, ItkeR'tf^, ihni ibc d^tirablr «bjr<:l of making tli#J 
RMMlol tbc laitd and Ub'jur i^xtiimg ia iho country n intpcdc<|| 
tt^r^ Bialt'riatU b^ tbc stale of llic lavs- n-tanng lo the iiichjoun^ 
vfftilc* «nd common land* ; or raijicr, l>j Ibe absence of an jKtnoral 
law uu \he subject, [ttjd ibc occ<'iMly o^^ inctunn^ ibe i^cnl ct- 
pvnvf of All net uf pRrjiamcfit in c\<-iy patlkular imtnncp of in«i 
cloMrc. It ifl \%cii Ltiuwn ibol, sinfjc dx b^imtingof Die lut ccQ- 
lun, neurl} four ibootand billn for dvr inHmum o( uaitrn, in m 
manj p>n»bc>, ba«v be^n poavedj proTii^, to dMiioiutralion, liie 
viirxnduMij waul of a gttncral and prrnianenL Uwuntiiu tul>jeci ; 
ubili'ti" (^<' »boL« of ihit lime, not n iitcphaf been [aLeu towjirda 
cuociiii;iC such 4 la A I and mi saiiajf totlic coimniuiily lliv prmit^iijua 
waile of prhatB fnnfta nnri public lioie coiuiunted in die pauuig of 

* Aft(^ ifaRt ■faime Uavmb iWtim^n bite |hj«^ ir* sa*i «t m ^ «Ub 

■ub#<\Bf]' ll«w«urL«dh llMTT' 1° J>*< b it far th* <hurA gf Bp^bJ fcd 
at ih» fm- vf btr hbilwr rf« ba* •» ■ P*Bite ** ^ bHJ 1 



Couta otkiRtwmlm »f P^tiperwn 

MOcmnyl<K&l»(itdimU: TbotewhuknowinyiLingof tbo wdt in 

(i«feud ihc M»iimi ti)' muiiiliuiiiii}^ that parUaaieiit » tlir IfUtM oour 
litat could l»c tiutituud lor the pLupostt of d«Ciili<ig tvM Ur, m a«j 
jutta^ce, %hv ri^hu nC |invilc j>n>|trny »liould be lamlc tn ^ivi 
yioy ia ikw public iulriusU* Tli«f« ift Do «pvchr« cjif f:oninii»ioi 
(It oiiivr Uiauiimn. llut cvjuld be 4ii|)pi>mlcO uuJrr 4 gtriKinl laW| 
igr iha dcUraii nation uf tlievt; qut^iu^^nK, ll»i HuuUi ima an«w«f j 
iIjc f»cl» f>f juolKc htUct lltaii lI*c prcMot iiil«uii«L W'v Uiiuli 
^irouliJ btf t9$y lo dcvi«« ini-H«urn »liirb nxtuld <TtiiU)ti! «uln UqcIa-J 
U» be bjuuiLliI iuIoUk' DiurkU ^ilii Kre«t«r tuciiity thus it prcxt 
tu Ove brmlit » wr.11 af tbr |>uJdi<: a« of aAi hIiu |ii:f«Hrw» ■iij 
iukrosl m ihcm : Eiucb, lur iiaUiicvp i^oulO be tiic apptHnU^epI 
flf local ui Maibiilaluij LOumitMiuin. fui (bt buivi:^, taliution^J 
und tlloUikdU of l^ic wjulm in any lofdibip or i>B(ub, or ft porii* 
t4 them, viuii ikiuandni by ji c«rUm pcopotu-ju of die yvaot 
iuUnwlod. I< DMgbt tbcai i>c <-iL|>cdicnl 10 allow ibv ovcnetnv 
ptrivboi tixiubkct hhIi a lupvriluii) ol ^Ic-bodicd Ub^nircft, 

SinrchaM m pari of Ihr- unttr in ibat or tay oci^btMMifidg oarii 
or Ui« purpose ol rcduciui; il lo culliialioii, Uy mcMm*u\ tbc 
bl»iiif^tn. rmptuVtfd uirdii a imjd siipvtiulcudwL tVbmi il bttp- 
p«p« lliat no wuic UimI tilled for this |>ur|>0M if to b« ooat^- 
bicnlly mtt vllb jit au uaj dtolain-i: fiuui tlu; lumni cjI' ibc to- 
bourt-ra, p«fi>Ue« luif^bi bt dlo««d lo u-ot} ihta gong of lurpW 
laliourcra U> caccoU cootnict wofic tt » dialMucc, iHvlcr aimili 
»upcniitciid(<u(%p lor pariiea wbo wi*re eugaged iu iiicloaauf 
cuUi^-iiimf; wfttlc Imid, irpoo proof before » Bift^ialMc 

*licli pajpi^tH lif^ktud lliv iivorL lIcrT here capalllF of prttiviMinp, 

Uw ot w > B Cf ibiJiilii bv «uipo4vjt'ti lo Ui»cbBrf« ihtsu, ««! i«lu5«| 
rdief, la ibia waj ibc Ubou* of liuwc vrlio ai« bow dssioi 
And laainuimd in idJtoaw would Im nodtnd bigblj 

A plfin in i» euence «inilar to tbii wu* proftoted b^ Mr. Joliv' 
ll^n, Ulc mcnccf of a po|>iik>iu pttii»li lu l^udou. in a pvn- 
pUvt pubhihed in 1824. It ia aUn ihir tanv vihicii vii* ltai« 
Mocnllr more liiwi on<« browglki fufword, wbilc utkipjc i^^^ 
adoption in IJntuin of die ijileni <jf J'ttor CtJonin, ^hm^ 
baa b«vo, aad U kidl. punucii ««iiii lucb ciii>if4ci« anccM* m 
lloibud at ImiciicLVUoid and oUkt ■aUbLismiH^iib- T 
iDd««d, «4io arr <J«»roii« ol' €0«T«cUas ibe ooonnoua cvib «rlud| 
tvr bito tiliovro to Iw preying upon Uiu lomcr cbaaici of llna 
i^oiiinry, Jiod intcliii^ M'trrvU lI|hio all i>ibrn, rBiiiMtl do btrllvr 
■ban lollu<ff iht mcibod ulucb, jii a <.^o«inU> *sijiUily drenoi- 
kiiuJ<«d «iilii out own^ 1)04 bi-L-u found m» tutucty lo aiuwer 
I'fHl prop0«tfdj luj, wocb lavn, to prodnCQ botli n 

in tint Uaiittl Kiagjtnu^ 


pnvfiX, and a moril biuI i^yvJcil improtmicJil in llic |iopuUuui], 

TU« low of po/ocliial Ml<U4iiciit m^v be niciittuDciJ Hii aiKitlirx 
>dltck fa llifr tna»l adviniageouii cmpjnymrui of Uboiir. Itt4nfi» 
lo prownl fnriDOft %vtd iridcMoeu in>iu cinj>lL>>tn)e Jiosc who 
lail^t, bj ncnk «rmcc» of by n^tdcoccj anjitifr « acUJeiimtl, aikI 
liliKtttUly btooooe cbir|^«ble ooUi^m; aiuJ iu ihU wny diock« 
ibe aDJtnlion of Ubvui ftvni 4Ulii<:l» nlicic it i» ic^uLidaul Ui 
iboia wberv ibvrc » a de^cifiic)-. llirlli ■■ Uic nott rattooaJ 
iDCt fof tctlliDg a fMiti|xt on a&y pan^ : it ia UiC e»icrt of ^1 
10 b« aaonuuQL'ii ; and Uy rrilrkirn^ thr c|lickUok vrtthn tlicm 
ODfPOW hiDiEj, ail jmmciui: mjisa ol cxpvoiitt: litigatioB noultl bo 
fltoiKe aiiniliJliUcd. 

Bui the i;reaktit of all iivpudioieobt lo the mi|4oyit]ont of 

hbouFp ottiug lu ntifdi WB arv, opcciiillj ut tlte ptrjL-nt niunH^iil, 

,'mtfmw all Ibe «ivib of a tvdtfudancv, b Ihc mvdirrction ot tax^ 

WioQ* llw tkftcc to Mhicli Ubour la tailed Jn tbb countfjii kU 

drmn, |>rilu[H, con«id«itd, nr th«r«f wotild Ix- lea* turpriw «xcJ(«d 

ai tbc dilbrdlic* il baa to contaid wiib. All wnlcra accoi to allow 

ihai pitpaljibii iff, arid liao Immtii for eoMie tJoie |iu«l, tu n^udi tn 

'«xccMf that the pncc of Iftlxiut ciiiut CKKilinuc ftt tlic nmumuni ot 

mhitkt tliclabourvt caii beiuppurlvd. lii-uci; it i>civar, ibat tf tlda 

jminiistjm were roducvd, a proponioviaic addition uotild tie luada 

to tbc roran* of cmpToiiDcnt ; aiidj coiu«qucnlJv, ibat tlic taica 

%hicb go to aucnivia tbe iwoottaiv wai^ei of labour, ad dwoctl^ 

loduuiiii»b i\vc dciDJind fof it. Now all laio upon tttttumt^ 

b/ the iuboumig cIomm are of lliln iniurp. Such 

[vilkoat ncioitittg ibo daty on uupoftcd «inif arc ttic dul»c« on 

[Hifir, tea, cofW^ i<ii|ijicrOf iiiidl, bopi, brer, s|itriu, bcetavv, 

JkMlwt, priikled ^oods, tuap, t^Ulow, candlvft, butler, choe^i wd 

TtiPftf an- all uv^k'HtU, ftirilic eik)*1 |>aittlaxc> on laboor. 

tMr, Pitt, to o«o ol hi* *p««cbe«. «m>«i)(l> «apra»c« thi« fact— 

[' 'i1w bigh prico of labouf in Bi»|1aBd miMa ckidiT froni ibc ci- 

'C>w ; and tliron-lifkbi of the prire of labour are nJd lo eo<i»r lato 

'<llie GKbe<)uer/ ll«il iii«ili be tir^ccd that ibcac ta»c» arc Ibc tupio 

of our K*t«4iup ; thai it i« dsii^croLU to im-cMIr ttitli diein ; ibat 

BovcrnmcKl could iKrt g^ on or kc«p faith with Uu ittUonal 

CnxlitoT williuut tlmn, Wv bcJur%r thla lo be a mere bllacj, 

^^obi-lic^<? ihat an cquil aAuMiil of tt^vnuo might bo raiaed, 

wKb far moiv eciMiouir. umI l«a« iiijur> to tbc rcaotircca o^T 

Ifaa ocHiQtry, b« a diiad tax upon propcttr. Bui, if vc give 

my to dw pitvakot ot^cciinia, wbich w« alknr tabav9 coa- 

tidvnble i«ngtit, ■giimt ibc itnpoaiiinti of what ba« limi ciiii- 

tidercd hitherto parulaarif m tovr-lo*; aud it^ trom the tear 

of duUirtKiig wliat are iiovi sucb |>rod«cttTC toiuccv of re* 

reniK, Ditniftcn rcfiuc to conli:m|i1atc Hvc fcmovnl or d^ 
inlnuliuii tA uny o\ itii^se Ijilcm oh liiboiir ; wbit ur ui« anxtiita 
ti> contend for i«, llio pr^tphctr of Inxliia, in aI li^ait •p c^uaI 
if iK>i n bi|;li«r ilr',;icL-, ihuvc jiialiiinitnta ut piur|iiclii>u ubicii 
aro BultflituCTHl for Iminsn Ubotir, In ooiiV4i(|iii:fic« of iIimt 
ci^DiiHitraliiT i^napRcu, this cl>cfl|>acu beuif in |;icat |iif| owing 
to ili*'ir nut tii*iit^ la«4Ml at oM, or i» ib^ aaine lAegree ti Uick 
Luinon co«n]x-lilor*. 

IaI lift lake, fur iiutuucc, iIlc (M>rai**i ami vten uml i* DgrvcuU 
turc* Siiir«r i\^t mnoval uf the sxriculturiil bofiHMuE, t]i#M aiii- 
mnK i^iniAUiniii|[ no amclca uii Mblcb vicim- dtttlot or cuatiMni 
&ro fiaitf, artf in Ha df'gi'^^^ ui4^ llcfc, tWo, u an gpoiwom 
yrranuft ^im-u hj tlic Icgi^Ultuc to the ciii|)k>>n>cul of brulo 
ovvr ItuQian labuiir ' Tli<^ mati i% inxt*6 n^ lo tbtt^-fifiiu^ ur 
iiO |3<-f cc»l-, on L» v»1hc ; the niunint, not ut all 1 ll vilt imt 
■Id |o »iy, tlinl 1i>' t:i.\iii)! Iioivrs yuti vroulfj cliiniiiitb iIh- ptcHtivc* 
litcDe^a of cajtitali hy forcing it out of tJ)^ mod into tJic Jvwt 
jirDdilsblo (bHniidii He ari;um(.'iil U cigujilli ^ot>d agaiait tax* 
ing Jalfour, %«hicb i<i onlv rottdeved Um pfijiitabiti bj imag wibjcct 
t<» tljr tax iVvin vhirh horAva arc ckcmpt. Jf, at i\k aaine tuns 
tltHt ^v'N impriw a uv on hfirvna, you iaL<' ciO'aiLj of ilieiiBmorom 
burdcoFL tbaL ouKmvnt tlic pnccof human Ub^u^i vitu do noi in aoj 
itar dimiuiili ilie ptoitiicliTviie-itcjf c^iptkl ; biil^ im iki? cotitnujr, 
bj giviftg a «ltnm1n4 to lli« i:inf>loymcriC of lliv MiupluA Uboutrft 
of i\w. ctiiittltiit jFciu irtitler jiioduclivi? M'li cnpii/it w^iiA u ui>u* 
Mwl«d rii tiipftortinis t^tru in KfffW«u. 

It b the Atinir yiilJi iwicbinoy. Great ha* brca tbc outny 
rnitrd, ulirnrif i our uurvjpg \icat«n hav« dar«<i <o kioi at ■ tat 
un tnA(-lujK'i> ; uiid, oo \J!atr^d firincij/Us, iivty baivc bci-ii cur- 
fMtl^r ^1(1 iitlWiio^Li L'ouiiclimi, uB«ifrv<J. But llw crrror II, 
ib^ f^ticivi nrgtjincuis on abflrn^t pri»GJ|»k:a uif tiut appltcvl>k 
U» out |M«M-ut musi fTtmhpltculcd >nd aitilkial vondiuim. \IV 
ilftwili b» glad lo Lnow nlint ttiafoniki]; c^ii Iw adv,kLi«d apaintt 
lA^iii|C iiiaidiii«CT,\, tbat t« nuE citiulJ^i i.<)£:rnl ax*^^^*' lainif urfn ; 
aivd, if lliitE ullie cue, ubrt uill dr^iy Uiat, Oii txtty grfiunii of 
jvklirc fljhi commoa icaiv, ^tli aIaouM be agua^ tajtvii, if ijLura 
on i^lbvr mm ocCTvaiy ; ihal bumua b«>nj;», iriiiuini of tlio tisip, 
cocn|>onffnt mcrmbtfri oJ^ ibc coiiuiMinity lur ^buw- boiirQt uloav ail 
laxevtNithl lo Lc ti>i)Hw<d, all guitrtimw^itu rxiil, dial thrif cbould 
Hi ffvwE W put upon an «^iiaJ looting ivitb bnitFs awl macbiitcst 
JD ihr ccrtuprlitioii for cn«plo>nir»tt wlikli in lo tlnrOk tiiv lUir ijtui 
non €f i»r^li-n»TT ll Hat br«n latd tbai ipaik* and [dou^lu, 
LiuvL-* aiitl kaicUctj, ^tc aia<'1iiM;>; and aincc it vtvuld be «'kaiJ; 
abaunl it> Lai ibcM!, it liaa bH-a inlmMl lo tic rqtiallj ui»ijt<' lo 
japow tnj impcdioitnt to ibe wa of Ibe nwfc complicJbd m- 




fii At Uniltd Khffkttt, 


it« of producDon. B«it btrc, as in no nuny olhcr qu«ilMcia 
of monil propriety or naiiotial policv. the line miut b« drawn 
tewliirrr ; >ml ur think ihc folluuiri^ vipw of t1i«- advniita^ 
nMChinvrt will cnabk- iie lo f:J«t4:rTtmt« lliat livrc Li n liPtit lo 

Wrirrv JaboLir b (ivlkiciu^ conipiml to ihc demand fov il. ai^ 

|¥Cnlioii (t^r ruakiog il gu ruitiici tiuii UH'urL-— -tur duiiii- |]itit li^ 

^Vntvii of o(>e UnnAf for uluch leii ivcrc prcfiotttly rc(|tured, ]» an 

lOicttH: bvDcHt; lliQUgfa crca ikiM imprcncmimt slioiild be left 

iHirk iu own iray, nnJ nrnWr rncoiiragcd by prpimLiTn*, fior^ 

~ ~ i« ibc anmc thtii^, c-xt^mpuon frDtn taxaiion* iftil, vriicQ 

fvt«ne h llii- cuH^ riiiii liilumi iti^-lf it in tnt-inv ; nht^u di^re 

aJrcady no nH^aiiA o| cniploTuiciil lor the band«, the tlomncha 

rtinl wiiIj vtbU'li hi: mau nt all miit;! fpifd, Iiom can it bt? 

tpotml politic tct vuei>iir:i^,by booaiiou, tbo «ab»tiiiitiou of otli«r 

iincnu for manua) labour I Prodvcliun, it may be utid, ia 

kcoura^^ \ btkl xhe fundamenlal axion of political economy h, 

to ^hc factiUoiu cticoumgcMicitt la one cundc of productiJ^n 

anoihrr u lauFty, und. iiMt^rad of incii-aiiifig* Tilint duiijiiuli, 

affitf^lc ]>rodm!iLicncu of the coimiiy. Wbcne, Io0| is ihc 

Dl i]irn-;iM]jg tiu? pmvvra af prodiurtiDii, ifai lite aBmc lime 

,you diiiiriiih i\}v jiowera of coaauisptton ? Tli« distreiiii «iDd«r 

\ku\h tUv ti4nle of Utc co4iiitrT bu lahaun:d latE:ty bas been, bjr 

a feu- writers and «pcaiter>, stiribuud Xa otcr-produdioiu 

rW« art iioi ainoftf iboic ubo coiuidcr tbiv distrca* a* ibc 

rjct of any c)ikL\ or two. m lhi«e catutH, — but neither mn 

btv« thv s^nall'.^t dojbt that il hav bcGu» in a very coiuid«- 

dcgrrr, ilif rllVrt of Uir artilicinl caaHuagetiieiil givrn, by 

i^XMnption Irum taxaliof), to iuv«itw» for i«ip«rMdin9: labour, 

wbilc «-r caiiiiiit ^L*t iid uf the bvkda Mbom nir iiu loii^n nuploy. 

j^^n^: ttoUoDr dial It con bv nationally pcoblable to «ave iJl« aou 

rat of labouf by improveucQb ia wacliincry, whcu iboM 

labour il thiift nupplantcd mutt be tupportrd io fdleiira 

«t ibc public cxpciuc* i» ni jrrationol ai it n^uld be for th« 

t^^mtf of a p;iir of carria^-bontri^ xvlio i« obiigrd b\ biu- or 

jIIn; vrUl umlcr wiuck be niherili, to keep lli«ai oo i;ood pro- 

in hn xt'iblr, to alltiiipt to tans luoiioy by arttuig up 

««aui-coa(b. j\i»tl yd ii u iu obedience lo uu* idea tkat 

ike Ic^itLitOfv hi* hitiicrUi ncuulod llio propoaal of iitakin^ 

ikirry babtr lo oiiy Lav, wliita thr biiinai) machine paya i 

[■^a lM:rLapi uf (k) per ceot. ruJ va^rnw. The nalural coa- 

|»-qiiFncc H, ihii the jabovirer in itK^eti ont of tlio Dnoik^l by 

•leaiti |>ower ; ai^U Im niaiitlciittite^ n uiaclivity bcoMUC* ft dead 

luu lo llic euinnmutt) ; fat more iban out>babtid»g wbuienr 

VOL. acuii. »o, L\x\v, a advaiUasi 

ftA9 Cemars and Xtmedm <f Fanptrwn 

ftdvMitnge U tMt«d ftom tl^e diasimshcd prin of ibv untclet 
vrlikh llic Ktcam Wid iion wfoikmcn fulrncsle Ln an abuutijUKCp tliil 
iocrc*>«i a.9 ihe metoi of purdjuMn;- ihcni, in ihii coualiy <l 
U«tl, dtJiLintflii For it niuil be rcniTinl>cfc<l> tikc iiivAQtftgfi of 
inL-rc»>cd jiruduclion t* aprrAd over ihv whuir Vhurl4— Uk Mcriltce 
UiU upun us nlouo ! The bcuclil ot <\t^ry imprwtfiKnt iit m^ 
clifncry n ilian^H 1>t nil our cu^lookcrft forthr goodi iihtch nia* 
chioery snablu* lu Lo «tfpply at Acli«a|icr ralu iJMn bHorv- Jlul 
wliile Uicr flii?M4&fi»t Dainrft, Tufki^ Nuilti ami South Au«nc»n>« 
■tad 90 on, &T« ^vttintt our maiiufacltircj it half tbc pnc« Utt^j 
fariiH^Hy |wd. uc bdfcjir g«l tbc coal |>hce, wilL i\k vuiivnt ptolil 
on capitul ; nvlijlr u« lom frum havio^ lo tuppnrt ill thit lihli^fa 
UboLirru whntn ihr mitcliiiicrv hat l\in>cii arlnlt. Nat ntntr, 
ikir \tij 4.-o>t* of |>ro4luctii>ii. lli^ wa)-«s of tkic iftnnufftclTifiaig |Hf- 
pulaiioii, arc iii i>ul putd oMt of itic |>uor-r«lc : so UmiI 04tt fotci^a 
cuftontirr* m onnatlv anting twv maiinladurnt t^i iniidi lr*» 
tban t|i« price tlMir proouction ro^ta Lhn ou«iBtr> ut Ldrgc. e^ta 
^hcii, ulial liticit nut alvtux* li»pj>cr], t)kc Witilacturri and n* 
porter T«uhi« ft probt. Ai the pnor-ralL^ ii clild)> p'Wl b^ tbe 
OHiiC]» of nrtjf prupi'djr, iUit ^ruittoii of Ll upcrulL-M si ti lai Itmrii 
upon lliatclnv,Bti(lcKpeiidccl id gmikg > 6oBii/y to tbe cK|K>rtation 
of aianufactnav* vrilloul an gdir^ualc rrliini ; in tttbcr uortb, ia 

Si^inf /or die clothing of ih* American*. Roniint, DMr«» 0tc 
Luch ha) been lolkrd of a redundvicy of UbiHirni,aod foir }cart 
II li>4 been the ft^llciiig^hone ot'our niarrntiii. Can ibrrp Wht hr 
«rf(iHndaftcT of itiaoivate tta well m of atiiwatrd nackwcfl? If 
it be nriiii^ t(» nirourai^ ihc mullipbriuintt of lalniittnr «bi^ >» 
incitaae of nuacr* <An okIv follow uji uk^icuso oI uuiuber*. it It 
Aol tHiuailjf iifong Iji mfourogp thr iiiMlnplj<-»itiiiii of mtcimaaj, 
wivfi LI muM produce Ib1^ lamv mull ) liidrpil, it voevia cK* 
trnoidinnrv lliui attc&iion ahoiild Dot yt\ Iwe been aUuaqE^j at- 
ItDClcd to iLit Rnont*lou> fcaEurr in our domtvtk policy. W« 
B»amlkin that, M a tunr tvliru civiilicf cnipfojitical can be CoMad 
for onr mjniulactuiifi^ pupublKMi^ ihx a mifk^ fodr OiW mviti* 
factuivd ^otjda, uto arc otfciin^ (m a cotnpaiutnc ficnipliot] from 
Ian) a bifh l^itlaiitp botintv io tlv prvMluriinn <if llic uiti^AtUT 
quMDiily of mnuvfacluret, t> applkatioa ul Hie lkabt quautitj 
of bumab l»lMKir. 

M« EMitirip«rr that lo all wi^ hm^x ad^nnced it «rill bn ooawprW, 
Vial tniclMwir n ocilv an isiproied mriliiHl of niiployin^ labcHU • 
ibai u macbiv^p it ii>c|f ih* piodiKt of laUiur, sikJ, ihi-rvfura* Uud 
jdduvciJt i\% llir rUmriiU nf its production ; kivl ihul to tax it ■ 
actooil time uonbl be v(|M»U( uiiijvIm ami ufijutl. No«i, tf il 
wtrt irD« tbst tn»diinctx conautciJ ir/fJJ^ «f h^tmr minktd 


in tht Uniltd Kingdom* 


in ft» llie antumeiil vionid •Hod ; bat ihu iir not lli« C4M, Of 
■urn Wtd obl to a'ly intfroTcit itvdiiinrnr. In^klc* the c««l of 
lur en|}1n)«xl iu nuking uid m working it, a Iaf^*^ portion goe* 
ibfl |H>ckcU oi the profxictor* of imh mad cobl iniao, of Uick 
i|uam«9, aiiJ liailier, from tb« IncmMJ demanil ftir ibtsw 
ticlsi, of vrliick, to ■ cdTtftin cti«nti lliojr cnjov > mOQopolj, 
kaolLcr U:];i- poiliou gucd (v iiwrl] llus proJiu vl lli« pjitj'iitcc 
'Wdiinlicr ot' U^« rnnchinc, aUh nioiiopolwu in thoir wny. TboM 
jpeiu, bestdci Uic uciijitiunal pfotit to ibc niAsuraclurcr ctuplo^iog 
tkc mftchi»«, Bitd which l« hit ludac^m^i for dotng «a, ill come 
out of tbc fuiul mIiilIi ^/(>rf w«* ftolciy bid o«t itpun UfxHir, 
ittfid nv dnlanjovu from di« gciviml fund for ib mijiloTmcot, 
laaoqucnt on vm^ ipa^rorcncat on macfaberr- Th^-M iienu 
1MI Au ; iiiH it i^ thr« ilJOV-trDrr wblrh mmtinili^* ihn unfair- 
p( laxiiiK lubonr, and »c>t t«xiii|; cuciiiiiatr to die tomi 

L«l u« not bo mivundifrvtood. — Wc do not denrc to «oe mo- 
or agtJcultuiiU Uifsra Uji:d in ibc utiie prupuriiun Lo tbeir 
co»l u tb« iHinun tnarliinc — tbat a, to tlm«-6fUk« of tb«ir 
lae. Ilw ftbow nrtnarku hIiow Ifaat mochinrtj (lod the onn* 
jippliei lo honci} ii already tn ptrt uxed in the labour 
««tL«d up III il. U \» llic Kmaimnit portion ottif that ii 
w||uitT tiibtc IU be d(ti-i:U\ Uu-d : ami it is jnvcixl) ibc ouch 
[tuoHon of lbi» portion whith fi^^ ibc lcKi«Utitt> 6o»n/y to 
liiou> Mod liDiw, If nc arc uM vf the difficult/ or iinpo»- 
■biUljr of caknlMJng dw proport»oci of tb««« «)«ai«<ic< in the coit 
r uftdiiccij, \To aitt«OT Uiot tht» i» no orpnntiit atgunst the 
Ifvmpt; oDdf luoRovGT, thftt there eiBti sn obvioiu end nay 
[iUadord bj wLkh to meaaure tbo mtnijotvm of tai di«l abooU Im 
iponi, ID ibi- nctual rcdunriuicy or fvll rmploymcni of bbovr. 
\1mi u* Bupp{»c > tax oj lite per coit. od Toiorvm impoied on 
^BWckitH-n HOil hor«e<; if, in conteqiieoce oi \k\a stinitilu* to Iba 
tngdojtnvnt of hnnun Ubovr, tbo *urplu« labour of tbe cotintrj ii 
mt whollv ebambetl, il uill, «« tltJiA* pranr llie lax lo be in>uS* 
EieMlo pruiect the norki&g: cinn N^imt t)tt unrnir t<oRi|iftiltoii 
'«f oninoLl and iii«dia»icail power; i^ it Ih lidU ab»otbed. it mm; 
tlira bo adviaable la redave ibo laA gradBallj, preMwiiig at n1«>;i 
At nicb a poJai a« viU ludko lo mimain b luM impbjnieai aU 
the rdTcctiiii* labour of llm cotinlr^, nidioul imjmlin^ ibr utmoal 
^prodiKiiveticaa of tbo nal»OQal capital, by pteteikUiif; niHrliitwr^ 
'mm cooiJPK in nklof labour^ in tiCQ a real aanu| nould iciiifi 
from ila um, Surb a inx will *>m\f cbcck die falrodoctiua of 
snproiod uMchtner^t *^W". diouirh u ma.T anewer (bo cnda of 
llie nnanfacturer by incxe^wt^ bi* profiUj it would occaakm a 

m lOM 


CauNi auf Hfmedki ^fPaupniam 

loKt to ihp coTninunTtt b^ lhfowtii(| and kccf^ioji oitt of cmptovmi 
nuiiivroui TiiiiLilic^r -nlime ittaintetiincc in idknt-M is m Kcavj 
burden ihkn rau Lie coiiipi^nsatcd Ijv ibi* IncM'sv of profits lo m 
few iiidiviriuolK, It tnay be iir^cd ihnt to cMTcttaiu lh« rvdundtacy 
or nr>rt*n>idtiQil!kncy of labour ai atiy time tbmughotit tbe couiitijr, 
J* n JifiiruU if not w impouabk twk, It ccHsiidr >iippoi«A t;be 
Btloptiutv of ^u^]^ miUTt pr^ibrtl iisleni for ftfgikIvTiu|s paupcn 
ilmii at prt4cnl cKuta ; but if our hope* &ro rculij:!^!^ of »hurt)3r 
aecing a Ic^nl rECogiiiliuii uf llic lighb of tlie poor nii IrtUiid l^> be 
pfoacmd Irom fnmishirig by tli«ir tandlonli, ibert r^ili ilLfn bo no 
obftadc to tilt iiitr«rJuctiou <»f tucb h rc^iraLoit ibi<iuj£[Kiut the 
ktiigdoiu, M will Pii^btv ^tenimeiit or i)i« public lo ronittiaiKl at 
ftti^ lime a kiiowMgu of tl» licgrcc to wfucli tlic Ubouniiic l>*>pu- 
latkiu tii ihr? tbrr<r kingiJomi rxcrn}* nr fiillh uiiilirr Uii? fir-rrisiiu I'ur 
it. It u iu«dLi'4ra for w to eliovi ht^w lertict-ubk hcIi a kfkowMge 
woiitil be vith n liew to miTiy ijlhtT p^irpntrM b^^iidrt ikai uf ns 
gubtiii^ iJie lu, wliich, iiija»itcv to our nncmplojvd slid kiiiu** 
tnoualy diApo»cil fciloif*^-Lt]£C]i*»r iu wvM ak to prevent ft po«ilivt 
Vftik- uf ihL- »»iiontiL rnourcoi^ it hh^uii e\prilM.-nt ic ptftceOB 
thriT coiiipvlitora for i:iiip1(j\iiicjil^^brutc.i and macbiiKr^. 

Tbnl ft tax on mirhinrrj nnd a^niUunil biwj MiHiid Iw 
J^ghly prcMlucliTC, va ihiiik catiiutt be doubted t aud ibul minu- 
tos Hiiulil Im- cikableij by it tu temit a consid«Table iKjitiou of 
lb'>hi- tu^<:4 nhiob ftt prvi^nt wric^b upon bitmnn labour- 'rWur, 
wbiUvii is uddcd tit ihi' cuil <if imi? i^lr-iiieiit uf piin)iM.-Ltuu wdl 
hi takv^ olT another ; aott us dcwbt ^bolbor ^vva any nunufac- 
lurtd i;uoda mduU be incrtased in coti by llic tax, tibicb vtUJ 
only orraLiou more of Itbonv and ten of BMicltinrTy lo benn- 
pktyed in tl^ir fabrtcaiion. Ilia*, for in*1uicc, it ia kitom tJut 
by tbc aid of iUe poor-ffttP, aaid a great tacrillcr of Uirir in^m 
•0(1 comforU, tbe <x>tt«ii v<-iL%4^rr« Im^ laLch Ix-^n able in »onc 
plaeo to uiajniajn a »urc»iful amijKUlinn uidi Uii: ftlouu-4ooau. 
Now, tffbcii«T«ff tiw iwqKctiv« pon«ra oi Muebantry and ImikI 
labour aie ao ocoriy bftlai»coil. it ia my evidcot thftt m rrdiKtioai 
in iho t&xo 08 tbtf ncots»fthci of Itre, ami tbe iaD|»attkw of a 
tiiAisg Iftx on uiudkinety, «<jdK1 gite tbe viea>en a decided ad* 
lantagir jii the content, boiteritig tbrir conditinti, gtnd i^nobling 
th<-nt to reUiu tbe wvik in tbcif tma hMukf iffiiAouJ addutg 4my- 
thia^ f pj ih rwif . 

VSe hai« i»ci ivartf tficivforc, tlmt u Ui on iniKhjiiicry would 
diivcour niaauJaciuiTB unt uf lltr luiti^n matkrt-v imee, piuiwjly 
it^htad, it «oul4 not incrvavc ibiir pnn:. Itui «T«n Nionid it 
in aocne dr(ree produce tba effect, wv an frtiU juililkd m calUi^ 
for dw dcainict*oa i4 tll« mcn&pafy ctf eatploymeia now gi«t» U» 
„i Diftcbincrji 

in the Uiiitrd Ktn^pioniM 


taaKhmtt, br ili rvcmption from tiv, lo the pnja^ire of our 
unrtnpln\rcl popiilfniDrit nmi of iho^e who hni^ tr> mpnofl iImih 
&■ idlciiC(E», — a morHniol? hy viliJch Ihr country piiiu a pc9»y at die 
f?Mt of n |>f>(ii](f. Ir Hiay branch i>f mir rxj^ort Irade can be prr- 
acfTcd onN br nital i« \irtnnlly a houTit% on oxportation, thi» pcovci 
il Id be coriivd on il a luai lo tljc cuuiili^, and tkc KXKivr nr grt 
ridof ic oDri hmi our laboured titpUal to Bonteotfitv purixDetbe 
better. ^^ here U iJic rtatioml advantage ^i an cxtcnaioti uf f^neicn 
tnd^, whicli lllb OUT workhouftfi wJlli idir paup.-r«, for Ihu iau 
ofdo4lui>g ^c colli innilal pcnsanin' in dicnp calicoes? — wUIcb 
occvnms nuvimy nEHi mWrf at Iioivm', in nHrr ti> incn-aic [h« 
comfpvu ct ihc South Anicricuii |>«>n ? Foi, il ntist b« rcpvotcd, 
■ Irodc mnv hi^ indiiiiiiially pri>4i1nhti% bill ii»tuinnlly iftjiirioiM ; 
and tkc coiilraTy is aa tviieiii fsLincy, vbicb inun- IliaQ oii^ pCH 
litica) rconcimM ha iaadicrlciillji adopfrd, In the ailvantaK^ 
of th« CrrMt compcmion Mnunit »U tlip branchu* of indtittrv, wo 
fere tbc 6niK!t ljrhr>r[3 ; bdi iLis abicJtitvr frrciloui ti uhollv ui^ 
■tluiublp in our hLirtlrnrc! mndLti'^ti, 'Vht^ tw^ aiid nr^rrM %^ 
provch it n \n our puw^r to make to |]<!rfcct trccdom at' iixluitrv, 
u ibr foiunlhafifm nf tlto«c hivnirnfi vrhrrh u« camif^i r^nmir; ibe 
lakini; tnrc thkt ibcy do not «^i:h cxduiivcK on crir bmncb, 
If^ving any otber Snx ; tlial uiil' iijstruiuriit oi mode uf ptuduclioti 
b iMt, b\' the aukward application of taxalicn^ onificially r«- 
Mrktcd m a gicaicr dcgfcc llian another, Il i» tbc accepted 
ikKirhie of our l«f niaturr, that lh« faf-tilioiu rncxitiniErmcnt of 
■nj mode of production beyond umnbfr en t>n\y nd to « 
WMf of the naiioiinl wraith ; ^w\ VkC ?ihonld cnnrt^ii* it a ne- 
MMtfry coroibrr, that rf indutiry msM hror a certain vrctebt of 
rliacUtm, ihf will mlTrr kast frota tbtfin. bcr muliuiii ndJ bo 
Irani imp«dod, nlien thry are nvially diatribntrd o>cr all b«r 
mnnltcn Atl wr a^k, tlicti, if, tbal ncn heavily laxnl Uiall no 
longer br ptacnl in cu«ipt-litio«i n-'wh unta»«d bnitea and m^ 
cbiora > ibal thf-y »boiifd ht pUccd on the footing of rr[U4lily at 
}e«a| : ai^l it u for ihii i«uo«i «^ hk\^ not di«Hi on hIijH ui-iuld 
Qllm^ <i iditiil of uttttc iInciM«ioii, panx-K. ibr ^^p<d»cl1<y of 
vncoura^ng ttir fC^ouUi of Mien and rilucm. rJtbei iban uT bniim 
WmI »tnni-ciiEiD<» ; nor oti iltr otiviovi vpttncntt thai tlow (torn 
COttaidenrlion of tbl^ rig^t of oar working; claavca bu in^rv tbaa an 
«^aali»lioii ot burdt-m. lo prt>if<fvm asBJft»t madiiiwn', m long 
■a otif landl'jrds air protected agaiMUl ibc comftUlion of fonugn 
corn-RTOvcrv, or our jnanufacturcr* •fMtttc thai of fcmj^ pfo^ 

I L We eoinc rvi« in ihr nvond divaiiatt of tbr aiibjrd, namely 
tli€ noiiss iK^iicb irax bv adoptcfl for dtmitiiabiui; tbc pnsuure o( 


CanAVt tnit Kfm^irr ofPavprrartt 

oTci-|ir»p(Jolii>n by tlir itirrrt n^moTAl nf nhal^vrr pari of lltfl 
labourtng clan mtv ttill hv m tttett, faj'l«r tverj Jtttwttkabh ttt- 
coumgcmeut Itat been i^ivcii 1o Ui«ii proliuUlc <-j&ploymcnt at 
bomr, by llic cn«Mun?« iV4' hov« vcniainl tu rriror»m«iirf for tftiat 

And hrw in Ihr n[tUpl \w :in*, pcrhnpi, g'""^ i" ^hirilr mir 
r«id(ir*byc(>tit£liictiii$;i''^''l u AvjJiedLioUuAcy of Ubiwir, mlL« pre* 
>aiit«tiiiec/lliewoH(l,4^iiiiotifii«i^»cuinoiylfa«t ift, ei€e|it[|inM^ 
tlw c»idc«aG»a ormkmann^picni of liie i^-erritwal thJit pvnnitt 
il; ■mllliutil Uoit1)bTi^uubiiiti^ocirui;ii«iUi« uptJtofliBUUNicjt- 
lfnt,mndiM*j;t«c(ing 1ouk«lho4e obvioutsicupurcsinnut n»lionil| 
vthtch ocfv [>ruit«j)t iwTMiti cioet lake iia lii> indi^iiual, capaatjTr 
eLth4<r r<i produce no more of any irucle than b» cofHuni««, or 
to dinpoMT i>t bJI he doe* produce boyoftd ki< ovu comumptmr 
that W0 riiiH ounuKf-i il «tl in tlip jimiicammt of bMiig offlN 
bunloDrfl wilb po|MLJaii<>ii ; ibat u, wiiti tb« power mud capacilj 
of pmduriii;^ : cmbarraiard h} ilic aUimdaiM-r of th^l wbicli, pn^ 
peri^v uAcdp A ud «i«pltfi6citllir iPfoZ/Jh, n.^ tduim of precioui tnviali 
or land* of mwnaittplcd iVrttlit;. Il is uam, lliat for ycnn frut 
lh« crj liaa been ecluwd from all lidns, ibat the coiuiti^ ii o««r> 
peopled. Mr< Mdlbtu has ' frtghtr^l the if!<! IVoiu htr iMopncly,' 
vriik uint nf Hir^ rliitrev^ whic-ti the ' prjnripb nf pnpMbbon' 
hiu pmHiicct), in pmriiK-inc, anil canoot fail, for bU tirat* U> conuff 
lo iiinHucr. UV hiivi- bpirn taughl ti> think llir Umt nrar nlbaoil 
wh«ii, like ral>, hv vlialt bo iJntrit hy cvcca> of nsimhtn to «^l 
oos anolhiT. Mo|li«r» hmt liprfi Icici^ luoknl iip-m as the ^'ml 
Buti of ftOCMiv — Dr. J«rjinor 3< Ihd prime erwmy to kuaatiity^ 
m haviog cut olf one of lh« ancimi natursl ' clicckn to popuW 
liOn.' A rrgii»ci»t of chubby urchttM <rvrim u vbudtki' mi tho 
hnmaoc political ccoikkiil*!, k4io, in ihvu actuu) Itcaltli aoca 
onlir llv |Hon>i« of ibelr fnivre mtfiy, PropcKik hair- trrioml^ 
b«f*ii oiido for applying the ' dh-rlc dirrct' lo Uh^ procrrabv« 
^ulu; Mid ihi- ImncHin ^r immortslit}' '■"^'^v nmrniArd In bun 
ubo »1iiill tnvtni some leu 4iaaKnrCnUc but f^oally efl«<:ti«e modft 
of ttoppiing tht^inrrrMr of mankind, Fort«iialrU, Naturo la«|^ 
tl theae, u> nt all our mad wkI fruillttM ^-tt'ortm to ilffc^l bvr pro- 
viaioiii. Sli« m{>vM viB|cntinllj' lorw«rd in hrr f reit puriniw i/ 
pmdi:tnuj the Ivgnl ]vwfible amotiat fif bapplfMW, rfrgAfdln* of 
our %)itEi Mruf^fElcB ii> mur W proj«cb, or hmcii llie ikuinbcr of 
diOAT h} iiTubiii lirr tirtiinni'« ar« <^ijww1- I'nrttiniitHT, «!■ r^- 
paat, tor *«e it-nlurr to liccUrv oiirMlvw «iip|Hirteft of tbr ex- 
pkxlrd ihror J , ikst the vTi*a1lli of a lailMn cuii»iMi «■ mtu^i iii ^ 
number* ol ■bk biod> and arms, m in its capital, ita raifi or 
mioenb. But for ibe mcl«nrJidy reaulb of ik« mtuAn, 


m the UniM Kmgdom. 

•b^old bo t«inpl«iJ to Uujtli nt tkc poj>uUiiott-|iaiii<r of ihc time*, 
nuirlBinini, aa wj? cAitnoi I)ii1 do, lint a redundaiKV of abl« Ia* 
bourvtP Dv^A/ lo be no more injunoiM to « couiiirr than R rodim- 
^im:^ of rom to a larrtirr. uf n mliuHlaiKy of shn^t lo a c^bbltf . 
If a famtor ^i<wtt morr com than Ur can hiniM^lf cat, or a eho«- 
KiaLcr pcmilf iii [naLini^ moic Hhiin tiiui Kt« fanily can W4?ar, 
IM do lh«y viUi t}iti i(arf>lui o( lh«ir r«4piM:tit« a(o^;a f TbcjP 
>4i«p<M« of il V> iHu^L* t^lir^ itr ill nvariC of tfic article*, and rtc«ira 
«(i c<iu]val»ttt ill mmm. If a cspilaliat Kai more soM ihan h« 
rci)iiiTr4 for prcaont uir, docs bo coniplaJli of its rtduiuUixy f-" 

No ; lif plarn il out vitb ihftto who ar« in w^nt of il, and who 
vnll peiy liim intcn^t for )l> cmplovmcnl. Now aro iberri IM 
ibrtu* of placing iiNl (<> jmrfit ih4*^uifiUiRof tiiaipait ofiwf n^limaJ 
capital wkicb covmitii of miMcl^J ajid Mncwi, of 4i1l, tlrcnf tb, 
Viid uiiliuli V ? 'ilic ecuiioviiti ttill. iwtbajn- aiikuret Nu;^bQ 
^vill poini to chc un«tnplow^<l th'^mandt of Ireland ; la the Kng- 
'bb jnupcn, tbal arc .^liiiE ii|> all tlir ^\ liLc calli? in poundi^ 
Ud at ih(* coit of ttj'^ir patitb», but purposely pr^vtnMl by tbb 
in C»loui coiitfi Vance from doinf; anvlkiEii; thnt mifbt pay for thdr 
#ulHivl#<itp. Tlirt^ fads, bow«vrr, provp, at \h<^ ttnr nlmOM, no 
■rar* than tltnl there is noi a aufliciriKv of actual dcnawi for 
kb(M<r in Kngltind and fnitind, roiii|iared in iIht actual supply. 
Thrt II 11 t))c tiM4t icvolitiv disbvlic^rr in Oir pf^^niLUit pmihictivti' 
kci4 ol liic biihcfUi w»«(r viii^k nf Britain arid IrtUml, oidy tbat 
|lb«r« m0 ill Uirsff iilantiii niore haiii^ tkan can b« profitably ^m- 

tloyvd Mm. lUii iIjcic arv alto morv* cottoci^ftlnHsr nnd vior* 
hmI adkAont, iq theve countriua, than can bu prulilably di^ 
'pOMd of llrt'rt, Tlie remedy, m the one case, a» in ibe other, 
fWMitd wirm Xf% tip to i>t|iott ibi^ ariif-li^ froni a rnLir>lry ^lier*', owing 
fc> parttcnlar nro lira itn nee*, it* prodtictioo «*jiicccdK iH coiumsp- 
Ikorik Id our urtK-ii* ilvr n'^l*DM^ j« lll•^ rair^ and it ii, coiii«<|iiently, 
•f Jufibrr valuu (jian tci i(«. native plaiw. Ar*^ tlirr** nt> ^ood wif* 
JtetA Joi labtHir hd'l in die Hiirid ?— in tlic vvbulv ^lohv of cr^tQclLcd 
,«rilb ibit ailicto t ^o tar fruin it, thvrw aro mnriy countrwtt nbrrt 

ibovr wntilJ product a reliini lemlobl ili valnn btrc. Tbrrv 
•oil* thai only talc to b«lertiltnd by ihb |3riii«b ' 'Ir^tg,' to 

laWc tlu-iti to rF)Khy Xnt limr« tbo co»l <>i krrpiii^ »t u*cki>>lT at 

|kom«. Whili- 111 niiiain ibounaBd* arc tupporled in abiolule 

amd other Ibutinndi arr, in IMaad, munlenns vacb 

ler for ibc |m^4r>»ioR of «oinr rDiarfabUr plo4 of batfm «oil, oti 

*bicli, bv Ivrd labour, Ih^ may miw' a txwn^and Mraiay »ub- 

»«at«'nc4;» tberv eiia millfUin tipofi ludliuu* of frriile jnrt lieloii^- 

iiifii'^ (hr Hnijib ttnpifVp iinocctipwd, «-holly mrlpH, but needing 

n»ly to be »crfttclKii by a hoaty plo^glvbarc lo ibrovt up abiii>- 


^M Caimt and Beme^n of Pcufprrun 

danl (ni|i« of cur n, >nil wine. lunt oj). iipmi vrlilcEi i>ur fedandull 
iAf>i>iir[nf popiilaliou e»it1il nol only, h\ lh^\t ii<~(%t proAtlcM sod 
uiuliiii^uictrd Uboiir, iiininUfii iWrnsrliu in ccmiiurl and pknlvi 
ititd^ail of r?gi :iik1 iiKliffenct-, bill tHL»c, into lli« bnrgniii, aii 
nMiount ofAuipItt* produrr wliiclt uotild rnublv llicflt U> liecome 
proftuble cuvtooicri tf> tliu*c utio moBin «i liume; lo lake otf, 
irt tili)C( our coltoiM aiicl cloilis, ctoq lliougli ^t: *lu>nld imrdun 
llicm Iwicf* an qiiKkk i< wr Ho nout. 

It is a ni[i\iiii of pi^littcal ^coitoanv, ibal d^m&iid «i4 tuvT'y 
Will iiL tlir Wg mil flitil ttiTtf I«rvr1^-l|i:4t tlirrr rnmidt hr a prt* 
iiiui]«iii dvliitiiid «-it]ioul M>un iKcaiiontng u pmpoiiiuvtate »u|>pU, 
Whv 19 if, Oini, tlijjl iW f^iLMC ik'umiid Iw liibuui, wlkicli ii wfll 
lcnQi««n lu r^ut nt Utc tiiitipodc«» in iiot Mip^lied oul of out abui^p 
dance here ? U it ihc djstauc^ l]iat pt^^viils tlie c^lAbJi^linifnt of 
llip pr^iiiHbriuiii ? Nol »o ; for >l in iicl ^irntcr xhtn dial w^itch 
dovft rro^ prcicnt otir rrcriimi; tea frtmi CliinaT ftt srndiiif; bard* 
wiirr ii> Iridin. ThLMlifl^n^iM r brtvtet'ii the «-j1im- vif o Uhotiivff 
hrre 3iiiH id AuttmlEi will far mmc tJian par iiu ficiRbl^ Ufil you 
i:uiiii<il sL'll tuui vthciE jtoii -;ifl tiiiti tlirti- * Tlib Ui^ta, jifti-r all> la 
the on}y nnton lhn( can bi- gifcn whr laltoMr is iwt fxp<tftcd Jor 
iJit' prclil It ou^ht lu Held; hIjj out »lout and vlilo 'vrorinwn 
remain nt hon^t- , a <1rne and a btirden irpon Bfhaitt, vliilo ilm ai« 
wotUi Ihcir tiY^ight in itihrr m Hit otlirr f<iik ol tbe gbbc. So Irue 
i« Uiu, ihat mort- ihnii ortr^ rolooiart hat BvrioiuJjr espvMMl an 
ojiiuioii thai ttf* axhcr wtAbutt tban tbe ■rnpoftatiim of iJdnwa tan 
dMrJtvp tU- Tral iT-«oirm?i of o»t ^Amtinlinn rolonln, Dikl Jrl m 
feek ni«rr rl^floK ai diifi Bitfilit^ dffticulty. — -Trur, w« nnnol 
purckAkv 9 lubonicr like i liom-, cairir lum out tu Port JocL*L>nt 
and tell hvn wiiti a profit oii ih« «hok ouiIav ; h\a if h« i> »iUiiiy 
to p>t lliit «ill relieve oui delicacy froon Kiuplca abatit purchauiif 
f^r strafing him, Itlw a likeww willing ieieI able, HpoQ arrivkip 
llierc, l>o ir»y lite <X)M of lii» pasaa^ «^illi a prulil. or il afey one i* 
wiltitijE lo (mv it for tiii*. iindf r miam n^iHlilirinn on 1m part, 
tobat ui(x« is tt^ii(iti{* lo maki: buii m vnln^bk an article for 
oHpoMalion a« rhili rv rtitkit ? Av, but ibvivV ihr lub f — bow 
lo trfvrt tli« ie}in>nieiit of ibj* ouUut uitb ibc pio^l 1 Ijiboarera 
«bt>>T« out of vorL, aud siai\jnt- Wie. ni»5 jnouoisi: JaajEel^ in 
order to gel fntird oi^r lo ihcir KIdomdo: they nav be, and 
ibotiHBiids urc. ^iiliitf lo nnb^oiW an; rc^onalilc Mti«lr> oi io- 
Hrrfiirr, binding ihriittelvp* io urn^ ibr perioii uho pntt ilim 
poaMi:^, Of his l^omnicv, for a Icrm oT yrnni nniil ihc trcbi liit^y 
bate ti»ciiiird Ivi fully pard. Ilul witicii llvet aniir, tbr; Bod Uie 
currviH vajET* of free bbonrtrs »o vnUt-mely bi|-b, Uial ikf^ «ro 
templed lo leioit to tyrvf iKingiiiablc tiki and kiiavci^ |o break 

fu thf UniUd Kingdmn. 


thcflr «niC>Ef mail. .XbuiidAtit di AcuLbti, in Cm:!* of thin kind have 
hfftB pcaciidlk i>^p^Tipnrf'd, <ir the ex|koriation of labourom, oq 
liicvc Icflihi, would have been loDg nnce in g«(Hjfal luc. One 
caii>c of llu- iliffirullv ii, tlint liie Kngliih Inu of iiidrntufer uid 
UuU by wliicb alLdiNpEilt-^Wlwcat mital«r» aiitl tK-rvanU nrcMUW 
bvtOr doca iKtl }im\ul m tlLc coliKiy ; nfn-fr a mtvuiii, iirglFCtmcF 
hm work or l>r«alung bis iiideniurr, is \iM*y to & pccuitiarv penally 
Miljt not ft pvTionol one; ftmi ill*; uAai:ii^Li uf Uiat pccuiUMry 
pcntliy* ttliiai, ill fuel, tlicn bccomrft i imipiL- itebt, ia iu |irucUco 
fotMod o«it (o iiBpoMibk, 'llic cxtousion «f cJic Hu^^liib luw iu 
Atuitiftlu, by *<i order jq council wotilil ni> doubt h* of coiui- 
dvrable tfcrrico in ftciljtalios ibc cmisrattoi; of bboutcn iiiidcr 

If Hi (bt« k«M bf^tt t)»t n fitiilCy mode ok' iiii)«pKiiig ibc Ollide. 
CotUlAElt bu.-Lriiii-M will ilwivi U^ UkiiiL- \Aat-e bctuvdl Quutrrsiul 

mnm, wAun) il U >o Biock ih« interest of iJi« fonntt lo ovn<»«'oriL 

hb «t«mitr and of ibc Ullcf Ui gri iput of lii* conlfurt by inducing 

lii» oanait^r to difichan^ liim for iiK9]»city, or iniibrbii«>our, or in 

anj «a> h« cun coolri^c- Morcorcr, die inbourcr, intdnt thiat 

wyvitm, lAill do ns litllc i«oik oi be cau. Iu ulturt, tlietc will bo 

aa afatoluto vi«MO of mucb tinir, ]>on<r, fiill, nid oprmc, nbidi 

vvnf[lit bft atoidnl, >f thp. liibniiTrr cualil he \rh (itt- ir> hin* biniKlf 

Iu ttw: Uifi;li««t bidder for hi* work, und al w«i-ctttli;it inould iDrrcaot 

villi lli^ >ii|l md iniliulM he v-JicElnl. Now u Lt by nu iim-ups 

'ivpoMiblc u> ciMilri^v a duiIkmI of w^-uiing die repaymcftC of tbo 

of coincyjii^ laboums, and at ibc muk time nJIi^w iLcni to 

iC^vy ibtir labour in pcffrcl freedom Id llic but market atfotded 

pIij toe colony, Bnt loi diih |>urpovc imbvidqal cfiottx arc ahowa 

(li^ »|i«neni.^ to Iw- inadrqiLntr ; »j>d ibia, ihrn^forr, spfiMri to bo 

\y one ol ihfnc <^JnJUHtlutc?( in «bidi it is dcttritbk for the 

|||IWtll will III Ui niU'MVrr, arid iitrivl ibt* <<illi-civt'i- |>uwer itid one- 

lllCMi of ibt jUatc lo the acconipli^bna^Pl of au ubjc^cl evidently 

»re^aiivd in ibc fcueral iutorol, biil nlikli, from Uie iiccc:miI^v of 

,an cauroded and wganixed ii;(*1cid^ and thv Euppcrt of /ouy the 

t|)c«vltir depaitHicni o^ £(Axnia>ciTt, b not ilbdMable bj ittdnidu*! 

Al ore tltn OIK mod* of ftCOOcnplubin>r Uui object prTMSti iIkIC 
Cioirrrm^'nt, (i*r initanre, migbl eiilk-r uiideriakt? at once iIm 
eipcvic and arrnnf^ciu^nts for convoking Ubovrrr* bo ibe tohnf, 
or, k-aviuf; tlii* tu iruding inip«irteifl, oalt bccoow >nanvrabl«< for 
Ike rrpajitftcui of ihe ftata^momy, tilbcr at oocv ot by imial- 
mrnti. An nffce aiiubl for llib piiipo»c be aopoiiiled iu die 
ly, at wliirb ewtv tabooirrpn be arrived. «boula be rtgiUvrodv 
»-4l[«r raal uf bin |M*aagi^. viilb tbat uf iuMiraoco on bia h,im% Um% 
«Qoiigb 10 rvp«y Uic *unif ti«biUid to blai ; and b4 DUgbt th«n b« 


Comtt'^ad Bimwdm ^/Fmpcrum 

nllottcd to vewl when tud bow be cboMp oq Uiq >qI« coodiuoa of 
pATing a c^rtim «um> ^rv^klj or inomthly, to fovrmiMni, tonirdl 
tlie tidcmpiinii cif ibo dtilft iAcari^d by bii tnportaboa. 'VUe 
eoUrL-iiuG (if iljrs? iinlifauonti from bbovrm ^caUcred over Um 
colon> could be cAccUd by tbc houi! luEkciiin^ry u, uhI WmU 
bkntly be mure dilliciiki ili«ii, llic culfccliou uf aiij' oiboc lu : mhiI, 
■I all «vttnu, wwM be far more cuily oflr^bod by giUMiMiwnt 
tZui) hy individual*, vfbt» cjniitut ctifianx tbcir doioBi but by bov* 
rowing, in oil awk^-ird manner, tlif^ aid of goiwnuttcui. 15^ 
•bouiti ihia |>fau b« Auppovod iiupnicli cable ot iinodifnablc, ibeta 
NR atlicr mffinct waya of bwyiiig the lanic Huin, in si>di ■ inamtff 
tbat il shall b« unfclr, pGfba|i« uiisaipcdcdp bv lh<. hbouttr m Im 
(lain if li it nc^t luiw m? tiu^r Ui In^n, lor ilir t^nl Ilbit, ikd 
utt of )c;ierdeii»ia 1 Tlio nuAivra, UieHf uKicJt vte woubi pro* 
pmc for tbr pwrgutr, is u gdicraJ lai on tbe cinploj^keia o^ 
labour iji llie colony, to be Levied upon emplo)era. 

A tax <>f iba kind wuuld be rcudiJy paid iiy cdpililiiU 
kfiffw ihat il> producN? wan fuirly and rconomtcnUv riT>'*iMl«d 
tbe tftUodacuoii of fraili laboutxin, miic« llw cMts of cultitation 
would be by no mr-am incn>a<i»d — ihr rf*diu:iioii m ibe |>rice of 
labour more ihun compcivsatjnx llic Ian. U would fooo b9 
■r«ntliBtUie tax will 1i«|>aido]ilym appuuiau<:cby eHi|ilay«fa, wbo 
will hm inataiiUy repaid by ibcir labtMircra iii llio ahtfw of' a diini- 
nution i4 n^cf,-— fix die fidiowmg ravoii- In all tua coiuilncap 
wbi!rc icride land ii to t« liad OB Vtay tarnaSf labour ulwayt obtaioK 
ibo m^t^iinum of pivDicvtt ; dial it, it keep* up Xfi tlba iM^iaal point 
at tuliichr under ihf i:ircui>i^lanic«« ot etima*^, aoil, coispcuijaQ^ 
QiarktrU, %c., il la probubic I<j ciDpiov it, A ta^ <tm (lie t-iii(>li 
QM-iK of labour would Ujwifr tbis puuir by r«»dcrifig bbo«r sop 
titabU, cae«f>t at a rate diininuikcd by cuctly ibe auioivil of 
tu: Magri «ill, thnrrfoiT, fail to ibis catcHU, and dxt laa will mil/ 
be paid by tbo bboumv ih«tiia«K««; and Uui u as it ibouU b^ 
I'ba prittcipbr in »wrU li^bt tvliiJi makes ibe tubourvr biruaetf 
rwpoiMibItt Cor tbc cxiifiMt.- ot minynti^ bim from a coaatij wber» 
b* can (ct no voiii tvoa at atarvuijou |]a_^» to one wbcra wagies 
aro »o high ai to tftinbb* bim, bv tli# in<lu«fr\ of a fi-w yaara, tO 
>ei up aa ■ tupitaliu aad Atltlcr KioiMlf. 'Vac preawute ot tbc toK 
upoo bim mmld be iridin^. ajtti bnog indintity levird, bn vould 
iKvo- be aware ibat bo wa> ftovms rt; tl\c vi^ttt \ic would atiU 
rmcme would bo afikimca t-mnparcd lo bb coudttiiMi Iwtfnn 
TtODOTftl ftun Britain; wnd no objvelioa* ar^. tk«refo««f lo 
antiupolcd itom bim. Kvcn tbia i* placing a laa, I'tx utili a 
pow, m a mora unfaioutabks %bl linn it vimta; tintp tn neati 
It wovid bi' N btirdffi oil iio vac, but would bo para u«il of 
profit made &y ike appiittjiom ofiahaur, tatutiin» htrt, ia Uutd 

Bit fhe UmiUd HhtgHam. 


ninu/ wfiiek aufy rr/juirrt fa&ofir fo fswfultuv t^taUh, The 
[feoccMiry fr«|iGti«e9 o1 ibtt upplicalion mny ht takott out of ifao 
FiJk, Aiil <m}j wttlioiit |)n^ii(lKtT Id mny of ibr |>3riii^ con- 
I, but «vidci;lJy to tltoif common nHvuatafE*: tht rcmuitiiiig 
ifiu, vhicli u-oulj not otherwve bavu eiir^ird, bciiig alurvd 
igll liitfcii. K ttir prodiKc of ih'n i%x were riKtrt^Mg^d m 
ifaMO--^U i*f A BDoi rmi*cd upon tbc ocvuniy of it — clr M-hrm« 
ttgtil be iuuiitfdnEcK commenced on a brge icnJn. wtihoui Uiv 
Bxpendtturc of a ^iap;^ funking fmu iIk^ ii»uo4ial pant : it «xitild 
fiMbnllT |»v iti ««ii 4?xpt:tm. l>p juiniwiri il miulil hold out to 
fttlcn of providihj; a rcf^ular lappli^ ol Ubouivm, in pioporlioii 
liwy trt ntntrd^ lo u !■> pfriiriit wngm rrtrhlng lo an eitri- 
EiBt priee, would aflTord llic iiroogcii ttimului to th« inUOTtttc^ 
lO^cl^tjuiinT0tl1c^^ltl^lDelll; aindllK ^rogieira i>rool(mbaiNitt, 
_ tdtr liidi auipicvs, inu»t be rapid, itnifonn, and iRUii<odta(c, To 
fVnlBinlhe^idvQnUi^ ¥rouJilbo douUc: — litl^, VVctboiiltlflhfpdtr 
' our fturpt«i «iocfc of Ubminrt, not oft}y without ilie iligliit*l 
ifice, bttt ividi tlic direct and imnie<liate aaving of all that they 
id llinr familH'S iiait coiBUine tii nllpBrtv at Ixmim*. Gdlv, W« 
bM acqaut- a now and thmin^ niATlu't for our maaulaclurei. 
WTf mdividuali who arv n burdf^n aad n ^nom mprnse lo 
bcn^ will be convtitcd iu Uic c^^otij ioio certain und prohtabic 
men, tmlsiit^ fuod or raw outcriab tti c?u:lian*c wUh the 
ir of, ptrbapt. an equal tkumher of thoti.* nho remain a1 
And fur iKea« adtattta^ nhat U lo bo piid? Fo«i* 
}y nothing : a timplA i^verebe of raliuoii by go\-Fviiri>ent ntighl 
lOiniw KCtin lh<iii alJ, lo bolh couiitiy aiici colotty. kt no 
tt wbaievef. 'Vhty uill tlow n^cpvianlr frnm ih* f^ifabJiah^ 
iCBt of an orcanidtrd fvrtcm, Anclion(*d by Ko^^^n^mcni, ^ir tnuiv- 
port]it|[ labmims out uf l\u% 4:i>iiiilry lo itrert iKc deoi^tui for 

wbour io Aui-lralia ; tbn cupotwc b^^nije; dofrajed oot of Iho dif- 
fcf g |« c bctwcrn Hve coniin;?! of ihc Ubuutvra ticir and in An>- 
tnlii; tad bcviif? but a «qiall fractitxia) purt of ihit difiereitre, the 
rtAuoder viill be divided bciwccn the cipiuli^t ami (be tabtfurer, 
tnd V10 be net mofit to thp comtnuntty, 

Wt repeat iLat il V brcauMT fCovenmienl alone f>04«eise4 the 
iwtf of ratting fnntli fitf llie atMrimiplnhmecn tif nn object of 
tl bc-nrlilt m fticb a nnnncr m thall #Hmrf ihcir jtavmi^at, ami 
Mithuui a intirmnf ; vhilc individual! bote to ilrt^vglr with a 
iMAd diBicultica in practiriaff *utb putment, even hilH the aid 
if ^rruiMikt; il 13 becaiiMT a lubuutrr ia rtol, bke n limk of 
impiMble, and to Im- told m ihe narkH tn n^par hi* 
ri|hl> ihit the iinportatJon of Ubu«r form* an oicrptk-n u> ihr 
foml rule, ai to tJte enpedioncj of kaiing dMuand to mpplj 
If b^ mdifithwl c^wpeliltom wod nnden it adTiaable for 


mftttmtthi til ate|) iu tf>>tippiy ibr colony ^itli llie laboured 

iCtO^Mlcli nrcdf, out <kf the abuodtticc xvilb vtlitrti uc are ({lullol 

brr<% — ir|iuim>: itwir Liy ibc simple nj^cbinm of a Ua, oul oC 

tho prulJU lldl riitwi >rrnir ftotn tho niciiurc lo all ibc pnttus 

concTiikfil- Evc[i wctr ollic-r means A<lirqiintiC! Iu tht purpiiae, ibc 

aecufilv aiut roffalurifv nLJdi \toii1d atienrl thf f-mi^ralJiMi of 

tlboiitm undtf govcmmcnl nu*pjcr« — the ccrlainty of tli« aWDoc 

tii fmtid qml im|Kisiti[jik— ibi- Ijciliu and i^mlidrnc*? vtilli vliiuh 

both voluntary I'DiiRrmiita, niiJ pahbtic« burJ^flcd u-ilb f>oiM, cuuM 

Bppiv ut -.1 govrniiTirnl ofiinr, iiintrAil of in ^prcnlitip): baileti-^* 

Ine vaiurUon il mouU ^i\v lo ^4iiil, und«T iIip idva of erjMi/riiifi'f>A, 

Eimujr HdUi1ii]}Li»f'd ii^diiitUifll) itiighl Dthctviw rcfiuc lo cmintc- 

KVMit^R or engage in — Utnc, aiid many ulher aitvautaffo, mttft 

rtmlrrii 4clicui«of 4'inigntticik, coaJuctrd by gcnimifiM-iil, tnctl- 

tatnbly prrfcrablj* to niiy othrr morlt* nf rfliu-iin§; thr lumvc ot^rct. 

He hu\K spoken nil iilonj: of Aurtmlta* bccnu^ il i> the on\j 

uoe ormircokoiiin, uith Uif r^cypiioo of tTir I'-op*-, to wbi(j» 

tbv, rv ind««tfl hit n-licinf fur c^portiof; AiAovr, wiTI apply. 

1«i live CunailnB II ci impplicabli:* hy nruMui uf tbe pruiciuilj uf 

|h« t'|iat4sl SiBlVK ; Ut nhirh bbourm, afl^r lli*y bntr- bt'rti 

cariinl otit at iW c:i]Kni€ cilher of go^cnmic-ni or nuimiluabv 

maj. and of course n^cHild migrate, in oirl«r to avoid tbr tar, 

Of Ibc repayment, m ui;r shape, of tlir co«i of their pB**oi:r. 

Prubablv \]r. Wilniot Hfifloii ffiri^mv ihi^ and vtm llifei tudurvtl 

Iu prcli-r c*la1>l]<tlkin|: bis cmigratus aa ro'enriff, nlJwr lh«n ai 

bMunr*. ITont-tn ibik iiin,^ bi-, thr fmmvt pbn haa, we kmr, 

bf«Q pTot«d by (iprf triKfi lo b« tTrcii«otii> The « ip«iiM« at* at 

)«aot trtliW: l\w <a%l of p«9a)EC briik^ iill ibat an eitiif rftot £a- 

6oi»r«r rt^ilirp»; uhile ll)« toitlvr muM bavo advuKvid <o hifn, in 

nddition, a tnehTinonth's ration*, land, took. fcrd. and aiock. 

Indfrd, llir irtiill of ihr if ip4-ri iiil-itI alirndv iruiiliilrd hna ibawii, 

nbal ll»ftl>t bavc hcct\ omlKipalfd, that ihia r\lnii>rduarv ciptfeM 

drfrmU, ID mini cawi. its imn nbjrri r— iUh land, Mork, tntik, 

nnri tnCiont, aritsiwrd br f^^^cninKitl, bcmR frt^nmllT roflvcrttd 

iiiTo >plfil>r and lh<^ *rlllvi iflmmn^. »t x\ur rikd uf ihr Trnt, lo btt 

old uttd ittlund coiwlitkon of a dn) lubourcr, but ^h'ttb JiabtU of 
nitvaipciajicc attd idUiioa, iiiducvd bj tbir ■iittnkrn li4ienJil> «illi 
MJurh he had bcrn Inslrd al ibv o<ilf«i * Wv ar« afratd ibv 
jiMt»»cca of avotbcr complritKmi to vhich vn ftfcncd in a late 
NriBtliFT, m rrttmiti^ Mr- llrad'v Litllr book, uo litti ike fwtr 
eittj^Uom to a vtn K''iicn>l 'ul<^< 

fmii)^ Ml' V\ ibimi lloflon tbr lii|tbe>t ordii foi liir rKorllmce 
of hik iBimtwM, ond Utc undaiitiM ml viUi vthicb he Uai cov 

M the Untied Kiit^d^m, 


luad to n|>Toduci?befonf ilie public a>tibj«cl,>«htdi,we iicnifiie 
not bo tay, itnktt ni liic lirst utiitri <ti iialimJa) iiiipuruiicfr, wt' yvl 
tmuMi aix'oid (h^nk.mjc ttiii defect in hi« pUiii to be radical, aiid to 
hntc brcii {luillj th« caatc of the cvliJiii-ai wiUi itblcb ihry hive 
fatm bithtTtit rriptritnl hy thr Cfitiiitrr »t l^'i wid ili^ linvtilljog* 
■eas of |Mirlim3i<.-i]t to niubc qiUdiicci for the pixpcMc of protcciit- 
bg tinm an)' Itirtlirr. J'hi- f<-fli»g iiif UKlillervnce lu iiiytliing 
lilw ■ ipmeniiiMtkt dchriui: of cmicmlion, which wn* ih> |i;cit«rsfl^ 
vptt'ttd by thr fuulla uf limt p(0|joH^d lut ^nr, wdl tiot, (lonnrf, 
we tiop«, prtVGDi ihc adoption of an ^>dtviri i>f vou- 
eralioB, uidi 4u tie arc iinw tcci>i»meiidiiig, — an eiiiiiciBiwii of 
m^urpj^ nol ootoauft, lo uippty tli« demand* for labour of Mrtlfii^ 
capilalitt*, — an €mgfnii*H uAicft,from Vtrjint, ^iU pay iU ^Oih 
frp^atfr. Nor do we bi-Jj^^ir \hvtv i« a iiuni in Kiii^biid mora 
hlbdrto icikl cdiciciit uv<i>bnicc to ihja phia, tl>an NL\ W. llo;io« 
liliiDcIf, pmtiHvd lie .ihill hr Kitinficd thnt il drufniH liie prefor- 
MK* over thnt Mfhtcti lio <}rij;iimlly piopooid; nor* indeed, what- 
em a^^ilic \\inu may be uilminlrly uiJopicd, wUI itic Aochl r«fiiw 
lo ha uaine the biffbeat hoaoun oonnccliut vrilli ibti rcaluiUMNt of 

tbc fiViieral sctwUMT. 

To determine wliat imount of tai wilt be iki;f?c(>krr for iIl# 
purpoiM:, rcc|UUi^> marc detailed mfonuaticii on the currmit mIc 
of vagas, and pricp^ of pKHimnt, \t\ thr rnlnny, ihnn Uk^ ai ths 
■MMUiCflilCM by our houdi oa ; but vie »ubmil the tallo%i-iiijE oa 
a rougb Mliinate, tvndtJi^. nt l«-^4l, lu shouf thai a vrry iitude* 
rato inpoailion will bo iiUficicnl for the purpuw. A ut of bat 
uptnace per daj an every Ubouicr wuuld ptutidc ample fundi 
for tha ttiiDiial axportaliun of a l^rgt ntuub^r, nithoQC liio l«asC 
flak uf aacrtfice on the |>ait of ihia cououy. I'or, ^uppostn^ cucb 
Jabnurer to work on nu av^nj^e but tf^en yean before lie reurea 
or dic9i tl«c piiAJui:!: vi lliiA Cai upon bia cmptoynicnt durinj; that 
lerm, uoidi, if mortgaged, yield upvranli of dOJ., natim iwiretUaD 
sutticicnt to dcCray tbe pVMK^ « « vdaii and bia wife to N«« 
SoMth VVhIm l.««rl 111 nuppmi!, what wr beljcic; ii nut far from 
iic truib, ibit tiie united coloniea of ibe U*pe, Now South VVaJaa, 
a^ V;ui Du:iijcus l^uid, [icaaeaa at praeat a population of iU.UOO 
bl)otiran, a lax of mpcflco B-lwad, per day, «oa1d» iii ibe firat 
jmr, produce ueor BOfiOOL, whidb, even williout aniicapalnj^ die 

CmIoco of iitture yearr, would carry over aboMt 0i)uii >iiuiig I*, 
■rera with their witca- Unt »nce die ii«aib«r of labourers tm< 
ported «<Mikl Ijc imaiedJatdy IJiibt'? to ibr lax, addie^ Iweety par 
com. to it* aiWHioC, kod that tho«e uljcady there ate rapidly laitU 
liplying llwtr nniobi'ra, tbo aggregute aitiiual intnrdbe of the tax, 
fm^it llicae combtDcd caaaca. can hardly be lc»* tliui thirty per cefit. 
NeiEycAirtbercforv,«(iUOcoU|dcaHU> be ii»po>rioi; iu Uie thud 


■ ymr^ 3380; in tic lourili, -MOO; la tUftTtb, neorfiOOO; ftodflo 

■ OD, if ilirviira wuirvoiltiii arapkll} iiK>««tiiig raili>. It iidnpro^ 
pc«t of tlui grcal future iocrenM; of ibv retiinM of lii« laXt ^hicb 
induce* tn !(■ ijnjpuiu liul iliry iImmiIiI be fWHIfafed m\ iIw be- 
puUll^ for lli« |)ur|HMo of coniBivi^ciiig lh« •ipovuiioii it oocc 
OO a Iftrge tcfilc But >n cxprnn^cikt will« |M!rkiu|i«, tie >dtki«ble 

I al fintp to ii»c«ri»io ^hni qui4>ttiy of labfiur can \» alwofflMd ond 

I fuiniftincd b> th-o prejciH domniid, 'lliiv it cloir, tiiat mdi Um 

I inrrvsAed impiHtftliciii, Itie liemiuil fur lilnur^iv llMiri* i»iU Iih 

I CRttac : in ibc lixal pUcVt oiffvig lo ili« iiKlticcflic-ut nliidt dwapHMt 

f tfltxboHT odibd Ui dvnytun o/ tand will holil i>ut to huIiiik 

CBpiulUl»; tn llw VMLtf bv t]>e r»jikl >ccuimilatioA oi «ipiw 

vnlliiii Lbi} culotiv* fiOLii llic Li^b dtoJiU lliear adtuiUgc* nUl oc- 

CMfloii there; siid, lui|]>» from tnu UlMKiren ibeimelt^^t, after a 

few jneora' scnker trccniiiDf c&tididuio for grant* of Uad, aod 

aimplci)«n of hboar^ out of the cav ingi of their viagv. 

■ Obc of the pjimpSku named at the li< ad of liiit aiticle* u p^b* 
I UlbtNl fur liir piirp^t^r iif bunging forvard a yhai linnler to tlw 

above, bul sulutiUiliiiK forti*c t:ix iici the t^mfilo^nkciit of Jabovf, • 
tax tin (L-Eiii, uihI » litgb |iiiof on :ili Uiuh ^miufd byKovernmeiit. 
L ^lie latter part of tlie ]trEi|>otal u i nacnaar} eonailtoo to lli<< 
e obUiuio^ niiy prococdi fiuni the fotincr ; lur where Lnd of 
tbe beil f|valit> utobe Itful for ooduagT tbL*ie cvn be no note. 
Bul Ui< cfirct of tlii« liiah price tuust tuUliMy be lo force 
tbe cmplottiirni of capital opoa itifcrior aoUa alrivdv appro- 
prJAUd, iuiUad of llu: heat di>w King msite. To octcrmine 
tbu ujivlp of capital, foi il u iioiJiiijg IrM, can hardly be ■ 
wiM nKMeure. AfEaio, aince Uie truct» of IkikI already apfMopri* 
aicd, dioufb MM cuUimtcdt eii^ vi-ry large, gutvnmtnti wmld 
DOl be able to diqioie of a tiiiftlc nev fEieut ai tbe bi^ prwe 
lDeiilioQed« uaiil uteij euc «r tlmbc prnvtr eitati:* had bteo enJd 
at the aane, or m »oinewb«l l{>wi'r |vijvef aiKl reduced lo coltjia- 
IMM. Manj )«er» otu*! elnpar bLfure lli» tikr4 piece, d Jl >hauhl 
et«r happen I and, in the nK^ntimi;, iJk' uwiKri nf thvee i^iatea 
wovlJ bo the onl^ leniocrA hj ibe HMMaoro, wbilo lie r«k of 
IfovcnitiieiiE bndBvouM pnidnee Botbins, Moreoeer^ aiaco it it 
tiie vur«mc chcepon* of Ibd a>oat fcflfle land wliicb fornu lb« 
aiHin inJucctiMTiit io teltleta, wr- have uo doubc, tbai to iBiut on a 
bi(b purchase pr*ce lor |[Ovi-n»iirnt ifrantt wo«M pol aa <Actaal 

Litop Iodic luigiRtio* of aeulera and capttal lo ihalcolMiTin tihkli 
ibe eaperifn«M «■• Irtadf and divvft tbe itream of cokiinatkva le 
Kofib or booth Anietice, at wbriwcr bitd laas lo be had on hmmo 
fammble terma. A ia% ou tmt, wnboul, at Uk raaic lioio, 
laianiK tim prKc of land** if propOfcd oa a mraii* kw ilcfritinztha 
^•iw«M«ctboif«iii«<ftir«««ea<Mnte^B«»^. ftUfinr- irn^ 

w (ke OnUnI Kiti^vm. 


tniRicdUlely itnptittinjE Iftbovrvrd, b pcrfeclly futile, 

'prMvBi roiu lion not fiiM,exc^t in tM «hap« arint^rvii 

ufMlal expended oD dvanitie Und aiid erecting buiMiii^», T« 

i|MwlitBrc of Rioro G«pit»J ia ikw «tiD« w^y, vrtmU be omiiWDUj 

For Uivie r«a«on> vre cinaot fipf>»>*a of tbe mcau propowd 
Mr. Gou^cf for tmhatt^ aii eniHectitJon luud, b«t iJiiikk it more 
Ittdtifikbje to tvvutt to u tax on labour, uhicli i* nvl Oficn to any 
{•ucti o^jcctioiia, to morr iiiji|jlc, aiiJ goca more directly to the 
iKkEikt \ ihe iDoni^v pitd oat at the pri4x< of l<b»ur in ihe coleny 
l«int imiDcibaivly, ur mlbcr prciioivly, ciDployi.'ii in providiDf a 
h tiipply ut' ili<> eriieir. So f>rr iliefefofr, from afierio^ iiiy 
ipedioKtit to the introciuction of opitoi b^Ktlkn, Ibe pfoduc* 
'of lji«r iM% betiig rtpcmltfd ill iucit-iisiii|{ ihr aMpply, anil tbvnfore 
rkotpiag doM'ik ibfi ptico of Ubour, it would givo the utmoet eo- 
Vo*u^JK<^i'>^nt to tbe cultivntioo of frcib luid, umI ibc cmpbijincnt 
[•f noro iibourvi*. to iW tnBon«diAie mcrv«ie of ilie tiK, und, l-o«h 
I«cmIj> of ibc supply- 'lliG coMnnaptiofl of food b_i ifio *m:w 
mnn vould uie oflT tbe Mirptui produoc riuied by tlioK pr^ 
l]F impoTtedt mid % bcncliciul circle of ceuM eud clleci 
ivmld ibun br rmtrd, tpnding lo ndviuice ibc culiiwioil of the 
felony si aii acixlcmtcd ratio. Mid lo the idUniflCe production of « 
|f*euU nlikii aluifpii dHWs eitgi^ctetion. 

Vf'iiik rcgud to vfant Ibrau n tuun lopie in Mr< Qimgtfn 
inphlet, uenwiy, tbe neceiMty of prertliliiis tbo difperwoa of 
iohftlNtsnu of e new country, h« ihinL thi> teii(t««i<f lo nch 
ra^iittc. evd ib ' bvbtruinf dVcct,' botti ^Kty nuicb ciiap 
j^nlnl, »tvl tbel ulule\Yf <VlI'^ ^ ' COQCtfUrmEkw' iideaireblej 
I) be Kcuitd hy otl>cr nicftii^ tbnn tlw impiMioif a bif;li pike on 
ri|ra>it> of hrvL It i« triii< ttiai tbe peeoon for > wiU, rovKif, ind 
it»p) life ii leen bo be octutuneJIy powctftil in coloiMiii, bikI 
ly fwv by indttlgciicc ; bwi we arc nut iarliikcd to liunk Jt wilJ 
be fi)U]id to preiul ^tronfch aoioiiu iKuoc ^tbo are mntplMkUd 
'roni M L^ucitiy bke UrilNiia, wEm.-iu tbt^ law bran balntu*t«d lo 
diiition of tftbot^t, atid ntftde pncti<«lly noi^uaitited Wnh tis 
F^tvitaff'^*- If left to dxtnKiTev, iiidi pcrMw, v^e dtinkr will 
.turtlly «prend finther Iban l» ikc^^meaiy lo tnubTe tkm vo mabe 
nwalof ilicar Uboor u»d copilel, loproduxwibe^cnaMl^ai* 
lity of mieeltk to tmch iubvidi^al, nhk-b muu coier-ide, in ibnag* 
', wilh 111* greiiUit incrcvo of wemltb lo the vbolr. 'llie 
baniMof locUl intrrronne and akiruf pn>lei:liLfn frooa tbe tie* 
("CO. of ioed«, u^fiikft», ^xattt, Undostneti, «nd oocuMal 
ire<b, Mill be frll too itfOUKly by all lo Allow 0/ llicsr Ifrinfr 
> ipfettd,' w Mr. GooBtC aAUctpaieff ' over tbt colouial u^Mte*, 


ft7& CauMt and Rimeditt fj pQVtperitm ^ 

■Ekd rlr^tipnilinf; inin Jinlf sB\ngr«-* But 11 it Ik Id ft ctttiin w 
Vcni 4intrabk lo cnlorce ^Kcvntratioo, il tiuy be vmvXy providcil 
for hy a guurdtt) dis^ioMil of th» grams of lanil, at « piice tome* 
thing iDorv ttinn iiomiii>l, at Iitc fhillinffB per acr« ; iH Uw wnMX- 
aUtJiluf uiuidltiuiu t;;ipnblE: uf lirins MrtclU ciifurcoil, itillirrganl 
to tlit^ir eflrrliu! rijUi\alion, coEimmnicaticJMt £CC. Tlw vnd vili 
beobCnincd ia ihu nav bir bcUrf dwi by tc<|mrui|£ a bi^hpur- 
tiiiue prlcp for l>ii(l ; whjdi lil. will iii>| |uwco1 ih<M« wfio prefrr 
% vi'M 1o n civiljjtcd bfc, from scltUitf w nfuo/i^v wichtrot tulc j 
^t vtitl force like cinpluyiDorit of cn^iitil uii lufvciur toib now vp- 
proprijiloil; Sti, will piotUjcc iw r«v«iiu< liU every acre of land 
tiuw priuiliT pnipt-rty ys mrJd or iiitlitulrci ; 4tli, wiildeoiledlj dii- 
Gourjgu (xfluiiixjiUuu by vu|>]Li)Utjf, w^thovt wbom no progncj r«n 
be nindc Bt hII: for, ai Adam Sruitb b^t covrvcily atalod, ilic 
«HeiitiQl ekfoieiit* of rapid coloniuiioti arr cfmf ioiAour vod cW;* 
£iiisJ ,- fot tiic obvivu* fvssotLfl tiial the Ullcr foma tbv niuti iKHtrr* 
ful uiUncliuii In cjipiulttu, itiL- fiinucr to 1[ii>our«n. 'Jlw hiib 
prk<r of lubour^ ul^r, by nukliij^ u largo famdy a tM>ur<« W wtaltll 
lo r^rry man, K^^i-t ilii^ liiRbnl i-iiri>uru)[i^[|»riu to die incrw oC 
tbtf cotumul |>opiLluli<>» ; wlulv ' tlitf cfivupii^'vi (iml phoiy of (Eooil 
Uad i-iicouidbic i^nprovcmcrjlf nod ciMbk- llic pioukuir lo jjayr 
liio«e bigh w^i.'s. Iq iIkjhc wofte« couauU alino»t the wliok price 
of Lbc loud ; u}d thougli llicy ^ri; bigb* coinidcrrd at wu^^* "^^ 
labour, tbry arr low, a>ii»idcrcd wi thr prico of wlut tt m> vvry 
nittabic. Wbat frncouniici!» tlitf prusrcs4 of popaUliofi vul iui* 
pn>i«fit«m cor'nirigc^ Uiai of rval uvahh and ^atncu/* 

^QtUTU baa Biipplti;d usiuuiiriolonMa wrlii au alnuiat unliniitcd 
VMtfltttof fcrtde LaiuJ, CapitaiiMft aii' ti^'vly dud uaxwrus tu a\aul 
thaaudvisa of IL .Ail Uial il MuiiUxi u a MifBcMit w>pp'y of 
liliOUrervj — of iboic lubuurrja wboae inmibcis arc so tMuiidaiiL 
at boinr ibai^ under cxtitkig. ciicuitiMMicn, — for w« auist n|mC 
ibai u-c bavti ftrtat do«bU xihcihcr tbia i« n«a-uiiri^ tbe cam;,— 
viaployiiimi cawmt bo foiiiHi for tbvui oii t«ni3» thai will l»vp 
life lo^cUicr, 'ilais ttip^dVf liicjt, t>, iii ibc intcn^t uf boik 
rjjuutric», tbv gi^ai object wbicb i^ovcnjuinit iiufht Lo bniv <it 
n«w. Ami iu order lo raise a fuiul f^jr ttiu ]>urptfi«» hIui 
rnrlliud in mijir af>|Ki>ilr itud leu likcK to tliitt'ourngr vtUk-i ctpi> 
tiiktU ur lubourvrt, lluiti a iiiiult lav Lnivd on the ia1u«^ uf lb* 
Ubouf wbicii iu i:hpt;i>Jiluic ivavcjt tu l^u; Luluoy F Sucii a ta;^ 
wdJ be a* readily paid by ibe etuployvn of lalAmr, an art die mo* 
chonu' cbarsuoTimjKirluUonott aajf odicr ;irtK:lo iu |[raaU«^ikcat 
by lli«! cousuiiwr 

111 oiber rMpecUi Mr> Goufccrs pampblol i» wortkjr oi lE'cat 
tUcnUoa^ diapLyiug, v ii <loe«, D>ai>> ituti^l virws uti lii e inip oBp 
"* * Vf«Ufc«r »aiMU& llvifklVchit.~iii, 

til iht Unittd Kbigdtmu 


■at ^notion of the inc«D» br ^likli ilie pr«Mut« of populalioa 
oa iratctt niiy b^ turned from n r-iinc into ■ bt<MMing. 'I'hc c^l^ 
««ltLiou», ifk pariioikUr, cf lira iiiinibrn which il mav be nccc»- 
»rir (r> rrnimp in order Ti> maintain ihe ttn6^ni poputuUoii »| that 
litiiit wh^h will Dlford a comToftsblc •ubki»leacG Co «U, ment Uie 
■tviavl conbideratiui^ 

It i* obscnod, thtt b^* selecting for cmtgralion ^p'CMint; |>cn«s 
of bullivrxri prniijii\ U) tlvirir mnrr^tng, ihr i^amr ctim wotild 
be pfoduced in vheckin;- the iiicnarw ot tbu (vndc4ibi lu if biaut 
tenu the nynibcr ^t«lt: takoi 4t a m^ir atlvMiLnl age, wlini a 
brg« propoiiiori ot' them au-, |3crtiit|>«, put procrraition, or hatv 
already pfuductd n fuuiiij, Thui Buppi>n! ibc pupuiatiun of 
twertiy niillifini Ui inrrriuc anminlli four p^ cent., bv vhlch it 
wcKikd doubk iiBcir in twctity yean, the hrp^cit file of increnc 
nrr >llpdgrd by Mr. Malthu^ liimt^lf to eviti in any counifv. 
Suppoto, loo, ibc nnniul number of mnrrts|:eft in proDortioii (o 
ihr wliofr popuhitum to Iw n» oiip lu i>iie bundn-d ; wh«ch is pn>- 
b^bly ralber shovo Ihm b«low llw Uulli; two buarfrvd IbousoDd 
covplci will marry t-^rrj jrcar. By rxporling four per cent* of 
that number, or eight tliotik^nd eovipk-a, ibu annual incrvmic irottld 
takf phKe in ilir tolmij instead uf in ibi' tnolliifr cutnili^. Tbe 
M|Wd(« of trtntportinf; an adult to tbcCipc or Auitmliairrrtt^va 
WLi ihrrtforr, for 520,000/. <inntt<sUif iatd out in thu icay, 
th0 pOptUoHcji ofOrtfit liritiiin might Itr maint/iinrti tit ih prvtrmt 

nmmber, ecvn ihatigh tk^ icmifn^ f>f iU ft'ffAtfdtion to ij«cr<^j« 
ihimld rmtnt that itMtvuted h^ Mafthux rrtyprrtiruj (rHtirfriet litf 
North America, llul lincr the actunl ralio of inrrea»e in the 
BiiUdi iiljind^ il noi inort- ihari aac hulf of ibti, diF r&pr-ndilure 
of half dial tfuni, or nbout lGo,UUor, w^uld vbolly pment aoy 
Lacrea»e. VVerv th« propi>fcd ti\ im bbour ini|Mr»cd on lite co- 
Uxiieif Mid die Rum of l6<i<Oi30/. raised for a lew _v ear* on the 
••CUfity of its prixreds, untd the number k/( bUuurcri in die colony 
bad brought the tat up to that aiiiiLinl amount, die inrreaie of 
our population might be at ciicr efieciualty vtoppet^. 

mil it nuv be laid ibal thiH in uot rnoiigh, for ihnt tbe enbling 
maiber ii loo great* We mini read and study bit, S«db?r'» fortb- 
OMntnig worL befcire we pionuunec it lo be loo gr«al *Atolttiftjf ; 
^-hml cuppOK ^e gfut all that *■ iuik«l. U'hiC then tan be 
easier lliaa to r^uee it hy an cxca* in the aiiiitiaJ caporlaUou 
beyoad tbe Dumber tic<|vif«d Bo pr^ent an increaae T 'nm, if 
aaeeouJ anin of EGOpOUOf. w«te npplwd to tbii ptiq>otc lortbe 
tint ^VT Of ten >^eari, tlie population vrotild be nanually dimniuhed 
in ibe Mroc proportiuci in wliidi \X at present tncreaara; a pioceu 
which, Bi it wouH depcip^aie the country eatirelj in about forty 

\0L. XUIK HO, vxxxv, T yoa»f 

674 CotMct mtd Jhrntdin of P^vpemm 

^■n, will cl«itft^ b« fofficMot to thin ib« pofwlflibtt u> iiij «!•- 
airtblv «kiml. 

ITwo ciMiritttfT tliit iha poof-ffMff of EngUad aiomt ^nuiiiiA 
MinamUy to hLoto M-vrn itillltons of whicli a l*r^<' propottioii B 
«fwnl in ftuppotting unpinployed lalxHirfTrt; >nJ llint of tiie r^ 
rounder *iuch miui bc^ naictl b^ a mi^aiiiirc which itoMld alnmul 
w^Mv hnnUli wanl from ihc* <VHinif^', vir «hpU tliink uncb a mult 
chc«pl> purchft»nl dt an VKp'tue of aboul 900,000^., i>rof djMible 
thM iiini, (thoulti lilt' inirTtfcinMft of twt cilcvfanioiw bi* ilridbttvl,) 
in>r9 it tvm to ftll, m »<» li«*v »howii ii need nol, itpo«i Ibe mcniitr 
fMHinlr^p Aiit) tIjEit «ill lidp ot 1o fiMtii Boaic conccpbon uf Uk 
pii>Ji);wii« bvii«6c tiMl niuAl rc*4ut1 fnwi ll[«ffNi«1>]i«ttni4*i4|i>f i«t«(b- 
mntic c:i|}on)ifioM of tiiairi«grsblc conpk* on lim pMn>ri)»lp, UmW 
pviidmt of ili« ■liNiiiiagtf io Ur antidpfl1«ct frois tb« ctratiou of a 
sew maikcl T^kr our ni^iiiifacturcv in the rapidly iDcreMOif ]>«pi>" 
Ijriinn »f tlu* colonv- 

Tb:»iijE)i «c conihitrr b tan on colonial inilt inapplinblp I^BH 
the |HiifjiiM' of foritiitig in ftiii-r>iu>n foiirl, wr arc wiUtng ^^^^ 
illovT, iiid it it • fiiilyjcci vMxfh otifbt tnri? nfo to b<b« «i^^^ 
trii'tuil ili« atteMbOH of miaiiU-'iv lliiil^ in k morr a^hatHtnl sta^e, 
% boftion of ft(i<4i rvntt wjy form a verT fKAft^r 4iib^4H't nf tiiv- 
atioii; n>i> may nitlimU injurj Io anv om% aitd vilh the grtfa1i-«l 
•dvinttfO to ibe cooiaiumiT, bu lukvn by ^o'«ntm«iit «» ■ 
ttlivliluir for other sourcea iA vycctM^ty revciiur. Wc hop^ 
ivdeed, Uiai tbi* rorti[<lrrntk>ii will be borne in minit in ih« 
dii|Kiaal of all futar* gmntv, in vrfiich riUwr a ^tiil-rrtil mi^lit 
be mvnnl iif iwmiv or iwpiity-'fiir prr criit, na ihr nimual 
r#i)tt vitliottt pfejttdm to Uii? ai'ttJ^r : Of^ vthidi «tiulii be far 
bclUr, the gniiits mighl be mxt^^ only fur hir^ termyf rrnp«r- 
abte et^T tcfi yeara, at a fivftd numbtt of ^rara* piitvlufv. 
A pirnvianriit oiiil iiTcreaMniE toHTirc ol Tcvrmir miild ifiit* ba 
opriiori IO the futun govi-niinevtt of iIm oxifiiry, >o a« wliulty 10 
prrvEdt ihv jierruaty of iIiom- injuiiou* ^rli«»r» of tluUtm, b^ 
vi\\\i-i\ thp eni[iloyf»eiii ofcapitril aiirf iiuttTBlrr )■ to gvoefally wi 
urironuiutrlj bo'rdoiw<l in ull oM coiintrir*. The difrntnce. tn 
preu-tii «pli«, Iwtvren ihi« kind of pti>p»Ev am) a fr«il in Ira. 
Hottid batdlvi in oin tf*^ie4 , rh«k the invutoif-nt of i<n|iiial m 
itv impTtnrnienI snri culltvaiioii. 'VMn, bovKW*, ia ■ <ii){n£HUiii 
frofii lh« imiiMvliale »iibjrfl ol dtMrataion. 

nc lliirti il ijUitr iHiknibte Io ai(irr 111 (ipinioli witli &fr. Mal> 
thiM, and ibe other untr-r* on popidalioii, ««ho maiiitain ihe pro- 
portion ll»!rt, rtttrria /mfthwf, i]uMLl>f-M iiii:1<Liin(i ini.-rej»e nub 
tb« meaniH i>l Rulxiiit^iirf, nti'l ilifnmT>li wilh iUvu difiniiittion — aiul 
ytt to dt^nce, frtioi ibfir oi*ii |jn'mnr«, ■ very dilif-icol infcnroo* 
fran UiJi adopted by the auihor* in qoMiku. 'liiey all a^ie, 

^t* in flf U^td Khtg^im. 

to pnrTTDt ihr jiiiJlerinjp from vr%nA aori rl*wwN*, Vkliich muMl 

ipaii\ lilt bUUjul'^v uI a popuktiott «|C^ia»1 iJidew littlU lo iu 

ie, nliicfi c>o«Bt in t cltiirtenci of fouil, eiKl««voiir tboald 

mad* to prrrvni ii h\ <h«ci* of ■ mdder «luinctf r, %^^ tft 

irtiago. Our iiif«i«iic», cai ibe ooninr^v from lti« sn«i« pre<- 
ispifta, W9uid be> ibnt the «ndeM<Hif ihiMild be tftpli*^ not W 
iKttiil ibe nuiiibifr of l>«den, bul U> inuitaai tW tupply of food. 
i^iMklina all ihej aak &» to lL« tcndt^cy of nMnknid lo multipU, 
%« ihamld fttiJI d»n_v utterly Ibir ivrwaanry ti^liHuocj of diii miiU 
liplication to produce auffcnnp. and llic conae^utut prapriety of 
«becktii|r it^ Wif OiouLd drdmrr, I'nxn thrir ovin MniHUf nii rfln* 
^rstng iSp pnidijcpoiu nctivilv c>l ttic prindptc of pt^pulatioo, 
Uk c\pi.nlioiiLj, Liut uf i^Iibtbluii)! XKW cbecks, bul of ivaiovitig 
tftal u-hvcb DOW pnncip^illjr op|>oM« tbc ^pfrad of popttlatMtt anii 
kmiuu bsppjurv. — Eiuiiclj, tlic ditfirutty of tiracunng MklMBt- 
fikcff. Ui«l««i kl cooild be Aaid di;it th^ \rmtd i> alrvadr fulty 
feeopkd, and ilwl nU iu fcnilc #oib a/c in oidCMtion, the br»4 
Birai iti>u1(i i«f(D to UH 10 b*, not how lo dinioadi, b«t boip 
Id ^iMpfne 7 not to ejitcraaiQate, but lo locair m ib( cncMtftd- 
m^aotv puiiiiiona; not to Imon ih« numbrr or cofiwVMnt, 
ImI to incrccuH^ tin? oifanii of foncutnptioib. So loflft u tben^ 
m ttmv uorultnau^l rurrivr i)f l\w glolv- vfh^fr tlir Ubour of a 
Bwn CNO prr'Curr nn abimiUiir« of lood for hlmiwlf anj his f^ 
mily» il is luu vat\j to atlnnpt iv eonUxd the wi»e pnninooa 
vthkh oalur*, in brr bvtwwlpnc^, haa roublitHfd for lh« in- 
K nm t ol OTir ifKCic*; that il, for anfinrntinf; tbr nnaff of 
faoooal b>p|in««i. How toullth, ilieti, i« it. if noE imptotu, to 
fchcoMa for cU^cLing |Krpu1jitii>Ti a( prt»cut, «heu BriUri^ 
[laying bor domsiif umitm, tttd tlip pfisBibilhy of im* 
mnaif her uilcnial aGnc«liurt:,cnt<n;ly out of virnv) — povesM*, 
uhrt' n>1onW<, nufticipiBt fvnilr ai>d nnooMpit'd land in mpply 
fbod, mth proper culu\-atioo, to twenty tnne* tbc t«^ciity nad-* 
Imis ubidi Bttr oow LXifliplutiml uf as too uuBiciottt! It will 
not b« H^rn>iuJ> urfff^d, ttiti, th^^ gi&bc b<iR;r Itmilcd, nod the 
poonblv increax of mankind rniliniitod, ciorpt by famitir. >t« 
ought l<> Wgm now lu uilicipate and provldiT for i)ir "ircfg^f iltat 
•^ Woco luny be niftiiitained by ila popttUlJoti n^uait tbo 
hiiore of itibaiftleiic*. We may mriy Itf^ve ao diuiuit a future 
to iba aaiDA PnnitWiMy inliicli h^ brou^bt m% pn>gFtmttiy fo^' 
mnl to iIm! pnint cif impmirirvm nhrr« wr an-, aod m w4itc4i 
b>t Btrt- of frouod will 4:v«ii ih-»v stipjxrfl muny tiotci tba uumbtff 
of initividnalt which it did <yii\y n fru rvjiluric* baci. 

'Ha population wriltTK hive, ibroogfitMal tbcif ar^mcnU, fpxtt 
Upon Ilia NMijiiifiUon* rftlhri implirtl than rxptrwrd^ dial ctcty 

T tf natiott 


Camf9 and R^fimdta t/Fatipftitm 

uilion if limited to certain lixnd boundanrj. Hut tlie ftssumptm 
)■ ji hsrv f I \ |>ut|irti3, utLrrly at i/anutiCL- v^ltii tlx t*ct. 'Jlicra it 
DO luvr iiatuml, liutnan, or di^iiM^r lo iotbid u peopk from ctibrginf; 
it* t^Tfil-xT u iu iiuinbcra iiR-iit&tc. [I>il Adan i>r Noah ui^ 
luckity nrRULHi iiVe tli«m, ftiid ttu€cc«d«cl in pfltiuwliiig th«ir wni* 
Ivftutiiiit Iu (iruilciilial rrfltaiiitruml W careful nut to o\cr-pcopl6 
parudUc i>r Itu? ark^ i^licii? mIiouUI ih« haic bc«ii now, mnd mliftt 
would tliu (4or1d imw ictnmnul f«— 'A \>iidritic9>, or peopled oaW 
by bruiff*- ir» KK'icty tittTf^n rri>m iKr prw4Ua< of popidotkin, if 
ib mcmbcn Arc Um cloKly pocked* «liAt )■ to prcti-'iit it fram 
dm/tiiig iu sup<rrt1iim' l<i olJivr bud», wlurre luilUfC in pridigil of 
bcr Uokintv, ftud Ihc luxitntnt simI tun* now to vaitc, but only 
■■Iu tiic buid of nuti ii> prixJuL'*- 411 jtbuLd^uce. iiuC ul 'wid 
owelyr btit of coonlorb and luxari«4 F 

It will lie itJijd, fur it i> tbc onh uiiAwcr, tb»t llicM littda be at 
a dbtauce from the old^r and dviit^^-pvopied covoArin ; aad ibe 
ablr-Uidivd puiipcf, lOio » Marviii^ in ihc nbdit (»l dkc Inttcr, ia, 
^ Au H^y jwrerty, d«^privvd of tlie meaiia of traiBpofUir^ himaelf 
to ihiT fi>nnvr* And is it coiuc lo tlUvT Aftor ail wot I'aunicil 
adinncx^a in mt, in jiiriiTiurr. id nkofaU, ta Fitropr itill at aucb ■ 
potut of burbujoUtf and uiiiiott iuijutiiie tamplicity, that im Ibote 
CTta unong \iMt aUU-?* wliidt arr nt iW Ivitd i>f civiliiatiwi, a» 
object, coofeifcdly f'Jt ihv gciK-ral beticlitr mud be forvgonct bc- 
cnud it caimul br altuiivd bv md»idu;il cdutls -, iJut n«tJoi» 
pQiaete»d of M'Aftlth beyond ibc imu^innlion of Crxctu^, wbn^e gc^ 
i«niiiicikU GJtpcnd \mal rcrctiuo In maintntiiing titc Ai%mij and 
sp]<iQdour of tlironf^t, and niS(>r larfirrft roode« of bmetiltiig ifaetr 
pouptur alJotv a \utgt proportion ol that pcopW to dras oq a miacr- 
abk aw) uwlev rxivteiK*^ froni day Ui day, a bucuen tfl ibem* 
iclvca, aod to Ibv woaltbicr rlaaacA, «vhoM propart; ibvy coiHVtno, 
^itbotit Uiy n;ttiiii, iii«tr|y brciUM! ilttne dcitljtutr UMiivMUaU caA* 
not, uoaifivttfd, nm0C0f^4<*iTiiWtTt toibodcahoFavi wbvrv titty noatd 
infullibly become a source ul «i<.altb and iiappifrci* Co dicnucKca 
aod Ul« itiotber covauy ? Cuu it be tbai rnoioiu bave not yi^l 
dcvttcd lo ob«io<i« & meibod for tumins iJic iiiai:<uc of ibcif 
numbrn to advaniag^', m ihf< eiiabliahiaent of a«yiiatii of colo* 
niuitioii, Ly whtcb a t^ciicral curve muf be conrtrted Jato m 
l^rnrnil bhwjnfl; — a berd of idip, iiiininul, ^itmJ wrrlch«d paspvn, 
into A bund of happy, industrious, and thniiu^ cuttoocra t 

\\c (.annul nUitvi tbal eitlii-r ihi- jjiMrrnineiit ur tlie IvgialsUm 
uodetitatid tlic naiufif of tii4- duiJM tbcy bavo unda^Ukon, or vveo 
rigblly Mcvi tbeu intcmt at privalr iadiYJdualt, if tlivy srt not 
awair lliat ib^* condition of Xhti UbouHnj; clvn — llw grrat buUc 
of die peopie — ODcbt to be (Ik iinil aiMk niust iaiportani object of 
tbcii aulidtutW. 'rint this clia* U at prcoetil iji a moat depres»>d 


fmd ilegniM sUlit, b prarci) by th« n^orls of llu^ir own con- 
jBJUoca; anil it i« moxl ccrfuin thm, m a couiktrr poa^ued of 
viidi (lat wvttlih Biid nr«ourcc», tJm can oiilj b« ovnii^ lo ilie 
^ultii>e«> of tier ituiitutiont. or tiur misinflnD|c«tik<iic of b<-r rtit<r«. 
Tlic riglil of [Tto^ciU ^i9L-ir j» tktiLM'iYiriii lu the k^i*^"! weifnic ; 
anl UiaC w«lfirf? 19 cicarly iiut promolnl bv 1 (ii«lribulion o4 pto- 
tMtly wbidj <x>tirin piiikccly nrallh <jn a few, oiKi condoiUM Uk 
]iidininou*> mulat^dtr, bv lAhoni thai wcaltli i» fabiicaiieJ, tu thd 
alttrnttifc oi' hopeless toil ot ibjcct pftupcritii). lie %tty uulu* 
Ittdr ilfl-lf i*, <u- ihuTllj will b«, rapnbl« of rrawiiuBg Uiw, InuU 
ligtiK* ■ spreading faat c\«n amoog this dt^pudtxl das»» — inlelli- 
Enice,wliicf] nflVrn ttirfinnnttM'riETityfiir iljpir fk-^^rv-jblr rnnduci, 
if tocoEnpuiiW b^ an ni1«r^C m tJbc mainlviuricc ol' cstftbhihcd 
ordti, bill \ibich is lo be drrsded bjr all uliu uii- £0 Qil(iv«tvd, 
VlL«u ibv flpinib whom it Aiiiinaici liavc c^cr^thing to gftio, &ii4 
^otbinc lo lUMTt by coufuUioo find aiarcby. 

If, iiiKltr ihc inClLieiirc of thcM Ideas, the ]egui)tiwr khonU 
'•■rncitly Dpplj ibclf lo the Uiik of amt-ltoraiing the condilion of 
^it Vyu'vf KM^n^ «*e oouiid^r tlit lint ami luosi ui(iiap<^ii5nble Mep 
to be, the pTncm)!: the poor of Ireland 011 the Mime (ooiui|; witli 

.tfiuu! uf Grr:il IWitiiii, viilli r»iiccl (o pnrocliu) rclit^f ; hi nn |0 
t% from llto lallcr lh« in1cJcrabl« buidin of Hiipportiog Um 9Uf^ 
tisi lal>ourvM nf Iirknil in uddiliou to brr own. Of c^ail im- 
JKinuice Vfilb lb>< mt^ukun » te COTr«<Uoti of tb« illegal aud 
'sbouirnabk abase, ^bkb, ID »ORM dbtrictt, Uint* the •dmioiclts- 
iiooofthc KngLifih poor*UWf and lurni to poison what, properly 
jixd, i« a AiiluUiy oxid bt ii«iicm] pro^uion. So loag ju 1bc«e two 
grt«l but i»iDip1« Jniprmi>nMt(U»t ^ii.^ unrffixted, wr must deipsir 
^f tcci»L; ntiy pcnnnnent or real iiuprovrmeiit tii ihc condition of 
workifT^ L-laii, >*|iBtffi'«T oiLtr nriiiEdir* iimv br Mlopied. 
he»c Mep» taken, i1 will remain to fcim>%e th« cxMtioi; nodun- 
LDry ofpoputjiliDii by lueb mc^murci ju wr have ^vrlllt]ml cu n;* 
iffOflimend, viz. :— i^ A ceiifnil tithu-compotilioii act; and a bill 
facililalii»g the iiicluiure of wa»te», and iheir ctillitttion hj 
ochial pAupcrv: ^. 'Hie r»ir>oval of ihovr iajo» u-hich proii 
ruliaily oil labour — to be replaced rrthcf by a property lax, l>r 
Viodetai« taken on ibe biintn u«rd in af^ric\iliurv, and an im- 
iJMfy: And la>d>, a ay»tetii«tic cki>oitutjoa of Labours ioo«r 
^JColonie*, partkiibity AiMiraba und tbr Cape, tnsrml on by go- 
^rtim«ui. and defrayed by a Ian 00 iJie Tabi« of tbc labour tx* 
rird, and rjnpki^ctl ibm. 


f *7» ) ' 

Art. IX^-^K 73ii>u(^6 in M« /^Mm/ iJyfrM. London, l 

ft. An Itt^iry into M« Naturr, Extent, and OriUfV ttf th^ Di«^ 

, LcHKk-B. 1830. 

ON tiro [><»tnls, wc pcf^ume, no (toobl cot* be mml ttflt looger 

ductirc cbsHTt of tliii countnr bftrr ^ mmxic tioir lab^urrtt fifC^iail, 
in varioin tlpgrcc:* of tairmitj, tkroiighout ihc wbolc cniluca 
worid i tad, tccoiidly, Ihnt otwr f^ttux proiiinialc cittM of iboi^ 
difficTilrir-i ii tiK pfogti-»L>c fall m tbc ui<jtict-|Trlcc of all coot* 
flloditi<ii. It H not at ntl fiurprifiiig thil ti manr tliirprvnt folvtkitit 
sliould have been olTcnd »i thcrr ate diflemil counlnrf Mfiich 
■ufffrrumkrthr vwti:itJoit,>iidfl4 tbtTe«rv^inf-iKh country, diffririU 
o|>inMli«t inltrr^t*, nnd pohlicnl parlio. I^uti in Krmncc, toA 
m the L" oiled StjiEti, ihe exnlifig mlrwiioiiK iwi conimert^.-^in 
EnKlmidp *fn9 tnd«/ tlio *rom hvi»/ ^d ' Mr. l^»^r> bill,' 
bAvw Jirtrfmllv beeTi itmiumtilv urriitrd nf having rngrtidrfnl ilw 
«vil. Wt» jiiv fur, inde«df frotii uudcrraiioc ibe in|iortii>r« of 
ibeK, and olhcr Hiitibir iiitiurnccs, Hitbtii llictr vroptr «j)licicj 
bul ibe iacODicrvltyr m accounltps for m gcnenit vmct by ca»aM, 
tb« uptr^tioii of wbtcU n oufifiiieu vritliiii so mticb narrower 1UiUU| 
n <umcjf^i)]p (ih^iom. 

l^be ifi^uencc of ncacT,'— oiore capectally of a general pf aoe 
aitrc^edifi<^ t geineral war, — is (fDlitl«d io rnur^ comidendon. 
In various «-«y» peace operate* bo rcdijct xht coala of pfodnction, 
or die nslunil pnci.' of rommoiljijn ; but slifarkEigh wtli a rvduo 
liou «f lb(T 4ro(t-piir<T may, i(t iu progreM, b<- pi iMiucliie of »onM 
Nltfe loaa lt> die bt^ldcri of niocit^ iht.-n' rsii be no iloiibt dial Jb 
gewral «flim on die eondiiion of the community at lar^ i" d«- 
Cfdcdly brntlicul, a» it b aili^itagr<)va to iUr comuiDcr »ltbout 
being pfejifdinal to ihe piodmrer. For if A, ctn manufkCture 
two pur* i>r fdridttn^ aad U, t«i> %ard5 »r Uncn, ai ibc nmc coat 
ai fnnnpT)T, mprrtiTflj, one p«ir of »torkingt and OM )«nl of 
linen, tl i^ ctidcnt^ first, that A. ii not injured by ^elliiig die atock* 
Jiif^H hi* iirffliiCffB at one biTf i^f dirir foniji-r prirv, and af^rntidly, 
that lir I* brnrfitrd by lh« rHucrd pncc kt uhich be ran now 
pfocDie ibi^ Worn «-h>rn In? mmiimr* ; ami t^ii^ B rlrt \.en^, and 
w>oii ihrou|b«iit the itbole »en««t wbatcTcr b? iu r3itetit* It 
baa tieen Mid, biiirr^rip th4l pcatc baa aiorecivrr rauied 'oTCf^ 
prodnnion,' ufaoreby tlie nartft pwt nf cxHitB)4Mjiiii.-« bavr be«ii 
|eii«nlly dcprcsAtd bdow tbcir cott prirc*. 'ri-iTi|-ii;ir> f^luta 
ID paitkular commoditiM of pantcular dULrkeli, coruioiy Imm 

* V^<M»cKt«tf»tf'le«acnii«JNIttiaa. Pwi> iMmi, L L p. «a« 
•T. , oecurrcd. 


Di$tnM o/tle Cmvifry. 

occorreri, nftd it nav abo, perhaps, bo adaijltwl that tUtf m% 
nNlurally vi nnor« 1ii-(|im*iiI oecmrr^aat mi pvaefftful than in iaajlik« 
tnm^; l»«l *itlV-«i noi only a i^eiwialr biu m pamanmi ||lut ba 
aviiEHpH, vr|iic4i wniifH hr ■■ moiHtroiM ill lbt»r^ nn cniiirif da*' 
titute uf fmindaltoii in fact, u« tlfr nnl tife Iww vrbat ban bean 
fctaicd ^ ot«-i-j>iu<Ju«:(Mrii' cud l>i.- m^^ir ^^n^Ublc m aipldnatjou 
of ibc object of o»r inc|uiry-* 'Vhv efrci c( the grcattr ni\t- 
latiljr aud abitiidioirc wilh wliicli maikcia ate utuulU Mi|>|>fiic)d 
ift |>*i>^C, i*, lumn^r, utiitoublrdl) to bring tlcittn llic maiiet 
piitt^ ttf roDinwdjiiTt bi a closer npfnoacb of ikc coiX pric* 
iban i»Qv&«fullv (li« catf itunng war, aud ifaiii to diauimli ilia 
|M'Olil> nC tic pmdu«f£. Jp piccniiii«citlj producllvc coikoiii* 
iiiiiisi, lUDTc partruiailjr ibis vflVa ol pcuir vtill of cuuiur 
cauM JJaapiKMiiloacDU and compUiub iit^iporiiouully ^i«ioas 
and loud a» iiklutity aiiJ cowmeito b«vc bcconM- inure or lest 
)iabiliu(«l to ib4? cxciumvQtB uf var. ThtxKV, (or tooic tiiiiCt 
> Ii»ika3. disiruolci^lcd autc of tlic public Uiuid i» apt lo aiix^ 
^Ot Uiiiwikd b) muihw^oLis ilK|t<ioni, camvij; U-ta^ivraty, qiioro 
0f ku dcddcdr id^pso iii tJic loriiKtiv b^^p^tkLlvciiic bubjt. Jit 
igib, lioii«rtf r, inen'9 td^i uid b»bit4 Nie forced to cohAmw 
thccTTQ icnorof ibc (outk oi lbin(» id liiscaoi gcucml pcacct 
iMd the Iraiuilion from waf lo pmcc ii li^en ft^h lo be miiiplrlTd. 
|d tbu rc«|>«cl tbe preaetii circuni»l.iiicr» h> ctoacly rG«aml>lc tioaa 
ttftha pfn(k>l« of gr<ii-t«l UaiJC)uiUit> fuccecdiiif w< 'lluitj jcats* 
aiid Ibc pu»cc ol lilrechi, xh^X u«^ thotild b« l«ii|p(«d to dnw 
^jLc parallel, if utii »jaL^ ndBiiiicd of riutb a di^caikai. 

PcucT, ibrn, max. |i«TlLUpii» accuuOT fur tlie iAhot« of lira rodufir 
w} Kb b^i lAvD pUcc ill tin: co«t piiic of coqioodnifti" 
inil citii for (ha dcprvnion of the msrkcl prko to die axteiu 
lowrnug the lale of pi<>4iU' Hut i1 aHoidi no caplaiiatJov 
a fall of pricjcji, cacv^dkig ibr nniuuiii of ibc rediKticui is 
C04ti of (jiodurliou and ibc drpit-uioit of ilic rule of ptoliti. 
'al lliBi firiro haic for unii- timr pnu brra coinumlj tiupvlkd 
i^ond Itaooe Uinili in ibcir Jalt, thi: prograauvt dcitrucULO) of 
lid ibif rHifiriiiciU ofsiiodi«r ptxlion of inc capiUl JUictUd 
ii»dtiaU;t, — the *rakjii^ ordjt of tfiuAV wh^ are engaged ill |r>df 
uwiujcidt, aikl ibr ^cnef al dtspoiidvucj «rliidi pfcvail« utt»ng 
tba pro^4tctu« dam^, twdjciroUy alU*t. 

* TIm iiaaJtwi Mviuatry ' (up thr viaritfd antJkor of tba paiB|iUit 

* TW cuDnaadil RfMfi 
■vwL vn 1I4 df<«aiMun 
mat jmt, u J Uim^ gtwuOv 

d «iKfcB hmit^ f rftdoaSr ikonHi ib Ihe rvm flf 

pf piBn |fi^Avinr rn^^Lfftj u fi<t vftf, Itut 4iiMpilaiiaf 4II 
Iln|«r«««rsfl>ji*wr iif picnsfciifc am fn^Mca IIa fMnarUatAMnHif Itaa 
umif ID ibt artAl <hwud. «1 irh 1m> af !■!> bum ibM i i ilh ia Ifaa pMl va^tf^ 


IfUtcu of thf CahirTy. 

firit on otir liiO CJt^ n<) Ionfi:rr cnf^iiTc nucceM. The Iwtffcmodid 
jrrrUliiiii« 1*^) l>iit ill (3iiiaii|)cirii(ntDt^|l)« wisnC xhomvk Iftti boA 
ruin. It in not on« brunch of iiiiiuttr)^ <nly chu fpcU thr prMwrr 
Um tinitf*— oeio xn»iif«ctijr« tliiLi U tiii«iiC£«MftiJ — ftU ore v<|u4lir 
duwn by ouo ^L-ifCr«l cr|iprc»>iuj. liov U li^c cviL thoush more BCUtHj 
ft<tt in RngUnd, p^cuU^ ut ihin rnLintry- Hir tiiquitry of rT< 

!fl«rUr of ttie world at(«4U iti inAictiua. Fiom the N«t« lo thi 
fftDgcrt, from tJic Mcdilotrftncao to thu TiiGi^ Omaxi. )t9 inflnej 
Wnen«d uri^^ntvjitf^ tij^ the |wc-iiliar tommrrc'ul nyMcnn ol ocl 
<^uittryt tc^uin t-rtrj rr^Jo't of I^to «trth. , EITnlii M> aol 

v«r«&Uy ftli,' h«- |in>c«««l», ' \i wuuld tw unphilofOpTiical to ft«cnt 
to Any Wt «[) umvmtL CAuae, aimI nona is ict^uAlc to pro^nco 
bnt the incri^tiMl rxlirfr of ih* pviHoiii mt'iAtfi.' 

Vtt Aic miLcti tiirpriACfl llint the fact hrrc uidicAtcd should 
yei Knvr faik^d of n?<cjiiiitg the ct^'p^- of aruiitiuh wliirli n wol 
tiouaIj ilA dur, moK capcciAltv a» u full and exact kuon ledge of tbo 
lupply of prf cioiM mi-t.'ili miut be comiderMl a* ihc «eiy fowkt- 
lion on which cilery ini|uif> into tho rite und fall of the numey^ 
priee of €OiniTio<Titi«« ought lo pfon*rH.* If thi* gir^l (iroiimsia 
cauACof ihcrxiAtiDf^difticultK^ be anaUcnitJonthai hAiltkoi pUct 
AEid ilill u iQ proj<rT3K in llit- ■.'riirJAl iiiriuiiri.' iif vula(.\ fl is (.'tscoliol 
lo ib^ K^r^-lv of fill public And |)niilo property thnt this ihAuld b6 
prtiprity and grix^fAlly uiidrmload, tf nurli be indeed t)ic iiuiiii 
Aourcc of the prevent dimiKAA, gr^^tt And ufHkring ibongh it be, tt 
ttv»dmlly funiVvlies no cauw for deapAiring of :bc foilunea ot the 
country. — for ttuwe gloivmy forcbivliiip of tlie fiiiiire, wbicb haivo 
of Ulc troubled t)ic public mind; above sll. for «rrayjag in hos- 
tilr roMti'i>lim] ngmivi rnrh oibrr ibr H-irrnI rb»r« And ifiK^mU 
of ihe cuinnmii^l). A ju4l npprr<iatioii ol' its itiHucficf wilf IrtitA 
out liTtdlouU uiiil tlirii irnAnts iwt lo dcupond und^i iW inflietioci. 
and dirret Ihcir alieniion to meann of real rcli«-f ^ibicb are \^t 
tar from beitig eibnuiud ; nliilc our nierrhaiil4 and ttiAiiufiiCltireni 
viB leani from il, not lo WAite Uietr tpirit and ilienglli iai ijitll«c- 
tual fUug^len Agamnt n rurKtit. iffitb ^bicb oi> oeilMm» cmi 
Mcc4'fiful]y tonTrnd, but prndenik to reit on llxir can ntitU the 
|V0|>iti"ii3 :'nit irl(tri»,as ;t ftOoDcr or IaUt. mote or lev* ttrouglj, 
fc«t jrifnllJbW, vdT. 

To contribute m aome menAiire to thc*e ^lulsry eodi, ue pro- 
poir lo pro%e ibAt A roniideniblr rinr hnm oeeurre^l In tbe «;r- 
f^nu^Mf tafvc t*/ ihr prtritmt m^o/^.—ard, bv coiiTC^neftcr, m 
ihflt uf rAe nf0n#y ■/ ^^' cn>rb/.'t — dLiitrig (be \tal twenty jctrt ; 


PiiMi^td-tdil, IM4,^3*i4K: a* H»»«qih(«-tC4Vftdn«tio*AttftiMalt*r 
llMCAnMrr.lB»,j^U; m4 iha rwtemrt A> lia ftcowd Ldtp to Lc*< Cn« rtK 

, I Kvlt lfc»rfwij ■ lb*l ef cnrid «v ttAnt**, Maun vr nH, ttocUih « ftn^ 

Dirinn ^iht Country. 


IM, by shoving ibat ihcre b>i been on ettraordiDuj <lf<T«>te in 
Um >ii|tply, wb]l«r there ha« brcn « tlBiilat iocmsc in tlic <lcxu«i)d 
^ fttmota luvuU liiirr iKlii; ^lilit ^^ trfrrpiicr la ttic iBonnj 
prices of wheal in Europe^ Inlkiii); the ai^raj-c txcty Icn yonn* M 
a r'itcfioii i>f ibi- cflVri ni' thpattoied |>iif|ioitJ<>ii )wCw<-eH ihe pre* 
dow mvtali mid other ro(iLiiioditic> on the valtjc of money. 
Hrau^ di>iic tbii. vtt tAtali pii>rtr<ltij t>uiiil uui suine uflhc tfTrcU 
of tt riM in ihc Tkluc of ni^nwjE on thr rondilion gf^iflVrciil d&iM« 
oftbc cotnmuuiljr, in vrhicU tbf: ch.-tractcn.ttic fciiuTo of prcKllI 
circiuDitJincct will imnietfuicl^ he rcci^gitiired t concludlni; vtth i 
lev obKimtionf OQ ihc rcnic<Itt& «p}4icaUir to lJi;# »E«tc cf tbing*, 
aijd OQ llir pruip«'( we Imvp of iis tcmnidlioEi. 

Ilic prvaLJ4:lii€i)c.«» of li^* golid a»cl ftilvor mincA of nuropc 
VtM (Ml thr ii<-rrrii«r, and thr innnrv-pricr of r'>niino<fili4-* i*ilii- 
lMt«l « Icndeiic} douiiwknl}, at ibc littii- of Ihc diiootc^ of .An»e- 
ntz. Nur wju ihi^ cnlditivu to tliv rxisijii]; iluci of pirci»iifl 
lDCt>l« very conndctiblc tar ooonc lime ultc-r tJjv ditcovrry of die 
Dew couUuetJt, t502; aiid ihr Loni^tiot uf Mexico, 1^9- and 
^cru. \bSi. h vt^iiiOl till ;iri^T ihe trtttvrti of the Qtno dc 
*olo«i hod been dtcovrrrd in IMJ, imd ihc VtU Mudir of 
^'dfiriaxtiuta had br^un to Le Workr<l iri 1^^6, norunfil f ubout tb( 
LftutM: tjiiio) rniMo*; liiid hecoEix; MH objvd of iCfiiiW induMry iit 
nienm, that ihr tirflhiim ofibr Nnv Wutlil pourrd in on l}ir 
Id in riich abuiidhoce a^ to prodtKt a tcmibh clfcci It nu 
t in tltr rist- of prirrs in En^bnd loviard^ thr Iwtl nnarlrr ttf ibr 
ixiMMb, Biid ill the niurketB of thp ^ortd t;eilM*l1} appear* to 
iTSreachi'd it) r>titriiit limit befoir die Eiiiddk of dit. £E>t^illL*rl1lb, 
Ulury Tlin relfltiv^ inUu.- of the prr^ir^iif moti1» hnd then fallen 
.)o ovc-lounh of «h«t it had been bcfnrcthc diicovri^of America, 
ndtke money prkes of coinmodiitM w^ie nmd fourfold, 
floniboldt c«liRuiU-» the imporWJon of tir»UTe from America 
IdIo Kun>pe, tHrlnren l^O'liod JfJOTlBl ll^iiidbeEHeeiL l^l tttkd 
1700, nl I6r0(:o,r'00 doltam nnnusUjr. 'Hie lupply Mill con- 
IJnivrd lo inrrr-jAT, and from 1*0(1 to 17i>0, ftmngrd ^^^(ti^tKMt 
dolUn ainiUiiMy. The detnojidr bowT^er, ii^d iv:tw ajio ia- 
Creftted in uir. ul T«^a»1, equal ralio ; and Duuloj Smith h^ ^aii»- 
factorily ahovrn, that th« vpIoc of |}i« precious melaU rxpcrieiieed 
no funber dcnreci^tioo bfl«eeu l(>40 ai>d 177*^. and that Xhti 
IBooc) pnc« of covnmtvliiir*, dunng that period, remained nvarljr 
<Uti0Darj» with a tlighl lendency <^xtt to UlL 

Ptohi 1770, however, in roni«4^uence of the (freat prodiicUw- 

av, !■ ibiit !■ «W t ftW af ur Bflvn ^ viMb Ike wriuwi nHAb 4« 0*1 Qilcr, wl^ 
n*-" fi '^ "j, '^" IfttrHTcitv «f Uicf^atbllraiMfM m>hI 

«a4flH',iaMin aad iagcM^ 


iNHrat •/Hi* CMHlfry. 

of I0III9 «f tlir Oldr ADll lll« llltCOvpri l>f RBW «»1tW«, fGu«U 

^jocia Pflni, Mid ihc ntmcml nfiu^Uii^ of Caioitx lu Mciko,) 
■idtfd bf m conbinitkiii of cited mutancri uiipitting a frrvli «t»* 
inuLiia to Uio miiui^ ioihiaU? of Anwric* i^icrmlW, tiic proJtiee 
rOM moriT rapitil)-, Humbofcii cniiniBlcii ihr impnriiiinn of An«* 
rit«ii soM «ml silver iitto Europe bctwgen 17^1 snd ldQD«t 

Antericiin wioci ut the coinneaccmeat of ifac pntcui ctticur) m 
follow* ; 

Pcm . 

Chili ■ ' ■ 3ja«i>,00«l Bnuib , . 

Sul)0eqveiiC to the dat^ of Uiix c«LJmnlr, liowcvcr^ ibr coia»g« in 
Mexico tiscrtnfiDd, and ivcrajictl, Uatu IfiCO to I&IO, 2^^64,72^ 
dolUn nniiuallY. Adding l>6ih for timrgi^ter«d ni^tal, mv »ijr^ 
thcrtfLfre, aUtc the piodutc of ihc Mcxicmr i^itttt at ^6»MX),000, 
mid thai r>f Atnrritn giriiL-tillj, bcl'i>nf ISIO, M 47,000,01)0 <to4- 
Ur* aiinuulhi Co»l<.inpoj;ibi''>ua1y wilJi iKia rapid -rimlii oi' the 
prod^ci* ofttii' miiii!.«) thr irrdii^ bvnk, and ptiprr-mnvrj njstcnv 
rip«rioiccd nit hittn-rlu uctkno^ii dcrclnpint^iil «nd exiefu>uO| anti 
the uitMie)' prii.'Gf uf cuuiniudllM-A duiiTig tliis peikid ^I770^ 
Itf JO) bccordaigl^ «lcAdi1> v^iviUiwcd to riK. 

J4:t u« ob»i-m: Wr^ in |»Biiig, tlul die advnnUpit hww 
«c>rc«tj yet be«D fi4^l> uppreciaied vtlilth Engtuid, w pvt^ 
coUr, iLopcd fiuai tii» prv^retmr ftll m the vaUc of iht pi«* 
ciodt fiui«)t aitd of ltioii«>\ It wu abuui ilic bc[;JrmiDg of 
thu pcnoil tli«l KiL):Mi iitduttn had laLcii a uioie decided turn 
loManJ* la^miilariutiog panujii. HargreaiTJ, iit i7<'7a had 
imrnEcd tliojcnnirj AiLwfighl, lliv same year, brou&lil ionv^rd'J 
hii impio^vnunlft w ipiiniiiif; and Jime-j \Vjii, the followin|^ 
)tar} tnok oui « puti^iii iw liii Alcaiii-ciij;LMe. Ou llic imU' 
i)f ri^iiijc puci^i tiial act tti it lhi» ciitiml ip<H-l», aiid iioclLan^uigljr 
COLlU»b<.'d <*> iW' l<Jr « pi rind oi tvly jcaifa, ti-it u<il> IhoM M 
pOVtaiM iiHciilioa*, but cicr^r iLvdeiLikins ot' itidiLtli> or iimcuIj 
lioo of connicror, uu( bot iic up and >ucoc«ded brwixi the 
■anguine eiptctatioiu ; ^id it wa» Qii> tutdoim «nd uhcii spUu^itd 
ivcces*, vh>rhripati<d and matured that ipcntof cnii^rpniv in ib«' 
Utiliib mauiifaclvrci and nmchaul, which has ntbed Uicat BrV'^ 
lain to lirr ptrvni miiiM'arr ; wbidi then ga^r h'f :i tlOfl, liiat 
hu AiucccAiblcd hcty 1(1 tlic iBCc of ilo<u«>tie pf«>ipvntj, in ki^e 

■II olhvr UKliuii* vr'tKiV hr'iiiiid her. 

Uuung the laal twenty jear« of Ibiisra, ibc vort atisivgoui of 
Uie h'niicb EtcioluUua «tif>rj-Trnal, aiid uliird — to the Bbupdunl^ 
8uppl> of prcektui lartab, Xt> the eitrniion ol cndii, to Ihe in- 

DUinm of Urn Century. 


m«till fuitbrr hm of pvic<t« 

' ToIHtRhtr In iHtim, 

' Iti 1^10, ihr rooVutiofiory ttoabtc» in Spaniih j^niciica broii: 
OQt; llicv fagrcl with the ^r«il£it fiirv in most of llin piincipal 
mining duairivU, aii<] tlit- ncbfat AlBcncui liutM:& yi^Tt nbniidoncd 
ftwl pa/tlj imimtAtrH. Ttir (li:viKin>iit rnrtvqoriicr w^h kq iinmc- 
dutc dccrcDK ol thtr produce to onc'lkrd o\ its lutnicr ftntomit. 

Wr ire iiii1<-bt«-4 tri tin: iiiiKiHlii aiKl iii(i<1it^*i.i»i't* uilji ufiidi 
Ulr. ^^'>ril h:i4 M> nuntcinotiily availed binurll of hi^ (^piXHtuui' 
Gn M Im Maj«l\'i rJitrEr d'alTsirrt in Mciico^ from 1^2^ U» 
l^7r for nici^ coiicluuvi^ lUlii on ili« pr<KjiKC of ih« McMcao 
MicaiiDcc t81D» ttwai w posfc«» on tbot of in/ p«ri of South 
Anicridi : \ d^f^ct, hi>vir«ver. whi^ tli« recoil motion* of the 
M*iqub of LsQ^dovtiic nitd Sir Jk&i<4 (jfulium ld pttiljamcui lead 
V tolM>|M^ will nhorttj br remcdTcd. AccorJiiu; to Mr. U'nrd,* 
tbc coinage in ^k miUopdiUn ondai^ proviiiciiM auatu of McKm 
twountcx), dutiiig tli«- uuecQ ytttx, 1811 to 1t4^, to an aigr^ 

KIroj . , , , . 14Mifr.Waittm. 

I fvioflca in tb« Vftanolit io \^7 ud ISai U* bow 


i%«ib>iM>*iv>ii;i 1937 Md ins . . %fia\^A3 . 

r, «Qafiav«>ag6T M>,onO^O(N) dolUra Mrarally. 
\i, OB one baiad, l,0(X)/X)0 • T«ar more oufbt to be added to 

amount for umt-^bi^rf^d ntelvl, i>it ihe oth«-r, all ih^ iiwul 
aintd ui9 not, bv anv nvanir ^^^ immediate pfoiJucc of liic 
line* t Gold and Mlvt-r plati? iif rbuii:b» and pnvsM- indifidnmla 

from Ikfl 1 to 1813 went to tbciiiuild (v tbu «iiMHi»tof at Uaat 
I^JOO,iXX) aiiniHUy; itiv r«iiiilUnc«a of ap«ci« ffooi l^ngtaiii on 

ri>kk. LmWn 19J8. 

itw |»iikmI mijrtfftmi lit I bv IMG la ^*««|i] Iti. 

^tW do- 

Mr. Vr»fi] »*l(| iwt, in ful, nill*rt llm Iht utHl ■«*— of tba na^ wsi 
|*iI0^a4 ti7nlilgWOan4,rfl^U(Mi)i4Wi>iim4Xt. tlnj>ib*IAi uji *iliv vodag 
rftaKicU uf OiMMiMao. CttMQ, T ■!>■>«—> |GmI ^(1 Mutfft. ui(1 •^ »f* Bt iri^ii 

■aAHTpaAd iVtOnufntr VtU»Bi4UTr ltni*h«4,frMn t^M l^. ].>^ t. ,,,_., ,vVt4V 

ftoHtDlRIU.unlrAllOLOlQMlMlfcftVHUTfnM IdU Wlt.:^,a*> BitfrniiHt^Swl 

teiM»^|f<«U|«Ml«tll HiAafc«4-f< of ZaflriMi^ ««d> n> ifei* 

<,IWMM«< 4di» a»->^ 

t» I9I»,MU« «#t* oav^Mirtfftl* 

i» MWfeUr, |*<m*w i» I9IV, tiMiUH crt* < 


Di^rm ^Vu CotmUy. 

of ih* fini Mexican lo»n ni«rf in ikis ronninr. Mid hy 

r'BDKl'tli iiLiiuii^ uvjcijlluiJSt flkjiilj M^iA lt> tiwrcll Ino aniottDt 
of lli«coinngc, maj l>v r«lin>at«dii ^,<KMi,iKMJ;— «nH, fiojilh, l^f* 
coin ^ich iQMicd iVom the prafiucid niiub bcInxt^D IBM ochI 
IB^I, Mra» Df «o low « tiandaid, ihM ii h imw onlj ukeo M a 
discount of from Ii to 20 per cent Wc ^iinnol, liictcforc, c»ti- 
mutc ifie taUl pnx^tice of thr Meiusn miiin aiiicv IdlO bif^lMr 
iKati al the uBbount of Uie coiiiaj;*, «ix., IU,UU0/XW of doilir» 

Uf Lhc :ii]nnj! produce of tlift Si>uUi Aiuv^ricau minei lincc 
Idlu. Mr. JftcoK in ■ coinaiuntcatiou inufUil i» ili« M<^Mid 
edition of >lr/rookc*ft Hcrrk on ll>gli sikI X-ow Pncc«, givci di« 
folUiivmif cjitimatc : — 

* Uf I'ctu,' Mr- Jacob rcmirki. * the produco oouUoaIj b« |Evcw«it 
At it^'\x\ kiu>vi'm(^ that »oirt ui \hf nuno hAd atopped •incc IBI I, utd 
that the Paicri muHs' ^vrhich, from i7At to Iko1« hjd vrelfMopmrdt 
erf li*o nuUii>at of dollan mrmtlty.] ' ttill produced rwy littlo.' 
' ijucboi Xjtt^ w lhc «ccnc of nvs^nfc ^kvurn frocn Iftio, mid 
ciirflx in ihc nuiiisf; diurict*, 'NVhcn Puyitdibi] ackcd obIa Fn 
ukd Poton, in tall, nonoof the mintfs wrr««t work,' 

Of 132 iugeniof (KUnnpiiig-niilU) wbidi. in the OMMt pro^ 
p«roiu fwfiod ui milting «ti ih« Cctro ric Potno, htd faU «mh- 
plotmeiil, Cnpuin Andrewa,* m l^^f), fcimd only tntilvc n 
riiiLipnci'r and iW popnUlJon of the touii i^iii^rfd I'rvtii I30,OUO 
to 1K>X}. Mr. 'Icniplc »ayi, thai of forty mg<^iiio4 m ictivt 
\vorL a Il'W )L'jin tHrfoi«r ih« n^iululaun, and |iiu(Inctn|;r Nt > mo<- 
dcTht«^ calculation, K)0O tnorcA of tilvcr vx«klj, (■bout ilif«fl 
niillicrni and a l»lf \A ttoJlan ARiiualljr,) ilicrr ^urr. m \9^, onljr 
^ii'L'd itoiiuig on a iiery moderate «cake, producinj;, mi au a«e* 
rag^p 1^00 ndr<e of viUc^r wctkK, (abuul ti(J3,U00 ilolUfa in* 
iiaally). In Gci^vnl Midler'* Mtmoirt it in tinted, ihftU ft^^n 
JBtO to 1825, llio mint of Pu40« coined at the ivcrafc nto o^ 
onl) lialf B nullion of dollan atmuBllT. In I8^itm«t igifD on 
the ii»crca»c ; bnd Mf. Temple infoimx U!i, ihal, in ibbt >nu, Ilia 
Rvamtif Bink of PuLoM had pUTcluttd from tttrniiiKaof P<iian, 
PoriugalHir, and CJia^-anli, l77iT^ lOKrcvof pUta pioi (aboiil 
l,£00,nOfl dDlUri in fa'luc). 

* hy recent M<oa&t* from CbUi,' Mr Jacob proc«<da, 'the |cc^ 
4vcv of thr miaes b vtatec^ to ha redact Bo bav than 900,000 

Mr. CaldcEcMtM >« IBfil, calimalcd the frncral produce al 

I €riii|i^li'*T**'tU. 



DMma c/ Ifte Oofmiry. 


500,000 dtAUn; but Mr. Mwn * himepi thi* roiiuceef ithid], in 
IBt7, iiinniiDtrd (o 1,161,983 iIoIUd, to have fallen otF ilown to 
l&.i,000aolkrv in 1^24. Mr Jacob »;«, 

Bf a rtfori prexitltd to Conffrean fr^m the rvccotivc gorrfntneni 
Ikf New OftiiadA. it Appears thu the woiktni;; uf thv minra huj bfrn 
rnunnl. ami had. which it tx^itd haat^^-a^iv. itt ttir yrar iMtf, pro- 
^r«it i.tfTO.OOO dullarv. . . < , The Xott^ of the itrazi'l jcold WMtuai^ 
ifi trM«(t from ihr <* Correo BraxilicD>«;' '' Bilbi, Bmu SCilbtiqui-»" 
Kwicr, aa<l ulhcr lute ifETcltcn/ 

Acnmling lo Humboldt, liowitver,+ the ptodiurr iif golrf « hif^h 
paid tba i^iiiulo a^crap^d, from )61 1 !u l&1f5, onlv 109> pound* 
(!:=7^^Xin() tloDart) MDiimllv, i.> whicli fottf-Hftbii (=ii(.H,rftn 
4kkllan) ma^' be aiided (or {(old which evaded lli« duty.}: Tbo 
nroduce tiaiJ »iKr fallen off ilill iiiurr» aiitt, at^ixjuJiii-- lt> tlii- 
Bsro«i Ton E^chncgo, did not, in 1^*14, nmmiiit l^ mort^ ilian 
664|>o«iKfa<='^s6/)rK>do1Ur»), mcludiRic unrcEiitcred gM. Mr, 
Wilifa^ tn«nlioJii lliat tli« dutj on gold pnid ai ihe Ciia da fan 
dMjad of Sabcm, for ihc la>t <|uarter of 18^* *» only 0*^ 
oaujcr; and tliul iW iraliw uf nil llu* f^old mwA in the comarra 
of Kio* dv MoTtf I, and i^a^Eied into tlic outa of S. Joadd'd 
l£e^. in ISfiT, did tint rinwd 104,uD(J Hrdlin. Hie prtiilnrR 
•fltered At S. Joad In 19^, hovr^'pr. Mr WaLeh c>^ttin:ii«ii at 
■botit ^^00 iiiaica (E=<idf).^HXu1olUr>),— The sucoeu uhicb h«i 
tliend<fd tkc viorkni|E of tli*; miiwa of th^ Gungo Svco^late by 
tk« Imperial LSrjiiliun Mining Aaaoctalion, ha* added an aggre- 
gate of 7(i(f4 iKiundi *if g^i1d<— l,73l,t^X>dollm)tolWproduee 
of lb< lavt thicir >ear». || If, ni the Mr^ngth of lhu»o data, «« 
adimi« tht annual prvdnc*- i>f HrariU from Ittll trt lA**! at 
IvSMVXH), ftoot lae^ tA IK^J at 4/)0,<JOO^ and foi the last lJire« 
Jtaia al 1,000,000 drdlan, thU WtH gU« an aicra^e oc 
|,M>/X)0 tfollon annually for the lant nineteen ycrart, 

* I am w/Mte6,' Mr. Jarab thai ronf^lndei h;« rvmtr^ ' Ifcat my 
MMtiDcnl of the prndncc from 1B10 to ISfll U loo hiffh. and I ihoald 
notnov ( I ich May. 1 ^f 4). if I were to make th? cMUnaie, ulco tka 
annual avrrafe higher than iirrive millioni of dolim ;' 
1a vhicli li« inchidfls Mtiico vitli eight ntlbovis leading, at iba 

TW >*■>—■ fttrotS* 

rMDl7r4b>i;H av 
— t»aa»i7H4A 

unltM uaullf, 


tt Oml^ MOEUttf . 

K<«NV<f 9V0lial«e»dlSM. 9nU. L«»l«y, 1830 

llw p«4iiM af 11» Oh|P An nnn ■ np«to4 to k»* 


1930, »H« 






iKifrcrf ^ lA* CMnAry. 

aimiinJ fimdur*? nf ihr ^«Mlk Avirnrjn mtnn. ^mt inrlflMU of 

Ui the* imtl) ; biil» tnkiii^ ioui kco«M ibo rtcrni partui inctcate 
of tiktt produce, V'4! ibftll crfiuolc it nl fiv« nullHiotJolUr*, xid 

&vflrag» sntcAnl of Ui« gokl and aiUtr production of AEnenc*, 
nnctt 16 10, tiftccii million dollsni or Icm iboo oii^Uiml o( nh^ 
il vfob preiijii-Jv to I8ir>. 

Thi: N^hirof thi Annuitl pn>Hjiic4-or*old •ttiltiUcf froffl Boropie 
ntid NotilirMi AtJi, ■( ilif* roainwactr^Mit of Uiif pntrnt <Yatlirv, 
AtnuuiiU-'l to 4 ,(AX\OK:i (joltarii^ I'pMiiif; orrr a irilliii]; wcrebat 
of »b»iii'>'KX3 mirci of »iUvr in tlie proditcp €ti x\w Siion iniiKi, 
wc cuDiiot lipcv l^uit ll^cfc bu bccA aBf iiia«tt»i? ot litd product 
■kK^ ]SI(^ cioepi lu liic ItuHiiaji nupire. t'lMil lbl7 il» p'^ 
ducfi oT ^td in Uw Unl waft only ^ pood* asiiuallj ; Iran 1916 
to If>i3 Jt n^vftttttd about X> po9il« ; «nd Cnjm.1824 lo Itl^it 
b» anioiint^ rn ratli«<r mofe ihtn ^O pood* aiMioalU.* — IW 
toUl pttxiucc <>l all ibc Kumno mnca, Uvm LT<H to 1610, IimI 
been i?*^ poo<U of f;oM, 9ad 1 ,8A0 i»oo<1i of idltn.f In il« 
}^ar ldA4 it nniounlcd lo :^Lti poodvoT IpaUJt snd tO90 poodt of 
iilver. T1l>* ralur uf llin adcljiion in tibc priHlurr of tha bit lit 
ytmt inaij bo U&led at ^,aex>,<JOU dollin 8iiauall> \ and lli^ an- 
nual iiiiioLiht tit the mpiflj oT goKI and w\%vr from the mmes of 
£urofM and Notlhorti Ania, doca lAlO, itkav ibvnc* be cttittMlied 
at 5,000,000 tlulUni, 

Tba animal proditco of p>ld tii Borneo, Suoialrar ind tbt 
rwioTlbi^ lodiau Aichipcbpo, Mt. Cmwford].«tMe9ilil,dHO,OaO 
dallan. Iliai of ScMgaiabia. Gtjini-a, «nd Uie Coati of Africa 
Cen«TallT,lwabMn«i«l€d^ Inicn il 1,000,000 
dolUu, No data t%ut lut lo ihe pfodnnr ol llir iiilrrior of Afiintp 
Central Aua, Tonkin, Cbina, vid Japan. 

• vii.»— 





IS : 

UI .t 
I4J « 

An, •1iMiibl«.4|-ntur«itf nUi^l^Utal- 
\ y^ Prmmi'. W W bl%bi J.> B^(Uu« taa JUMka^ iMft 




Tie «ccounlf <b<-Q, of the 

toul ■aiuuJ supply of foU «»4 

>,O0ti.t^00 dolUn. 
IVUOU.fflH) ^ 

tWr^aftr i>flW annual lupfilv tiii(« 1810, Si/NXJ,OOOdollJ 
ftnwupbH^p durinijE tbc \a*\ niiick^Ji >Can> 10 aD ■|;grc|;oic of 
5fi9,<XK>,ODQ JolJar-i, 

Etm if ihfT dcJiiEiQd haJ remnincd aUtiuDut^, a dcAik^aUoo ia 
^ *^|>pl,^ t(> *<t*^* *» unftiJDg Biktoum lOuM l«ie affected tlic 
ttlntiiu ^uJuo of Uic prirciuus ni«UU to ■ |;rcotcr dcfrev iboB 
ia^ Ci«iit Mttci- die di»coi«rjr of America, wilij nliidi iiHi««(l il 
il m iLitt fi'ipr^t olonc lo bi^ compared, or rallj«« coiitraitcd. But 
the lapid ipoi^iii, dunn( tbia period, vf tbc capacity vi the l»o 
grrai bti^i>rbrik[:« o( (he prr'ci'^o^ nirinh, ctmni'^icc and Itiiurv, i« 
«carcrK U»A rcmaikablr llian (he c^lnordiEtnn dccr<4»c<tf tbc iUp- 
pl V. A gliLKY at liM* tinpurl iiiH rxpurl luts uf iIk* ilitrvreni iialmiu 
HDicti compiMC the civjli£cd iiturld, nl ihc couiLiieoccfDCiU and at 
Jibe cUur CM llic bhl iwi-ni)- vcars niiticita Ui toiivittcit ua q( ihc 
rnnjitkablo Kicftate wkicfti bja taken pUoe in liiv amouot and 
actititt ol* uitMualionai commficTt aiid tiic more ailcitt giaulh of 
blunial mdtf, ibou^h 1«» pulpitbl^'. u ii^t iht; \vu cvn^ln. Con- 
iBdciiagt iJmtu, (Ik iticrraac ui ilic u)jLf> of conjiutxlilicB iu circa- 
bi)04i noil', riMnpnfv<l niih what u»t ibr ca*- tweni) jrani ago ; 
tbe aiCiCGkr:itid im Acinic nt vkUh ubicb tbt: gn^vrtbof tbc p«>piiUtigdi 
bai pmi:>*'4'd Niirt* tbi* mtonttion of pt-ace; arid ibf 'itijrkeiMi 
pd<x wnb labicb commetcc and cmluation, band irt hand, arc 
MndiQjf onwards eiu-nd ins iIk muikt^in uf (be workt, v^i- a)iall 
hardlj be d«tfl»rd i£u\\\y of exagg^tatioHi it ue aaKuote that, 
tUtiurtiM ttfthmidUt ail iacm«r nf tlw nbtoliile ijuaiitJlj of tJie 
Circulating tnvdium, to tko auiount of at Icaai lo per ceiu.i isubl 
kavc laLru |»Jsce dmin)! tlie lut Iun4y i»cai«- Stofch,* cofractiuf 
ih« ealicikair of Humboldf, rorapuiod th^ meiallic eirculation t^ 
tvmpc a1u«ic ill L^IJ at l^l3U^<AOar]of dollar*; at pfcacut it 
M^ bv ■IM'n:! at l/kv>,i>l>,(.Nii>, 'llh' [Hip(i]alii>]i uf Kiivn|ir ol 
tbc lofiBcr upiiod wu igLi,or»,ooa, it Uiw>w«IO,OUU,WU. 

Tint i», boure^LT, oiilj tbr irrJintiry incirvt nlikh baa laLcD 
pUec tn th'<- dramnd for coir during U^i« prnfxf : but vc haT« 
sow niio Lu laLr iniii rukiuUlion ■ Mitldru ntmurtliHorw ui- 
cr«i40 liiKe It^l^p b^ 6Jt up Ibe dsaam ia tlic cvculalian aio- 

• C*Mi4'Bna.lNi&.Lii. ti^oL 



DatrfM of the Caaittjf. 

ilium citittil try tiir wiilidiawHl of paper mopftj.* 1b Eng 
land, iJi Auntria, in KiHua, in Norway, Sw«defi, »nti Den* 
niiiik, in ihx' Vnnvd Statc», tliis traiiMibaUiiiliation of tkc circti- 
TaTing iTii^ditini hui timuliAiicooiilv ]jfoc«^oii, hiiicc 1815, lo thv 
amoiihl of, pioUiblr, ^UOfiOLKOOO ittdlan; in 4umi; of ihovc 
co(kitirie« tliis opentiioii i> Mill hi acUv« pcogfets ; and lb* «fra- 
ordtniirjr dvitiand for ^gld aqd vili^rr, 10 rcplico p«pvT, tibup coQ- 
iJbii(!i. Tlmi it ulimilii Imvc bn^o lliouglil iicirtwMrjr lu ftJopt ■ 
cn^vur^aoccTfiuiuut »s;^vating themlof dicauddcti dcfalcvlion 
ill ttif Mtppiv cf priccioiu mrlalH, »i a timr wlini, to meet ihc pi*- 
tj;«iiir>c( oi' tbc fiiomenl, if M'> natioDMl currciicit^i liad alretd/ 
noMerit Ui«f oui^lil lo Iiuvl' tH.-1.11 irL-iitcd* RiflM cx'ilainl^ Lc cui^* 
•idorvd Bi mncit peciiharly LmfortLiiiaij; ; and Jl cattuot b« Jmieilf 
thnl the A<i^ocatc» atid the atUcnancA of pap«r moiicy «re e^iuU^ 
oji*n to ili« rcproacU of liavlng iu!^1i>ct<^d 10 coiwider ib« matur 
duly m lhi> »er_f impor1ai)t poi»l oM«w, 

Tliv iiii-ri.'!ni< in Iih; cuniunipliuiL of gold n\n\ ^iUvr in tlir ma- 
duIeu^uto of Acrvim of pbu, walch^4, IrmUl^, pbtm^ t^d 
nldiiigr Hin-. be-, ftr., Su'., hu itlui invu %rtT (TEHiiiJmEilp, In 
rmtr, Cliap(al {de t'lndutlne Frangcuc, Partt, l^VJ) com- 
putet] it at ^^400,OO:> frann Biintiall} ; and lluubo4dl citiniai«» 
II al four titnn Ibut amount iu nil Europe, or at about if<j,OU0,0UO 
dol!uj!> uniiualU, Count Clkabrul {KKhrrcJia ShtUtitfum nr 
ta yutt* Hp P*irU. 13^3) give* tbt fliaiiial a^renge \aAat of ib« 
p>)il anti uhc« maiuifactuicd in Pofii, at 14*6^.000 ftmu. if 

* Jd niflni4,Uit taoiJM of IMg«liMid 4l««*«0ia, tn mnafniivhM 

td ik ^[bdnmd of puv maaer. amcraaia to l\«M,OU«i. 

U AtMib, fiUiul SOlkWIMfOll fdlilcn i 

U&MiwLlhcpafRcinDlatH, l£lO'iait, w&» Ch tUlad V i^*"*!^) 
hJJjIMtfiiHi 'mbW 4n4 il don uA fcp]-*«r t« lut« d«mw4 «« 
uoDiiiri tibf*, Biit i)v r<iiikkf« hv inrmwmL in «rd«f 14 pivrid* 4 
■hUIHc mulutu nBdiuiB, ud rnlil u jnff ■ of '^ T*pv <tfr 
ciiilhM. 'n*n£ttMir».lMlannn4tbnita,i^lMLuil 

la DfpnvkH ib« tuIv* vT Hit Iwik of C4f««ha0M In rintibiM* 

ailVl1l3.WSm-dnlbn. ta Rlavkiwiil HdbAan. ■n4«npliaBi# 
inyvr lp««im4der»lhuHinilWiakv«iH Ukni|ikHi niajfiAfl 

aasltoilwl , . , 

l> rinoiUaj ■ duTiUMi iTlhr iilfl tirnAilini iiilrpjif ■■»! la kiir* 

hoff w«M, kxidrt bufctrstodhidniM ■uA^UfhvrvaiWdav 

lb «4bllk IfWMBV I^MOiKn rii'danin vinr* tHIZ Inrlikiliiijt 
IfarvMj, vtant 1h» hbiv aptmtiiA hu Wa K«taif 1^ we nu^ 

miUmtn Hm iJiil Ihii^ ■! ■Iiiii 

W» li«« tt* Arttilvd >c«uil of «M Iw Um Aw 'm lU Unitvd 

iWi> ifca — Iriw. JImMUormitalnwIltliuvfhadikt 

ia Hi* «>w vW*. ■*!««• i4iiii mWmI j9<mb4o 

Mifa if allannM be iBtd« tor Ite mUbUui afatv iw 




flUtb ud 


for «■ 

te ilHtet 

iKrfratt ^U« CoitnOy. 


Add l^'D-ft^K for thr dcpurtmcrU», aii:d onc'lliird of the wbob 
^r j^jjtv uiiidi rvadr^H llir :i>^:iv *^^lyt t^*? n'Milt mould iiidicfitQ 
ft decrtMO to Ibo vnouiit ol l,^(K^OUU fnncs. Thb dccrcitnc, 
boweirer, (iftlecrcue Uirrc Lie,*) »ceiiis la ham: lA^eii [Akt m ibe 
fliuiuractULro for f ktiorfaktion, »nd dt9U)>p«ara Jii ttie )-n.'iit ci)titcnft- 

Cry increase of uiJi niaoi^-kirtupc lliiun^liout iJir vc^L uf Emufw, 
t(>ver may ha^v bt«Li fhi? cuse id Ffnuci?, uo tiiuf it ill ac- 
nintCi) s^tiit 1>]C piiii^ipnl <ttjc9 of bufvpr. can citlrjUib any 
bt (if tlie gcncrai inirrtMc of lb* ni«iu6icmtr of pbtr-, &tf., 
and ill Eiif;la(id it Lu», in focft, bMQ »o ffwMl u oUiiMt to stann-r 
belief. Act^Jtiiiiig lo Chalmm (Compariiivo EMiaair) llx-n- 
vrrre mnnufiK-iuitil mto pUlc in Givot Untaia ia the icm lean 
froiik J78^tu ^7fJ7, lii.171 Iba, of gold, QJ9.ieA3 lb«. of nlicr; 
«iid ill ihc ten yian from IHCO to l^Utj^ \t>^*jW ItML of gokl, 
1»):X»,4SI IImh of Mftcr, Tbc »9flu; dutr on plate diirin]£ ihr 
UlUr icEiytam ( 1»In\-1m)<J) uci calctilarr ti> hnvo atei'a^i^l 84?0f. 
■llBiully. Now, in IS28, (accoriiing lo a Malcmmt rnjidc by Mf« 
Ru«ki«4un,'|-iiit)ieHi>ii^f*i>fCi>niinona,)iian»i>iir>ced lo IGJ^OOO/., 
bci»K equal to SS,fiOOi. ot the former nXc of dutv, or lo I? J90 
lb«- lit guU, And 1,186,97'^ )b«, cif «iKrr nunufai'mrvfl ititn pUiii 
in <in>at lUHiin in oo« y«ftr. Thi« U four lim^t the amount ut 
llut manuriur turcd m Vt^nce, and cicccdi ci^ii tlic iiiin at wbidi 
Huinboldt ha« l:bllInAll^J tliat of «U Kiiropo- If lix-se data will 
juttfy ii# in OBtaoiing the Annual value of itic i^old and silver 
QMnuloctureJ ill ^igbiui Ht ^£3/)in>,(TfO d^lUts, and an rmnoe 
at 5,300,000 doltarv ; snd if we luny ba^nrd «ii c«tima1c of ib 
dii^ in Oi'turvu, Vientu, Auip^biu^r l^rlJii. Letpoiicr Vit^rua, 
idua, 4i>l lUtf ml of Europe, at I I^W,UOt> dollars ; the asA^c- 
itc fur Kitnipr aloiif would t>c 40,000,000 dolUn nniindly. 
vpito of all our deference lo ibe great autlioriEy of Humboldt, 
niuil, tlucifrfoie* tiiffti froia liim in Ua opiLMOJtf nupcctiog 
It. 1»m!'ii eaicubtioD of the annual consumption of gold Mild 
j^Kvr for pfatCa ornanacDtal manufairtare, and riuiiitufc* in En- 
aitd th« V'nitist SlatM of Amenca, nnil roniiidrr that e^- 

* IW Bvnb« vi Bvld ud hlw nUbv* tuAuuCiHuEcd m Ffvice mt*t ■>■ ITAV, 
SMjIODi lui, in im, iiMwl t4 JWV^OOt uJ >- v t*.Aiil tUlol *l 400^000. 

t *IbEDBafdii^«faaiflnrvnu£ht|jldU b 1E04 lu lj.3tf..upH ^piU ]if^ 
mM* J U«i»Bmntiu^ ru»d 1m li^ iW- uft« ■■!*«(, ciid lu !'■. u;v* tvU, 
trtui bM b«n lie Kt pi^ttn 4f At iuij ? ]l bju rim ffom ki* fliu 5lilMl/. 

' kMMNmdok. II n^j €■ fIgtTu iiiartid, thai th* ■npMiifl«imMi|iiai 
> wv kmr* ■ portfoo of (vU and «flnr !■ tnnmlly dl n c h ii flmaAvtvnw* 
«r ««■ lo du» af fvuiwa^t laJ boiirr.'— Ssd Ibi fioriclod adilM tf llf, Uh* 
M^ «h vf Ite IMh Iftfcb, ia3i>. 

VOUXUn. HO.LXXXV, v tioHrtc 

tiimtd.' of U ai 30,00(),t)00 dollm tomjiUy •» a Vfry modeiMe 
one. C<.Tt4Jiil>, VIC ncr<l not ftwli^nif cJi*r|;«d ttkh cxftngerftting 
the firt, if we conicnt qumcKi's In cslicwtc at Utat flnwuDt lL» 
KDccie* of coii«uitmiJ4>rk of the firccHMiH ni«ul« in tin; uluiia ci- 
niued or CO in Di« retail}^ uinncctcii noHd. 

Let ui m>^, witkiout vkblvnp to l*;^ axij unAm MfW iipoQ dtt 
cxpcriittcol, bulm<rc1;pobr£Aainr»if^<^ fti^t h*uAlka attempt 
II giving n riinirncal lUtomont of tli« xctuxl lupfily aiui detiivid 
of precious mciab for ibc laM lliiNtMa iKDrs- 1 lio i>Jpph '*" 
tlie*e ntiurteen ji^atv has awra^ed ^,980^000 <ta1lan aamai^t 
making mn afgref^to of 4i3,li^,U0O «totlu«. 'Hm 'iMUod Bugr, 
p*riin|Mi, Imf HLitrd a^ fiJUii^m-^ 


of ii^ftH, And ■Oimaliiiii Uic mto by w«u unl Mv. 

nvhag ahiI rwcninng* ^ad Iht !<>■• hy >hi|;iwf»<|A am 

Id otfKf ««n M J tw nuUh aaaultt, it vnU, m nlMtofO 
jwtUMwMta .... 1t4,€O0.M«] 

Cf) TW in Lf i — jf ihfhaoJiito tMalky *> ctftBlatiot mri i w n 

vfaiiik ho* bteonw fHWBto nAO lelO, h viU artaaiat* al 

nm-VMW iIm* i5J% iaA fifM w W Mid nd aim 

Ami Jiiialt^^ 

(W) Tt« canvin^AicB of aw ri w a nt4»]f bf tht vumuAkdanM 
«nd ■ rtifle w it 3O/WO,0DO inuUj, uBoanQnt m alat- 
b<ajnir«lD .... ^''^^^^^jfj 

VrUdipt««Aiffllv(kii»itJ, ilii»1fllO,BtDl«l«t . IjMJtUM 

Ai4lbadcfic»cF^n«ffMftol.inWea . fflM^IMW Mki% 

to which ttiDount there inutt have b«cn a flnifi ofi \ht uulrnf 


* U mar pMvUr ^ ibvafht \tj mmt. tlM ut khvI m oni •< 1^ OowaA 
4nri\* fiM^ prn<» IM muet^ lad llul u aUCnc^b dl Mdi* mv 9Km ik« 
-n-liag kt<cttniUK>t faxvlMa itfMtd wllioul Urmii^ nof* dMJr^MtfW* 
U nwy itftnmlm ItHm Im lawh tVv fw^. Ri^ 1H« fciUnvm^ Atx 1«k«Ma mi Mk 

pq win > mwt nich ^wibli. ftfvtoiy Xln[ Miniinn iH- iilHk of eild Baivhi^ 

•*•'•» (f •• icpmdt upfli tttwh It KH fcrmd, n murt, bmrttt, M ii rf lw tW» 
MltB«l* » wToialy k« Wb. UctWn C^ «• iy^tM^ mtmMiin} eMB** Ha 
MUilbnmiUiHfi nf Kurvpo^ ■! IhM tm< tt «iir I If OOOMIO Aribvi, WvWU Mkt 
^■W*>«nkorihevurQ«fBttldjiftdd)n«,m]4»%ti . ^^MMMMMliK 
Of ^ (.aaiiiuBi Oitlbntubca 1«d mditoiliiv CMkno 

1' Fn«i»<fa*AMd(iAaiLM>&MtU9l' Fmi )40f 
*t iMCt, ucwdlu lA Bu^akM (bd^n tf 

pa iWJaci— oil IW ^Udi lliMfc&ti ifwliii dmrf 
b* c i» M a JMg*io.ihp<tfmfBfg<MfamlWOigirtf. 


If, on die cotitrar^, dicra hod b^cn uo lalling od? id Ui« prodocD 
of t^ .AiDciicia uunov, 1I30 Hipplj duriik^ iltCM aiurtrcu jran 
woiiW lijiit nDkouiiie<l to >.OiJ,CiaOjUUO doUsr*, or v*jt ncaily 
<ovcre(l U^c nhule(lc>iuiaMi|»ul«vuk)iaudia^llicr^ff^itri/tiiary 
Lie i» ii, tiutcd bj ibc wJtbdnmL of pB[wr>inono;> 
Wg rr|ic:al, Uti^Ttivf, ihivt ^te d^ not ^uh to allocli any undw; 
iipUTlinccioncjIculaiiori. roi;i)iJet:ti>naHLiii>pitoufiiAliictimu} Im, 
Doi rtfutcd, lit Icuvt diipiLtGd> M c take our lUnd on the plain 
mad iinikninbk' futu, llui iltcrr hmi aiiic« )BI0 bc«u ailefalraiiciii 
iM Uw WBdl »i»p|>lr of prccioui nictuli— u i^cnan «mcut* iv Ibo 
^■momil uf /rSct.OK^rXM'liloJIsn; lliai ur in^ii u1v\ lij the <W* 
truciioii o^ papcr^moBcy nncc l^l^. vullctcd > ffumiuMi 
•nnycwof JtiO,OCKKOOO JijllarH; oiitl liuiilv. Llittt tliu oftliAijjF 
demiiid ina, at tht mmn iimQ, greatly and iiatoriviitly iucrvatcd, 
No ODe vriU deu> liial llwsc forni ndHcieiil gtotuidi for Lbc pre* 
inmption — that ih^y auiMiiit tn fnci, 4 priori, td tJiu iiroogM pot- 
' 'b pfoof — llmt II cociaulcmblc rix- in the rtlatifo mX*m of t1i« pro* 
It metilt must, »i pn tiLvvitublc cx>m«^ui:iLO-% bute iaki;n pUxr. 
tli«t tuch itsc luu, iu p<jjtit ^r fuct, rcJ]> oc^urii^. «c *ball 
pmtra<l to prove, i poiimari, by fl|^pljruig lo tlic |ircM;iK 


to l«f«lva InrMviL Fran Uu*c4»jriy44 dAlltn w^ 
W fMitfVt IliB toivEibl cf Dm miBUi* of tU ««ki Inm 
inXtb lin,*kKbftMimaf4to 10,n4^QdiiUB.J 

IJUlvtniHthHJkddtoaunbaldl'B^toiMnl . 
PrcntVOlL t»l[i,««««nn«nt«l (r.noOjMliMlM 
I. IV>diKV i;f lliv mimarSurvr««cd >'«flb«* Ana* fhm 
I49j It t&% Hxndutf to U«kku* r«M^A HDd 

rns U^ to l»i]^ dw j«m^ at r^a>eO» doAm 
flbmbiiMl, inridtnltlEi --*-"*-'— — *-*- j »■■* *f*iB'^ 
MMOMH h tf ft.OOUXiOO ^k*a U3u>dh\ vbldi wcU fftra 
'4dr>Ual WOjDOa.010 daHw^ HOt.) 
4l n* iiVfi^ ftwa Urt <wato i4 Attc*, M<« I4H* v« att 

t» iHin dlH|Twii4 br TOM 

^vTwj flprdM oftmmtm^fi»ta 

tb««lito1»iiAJftlllrtnrH!i»frf*l<f mbiA nf ««tfrtl Afit, iWtjullu AtcWp 
tanlhBk^€liu,MlJ<[iii^itn4lhiiM*fidfcrAtrl(iiuirv H*i, oTihkli *9 

>f^ flftw to b« iM flM 1 f |«r «bM, I 


U^MltolbMfai )Ptt«dton&kMto«*ct^AgBml 
itwaiW wl*iiiirahwtJihtpieqw>»fi«aiwbdiy»b«rt < il u wiiJ. 

ttaemalCT itrr^wi ci^toMJr, ih*n lar U<>^ t i x i m ^^ wiwdhr »r«w< 
IW «« ^riM W b«A itwn«t iifu iW itopkif Anvia. uA, l««bi Mil 

3^ DuitM o/Ot r<niA/ry, 

case llie aiOtt ticcrfHJit«) l^M ^nhkh y^e ixwrsi, to uccrfaia Hhc 
trulh i[) lliiii Riaiu-f, — we mean, tbo avenge pri<:^t of com m 

Mr. Jncob'i report to die Hoose ot Ijordi o«i the wm 
trade {d^ltd l-'cbruart. 18<t^), and the rcUinu of bis >Uj«4tj'i 
ronaiili »ii liir prim of rotn^ hjtw rmlJcil tw tii 4xxii|nk a 
tabular atat^mont ol liio i-uniittona iii l1i« drcnmi&l u«cf«^ price* 
»f uhrai fli rlvvf I) iLilTi-fi-nE |ioinc» of Kiiro|ir, for m>ii» of wliirli 
tile litU i^tiiTiirncc Uam tbc 3var 1701). The price of ihc lint 
ten yttan, al each uf the so^ti plucvs for uliicli vitr jiccouhta b^in 
witli lh» jvar I70t), Wflhaie »utrd, :^Ii*»j llir l^ni pr'icv at cacb 
of the rcnioiuing foar plo«9, for«tiich tlic accomit* «lo not be^n 
BO ttuiy^ we have ttaied uc the arersgi.' o( rlir line ii« nhkh that 
£r>t price ha» been ifi»rrtcd< 'llic )iiibtcqu<^nt tigurm ihow tbo 
relftUoii of iIh- tEibvfjunil piirr« to lfi« Ttrti. In rliF tliirtmtUi 
COloino of our InbEc w^ Imvc ^iv-cTj the total uv^fA;;^, aiid m ibc 
fourtirrntli wt bai/o, in the i^nn^i' nianiir^r, fL<ldi^ii, ffocn Mr. 
Rooko'tf 'Iii<|uit7 iuto llic Principles of Nulionil Wealili/ tb« 
prices of ugricuhufil lubour in Cunibriliituj tiiiot 1730, conv* 
aponding, w^ believe, proiiy nc^ark, \rith liicwc in oUwr partf of 
togUiiJ. 'Vhf hsi coltinitis toui^iin ilic aiinu:J average aino«iriC 
of the- coinngp in M«xico anci Pcttofi — a Eolrral>l;r corrrct index of 
tiie varialiom m the general aupply from the nuiic«. 

The pitLCH of vihvm in Kii);hni^ :iiid of agriridiaral labour in 
CLuiibcvland have been ivdiiced to tlic bullion- price- Our ina- 
bility to ru!u<:e to aiinjlur uiiifofiiiilj 1^ iinL-cs uf vlieiit in Uour^ 
dentix, ccmnicDciog in the nar 17^", and thoft« of r^e and boirlej 
mixed (u^cd for brt^) in Sweden, ubidi reach ^lill fortber back, 
hai reltitianily c:oinp«1l«d us to tvjeet lbo«c inEi^mtnig |>vlicn- 
laT^r which, howoci, appear to ac<.onl with ibc rrsulta zifeii m 
ihe ihtrli'ctnh r^jlmnn^ anti v^tild Uu\c u-rved io eiiend tlie bu« 
on which it rc»t»- Altboiigh a fuller account of tlic priccaof corn 
m Europr, tlun this tuhli- ccmiaini, unntd liavr bt^u \ctj di^ 
«itllblc, w hiVCf oil confide rat ion, prei'crred to Ica^'c it tbe fraj- 
munl it midt be cxnifrAied |[j k-» ralber th^u to impair iu autiivnlic 
charncUr, bv lUpplyinK ili d<ficicnc»ef from oUier leia occrvdiivd 
aourvi3' It reuclu:^ onlj^ down to IM^fi. 'Ilic acantjr aj»d,in pAitft 
ubtifiliiiHy drfirj^iu harvetU of tho bitt luo or iJirt« yeun h>«« 
au^taiiitd the price* of coni »iucc, while tlioK of all oibci ewn- 
Dodiiin ba«p coniinned to ^1 ; jiH eim M^atcity hat nnc brrn 
abteto raifc ihc money price of com to what it vra« dimag th« 
ten jeara iinmednitelj' prrcediag thr \tM ^vn^,* 

ntfd ba«< ta b fipiiBMal ^ 1^1 ia thi UltU ■« fin, iMoK U« W^ m«n:* 





u| IS 

















AHH^ itf Ob b^ ei^ b 




















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1* 141 







Ift UI 







Ortlw dTcct of loc^ cauAu on ihe prices there are vererat iq* 
dictflow ill l)]i« tabl^, fliid ikfv dilTrTrnrr* uhirh lltr price* at 
Anuttrdaria aiml i>orlrccftt rxhihit arc to frr<]UMit ond contkler- 
aklp ni fi'cn in niic liiiubts o( tlie crirrcclnm of at lea»i ufie oP 
tlic rcCunis irofli iiic9C pUtos. In ihc MaX avera^ of Uw dc^ca 
rrtum^ these diKrc|Miidc», hovvcm, may be considered ns vrij* 
ttcarty oIj tile ra led. 

Tlic ptnv i-rful lutlueiicca of |>n<:L* and waf ■ aiid of l}je dilTefCDco 
ofMMonf, b«<ag nwre eiEdiHvn and imifoTia, Iutc lci> ilioaigcr 
traces on the genera) price. Wiib ihf i\ccp1Ji>ii, hoitrcvcri of 
iht* qttaiier of a century of feaeni mnqnlUily aOct iIk* ptTaci- of 
Utndit<I7i:3>» and of the las l icn jcan, no one of llic periods 
vnaiDeraled in ntir ubli* wm wbolly eitemjited fiotn wat.* Hiu 
Iha depfeaaiou of the tvera^o fran 1 II in l?^ lo 90 m 17||i 

• I7e^ — irij 

17M — XTU 

]7» « iraj 

1793 * UU 


«f QAf* « !•« W it wi -w wlkn) IB Eorof^ m 

<rt put « QAf* « H« 


S94 INtfKti 0/ Ao Cowilfy. 

msy $§klf be tiken m a dear ioilaiice or thr ndmilled cfft<i 
produced en prices by a ^feivral prtce, — ai llmt from 1TL3 lu 
J79!)»^ j»ru j»r<ff, win — oiitrU by a ncnrtv u urn term pled »uc- 
CCSiion of yciimllj pltoliftil h;iiM-it», *tn:li an tii* ctirumclrn 
Tt«>fd frcm 17:K) tci IT^ti. li amoiintcd to I^J per cent* Vc i 
peacr* iinnitmdisl b;* plcntf, uxmlU mrtti, ia lli« itutmor of iW 
Iittt Bvcrmff« in our 1aljle> U> Iutc prccipilftiftl tlic pricra froMi one 
deceAniuiii lo anodiri full Sft per cent. I Thiii, nlno^ itir ui»ui«ft] 
proportion of y7<TntIy delicKiiI trt>p« tiet«yvti 17G4 und J77^ v«1y 
rnnril ibr nirra^c of ]?{$ tu Uie rxleot of 7 |.ier t^ciil. i» )T^< 
}W\ nWiimviiW ccair toapprar itnomslouttfnt^aiirnd loih^ i»- 
ci4fa<c in iW luppl.v orprccjoun mctnl* froia 17ff I** l*lfj wIimJi 
Jivpl p*ce wiUi iht' incr«vc in iht tkvnitd, — lo ili« dtfCT«*H iii 
lliat *upplj ill ITJS, vrliicb louk it» cffrcl ml pnca JD tlic follow- 
ing dccrmkiiim — and to ibi' luddrn dL-f:tlcifion in tiic prodnr* 
of Uiu nuiici miicli wc \itk\-v proT<d lo have occ^irrrd aiiicr 1810, 
Tlir irtflucnrtf of l)ic f««5oitt, Mid of peace Bud viw , on prion 
U undijipuieit, Knd no one caq esrt^em more biffhJy lluB v« 
do the atijIiLy, ihf cij<:UTiLr|><^:liiJii« antl lliv ^enetal suuccauilk 
vhich it hftft been d«monK:r9if<l by Mr. Tooke," and bv iVlr» 
XfOirr^i' At the ttiDe timfi it imirt be admitted, vrc ihinn, Uiat 
tliet« mpeetable writon kivo uDac^ouniably oiiulltd lo all^nd 
iudieieiktlT to ttic iqwI obiriouf and ^cnctaL cnOK of tlic Ructua- 
litwi* in tnr monpy-pric« at cnmrnftdWii's^ — llir vnrralJoiK tn ibe 
vupply of picciotif n;fltiU, CerlniuTy ihcir vhUuNc iovc^tisalioiia 
nonM b^M* bmi prruily brriffitrd, nvd nfiuld liinr Ird^ wr ron* 
CiHtc, to DLuch nioit- cc»irLprcbi-]U[Tv ;vid pmcthcatly iin^iovlAul 
rraiiltA, if iJirj liad bc^loncd il:« aunt: degfee of mttciHiofli and 
m*4Td; ou tiui aj on oiticr pnrti of tSdr 8ubj<«t 

'I'lic insatiable patalleUiui tetwreu Om tiic and faD of tkc 
noDty price of commodiiio* on one ba»d, and ilie jitcratu aiid 
lacrtfaK in Uic produce of ibc miuc* on the ol)jci, ibc ttAUivi'mg 
eoAoeiUntion of the reiulti of our tMc may acn« to ptvieut to 
tho Tiw^ viib iaprovcd effect .— 

Atmc* rf*f ■■ r/ nam 4M«*iwBH«i«fe«iuii 


tTOO— I7flg , . 40 .... 100 0,$3«,0D0 

1740— iTflP - , 50 . , • . 118 U^70.000 

I77l>—17«g . . SO , . . , 187 9K4tA,nno 

1700—1800 , . W . . < . filt M^3,Q00 

ISIO— 18lf . . 10 .... t85 nAH>,Ol!>0 

IhfO— lA^A . . 7 . , . , 141 ..... »,AO0^DDO 

Wbes ficu ipeak ao jiiiinly, eommctlt i* tian<cr«aary. 'Ute 
cvidancv iWry aiord it eqtiaUy atronf and uue()utw>cil, md o»«tlp 


Pitfrm */ iht Comtry, 

rrt th<yd\d Ihinki wiih eveiy uDpffcjii<li<«d jm^tiir^r, il l«fli|^ih m 
Bl rest llie ownfjo Trr^Ai of iht ' cmtiM and iiftluro ' of the pKAont 
gVflipnl f»lf of prirra,* 

Bviorc in Ulic Icftre of lh» pari <>f ific mibjcct wc frbfttl> how- 
pttr, ii«ii oiir<eU'#a of llit opptittunitj wlucb llie ctoublr tmUj' of 
tba BrJiitJi exports of itianufsciiirf^ ■nd producv (at an iiirariabic 
cifTiriil, mill >[ thrir tlnrbivling matkrinble value) irlfn^dn ti4 of 
e^amimnit > >Littu irito Ui« ptoj^reaa and nt«at of t^tc lall in the 
I'Vwnej-pitcc of oiIki cuiumocliLics bciidra cum, 

Ac^ofdinfc to n rcyrcni ralum of eiporu and importa Epad# to 
tbe Hoiue o( Coininou\ on tbe nmciuii of Mr. Alderniian W«ib* 
man^ lh« officuJ lalne of Bhlitti mMiufaclttrca and produce, eoiD* 
p«r«d ifitli ilieir dccUrcd or inroico nine, it» in Idl I and in 

MIt ^U793.%39 ^J},SJO,0l< BlOO: Ml 

If m roddce tho declared val«i«of tbf^ao »{iorttin IBM to th« 
atudatd, die pioporUon to tlic oJlkial will then be s 1 16,-f 


■^ - - ' — _ 

^■HrfiihM of the incloui mr(Ah, bfdJruu? lIiv ur w «f lcni|iDnty luul unKiifinlUM 
b*dtvul^ii:C«bla<^i.r. Jl b * Al u4 lolnMtiBC vd^jMl f<« a ^kkct Invfi^ 
M)m^ hM waiiU oiilir Urv unnijciiiiaihr t u » — li ** w to ib* pnMMl ififh^ 
ut |*TAwt of Ihs tAi.i4B VI iha viuka 4^ mo annn>> wffly. fftflt )a MitivBdHft ndi 
Iht «vnl dnnviA. th* [tnmtf €mum tStnwj pnaiAMtk *Unttkin ut llv fd«fif« 
taka «r te nwliiUB mcuk HmgtidUl tta nwld, ud Ihb mi ih« vljort •llba 
TM*at bNipa&T. Ai v» l«ff*, lM«snr> Iib«i aofiiM ai eoatel m Im vUk a 
arf naMi >■ Buwu—n fricM oaW, f gi t^ *^— 4 — r t* faapat loobMn^ Cb^l 
Iftc ^rm< in tb im^un^ vf tkt Atfirrina niiic* *v, «> Gri< ■■< vvrf awiblf 
Ml la Burm, ia CAntcrpuve 4f Tia4 rvrnvuf Ihv gF**ter fvrt of tlv ga[A and »lv« 
flib Md Miiv«1u«lt ii^bl m Sjnnvh AantM teton Miu, IwilwttMiL laa 
paal Km, dliiff— art ttiMi 'DQ vithka tte lul lis jMn tht rUvgt at Um |n> 
Ifaua iMlah Mil] raaiiiiu«i) m nvdi Inrft in Eutopi ikui in jUu, jv Do nmljci f& 
paite vf ipm IbjB Kuu)* to A»« pvflUblh aod il k aolr ibc« laU llta • dreiM 
VtvKibitt «f IV oirmri tnwi to ban UkH pUo, M b*; U calltdBd frvn 4* 

l«ia ^ l«ig sJ^9fi^ . 

lem <- lut , . . , . 4 ^ . t«i;t4i . 

IBM — laJT islTtt . 

111 - 100, a< hW*i UbU vn Ckcm lairv U W lUvW Urn j 

l«rl =: IW HU 

1112 9T J91T 

I»l> » IMU 


IVbUaoMunt r d< Ul 

in>iJd lUa ^pHT tv teir« bita 

B 86 







Maiail -»f«<ML,BivUdbi^<tf>rt«f llM 

im * It 

1JII7 »* 

l»» 41 


i}i$trtt» Pfthfi dmrdfj. 

MtAV we»tau thii eilOO^tbe pmnrMi of tbe fall of fincn in 
libu coutttjj will, <M 40 oimioftijoii cf Uic rctuno iji queabon^ 
appcttf to \\x\-t bixn n* rulk)u<« r 


c= too 

1«IC £ 

s hi 

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5 f; 

1»U £ 

s « 































TJm fall in the mon^ pTice of iU« vt%iv% of commodtliBi ii 
dwM in thr^ ciipt>riA nccordiiigly [ip|>r»ts lo bti*c been 4& 
rail, liner lAtK In tlif abfcnco of aulficii^iit data lo auul ut-l 
m uii uiial>'Au of Ibit iaW into iln comtiiiionc Hemcnt^ w« h 

i'ii*1i&c4 in nnmiiori u the rcnult «f tJic bol codividcratkifi hi 
uie birca able to ([iv« tkie aubjcct, that if m? rake the effect 
pence in the reduction of the costi of pmductiott mA of tbc rate 
cif pruJitt nt 15 li> ^ pcrr nait., ampT*^ alluwauce niU Une Imvu' 
made for \\\c iiitiucucu of ihai cause on tlic pticea. 'llic remain-j 
ing U to .'k> per cent, nf llic fall can onlj br nccounUvl fur bj 
ibv rixe whidi buk iaL«u pbc« in tlw ivlalii« value of the pre-*, 
cimib lUL'talft. 

Ill poTticulnr comniodiiiiTt tlie fnll^ calculaUd on th« rclunti of^ 
their declared ^elIiic in 1814 ni^<l X^k, ha> Ueirn a* followv; — Ifti 
eoitnn nmnnfictiire?, ^3 percent; in Kilk do. ^5; in linen do.] 
4^ ; ill vroollcn do. d'2 ; in bntv AJid copper dik !^T i ut ruticrji] 
nnd hiH^tnre, 5.^ ; irt uun jiimI hIi^'I. wroughi and iiunTWtghl, ^ 
in titi» ui)wrouj:bt/ ^t>; m Irnri *Ticl shoT, 'J7 ; ni lirili»h reJ 
sixllpLlri'. t»ff ; m (-(lulixiiid culm, 'ii; ii) i-mip and c^iadlei, >^; 
hfini nnd bacon, beef and porl^, ^^^O ; in tWi uf all MiflA, ^36 ; 
bread and hijicuit, *20 ; in sccdi of all loitii* 4^; ami in 
flatfd wart, jeitftttnf^ tmd v:atefut, 7, TIjci* has beeii a furtbcr^ 
d«clcniioD in ibc pnoca of ncajlj all tbe jibou- artkkainld^Kt 

ahtfttiOM ta fti ti f wj b Lidurird. fVml trtita lliai vlcmenl iht hi <bw h^ 
Wen IMimI a 4A |Rt naL Tt* AVrtwiw luar inpcHj be uoribed 1* At muaip' ' 

* lii««dw^««iht|»mphl*l* ill IIh ImJ of ttM «ric^lb*&iii fttjvutf; 
«f TDJutnk U IkM ilMica; 

rUmdulaiiatvRr. rvHfMMcv* 

Tla - W ^ , . rt 

L<ad , n ... . U 

1ra> . IS . . .1 

Sdl , t i^ f iK 

f ' Cimvmn htm rmtmmA m ■ ilgpw^rf Milp riiirinfi Ch* vtMl* tt lUi Vav 
flATVK *b4 litrn tlkil am (-mcrally <ini4da«<l vrf? In it iIk pIpi* of IBtl^ tiM« 

<Jt«to bpvWulirtjr .h4iRttll4« sinclmnjilivwIiiMDrcecdiSshMha 
MvaflkW •* ai m fc rtw fj, hv IcaiwIuo*) to ■ttfcalMitfi dum« (Wt* 
llHSI^ Ihfli fvravna ihI |*B<limn «av vaAiiag «fft«vfly. 1l4 v*k« hwi^ g 

A con 

Dktrar of iht Country . 


A coDsiilenbln proporlinn oi llirfDj a\u>, luvr bn-n thtppeJ for 
Brttfsli mi-rdiuiits lujil iiiirnifucltirerB io foreij-it mi'kcU, viiCT*' 
tbc ilrtlairJ vhKic haa uut been ii-ilircJ— llic ^luas fall in coUoQ' 
nDnuluctvii;? liocc 1^14 amoLUitni in It^^lf to i\) per ccul. 

Ojki «|h:cjC9 uf niAfiiifocturc appears lo bave neail> oidinuiitcd 
itipficc; prw:e and lowrn^d pmHu^ joinll^, bavo oolv atfL-clcd 
il to die f xlcot of 7 per ccdL It ii Uie Ivt m ihc abor« list, aflxi 
its iolitnry ti*r»i) hi tlie nticUt of the genenl downfall nuxki. uitb 
jMf pv cElcc:!, niiat lia* pr^^fcncd it from tbc falc nhich liaa Uiil nil 
iIk udiiT piiLci [ijoftUiai? [ii-uuQd JI. OppfuUa jiu/a wjionte 

llir rc^iill (tf l^ic prcccili«£ iiivrati^Btion i*, Lhal tbe geiMrst 
fall in tli« mcracy prices iA coinB]oditt««, which biucfi ItJU op« 

rra to havL' iMrvii^ di a iiiiMJi-iiilv cUimatc. = ^ per cnit^r ninj 
coitud«r«^il II having bfci) cniuod — 111, To ihf amount of 15 
per ccnl.t probably, bv iIjc dimtiiutioii in iliv c<y>\s <A producUoa 
Buij the dffprcAtion in the r»ic of proAu — tlir rtTecu of p«a««. 
fidi). To the amount of 1 prr cv nl. ai rc^pcctn lh» couDtry^ ond^ 
proliabl^. suini^ ucjipti, kEtnibTly H^ttiHti'd, bj tiUrriiliofU in /Af no^ 
fittno/ mrrrmy. And 3(11^. To the amount of iU per cent, Lj the 
fw uJiirli hMM lakrn pincr iii fAr retatitr uxtvr it/ the irnrinvt 
nHaU, conataLitiDS lh« itLotcrial of iKu moikf<v of ibc worlj, >^i>t 
dvolUi^ wi iIjl' tii»l uf tlic*c cau«c^, and aubtjactinjc tbr: aup- 
poxduiMHiat of iU effect on prlct-i, un t\iiiw gutlllat of lb« 
' pccMntdisiiua/aiMl lallicr tcndms to iriu^lc it — the rcvitainiD^ 
55 por c^he. of the lall iaiII prcfMiit iLfrlf, ilint^ uridcr tJie ■apcct 
of a rbc irt tlic vnliic of money. Our ooxt buAuoai ij lo calamine 
bow tlu» rit^ gcftrrales diurrmt, 

VicH'cd i;cn<^rnJIv, iltc c^lVct of a rbc in the valtic of wnoncy t$ 
at onoc percritrd t» he, tLjit, lu the t-iaci latu uf lli^t iw, at] 
thoM who had |»ivrioLiPily contracied obllfpitioiv* to be dia- 
thai^rd in fiird liniomiti of moncj^ bccouw ^oarra; whilc^ on 
Ihe oilict hand, tliotr i^ whom tlicy are boimd, bccoiDO ^men 
bjr the occiuienct;. 'V\x ie>cr*c tolct plai:e in the caae oJ a f>L] 
in ibc tdue of moccjr; and in both caaet lorn ami gain Hotikl, 
at firalf appear to be equally babnccd. A little ootittdcfition^, 
ho^rv^f, ujll miWr il rvwlrnl that, although cvcrj alurialiun in 
tbe iccucfal UKaMirc uf laliK- niLi^t bo comidcicd an evil. iJiat 
«hidi riirow* ttR' uIhiIc- wijght of tlw ui^iut prruurr nii tho 
tfffbCort Iji hj foi" the grcatf^rp sa it uri|;iikal» tmich itxire iiitenao 
auAnngj— ai it affn bi «itJi pnnhaf M^Tril) the condition of the 
iad«»lnon« and piodncti^c claiaci of tlie >oc»rt>, — aud m dia 
crviUtof >, Jar fiont bdng suincn lo the extent llial the debtors aio 
lottert, do r>oi, in ihe end, prnbabk owing lo the mm of ihc btirr, 
irblaiti cTcn that ainouat "nhicb would justly have bccu their due. 

A riM 


i>iifrfii (^ l&t C^wfrffy. 


A rHf in ihe value of money U Uiererore, in ft DBti^ml point ^f 
WW, Hii iiDmitii^ftteil evW ; vthile ih* fevor*^, im ih* onntmrVj in 
diminishtTif; \hc pmtMf of 4rbl* anfl ihr biifthrn oi iin<»j acid 
in briinwm^ an iIif poor niiil tndiiiitnfHiv the rtiltn- arnmitit which 
it ab»Ir£LU Uoax ihr vcalthjr aud iodol^^nt^ \iiU generally opcntc 
ai a nAiional advanlagr. 

It ii by no diefttii Uio dirtct conve^ucncc* of ■ rita in 1h# 
of nirtiivy nltinr llibt conittlulc Uh* whoir of the rvil. Tho 
iti^u lAliich ihnt riM cimiwa Io ihe iwenurv of every debt, «Tory 
tux, in thurt cvrrv prrnoiiAly i\xrf\ monrv jia^nie^nlt cunot be 
fiadcd; ttic (iptiution of ihi- prpicni liso, tor instiiice, — luppM* 
ii)^ it c 35 ytCT Lent., amI llie annual uinouat of guvcrnmcDl llie«» 
^lirh the pojiulatioo of I-liLfOpft pQ>i, ^ 1 ,f.ftf >,f 700/jOO dolbrff , 
—09 &L udditioful impoit of SitHflOOfiCO dollars, b ifieviiable. 
Bill ^rn? ihc ri«« oiily lo uk« ptac^ «o a* 1o bccotn« «t on«o 
lEcnrrnlly knonti nitd uiidcm(>od, it v/oxM not g«ficrite oiM*half 
of tlic * ditlmt* of vhiHi il 11 ifir muftr, mring to its lilrnt and 
UEtftu»ur>ctrT(l progrett, and to tbr^ aacroia with «tiicli il cscairts 
dcUH'tmn, unArr tnxti ufthc mnllilixtr :ind rnmplirati'tn of ower 
drvum«iafice«, uliicb roiifttmtly operate on prictt, and Ifi «»*e- 
fiuencc of tilt? popular iinlispoiilioEi Eo rr^^unl iJur gntml mcai(ii6 
of Tabic otherwise thnn n* invariabli*, 'riicn<« ihe uft>4»ri«il 
pcr>ricr3iiKr in ftccfnimtiii^ fnr the fait cif pt'nm by any oilier 
cauve ratlier than ibit ; ana lh«nc«, ncc^tnriJv, ih« indnlgem!^ of 
hopes, the ttliMicc on calcalaiion^p fuajidcd an f>a3t ciiprricncc, 
and «^ciliug to vp^^alaiiiin and acUtiiv at \hf nry lisitr ^cn m 
itCOfEoilion of it« rtid fcuturca woulii impreis upon rverT 006 
uwagttl in rrKiimcrrinl aiiii indntfrioiifl pHrtnitf^ ihr vripetfirDCj 
tM pfiidrnec of itiamtninin^ a itrktly pAJ«tvc nititodf. If w 
rooiidci that rapital lo an iinmmte nnmiint lui iImm brm de* 
«trovcd,— fttift^rifig, moral and phyiical, to a trnlir bnrroniug de- 
gree, jiinE4:i<xi, ii[>t as a (tfcnrary co[Mrf|ijriirr of thr^ rttc is ibe 
raluc of iho monry iuctf, but :ib«^m«ly only oa tlie dfplomble 
C0DKi|iirnrc of ibc erncTnl uiKonacioutncaH of its c:iii1cncc and 
opemuon, we thall obtain u. j^jU \itvf of the importoocc, nay, tfafl 
ur^cBi ncc«4sity, of corre^rt and ade^uslc notJviu beini at length 
pTOBinlgaicd on tbb, ihemoMi caiue of tlic ' prcvr-iit diiTtcJo/ 
Actiag niidi T tbo impulM: of that iinprcvioii, vc now proccfd to 
incc annir nf ifip moti obviom phnioD«nt which 9 riftp in ihs 
talue of money, iK(^»i*rily and itiCHicrtnlK, prodac^fl in the cott- 
ditjon of the prin(:i|)d claMv-Jt <if lh« (nirmiinilT. 

\n thi« procotoion of fuffrr/i?r«, precedency 15, on ever>'eroiai 
UDipintlionahly due to ihoie viha derive ihrir irxronH* frotn 1 
produce of ibeftoql^the buidlottU and tbeif tenants Letuaauj 

/Mmh </ Ih^ CMfirfry. 

|>o«c* tf>« money |^ice of Ibv touL ffroM produce of » Cum in 
IfiM, jf KV); Oie fall in prices since IBU, aJK>p«T rant.; znd 
Ifcemoney v«lui»oftiiopfodiic«in J0t9j>ccordjftgl5, XW« Ltt^ 
«D theoibrrhBud, in 1811, 

The rent be fked in mooer ^W > ^he Uxei> jPtO ; VAhSo; ifct 

Ixed iDon«j^ chBTKC .... 4S0 

TbtccfifumptionoftheenltirfttofiiluriiisihilirttlDetioD. an/. ; 
tillvtfl iLiiileontiDgttxui, 10/, i UUiw tod ontiairy pro- 

wh&rli woqU K;ive fbf nil ont^njEsr, meladrsf <'T*^'>^ prafiU, iTloo 
liftlinof^ b^th«nkm«5 Amnont wtiich the produce miiraM. 

la lA$9,ho7rctcT, tliecaoaery v«fu« cf thai prodoeo it radacrd 

tavs:ttit. It^Tit uKluiMkrvBii)! nuttioilly ib*firM. TTi. X;30 

The UbouT «ad c«MiDdltieaooiiBun>*d hi mAitfiaa liaf«M«a 
in |irk«, bat tho Ul b«b; pro^r^tAn, ptiOM m h%^ 
during tefroctttiof piuductu>tilliaii nlrua il it conpletoEl. 
Aod thcproduico it brought eo uurket. W^ vJi,ili«r«4bc«t 
Ulo those ouLirautsi wlLkifai in UU, wen TO. oow ax £S^ 

The ictnloittfroinp in 1899* then, art , i^t 

Tliii x^'ill JUlTrcr tt point ovl tW monurr in vrhith a n^ in the 
vakie of niane^ op<-r>t«« on xhv condition of ihir/ormrf. In ifte 
euct ratk> of Uic riM, llie pre^vare of ti;nl and Uxet on land 
tncffsfet; wliile, at the <iinr> lim^*. ili« f«dvicUua of ihir niher 
elcmcDUiry co4t« of prodnctJon never reache* ibo eiient to wliich 
ihe rarmer linrf" pnces rrrfucf(l> vhrn h* brine^ lut proHi^cp In 
niarhct. \uit ultcr ^rvr lie fii4k» up tbc detrcieucy out of hh 
»pilnl, con&lenC of ibe »pecdjr return of better imic?), Imoiuse 
vnabk to dinxntfr the in:W«ble lisnd wfakii addii n% uriglt! to ih« 
burthen of itni and laxo, ami relfrntletnlj pen«-nrea m dcpnving 
bii liiboui of tU re^vanl, Bui thv t«4r* roll on, end bfing no 
inpfOtenacni : hb capital u al length cdiaiutod, ftnd nitn endues. 
<>tben fiteceMl him, and slifl «ti<iTr th« nine fulr. 'The H&cC 
tficn imclics Uie Utntiiorth, Htnls arc reduced ; vet tbc difficulcj 
of tlirir Ciillrrtion inrreitM '. imilhrt and Ahittbi^r n-durimn ino 
eeedv, vtM nCtriidcd wjiU simtlnr r«;ii1b. In stiott. fo loni; «■ tbe 
mr itt ihi- tiiliK' iif tnm^cv » in prvigrrs*, lie dtKtrurtion of cajHtal 
in*c*trd tn f9rmin[(, the reduction of the income i>f the lindloHtk 
tbc incTcatc in ibc pfnturr of nominallj the same amount of 
laiea out land^ likewlte proceed. 

The mantifittiurfr comes oext* CilcuUtins on tbc «labililj of 

• Bui *««MlmiWii«icv*«C0tttUa4- TV nij cau luttf tv ilarril«ri M 1 
11#nArfiiiaavi«Uk|nBt>* Eft1bcTnc**r«i>*prt af Xur.f1 «nm, IM^i 


— ii>«lMdi«v«H4MiMTtMn. iwdVPfMalOiMtfaArikAiltf 


Duttu c/the Coimlry, 

Ac ntilini: pncc! of Iib manufMlurc, be makci hit ptirdtofto of 
Ihc raw inamnal, and prorrrHa to bin iJttk. \i it roniplt'tL-d, inrl 
bo bnoftf kL3 proiltict wUi tlic muiLct But, bt- tlii« al lioiiii; of 
nbraul,lH- dmU, Ur Wn ili^uiHVt iImi pf iu** ltEivc> lii iLr iiii:iii^u4iiU, 
);ttcti %vav, «iul ihat he hm btcn lab^iiuiiif; la *aJii. Aud tUis a 
AcnnnJEii; ibe tii-ut faviniiablc chm.' ; ffu tiTu fEcauciitlj' tur eauiiol 
i>Teu rvuii^e lie capital sunk iinho prixluction. t ncomciousoriba 
Uac rmiAT of Ikli uiltiir, he AHJtbcs it lo circuiiuUnca, tnitoitofj 
in ilttir Dattiri.% triid juKtuViag the bofw of fuUiro bencr mrcw*. 
Thiu he nXuita li> h;B ta^k ; but n^ua and nE^ifi itic rcMiU U tho 
Hirn*^. Di«hcurtf*iic!d b} ifw ' bjiilitni a{ i\k liiiieii,' llie prudent 
muti ihc» biniii 1l3 opi'mijuii^ lo ibc ciUnt uf hU ' orders, ' 
Goodifd on by n*p<i:i|i?rl ill ■iirciv<t ihi: iidTcnliiroui irdnablm hi* 
cxertioiu. Lan^uoT and mm arc lh<i r^p^clito cOiiM;i|ucnca. 
'I'bc iml uf inatitifai'luiics hns^ bjk tliis j^fuvrrM, tiivii reJuivd un 
on avvrago at lead lifty per cent, dnfins; lh<^ last fifteen jcai», and 
uac-kair of the CApiUl lj\?J m iimcbiiier}i ^c* has ibua bem loot. 

The sgrinihursl aikd niAuiiriciuf jng trttxmrert «hare lu llw 
niftcrir of ihc lonrrcd i:(m<iiljQD of ihcir cniplo><-fK aim! whdc ibtt 
Bwne C30f« that prtxliiced it eontini^^v lr> ikperaTi-^ ihi* (Miiiil)«fi 
Ibat arc iJirown \\hoil)/ oul of oinplovmcnt coiiljnUjc lo inciv«c« 
Op|»iY'»tct 3dik« by Meturta und uatil, lliev ate kcni Iminging 
about th4: purtiuun of Uieu forimrr ocltviLy, aut;;;LFiiiiK tkc iina^ 
of ibr «ujTi.rniig gioap« Mrrti:hcil roiiik) tbi: [K>oi of ilrllic«dii, ill 
bfdleia expceUlioii of tt)c AtaKiiaul w:ilei» buxti;; loucbrd by tbm 
ii:tuiiiiii^ ^ug*^)> — ttit' iuu^cil-for utuiiu^iit of llicir gciM^ral iiiM 
nicrvioa mtc> tho bealiug cleinciit. 1 

Noil ta aucc<»^cjn |b« mercAcint, ioiporliiis and ciLpoitinu 
comiiKHliiict ntt hb nioper aecoLint, lixcs oiir atteiiliou. Waicbion 
the ducluatioiu in Inc relation bcin-ccn demand and tapplyi «n 
buair ami al»foadp hi; ftunira Win dJH|)ofiliuni ho ai tu u-cm Urt^l 
■dvaoU^ 4)f what me of tltc lunrkcts bi» tn forma liou and pa4;l 
F^jsprleuce uiay Itad him l» aiilkijKilr. Ulu hourver ronrcl biaJ 
inlurnialion, bi^wncr »un(-tio(i<:<l by pabt t-hpvriencL- bin cottclM 
aioris llic n*c vhich he i^iiEiti^iupLitrd u^ crrUm, <hv? not uL«] 
place, aiid hia operation end« ui dbappointiiiL^at. in iicoporttogJ 
now, as Jtc pciuflt« in con£diug ia ibe jaMticKs of calculaliooM 
ialo vibicb the change whirh it taking place lo the nmaiirr of vilngi 
tloea iwt cater ai an demeni, — in pri>porEjon oa he fortitea bini*l 
volfngninut iTn|iaflnn» ihiiiblt bv rrprmiing ihal * tlut unittturdl 
•tatc of tbiusE luinnol contmuv,' — a« bu ltMn|ic-r iaotca kim tol 
' li^\ a];niii%l x\rt brua'l/ kii hum will be rfriain and |[ivaLJ 
U, on Ihe olher hand, be lak^s wanting by l\^V npt^ttd cbcebij 
Ik rxpeimicvB, be •Ukpciidn all 4iprration% ftiil)aidc» iato iuo>l 
IfvitiTf Dttd bAil» his taitv to llw prcsemuionof Mhatvi^alth \tt r^l 

taJua. I 

Diilrpm v/tfif Ctmnfr^, 


taSnn, Tliiit,. ^rkKcrr paralpui or frvrr tt'am cm Bkoh'* ' ^na 
p^Ha of ihe itaio/ nnd ' ibe body noutbhea litUc* 

'riir 1/ftiii nour biiir^s viji llw CTTrnvtiaarum-virrrftnnf uiiil |]w 
ifnJftFf llic uWao^ niid ihc rrfaiJ Hcahr, n*pre*i:»(iiis h nttmci'out 
4 lj»i, loLidlr coEBpliiiUDt; <]f a giievuus reduclion uf llicir iiicDii»i^». 
Y«i tht' <|ikan[uin of ihcif biittn««t %n<\ labour, and the vntv U their 
inrraUoii, hair ULickrKDiie no decrease; but qr thf: fi>iiner 
th^r coiimi>4»loii> mid iSo \iiXivr xhvn prollu on the nwMif 
\a\iiv of Uicir «alc9, and iIibI boj b<cn reduced, their inooiDes 
liave tliiLisulTcmf, ami ■ ihr tixe* \c\'iM' nil ihvlt reduced emoJn* 
itietits now bcc^iio ' ilio cmac of gml cnabftrTftMnunU to thtm 
cbwn of llir li^djuj^ <x>niinunil>.' TEir t^jjinvn/'O, ton, lod ibr 
entire cl:^* of cunicn m itiir lenioti of intftnxttiotial und dom^ilic 
tx^cninncet U^iw MjtiVic<l,^lki(^ fjiU> of fit-'i-^lU aiid cwf Mge luviug 
fftklcii in pniportioTi lo the irciaciKXi uW'b thi< t^ilae of ibeir car- 
goe* b«> miitvt}!o4ic.* Tbc mu.Htcr of oHisimM «ad fn«if»sir>i 
«axt4ig tlie tu1f«*roni for a vitiiip rflmainx inrompldc ; bur, sooner 
or Ulcr, ihc fcncml reduction iiit'Mlei aiso their jkroCib, aimI sendj 
tlieiii in, likr iFie rviX^ ciMiipIiijim^ of (hi^ pi'triMirr of thi! tiiiMr*.^ 
Vttih rvicful eouiiEcnancctbcoa/^iia/if^ bijȣflnptbcfcnr of thoofr- 
/d^. Abrmrd by die mdout uiipmlil«bl«uru, and the ixnnl^il 
rocarrviicc of ruiiioaa loetot m tnde, — wimed Lt the L-x|ieru4ic^, 
lh«t c^crj! elcam of Teluraiiirg |>roop«ril«r i» but tJ^c pfvcursor 
of denvffr rIoohi, he bu rclired h^i invtstmcrtu — recalled hb 
lowii from Irade, ta from ' & bunnnj; ctly, devoted to tic^trvc* 
tion.* D^miTed of In* bnt f-'ustoinen— lti« pioductjw cta«e*f 
«4io«e condition no longer «8oTdi the nrqui^iic #ci:urily— be now 
WBU tn ntin fnr nii rlln (ii:it demand in tW uioiipy irurkri, mid 
ibonicli he OjEai>i md uj^uui reduces ibv r^te oi JnUrtfl al wludi 
k« ofttr^ bjv cH|>itil, n ^ivot portioti of tt ntU alill ieni»m unciii* 
plOTcd. And diui Ail meome i* icduced.t 

in tite midst of the seuemi dblren. o|Kiatcd by tlic r>Mr tn tbc 
«alu* of nionvy, ibc fundboldpr nod Minuiiani, thr plnei^pian siid 

Norttk Anffvit 



lb D 4 no 

9 I 16 10 

fif* !l& 3 oflht fMCpMct al itip br*! of c«r Miidr- 

• > I« Landoi, Oh taakfi*, tki iwmitd ni«n vt tU Jf I ' n ijj^ t, canpUiB c^ lb* 
glal of ■ua*iY- Wa Wvitfatvii w ci^b fmllMn drpotM. In vabI ar««lii^ 
mn^aUii HuikirfKnieludidiiiv. ^ . . , lalW<viAiry.)uu tM4J</ncaiii|f 
W tti W*uLiM iif udiaUy «»i iW vaot oT anvcr. aarffekm^ ■»! cirO'L Ita 

OiWl i iy lfcnVrT - ^rrl M l Tfah H 'T. -'^ ibi (midulbu, ■haiBiiJ] Hl>«t^ 

mUtiam m^ im^t im ■ f f ? wng fa dim, \nmym rtMkwtna flpiftlMi«B, h—wf 
oniallr mmIvM, htbb wt Ik> Ud* mot^ vf aI^' *«--« '■f'^Mldnoi^* 
Bpneh «d ih* m«t« of th« CwAUy, 



IHttftH rfiht Co^atr^. 

the pfituotiittt W wlioaa valm hu bcMi Iherf prftfiotti to Aa 
nir, And the mortfaiccc, vo Ibc only ml eniiicn. All ihn« 
tini], tthut ilic jiuictruiiig pimer of tUi^Ji iiH:ciri«.- hu, duHni 
tbo U»l tu(iii> ><fif4, bc«it iictrly doubled ^ wbilo, lit an fft|U4l 
pFOfmriinn, llir vrri^hl ui tbrir cbinu im Uig |inMiaru«r Mnd in- 
dkilnoLiB daMta b br lh«eu foil to tiavo iiicruwed. In tKI| 
urliule Huin uf uiidilioiul cqjojibcdU gniucd bj tht faraMT 
b««4i lovt by ilic iuittr; iinii iio ldnf( u the tjino c^nt openl 
the progtcaei ofU^c apuli^Uun Mill <unliniti:* Sudi atv, ^Civillj 
■fid Ifl th« |ire»«nt initnnrc, noinc of tlM> «IVircta of ■ rve In ' 
i*liM of mone^. In proponion ta tbc cunt* is unampccted or 
fitd, llwy ire deiHrilcU**— -rofwfrtiyii/ii rttifant. nfJftttem froAi 
■D |»r<^H^ioii a» > oommtuiily » wcultiiy nud |)roducU«Cr 
will h« Mnnly and bcilItIj fdt. 

'Ibc qiiobun u lo Uic cauat of iht f ciKrnl full vi ibr* moitry^ 
ptJcn of commodiliar Bincc 181 l,ljrii)[; ihti* divpowd of.otlc^n 
of gmt intfCtA uifc. It iJte mumcolum af iliv tpcbmi of thit 
cftUM* on |>ri»s now rxbauainl, oi it ii ttttl m oprmboa ? If 
vidl ill operation, when ti it likeU 1o icmunaU I Ant, lt*U] 
vtUaX rcmrdiri iloc« the com «iimit of? 

Vie aro iri>i»iT>ii3e(l lo m* thai t]i« main ctu^e of lb« 
dccknaioik of pncca »iiH:« J&M U tiill in uctivo openitii 
ftltbcMgh viiih fiirtitnithed ponf-r und F^r«i.* Ijti nt mpprnQ t1 
put dd)<iciKy in Ui« prodiMN.- of tbe iiiint:i to Ivvr, ai ihc [ii 
wpt mi>m«iil, prodiKvd ii* ftdl *f&*rl nn prim t — If thr mp 
hcncefeiib be cqvuil to the demand, iht bcw rclilifm \tbicli 
b«VM dlnblifljtrd btriwerij Ltic pii-riouA loMaUsnid olhrr cut 
dick* willnot bodiMJjrbfd, «ndpnc«i, byibnl causer not >ffcclnlt| 
if ibe Miptd^, oil tiiu «>tb«i Imid. mpidly iticruijc, lo ai *catiLW 
tOtloeMl tn« demand, lln- prvciniu nti^tajj (nud motiev) mil \hrtk\ 
fall. n<id cotnn^oditiri ntv m tlitir rcUuvv vntiic ; tmi if, fiiiallj^ 
tfie tuppiv tf\\\ cdfitJnHi? il^ici^ni, motioy utll cciniinur to mm 
■ad commodities to fail 'IW <ju<iti>on tbcn r««oWev ilaelf' 
thb : whicli, anuing ilicsr, i> ottr cue ■( prr^aic t 

* X nntd of tM&b 1^ •! lb* «vMl BMnoi vhfcfa, ■llbWh 
lut^U bjtUfmW^ iBiwlnltiy bt miM lUn fcy lli»W>lntvta.b iai»ap<m|y 
obtnM BDl tA i«liiill af III7 JonbL Tht nlr<a « «mb naunedilifl^ 1^ iMiMi 
ntuci, iin4 KngTith mpI W fiv«1pi Tfl«^ Mrv irc— Bajly nll^, a^l Mrthr wnm 
riMA -Ann Ihf invnBHiArnniirUrornr.lo aitfly Ibc unuM rf'lkifc bU Mm 

tbv dhct 4f «^ vdMwm fvlalw «buh llinh* b Iqdb a in nvr 4wh ^ 
—■bay a«M b« MMtifci far mon than It raII^k Tba iloiuDd ■<•«, Ult ifEili n 
!*>< j<«r. at to nn l«w ■■ «T^ lh*1 th* unlv ■■>><jr kn Um hav ■ miM fVMtIi 
iDbr« KMtlittMt. Novtlvi iTirmn TlllnrtiM^"f1iiliTT,i>i1wniif1lniTtiLl>t 
■tkfc, nwJwpitMdTf ■iiiiifii,»«idh— g|»J^it>i>rtbei dEict ok piewt ibu 

Tht uniMl *ii|>ply may lieaUted uMlovn: 

Europ* and Northtm Auk* , , 7,10^,000 JMUn. 

liKtiAQ Arcbiptlifolf) , • , . i^WHhf*0O „ 
Afti.-« .... 1,D00,0(N> 4 

Aswrica <iiiD«t proHUy 1#» tbaa) iTdOOQ^Ooo „ 

Tbt drniMMf, o» t1i« other hand^ we caiinot titiuitc lowcff on an 
|avcnig«, than belvM«u 4^,000,000 aMi ^0,000.000 ilollaT* aa- 
tuillj. Therv trouM, ;icc(Htliagly. ilill appear la be a rivJi-* 
[<9oii^ of abmil 9(>,DUO,00U dollars aunttalW, lo u hicli aaiount iko 
irfnin oo iUti niatiiig alock of pfrcioiu mcUU couiiiiiM^ o^wnrimgr 
,%> caiiae a itiU Itirthcr decline in Uie mociev priot ol~ <oauuoHiUc«, 
ll i>, uf €i>ui&e. iiuptinible lu pmlict huw Inoy ikia will yvt 

cominue. Mr. Ward, however detirmu lo be iito4eral« aiid 
^ciMDipect iQ bU cakulationi. >till ukcf, vrc believe, rather 
;a aangviae view of llie queaiioii, when, inanawef to il, lie conjee* 
llunca tliat ihc produce of the Mexican mioca vttllr in IJ^, ba 
I'Searljf L-atiil to \ihat il wat prevtottno lAifi.that in <>(i,cNXM)0O 
TdoUan, Hk kMiIimi of 13^X\000 (dollars, wlucb be anticipated, 
,tD Uvprorltirr in 18-lC', from ilie api-rmiKm nf Vfrieii Engl i^li, one 

German, and (wo Noidi American cunipanii:*, working Mcjucon 

lubm. it is, iaiif[irluuii[tf]irt lou cerbiin will uul ht landc ^^m^. 
r^llw pnco-InU of the Blutfot of tba Angto- American mining; com- 

paoiv), — a tolevmblc nidet of tbe ealimiliau oi %he prc^ciii rclutna 

wmI future protpecti of tlieM* undertaking* among tbe partiaa 

inmcdiatrU iiiicfnldd thcitin. — do not encourage vvrj anguioa 
LpectntKni <kf a tpeedy, eonaidenble addition to tb^ nipplj 
I'iraia ihiB vourcc, alibowp^ tlie riae in the valutof ^M and liltcr, 
tnred by other connnodiiin, direelly tcncU to rnetvau ibcir 

|inAu. Generally ipcaking, the nntettled >1ale bolh of Mexico 
fattdihe Souib Ain**ricaii Sum must have ilie «flei:l ofLerping in 

■balance for ftome time ji;t to eomo tbc full dc«e)opnKDt of ilw 

Riniing iniltiMry of Ami.-rica. 

It i> ti> h« liofwil, Oiat tiff^ rrpnrli we hiivr to e:E|>ect from Hu 

)Iaje»l;*t» LviihuUiii Mcui*^ ami ^^ouih Aoicnca oiay throw tome 
>ligbi on thin very iQteretti[i|{ lubject, anil that they may do it 
I leuerally in as MliBfaclory a manner m it Ka* been done by Mr. 
[ward, wiih rvf ard io Mexico, f n ihc mean while no one who 

ttirtfi — 



ilUmi s^tkt CfMfUfy, 

Iii4 a1 nil inri>nii<-i{ titm vlf oti ihn ^iTiirrt rnn Tor v tnrmiriil el 
tiiin the uotioii vchxix liu bc<:ti b|c>:9chrd, Ih^l ih*. mxnviai ntnUtt oi 
Anir^iLCi hn bcru 4-Oi^tiisluil lit thrr fKiil wi>rLiii-^«, Oti th<: (am- 
ttaf^Tf tlicr« cnfiiifll W the Jcait ticmbl ihal, uekW fnvLiurttblc cii^ 
caniflvitn^ llie |)f4)diire nill a^VMi n^di, nut tiblv tiiL' lurmcTf bill 
«n)ttluaUy a much gfvaE«r amount* 1]i>m«v«c long iho kIfcik of 
ihtl |>cjiod miy be deferred — be it Icn. be it Iwcnlj JtMn^ be it 
c<>«n longer — arriw it moti ftuurcdly will; ind itiib it — rtdninf 
Stdatrnia r^jna—'tmnt pfi€c», ftifcrd •occgm 10 coowiGfcial And 
indtiftfioiH iHirtiiilv, Itj^Wiiircl burthenif 4 fivuimlili? dnngr in 
the relalivD ewiditJoii ol~ ilie pfodjctii* chistiedH ami wlnti-vvr olt« 
is aiiiUhf'iiril of nitr 'pcnHTiil dittrmi.' I^l tlii* urll-fdtiDfkvl 
liopc »olacc uJI Ihose ubo vrould at pnwfiiC deiptur »l lb< (uf- 
tuiit^ vf llm €iHiiilry, » if ihb, tu Wrow q M:|HrluMii; difliiictM>it, 
urrrr- iL fiau finiumt anil not ajfnii m eatntQuffntinm mu>st«. 

A> to the romedio lAbidi, ;ii ilie jaennvnnlr, llic caic sdmiu of 
— it inata be clear th>E nl! mf^vn* bv sthick ih« *"ppl5 of prv- 
ciou4 melaJi con be mcrcased and tlic dciBaad diniiittsbcdi Art 
^iititf^l l<> tkp ooLtviil^rril nt iliietllv ri-mtdjaJ. Wilhiii tlie nMcIt 
of t^M couiiljy, uiifuvtunnldy, there are no meanB lo incrcaie (be 
■upplv, except ioHiii^cUy, bj ibi* policy (in uiIitt rr<|MH:ti nn kx 
obvioat) of atoi»tiii^, il pui^iblc, tiio iiifunl ^laie« of South 
j\ii)i-ttoi nod MrxM^ii to emerge (n>m then preM'iil tnim-iLluble 
condition uf aiLurchy. But thtf deinjind nuy, lo u cCftAin ex- 
tnit, be (ijMiirii»]icif, by a rchjbdiutimi <jf thi- tuiideiiturd pa|ici- 
drculniian Uimui^hool IZurope ; iiud in thii etMinlfr 9|M tlul n dc- 
airmbkuiKJ, iiMleed, iK-cf-^iaty lu be douc in ibis iripect, nii^hl. 
we an?i|mte ronvincind, bir acc:iiru|i)iiiinl hj « »pc^l^ nixf autf- 
CWill tclonu of t)ic bitgli^h banking ayntcin* But ihu M a iiibj<cl 
fov «cpi««U' treatment. We dmrU uii il nl injatr leii^tL in <iiii lail 
number, iind >t is our iiiltfntion to return to it in our next 



«n wiuf vj i!t% C^«fr3, By Clmla BabbijE^r l^-< Lucanuit] 
Prol<««or oif Mailiifiiiaiict ui the Univ«r»iiy o( Cvmbrldge^ «nd'^ 
Mrmbcr of mn^cnil Acp6ciDicff. London. l&H), 

T^l KING ibc 1&3t fouiEccn _Yrar» ufahiioiit umnicrruptcii Inm- 
■'-' quillUy, the |>oorest lu well a& the m<i*t powotfu! of tbc 
Kiuop^an atatc» h:itr brru niticiiily uogngcd in tltc |iru9«cutio« of 
ilir «iU of pf^icc. The rrttini af Ac «word In iin »c4bbv(l »wftia 
to la^'c l>tcn the »gnn1 lov iinr timict^al c^'ort to rccruil ex* 
luuHt^ miL»iir<:«^, 1o i«vUi- Liutuvlrir aiiil civili/Nlioii^ aud to <iii 
to ibctr proper objccU ihc gcitra^ txA l^cnt, vtliich war liid citbcr 
«^uiAl«l in iu vmce nr irprrurd i<i iti ikialaiiiiivi. In tkui 
fMqr «f KLiil, Kn^Und alone bus iKsiiutMl lo lak« ■ part. El»- 
Titefl by lu'r wnrlikv niuni|iii«i, iJir *iirimu (o bivr iLHiLcd ivitli 
contempt on lh« len d;ujlmf£ Mrhitrv^aipnU of hvr pSi Tov[>j4ien, 
tndt confiilmt- iii Wr p»t piL--^niiDCiKf: hi the 4fl>, to ti;i%r i Mri)- 
bted too icct^rrlt oil tlicir pcmnanrnoe, Brib^ liv foni^ii gold, 
or AaUerviJ by forci^ coflr1c5yf her artium ba^% ijuJttcd ber mt- 
*ic ff hpr madiinery h»« bwT» r3ti>orti»d (o di«tnni nuricrt* — lbf» 
invieftttontt of hrr philo«^ph<-r«, i^li^nlcd at bomCi hnvt; brcii catfivf ly 
hmodureil ■liiDod— 4uT idcuilfic inatitntkniA htTV br«i> itMxMi* 
raged and won aboHalwd — ihotiticln^ich^lM wpplicd to other 
Mile* Irnvr been gndmltj mvnufudurrd by ihi-m«rLvc» ; uid, eno 
dbr another, diooj of tbc best nriii of EnL^laiid havi- boon tniu- 
ian^ to odi«t iiuiivm. 

TbeM baneful cffMts, ihoogh not ^cnenlly we^ii and acknow* 
Mgtd. cxuted te early notice of raiiom indmcluab wbo ftit 9 
rf«vp ioTort^t m thr biMyinr of ihrir country. Th^r vottF waa 
often rmiW in ro^tmcl and in vnminiE ; but h niiA oidy tbf voicai 
of r^non, Mivl, >midit tlir apruar of faction, k nr\rr iracbrd 
either l!»c cabinrt or the tbrotk-. 'I'mdi, bonv\<T, coniMt (oii( 
be rtprrunt. Fmli Inroadt upcni idieiutr caHed futUi 
■ppeait^ and the aboiitioo of titc Board ol Loof^de, lh« onljr 
tcwntiiic Iword in ihr Unfdiwi, aL Imt procbmictl tbr mortifying' 
bilclLJipncc, lliat Koi;land bad reuounced by Act uf Farliaawnl-' 
ber pairoiBse even of tbc acieuoca nio«l inUuiatcly connected 
vivh hrr naval gnaaUeM. 

VOL. KLIll. ^O. LXXJtll. X Itt 


IMiw *^ Scimft in Ett^and^ 

Ur'rir>li hfjui^cr, w etiall innkv a frw crvinfU ffom ibr iwcxif 
ioHludi ik^eii vi^Vfllitirr h^cn •:ipr9R*P(l; rikI v^ei^ull bw» villi 
jft insM^e froin liie life of Fnuiibofrr. ulikli wu iwlrfitlied ia 

■ Bai«rU hu lliiit loct one pf Ui<> moti iliitivt^aiitnl of lirr tub* 
jcctfl. Bad crntriritii mav ^Upie li«ft:)rr Huaich r«cciT« iritliin W^' 
wtU« kn individual mi highly gHM uii *■> usivcnally cttfwnA^ 
But ^ri'U u Wr lou in, h a lui rvnilarvd mora ppiflD«nt lijUi#' 
rc£ri^iifiii, ihAl ha HT*d iirhonour»d Mid urnvvmrt^cd. Hi* otti 
BOTcroJjrv* 9Jki:inntrian Jowph, v^ hia c^irliMt o»d lb lM4«t patron 
an£ by thv Ubrraliu vrttJi uhkh hu txiEifmcd civil lionovn 4ii4 fKi 
miinr r'ir«r4i art JowfJi Fnntnhrkf^r. hr hu icnmcvtaluDrd lot 
ntiini\ and added k n«w Imire to iht* BavAritacnom, Id tknM Qotidi 
ihe hoaoun wf licli h gratcfii] notfrnifn bid cunlemd on the 
tiiigui^bad ImprnvfT of i}« luhmmniu- tclvcoiirt It ii iaptniiUe 
Mbdii* (h« nHYkllr^f>», that no wrwh of B^rtilfb mtitude bi 
yet adofTMl ibc tntcofn' Af Ihal viohk iti»lrummt. EnftU»4 
veil b]u»b, when nho huort llic nniiK of DoUoa4 ptonownccd frill 
uui any Kpftfftd«|fft of fcoimar, nad viihout nnw utoriittnn nf ffi 
titudc- Ei«n lb«l Biownnoaul tuDA, whirh »h* otcd to dUprai 
*o frttif lo tbo pocU Tbooi ibe turrtd^ hm bwfi denki) lo tbii 
bencfvior «C tclriKo. and WMumjuivr Abtwr Ijls iwt of^vt d bar 
bdlLowoJ ra«*M«« lo tb« rtoniJiu of a modi wte mrill ^nr b« 
cEM of ih* &Dtit gtoJoMa of bit Mf ( A&d «bo #x«ltod ibit iptfMra 
Ittmuv^^l^Q of Da viilinvy Mfiii* 

About i\t€ line «4u:n ihcae opiiuotti were ptibliidwd Sir Hui 
plii^ Da>} ^to utcupitftl wiili ibc Bwiie lubjccL Uii 
liou ft> pRMiicnc of ibc lCo,vnl Socivly of l^jndout amf bk' 
Acqiiomiaarc vtiLb tbr nioat iluiui|cuuiH<<l imtivynAl* uf all miilks, 
^vvr him AEiipb opjjotiimitv of u<«itaJ»iBK tbe lUti of i 
tt l^ntUud, wJiik bu I<mi)[ rrtulnwv lu tocign covmUm 
bl^'H him x^ ticiw Thr pijiifiil ivrtnit u-hidi H:>uiMl«d hii pndB 
Bwi routed hi» iJiiUu:imiMiu< In vrrj^r |c> dmn tiic pvMic UtMlkMa 
ki nucb ft stale uf liiinK*, Hit bi^DB i tr^ilMn gn ibtf diTJitw of 
•cJcDco in Englvftd, abicb l»c uofortuiulcly <)id not live to com- 
plcie. We mrc iold» iMnvuvijr, 1I14I it w» wriiiifii ' in ibn lAikf^uuj 
of fe«linf; eixl of ^toqucDco/ and «« baiY no dovbl, friMP 
MuLiiiiciiia nbkii lie c.ipruocs mi ibc ttine «ubjci:t in lu* 
loltlnm iu Tnvtl/ lltaA il conlwnvd ibe laugttocv of Intfb. 

>l hoT«ofWD troairrvd/ojrebv/tbMBvnof foftttiwuidof 
do ttM B|ipLy ibtmMbtt mon to ybihwofb i ai pQtvniu ; ikif ofar ■ 
dBligbt&t vW octIaUv food to dntiMtioa, ooa fauvded spoo llia 
UMiii^ Aad beofAi coAC«rr«d on ow feUuw crulftr<* i Ui«r d« not 
lU^jTtht MOkoKiumcoor tcoiv^'imr popuUrkf , uflittmi«i«i^ 

F)f^am of Sfwtft h Eng!amd, 





or at the bar. but th# glory nMuhing from iImmd m pam 
Bad ind«pfii(k-n4 of vuifiv la^U or ejipric*. lii looki»|r ^ek lo 
hirtorr of ihv L»t fit« rciirii* in £nxland. ne ImU Borio, Ca 
4i*ltM, «nd Howanb, mho miUeml lhr»o ertat navm inort; Ulatti 
b^r thiir ici^MJlIc bonoun ; but v« tnaj ut vtia warrli lb« amtonMf , 
now for phtl(M«>|Ji«n» ind tfc^nj ar* T«ry /«w ifTVOtt* who pur" 
««K«ke« wiih truH di|rnii> ; it ii ibIJoirfd niortt ai comectod «ri 
ofawdA of prafit thsa thoav of fuat^ and thwr ■/« f fty ^ntm* w 
iak« oat patanu ibr nppoacd MrtiAlona for one who tnikaa a i 
A»<wrrrT-"^p. 99X 

Sialrmt^nK umilar lo thcH*. but of a tdll vore »p«<:idc aad 
dcoiftf<d imtitnv }i«vi: boi^n rvitTtU jMiblistied bj M'. H<i«<irfj 
vihoMt range of tcicuiJIic DcquircitJGiits U •! pvvaent uurtiallcd i 
tfcit ootmtty. 

* In Entail, ifJmU brancho* of oostiAcntal ilacmf^r ara 
*t«4iad, aM. (ndrod« almoit auhnovn, t\tti by aaiM. It u la taia t4 
caooca) tba okriariciiuk truth. Wr are fut ditjppbg bliic^ l^ 
tatlhtnarica w« hare torg »tnca draw* tfce rtin, and givrn ovrr 
limlau lae*. In chenlAry itc cabc ia m* mwh b«llcr Who c 
IcU as BDyUuit]^ of th« lalphD-aBlm f Wto will ^ptain to at Uia la 
. of bomorphbcm f Nay, vho anam v« hu errr var^Aed TVyiatd" 
axparfananti on tht ovygtmated ari3« t Ovntt^'v •rtA B*ntb«i*« 
Uta ndicala of th# tarthal Balard'v ud 8«nJtaa'« oa thacoa 
ttiliiMi of braiM, and a bunlrod oUiar upktalU iraim of ra ww b 
4wi Aarnaliiw Mtetwa f Nor m^ «*> itopWro. Tbar«ara,k 
Um •aiaaeai Mikh iKaild aoi fvraiib VMilar for niaikar nm^tk. 
eau>r> arc al oocs ot7VMM3 and daap mlid ( bat thk i« not the t^aco 
loducuii iham'—TrmtUmom Unmd, B»fyc. Mtftnp. 

Tlwaa ripifta t4 tka ii^ie of acifttco in Itogbod vara ititrodi)Cc4 
b^ tbeir aothora oolv a* inddriital lopica lo which tbc brarinf* of 
lliCTT ralijw-i had caiually kd Uwm ; nrnt, aa lbfyap|>esn*(l unly la 
ftCirnUlM- wofi«, porlt*|iv lul hinnvn a^vo by iiasir lo ibn«f nh* 
rulf o**r tiu; drtiMiira of 1-!fk}cljMidj thry wrm not likfrjy Ui alli^t 
nolic* Of to evrilL* divruairon^ An ■{»p«aL honaver, of 4 ntow 
formal kimi bB» Un-a ir kiif^lii miuh' fium the chaif of NevUM^ 
and from the pen of h<( iiurcc»4i>r Mr h«hhi^pwbci»<*afiad ■nd 
pfvfiMliiil aci|uirenftriili fitird linn iti u fxtuliar feiannr^r for «vch tf 
IMk. A mfltbenialinaii of ih'^ (inii <intrr,n h«rm<k nQintnl phjtcbv 
•Oftbrr, Aiid the in%««i1or of oii« of tbr most «\tfaordr&iry mh* 
thtnr* ihal rTCf pmrp«dfvl fruoi iIip aagariiy of man, he hv had 
occaMon to be nritmalclr aci^uaintrd nth the prrwnl condition of 
lh# aila tt> well as ihr tfiimcra of him coutitr^^ llii * HrJlcxaiBB*^ 
ara, lh«rvfor«, vntitM io oni moot Mriotta txmfidr^ratioii, and uifl* 
wt Innt, inako o dwp innitshKi upon thnar lo whnm ihc^ afO* 
tli4>ropamtatirly addnaaed. The foltmfinn intn>Jutti^ rnnatfca 
conlain Iha poml ophiiooi of the ouiImh uu iha dcclioa of acianro' 
mEnislaad. x V 'XI 

Mb Dtdm ^Stitmet in Engfsni ^^^ 

* Tt ^^nacn htw t*ctpcA tb* «lt«rlioii of tho4? n)iw ftnqidnBNmM 
cnftblt them to |uct|£c^, i.nd who hare h^d ofpaf-ntiMi* df ^uadiiis^ 
thviUlccf acieiirc in cKhcr cuuiUnu, vktt la tii^gliuid, ]>aiticqlu||^ 
vWi mpprt i<i iht* more diA^ctiU and iWtraiL-c «-.'iriicc*, w« arr mib 
mprciv mu«h bdow other Dncbnadf cqaalmnk.^t b«loir«t*craJ vrcei 
of ijid-riot pQ<r«r. That a fouDlry, tinncoliv disita^tWd fof iu 
niPt'ii*:iLail aiiJ munufaftuhnF: iiiffi'nuity, vhiuU br iurillTmnl to tJMki 
pmgrc-»i of in^uiriw nlich furro tho higheil d^pirtrnwitti of tlw 
Knuwlc4f;« on who»c nior« cbnwnurv troths iu tredtli and nak ila>j 
pcnd, ia a fact u-hkh ii wi-ll dt^cnfinK ll« attcnlkoi uf ihot^ «hoi4 
ahuli tiu|iiire loto thn mufin that iEifluvnc^e ilit prfigrvM o( aa1i<kl«. 

* To tracL* the y^raduil docUno of [uAlhvtiuiicol, urfl iHcii it of th^ 
hi^UcM (1cp>utm«nLi of phy^jcAl. kicjicc, trom Uie d^yi of Nvwiooi UU 
ch« ptvwnt. mimt be !i*ft In Ha- IiHTofian, h U mn uilhtu lie pr^ 
vinrr of one who. having mixed luSdi^Qtly vilh uitrilJftf noHfiiy iHj 
Sufflnnd lo tvt and rcfrrct xht u-cAkncxi of »ni« of it* ^atcM ^'''^H 
tnsate, lOt) to >vc thruu^li aud drpldne the randuct of it* prctendm 
fHfndt, offprt tbm pctntalu, vith i}ii^ }iope thiE thfy may »xclt« dbj 
cuiBioD ; with ibc ci>nvictiau tbat diicimicm ii iUq fimnl tXtf <pB 
Irutli ; and ft-ith the conDdcncc thai notbins but tbc full vipw^tioa oC] 
jxiblic vpiiiujjj ciui renxivi; thr crili thut cUll the mlhuiJUfu «a8* 
craDnp (hi* i<n«rgi«A of the crivnra of EnglKrHl^ 

Thcfte vino4i« opiAM>u», procevctini: from indiviiJiialii not »ctiog 
in concctt, aiv »uffidvm, «c Uiiiii. io tiXthVish the fAct, ttut ibc 
ariH find tn^iirr;^ of l^iigljiud h^vf hem f<ijr loinr Itmp on the 
dcclim-. Debited to ihc Dlmoftt iindiMdrfl pumuit of sciciKi% 
and 1vlr»iig]Mg to iio policical parlv» iW iuttini« whom vre biTaj 
qiiutt'J uir iLot likdr to hnvc wnttnn iirufrr aity impfofkef biM;'^ 
and ixicijpuug. a^ ihrr^ all do, tr^jHrcliblc italiuua iii vociett', llic 
motivL^ ot Bclf-inlcrcfl U it(dl Jou likcl> ici havo actuated tbrm. 
'thty Attack no puitiriilai niminlij ; tliry tcvjIc ih particular 
iiidivifhifll ; thr^« urck i»o |>«r*oiuk advftQtage; th«j complain mi, 
the Un^ uaf^G ot aolcmn rr^rel ; and tiiry appeal tiolj to that lh«d 
bunal, if »DV sntU ih>vt l^i>u, wbicfa dvcidei for tb« good awl 
Klorv of tliotrcounlfj. 

CuiutidFtnix, ibpfpforv, tbir ^Difrnl fact as w^IWr^tabliiJird, wv 
aball proceed to |;i>« a rapid view of tbc iwlrooaf c ihbkb llie , 
iotTfcigr>» ai Eurojw \taw p\li*iKled to %rieiityf in leaa mli^ltniffdJ 
afH, am^f lu linr* when iu pfartical ap|^i<alioflifi vttn km €09*^ 
Bcctr<l Willi iIh! vraTUi miO tfu^ pnign-u cif n-iiiutJii ; ue tkmU HUcMi 
cti« a aJt«lc4i nf lluf prP4cnt atal* of tcJeitco on ihv eottiinfnt of' 
l^iopc i and conclude Willi ajtiirtc} uf il« condkKMi ut Uic UittiJis 
iilandv of ib« cauM* wlilch bair 'ltd to iia decline, and 04" tii«j 
liwani vrkich Kkar }cl be ado|>icd lo nnrt aftd extcBil iL 

A\ nbatctur jM^riod of tJie hbtory of Ktrtw «* t)^" "or 
ioquinct, it v diAc«ll lo find any wcll-uillienticatcil Biia4afic« 

PftHne AfSc%£M€ in B^^ntL 


yti»frt luiowlM^e wu mnecvtcd or neglected by itio iwremgnt 
of citjliflcd iiAlions, llir «ppcnHtioi» of the m^ Mid ihr Ucro 
linvcr ni nil (itnts b«ea kiKpfttttbtj joiru-il; mid m counui^ bill 
liiili^ mimtcd from birbariMiii ami jq ugra cOQipnnLUv<;1v (l&ik and 
ignoMHl, Liiigi bitTi' rnnfrrrrd tlw «;kEn^ liciDoitrt on ihfik^ ^hn 
MV«d iheit country by t^mr prow» oi t!i)Ei;;htci]cd U by Ihur 
wudoni. 'Hie iL-t^ii?) uf lli<.' Plul<:iiiiL'3, of Alplnjuau Hk Git-at, 
of Ulitgh llrig;, Ibc ruior I'riocc, were potbculaily dutinguubed 
hy Hum iioblu paUooflKC uf IcanuaK' ^^^ cuiitent wilh (tntcihi^ 
ibc g«ittii4 of ih<<u own «ubjrcti, iitcy invited to tlietr courts tfao 
i^l^ivopbcrji of Inrri^a countriu; ihry cvm look an active pan 
III lti«tr «eieiititif^ iuuuirka. and lioiiutired ibem vilh «kf-ry mail: 
«H contidcDcc iiod fnciidftiip. ll »u» tcvci^iy to bt.- c^pccied 
ibankis KoldnL a^i? L'cuitd luti^ a prniianr-otr^nU'iicr; but ilioiigh 
llw coEHJitioD of ilm cL^dulcd u^orid beouxu unbvourable h> &> 
petraitagc ii( kjimiiig, \r\ eid «oon«f did the bunian nind rerow 
from it< faU, than ibv priucc* of Europe votighi for reptiUtioii 
ftuin diT! piutrcliuii uf tlic arlA, 

llie liifltorr of Usdilco furnift)irs % ttriking rxBtnpIc of ib« 
Biuciificennc of Ute (Jrftnd Duke f)STuM:»bj, nstd of ilic iutlucnce 
uliich il pfodaced on dw diKCov^ii^s of Uim: illu^tf ioiu lu^tronomer. 
Ilf' hod cnjoml th« «ppojiitnkcnt of I'rofc^ior of Mntlicaulics «l 
i'adiu, mdi s iaiar>' of .5^ flunns ; bul mt diit vos iiwtdBcuuit 
Inr Ilic tuppofi of bis tamiK, be vru obltged 1o %iw prit^le lec^ 
tirrrv, iind ttk mrri^c |iiipib iiila bU hoav. C^tsinu, uriiit liiul 
>«ccecdcd Jii* fatber an Graud Duke, made propoaab lo Gatitco, 
in lfi07» (u irluTTi to Im origmal Mtualion at Vtan* In 'cpl/ Ui 
liic«c pM>po«a]«r (inlilcoobvfiTYUft — 

' My putiic duty do«a not coidintt mc won tJi4n six^ hftlf-Jtuura In 
tliv y«Ar, ULil even that noi ao iitrkxty bul UwU I D>ay, on ocvuioa of 
viybuuneaa, contrive 10 get WfM VK«itdajrt: th> rett of myiidM 
iaabtojfitclyat myowatUpuul; but bccauic coy prvmo Iccturca ftnd 
doniditac jiupiU are a ^nnt liliidvraiiL'c and intvrruL^ElcjQ lo my itudlca^ 
f viih ColiTV F&lirvly n:««npE lAim ilip foraifr. And in grr&t mnattara 
from the latUr ; for if I am 10 rrtiirn to my xtatiTo orantry, I ihoidd 
m»h iht tiriX ot^ccl of liU Streiie HigbneiA lo be, (h4t Ictfure And 
opponunity <boiild b« g\vtn nie lu covipletc my work*, wilboui rin- 
plo^inic cnyavlf In UfiWa^' * 

To xh^v aimngrnirntH Ci»mo rbrrrfuTly sj^necL GftUlcn vra» 
Appointed llonoturv Prolcavor of Matikvuia1]c« at Pua, vriib mn 
ftRtiunl nlirv of UXJOtfofios; br nu di»tiLii;iJt?J>cd by ibc tide 
of Pluk>ioplwr and Pfir<^ipn1 Mallicmaliciaa to bu Htftlincs* ; bo 
was ricnipLrd frnm alt prufes^utul duty, exceplini; llial t^ girin^ 
Mvra on rxtrattrdmartf oonuTon* fa ioi--«'^ei^ pn»(t9, Mtd oiher 

V L«h rf JJattw, Ijbrwy of n»rfai Knartrtiya, Mn, ia> 


D»Um cfStittm Ai EnffmtL 

' kh wilhoui ibv iliiliTA of BSf AfBctf lo prircirtDi aud mHIi lb« 
mofi ioni|>lvU' l^iitrt, »r> thit 1 rtn coinpln* mr ir<»Bi»ir* on 
M i^i:liikiLi<:!i, on ibr CoiiAliliitioii of ibc tni^rj>G, and uti >ialiLnt 
nnd Viotem Local Moinn/ Hilt iho vfiirroiUj of Coatno did 
tiDt HlO|t Ui^r^i be prnonallt Miiitrd ObIIWd m otMicniiii lh« 
vitHlilrii 4if Jii[ulrr at Fiw dflmg t(>t*nil iimnibi; wul uitni Iv 

firieci fp>Tii limi. he irnfc h'un u f>r^iciiLul mor« lliao lUOOfloniWt 
ntllr spring r>f U>'Z4, (a^lili-o utttr In Hi.r|i»% lO COngmlublV Popt 
Vrbtiii nti tiiArlrvationtO lb« poiititicitr, J-tnllrrrd ^ilh thw com*, 
pbinciil, Kia Iluliiifft* fnuitnt tbr onUiicKMiicr a pooiifjn fi^r ll« udo* 
cation nfhis ww Vi»iixo- H« rec^ninMtultd limi iii il>c ii 
teniu lo ll)(- libenlih of tlic <.jraiiil Diskie Fctdkiani, wlwliid 
Hon tiiccpedMl Jim father; vui, m a few 5«m ■A^rmnli, Im 
fvwinird Ihi* djK,x>««nM i>f Galileo with a |KiiMoiiof lOO crownai 
Ffotinnnd 'l>il not Imitnlir in rxT«n4 lu Mifriin} ilir lilirrvlit^ of' 
lib railtcr. Itihctitiitc Iti^ knowledi^ atOft|[ ^«itli 4u4 foilUTit, ht 
r>tii drtotinl hjiivihi-tf in iiphrnt immiilH ; bimI (iihlcii infocriu it», 
fin « ku«r to liiB friend Micantio, Mhii r«rdini«4 hnd bccti 
nnnviii^ Iwiuclf with niuLhi^ o1iJFcl*|^ldPiit«, aikd lilifajr* eairicil 
on^ widi tkkn, to wotk It Hhurtnvt hit wciiL" Honoured wiili lurli 
fliilin^iiiahtd niunirKCixnep (ialrieo ma enabled lo cooaplcto iliuat 
|[V»t ti||iiLriea which he liad to $vcteatM\j bagvii, AO iba fhy^ 
aictl »cttiKm aKpcncnccd lli« ^cvicroMl/ nhicti vran f itoMM lo 
the luliaii philuauplirr; tiirl ill riiry Bucccadirift uga iba Grvnd 
X>uk«8 Cmnio aifd fcHlfiarid nill iikh«rit n |K>rtKHn of lliai flofy 
Wltirli f iiUk'n ritnird fut hunJu^U ami (w hm munlrF. 

^Vhile tbv ubiinict ict^cr- vrvrt lhu» foilcnd in Jtaly, Tjdia 
BfVlif vra!4 njH^ririiring ihr nMi»t prinn-ly lilwrvlity irvm Fard^ 
nand I. of IX-umari. Ilniden a p«(uiii>u of lt)riu erowiM a-yoari 
ht cuiifi:rml ti|wn liim the canoiitv of lti>difdiilJ, wriili uh aiKiual 
ineom^ of ^KNl crc^wnii, atid br inadr E)%vr (u l>iiiJ llir i(I«ikI of 
Hiicn.Lipoa vfhchhccrccUd thr crlcbintrd obrcnutorf «f Uran^ 
bourf, ai an «ip«iiM' of ^^OOfJj. In tlii« (efii]>lo of aMroMoif 
Tjxtiv puraunl hia mcafcliDs for mora lliau l¥t-ivlt' >Tan« Princaa 
■M |>hdn<opli«r« couTU^ bit an^untiiutiirir; und amoof hfct itltis- 
triouf i;ii49t» ^firr t'tiic, Duke ^ Mecklmbaf , ac<OQi|mi«nl bjr 
hu daa^lurr* thr Qinxn of IVdiiinrk^ Willmsi, Pdimv iif llvMa, 
oad Ja«c» i< uf MiixbH^il- *l'hi» Inst mcaiurcli ijieiil eijchl itaya 
undeT the roof uf 4\i:lHf. »nA not ooli bi>iiouii.-ii lijm »{ bb dir- 
partttra icitb a iBngiii6r«pi proanM, but addmicd to him a copy 
«if HBsca, and y^txti faiio bai Toyal lkiui*c ti> publUh liit witrk* in 
iii dosiiruoaa. Ilic death of Frvderki IL, mi l.'>8Fi, pioicil a 
aevirv blow lo lltc fortunes of Tjcho* liii^Ugaicd by die malke <if 
bii connica, tfie iBfamoiu Wakbei»[|orf» Uw miiHiiM' of Chri>iw« 

tHtHm t/Soimt in Englmd, 


IV., d«pmed ilie utrcmoKier of bin i>MUioii noA of ki* ctiMOfy, 
ind foiced kim, wilh liu ^i/e nod cluUreu, lo icek die bOMntstilj 
<»f a foreign lincV : b«i on kaniing lhi<, ih« b>np«iror Itodofph li 
inviled kim lo ht^ kirfdom, mtd Aaiigned to elIoi iht owticr 
BcnDch, iii^ar Piigii^, with tin aiiiiiial peiiii«ii of 3000 flcidni. 

Tlic iJluatnou» Kcjikr opg f iwiocd the aaorie ^ciiijrcitutj 
Rod<»lpli, und, pn thtfr dnuh of Tyi4io, hp nurrn^ikd to bim 
principal tiu<hecn«lin«n to (hi* t'lnpirrur, with n librrml p<n*ion 
bui, iitifbminaiipit ri>T ftfivncr, it uitt slvtajpt in >irpiir; itid ihL 
fluted tiidiTidmil u^t roiupiflbrd to draw hU ftubvulcneo froi 
ijikul^iCJiig iiat>iilJ«Kr KOii tEHptieuttg ti|nii Ibc cirdolity <if hti^ 

Ill ike hutgry of IV^mrlf-t. vre mn prc*cntrd v'liU «ti11 mcM, 
«iriking biManCH *>i ruisl yiidn^M iJiH muniiicttice. At un Mri] 
period or hi* bfc lji>rd Chsiics Ctitudith, \\it brollirr of tJ 
Dflkfl of N^wmsilp, inviifd Dnraru^ft and tiii rriend M^dor^i 
to aeilli? in Enj-luod, And Cbatk-ft L ofi«f«<l lo nnke i handiom 
nmiuan for ihrcn tw^t Tnithrniiiif'iHni ; but ihU vrrui^pitipni, 
&oiiour«ble lu the iUtinh M^^origu, ^av fmvtrvlexl b^ tkr coi 
■icnc««iciil uJ' the li^il uttu.i ili du- ndi^^ of liie Csrdk 
Kirholiru, l-oLiii XML in^iic^l l>r»mt4rh ii> Parti ; but, notwith 
Mnadiiii: ibr bif h oflrri illicit Mcfr iikade to bin. h^ cotild niit bv 
pr»tviM uf>oii to qn^t bit relif«im-iil at B^ndpgacvt. Crowiit o^ 
•4jiiin?n>, from i><Tcry ^airitfr, Hockcfl to iujI Jiim. and anwo; 
ihc«» wu Etbnlwih^ iviHcets-fMilftiine, who mmt hi the rttnrtcier 
<kf a dnc^>lc, to r»:c«iM? bu intCniciiOiK. ICctiiroji*; to i'rainc 
I4i4Tr thfl kin^ graiitrd hnui a pruicin of ibrrr tlto«uiid fni 
vkK oidy Old ol respect to bb laicnlA^ aikl on »oc<Mini of tbe 
broHut wb'ii'b hi* dMCOiifriff* bad coafrfrfd iJ]fton ibe Iniioan r>i«|' 
but for the purpoaa of cnaUing bim to conplclt tb« n»CUflu# 
wbirb bn had bi^ti^ 

UpoD hu rviittri to llolknJ, ba rvmved front Cbriuini. Qaei 
•f £>wcikn, an mutation to vi*it Sti^Lliobn, mid jititiatc her ' 
lh« |>iiriWple» of btt p[iih>4*^phv. He acrv.>iuin}:ly urn^t in ll 
capltiiliti U<:tutMT, }f>i^h aJid MAt inclco(>M:d with dll thai rrt| 
aad atfeciMMi ubicb might hiir brm eiprfrinL Uava a Mjictrigii of 
vucb acqtiirvnionid. Mw rose every niorviojf at tivc uVlock to 
f«cctVB bin iriatruftinnt ; and wdi wat bcr amwiy m rrtnin liim 
in bf r kioidovn, timl ikt) offered htm an aoniinl pension of thno 
lliuuuiid riuwiB, Mid tbe jKipvlual puncMMNj uf ibc piupcr^ 
from Hbtdi it wai d^rited ; nod, tu*t \U^ cliaiNla tbmild ptot« too 
men for liia dHtratr bt«1ih. be vrai aboMinl t^i ch<Hne a mideoca 
ailher in the archl»«*boi>riir oi' llrf iim^m or in Sirediih I'l^ntertaiaj 
*ib« MupCBilior] of tfic l~'reiKh aiubatnador aloor nietrnlrd Ibo 
MMMpldiou of ibi> artaogcmciu ; but uo tvoMir bad be rrtpotcrcd. 


DcdmiifSiimu is St^axid* 

than Dc4canrfl cauchL a. c<»ld \tliich UrmiiiAtfcl tw Uf«. Tba 
roial (lUcipIr vm iiic«>nbolab1i> for tbc Inn tif im> dUiiw'ubcd n 
iDiLjitcr: 5bc proposed lothe rrciicti nmbomdor to bury Dcocajtei 
bl tbi.* ptihUr rxpen^e ; to Ijtv hln luilluwrd rfumiiu brtidr tbe aalm 
of 1^0 ^WfdUh k:it^t \ nod 1o cfcct a nmifnilicciit nutUK>lcitBi omt 
hi^ tindb, A xmij)li-r Aiuc-tal, hovtvtci, and ait liutuUer gmv, 
«retv conifjdut^d mora Appropriate to ft philoaopbsr^ Ho wai 
intriTcd tn tlii; Cillioljc ccmclcrj ; and nbout »cvr»tc«-u ycir* aflrr- 
wardii, the treaiurcr-ficiicra] of fnacv coQvt-)t;d tli^; U>d> to Fam, 
nbcit; it w}i^ iiitcutd niUi guiil pump in tlic ciiuccU uf St. Gene- 

Among thr other diitinguUlicd philmoph^rv wbo adofncd tlw 
ae\Yi>lc«ulh century, tlicnr i* •cjucelj an individual whft did not 
ttccivt ibc mo^ aubslantJal rewards for Im scientitic Ubovn. 

Mint* li> CfiurU^s MonU};nc, aft4*m;irilft Karl oi Hulifaa, aikd la 
llic AulrtrijUL-nt ri^ign ofUm^-n Aiitir lUr. iIi<-m tindi<^nkdcd boniiur 
of km)(litliood wq4 confcnt-d upon btm, OIuuk Kocmer^ ib« du- 
covL'ii^r III* lb*-' prupa^tiun of Li^M. v^a jppojutcil u cumjeifJiiVf »i- 
iht cbancf Iltrry of DannistL. Iluvgvnt vru invitcrt to h'ranoe bf 
Colbert, and rciidcd at Poria, in ibc ciijo)inmt of a liberal pcD« 
jjon, till die revocatioQ of 1b« edict of Nanlca 4Jrovo him bokcx to 
kia uatii^ placr ; and llc^fliut, ubilc consul of the republic of 
Dantiic, rrt^rivcd n prniinn from l^mi^ XIV. fur hb svtroQOttHat 
diKOTcricf, witbout ocn tlic nccc^ity of ({uiltnig biaowH ctMMtFft 

\jrihntt7., ihi* grr-it riv^I r*f Ni'Vfdin, vrai rt^UflUy hmncniri'd at 
Gvrmauy. liv ^an early uppointed one of llir couiiBrikjni of 
lii« uwQ »oi«iciEi:n, ulio pt-j[uillnl bitn to icuimui ut Pua liU 
bu completed hi* arithmetical macbinc. In ITJI be wns nomi* 
ti«tcd nuiic couiisrilor to tbc Emperor of Ucmiaiij, «bo ^nv 
bull a pnifiion of tno thousand florint, nnd prontitcd to double it 
o<] llic coiidilion of bii re»idinj; at \ iciinu, The Empctor of 
HuiMa lik«wiM elrci«d him a privy coutttclkir, wiib a p^nikm «f 
one Ebotiaaiid d«cats ; tnd ihc «itiialion of keeper of tnc VatioM 
nu offered to lum by Cuidiiiul CaMiiata. Genr^c I., upoci liit 
M»es»iou to tbv lliitiab throne, tmikd Lciltniifi lo liiaKjBbd^ 
whva he vrai rea-iu'd vrilfi ibr highrst diMinctloo. Tbcat liKn^ 
live ippoibtntcnt* ciublvd him to Icnvc a fortune of MXty tbo^iand 
ciumia, iffhicb iirrc fuuiiJ, after Ua deatbr accuumblnl in ladti, 
in varioua kiMl» of »pccie. 

'rW ccldifatcd family of ibc ItcriKinJUt^ who ilmirubcd about 
ilia iM^nnitig ot the ciRhieeiiUi rvnturj, Here rT-winl«l With 
iQcraltn' profe«*ondiip9, wLidi ciublcd tltcm tf> |>ti)aue ti*cir ^u- 
dir> uitb ftU ibc metxy «b)Hi jiprioga frofn iodcpcadci^l rirrum- 

• A> eOki ibaWlta ^^ipmHi^WK |W aaaum, ' ' 


atsn^-i. When T^jbintx exhibited to Fr«dcri«k f. nt Pruuia tb«. 
luiBiiioui bonnnrlr-r Oiicui^rfTcl bv J^^ti iWraouilli, lie ^ciicmunhF 
prVBdiied the phtlovojiher with a g^M inrdal of icmy <iiicaU- Hi» 
BOO Oftnicl wfts ini)lc<l by the court of KuMia to the j\cDdcro}i oC] 
Si. Fclenbarg, whvtv t>v enjuiTtl h hniid«oine pention. A dnire^ 
bowi'VL-r, lu rcvisil ihr (tb<x^ oi hi» btrth hothi^ maJo him ilckiwl 
min^ rn quit Kuuin, tlir imprriiil j^ovrnininit mirrnvi) hin ttpm 
poiulmcnU ; and, on n BubM-^iictit ocv^Iout st-tUcd tipoii him for 
life hulf hit inconir, vtiih |i>-niii«<Mi>Li Ci> triu%n 1q hi* iijiiir liiH. 

Th« illuntrKiQi EiUct — n name scnrccly Icn urrcd than liint of 
Nr^vlon, umliik vhhoiii|iirty aucI «i«h>ni wencsquoll/ctiiispkiMiuii. 
— «n]ovc><l in ;l |x:'Ctili;«r mtiinvr ttic fn^mdMf md the hberalJ^^ 
of kiiipu On tlic imitAiion o1 Dime) and Nicholu Bt^nKjuilTi, 
be went 10 Si, Pctcrrthurg, wht^r^ \w n:is EippoifiU^, lucL'e^iiL'ly, 
ProfeuOf of Nalura) I'fiiWupliv ancl nf Mjthein4lic4> vritli a |»c(»* 
non from ih« govrmmniT, FrcdMick ihe Grcai invilcd him to 
Berlin iu i7'^\ ; And »u aixmcr Iwd h« nrriTcd in thftt cHpilal, than 
hr rrcriv<*cl a IrlifT nl wrimmo frnm iho kJn^, wrilff ii fr<im hii 
Cbmp at Hcicbrnbsck 'tlie qiiccii -mother honoured lum vrittt^ 
W A)]t<i'jl tfi[riid>tliip> uud drtj\e<l tiie liigEint enjdjrtiiifiiE Tntru liU 
c<»<ivcr<alioii, An opportunity nnfofhiDfttcK occurred^ vhbTcli i-k- 
bibilciJ in a ilriking h|;ht ihc frrlit]|E llimi chcrivhrd for nv^D of 
geoitti. 'Ilie ItuisiAKi arm}, under G^hptaI TotlJebtfa, having 
peoclrated, in \7G'\ into the march of Brandnihur|[, pillaged and 
dHlru^ed a form ithich Euler pOMtfsiect i]«ar ChvloltiMibrrg, Aa 
Mion J3 tlic Huftvmii ^iKrftl wm tiutdrc tc^autattd Attli the cvcnC, 
ht* IrviiRiiiiiEod n targr' uiiu m rrjtnntliaii of tbr lou, nnrl lu thi> 
libcnl compcnnaboii tli<^ l^mprcu Eliobcth ftddcd n pic^rnt of 
four ihimiand rloriu^. Dtiiing Kulct^'A rnudeacc hi Piuftiji, tho 
Hsuinii ^ovtnimcnl hod hniid«tim«ty conlinutdthe proBJon whidi 
it htd fijviacrly graiit'd hitii; nt>A Uin gmr-rou* Ifealnirnl, com- 
biModwilb tli« fprmer cuu<iilioeiK>e<»f tbo Hui^au vinprniDnd W 
jcocnlt iiiduceil hJoi to iicctpL of an inutiitioii (i\na CiLlirrine 
di« Grt-ai to rrliirn lo St. I'tftmbtLTf;. Th* King of Prustia 
ba^Jiif coiivrutcil to this arran^oiciil. Prince Crajtor^nkv iaTilol 
Kukr, in iIk* name o( thr Kmc f^f Poland, Ut takr the nnd bjr 
WarMvt, wlicrc, dl^ltlt;:llit»htll by the hif^h^Jt rt-gards, he iipcnt 
ten day* vtkh S(ani«lnju% nhrk a^f-mnrrh hnnoirr^rl hini ^iih bi^ 
cofTupQudrncv, W hen Kiilrr bcctmc old ftnd bliitd he nwi tfUli 
th4»oJi|n:t i/ruyal atteiiliitfi, 'Hiehrir of Pnava. nhru hrinil«d 
St> Pcterebarg, ^pent vpttrml hours at iho b<<dtHl» of Ihe diMif 
l^iloKtplirr. UtirinfT ibii Iobj^ %m, he bcid hini til thr while bj 
tb# hwid, bntiDs* ni ib«f »>m« lime, upon b» kntv, ^'^ <>f ivuW* 
granddiildreii. wb^r ha<l evinced an rarly atlachuvcnt Id nuoiclfy. 
The cotittinpoiwy iwd rital of Kulvf, tbo illiuihoo* Lignfige^ 



iUht p^Sdma h AglaadL 

waifaoooarednitUc^cii higher dtpmica. Whrn Eul«f kfl Brflin, 
Lignngia wni invimd by Our king \a titicomc bii mccctHir, niib > 
peii*io>D of I5U0 Priutiaii crowiu, ami u-ttli the utk of Dmectot 
of th« AcBiienar of tfux Fb\Yiro-iDiiheniat)c»k SciiMior^- On iks 
doatli erf hredenck, pbilotoplier* ccuod (o enjoj thtt d*Tftl«4 
■Ulicjii wliirli )i« Iml uKi^iR'd Uw^td, uiiI Ut^raiige became il^-- 
Mtwn of f«iumnf; lo lii* ttativo (^nitntiy. No Monor «w« hit 
iii«he* Itiiomi, tliun vivi^ti^ii^iu coiHniiitMl for llic |ioim-im<ki of «i 
iu«>liiuuL>ltT k pri£«. Thv Kiiifj of S^arriiiiJa eaj^eHy ifiiiW hiiti t« 
return lo lji» iHitJiT oimlij/* ~l1ii; J'rinccT CordilO d(t Lslfmlo 
u(T€-ri4.i him the mtnl lUEii^niiv tennt from ttu^ Kin^ o4 Ntplei; 
but the tibenlity of Louis XV L. |»fuiD|i:e«l by liift lUinuUr M> 
IWlPiiil, «rr[imi him fur ihn Fmitli Arxlriny. In 1 7*^7 bv csmv 
ta Pnni, luid b» *Ulian lu lf>ri<ij;ii iiianib«« mdi clionjfHl nilo that 
of tvt«mi |«iniimBiM. 'Ih^ Wii'i^n of Frinc* tre«]nJ liiia %ith 
thtt biglicAl rn^nnl, utid obtuRird for bjin •ptrtmoitt ia Uic l^mivri^. 
Rvra imid dir chunuci »f IIil* iv^ulutiuo, hU pcrwrti tnd tolcoU 
vtrv res|H.<i:ivd ; «jtcl rliongh hr H^ma at ouc tiin« to baT«(if<MdM4 
llic fubn ^if trome ol bii illuHlrioiu o>lk«giic«r yd tic ww iiid(»ctd, 
by hu wifr, to wait for The irfhnl of bccier iifi3». Tli«w limM 
(Ikil anivc^ ; und ihc citruordiiiuiy luao ^Ito tlcii nicldnl lb« 4m* 
tjnit« nf Fcancc m« not ilouf to bnnnur it^t gf*(vu» nf ibc nuift 
dulil4Evi»bctl of lirr ntireti?- Lo^tiitJifc wm created by Bimhi«* 
pirlfl, m Snijilor of I'lanrir* n Cotnit <4 tbr I'-iitpirr, a Orand 
Oftncr of lli« ijt%Kin of |]i>ni>iir, mnJ Urind Cro«« of (lie livt|ie* 
hhI Onlcr uf Iteuoiou : aiul wli«u lir nuiik uniWr ibe wjfcbl ol bn 
jrtara and hi* honoun, h» vvmaina wan dtpo«il«d in thai »obi« 
matuolciLiik on i»bicb I'nincr bai oipVTCii th^ DBMaoratJv io- 
■cripiioii — 

' Arx naAKtii ucmtx t.4 r^TniH aKcoirxAUf^nri.' 

On ib« dtftih of l^^^nf^, I^ipIucl* hr\d ih« mwt elovalad 
atnliuti unoitg llic gicat )4iJlusi>|»lirr) uf Biittipv, TnMn iIm 
hiimblr ■kiiaUoii of prolraoi of matbrwaitr* in thn aiibiary «cb<M| 
c( Paria, be wu nua«>d, bi l1i« fore* of bi» taleaUf ii> be jpfeiidciit 
•f ihe CoMflrvaim Sf-natV, and vj» anccnaivi-K' rrvattyl & cwini 
mariiuit, Naptilron, to nboTo lie d^icatcd bl* lnvo gmt 
ER, tmuvl Jiim utiiforaily v ttb the hi^lK-ti coDaklmliun ; nod 
ftoHi Louiia XVIll. B[iJ Cbatka X. I>c rvceivvd ^ntj mrli «# 
ruptfct and allurlioa. 

rtvm l-'f«nc« vte ptt* to Italy for unotbrr illnilrvtron of ibtt 
bonoura cunfrncd on •ciciilitic Oiril* Vulia of l>>oto, Oir i:rli> 
bf«t«d m^ntof adUt vMiuc |>ite, vmt th(*itc<l to Vmia in 1^1, 
unl irai hoMHjied with ibe pftvemru of ibt- riml Consul n* bile tT> 
Miii^bu «v|i«nfnmCf htkttf th« limitottr. Uo^mapaM* co«i- 
Icrrcd U|K>n biin tit* oHcra of tbo Lvfiou of llowmr, «id uf ibr 


iifSHemt in Sngtand* 

Iroo Crovn, mud h« «u •ftcrvrirdt nomintftd • count, «ih1 
Msuriorof the kiikgdouiotf lulj. At the fuiuMtioa orUiu IiaIm 
Ifisliuiltf, » iM«ti»f mt h«ld, at uhirh lliumapaflr prouilrri, fop 
llio parp^iM or nomiivUof iho prir>cr|>iil nK<i&bcn- U'hcit iWej^i 
wcr* miuidfri»;f uln-lh'^r or nol thi^v tfamtll (lr«ir up ft Im of ili^i 
nfe0iBbcr» in an iilf>hafi<1>rnl onl«r, lluoiitparic urate it lJl« hemii 
of ft kIihi of p»|)i-i iliv iiaiBP uf Vu|t», aiiit, dL-Jj^ciiiif; Jt t^ tha 
90cr^tarv, raid, ' i>o A> t'VLi pina** ft! provnt, prmidcd Ihsl «illlt| 
it ihf tint-' At tin: di!jilh of iIlj* muDriil ]>1ii1i»oplici bi l^^?, 
Jiift ftjllou-dtums (inick a iiifdal. aiid tneiid ft monument lo hit 
Bunnof^: and aiiidic: mi ihc fugidc ofUir public vrliorrU of Cooio, 
wbifli bod betn left empty fur him bcl«««iiihe Imiu of Pliny and' 
(jionn, naTKn o( Hv town, ku, H« bclieiv, boen rtoc[itK JiUcd 
bjr ttir htiM of Volii, 

SadibalKicf tkclchof tUe |]o»(Hir» ^ihich ha^c tfc^n rctnfe 
l>f prkitr«H on ttioH? jlliwtriuu* aivfk, bt «ho«e bboun die ta^l 
of modem science lifta been roncd. In this ctiusicralion, En^ 
bud hiilrh « vi-rr 4uU»rdiiin1r plmcv. Ilrr tibrntlitjf lii Neulnn b- 
tbe ofdy blrikiii'^ irHtacict- wblch ue h^« bei^i atUe to rv<:or\l, Ik<- 
CBU«c II i> ttic- i^tdy one lo nliit^h tlir honouf of a llik- «u» tutU" 
billed wilJi un adcqitatc pecuiiian' reward. Sir W, Hrrvrhd, 
ij^deed, uu made 4 ilaiHjiciiftii knijctiit and Sir Muuipliry \)»ty 
R buiDiiH, bill the cnmfiuui wbidi thi'vr diiiji^u^linl men «i»- 
jo>«d, and the atuttom which tli«v occupied iii society, ^tiro 
tihthrr derived fmin ihr wvi^rejgn tiur from the miinfT. No 
moimmcnl Iul* been retired to Iheti mcotory, aiid no hoiKiun bnvii 
dctiTiidrii lu lUir fa^mliea. Nor iue ibev^ llii.- unl\ luiluorrA 
ijttjooul iii^rjiUiuiln. 'J'Jic iniiMitive j;€niu» <*( UV>Uuton, aiid lliflj 
bi1erit» Olid litfTfatuie pf Young, liune |>a3Md like u mctrtx from <mi| 
ftidii. No itile of hoii<^or ha« illiitlraled their imiuc, '>uid nd 
trii>oio of afTtctioii Um been prociounced oficf iJnrtr giftvc. He 
iibo burlM on die «enk tim of mio ft powt-r of ipgftutic eniO]gy 1 
^tio t<iiigbl hi» ^Jp«cie9 it> tiiuiapb oter the ineilia uf niaUer, ai 
l4i urilliitiibd iKe fiH^nf tlie rlrtiKiivi; wbotniEhipTw^ rhr mHiiirm 
t*i the lUtc, and pounril iiklu ihe tn.-tiHury tftc 3|viri|^ tjdr uf il| 
wraltfa^-tlie imtiMirlad Wliii, uhh neitiuT ^itLiiMHliiigrd \t\ bit 
■OfCRiflitif Do/|joiioiiriTd by bin muiulL-n, nor c^ubqiin^'d juii-ntg ttiQ 
beroei and ta^ei uf his couiitrv, 

Vtoftt Ihu cnnirmt, fto pftinfttl to l-!n^ah fecljiif-*, ue pa» to 
inoib«r >£ill more disVe««Mlfft ^.ixtt mc eonndcr die conUitun of 
our liviiif; pltflotr^pber*, :ind die pTrvent itnie uf our *(iei>ce 1, b«it 
iu Older li> fotni a jiitt opjuiiiii ujwn IIih iu]|fOilJiit iut>tcctr we 
niutl prvtkiutty i%)kJt a view ttf the «ialD of ROeitco no tbe ronii* 
livtil t4 Kuroikr. 

Ofall ibo knipiofiu of Rur<i|v^ I'mnre 11 undoubtedly llio otta 


Dedine ^Se^mtt tn Engiani^ 

iu ^4hiH1 Xhc fcicnblic c^ubliAhmcnU hare been rcgnlaioci hy 
m^wt pn|i|<hlPtJrfl auJ Itfjrml pniwriplesij md vt ithfch inmre v 
mo»t *acccMliilly calltvatodL riii» ntf;h di»iniction altc ovictt b> 
the fofmniion oi liic IiDkliiuic, uliicit €oiui»U of four diAerent 
aCDtl4;micB>* «». — ibe Fr«ii^ Academy; itie RoyNl Acadumct 
iuai:riplH>ii« siid UclUs LctiitmUc Hujal Acaiicniy ofllw Fiaa 
ArU ; niid lite Koy:il Aciic^my of Sckncvs — ^icll alOM COaNC*' 
iiiidnr our iivticc. It ib C4>ii)p09r<l aa fuMonn: — 

Oootn^trjp c 

Merliniiirt • » . . * 
Aiitrtinuinr > • • • 

CrencnJ Ph/*icB t^*^- P^iIo»opbJ') 
Chc^miBtry . « . * . 
MiriFTE^c^y * • . , 


Rurni £*rononiv. And VMcrinary Art 
AiiuUriuy aiM Zi>u!o|;y * • 


















A*»chie Iklemben . ft 

The lacandea vbidi lake pUcc in thi* body nre tui^aCod bj 
llic majoriiT of tutiVag«R, nitd n» llie cblm; of ordtiur; and B^OCttt* 
]nc:nibi:rT. llic royal appr^^butioii \t> »^-<'asaryto cotn)j1cio the cicc* 
tinn. l^nljrjcJil mi>tivi?s huii% vr brEJFir, nrldonij if cTCf , itidu* 
trtiixd ihcsc cli-cti^na; tuid oui rc^Ljilcn hu^t <iiiK lo look al iho 
ILhI uf ilv iiiL-i]iber>i — y Ittl ttuwiJed uilL intmottal iurn€»— to be 
aati«^d Qi the irutli of thi* tUicmcnt- 

Tiic fizftf-threr onMiKuy numbers of lli« acadefity rccrirv t^ch 
nil Dtiitufll i^cii^tur; from gi>%«rDnient of 1500 fraiKi^ tud tlM Iwo 
KecrrLaiiL's ikX.Ml rinnc^mdi, A cotisidcrftblt number of lliestt 
Mi(^mhci>, from Uiv licdioni of gi^unieirj, mc^chitiiEo, nuirouom^y 
nmi ii&ii^atioiJ, ccim|fo>c tbc board of lmh<;ituiir^ and rrt:rivr B 
b^uidioTiiL' additional ^lary; oiberthcild iitnntioLih io 1li« Uittvcr«ity 
of IraiKt, ill tlK Hojal Ubtcmtoiy, in iIk lM>tccKiuc School, ui 
ibe Jardbi Afi PIsriEn. in dit^ SclMiolof Miim^ vnil in ibc School 

• Tb< rulUiHifl^ bin winuiftLlj mnt ly iho Frrofh ^nmncHt?^ 

n<llH«M«fe«nilkUtvyf<l«Mitlmnti . . l/<vrM^iM» »,iOft 
rwftw^iMiiiBniiiliniflTwfiirirli IKiNiU 1ft>f& 

Pot aHi4» «4d iiWAj SM anijhxj i»|il« 

TIh int at Ihtm «ub* s^ v« U f itf, diviAffJ bvlmrta itis r4cii ■ i whah i t^t« 
»ho i^vn a«B of A« ffvi ffUM fbt 1^ ftvi 4f1i art wtat Ut Hotar, i^ in|pirt<ii al 


orHoatlf and Ilfidfrt; la a word, ihf nirmbpn nf ihe acodi 
may be coiuidcrcd na pliiccd tn opulent circumitstice*, and bciQ|! 
fmd from qIJ l\it ■nuL'ii(-» of prorrBJonal labour, urv euiblcd in 
pwnw llicir 9ci«niiliG in^^uiriva in tJie calm of »oc]u<ion oml 
damntic lifr, Nur« in lirr gmtfoiM ran? fof ilir rtvprctmbiiitjr 
ftnd comton of Ikt hcmu^ men, ha% I'rance ovrHooked Ihe iWMt 
]>uiirrful aliftiiiliuuf gennu and iuduttn-. All the Iiououib of tliv 
itflte bale been ibruun open lo b«r pbilooophcr* nnd Jitfrfftrrcha- 
lacU-tn. Tlic sagr aad tlic Ivo^j dcltlirmlc io iIif moh.- cabtiitt ;*— 
tbf y &TC M»ocUled aimoiig tlui privy councilbn of lUe- king ; — clii^ 
•it together in her bt>Liw of pi*m and in l^f chamber of deputies ; 
^riwy bejir ili«« litUi;* — Ifwv arrdecomcd mtlli the «Km« 
order*, and the arm irid the mmtl uf tljc tiauon arc diu» indu- 
tntahty UDiU'^i fnr iu %\oty nr for iu di*frnre- 

■If wuanal^othe iiMof ihe Initilute/ inn Mr. B&blMki^, * wir atoll 
find few- wbu lio not pooaiut tillrs or decorations ; W as ihe taIuc of 
tucli marka of rvyal lai-ouf mutt drpviul, in a gnac nieadure. on their 
fra^uaftff, I thaU menclaD ttv«nd particulart which aia probably not 
fanilw to thfl KiigMk rtad«r. 

£'viiilHrtflff«W«i«rtt*liftLlnM Thm a«fe« «f fwa aHs 

VrtaA Croix . , 3 . . . , bO 
Ora^idOfiieier .3 . . . . lao 

ComiTundeur . 4 . . < . 400 

Omeier .IT ... . «»0 

Cbaraiier .40 . . no4 counted, 

jraafeff vf Jtu>tf> nr Uh iniiivw Totv haWt «riM 

4>HntoiiiMihihviiri«f4/i«ii«j^4*< «iaff. 

Grand CfDia , - « . - [ ,r^ 

Cliirvalier - - t7 . . . I "*" 

Antongit the itieinbfD of the liutitule there arci 

DukM i 

Harquii I 

C^nU 4 

ViaciMata S 

Barotia 14 

Of thr^e tharv are Feen of Fnnee . 5. 

In iIh- nme te^r tovrhith tlieae detail* nK>rr parlkubrly reli^r, 
lb* biennnl exhibition of the nat^onnJ indiBtrr of l-'ranc* loot] 
place* On ihii oeai»>on Chartci X, cotiferred th« decorations of] 
ika Lef^hmof Hoiwuroii/imfrvof ihem^^i dtuin^uiitN<d ariimMj 
■nd w^dp^ forty-dgUt medala of fold, thirt^r-fiinc of <il%Trp ai 
two bondrcd and animlFMi of hniur-, in nil fuitrtmndrpd iikI foiirl 
madaU. The uiiDOooo of aiich liberalii/ on Uie prv^reM of tktt' 
ntb don not nvjiiin^ to be |Kiinted out. 



OftSmxfikimatin BnyhwL 

A1i.1i<>ui(ti tfi« H^i«Tiiiliv iitc4ilulioii3 lif Pru>iift tfainiMt bo com* 
liarriJ, in \M\ni cl (^rfLvitrntLon or *^\ttnXt villi Ihofc of i'raiic«« 

i9C tht puiwtmtv eiitniultij lo sci««iliilic nicu bj tlie faoiMt of 
trnidonoiirK i« n^^t ^qtiKlUd b_v tlial oC tsy rpifving fiimBy in 
Ulii^|j<:. UilhinHLlic more iLut t\h'i:»|v ir^ra tl^c uiuvirivili' of 
llerlin fiav riktn iiitu cviebriiy, >ikI by the mal mtiniJicraciF ihtf 
Mu9uui»« uf Anatomy, Z<h>Ii>£>, Minoralo^ oiiil Gt<ik>S7t coit* 
taiiu ru'ii aiiJ veil nTti»i)[«l cDltri-iiuni. 'l^lic ^veal umo* of 
lIunituMi, Voii Uudi, MiUcljtih<li< Sc«boek, ^^ iU3*, KroBflB* 
HfPiiV jiiid (iii^UvtLpi liusr, Aitcni tliir Lirkii(<iviT_v and tiitr ArmAemf 
of Ikrbiii and xha kno^nk ntULcbmcnl of the kjii|f ii^ cvct^ ipcciu 
of IbIl'IiI, incl (111- iK'tiji' Lu iltuw aruiami liim r^rti the i^-tiKa of 
forcif;ti cuiiLiUkii, UoUh <h>I 1I10 liopv Uiat tiaefti- iiutU«Uoni noil 
Mjuii ELTiil ihc more aiiciciit t^ttbliahnictiti o( Fr«ncc 

A< llir CoQGfrtf«*i>f Ut'rniJTi Nnluraliilt iUid Fliilom|>hera wUrh 
touk |iliiCQ at BeHtP, in S<]|>if<nibrr, l^tlS, Uk' arUcliiiteit] of ibo 
king KIkI rif lli« roval fnnulv c>f Praiitci in ihr irfriuv^ nii n*o«t 
•trikiiigly lii»pUft^cL On tlt« i:iirnin£ uf Die fimt Ja^ or Uie 
mei'fing;, tS^iiftn Htimltnlitl. rhr rrlflkrciFrJ trnvrlW, anel fhnBH 
bf-ilaiu to lb« kii>c, Kavu u lai^c ao^r^v- in ihc couccrl-room attacbrj 
to tbv tbi^alrc. Nvarl^ hti^lvL' liundrvd |h:imiiii tifnuik Aiid lulrnl 
%»vrc BMenblcd on tltis Qi^CMMkii, uid tlic kin^ (if frium biaiarif 
hooiiurc-d tkiv iUunlriuui utirnibh viilli Un prcftcncc- St7«vral 
piinoeN of foreign ^laii^b, (hi^ Prti>t«iaft nobili^, and ih« lorr^ 
Hnibaaaadora wrrc aUu yttt-M^u Thejwincoaf llic btoodininglod 
willi ibe cullivntOM ol A'ttace, ii><l ihr h«ir'i»]>|>ivval t^^ (hr Pniit- 
siaii iJironc vriis nern m <afnv;tt C'^ncnatk'U viilh Uic |>kiilo«oplK» 
nf bti own or uf oUier kittgduniH thai writ; niiHt €vltbrat«l lor 
ibcir UBkiitii and tlxir goniu^. 

\Vr hntf alind^ bad cwciimoei I« notio' tlic lilimliiy nilli wbicb 
tbr »ii|M?n>r3 ^f Huitia liivir jirrfvtd4.-iJ W thtwc i^rcai irirn \^bont 
ibcv inviltd lu tWii Lii^iljl. 'V\tr Aradiniiy »f Scienter cif Su 
P«i«nbargh, ulitrh liu done *o tnnch to lut^ancu tb« iotoivfta of 
Icaniini:, Pt cQimpo(*rd c»f (tislin^uialicd iiidiiiduaU maittUinrtl at 
tilt public expvRKt ami ib« tfosmimrni bat^ uqi atl <K«m»M>i»fl, 
CiUibUcd the tnott jrcncmm iinfnlitciKr to \vtr pliitu*upiicn ami 
afftiMN, 'The rvonil rtlabftthrncfil tif dir Obtcn^ory a^ Dorpati 
in IJtonia^ funii*li«d vUb di« liiK^t in»lfunirnt!» which Eurapc 
iroiijii |irodurFt and niiriownl Hilh librra^ wlarir* for obar'n uTB i 
wtU «vcr b« a provd inuiiumvnl lo Ujv pfitiLL^ bi ^vUtnn ii <f«M 
CijondetL 'this rcjgii of di4- tilrniM-ror NKbuJat, ibo-J^h itifiurbL-il 
at itJi coBinLcncvftifiki b> a aci:i^var> war, proiBitc* lo bo c%w 
motr fa^uiiiablc to »ciciii:i: tbtui ibat of bit prcdccaAaoc. A 
Tcrbnologkfal [iuiiiul« for firoinolibg ib« ua<ful arii tiaa b«o 
Kccally aUbtblkcd lil S(. l\lt.Tabuj|Lbt aiid in over/ paft of di« 

Df<iiMe vtf Stunts IK ffnji&ntlt 


v»1 tomlofj of RiuiiB pAiiloioplvr* vnd natunJisti Utvc bf^n 
vmployrH m lli« nfto«l iDlcrp«Uft|; fcirattfic rtwtrclMi Whrn 
BoroQ lluDiboUIt vMilcd Si. Pctcobiirib, <m hu rctuffi Irom kia 
tour in SilK-m, in IASf>, be moi rrrti««il wiih >U ih« IxMiuur wliich 
VfM dttv (■> iiM !ta«iili4ic atlAii»aii'iit«,* hikI cm lki» rccomiMindatkHi 
iW ArniicnifOf ScienCM hda bcrtt ttullioTiinl by ihr vmprnorUi 
&p|x)irki aooninuuioD rorttMitluhji^ in tb(.>(apimL>iiob»vmiov7 
dtttoirti lo |ihv4ical. nki;teori}l4>gical, umI iMgiiriic»l oUicnvlioM, 
•ud to inicc ihe linct of no viin«iion, and Uw taoibcrai&l cuv%c« 
dinwf b ftH llicic itiiidiaiia in Sibciia. 

SvHcn bat not hi?oii Ijdiiiid tha o(li«r leingijncn* of lb* isortb 
id bcr 2c«]oiu pjibonaEP of «cicn<x. Tbc illntltioui dwrnift, 
B«neliu«t bu been hooourad by a mbi in ibu lionae of m-en, 
'l>t« Crouof UitT ofdor of V»a, anil iha Urand CioMof ibe Poltf 
Siir, havo &J»o bet-p coiLfriTn^ upon htm ; and in aiMiuon iu time 
morkH L.if rottl rtkcni lie cnjo>3 lli« ftloKBi vtlUte pfllranage of iba 
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Dvlic Lour in bibeii*. Thii gon«n>iis contidvtnev in ihcir cotintrv* 
man has been well rvpaid bi a •»<» of iho moit >3.luabic ub?cr- 
vatioiw ; nnd ykx- ar« »iitv ihai every pbibK»c>|ibrr in luirop* h 
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ta M(.'i«iir(* wtiitti w'oviM do boiMur lo ttv mo«t pnwi'ifiil nation. 

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4i»qiia1ir«ii]i; acco«»pWlimcn1. 10 a rrountaieotblion lo tiitn of 
boQUui ntui lo oAicca ofiiii^iLr and uiut OcrMcd, liaiJA*, And 
Utuubddt npptfnrod at tba Coqk'^-m vt l^fiiloiopbcra in Ucrlin, 
decvraCcd ^jiU die orders of iJicji rcaprcljve ao^emisio. 'Jlic 
Mar^iiiv Hbii^oni, autlinr of the ,l/i4iiorrn wttiU f\iJt;ifui f>r* 
■rmfriru and otbcr nutlK-'inatKnl murks, baa bt<%t ap|M>inRtl 
>l in Jster Oif Finance iknd Pub1i<^ Intini^uvini ihcMaf^nf Mi>rie*a, 
Covnl totfo<i)broftiit the nutbvr of vcvcnU vtcntotrt on ntccliantet 
ud bjdraul*c«, 19 die Pnnn* MiiiivTtrr of ihr. itnmi DnLi* o( 
TnKmiiy, and lUroii Undeiuu, well known by hia aMrooomictl 
^tiiki, and <tfR~e oMruoofncr ni the obfcnalorj of Saxc Gotba* 
■fkf uppevrinK «l Uie Gefnon dice Bi ibe i«i>ria«ni8tivv of lb» 
Ciianad Oukc. now rujvja dm taorc davated apfioiatineBl of aai- 
bauador froni Ibe kiaig of hiiotij 10 die couit ifl'ibe NeiWIandi. 

Frvv ihnu delaiU, wlucb we uii^bt l»«c aAbendcU k* An*lfia, 

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JMitu 0/ S<unce iJi En^^ind, 

DpnmnrL, llflvuriii, Nap)i?^ and tW NrlbrrlniKlip ur an* BUtlio- 
m<xl to <:ovidii({r ihar in c^vry lutJon on diu CQiitiiiciit uf l^oropC', 
\tii]i iliif|>i]f»i of Tiiikey, uiJ perbnpk of SfkAin, adentific 
ac'juirciiicnU conduct tliclr |M9«»o»90r« to wealth, to bootMits, ta 
ufliriul iliKtiiUp uuii u> Uic fuvour ami frK^iLd^liip of tlitr lOvereigfiL 

111 EngUiulp h4>ia:«v«r» tli« rercTM of tii» pkt^ira uotiEmdto our 

Hicn? in not Bt i1i» oioiDciitT williiii tbt- Uritiali bclos, n m^9 

ihr lovi'r^C iiil^ (hat it gii«^n In iho Invtrfii bi'tipfnrtor oflhr nnbon, 
or to itic huifiblcit »cnanl of tlir (rnvn! 

I'iierD 11 not a sbigltr philosopher who piiJovk ^ pefiuon, or nn 
nlloutncc, or » sinc^urctPApib1cor»uppoftiii£ him nnd hu fRAiil/ 
ill ihc! hunkblnt cjnruitiit>nri'«> f 

'i'hcre tH not n siiig{« pUjlompli^r nho <-'njoYa the fa^XKir of Iu9 
sovereign vi Hie- fiii'mlwiiip (.»f hi* iniiiiMt-i* ' 

Mr. Dillou^ thv iiioit diilin^aiiJirfl chemmt tn itht«in, — and 
tlic luuii viho liui f:i^i.'ti lu t'hrmraljy her imincncal Iuit9^ li«s 
been aUovrcd to tpt^nd llic Hovtf of hit ilnvf in the riruiIgMT 
of tcaL-hiiig l]i« ckniL-ub of mntheniBtio ai Muttchc^ti^n ma 
hai ntwf hf^n hniiniinrd by a *Migl^ murk of natloniil graihudp. 
Mr, horv, the Dnt mAthcmaiit^ijtii in KneUnd, o^cf eih^uttinf 
lliv vivour of hiM lilV :ui m ranihrJiLUiicil leuchrr at Morinw, bx9 
nlwed, «A h» hunihlcat (xjtteasvo would haw dr>no, on a supcr- 
aitnnalJDD, iiid hn« tit^rn nJI<mrd to fpmid liii htitrr \r^t% in cncn- 
pnnkt]i« po\«jrt^ und obiiriinty. 

When JkT L-Mcsl aibJ tJic- uiofil illuMtioiis uf ourngca Itutc been 
ihiiK nei;lcc(<;(l, npcd nt- inqturc bio the coadilion of dioi c jrkUDg^r 
men ifthu urc Jr^tnicd to BucL<.-cii thcnif Nc«l ut 4^ vibnt n»Hb 
of rt'%prft hni Im'n fnntVmd upon Brown, thi> 5nit l>o(ini»t of 
the itp^ ; — un Ht'iMrhcJ, the rnomin;: r.Ut »f our fcicncc ;^-<mi 
Habbag^r the inimrnr 4if a machini? ivhich sc^int To l>^ ■rii»l«d 
with aluiofit intcllcctnal power -■ — on Katcii liailou. Clmttic, and 
Souih, lA'hi-i luve rxLi:»ilcd the hDUEiilBiin »f phjuical iricivcc ;— * 
on Thouiaon, Henr^, and Faraduv. wlio htm nhone m the 6old of 
chrmical di»roucr> ;— ^h oo Manioch aiul llcriry IVII, who Jim 
intMiduccd into nctiml uk the 1ut> f^reatvii pmcticil itivvotionK of 
iiiiuii r.i ij i< - ^ 1)f iFir intt luBt it hn been iJic fortune of Mr. 
Muii! I 11^4' lo ueaEttt nnd eoiuiderBliun in iJie Md of com- 
mtrcrJ 'iiii.jiisc; bnl lltnt) 1i«ll h^ Ik-fd firr^f^rrrd from 
Marvfti hi; bj ih* priiilv eoniributions of hk rVlhrar e>liffn». 

\\crr not the dcuil hkdx lo prm^c trdkovvf ^re nii^ht tinlold to 
tinr mdm a ttrric* of ^rtnaiic«« of i1h? mokl afiheiing knal. Wo 
might po«Ml out Engliafa lUfentioai rejected tU home iod Kloptod 
Bbro&iJ* Wc mighi addiMX thr nncs of vgcfeioua tnefi, vbo. 


Dniiae tif SrvMfr in Sngtantt . 

nWit Af-aicd pitUltc aki, Imvif TKli9u»lL-it iipoa tljcir iiiwnlaon* iheJr 
unvalc rcsoutccit and Icminolcd llH^ir c1a\« hi povcity, or iii prwoo. 
Vi't luijc^tt bcwAil llii»c incJsii<:luil> ciimplca wlicrc ^oulbful cti- 
thiiitiaflin hat been diliM ^y llie apmhv ofpo^^vr. and vrbvrr di<* 
ajipojiikii Liipc ha* tnrncii ihc iuKUiuikcc of t;:uiiu» into iJic W\\d 
»firxiU o£ I33tlit«l ali«1iatiofi* IL't^ry i\n\ indH-d we m»l «ith 
Uie victims of <Hir pttt<iM laws, iltal liuudoK-Mt Mien. \k1imU (ntfl 
ib blanks u> getiiiu im<i tu ]>rli4^c to kimm, — idiicli mb< the poor 
iinciiUiroi tbc wcaliii nlijdi Ik haa cUiicr earned or borfomd, 
aiid cr3ii«f«fs it lu di« piUTMj of the aitvfiir^-geiicnil aiid iImt keeptr 

Frusii ^ci«rJ3il uL4ci\;itM>m, nhicb aiv calcnlalrd to niAc liiit 
n innnciit iBipr«isioii, vre lUall proceod to an eiamiaiiiou of our 
KlCiUitk ctlablithmcTiCi- WitiKHil c^tpccliilg tb^it anjr of our phi- 
■ loiopberv ibouM te cabutvl uiiiiauei>, or prny-couiMrill^rfe. of 
afobi«ido>3> ii might rruoiiibK l»vc bocn »ujTiJOf<<l tli-ii, m a 
cumitrv like (imat lUitmit, ti «mrljr of l>rr piititjc imtitQlKMia 
>40uld liuvv furnubcd uDipJc pravisioa for scjcillilK' Biciii A% 
iriitlrrw of l\\(* iir4*an, lier booril of loii;^tudc (boiibl, liki* lljat uf 
rratici.-f have fumiAhed uii ciIeK"^^ L-iiduvhincnc lor moti v ol tier 
plLili>>iijplirr9 : Itrr li^blbo^jw bii-UiU, ujlh llmr tiiiiiiniv ttivitllMf- 
mistitr hkc the corrctponding board in Lrani'i^t hutv i;twa :%iliLa* 
Uoia ti) ullivn ; licr boaidn uf maMufAeLurei mi